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In the Christian tradition, religious Orders are associations of men or women who seek to lead a life of prayer and pious practices and who are devoted often to some specific form of service.在基督教传统,宗教命令是男人或妇女谁寻求领导和虔诚的祈祷生活,谁的做法往往是一些致力于服务的具体形式关联。 Members usually bind themselves publicly, or sometimes privately, by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to lead a dedicated life.公开成员通常约束自己,有时私下,由贫穷,贞洁,服从誓言带领一个专门的生活。

In the Roman Catholic church these associations are of several types. 在罗马天主教教会这些协会有几种类型。The religious Orders, narrowly defined, include monastic Orders (of which the largest is the Benedictines), mendicant Orders or Friars (such as the Franciscans or Dominicans), and Canons Regular (Priests living in a community attached to a specific church). All of these make solemn vows and say office in choir. 宗教命令,严格界定,包括寺院的订单(其中最大的是本笃),乞讨的订单或)天主教方济会(如方济会或多米尼加人,和大炮经常(司铎在教会中活生生的一个特定的社区重视)。全部这些做出的庄严誓言,并说,办事处合唱团。 In general they all have their origin in the Middle Ages.一般来说,他们都在他们起源于中世纪。

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Clerks Regular are societies of Priests who make vows and are joined together for the purpose of priestly Ministry; the Jesuits are a well known example.办事员经常是谁使牧师是加入了誓言,并在司铎部的目标而努力的社会;耶稣会是一个众所周知的例子。Societies in which Priests, Brothers, or Sisters, bound by vows, live in community to perform certain kinds of services are called religious congregations and include, among others, the Passionists, Redemptorists, and Vincentians.其中牧师,兄弟,姐妹,由社团誓言的约束,生活在社区,以执行某些类型的服务被称为宗教集会,其中包括,除其他外,Passionists,赎,并Vincentians。 Religious institutes such as the Christian Brothers are usually composed of unordained persons who take vows and devote themselves to such tasks as teaching.如基督教兄弟宗教机构通常由unordained人谁立下誓言,致力于为教学等任务。Members of secular institutes are generally laypersons who do not live in community or wear a particular kind of garb but make promises of poverty, chastity, and obedience and live an ordinary life within conventional circumstances.世俗机构成员一般都是居士谁不居住在社区或穿特定种类的装束,但使贫穷,贞洁,服从承诺,居住在常规情况下一个普通的生活。

Roman Catholic Orders of Nuns or Sisters are generally smaller but more numerous than those of their male counterparts and are devoted primarily to teaching.罗马天主教修女或姐妹订单一般要小一些,但比男性为多很多,主要是用于教学。Some monastic communities are enclosed - the Monks or Nuns rarely leaving their monastery or convent - and devoted to the contemplative life.一些寺院的社区是封闭的 - 僧侣或尼姑很少离开自己的修道院或修道院 - 并致力于沉思的生活。

In the Eastern church, where Monasticism had its beginnings, religious orders are not differentiated as they are in the West, and most Eastern Orthodox religious individuals are monastics.在东部教堂,在那里修道有它的起源,宗教命令没有区别,因为他们是在西方,大多数东正教的宗教人士是出家人。

Following the Reformation, monasticism disappeared in Protestant countries, but the influence of the Oxford Movement in the 19th century brought about the reestablishment of religious Orders among Anglicans (Episcopalians).经过改造,修道消失在新教国家,但牛津运动在19世纪影响英国圣公会教徒之间有关(圣公会)宗教命令重建带来的。 A few other Protestant groups have also established religious Orders, among which the best known modern example is at Taize, France.其他几个新教团体还建立了宗教命令,其中最知名的现代例子在泰泽,法国。Among the Eastern religions, Buddhism has a strong monastic tradition.在东方宗教,佛教寺院有很强的传统。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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