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The original manuscripts which represented the Bible in ancient times are believed to have been written in ancient Hebrew (Old Testament) and ancient Greek (New Testament).哪些代表在远古时代,圣经原稿被认为已在古老的希伯来文(旧约)和书面古希腊(新约)。Those alphabets use many letters which don't exist in our modern alphabet.这些字母使用的字母数量不存在于我们现代字母表。One way of creating a printable version is the so called Romanized Text.创建一个可打印的版本的方法是所谓的罗马文字。To illustrate just what this source material of the Bible is like, a portion of Genesis is shown below in the Romanized form.的例子来说明这是什么素材的圣经一样,是一个创世纪的部分显示在罗马以下表格。

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None of those actual original manuscripts appear to still exist today.那些无实际原稿今天似乎仍然存在。In general, modern Bibles are all based on many copies of the actual manuscripts, and very few of those copies are older than about 1,000 years.一般来说,现代圣经都是基于实际的多份手稿,以及这些副本很少数是年龄超过1000年。 See the BELIEVE presentation of the Septuagint for an extensive discussion of the many specific source targums and codices.一见的许多具体来源targums和抄本广泛讨论,相信介绍的译本。

Finally, the actual translation of the Bible was complicated by several extra facts.最后,实际的圣经翻译很复杂,一些额外的事实。The original Ancient Hebrew in which the Old Testament was first written, would have been written without any vowels being recorded.原古希伯来语圣经旧约中最早写的,本来没有任何书面元音被记录下来。For example, God was referred to as JHWH in the Bible.举例来说,神被称为JHWH在圣经里。When the Old Testament was translated into Greek (in the Septuagint), vowels were added, to make words that were meaningful in the Greek language.当旧约翻译成希腊文(中译本),元音的加入,使字句,在希腊语意义。 Since JHWH was apparently unpronouncable, ancient people used several other Names to refer to God, one of which was Adonai.由于JHWH显然unpronouncable,古代人使用了几种其他的名字来指上帝,其中之一是阿多奈。The vowels of this Name were inserted between the letters of JHWH to create a Name we refer to as Jehovah.这个名字被插入的元音字母之间JHWH创建一个名称,我们所说的耶和华。

Greek manuscripts were also somewhat difficult to translate, because they were written with all letters the same size and with no spaces between words or sentences.希腊手稿也有些难以翻译,因为他们与所有字母相同的大小和词与词之间没有空格书面或句子。

There is another entry in BELIEVE which is the Literal Translation of each of these words in the original sequence shown here.还有另外一个项目中认为这是对这些词在这里显示原始序列直译。You might want to look at that, too.你可能想看看这一点。

Genesis 1:1创世记1:1

Bree'shiyt baaraa' 'Elohiym 'eet hashaamayim w'eet haa'aarets.Bree'shiyt baaraa'Elohiym'余氏hashaamayim w'eet haa'aarets。

Genesis 1:2创世记1:2

Whaa'aarets haaytaah tohuu waabohuu wxoshek `al - pneey thowm wruuxa 'Elohiym mraxepet `al - pneey hamaayim. Whaa'aarets haaytaah tohuu waabohuu wxoshek`铝 - pneey thowm wruuxa'Elohiym m​​raxepet`铝 - pneey hamaayim。

Genesis 1:3创世记1:3

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym yhiy 'owr wayhiy - 'owr.Wayo'mer'Elohiym yhiy'owr wayhiy - 'owr。

Genesis 1:4创世记1:4

Wayar' 'Elohiym 'et - haa'owr kiy - Towb wayabdeel 'Elohiym beeyn haa'owr uubeeyn haxoshek.Wayar'Elohiym'等 - haa'owr kiy - Towb wayabdeel'Elohiym beeyn haa'owr uubeeyn haxoshek。

Genesis 1:5创世记1:5

Wayiqraa' 'Elohiym laa'owr yowm wlaxoshek qaaraa' laaylaah wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm 'exaad. Wayiqraa'Elohiym laa'owr yowm wlaxoshek qaaraa'laaylaah wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm'exaad。

Genesis 1:6创世记1:6

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym yhiy raaqiy`a btowk hamaayim wiyhiy mabdiyl beeyn mayim laamaayim.Wayo'mer'Elohiym yhiy raaqiy`一btowk hamaayim wiyhiy mabdiyl beeyn mayim laamaayim。

Genesis 1:7创世记1:7

Waya`as 'Elohiym 'et - haaraaqiy`a wayabdeel beeyn hamayim 'asher mitaxat laaraaqiy`a uubeeyn hamayim 'asher mee`al laaraaqiy`a wayhiy - keen.Waya'为'Elohiym'等 - haaraaqiy`一wayabdeel beeyn hamayim'舍mitaxat laaraaqiy`一uubeeyn hamayim'舍眉``一人laaraaqiy wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:8创世记一时08分

Wayiqraa' 'Elohiym laaraaqiy`a shaamaayim wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm sheeniy.Wayiqraa'Elohiym laaraaqiy一个shaamaayim wayhiy` - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm sheeniy。

Genesis 1:9创世记1:9

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym yiqaawuu hamayim mitaxat hashaamayim 'el - maaqowm 'exaad wteeraa'eh hayabaashaah wayhiy - keen.Wayo'mer'Elohiym yiqaawuu hamayim mitaxat hashaamayim'埃尔 - maaqowm'exaad wteeraa'eh hayabaashaah wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:10创世记1:10

Wayiqraa' 'Elohiym layabaashaah 'erets uulmiqweeh hamayim qaaraa' yamiym wayar' 'Elohiym kiy - Towb. Wayiqraa'Elohiym layabaashaah'erets uulmiqweeh hamayim qaaraa'yamiym wayar'Elohiym kiy - Towb。

Genesis 1:11创世记1:11

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym tadshee' haa'aarets deshe' `eeseb mazriy`a zera` `eets priy `oseh priy lmiynow 'asher zar`ow - bow `al - haa'aarets wayhiy - keen.Wayo'mer'Elohiym tadshee'haa'aarets deshe'`eeseb mazriy```一zera eets priy`oseh priy lmiynow'舍扎尔`呜 - 弓`铝 - haa'aarets wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:12创世记1:12

Watowtsee' haa'aarets deshe' `eeseb mazriy`a zera` lmiyneehuu w`eets `oseh - priy 'asher zar`ow - bow lmiyneehuu wayar' 'Elohiym kiy - Towb.Watowtsee'haa'aarets deshe'`eeseb mazriy一个zera```eets lmiyneehuu瓦特`oseh - priy'舍扎尔`呜 - 弓lmiyneehuu wayar'Elohiym kiy - Towb。

Genesis 1:13创世记1:13

Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm shliyshiy.Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm shliyshiy。

Genesis 1:14创世纪1:14

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym yhiy m'orot birqiy`a hashaamayim lhabdiyl beeyn hayowm uubeeyn halaaylaah whaayuu l'otot uulmow`adiym uulyaamiym wshaaniym.Wayo'mer'Elohiym yhiy m'orot birqiy`一hashaamayim lhabdiyl beeyn hayowm uubeeyn halaaylaah whaayuu欧莱雅otot uulmow`adiym uulyaamiym wshaaniym。

Genesis 1:15创世记1:15

Whaayuu lim'owrot birqiy`a hashaamayim lhaa'iyr `al - haa'aarets wayhiy - keen.Whaayuu lim'​​owrot birqiy``一hashaamayim lhaa'iyr铝 - haa'aarets wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:16创世记1:16

Waya`as 'Elohiym 'et - shneey ham'orot hagdoliym 'et - hamaa'owr hagaadol lmemshelet hayowm w'et - hamaa'owr haqaaTon lmemshelet halaylaah w'eet hakowkaabiym.Waya'为'Elohiym'等 - shneey ham'orot hagdoliym'等 - hamaa'owr hagaadol lmemshelet hayowm w'et - hamaa'owr haqaaTon lmemshelet halaylaah w'eet hakowkaabiym。

Genesis 1:17创世记1:17

Wayiteen 'otaam 'Elohiym birqiy`a hashaamaayim lhaa'iyr `al - haa'aarets.Wayiteen'otaam'Elohiym birqiy hashaamaayim lhaa'iyr``一人 - haa'aarets。

Genesis 1:18创世记1:18

Wlimshol bayowm uubalaylaah uulahabdiyl beeyn haa'owr uubeeyn haxoshek wayar' 'Elohiym kiy - Towb.Wlimshol bayowm uubalaylaah uulahabdiyl beeyn haa'owr uubeeyn haxoshek wayar'Elohiym kiy - Towb。

Genesis 1:19创世记1:19

Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm rbiy`iy.Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm rbiy`iy。

Genesis 1:20创世记1:20

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym yishrtsuu hamayim sherets nepesh xayaah w`owp y`owpeep `al - haa'aarets `al - pneey rqiy`a hashaamaayim.Wayo'mer'Elohiym yishrtsuu hamayim sherets nepesh xayaah瓦特单程证Ÿ```owpeep铝 - haa'aarets`铝 - pneey rqiy`一hashaamaayim。

Genesis 1:21创世记1:21

Wayibraa' 'Elohiym 'et - hataniynim hagdoliym w'eet kaal - nepesh haxayaah haaromeset 'asher shaartsuu hamayim lmiyneehem w'eet kaal - `owp kaanaap lmiyneehuu wayar' 'Elohiym kiy - Towb.Wayibraa'Elohiym'等 - hataniynim hagdoliym w'eet kaal - nepesh haxayaah haaromeset'舍shaartsuu hamayim lmiyneehem w'eet kaal - `单程证kaanaap lmiyneehuu wayar'Elohiym kiy - Towb。

Genesis 1:22创世记1:22

Waybaarek 'otaam 'Elohiym lee'mor pruu uurbuu uumil'uu 'et - hamayim bayamiym whaa`owp yireb baa'aarets. Waybaarek'otaam'Elohiym lee'mor pruu uurbuu uumil'uu'等 - hamayim bayamiym whaa`单程证yireb baa'aarets。

Genesis 1:23创世记1:23

Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm xamiyshiy.Wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm xamiyshiy。

Genesis 1:24创世记1:24

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym towtsee' haa'aarets nepesh xayaah lmiynaah bheemaah waaremes wxaytow - 'erets lmiynaah wayhiy - keen.Wayo'mer'Elohiym towtsee'haa'aarets nepesh xayaah lmiynaah bheemaah waaremes wxaytow - 'erets lmiynaah wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:25创世记1:25

Waya`as 'Elohiym 'et - xayat haa'aarets lmiynaah w'et - habheemaah lmiynaah w'eet kaal - remes haa'adaamaah lmiyneehuu wayar' 'Elohiym kiy - Towb.Waya'为'Elohiym'等 - xayat haa'aarets lmiynaah w'et - habheemaah lmiynaah w'eet kaal - 雷梅斯haa'adaamaah lmiyneehuu wayar'Elohiym kiy - Towb。

Genesis 1:26创世纪1:26

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym na`aseh 'aadaam btsalmeenuu kidmuuteenuu wyirduu bidgat hayaam uub`owp hashaamayim uubabheemaah uubkaal - haa'aarets * uubkaal - haaremes haaromees `al - haa'aarets. Wayo'mer'Elohiym娜`aseh'aadaam btsalmeenuu kidmuuteenuu wyirduu bidgat hayaam uub`单程证hashaamayim uubabheemaah uubkaal - haa'aarets * uubkaal - haaremes haaromees`铝 - haa'aarets。

Genesis 1:27创世记1:27

Wayibraa' 'Elohiym 'et - haa'aadaam btsalmow btselem 'Elohiym baaraa' 'otow zaakaar uunqeebaah baaraa' 'otaam.Wayibraa'Elohiym'等 - haa'aadaam btsalmow btselem'Elohiym baaraa'otow zaakaar uunqeebaah baaraa'otaam。

Genesis 1:28创世记1:28

Waybaarek 'otaam 'Elohiym wayo'mer laahem 'Elohiym pruu uurbuu uumil'uu 'et - haa'aarets wkibshuhaa uurduu bidgat hayaam uub`owp hashaamayim uubkaal - xayaah haaromeset `al - haa'aarets. Waybaarek'otaam'Elohiym wayo'mer laahem'Elohiym pruu uurbuu uumil'uu'等 - haa'aarets wkibshuhaa uurduu bidgat hayaam uub`单程证hashaamayim uubkaal - xayaah haaromeset`铝 - haa'aarets。

Genesis 1:29创世记1:29

Wayo'mer 'Elohiym hineeh naatatiy laakem 'et - kaal - `eeseb zoree`a zera` 'asher `al - pneey kaal - haa'aarets w'et - kaal - haa`eets 'asher - bow priy - `eets zoree`a zaara` laakem yihyeh l'aaklaah.Wayo'mer'Elohiym hineeh naatatiy laakem'等 - kaal - `eeseb zoree`一zera`'舍'基地 - pneey kaal - haa'aarets w'et - kaal - 高空飞艇`eets'舍 - 弓priy - `eets zoree`一zaara`laakem yihyeh欧莱雅aaklaah。

Genesis 1:30创世记1:30

Uulkaal - xayat haa'aarets uulkaal - `owp hashaamayim uulkol rowmees `al - haa'aarets 'asher - bow nepesh xayaah 'et - kaal - yereq `eeseb l'aaklaah wayhiy - keen.Uulkaal - xayat haa'aarets uulkaal - ``单程证hashaamayim uulkol rowmees铝 - haa'aarets'舍 - 弓nepesh xayaah'等 - kaal - yereq`eeseb欧莱雅aaklaah wayhiy - 激烈。

Genesis 1:31创世记1:31

Wayar' 'Elohiym 'et - kaal - 'asher `aasaah whineeh - Towb m'od wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - boqer yowm hashishiy. Wayar'Elohiym'等 - kaal - '舍'aasaah whineeh - Towb m'od wayhiy - `ereb wayhiy - 博凯尔yowm hashishiy。

Here is the text of Genesis 1 as recorded in different Targums:这里是创世记一案文在不同Targums记载:

In Hebrew form:在希伯来文的形式:

MT בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם Gen 1:1 וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ Gen 1:1 Onqelos : Gen 01:01 בֲקַדמִין בְרָא יוי יָת שְׁמַיָא וְיָת אַרעָא׃ Pseudo-Jonathan : Gen 01:01 מן אוולא ברא אלקים ית שמייא וית ארעא Neofiti : Gen 01:01 מלקדמין \בחכמה ברא דייי ׳בחוכמתא ברא ייי״2״׳ שכלל׳ושכלל״2״׳ ית שמיא וית ארעא׃ FT P Gen 01:01 בחכמה׳מן לקדמין׳ ברא וייי ושכליל ית שמיא וית ארעא FT V Gen 01:01 בחכמה ברא ה' ית שמיא וית ארעא בְּרֵאשִׁיתבָּרָאאֱלֹהִיםאֵתהַשָּׁמַיִם创1:1וְאֵתהָאָרֶץ创1:1 Onqelos:将军1点01בֲקַדמִיןבְרָאיוייָתשְׁמַיָאוְיָתאַרעָא: 伪乔纳森 :根1时零一מןאוולאבראאלקיםיתשמייאויתארעאNeofiti:01根:01מלקדמין\בחכמהבראדייי'בחוכמתאבראייי“2”'שכלל'ושכלל“2”'יתשמיאויתארעא: 金融时报 P根01:01בחכמה'מןלקדמין'בראויייושכליליתשמיאויתארעא 金融时报 V创01: 01בחכמהבראה'יתשמיאויתארעא

The same text in Romanized form:在罗马的形式相同的文字:

 Onqelos :Onqelos:
 Gen 01:011 b:aqadmiyN b:rA) ywy yAt $:mayA) w:yAt )ar(A)%根01:011乙:aqadmiyN乙:RA)的ywy溢$:玛雅)宽:溢)氩气(一)% 

Pseudo-Jonathan :伪乔纳森 
 Gen 01:01 mN )wwl) br) )lqyM yt $myy) wyt )r()创01:01分钟)全球词典)商业登记))lqyM尖$ myy)位元堂)住宅() 

Neofiti :Neofiti: 
 Gen 01:01 mlqdmyN \bxkmh br) dyyy /bxwkmt) br) yyy#2#/ $kll/w$kll#2#/ yt $my) wyt创01:01 mlqdmyN \ bxkmh分校)dyyy / bxwkmt)分校)YYY的#2#/ $华融/瓦特华融#2#$ /油尖$我的)位元堂 

FT P金融时报 P  
 Gen 01:0101 bxkmh/mN@lqdmyN/ br) wyyy w$klyl yt $my) wyt )r()根01:0101 bxkmh /分钟@ lqdmyN / BR)的wyyy瓦特油尖$ $ klyl我)位元堂)住宅() 

FT V金融时报 V  
2 Gen 01:01 bxkmh br) -h' yt $my) wyt )r()2根01:01 bxkmh巴西)- h'的尖$我的)位元堂)住宅() 

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