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The name Plymouth Brethren identifies several small Christian sects of common origin - found in Britain, Europe, and the United States - that are conservative in theology and millenarian in outlook.普利茅斯的名稱標識弟兄幾個小基督教教派共同起源-發現在英國,歐洲和美國-這是保守的神學和千禧年的前景。 The movement had its beginning in Ireland and England in the 1820s, Plymouth being a main center of activity.該運動開始了其在愛爾蘭和英國在1820年代,普利茅斯是一個主要的活動中心。 The most prominent early leader was John Nelson Darby (1800 - 82), who taught that Christ might return at any moment and in a "secret rapture" would take away the members of the true church to dwell in heaven. The polity of the Plymouth Brethren is congregational, following New Testament models.最突出的早期領導人約翰尼爾森比( 1800年至1882年) ,誰告訴我們, 基督可能會返回在任何時候和在一個“秘密歡天喜地”將帶走成員的真正教堂住在天堂。政體的普利茅斯弟兄是公理,以下新約全書模式。

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At their services there is neither a presiding minister nor a set form of devotions. In the absence of centralized authority there have been recurrent splits within the body, most notably in the Exclusive Brethren and the Open or Christian Brethren. 在他們的服務有既不是部長,也不主持了一套形式devotions 。由於缺乏集中的權力有經常性內部分裂,機構,特別是在獨家弟兄和開放或基督教弟兄。 It is estimated that their membership in the United States, where the sect has been active since the 1860s, is about 98,000.據估計,其成員在美國,那裡的節一直活躍在19世紀60年代以來,約9.8萬。

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