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A doctrine that assigns an inferiority of being, status, or role to the Son or Holy Spirit within the Trinity . 一種理論認為指定一個自卑的福利,地位,作用,或子或聖靈的三位一體 Condemned by numerous church councils, this doctrine has continued in one form or another throughout the history of the church. In the early centuries, the struggle to understand the human and divine natures of Christ often led to placing the Son in a secondary position to the Father. Justin Martyr, Origen, and Tertullian all evidence a certain amount of subordinationism in their writings.眾多的譴責教會理事會,這一理論繼續在一種或另一種形式的整個歷史的教堂。 早在數百年的鬥爭,了解人類和神聖的性質,基督往往導致把兒子在一個次要位置父親。賈斯汀烈士,奧利和良所有證據一定數額的subordinationism在其著作。

This incipient subordinationism, especially that of Origen, eventually led to Arianism and other systems such as Sabellianism, Monarchianism, and Macedonianism .這初期subordinationism ,尤其是奧利,最終導致Arianism和其他系統,如撒伯流主義,神格唯一論,並Macedonianism Arius, who would allow no intermediary being between the supremacy of the One God and his creatures, denied the full deity of Christ.阿里烏斯,誰允許任何中介機構之間正在至高無上的一個神和他的動物,不能充分神的基督。 From this it followed that Christ the Word was less than God incarnate and was instead a subordinate image of the Father. In subordinationism lay the roots from which modern unitarianism and related theologies were to spring .從這一點基督之後的Word不到神的化身,並不是從屬形象的父親。 在subordinationism的根源在於從現代unitarianism和有關theologies是春天。

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The Nicene fathers ascribed to the Son and Spirit an equality of being or essence, but a subordination of order, with both deriving their existence from the Father as primal source. Athanasius insisted upon the coequality of the status of the three Persons of the Trinity, and Augustine that these Persons are coequal and coeternal. 尼西亞的父親為其子和一個平等的精神正在或本質,而是服從命令,同時獲得它們的存在從父親作為原始來源。亞他那修堅持的coequality的地位三個人的三位一體,和奧古斯丁說,這些人是coequal和coeternal 。 Ancient and modern theologians have argued for a subordination in the role of Son and Spirit to the Father and cite in support such passages as Matt.古代和現代的神學主張退讓的作用和精神的兒子的父親和引用,以支持這種通道的馬特。 11:27; John 5:26 - 27; 6:38; 8:28; 14:28. 11:27 ;約翰5點26分-2 7; 6時3 8分, 8時2 8分; 1 4:28。 Some apply a doctrine of subordination of woman to man on the basis of a similar relationship within the Trinity (1 Cor. 11:3).有些適用於理論的從屬地位的女人對人類的基礎上,類似的關係在三一( 1肺心病。十一點03 ) 。 Others argue that passages that seem to teach a subordination of Son to the Father speak of Christ's voluntary humiliation when he assumed human form (Phil. 2:5 - 8).其他人則認為通道,似乎教退讓的兒子的父親講基督的羞辱時,自願擔任人力形式( Phil. 2:5 -8 ) 。 In his exaltation, however, he returned to the equality of the eternal relationship expressed in such passages as John 1:1; 5:17 - 23; 10:15, 30; Titus 2:13; Rom.在他的提升,然而,他回到了平等的永恆的關係,表示在這種通道約翰1:1 ; 5時17分-2 3; 1 0:15, 3 0;泰特斯2點1 3分;光盤。 9:5; 1 John 5:7.九時05分;約翰一書5時07 。

The Athanasian Creed declared that in the Trinity "none is before or after another: none is greater or less than another," and the Second Helvetic Confession, the second most influential confession in Reformed tradition, condemns as heretics any who teach a subordination of Son or Holy Spirit (III, v).該Athanasian信條宣布,在三位一體“是沒有之前或之後另一:無是大於或小於另外, ”和第二海爾維第懺悔,第二次最有影響力的供詞在改革的傳統,並譴責異端誰教任何退讓的兒子或聖靈(三,五) 。

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