Divine Transcendence神聖的超越

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The concept of divine transcendence states that God is elevated above and extrinsic to the universe that he created. In the Judeo - Christian tradition, God is viewed as combining the apparent opposites of transcendence and immanence in that he both transcends the universe and is active in it. 這一概念超越了神聖指出,上帝是高架段和外在的宇宙,他創建。在猶太教-基督教傳統,上帝被看作是結合了明顯對立的超越和內在的,他都超越了宇宙和積極參與它。 Traditional Christian philosophy, exemplified particularly in the works of Thomas Aquinas, treats God as transcendent in the sense that he created the world; that he has perfect knowledge of all earthly things, which indeed derive from him; that he is infinite and eternal; and that, unlike humans, he is identical with his own essence.傳統的基督教哲學,特別是在體現作品的托馬斯阿奎那,對待上帝的超驗的意義,他創造了世界; ,他完美的知識,所有世俗的東西,這確實源於他說,他是無限的和永恆;和,不像人類,他是相同的自己的本質。

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