Tubingen School, Tübingen蒂賓根學校,蒂賓根大學

General Information 一般信息

Ferdinand Christian Baur, b.費迪南德基督教鮑爾灣 June 21, 1792, d. 1792年6月21日, d. Dec. 2, 1860, was a German theologian who founded the Tubingen school of New Testament interpretation. He received his education at Tubingen University, where, from 1826 to his death, he was professor of ecclesiastical and doctrinal history. 1860年十二月2日,是德國神學誰創立蒂賓根學校的新約聖經的解釋。他獲得教育,蒂賓根大學,在那裡,從1826年到他去世,他是教授,教會和理論的歷史。

Baur applied the philosophy of Hegel to New Testament interpretation. He was thus an early advocate of the historical or scientific study of the Bible. In 1845 he published a book on St. Paul, in which he applied the Hegelian principle to the history of early Christianity: Primitive Jewish (Petrine) Christianity, represented by the Gospel of St. Matthew, was the original force or thesis; Pauline Christianity was the antithesis or reaction against Peter - Matthew; and early Catholic Christianity, which brought these two forces together, was the synthesis.鮑爾適用於哲學的黑格爾到新約的解釋。 因此,他主張早期的歷史或科學的研究聖經。於1845年,他出版了一本書上聖保羅,他採用了黑格爾的原則,以歷史的早期基督教:原始猶太人(伯)基督教派的福音馬太,是原來的武力或論文;波利娜基督教的對立面,或對彼得的反應-馬修;和早期基督教天主教,使這兩個力量凝聚起來,是合成。 In the process, Baur rejected the traditional attribution of a number of Epistles to Paul.在這個過程中,鮑爾拒絕了傳統的歸屬了一些書信保羅。 He held that Paul was the author only of Galatians, the two Epistles to the Corinthians, and most of Romans.他認為,保羅是作者唯一的加拉太,雙方書信的科林蒂安,大多數羅馬人。 Later Baur wrote extensively on historical theology. He developed a school of followers, mostly at Tubingen; but the movement declined with his death.後來鮑爾寫道廣泛的歷史神學。他制定了一個學校的追隨者,其中大部分在蒂賓根;但運動拒絕與他死刑。

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Tubingen School蒂賓根學校

Advanced Information 先進的信息

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a conservative school of theology existed at Tubingen fostered by GC Storr (1746 - 1805) that stressed the supernatural character of revelation and biblical authority.在已故的第十八和十九世紀初一個保守的神學學校存在蒂賓根培育的GC斯托爾( 1746至1805年) ,強調超自然性質的啟示和聖經的權威。 Also, a Catholic "Tubingen school" attempted in the late nineteenth century to reconcile the church's teaching with modern philosophy and biblical studies.此外,天主教“蒂賓根學校”企圖在十九世紀末期調和教會的教學與現代哲學和聖經研究。 By far the best known, however, is the one headed by Ferdinand Christian Baur (1792 - 1860), which opened up new avenues in NT study and was the most controversial movement in biblical criticism in the midnineteenth century.迄今最有名的,但是,是一個由基督教鮑爾費迪南德( 1792至1860年) ,這開闢了新的途徑新界研究和最有爭議的運動在聖經批評midnineteenth世紀。 Its major contribution was calling attention to the distinct strands and theologies within the NT itself and establishing the principle of a purely historical understanding of the Bible.其主要貢獻是提醒人們注意的獨特鏈和theologies內新台幣本身和建立的原則,一個純粹的歷史認識聖經。

The contrasts between the Synoptic Gospels and John, the various letters attributed to Paul, and Paul and the other early church leaders were carefully examined.之間的反差的天氣和約翰福音,各種信件歸功於保羅,保羅和其他早期教會領袖被仔細審查。 Baur, much influenced by idealist philosophy, rejected supernaturalism and applied Hegelian dialectic to the NT.鮑爾,更受唯心主義哲學,拒絕超自然和應用黑格爾的辯證的新台幣。 He found that it reflected, not a homogeneous development, but a fundamental tension between the Jewish church of Peter and the hellenistic Gentile church of Paul.他發現,它反映,而不是一個單一的發展,而且從根本上關係緊張的猶太人教堂彼得與希臘詹蒂萊保羅教堂。 The NT documents attempted to reconcile the conflict between an earlier Petrine and a later Pauline theology by formulating a new synthesis.新台幣文件試圖調和的矛盾較早伯多祿和保神學後來通過制定新的合成。 Baur believed that the authenticity of the various books could be determined by the degree to which they revealed "tendencies" of this conflict.鮑爾認為,真實性的各種書籍可以決定在何種程度上,他們發現“傾向”這一衝突。 He also traced out a similar kind of dialectical movement in the history of the church.他還找到了類似的辯證運動歷史上的教堂。

Although Baur began teaching at Tubingen in 1826, the school's founding is properly dated from the appearance of his pupil DF Strauss's Life of Jesus in 1835.雖然鮑爾開始任教於蒂賓根於1826年,這所學校的成立是正確日期從外觀的他的學生東風施特勞斯的生命耶穌在1835年。 This marked the formal break between the old conservative school and the new radical antisupernaturalism.這標誌著之間的正式打破舊的保守的學校和新的激進antisupernaturalism 。 Bauer himself viewed Jesus in Hegelian terms as the exemplary embodiment of an idea that had greater universal significance that the concrete person of Jesus himself.鮑爾本人認為耶穌在黑格爾的條款的模範體現了一個想法有更大的普遍意義的具體的人耶穌本人。 Soon a circle of young lecturers formed under the leadership of Eduard Zeller and in 1842 founded the principal mouthpiece of the school, the Tubinger theologische Jahrbucher.不久一個圓圈的年輕講師組成的領導下,愛德華澤勒並在1842年成立的主要喉舌,學校, Tubinger神學年鑑。 (It went under in 1857 but was revived as the Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftliche Theologie (1858 - 1914) under the auspices of Adolf Hilgenfeld, one of Baur's most extreme followers.) (這下了1857年,但恢復的雜誌wissenschaftliche神學( 1858至1914年)的主持下,阿道夫Hilgenfeld之一,鮑爾的最極端的追隨者。 )

By the late 1840s the Tubingen School came under severe attack and the various members gradually drifted away.到了1840年的蒂賓根學校遭到嚴重襲擊和各成員漂流逐漸消失。 Baur himself became isolated within the Tubingen faculty as well as the German academic community, and spent his last years defending his views and producing a multivolume history of the church from a naturalistic standpoint, which explained all events by a combination of political, social, cultural, and intellectual causes but without any consideration of divine influence.鮑爾自己成為孤立的蒂賓根教授以及德國學術團體,以及生前最後幾年住衛冕他的看法和生產multivolume歷史的教堂從自然角度來看,這解釋了為什麼所有的事件相結合的政治,社會,文化和智力的原因,但沒有任何審議神聖的影響力。 Although relatively short - lived, the school with its emphasis on dialectical conflict within the early church, rejection of Pauline authorship of most of his epistles, and completely antisupernaturalistic outlook contributed significantly to the development of a historical - critical approach to the Bible that completely ignored the divine element in it.雖然相對較短-生活,學校,其重點是辯證的衝突的早期教堂,拒絕波利娜著作權他的大部分書信,完全a ntisupernaturalistic前景大大有助於發展的一個歷史-批評的態度聖經說完全忽視神聖的元素它。

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Bibliography 目錄
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