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Unitarianism is a form of Christianity that asserts that God is one person, the Father, rather than three persons in one, as the doctrine of the Trinity holds. A number of religious groups in Transylvania, Poland, Great Britain, and North America have been designated as unitarian because of this belief. Unitarianism是一種形式的基督教認為聲稱,上帝是一個人的父親,而不是3人在一,作為理論三位一體人。一些宗教團體的特蘭西瓦尼亞,波蘭,英國和北美地區已被指定為唯一,因為這一信念。 It has not been their only distinguishing mark, however, and at times not even the most important one.這不是他們唯一的區分標誌,然而,有時甚至不是最重要的。 As significant has been their confidence in the reasoning and moral abilities of people - in contrast to traditions that emphasize original sin and human depravity - as well as an avoidance of dogma.作為重要的是他們的信心,推理和道德能力的人-相反,傳統,強調原罪和人類墮落-以及避免教條。

Modern Unitarianism dates to the period of the Protestant Reformation.現代Unitarianism日期間的新教改革。 A Unitarian movement has existed in Transylvania since the 1560s, when the leader was Francis David (1510 - 79). In Poland, Unitarianism flourished for a hundred years as the Minor Reformed Church until persecution forced (1660) its adherents into exile.阿統一運動中存在的特蘭西瓦尼亞1560s以來,當領導人弗朗西斯大衛( 1510年至1579年) 。在波蘭, Unitarianism蓬勃發展的一百多年的小調,直到歸正教會的迫害被迫( 1660 )及其追隨者流亡國外。 The key figure in the Polish movement was Faustus Socinus (1539 - 1604).關鍵數字在波蘭運動是浮士德Socinus ( 1539年至1604年) 。 Isolated individual unitarians lived in England in the 1600s, most notably John Biddle, but Unitarianism developed as a formal movement in the 1700s, partly within the Church of England but mainly in dissenting circles.孤立的個人unitarians生活在英格蘭的17世紀,最顯著約翰比德爾,但Unitarianism發展成為一個正式的運動在1700年,部分在英國聖公會但主要是在持反對意見的人士。

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In America the religious liberalism that came to be known as Unitarianism appeared within the congregational churches in Massachusetts as a reaction against the revivalism of the Great Awakening (1740 - 43).在美國的宗教自由主義後來被稱為Unitarianism出現在公理教會在馬薩諸塞州的一種反應對復古的大覺醒( 1740年至1743年) 。 The election (1805) of Henry Ware as Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University touched off a controversy, as a result of which the liberals became a separate denomination.選舉( 1805年)的亨利件作為霍利斯神教授在哈佛大學引發了一場爭論,其結果是自由派成為一個單獨的面額。 William Ellery Channing's sermon entitled "Unitarian Christianity" (1819) was an influential statement of their beliefs.威廉埃勒里錢寧的講道,題為“統一基督教” ( 1819年)是一個有影響力的聲明,他們的信仰。

In 1838, Ralph Waldo Emerson's divinity school address declared that religious truth should be based on the authority of inner consciousness, not on external historical proofs.在1838年,愛默生的神學院地址宣布,宗教真理的基礎應該是黨內權力的意識,而不是外部歷史的證明。 More conservative Unitarians were critical of Emerson and his followers, known as transcendentalists, fearing that such subjectivism would destroy the claim of Christianity to be a divinely revealed religion.更為保守的Unitarians是至關重要的艾默生和他的追隨者,稱為transcendentalists ,他們擔心,這種主觀主義將破壞索賠的基督教是一個神聖啟示宗教。 Since the controversy over Transcendentalism, some within the denomination have always felt it important to maintain continuity with the Christian tradition, whereas others have found Christianity to be intellectually limited and emotionally restrictive.由於超驗的爭論,一些內面額一直覺得重要的是保持連續性的基督教傳統,而另一些則發現基督教是有限的理智和情感的限制。

In 1961 the Unitarians merged with the Universalists in the Unitarian Universalist Association, uniting two denominations with roughly parallel histories and a similar tradition of religious liberalism.在1961年的Unitarians合併, Universalists在統一世界主義協會,團結兩個教派大約有平行的歷史和類似的傳統宗教自由主義。

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Unitarian Universalist Association統一世界主義協會

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The Unitarian Universalist Association was formed in 1961 by consolidation of the American Unitarian Association (1825) and the Universalist Church of America (1793).在統一世界主義協會成立於1961年由鞏固美國唯一協會( 1825年)和世界主義教會合眾國( 1793 ) 。 At continental headquarters in Boston, the association carries on common activities, such as church extension, ministerial settlement, and preparation of educational materials, but it does not exercise hierarchical control.在大陸的總部設在波士頓,該協會進行的共同活動,如教堂延伸,部長級的解決辦法,編寫教材,但它不行使分層控制。 Its philosophy is one of religious liberalism, stressing the value of human freedom and rejecting dogmatic formulations.其哲學是宗教的自由主義,強調價值的人類自由和反對教條主義的配方。 Humanitarian concerns are entrusted to a related organization, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.人道主義關切委託給有關組織,統一世界主義事務委員會。 The denomination is connected with similar groups abroad through the International Association for Religious Freedom.該教派是與國外類似團體通過國際宗教自由協會。 It has 1,019 churches and lay - led fellowships in North America, with 145,250 adult members and 1,200 ordained clergy (1990).據1019年的教堂和奠定基礎-領導金在北美,有1 45250成年成員和1 200祝神職人員( 1 990年) 。


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The origin of this ancient heresy, sometimes called antitrinitarianism, is to be found in the Arian controversy of the early fourth century when Arius, presbyter in the church at Alexandria, set forth the system of thought which bears his name. He denied the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity and asserted that there was a time when God was not the Father and Jesus Christ was not the Son.起源這一古老的異端邪說,有時被稱為antitrinitarianism ,將發現的阿里安爭議的第四世紀初時,阿里烏斯,牧師在教堂亞歷山大,提出了系統的思想負有他的名字。他否認了正統的學說在三一,並斷言,有一個上帝的時候沒有父親和耶穌基督沒有兒子。 Because God foresaw the merit of Jesus the man, Christ was accorded a kind of divinity, but he was never of the same substance as the Father although he is worthy of worship.因為上帝預見的優點是耶穌的人,基督被賦予了一種神,但他從來沒有在同一物質的父親雖然他是值得的崇拜。 This early and rather high form of Unitarianism was condemned by the Council of Nicaea in 325 and by the Council of Constantinople in 381. Throughout the Middle Ages, Unitarianism in any form was regarded as heretical.這種早期和相當高的Unitarianism形式譴責了安理會尼西亞在325和理事會的君士坦丁堡在381 。整個中世紀, Unitarianism以任何形式被視為異端邪說。 It reappeared in a somewhat different guise in the writings of Michael Servetus and was accepted by some of the more radical of the Anabaptist groups.它出現在一個略為不同的幌子在著作塞爾維特和邁克爾接受了一些更激進的再洗禮派團體。

It received a new impetus and theological foundation in the Socinianism of Laelius and Faustus Socinus and in the Racovian Catechism of 1605.它得到了新的動力和神學基礎的Socinianism的Laelius和浮士德Socinus和Racovian問答的1605年。 Although they rejected the deity of Christ and the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, the Socinians held to a kind of supernaturalism and even insisted on the worship of Jesus Christ as a divine person, believing in his resurrection from the dead and his ascension.儘管他們拒絕了神的基督和正統的理論三位一體的蘇西尼舉行一種超自然,甚至堅持崇拜耶穌基督作為一個神聖的人,相信在他復活的死亡和他的升天。 But his divine nature was the result of his perfect obedience.但他的神性是由於他完美的服從。 They denied the orthodox position on the fall of man and held that man still possesses a full freedom of the will.他們否認正統的立場秋季舉行的男子和這名男子仍然擁有充分的自由的意志。 Thus the redeeming work of Christ is to be found in his life and teachings rather than in his vicarious death upon the cross.因此,挽救工作,基督是要找到在他的生活和教義,而不是替代他的死亡交叉。

With the coming of the Enlightenment and the appearance of deism, Unitarianism in the hands of Joseph Priestly and others became more rationalistic and less supernaturalistic in its outlook.隨著啟蒙的外觀和自然神論, Unitarianism手中的約瑟夫普里斯特利和其他變得更加理性和少supernaturalistic在其前景。 Nature and right reason replaced the NT as the primary sources of religious authority, and what authority the Scriptures retained was the result of their agreement with the findings of reason.權利的性質和原因的NT替換為主要來源的宗教權威,什麼權威聖經保留的原因是其同意的結果的原因。

Unitarianism came to New England as early as 1710, and by 1750 most of the Congregational ministers in and around Boston had ceased to regard the doctrine of the Trinity as an essential Christian belief. In 1788 King's Chapel, the first Anglican church in New England, became definitely Unitarian when its rector, with the consent of the congregation, deleted from the liturgy all mention of the Trinity. The triumph of Unitarianism in New England Congregationalism seemed complete with the election of Henry Ware, an avowed opponent of the Trinitarian position, to the Hollis chair of divinity at Harvard. Unitarianism來到新英格蘭早在1710年和1750年的大部分部長公理和周圍波士頓已不再方面的理論,三位一體作為一項基本信仰基督教。國王在1788年的教堂,第一次聖公會教堂在新英格蘭,成為唯一肯定時,校長同意,會眾,刪除所有禮儀提到三一。的勝利Unitarianism在新英格蘭完全公理似乎與選舉亨利窯,一個公開反對三位一體的位置,在霍利斯主席在哈佛大學神。

In the nineteenth century, under the impact of transcendentalism, Unitarianism became steadily more radical.在19世紀,的影響下,超越,不斷Unitarianism成為更為激進。 Its later leaders such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker rejected those remaining supernatural elements which William Ellery Channing had seen fit to retain.後來的領導人,如愛默生和西奧多帕克拒絕了這些剩下的超自然要素,威廉埃勒里錢寧看到合適的保留。 Modern Unitarianism has become increasingly humanistic.現代Unitarianism已變得越來越人性化。 Many members of the American Unitarian Association, founded in 1825, have come to the conclusion that their movement is not a part of the Christian church.許多成員的美國統一協會成立於1825年,已經得出的結論是,他們的行動不是一個組成部分基督教教堂。 In 1961 they merged with the Universalists.在1961年,他們合併, Universalists 。

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