Saint John's Baptism聖約翰的洗禮

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Saint John's Baptism was not Christian baptism, nor was that which was practised by the disciples previous to our Lord's crucifixion. 聖約翰的洗禮,是不是基督教洗禮,也有人認為這是實行門徒前向我們的主的十字架上。 Till then the New Testament economy did not exist.直到那麼新約聖經經濟並不存在。 John's baptism bound its subjects to repentance, and not to the faith of Christ.約翰的洗禮,必將其子民悔改,而不是信仰基督的復活。 It was not administered in the name of the Trinity, and those whom John baptized were rebaptized by Paul (Acts 18:24; 19:7).這是不是在管理的名義,三位一體,和那些人約翰洗禮的人rebaptized保羅(使徒18時24分; 19時07分) 。

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John the Baptist 施洗約翰

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