Saint Jude聖猶大書

General Information 一般資料

Jude, sometimes called Judas, or Jude Thaddaeus, is mentioned in Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13 as one of the apostles of Jesus.猶大書,有時也被稱為猶大,還是裘德thaddaeus ,提到盧克6時16分和1:13行為之一的使徒們的耶穌。 He was traditionally believed to have been the author of the Epistle of Jude and is often identified with Thaddaeus, the apostle mentioned in Mark 3:18 and Matt.他認為,傳統上已被作者的書信的裘德並時常鑑定thaddaeus ,使徒保羅在提到馬克3時18分和馬特。 10:3. 10時03分。 Among Roman Catholics he is known as the patron saint of desperate cases.其中羅馬天主教徒,他是被稱為守護神絕望的情況下。 Feast day: June 19 (Eastern), Oct. 28 (Western; with Saint Simon).盛宴的日子: 6月19日(東區) , 10月28日(西方;與聖西蒙) 。

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Jude = Judas裘德=猶大

Advanced Information 先進的信息

Among the apostles there were two who bore this name,其中使徒有兩個人口徑此名,

He who is called "the brother of James" (Luke 6:16), may be the same with the Judas surnamed Lebbaeus.他的人就是所謂的"兄弟詹姆斯" (路6:16 ) ,可同時與猶大姓lebbaeus 。 The only thing recorded regarding him is in John 14:22.唯一錄得就他,是在約翰14時22分。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary) (伊斯頓說明字典)

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Epistle of Jude 墳墓的裘德

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