Saint Luke聖路加

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Saint Luke, traditionally considered to be the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, was a companion and fellow worker of Saint Paul.聖路加,在傳統上被視為作者的第三個福音和行為的使徒,是一個同伴同鄉工人的聖保羅。 According to Colossians 4:11-14, he was a Gentile and a physician.據歌羅西書4:11-14 ,他是一個gentile和醫師。 Later legend made him an artist, and during the Middle Ages the picture of the Virgin Mary in Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, was ascribed to him.後來傳說,使他成為一位藝術家,並在中世紀的畫面聖母瑪利亞在Santa Maria Maggiore的,羅馬,是歸功於他。 He is the patron saint of physicians and artists.他是守護神的醫師和藝術家。 Feast day: Oct. 18.盛宴的日子: 10月18日。

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Saint Luke聖路加

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Luke, the evangelist, was a Gentile.盧克,傳道,是一個gentile 。 The date and circumstances of his conversion are unknown.日期和情況,他的轉換是未知之數。 According to his own statement (Luke 1:2), he was not an "eye-witness and minister of the word from the beginning."據他自己的聲明(路加福音1:2 ) ,他不是一個"目擊證人和交通部長這個詞從一開始" 。 It is probable that he was a physician in Troas, and was there converted by Paul, to whom he attached himself.很可能他是一個醫師,在troas ,並有改裝的,由保羅,向誰他注重自己。 He accompanied him to Philippi, but did not there share his imprisonment, nor did he accompany him further after his release in his missionary journey at this time (Acts 17:1).他陪同他來Philippi撰寫,但不存在分享他的入獄,他也沒有陪他進一步被釋放後,在他的傳教之旅在這個時候(使徒17時01分) 。 On Paul's third visit to Philippi (20:5, 6) we again meet with Luke, who probably had spent all the intervening time in that city, a period of seven or eight years.對保羅的第三次訪華Philippi撰寫( 20時05分, 6 ) ,我們再次見面路加,他們可能已經花掉了所有的介入時間在這個城市,一個時期的七,八年。 From this time Luke was Paul's constant companion during his journey to Jerusalem (20:6-21:18).從這個時候路加是保羅的同伴不斷在他的旅程前往耶路撒冷( 20:6-21:18 ) 。 He again disappears from view during Paul's imprisonment at Jerusalem and Caesarea, and only reappears when Paul sets out for Rome (27: 1), whither he accompanies him (28:2, 12-16), and where he remains with him till the close of his first imprisonment (Philemon 24; Col. 4:14).他再次消失,從人們的視野中保羅的監禁在耶路撒冷和caesarea ,只有重複出現的時候,保羅列出為羅馬( 27 : 1 ) ,著他陪伴他( 28:2 , 12-16 ) ,並在他仍然與他,直到接近他的第一監禁( philemon 24人;上校4時14分) 。

The last notice of the "beloved physician" is in 2 Tim.最後通知"敬愛的醫師" ,是在2添。 4:11. 4時11分。 There are many passages in Paul's epistles, as well as in the writings of Luke, which show the extent and accuracy of his medical knowledge.有很多通道,在保羅的書信中,以及在該著作的盧克,其中顯示的程度和準確性,他的醫學知識。

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