The Apocalypse of Peter啟示彼得

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Translation and Notes by MR James - 1924翻譯與註釋,由塗謹申議員-1 924年

(Not the text of the same name found at Nag Hammadi) (而不是文本的同一個名字,發現在中NAG哈馬迪)


We have not a pure and complete text of this book, which ranked next in popularity and probably also in date to the Canonical Apocalypse of St. John.我們已經不是一個單純的和完整的文本,這本書,其中排在明年大受歡迎,大概也是在日期,以典型的啟示聖約翰。

We have, first, certain quotations made by writers of the first four centuries.我們有:第一,某些報價,所作的作家的前四個世紀。

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Next, a fragment in Greek, called the Akhmim fragment, found with the Passion-fragment of the Gospel of Peter in a manuscript known as the Gizeh MS. (discovered in a tomb) now at Cairo.其次,片段在希臘語,被稱為艾赫米姆片段,發現與激情片段的福音彼得手稿被稱為該gizeh女士 (曾侯乙墓發現一套) ,現在在開羅舉行。 This is undoubtedly drawn from the Apocalypse of Peter: but my present belief is that, like the Passion fragment, it is part of the Gospel of Peter, which was a slightly later book than the Apocalypse and quoted it almost in extenso .這無疑是取自啟示彼得:可是我現在的信念是一樣的激情片段,它是黨的福音彼得,這是一個稍晚些時候預訂比啟示,並引述它幾乎詳盡 There is also in the Bodleian Library a mutilated leaf of a very tiny Greek MS.也有在國立圖書館肢解葉的一個非常微小的希女士。 of the fifth century which supplies a few lines of what I take to be the original Greek text.根據第五世紀用品幾句什麼,我將原來的希臘文。

Thirdly, an Ethiopic version contained in one of the numerous forms of the books of Clement, a writing current in Arabic and Ethiopic purporting to contain revelations of the history of the world from the Creation, of the last times, and of guidance for the churches -dictated by Peter to Clement.第三, ethiopic版本包含在其中的各種形式的圖書的克萊門特,以書面形式目前在阿拉伯語和ethiopic本意包含的啟示是世界歷史上,從創作,在過去的時代,分類指導,教會-取決於肉克萊門特。 The version of the Apocalypse contained in this has some extraneous matter at the beginning and the end; but, as I have tried to show in a series of articles in the Journal of Theological Studies (1910-11) and the Church Quarterly Review (1915), it affords the best general idea of the contents of the whole book which we have.該版本的啟示包含在這具有一些不相干的事情,在開始和結束,但是,正如我試圖表明,在一系列的文章在Journal of神學研究 ( 1910至1911年)和教會的評論季刊 ( 1915年) ,它提供了最好的總體思路的內容,整本書,其中有。 The second book of the Sibylline Oracles contains (in Greek hexameters) a paraphrase of a great part of the Apocalypse: and its influence can be traced in many early writings -the Acts of Thomas (55-57), the Martyrdom of Perpetua, the so-called Second Epistle of Clement, and, as I think, the Shepherd of Hermas: as well as in the Apocalypse of Paul and many later visions.第二本書的知未來的簽載(在希臘語hexameters )意譯的很大一部分啟示: ,其影響力可追溯到許多早期著作-行為的托馬斯( 55-57 ) ,殉道的perpetua ,所以所謂的第二墳墓的克萊門特,而且,正如我認為,牧羊的hermas :以及在啟示的保羅和許多後來的願景。

The length of the book is given in the Stichometry of Nicephorus as 300 lines and in that of the Codex Claromontanus (D of the Epistle) as 270: the latter is a Latin list of the Biblical books; already cited for the Acts of Paul.這麼長的書,是鑑於在stichometry的nicephorus為300線,並在這方面的食品法典委員會claromontanus (四的書信) , 270 :後者是一個拉丁語名單聖經書籍;已經引用為行為的保羅。

There is no mention of it in the Gelasian Decree, which is curious.這裡沒有提及它在gelasian法令,這是好奇。 At one time it was popular in Rome for the Muratorian Canon mentions it (late in the second century?) along with the Apocalypse of John though it adds, that 'some will not have it read in the church.'在同一時間,它是流行在羅馬為muratorian佳能提到它(晚在公元二世紀? )隨著啟示約翰雖然它補充說, '有些人會不會有閱讀它在教會裡。 The fifth-century church historian Sozomen (vii. 19) says that to his knowledge it was still read annually in some churches in Palestine on Good Friday.第五世紀的教會史學家sozomen ( vii. 19 )說,據他所知,它仍然是閱讀,每年有一些教會在巴勒斯坦良好週五。

A translation of the ancient quotations shall be given first.翻譯古代報價單,應當給予第一。

Texts of the Apocalypse of Peter文本的啟示彼得


1. 1 。 From Clement of Alexandria's so-called Prophetical Extracts, a series of detached sentences excerpted from some larger work, generally supposed to be his Hypotyposes or Outlines:從克萊門特的亞歷山德里亞的所謂prophetical摘錄,一連串的超脫句話摘自一些較大的工作,一般都假定是他的hypotyposes或概述:

a.答: (41.1) The Scripture saith that the children which have been exposed (by their parents) are delivered to a care-taking angel by whom they are educated, and made to grow up, and they shall be, it saith, as the faithful of an hundred years old are here (in this life). ( 41.1 )聖經仰說,孩子已被揭穿(由他們的家長)運去照顧回吐天使,由人,他們都受過教育,並作出了成長起來的,並應,它仰,作為忠實的一個百年老在這裡(在此生活) 。 b. (41. 2) Wherefore also Peter in the Apocalypse saith: And a flash (lightning) of fire leaping from those children and smiting the eyes of the women. ( 41 2 )人哪,還彼得啟示仰:和一個閃光(閃電)的消防跨越式發展,從這些兒童和smiting眼中的女人質。

2. 2 。 Ibid.同上。 (48 . 1 ) The providence of God doth not light upon them only that are in the flesh. ( 48 1 )普羅維登斯神doth沒有點亮後,他們不僅是在肉體上。 For example, Peter in the Apocalypse saith that the children born out of due time (abortively) that would have been of the better part (ie would have been saved if they had lived) -these are delivered to a care-taking angel, that they may partake of knowledge and obtain the better abode, having suffered what they would have suffered had they been in the body.舉例來說,彼得啟示仰表示,所生子女出適當的時候( abortively )表示,將一直較好的部分(即:將已獲救,如果他們曾經生活) -這些都是送到一間護理以天使,即他們可能參與的知識,並取得較好的居留權,吃什麼,他們將蒙受了,他們一直在體內。 But the others (ie those who would not have been saved, had they lived) shall only obtain salvation, as beings that have been injured and had mercy shown to them, and shall continue without torment, receiving that as a reward.但其他人(即那些人,也不會被保存起來,如果當時他們住)只獲得救贖,因為人已受傷,並已表現出憐憫他們,並應繼續折磨,接收,作為獎勵。

But the milk of the mothers, flowing from their breasts and congealing, saith Peter in the Apocalypse, shall engender small beasts (snakes) devouring the flesh, and these running upon them devour them: teaching that the torments come to pass because of the sins (correspond to the sins).但牛奶的母親,流向,從乳房及凝朱紅,彼得啟示,應引起小野獸(蛇)侵吞,肉中刺,而這些運行後,它們吃掉他們:教學磨折來,因為通過的罪孽(對應罪孽) 。

3. 3 。 From the Symposium (ii.6) of Methodius of Olympus (third century).從座談會(二.6 ) methodius奧林巴斯(三世紀) 。 He does not name his source.他沒有他的名字的來源。 Whence also we have received in inspired writings that children born untimely -even if they be the offspring of adultery- are delivered to care-taking angels.何時還我們已收到在啟發著作所生子女生不逢時,即使他們被後代的通姦-交付予照顧回吐天使。 For if they had come into being contrary to the will and ordinance of that blessed nature of God, how could they have been delivered to angels to be nourished up in all repose and tranquillity?因為如果他們是來成相反的意志和條例的表示,祝福天主的本性,他們怎麼可能已交付給天使要栽在所有repose與安寧嗎? And how could they have confidently summoned their parents before the judgement seat of Christ to accuse them?和他們怎麼可能有自信地傳召他們家長的同意,才判斷座位基督指責他們呢? saying: Thou, O Lord, didst not begrudge us this light that is common to all, but these exposed us to death, contemning thy commandment.他說: ,主啊,你沒有抱怨我們這個角度說,是共同所有,但這些暴露了我們死刑, contemning祢的誡命。

The word rendered care-taking in these passages is a very rare one- [temelouchos, Gr.]: so rare that it was mistaken by later readers for the proper name of an angel, and we find an angel Temeluchus in Paul, John, and elsewhere.這個詞,使護理考慮在這些通道,是一個非常難得的一個[ temelouchos ,遺傳資源。 ] :這麼難得的,這是錯誤的,由後來的讀者,為正確名稱的一個天使,而我們找到了一個天使temeluchus在保羅,約翰,和其他地方。 A similar case is that of the word Tartaruchus, keeper of hell, which is applied to angels in our Apocalypse, and is also taken in the Ethiopic version, in Paul, and in other writings, to be a proper name.一個類似的例子是這個詞tartaruchus ,蓄養的地獄,這是適用於天使,在我們的啟示,也是兩國採取在ethiopic版本,在保羅和其它著作,是一個適當的名稱。

4. 4 。 From the Apocritica of Macarius Magnes (fourth century) of whom we know little.從apocritica的米加利阿斯magnes (四世紀) ,其中,我們知之不多。 His book consists of extracts from a heathen opponent's attack on Christianity (Porphyry and Hieroclcs are named as possible authors of it) and his own answers.他的著作包括提取物,從異教徒對手的攻擊基督教(斑岩和hieroclcs命名盡可能的作者)和他自己的答案。 The heathen writer says (iv. 6, 7):該異教徒作者說: ( iv. 6 , 7 ) :

And by way of superfluity let this also be cited which is said in the Apocalypse of Peter.透過過剩,讓這也引據說這是在啟示彼得。 He introduces the Heaven, to be judged along with the earth, thus: The earth, he says, shall present all men to God to be judged in the day of judgement being itself also to be judged along with the heaven that encompasseth it.他介紹了天堂,以判斷隨著地球,因此:地球,他說,應當出示所有的男神,以判斷在當天的判決本身也須視乎能否隨天上,就是encompasseth 。

5. 5 。 Ibid.同上。 And this again he says, which is a statement full of impiety: And every power of heaven shall be melted, and the heaven shall be rolled up like a book, and all the stars shall fall like leaves from the vine, and as the leaves from the fig-tree.而這,他說,這是一項聲明中充滿不虔誠:每個電源的天堂,應被熔化,並應天上卷起來像一本書,所有的星級應屬於像樹葉從畏縮不前,並作為葉子從無花果樹。

This very nearly coincides with Isa.這個非常近,剛好與伊薩。 xxxiv.4, and does not occur in our other texts of the Apocalypse. xxxiv.4 ,並沒有發生在我國其他文本的啟示。

6. 6 。 In an old Latin homily on the Ten Virgins found and published by Dom Wilmart ( Bulletin d'anc. litt. et d'arche'ol. chre't. ) is this sentence:在一個老拉丁語講道論十大處女發現和公佈的DOM wilmart ( 簡訊-非國大。利特。內皮素- ar che'ol。c h re't)是這句話:

The closed door is the river of fire by which the ungodly shall be kept out of the kingdom of God, as is written in Daniel and in Peter, in his Apocalypse....封閉的大門,是河的火災,其中ungodly應保存出於神的國度,因為是寫在丹尼爾和彼得,在他的啟示.... That company of the foolish also shall arise and find the door shut, that is, the fiery river set against them.這家公司的愚蠢的,也應出現,並發現大門關著,那就是火熱河一套對付他們。

The equivalent of all the above quotations is found in the Ethiopic text, with one exception, no.相當於上述所有報價被發現在該ethiopic文本中,有一個例外,沒有。 5. 5 。 The Akhmim text only contains Something like no.該艾赫米姆文本只包含了一些不一樣。 1 b: one indication out of many that it is a shortened and, I would say, secondary text.一乙:一是顯示出許多,這是一個縮短了,我會說,中學文本。



I should prefer to call this Fragment II of the Gospel of Peter.我寧願稱,這一片段的第二福音的彼得。 It begins abruptly in a discourse of our Lord.它突然開始在一個話語我們的主。

1 Many of them shall be false prophets, and shall teach ways and diverse doctrines of perdition.一日他們中的許多人將假先知,並應教導的方式和不同的學說墜入萬劫不復之地。

2 And they shall become sons of perdition. 2 ,他們應成為兒子墜入萬劫不復之地。

3 And then shall God come unto my faithful ones that hunger and thirst and are afflicted and prove their souls in this life, and shall judge the sons of iniquity. 3 ,然後應上帝來所不欲,我的忠實確需飢渴和正在折磨並證明了自己的靈魂,在此生活,並應法官不公之子。

4 And the Lord added and said: Let us go unto the mountain (and) pray. 4 ,主補充說,並說:讓我們到祂山(和)祈禱。

5 And going with him, we the twelve disciples besought him that he would show us one of our righteous brethren that had departed out of the world, that we might see what manner of men they are in their form, and take courage, and encourage also the men that should hear us. 5日和去與他,我們十二個門徒besought他說,他將告訴我們,我們的一個正義兄弟已經離開了的世界,那我們可能會看到何種方式進行的男子,他們都是在自己的形式出現,並拿出勇氣,並鼓勵此外,該男子表示,應聽聽我們。

6 And as we prayed, suddenly there appeared two men standing before the Lord (perhaps add, to the east) upon whom we were not able to look. 6 ,因為我們在祈禱中,突然出現兩名男子站在主面前(也許補充說,向東部) ,其中後,我們無法期待。

7 For there issued from their countenance a ray as of the sun, and their raiment was shining so as the eye of man never saw the like: for no mouth is able to declare nor heart to conceive the glory wherewith they were clad and the beauty of their countenance. 7 ,有發出自己的國家進行了光明的,因為太陽,他們的衣服被擦,使眼睛的人從沒見過這樣的:因為沒有嘴可以申報,也不忍心隱瞞榮耀裡,他們身著與美容他們的國家進行。

8 Whom when we saw we were astonished, for their bodies were whiter than any snow and redder than any rose.八人,當我們看到我們吃驚的發現,他們的屍體被白比任何冰雪世界最快的,比任何上升。

9 And the redness of them was mingled with the whiteness, and, in a word, I am not able to declare their beauty. 9和發紅的,他們是相互交融的白度,並在一句話,我不能夠申報之美。

10 For their hair was curling and flourishing (flowery), and fell comely about their countenance and their shoulders like a garland woven of nard and various flowers, or like a rainbow in the air: such was their comeliness.十,為自己的頭髮捲曲著蓬勃朝氣(華麗) ,以及下跌comely對他們的國家進行和他們的肩膀上像一個花環編織的nard和各種花卉,或像一道彩虹,在空中:例如,他們曾comeliness 。

11 We, then, seeing the beauty of them were astonished at them, for they appeared suddenly. 11日,我們,然後,看到美麗的,他們吃驚的發現他們,因為他們似乎突然。

12 And I drew near to the Lord and said: Who are these? 12日,我的臨近,向上帝禱告,並說:誰是這些嗎?

13 He saith to me: These are your (our) righteous brethren whose appearance ye did desire to see. 13日,他在集會上對我說:這是你們(我們)正義兄弟,其外觀曄卻渴望見到的。

14 And I said unto him: And where are all the righteous? 14 ,我對祂說:時間和地點都是站在正義嗎? or of what sort is the world wherein they are, and possess this glory?或什麼樣的是世界,那是他們,並擁有這個榮耀?

15 And the Lord showed me a very great region outside this world exceeding bright with light, and the air of that place illuminated with the beams of the sun, and the earth of itself flowering with blossoms that fade not, and full of spices and plants, fair-flowering and incorruptible, and bearing blessed fruit. 15和上帝給我很大的地區外,世界上超過光明與光線和空氣中的那個地方發亮與橫梁的太陽和地球本身開花與花朵說,不褪色,並充滿香料和植物,公平開花和廉潔,同時祝福水果。

16 And so great was the blossom that the odour thereof was borne thence even unto us. 16這麼大的是開花說,氣味,因此被傳染進而甚至講給我們。

17 And the dwellers in that place were clad with the raiment of shining angels, and their raiment was like unto their land. 17和居住者在那個地方被包與衣服的光輝天使,他們的衣服就像祂自己的土地。

18 And angels ran round about them there. 18日和天使然一輪他們有。

19 And the glory of them that dwelt there was all equal, and with one voice they praised the Lord God, rejoicing in that place. 19日和榮耀,他們說,白景富是所有平等的,同一個聲音,稱讚上帝,大喜日子,在這個地方。

20 The Lord saith unto us: This is the place of your leaders (or, high priests), the righteous men. 20主仰講給我們:這是地方的貴國領導人(或者,高神父) ,正義的男子。

21 And I saw also another place over against that one, very squalid; and it was a place of punishment, and they that were punished and the angels that punished them had their raiment dark, according to the air of the place. 21 ,我可以看到他,又是另一種發生了針對其中一個,非常骯髒;這是一個地方的處罰,他們認為人進行了處罰和天使說,他們查處了自己的衣服黑暗中,根據空氣的地方。

22 And some there were there hanging by their tongues; and these were they that blasphemed the way of righteousness, and under them was laid fire flaming and tormenting them. 22 ,並有一些人有一根線連著舌頭和這些人,他們認為褻瀆了道路是正義的,並根據他們奠定了火,火焰熊熊,並折磨他們。

23 And there was a great lake full of flaming mire, wherein were certain men that turned away from righteousness; and angels, tormentors, were set over them. 23 ,並有一個很大的湖,充滿燃燒的沼澤濕地,在那裡被某些男士,扭頭從義;天使,折磨,載有超過他們。

24 And there were also others, women, hanged by their hair above that mire which boiled up; and these were they that adorned themselves for adultery. 24和,也有其他人,婦女,絞死他們的頭髮之上泥潭,其中煮沸;並得到了這些,他們認為,貼著自己的身體。

And the men that were joined with them in the defilement of adultery were hanging by their feet, and had their heads hidden in the mire, and said: We believed not that we should come unto this place.和男士一起與他們在污穢的通姦被吊他們的腳,並取得其元首隱藏在沼澤濕地,並說:我們相信,我們不是說要祂來這個地方。

25 And I saw the murderers and them that were consenting to them cast into a strait place full of evil, creeping things, and smitten by those beasts, and so turning themselves about in that torment. 25 ,我看到兇手和他們說,被同意向他們注入一海峽的地方充滿了邪惡,蠕動的東西,並受責罰,被這些禽獸,因此,談到自己對在這折磨。 And upon them were set worms like clouds of darkness.經他們定蠕蟲像雲彩的黑暗。 And the souls of them that were murdered stood and looked upon the torment of those murderers and said: O God, righteous is thy judgement.和亡靈他們說,被殺害的主張,並期待經煎熬,那些殺人犯,並說:上帝啊,正義的,是你的判斷。

26 And hard by that place I saw another strait place wherein the discharge and the stench of them that were in torment ran down, and there was as it were a lake there. 26日和硬,由那個地方我看到了另一個海峽發生,其中燃放及臭味,他們都是在煎熬中跑下來,並有,因為它是一個湖。 And there sat women up to their necks in that liquor, and over against them many children which were born out of due time sat crying: and from them went forth rays of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were they that conceived out of wedlock (?) and caused abortion.有婦女坐在了自己的脖子上,在酒的,並且對他們的許多孩子,其中就誕生於適當時候坐在嚎啕大哭:由他們去了射線的消防和smote婦女在眼前:和這些人,他們表示,構思中對非婚生子女( ? ) ,並造成流產。

27 And other men and women were being burned up to their middle and cast down in a dark place and scourged by evil spirits, and having their entrails devoured by worms that rested not. 27日和其他男人和婦女被燒死了自己的中投下來,在黑暗的地方,並scourged由邪靈,並經其臓吞食由蠕蟲休息不是。 And these were they that had persecuted the righteous and delivered them up.而這些都是他們曾經迫害正義,並發表他們。

28 And near to them again were women and men gnawing their lips and in torment, and having iron heated in the fire set against their eyes. 28及近向他們再次被女性和男性咬自己的嘴唇和在煎熬中,並經加熱鐵在火災中設置對自己的眼睛是雪亮的。 And these were they that did blaspheme and speak evil of the way of righteousness.並得到了這些,他們認為,沒有褻瀆和發言邪惡的道路是正義的。

29 And over against these were yet others, men and women, gnawing their tongues and having flaming fire in their mouths. 29及以上對這些人,但其他人,有男有女,咬舌頭,並有燃燒的火,在他們的嘴巴。 And these were the false witnesses.而這些都是虛假的證人。

30 And in another place were gravel-stones sharper than swords or any spit, heated with fire, and men and women clad in filthy rags rolled upon them in torment. 30 ,並在另一個地方被礫石石塊比刀劍或任何吐痰,加熱與火,男人和女人穿骯髒的抹布軋後,他們在煎熬。 [This is suggested by the LXX of two passages in Job: xli. [這是由lxx的兩個通道的工作:四十一。 30, his bed is of sharp spits; viii. 30日,他的床是尖銳的吐出來;八。 17, on an heap of stones doth he rest, and shall live in the midst of gravel-stones.] And these were they that were rich and trusted in their riches, and had no pity upon orphans and widows but neglected the commandments of God. 17 ,對一個一堆石頭doth他休息,將生活在一片礫石石塊。 ]和這些人,他們被富國和親信以自己的財富,並沒有任何遺憾後,孤兒和寡婦,但忽略了誡命,上帝。

31 And in another great lake full of foul matter (pus) and blood and boiling mire stood men and women up to their knees And these were they that lent money and demanded usury upon usury. 31日,而在另一大湖泊充滿粗言穢事(膿) ,並用鮮血和沸騰的泥潭站在男人和女人了自己的膝蓋並得到了這些,他們認為,借出的錢,並要求盤剝後,盤剝。

32 And other men and women being cast down from a great rock (precipice) fell (came) to the bottom, and again were driven by them that were set over them, to go up upon the rock, and thence were cast down to the bottom and had no rest from this torment. 32和其他男人和女人正投下來,從大岩(懸崖)股價下跌(來到)至底部,並再次被驅使他們說,載有超過他們,去了後,岩石,並從那裡分別投下回落到自下而上的,而且沒有休息,從這個煎熬。 And these were they that did defile their bodies behaving as women: and the women that were with them were they that lay with one another as a man with a woman.而這些被他們認為沒有強姦自己的身體表現,為婦女:和女性分別與他們,他們說,在於彼此作為一名男子與一名女子。

33 And beside that rock was a place full of much fire, and there stood men which with their own hands had made images for themselves instead of God, [And beside them other men and women] having rods of fire and smiting one another and never resting from this manner of torment.... 33和旁邊的岩石,是一個充滿許多火災,並有站在男性用自己的雙手作出了形象,為自己而不是神, [和身邊的其他男人和女人]具有棒的消防和smiting一個又一個從未休息時,從這種方式的煎熬… … 。

34 And yet others near unto them, men and women, burning and turning themselves about and roasted as in a pan. 34 ,還有近賜給他們,有男有女,焚燒和轉折自行了解及烤,因為在一個泛。 And these were they that forsook the way of God.並得到了這些,他們認為,捨棄了道路的上帝。


It measures but 2 3/4 by 2 inches and has 13 lines of 8 to 10 letters on each side (Madan's Summary Catalogue, No. 31810).它的措施,但2 3 / 4 2英寸, 13線, 8日至10日的信件一邊一國( Madan )的簡要目錄,編號31810 ) 。 The verso (second page) is difficult to read.該Verso沒有(第二頁) ,是很難看的。

Recto=Gr.直腸=遺傳資源。 33, 34: women holding chains and scourging themselves before those idols of deceit. 33 , 34 :婦女控股連鎖店和scourging打鐵先要那些偶像欺騙。 And they shall unceasingly have this torment.並應不斷有這種折磨。 And near和近

Verso: them shall be other men and women burning in the burning of them that were mad after idols. Verso沒有:他們應其他男人和女人燃燒,在燃燒他們說,被瘋牛病後偶像。 And these are they which forsook the way of God wholly (?) and .這些都是他們其中捨棄了道路的神全( ? )和。 . .


First published by the Abbe Sylvain Grebaut in Revue de l'Orient Chretien , 1910: a fresh translation from his Ethiopic text by H. Duensing appeared in Zeitschr.首次出版由阿貝的Sylvain grebaut在雜誌l'東方克雷蒂安表示 , 1910年:重新翻譯,從他的ethiopic文本每小時duensing出現在zeitschr 。 f. ntl. NTL的。 Wiss. , 1913. wiss , 1913年。

The Second Coming of Christ and Resurrection of the Dead (which Christ revealed unto Peter) who died because of their sins, for that they kept not the commandment of God their creator.耶穌第二次來,並從死中復活(基督顯示祂彼得)的人死亡,因為他們的罪孽,因為他們一直沒有戒律的上帝,他們的創造者。

And he (Peter) pondered thereon, that he might perceive the mystery of the Son of God, the merciful and lover of mercy.和他(彼得) ,憑弔就此表示,他可能察覺到了神秘的上帝的兒子,慈悲與情人的,決不手軟。

And when the Lord was seated upon the Mount of Olives, his disciples came unto him.當耶和華坐下後,橄欖山,他的弟子來到祂。

And we besought and entreated him severally and prayed him, saying unto him: Declare unto us what are the signs of thy coming and of the end of the world, that we may perceive and mark the time of thy coming and instruct them that come after us, unto whom we preach the word of thy gospel, and whom we set over (in) thy church, that they when they hear it may take heed to themselves and mark the time of thy coming.我們besought和entreated他分開,並祈禱他,說,祂說:申報祂對我們究竟有什麼跡象,你的未來和世界的末了,我們可以感知和馬克的時候,你的未來,並指示他們來後,我們賜給誰,我們宣揚這個詞你的福音,我們定以上(在) ,你的教會,他們的時候,他們聽到可能要傾聽自己和馬克的時候,你的到來。

And our Lord answered us, saying: Take heed that no man deceive you, and that ye be not doubters and serve other gods.和我們的主回答我們說:人注意,任何人,騙你,並說,葉不抱懷疑態度和服務於其他神明。 Many shall come in my name, saying: I am the Christ.許多人必將來我的名字,說:我是基督。 Believe them not, neither draw near unto them.相信他們不會,既不提請近賜給他們。 For the coming of the Son of God shall not be plain (ie foreseen); but as the lightning that shineth from the east unto the west, so will I come upon the clouds of heaven with a great host in my majesty; with my cross going before my face will I come in my majesty, shining sevenfold more than the sun will I come in my majesty with all my saints, mine angels (mine holy angels).對於未來的上帝的兒子,不得平原(即預見) ,但由於閃電的照耀說,從東所不欲,西,所以我會不會來當雲層的天堂與一個偉大的東道國,在我的陛下,與我交去之前,我的臉,我會不會來,在我的陛下,照耀著七倍以上的太陽將我在我的陛下,與我所有的聖人,防雷天使(礦聖天使) 。 And my Father shall set a crown upon mine head, that I may judge the quick and the dead and recompense every man according to his works.我的父親應確定一名政府僱員後,煤礦負責人,我可以判斷死人和活人,並賠償每名男子據他的作品。

And ye, take ye the likeness thereof (learn a parable) from the fig-tree: so soon as the shoot thereof is come forth and the twigs grown, the end of the world shall come.和葉,以葉的相似性(學習一則寓言)由無花果樹:這麼快就為拍,因此是站出來和樹枝增長,去年底,世界會到來。

And I, Peter, answered and said unto him: Interpret unto me concerning the fig-tree, whereby we shall perceive it; for throughout all its days doth the fig-tree send forth shoots, and every year it bringeth forth its fruit for its master.而我,彼得,回答和祂說:詮釋所不欲,我的關於無花果樹,讓我們察覺到它;為全國各天doth無花果樹發出了芽,並在其後每年它bringeth提出其果實為碩士。 What then meaneth the parable of the fig-tree?那麼meaneth寓言無花果樹嗎? We know it not.我們知道它不是。

And the Master (Lord) answered and said unto me: Understandest thou not that the fig-tree is the house of Israel?和師父(主)回答說,祂對我說: understandest你不是無花果樹是以色列家嗎? Even as a man that planted a fig-tree in his garden, and it brought forth no fruit.即使作為一個男人,種植了圖樹在他的花園,並帶來了無果。 And he sought the fruit thereof many years and when he found it not, he said to the keeper of his garden: Root up this fig-tree that it make not our ground to be unfruitful.他要求水果有許多年,當他發現這不是他說,以蓄養他的花園:紮根了,這圖樹表示,它並沒有使我們的地面被徒勞的。 And the gardener said unto God: (Suffer us) to rid it of weeds and dig the ground round about it and water it.和園丁說,祂上帝: (受苦我們) ,以擺脫它的雜草和挖地面上一輪它和水。 If then it bear not fruit, we will straightway remove its roots out of the garden and plant another in place of it.如果那麼緊沒有水果,我們將straightway消除其根源出園林植物在另一地點。 Hast thou not understood that the fig-tree is the house of Israel?祢不知道無花果樹是以色列家嗎? Verily I say unto thee, when the twigs thereof have sprouted forth in the last days, then shall feigned Christs come and awake expectation saying: I am the Christ, that am now come into the world.我實在告訴你,當樹枝,因此已萌生了,在最後幾天,然後會假裝基督來與甦醒的期望,他說:我是基督,我現在來到這個世界。 And when they (Israel) shall perceive the wickedness of their deeds they shall turn away after them and deny him [whom our fathers did praise], even the first Christ whom they crucified and therein sinned a great sin.當他們(以色列)應感知說著自己的事蹟,他們應迴避後,他們並否認他[誰我們的父輩曾稱讚] ,即使是第一次基督的人,他們被釘十字架,並有犯罪重大罪過。 But this deceiver is not the Christ.不過,這deceiver不是基督。 [something is wrong here: the sense required is that Israel perceives the wickedness of antichrist and does not follow him.] And when they reject him he shall slay with the sword, and there shall be many martyrs. [東西是錯在這裡:責任感需要的是以色列仍邪惡箴,並沒有跟他走。 ]時,他們拒絕接受他,他會斬與寶劍,不應有許多烈士。 Then shall the twigs of the fig-tree, that is, the house of Israel, shoot forth: many shall become martyrs at his hand.那麼,應在樹枝的無花果樹,那就是以色列家,拍出來:許多人必將成為烈士,在他手上。 Enoch and Elias shall be sent to teach them that this is the deceiver which must come into the world and do signs and wonders to deceive.伊諾克和愛麗絲,應送交教他們說,這是deceiver要來到這個世界,並做標誌和奇蹟,騙不了人。 And therefore shall they that die by his hand be martyrs, and shall be reckoned among the good and righteous martyrs who have pleased God in their life.因此,他們應病死,由他的手被烈士,並應算是中良好和正義感的烈士都高興上帝在他們的生活。 [Hermas, Vision III.i.9, speaks of 'those that have already been well-pleasing unto God and have suffered for the Name's sake'.] [ hermas ,視力iii.i.9談'那些已經早已為取悅祂上帝並罹患為名稱的,為了' 。 ]

And he showed me in his right hand the souls of all men, And on the palm of his right hand the image of that which shall be accomplished at the last day: and how the righteous and the sinners shall be separated, and how they do that are upright in heart, and how the evil-doers shall be rooted out unto all eternity.他給我看他的右手心靈的所有官兵,並就掌他的右手的形象,這點應在完成最後一天:如何站在正義和罪人應分離,他們是如何做到的這是頂天立地的心,以及如何惡人應剷除乾淨,祂永恆。 We beheld how the sinners wept (weep) in great affliction and sorrow, until all that saw it with their eyes wept, whether righteous or angels, and he himself also.我們看到如何罪人哭(流淚)在偉大的痛苦和悲傷,直到所有看到它自己的眼睛哭,無論是正義還是天使,而他本人也。

And I asked him and said unto him: Lord, suffer me to speak thy word concerning the sinners: It were better for them if they had not been created.我問他,並祂說:主啊,受苦我講你的字有關的罪人:它更好地為他們,如果他們還沒有被創建。 And the Saviour answered and said unto me: Peter, wherefore speakest thou thus, that not to have been created were better for them?和救世主回答,並說,祂對我說:彼得,以致speakestあ因此,不以已創造了更好的為他們呢? Thou resistest God.你resistest上帝。 Thou wouldest not have more compassion than he for his image: for he hath created them and brought them forth out of not being.你wouldest不會有更多的同情心,比他還為他的形象:為祂所創造了起來,並把他們提出了不被。 Now because thou hast seen the lamentation which shall come upon the sinners in the last days, therefore is thine heart troubled; but I will show thee their works, whereby they have sinned against the Most High.現在,因為祢見過哀嘆,其中必來到罪人,在最後的日子,因此是你的心不安,不過,我會證明你自己的作品,讓他們去犯罪對處於最高級。

Behold now what shall come upon them in the last days, when the day of God and the day of the decision of the judgement of God cometh.你看現在什麼事時,他們在最後的日子,當這一天上帝與天的決定,神的審判時勢。 From the east unto the west shall all the children of men be gathered together before my Father that liveth for ever.從東所不欲,西部地區的所有兒童的男子被糾合在一起,然後我父親說, liveth永遠。 And he shall command hell to open its bars of adamant and give up all that is therein.他將指揮地獄來開放其酒吧的執迷,並放棄所有這就是。

And the wild beasts and the fowls shall he command to restore all the flesh that they have devoured, because he willeth that men should appear; for nothing perisheth before God, and nothing is impossible with him, because all things are his.與野獸和家禽,應他的指揮,以恢復所有肉中刺,他們已經吞噬了,因為他willeth男人應該出現;一無是處perisheth上帝面前,沒有什麼是不可能與他的,因為所有的東西都是他的。

For all things come to pass on the day of decision, on the day of judgement, at the word of God: and as all things were done when he created the world and commanded all that is therein and it was done -even so shall it be in the last days; for all things are possible with God.所有的東西來轉嫁於當天決定,當天的判決,在上帝的話:隨著所有的東西都是這樣做的時候,他創造了世界和指揮都認為是有它的做法,但即使如此,它應在最後的日子,因為所有的事情都是可能的,與上帝。 And therefore saith he in the scripture: [Ezek.因此仰,他在聖經: [ ezek 。 xxxvii.] Son of man, prophesy upon the several bones and say unto the bones: bone unto bone in joints, sinew.三十七。 ]人子,預言後,幾個骨頭和實實在在地告訴骨頭:骨所不欲,骨關節,筋。 nerves, flesh and skin and hair thereon [and soul and spirit].神經,肉及皮膚和頭髮就此[和靈魂和精神。

And soul and spirit shall the great Uriel give them at the commandment of God; for him hath God set over the rising again of the dead at the day of judgement.與靈魂和精神應大uriel讓他們在戒律的上帝,因為他祂所神定比再次上升的死者,在審判的日子。

Behold and consider the corns of wheat that are sown in the earth.看哪,並考慮玉米小麥都播種在地球上。 As things dry and without soul do men sow them in the earth: and they live again and bear fruit, and the earth restoreth them as a pledge entrusted unto it.由於事情幹,沒有靈魂的男人母豬他們在地球:和他們生活再次並結出碩果,與地球restoreth它們作為質押託付祂。

[And this that dieth, that is sown as seed in the earth, and shall become alive and be restored unto life, is man. [和這個dieth ,就是播下種子,在地球上,並應成為活著,並恢復了祂的生命,是人。 Probably a gloss.]可能是一個光澤。 ]

How much more shall God raise up on the day of decision them that believe in him and are chosen of him, for whose sake he made the world?如何更應上帝提出了對日的決定,他們說,相信他,並選擇了他,為他而他的世界嗎? And all things shall the earth restore on the day of decision, for it also shall be judged with them, and the heaven with it.和所有的東西,應在地球恢復對日的決定,因為它也應判斷結合起來,與天上它。

And this shall come at the day of judgement upon them that have fallen away from faith in God and that have committed sin: Floods (cataracts) of fire shall be let loose; and darkness and obscurity shall come up and clothe and veil the whole world and the waters shall be changed and turned into coals of fire and all that is in them shall burn, and the sea shall become fire.這是自上一天的判斷時,他們說,已下跌遠離上帝的信仰,並已承諾單:洪水(白內障)的火災,應讓鬆脫;與黑暗和晦澀應拿出和衣物,並面紗整個世界和水域,應改變,變成了煤中的消防和他們都知道,在他們應燒傷,海應成為消防。 Under the heaven shall be a sharp fire that cannot be quenched and floweth to fulfil the judgement of wrath.根據天堂應是一個尖銳的火警不能淬火和floweth履行判決的怒火。 And the stars shall fly in pieces by flames of fire, as if they had not been created and the powers (firmaments) of the heaven shall pass away for lack of water and shall be as though they had not been.和星應懸掛在粉碎了推波助瀾的火災,因為如果他們還沒有被創造和權力( firmaments )的天堂,應過世,為水源缺乏的,並應作為,雖然他們還沒有得到。 And the lightnings of heaven shall be no more, and by their enchantment they shall affright the world (probably: The heaven shall turn to lightning and the lightnings thereof shall affright the world. The spirits also of the dead bodies shall be like unto them (the lightnings?) and shall become fire at the commandment of God.與雷電的天堂,不得有任何更多,而他們的魅力,他們應affright世界上(可能是:天上應轉入閃電和雷電不得affright世界上的精神,也是屍體應像賜給他們(該雷電? ) ,並應成為消防在戒律的上帝。

And so soon as the whole creation dissolveth, the men that are in the east shall flee unto the west,和這麼快,因為整個創作dissolveth ,該男子是在東部地區,應逃往所不欲,西, unto the east; they that are in the south shall flee to the north, and they that are in祂東,他們表示,在南方,應逃往北方,他們是在 the south.南方。 And in all places shall the wrath of a fearful fire overtake them and an unquenchable flame driving them shall bring them unto the judgement of wrath, unto the stream of unquenchable fire that floweth, flaming with fire, and when the waves thereof part themselves one from another, burning, there shall be a great gnashing of teeth among the children of men.並在所有工作場所,應震怒可怕消防追上他們,並無邊火焰駕駛,他們將會把他們預言的判決的憤怒,祂的意識流無邊火災floweth ,燃燒與火災,而當波有自己的一部分,一個由另外,燃燒時,不得有很大gnashing牙齒之間兒童的男子。

Then shall they all behold me coming upon an eternal cloud of brightness: and the angels of God that are with me shall sit (prob. And I shall sit) upon the throne of my glory at the right hand of my Heavenly Father; and he shall set a crown upon mine head.然後,應他們都看哪,我來後,一個永恆的雲亮度:與天使的神是與我應托拉爾( prob.我會坐)後的寶座,我的榮耀,在右手我的天父;他應訂出一個冠後,煤礦負責人。 And when the nations behold it, they shall weep, every nation apart.而當國家看的話,他們會流淚,每個國家四分五裂。

Then shall he command them to enter into the river of fire while the works of every one of them shall stand before them (something is wanting) to every man according to his deeds.然後他會指揮他們進入到河火災,而工程的每一個,其中一人應站在面前(東西是想要) ,以每個人都根據他的事蹟。 As for the elect that have done good, they shall come unto me and not see death by the devouring fire.對於選舉已做了好不好,他們自所不欲,我並沒有看到死亡所吞食,小心防火。 But the unrighteous the sinners, and the hypocrites shall stand in the depths of darkness that shall not pass away, and their chastisement is the fire, and angels bring forward their sins and prepare for them a place wherein they shall be punished for ever (every one according to his transgression).但不義的罪人,並偽君子應站在深處的黑暗不得去世,並責備是火,天使帶來了他們的罪過,並準備為他們的地方在哪裡,他們將被處以永遠(逢一,據他侵) 。

Uriel (Urael) the angel of God shall bring forth the souls of those sinners (every one according to his transgression: perhaps this clause should end the preceding paragraph: so Grebaut takes it) who perished in the flood, and of all that dwelt in all idols, in every molten image, in every (object of) love, and in pictures, and of those that dwelt on all hills and in stones and by the wayside, whom men called gods: they shall burn them with them (the objects in which they dwelt, or their worshippers?) in everlasting fire; and after that all of them with their dwelling places are destroyed, they shall be punished eternally. uriel ( urael )天使的神必將帶來的心靈那些罪人(每個人都根據他的海侵:也許這條條文應完上款:那麼grebaut奪)誰滅亡,在防洪,一切白景富在所有的偶像,在每熔融形象,在每一個(對象)的愛,而在拍攝的照片和那些白景富對所有的山丘和石塊,並半途而廢,其中男性所謂的神:他們應燒傷,他們與他們(物體他們在其中白景富,或其善信? ) ,在永恆的火種;之後,他們都與他們的居住環境被破壞時,他們將被處以大智。

(Here begins the description of torments which we have, in another text, in the Akhmim fragment.) (這裡開始描述磨折其中,我們已在另文中,在艾赫米姆片段) 。

Then shall men and women come unto the place prepared for them.那麼,應在男性和女性の地方準備給他們。 By their tongues wherewith they have blasphemed the way of righteousness shall they be hanged up.由舌頭裡,他們有褻瀆之路義不得被絞死了。 There is spread under them unquenchable fire, that they escape it not.有蔓延下,他們永火,他們逃脫它不是。

Behold, another place: therein is a pit, great and full (of . . ) In it are they that have denied righteousness: and angels of punishment chastise them and there do they kindle upon them the fire of their torment.你看,另外一個地方:那裡是一個坑,偉大而充滿( 。 ) ,這是他們已經否認義:和天使的懲罰斥責他們,因此他們點燃後,他們的火區,他們的折磨。

And again behold [two: corrupt] women: they hang them up by their neck and by their hair; they shall cast them into the pit.並再次看哪[兩個:貪污]婦女:他們掛在了他們的脖子,並通過他們的頭髮,他們在投票時應在他們進入礦井。 These are they which plaited their hair, not for good (or, not to make them beautiful) but to turn them to fornication, that they might ensnare the souls of men unto perdition.這些都是他們其中plaited頭髮,而不是為好(或者,並沒有使它們美麗) ,但把他們私通,他們可能ensnare亡靈男不欲,墜入萬劫不復之地。 And the men that lay with them in fornication shall be hung by their loins in that place of fire; and they shall say one to another: We knew not that we should come unto everlasting punishment.和男子倒斃與他們私通應洪其loins在那個地方的消防和他們應說,一到另一個:我們知道,我們不是說要來祂永恆的懲罰。

And the murderers and them that have made common cause with them shall they cast into the fire, in a place full of venomous beasts, and they shall be tormented without rest, feeling their pains; and their worms shall be as many in number as a dark cloud.和殺人犯和他們取得了共同的事業與他們不得投在火裡,在這樣一個充滿惡毒的獸類,並應折磨,沒有休息,感覺他們的痛苦和他們的蠕蟲應如許多在數量作為烏雲。 And the angel Ezrael shall bring forth the souls of them that have been slain, and they shall behold the torment of them that slew them, and say one to another: Righteousness and justice is the judgement of God.和天使ezrael必將帶來亡靈,他們已被殺害,並應看哪煎熬,他們說,轉換他們,並說一到另一個:正義,正義是上帝的審判。 For we heard, but we believed not, that we should come into this place of eternal judgement.因為我們聽到的,但我們相信沒有,我們應該把這個地方的永恆判斷。

And near by this flame shall be a pit, great and very deep, and into it floweth from above all manner of torment, foulness, and issue.與鄰近的火焰,這應是一個坑,偉大而非常深刻,並成為它floweth從上述各種形式的折磨, foulness和問題。 And women are swallowed up therein up to their necks and tormented with great pain.和婦女是吞下了,所以一定要在脖子上的折磨,並懷著極大的痛苦。 These are they that have caused their children to be born untimely, and have corrupted the work of God that created them.這些都是他們說,令他們的孩子將出生生不逢時,敗壞了工作,上帝創造了他們。 Over against them shall be another place where sit their children [both] alive, and they cry unto God.以上對他們應在另一地方坐他們的子女[均]活著,他們哭祂神。 And flashes (lightnings) go forth from those children and pierce the eyes of them that for fornication's sake have caused their destruction.和閃(雷電)去了,從這些兒童和皮爾斯的眼中,他們說,對於婚前性行為而導致其毀滅。

Other men and women shall stand above them, naked; and their children stand over against them in a place of delight, and sigh and cry unto God because of their parents, saying: These are they that have despised and cursed and transgressed thy commandments and delivered us unto death: they have cursed the angel that formed us, and have hanged us up, and withheld from us (or, begrudged us) the light which thou hast given unto all creatures.其他男人和女人應站在他們上面的,赤身裸體;及其子女的立場對他們在一個地方的喜悅,並感嘆,並大聲呼喊,祂上帝,因為他們的父母,說:這是他們有鄙視和詛咒,並transgressed祢誡命交付美,以至於死:他們詛咒天使,形成了美,並已絞死我們,並扣壓了,從我們(或者, begrudged我們)光明祢賜給所有生物。 And the milk of their mothers flowing from their breasts shall congeal, and from it shall come beasts devouring flesh, which shall come forth and turn and torment them for ever with their husbands, because they forsook the commandments of God and slew their children.和牛奶其母親的流向,從乳房應凝結,從它自獸吞食肉,其中應站出來,並把和折磨,他們永遠與她們的丈夫,因為他們捨棄誡命的神和轉換自己的孩子。 As for their children, they shall be delivered unto the angel Temlakos (ie a care-taking angel: see above, in the Fragments).至於他們的子女,他們必將送入天使temlakos (即一間護理以天使:在上面看到,在片段) 。 And they that slew them shall be tormented eternally, for God willeth it so.他們說,轉換他們應折磨大智大,因為上帝willeth這樣做。

Ezrael the angel of wrath shall bring men and women, the half of their bodies burning, and cast them into a place of darkness, even the hell of men; and a spirit of wrath shall chastise them with all manner of torment, and a worm that sleepeth not shall devour their entrails: and these are the persecutors and betrayers of my righteous ones. ezrael天使的憤怒將會把男性和女性,有一半自己的身體燃燒,並投下他們成為地方的黑暗,連地獄的男人,以及一個精神眾怒應斥責他們與各種形式的折磨,並感染蠕蟲這sleepeth不須吃掉他們臓:這是迫害者和背叛者我的正義。

And beside them that are there, shall be other men and women, gnawing their tongues; and they shall torment them with red-hot iron and burn their eyes.和身邊的是在那裡,應由其他男人和女人,咬舌頭,以及他們應折磨他們與紅鐵水,並焚燒他們的眼睛是雪亮的。 These are they that slander and doubt of my righteousness.他們都是污衊和懷疑,我的正義感。 Other men and women whose works were done in deceitfulness shall have their lips cut off, and fire entereth into their mouth and their entrails.其他男子和婦女,其作品做欺騙性也應享有其嘴唇切斷,消防entereth納入其嘴,他們臓。 These are the false witnesses (al. these are they that caused the martyrs to die by their lying).這些都是虛假的證人( al.這些都是他們造成了烈士死於他們說謊) 。

And beside them, in a place near at hand, upon the stone shall be a pillar of fire, and the pillar is sharper than swords.和身邊的,在一個地方,近在手後,石應是一個火柱,以及支柱是比刀劍。 And there shall be men and women clad in rags and filthy garments, and they shall be cast thereon, to suffer the judgement of a torment that ceaseth not: these are they that trusted in their riches and despised the widows and the woman with fatherless children .不應有男人和女人穿的衣服和骯髒的服裝,並應投後,將遭受判斷一個折磨這ceaseth不會:他們都是值得信賴以自己的財富和鄙視的遺孀及女子與父親的兒童。 . . before God.上帝面前。

And into another place hard by, full of filth, do they cast men and women up to the knees.到另外一個地方硬,充分的污物,他們投了男人和女人到膝蓋。 These are they that lent money and took usury.他們都是錢借給了農村高利貸。

And other men and women cast themselves down from an high place and return again and run, and devils drive them.和其他男人和女人投下自己從一個很高的地方,並返回再次參選,魔鬼驅趕他們。 [These are the worshippers of idols] and they put them to the end of their witst (drive them up to the top of the height) and they cast themselves down. [這些都是做禮拜的偶像] ,並把它們到去年底,他們witst (趕他們到頂部的高度) ,他們投下自己下來。 And thus do they continually, and are tormented for ever.因此,他們不斷的,是蹂躪。 These are they which have cut their flesh as [apostles] of a man: and the women that were with them .這些都是他們已經削減他們的肉體作為[使徒]的一名男子:和婦女被他們的。 . . and these are the men that defiled themselves together as women.而這些都是男士,玷污自己一起為婦女。 (This is very corrupt: but the sense is clear in the (Greek.) (這是很腐敗:但意識清楚,在( greek. )

And beside them (shall be a brazier ?) .和身邊(應是一個布雷熱? ) 。 . . and beneath them shall the angel Ezrael prepare a place of much fire: and all the idols of gold and silver, all idols, the work of men's hands, and the semblances of images of cats and lions, of creeping things and wild beasts, and the men and women that have prepared the images thereof, shall be in chains of fire and shall be chastised because of their error before the idols, and this is their judgement for ever.並在下方不得有天使ezrael準備一個地方的許多消防:和所有的偶像黃金和白銀,所有的偶像,這項工作的男人的手,和semblances圖像的貓和獅子,蠕動的東西和野獸,男人和婦女在有準備的圖像,應在連鎖店的火災,並應予以斥責,因為他們的錯誤之前的偶像,這是他們的判斷。 (In the Greek they beat each other with rods of fire: and this is better.) (在希臘語隨意毆打對方棒的火:這是更好) 。

And beside them shall be other men and women, burning in the fire of the judgement, and their torment is everlasting.和身邊的,應其他男性和女性,在燃燒的大火的判斷,而且他們的折磨,是永遠不變。 These are they that have forsaken the commandment of God and followed the (persuasions ?) of devils.這些都是他們已經被拋棄了誡上帝並遵循(見解? )的魔鬼。

(Parts of these two sections are in the Bodleian Fragment. At this point the Akhmim fragment ends. The Ethiopic continues :) (部分,這兩部分都是在國立片段,在這一點上艾赫米姆片段兩端。 ethiopic繼續: )

And there shall be another place, very high (corrupt sentences follow. Duensing omits them: Grebaut renders doubtfully: There shall be a furnace and a brazier wherein shall burn fire. The fire that shall burn shall come from one end of the brazier).並應在另一個地方,非常高的(舞弊服刑跟進。 duensing略去了他們: grebaut使得doubtfully :應為一爐,以及布雷熱,那是應燒防火。大火燒傷應應來自另一端的布雷) 。 The men and women whose feet slip, shall go rolling down into a place where is fear.男人和婦女的腳滑,應當到軋製成的地方,就是恐懼。 And again while the fire that is prepared floweth, they mount up and fall down again and continue to roll down.又一次,而大火是準備floweth ,他們安裝了和塌下來了,再繼續滾下來。 (This suggests a narrow bridge over a stream of fire which they keep trying to cross.) Thus shall they be tormented for ever. (這表明窄橋過流,火警中,他們一直在試圖越過) ,因此不得被蹂躪。 These are they that honoured not their father and mother and of their own accord withheld (withdrew) themselves from them.他們都是榮幸不是他們的父親和母親和他們自己的協議扣壓(撤回)自己從他們。 Therefore shall they be chastised eternally.因此,他們應當受到指責大智。

Furthermore the angel Ezrael shall bring children and maidens to show them those that are tormented.此外天使ezrael應攜帶兒童和少女向他們展示這些都是折磨。 They shall be chastised with pains, with hanging up (?) and with a multitude of wounds which flesh-devouring birds shall inflict upon them.它們應被指責與痛楚,帶掛起來( ? ) ,並與眾多的創傷血肉吞食鳥會造成他們。 These are they that boast themselves (trust) in their sins, and obey not their parents and follow not the instruction of their fathers, and honour not them that are more aged than they.他們都是誇耀自己(信託) ,在他們的罪孽,並服從不是他們的父母和後續沒有指示,他們的父親,和榮譽不是他們說,更是年齡比他們。

Beside them shall be girls clad in darkness for a garment and they shall be sore chastised and their flesh shall be torn in pieces.旁邊應女孩穿黑暗的一間製衣及他們應喉嚨痛斥責和肉體應蹂躪的碎塊。 These are they that kept not their virginity until they were given in marriage, and with these torments shall they be punished, and shall feel them.他們都是存放不是他們的童貞,直到他們獲得在婚姻中,並以這種折磨,他們必將受到懲罰,並應感到他們。

And again, other men and women, gnawing their tongues without ceasing, and being tormented with everlasting fire.又一次,其他男人和女人,咬舌頭,沒有停止,並正在折磨與永恆的火。 These are the servants (slaves) which were not obedient unto their masters; and this then is their judgement for ever.這些都是僕人(奴隸) ,其中不服從祂自己的主人;這就是自己的判斷力,永遠。

And hard by this place of torment shall be men and women dumb and blind, whose raiment is white.並努力通過這個地方的折磨,應男女啞巴和盲人,他們的衣服是白色的。 They shall crowd one upon another, and fall upon coals of unquenchable fire.他們應人群之一,另一個,並落在煤的永火。 These are they that give alms and say: We are righteous before God: whereas they have not sought after righteousness.他們都是施捨,並說:我們是正義的上帝面前:而他們並沒有徵詢後,理直氣壯。

Ezrael the angel of God shall bring them forth out of this fire and establish a judgement of decision. ezrael天使的上帝將會把他們提出了這一火災和建立的判斷作出決定。 This then is their judgement.這就是他們的判斷。 A river of fire shall flow and all judgement (they that are judged) shall be drawn down into the middle of the river.一條河流的火災應流和所有的判斷(他們認為是衡量)應取用到河中。 And Uriel shall set them there.和uriel應確定他們有。

And there are wheels of fire and men and women hung thereon by the strength of the whirling thereof.有輪子的消防官兵和婦女洪就此由強度的渦流。 And they that are in the pit shall burn: now these are the sorcerers and sorceresses.他們認為,在基坑應燒傷:現在這些都是巫術和sorceresses 。 Those wheels shall be in a]l decision (judgement, punishment) by fire without number.這些輪子應在]升裁決(判決,懲罰) ,由消防無編號。

Thereafter shall the angels bring mine elect and righteous which are perfect in all uprightness, and bear them in their hands, and clothe them with the raiment of the life that is above.此後應天使帶來礦井選舉權和正義,這是完美的,在所有有血性,並承擔他們在自己的手中,並且穿上它們與衣服的生命就是以上。 They shall see their desire on them that hated them, when he punisheth them, and the torment of every one shall be for ever according to his works.他們將看到他們的願望,對他們說,恨他們,當他罰他們和煎熬,每個人都應當為以往任何時候都根據他的作品。

And all they that are in torment shall say with one voice: have mercy upon us, for now know we the judgement of God, which he declared unto us aforetime, and we believed not.和所有的,他們是在煎熬中應當說,同一個聲音:憐憫我們,因為現在大家都知道我們神的審判,這是他宣布了給我們的aforetime的,我們不信。 And the angel Tatirokos (Tartaruchus, keeper of hell: a word corresponding in formation to Temeluchus) shall come and chastise them with yet greater torment, and say unto them: Now do ye repent, when it is no longer the time for repentance, and nought of life remaineth.和天使tatirokos ( tartaruchus ,料理地獄:一個字對應形成以temeluchus )自和斥責他們,但更大的折磨,並實實在在地告訴他們:現在,你們悔改,當它不再的時候了悔過書,並一無所獲的生活remaineth 。 And they shall say: Righteous is the judgement of God, for we have heard and perceived that his judgement is good; for we are recompensed according to our deeds.並應說:正義的,是神的審判,因為我們已經聽到和看到他的判斷是好的,因為我們是彌補根據我們的事蹟。

Then will I give unto mine elect and righteous the washing (baptism) and the salvation for which they have besought me, in the field of Akrosja (Acherousia, a lake in other writings, eg Apocalypse of Moses -where the soul of Adam is washed in it: see also Paul 22, 23) which is called Aneslasleja (Elysium).然後,我將讓祂礦選舉權和正義洗(洗禮) ,以及救贖,因為他們有besought我,在外地的akrosja ( acherousia ,湖中的其他著作,如啟示摩西-那裡的靈魂,是亞當水洗在這:又見保羅22 , 23 ) ,這是所謂aneslasleja ( elysium ) 。 They shall adorn with flowers the portion of the righteous, and I shall go .他們應裝飾用鮮花的部分正義,我會去。 . . I shall rejoice with them.我將為此歡呼他們的。 I will cause the peoples to enter in to mine everlasting kingdom, and show them that eternal thing (life ?) whereon I have made them to set their hope, even I and my Father which is in heaven.我會造成人民進入,在給煤礦永恆的王國,並表明他們說,永恆的東西(生命? ) whereon我,使他們樹立自己的希望,即使我和我的父親就是在天上。

I have spoken this unto thee, Peter, and declared it unto thee.我有發言的祢,彼得,並宣布它是祢。 Go forth therefore and go unto the land (or city) of the west.去了,所以到祂的土地(市)的西部。 (Duensing omits the next sentences as unintelligible; Grebaut and N. McLean render thus: and enter into the vineyard which I shall tell thee of, in order that by the sickness (sufferings) of the Son who is without sin the deeds of corruption may be sanctified. As for thee, thou art chosen according to the promise which I have given thee. Spread thou therefore my gospel throughout all the world in peace. Verily men shall rejoice: my words shall be the source of hope and of life, and suddenly shall the world be ravished.) ( duensing略去了明年的刑罰,以不知所云; grebaut和12月31日麥克林會使因此:和進入葡萄園,其中,我會告訴你的,為了使所病(痛苦)的兒子,是沒有罪的事蹟腐敗可能被神聖化,至於你,你所選擇的藝術,根據承諾,我已給了你。蔓延,因此你我的福音整個世界所有在和平之中。男人能眾志成城,應為此歡呼:我剛才所說的話應是希望的源泉和生命,並突然應,世界ravished ) 。

(We now have the section descriptive of paradise, which in the Akhmim text precedes that about hell.) (我們現在有一節描述的天堂,它在艾赫米姆文本先行約有地獄) 。

And my Lord Jesus Christ our King said unto me: Let us go unto the holy mountain.和我的主耶穌基督我們的國王說,祂對我說:讓我們到祂的聖山。 And his disciples went with him, praying.和他的弟子們去與他祈禱。 And behold there were two men there, and we could not look upon their faces, for a light came from them, shining more than the sun, and their rairment also was shining, and cannot be described, and nothing is sufficient to be compared unto them in this world.你看,有兩名男子在那裡,我們不能看他們的臉,一輕來自他們,照耀著更比太陽,他們的rairment又是擦,並不能說明,並沒有什麼足以比擬所不欲他們在這個世界上。 And the sweetness of them .和了甜頭。 . . that no mouth is able to utter the beauty of their appearance (or, the mouth hath not sweetness to express, &c.), for their aspect was astonishing and wonderful.沒有嘴巴能說出美麗的外表(或口祂所沒有甜度表示, &長) ,為他們的方面是令人震驚和美好。 And the other, great, I say (probably: and, in a word, I cannot describe it), shineth in his (sic) aspect above crystal.和其他偉大的,我說(可能是:和,在一個字,我不能形容) ,照耀在他的(原文如此)方面的上述晶體。 Like the flower of roses is the appearance of the colour of his aspect and of his body .喜歡花卉的玫瑰,是外觀的顏色,他一面和他身體的一部分。 . . his head (al. their head was a marvel).他的頭部( al.他們的頭部被一個奇蹟) 。 And upon his (their) shoulders (evidently something about their hair has dropped out) and on their foreheads was a crown of nard woven of fair flowers.經他(他們)的肩膀上(很明顯的東西對他們的頭髮已退出) ,以及他們對foreheads是一個官方的nard梭織公平的花朵。 As the rainbow in the water, [Probably: in the time of rain.正如彩虹,在水, [可能是:在時間的降雨。 From the LXX of Ezek.i.28.] so was their hair.從lxx的ezek.i.28 。 ] ,所以是他們的頭髮。 And such was the comeliness of their countenance, adorned with all manner of ornament.而這些是comeliness他們的國家進行,貼著各種形式的飾品。 And when we saw them on a sudden, we marvelled.當我們看到他們就突然間,我們驚奇。 And I drew near unto the Lord (God) Jesus Christ and said unto him: O my Lord, who are these?我的臨近所不欲,主(上帝)耶穌基督和祂說:噢,我的主,誰是這些嗎? And he said unto me: They are Moses and Elias.他說,祂對我說:他們是摩西和埃利亞斯。 And I said unto him:我對祂說: Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and the rest of the righteous fathers?亞伯拉罕和以撒,雅各及其餘的正義之父? And he showed us a great garden, open, full of fair trees and blessed fruits, and of the odour of perfumes.他向我們展示了一個偉大花園,開放的,充滿公平樹木和祝福水果,並發出異味的香水。 The fragrance thereof was pleasant and came even unto us.香水是有愉快和前來甚至講給我們。 And thereof (al. of that tree) .及( al.該樹) 。 . . saw I much fruit.看到我很水果。 And my Lord and God Jesus Christ said unto me: Hast thou seen the companies of the fathers?和我的主上帝耶穌基督說,祂對我說:祢看到了公司的父輩來自何處?

As is their rest, such also is the honour and the glory of them that are persecuted for my righteousness' sake.這是他們的休息,這樣的,也就是榮譽和榮耀,他們說是迫害,我的正義起見。 And I rejoiced and believed [and believed] and understood that which is written in the book of my Lord Jesus Christ.我很高興,並認為[ ,並認為]和了解,這是寫在書中我的主耶穌基督。 And I said unto him: O my Lord, wilt thou that I make here three tabernacles, one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias?我對祂說:噢,我的主,祢,我在這裡作出的三個節,其中一個為你,一個為摩西,以及一個埃利亞斯? And he said unto me in wrath: Satan maketh war against thee, and hath veiled thine understanding; and the good things of this world prevail against thee.他說,祂對我的憤怒:撒旦maketh戰爭對你,祂所微詞,你的理解和良好的,這樣的事世界戰勝你。 Thine eyes therefore must be opened and thine ears unstopped that你的眼睛,因此,必須打開你的耳朵,非說, a tabernacle, not made with men's hands, which my heavenly Father hath made for me and for the elect.一帳幕,沒有取得與男子的手,我的天父祂所作出對我來說並為當選。 And we beheld it and were full of gladness.我們看到它,並都充滿了歡喜。

And behold, suddenly there came a voice from heaven, saying: This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased:你看,突然出現了從天上有聲音說:這是我心愛的兒子,我很高興: my commandments.我的命令。 And then came a great and exceeding white cloud over our heads and bare away our Lord and Moses and Elias.然後來到一個偉大而超過白雲在我們頭上和裸遠離我們的主與摩西和埃利亞斯。 And I trembled and was afraid: and we looked up and the heaven opened and we beheld men in the flesh, and they came and greeted our Lord and Moses and Elias and went into another heaven.我顫抖,也很害怕:我們期待和天堂打開了,我們看到男人在肉體中,他們到這裡來迎接我們的主與摩西和埃利亞斯走進另一個天堂。 And the word of the scripture was fulfilled: This is the generation that seeketh him and seeketh the face of the God of Jacob.和字的經文已經完成:這是這一代seeketh他和seeketh面對的神,雅各。 And great fear and commotion was there in heaven and the angels pressed one upon another that the word of the scripture might be fulfilled which saith: Open the gates, ye princes.偉大的恐懼和commotion有在天上與天使一壓後紛紛表示字的經文可能應驗仰:打開門,葉王子。

Thereafter was the heaven shut, that had been open.此後是天堂關閉,已被打開。

And we prayed and went down from the mountain, glorifying God, which hath written the names of the righteous in heaven in the book of life.我們祈禱,並深入到從山上,歌頌上帝,而祂所寫的名字正義在天堂,在這本書的生活。

There is a great deal more of the Ethiopic text, but it is very evidently of later date; the next words are:有大量更多的ethiopic文本,但它是很明顯的稍後日期;下一話是:

'Peter opened his mouth and said to me: Hearken, my son Clement, God created all things for his glory,' and this proposition is dwelt upon. '彼得打開他的嘴,他對我說:聽,我的兒子克萊門特,上帝創造萬物,為他的榮耀, '這個命題,白景富。 The glory of those who duly praise God is described in terms borrowed from the Apocalypse: 'The Son at his coming will raise the dead .榮耀那些妥是讚美上帝用語描述借來的,從啟示: '兒子,在他的到來將提高死亡。 . . and will make my righteous ones shine seven times more than the sun, and will make their crowns shine like crystal and like the rainbow in the time of rain (crowns) which are perfumed with nard and cannot be contemplated (adorned) with rubies, with the colour of emeralds shining brightly, with topazes, gems, and yellow pearls that shine like the stars of heaven, and like the rays of the sun, sparkling which cannot be gazed upon.'並會令我的正義光芒的7倍多,太陽,並使其冠光芒像水晶一樣,在彩虹的時候,雨(冠) ,其中有香味與nard不能爭議(飾) ,與紅寶石,同什麼顏色的翡翠閃耀著光芒,與topazes ,寶石,黃珍珠光澤說,像星星的天堂,像射線的太陽,波光粼粼,不能盯著後。 Again, of the angels: ' Their faces shine more than the sun; their crowns are as the rainbow in the time of rain.再次,天使: '他們臉上光澤更比太陽,他們的冠,是因為彩虹的時候,有雨。 (They are perfumed) with nard. (它們是濃郁) nard 。 Their eyes shine like the morning star.他們眼中光芒一樣,早上明星。 The beauty of their appearance cannot be expressed....美麗的外表不能表達.... Their raiment is not woven, but white as that of the fuller, according as I saw on the mountain where Moses and Elias were.他們的衣服是不是機織,但白說的更充分,據我看到的山那裡摩西和埃利亞斯人。 Our Lord showed at the transfiguration the apparel of the last days, of the day of resurrection, unto Peter, James and John the sons of Zebedee, and a bright cloud overshadowed us, and we heard the voice of the Father saying unto us: This is my Son whom I love and in whom I am well pleased: hear him.我們的主表明,在變形服裝的最後幾天,有關復活的日子,祂彼得,詹姆斯和約翰的兒子zebedee ,和光明的雲層蓋過了我們,我們聽到的聲音,父親說,祂對我們:這是我的兒子,我愛和我很高興:去看他。 And being afraid we forgat all the things of this life and of the flesh, and knew not what we said because of the greatness of the wonder of that day, and of the mountain whereon he showed us the second coming in the kingdom that passeth not away.'和怕我們forgat所有的東西,這個生命和肉體,也知道不是我們說,由於偉大的奇蹟的那一天,和山區whereon他向我們展示了未來二,在英國passeth不遠離。

Next: ' The Father hath committed all judgement unto the Son.'下一篇: 『父犯下了所有的判斷祂的兒子。 The destiny of sinners -their eternal doom- is more than Peter can endure: he appeals to Christ to have pity on them.命運的罪人-他們永恆的末日-不止彼得可以忍受:他呼籲基督有遷就。

And my Lord answered me and said to me: 'Hast thou understood that which I said unto thee before?和我的主回答我,對我說: '祢理解,那我說,祢之前? It is permitted unto thee to know that concerning which thou askest: but thou must not tell that which thou hearest unto the sinners lest they transgress the more, and sin.'這是不允許祢知道有關這些人askest :但你決不能告訴你這些人hearest賜給罪人,以免他們超越了更多,而單。 Peter weeps many hours, and is at last consoled by an answer which, though exceedingly diffuse and vague does seem to promise ultimate pardon for all: 'My Father will give unto them all the life, the glory, and the kingdom that passeth not away,' .彼得啜泣了不少時間,是在去年勸慰由一個答案,雖然極為分散和模糊,似乎許諾最終原諒一切: '我的父親會賜給他們所有的生命,榮譽,以及英國passeth不會離開' 。 . . 'It is because of them that have believed in me that I am come. '這是因為,他們相信,在我說,我來。 It is also because of them that have believed in me, that, at their word, I shall have pity on men.'這是因為,對他們說,相信我,說,在他們的一句話,我會很可惜,對男人。 The doctrine that sinners will be saved at last by the prayers of the righteous is, rather obscurely, enunciated in the Second Book of the Sibylline Oracles (a paraphrase, in this part, of the Apocalypse), and in the (Coptic) Apocalypse of Elias (see post).該學說認為,罪人,將被保存在去年所祈禱的是正義,而不是隱晦,闡述了在第二本書的知未來的簽(一意譯,在這一部分的啟示) ,並在(科普特)的啟示愛麗絲(見職位) 。

Ultimately Peter orders Clement to hide this revelation in a box, that foolish men may not see it.最終彼得訂單克萊門特,以掩飾這個啟示在一個盒子裡,有這樣愚蠢男人可能不會看到它。 The passage in the Second Book of the Sibylline Oracles which seems to point to the ultimate salvation of all sinners will be found in the last lines of the translation given below.通過在第二本書的知未來的簽這似乎點到最終的救恩所有的罪人會被發現在上線的翻譯47482 。

The passage in the Coptic Apocalypse of Elias is guarded and obscure in expression, but significant.通過在科普特啟示埃利亞斯是森嚴,並在模糊的表達,但意義重大。 It begins with a sentence which has a parallel in Peter.它是從句子,其中有一個平行於彼得。

The righteous will behold the sinners in their punishment, and those who have persecuted them and delivered them up.正義將看哪罪人,在他們的處罰,而那些迫害他們,並發表他們。 Then will the sinners on their part behold the place of the righteous and be partakers of grace.然後將罪人就其部分看哪地方的正義,並partakers的恩典。 In that day will that for which the (righteous) shall often pray, be granted to them.在這一天會說,其中(正義) ,應經常祈禱,發放給他們。

That is, as I take it, the salvation of sinners will be granted at the prayer of the righteous.這就是,我是否可以,救贖的罪人,將獲得在祈禱的正義。

Compare also the Epistle of the Apostles, 40: 'the righteous are sorry for the sinners, and pray for them....比較也是書信的使徒, 40 : '人是要為罪人,並為他們祈禱… … 。 And I will hearken unto the prayer of the righteous which they make for them.'我將聆聽祂禱告的力量站在正義這使他們為他們。

I would add that the author of the Acts of Paul, who (in the Third Epistle to the Corinthians and elsewhere) betrays a knowledge of the Apocalypse of Peter, makes Falconilla, the deceased daughter of Tryphaena, speak of Thecla's praying for her that she may be translated unto the place of the righteous (Thecla episode, 28).我想補充一點,作者的行為提供確鑿的證據, (在第三格林多教會和其他地方)暴露了知識的啟示彼得,使得falconilla ,死者的女兒tryphaena ,講thecla的祈禱,為她提供她可以翻譯所不欲,取代正義( thecla插曲, 28 ) 。

My impression is that the maker of the Ethiopic version (or of its Arabic parent, or of another ancestor) has designedly omitted or slurred over some clauses in the passage beginning: 'Then will I give unto mine elect', and that in his very diffuse and obscure appendix to the Apocalypse, he has tried to break the dangerous doctrine of the ultimate salvation of sinners gently to his readers.我的印象是,在該公司製造的ethiopic版本(或其阿拉伯語父母,或另一種祖先) designedly省略或者吞吞吐吐超過部分條款通過,開宗明義: ' ,然後將我所不欲,礦山選' ,並說,他很瀰漫性和含糊附錄,以啟示,他曾試圖打破危險的學說最終得救的罪人,輕輕地給他的讀者。 But when the Arabic version of the Apocalypse is before us in the promised edition of MM.但是當阿拉伯語版的啟示,是擺在我們面前的,在答應版毫米。 Griveau and Grebaut, we shall have better means of deciding. griveau和grebaut後,我們將會有更好的方式來決定。



SECOND BOOK OF THE SIBYLLINE ORACLES, 190-338第二本書的知未來的簽, 190-338

It seems worth while to append here a translation of that portion of the Second Book which is most evidently taken from the Apocalypse of Peter.看來值得一則附上這裡的翻譯部分的第二本書,這是最明顯的是從啟示彼得。 It may be remarked that Books I and II of the oracles really form but one composition, which is Christian and may be assigned to some time not early in the second century, or to the third.可以說,書籍一和二的簽真正形成,但其中一個成分,這是基督教,並可能被分配到了一些時間,不早在公元二世紀,或到第三位。 Many lines are borrowed from the older books, especially III and VIII.許多線路都是借來的,從舊式的書籍,尤其是第三和第八。

After saying (1.187) that Elias will descend on earth and do three great signs, it proceeds:後說, ( 1.187 )表示,愛麗絲將降落到地球上做三個大的跡象,它的收益:

190 Woe unto all them that are found great with child in that day, and to them that give suck to infant children, and to them that dwell by the sea (the waves). 190妄為都表示,他們發現有很大的,與孩子在這一天,向他們表示,給吸吮嬰兒兒童,並讓他們知道多說,由海(波) 。 Woe to them that shall behold that day.災向他們表示,應看哪那一天。 For a dark mist shall cover the boundless world, of the east and west, the south and north.對於一個黑暗的薄霧應涵蓋無限的世界,對東方和西方,南方和北方。 And then shall a great river of flaming fire flow from heaven and consume all places, the earth and the great ocean and the grey sea, lakes and rivers and fountains, and merciless然後應在一個偉大河流的火焰熊熊火流從天上和消費的所有地方,地球和偉大的海洋和灰色大海,湖泊和河流和噴泉,而無情

200 Hades and the pole of heaven: but the lights of heaven shall melt together in one and into a void (desolate) shape (?). 200地獄和極天道:但燈的天堂,應融在一起,在一成無效(荒涼)形狀( ? ) 。 For the stars shall all fall from heaven into the sea (?), and all souls of men shall gnash their teeth as they burn in the river of brimstone and the rush of the fire in the blazing plain, and ashes shall cover all things.為星級都應從天上掉下來拋入海中( ? ) ,以及所有的靈魂男子應gnash他們的牙齒,因為它們刻錄在河的硫磺和繁忙的火災中,披荊斬棘平原和骨灰應涵蓋所有的東西。 And then shall all the elements of the world be laid waste, air, earth, sea, light poles, days and nights, and no more shall the multitudes of birds fly in the air nor swimming creatures any more swim the sea no ship shall sail with its cargo over the waves;然後應的所有元素,世界荒蕪,空,地,海,路燈桿上,幾天幾夜,也沒有更多的應在眾多的鳥類飛在空中游泳,也沒有任何生物,更勿大海,沒有船舶不得出海其貨物在波;

210 no straight-going oxen shall plough the tilled land; there shall be no more sound of swift winds, but he shall fuse all things together into one, and purge them clean. 210沒有直去牛會耕田的耕土地;不得有任何更多的聲音,迅速風,但他應保險絲所有的東西匯集成一,和清除它們的清潔。

214 Now when the immortal angels of the undying God Barakiel, Ramiel, Uriel, Samiel, and Azael, [These names are from Enoch.] knowing all the evil deeds that any hath wrought aforetime -then out of the misty darkness they shall bring all the souls of men to judgement, unto the seat of God the immortal, the great. 214人,現在當了不朽的天使的不朽神barakiel , ramiel , uriel , samiel , azael , [這些名字是從伊諾克。 ]明知一切壞事,任何祂所鍛aforetime -然後走出煙霧繚繞的黑暗,他們將會把所有亡靈官兵判斷,祂所在地的神不死,偉大的。

220 For he only is incorruptible, himself the Almighty, who shall be the judge of mortal men. 220 ,因為他不僅是廉潔,自己是萬能的,他們應是法官的凡人男子。 And then unto them of the underworld shall the heavenly one give their souls and spirit and speech, and their bones joined together, with all the joints, and the flesh and sinews and veins, and skin also over the flesh, and hair as before, and the bodies of the dwellers upon earth shall be moved and arise in one day, joined together in immortal fashion and breathing.然後再賜給他們的黑社會性質應是上帝的兒子,讓他們的靈魂和精神講話,他們的骨骼連接起來,幾乎所有的關節,以及肉體和sinews和靜脈,皮膚,還包括肉體和頭髮跟以前一樣和機構的居民後,地球會動議,並出現一天,一起在不朽的時裝及呼吸。

Then shall the great angel Uriel break the monstrous bars framed of unyielding and unbroken adamant, of the brazen然後應大天使uriel打破滔天酒吧誣陷的不屈不撓,綿延不絕執迷,無恥

230 gates of Hades, and cast them down straightway, and bring forth to judgement all the sorrowful forms, yea, of the ghosts of the ancient Titans, and of the giants, and all whom the flood overtook. 230蓋茨的地獄,並投下他們失望straightway ,帶出,以判斷所有的悲情形式,推倒的,對鬼的古代泰坦和巨人,而所有被洪水超越。 And all whom the wave of the sea hath destroyed in the waters, and all whom beasts and creeping things and fowls have feasted on: all these shall he bring to the judgement seat; and again those whom flesh-devouring fire hath consumed in the flames, them also shall he gather and set before God's seat.和所有的人海中的波浪祂所摧毀在該水域,而所有的人連禽獸和蠕動的東西和禽類有宴請於:所有這一切應當他帶來這份裁決座椅;一再那些血肉吞食消防祂所消耗的火焰,他們也應他收集並設置上帝面前的座位。

And when he shall overcome Fate and raise the dead, then shall Adonai Sabaoth the high thunderer sit on his heavenly當他戰勝命運和提高死了,那麼應adonai sabaoth高thunderer坐在他的天朝

240 throne, and set up the great pillar, and Christ himself, the undying unto the undying, shall come in the clouds in glory with the pure angels, and shall sit on the seat on the right of the Great One, judging the life of the godly and the walk of ungodly men. 240王位,並於同年成立大支柱,基督本人,不朽賜給了不朽的,應主要來自於雲霧中的榮耀與純潔天使,並應坐於座位上的權利的偉大之一,從生命該神聖和步行的ungodly男人。

And Moses also the great, the friend of the Most High shall come, clad in flesh, and the great Abraham himself shall come, and Isaac and Jacob, Jesus, Daniel, Elias, Ambacum (Habakkuk), and Jonas, and they whom the Hebrews slew: and all the Hebrews that were with (after ?) Jeremias shall be judged at the judgement seat, and he shall destroy them, that they may receive a due reward and expiate all that they did in their mortal life.和摩西,也是偉大的,朋友的最高不得來,穿肉,偉大的亞伯拉罕自己應來了,以撒,雅各,耶穌,丹尼爾,埃利亞斯, ambacum (哈巴谷書) ,和若,他們的人希伯來人的轉換:和所有希伯來人被同(後? ) jeremias應是被告的判決座位,他當然會摧毀他們,希望他們可以得到應有的獎勵和expiate都表示,他們在他們的凡人生活。

And then shall all men pass through a blazing river and unquenchable flame, and the righteous shall be saved whole all of them, but the ungodly shall perish therein unto all ages, even as many as wrought evil aforetime, and committed murders, and all that were privy thereto, liars, thieves, deceivers, cruel destroyers of houses, gluttons, marriers by stealth, shedders of evil rumours, sorely insolent lawless, idolaters: and all that forsook the great immortal God and became blasphemers and harmers of the godly, breakers of faith and destroyers of righteous men.然後應在所有男性穿過伴著河與無邊的火焰,正義必得救,整個所有的,但ungodly之者亡,所以祂不分年齡人人共享的,甚至多達緊張得要命,邪惡aforetime ,並承諾殺人,所有這被樞密院時,騙子,小偷, deceivers ,殘忍驅逐艦的房子,老饕, marriers由隱形, shedders邪惡的謠言,極其無禮無法無天,盲目崇拜者:全部捨棄,偉大不朽的上帝,並成為blasphemers和harmers的神聖,破碎機信仰和驅逐艦正義的男子。 And all that look with guileful and shameless double faces -reverend priests and deacons- and judge unjustly, dealing perversely, obeying false rumours .和所有的期待與guileful和無恥的雙重面孔-牧師牧師和執事和法官不公正,處理倒行逆施,服從錯誤謠傳。 . . more deadly than leopards and wolves, and very evil: and all that are high-minded, and usurers that heap up in their houses usury out of usury and injure orphans and widows continually: and they that give alms of unjust gain unto widows and orphans, and they that when they give alms of their own toil, reproach them; and they that have forsaken their parents in their old age and not repaid them at all, nor recompensed them for their nurture; yea, and they that have disobeyed and spoken hard words against their parents: they also that have received pledges and denied them, and servants that have turned against their masters; and again they which have defiled their flesh in lasciviousness, and have loosed the girdle of virginity in secret union, and they that make the child in the womb miscarry, and that cast out their offspring against right: sorcerers also and sorceresses with these shall the wrath of the heavenly and immortal God bring near unto the pillar, all round about which the untiring river of fire shall flow.更為致命的比豹子和狼,也很邪惡:全部是一種高層次的頭腦,高利貸者認為,堆在他們的家裡放出來的盤剝和傷害的孤兒和寡婦,不斷:他們說,施捨的不公正增益所不欲,孤寡,他們表示,當他們施捨他們自己的辛勞,責備他們,他們已經被拋棄他們的父母在他們的晚年,並沒有還清他們所有,也彌補他們的培育;推倒的,他們有服從和口語這句話是對自己的父母:他們也已得到承諾,並拒絕給予他們,並僕人已紛紛倒戈,他們的主人;再三,他們已玷污其肉奢靡,並已鬆動了肩帶的處女秘密聯盟,他們說,會讓孩子在子宮內流產,並投出自己的後代對右:巫術還和sorceresses與這些應震怒的天朝和不朽上帝把祂附近的支柱,全方位,其中約不懈河火災應流。 And all of them shall the undying angels of the immortal everlasting God chastise terribly with flaming scourges, and shall bind them fast from above in fiery chains, bonds unbreakable.所有這些人都不得不朽的天使不朽的,永恆的上帝斥責可怕與火焰熊熊洪水猛獸,並應約束他們迅速從以上火熱連鎖店,債券牢不可破的。 And then shall they cast them down in the darkness of night into Gehenna among the beasts of hell, many and frightful, where is darkness without measure.然後,他們會投下來,在黑暗的夜晚變成地獄之中畜生,地獄,有很多和可怕的,那裡是黑暗,沒有措施。

And when they have dealt out many torments unto all whose heart was evil, thereafter out of the great river shall a wheel of fire encompass them, because they devised wicked works.當他們已處理了許多磨折所不欲,所有的心是惡,此後失控的偉大河流應一個法輪消防包含他們,因為他們制定了十惡不赦工程。 And then shall they lament apart every one from another in miserable fate, fathers and infant children, mothers and sucklings weeping, nor shall they be sated with tears nor shall the voice of them that mourn piteously apart be heard (?); but far under dark and squalid Tartarus shall they cry in torment, and in no holy place shall they abide and expiate threefold every evil deed that they have done, burning in a great flame; and shall gnash their teeth, all of them worn out with fierce thirst and hunger (al. force violence), and shall call death lovely and it shall flee from them: for no more shall death nor night give them rest, and oft-times shall they beseech in vain the Almighty God, and then shall he openly turn away his face from them.然後,他們會嘆息,除了每個人都從另一個在悲慘的命運,父親和年幼子女,母親和sucklings哭泣,也不得被sated ,眼淚也不得的聲音,他們說,悼念piteously除了聽到( ? ) ,但到目前為止,根據黑暗和骯髒tartarus應,他們的吶喊折磨,而且在任何神聖的地方,應遵循和expiate三倍,每惡,即是他們的所作所為,燃燒在一個偉大的火焰;並應gnash他們的牙齒,他們都精疲力盡激烈的乾渴和飢餓( al.武力暴力) ,並應呼籲死亡可愛的,它應在逃離他們:沒有更應死也不晚,讓他們休息,並多次應時代,他們懇求白費全能的上帝,然後應他公然把遠離他的臉上,從他們。 For he hath granted the limit of seven ages for repentance unto men that err, by the hand of a pure virgin.為祂所給予限額的七個年齡悔罪祂男士,也會犯錯,由手,一個純粹的處女。

But the residue which have cared for justice and good deeds, yea, and godliness and righteous thoughts, shall angels bear up and carry through the flaming river unto light, and life without care, where is the immortal path of the great God; and three fountains, of wine and honey and milk.但殘留,其中有照顧正義和善行,推倒的,並虔誠和正義的思想,天使應承擔並落實俄勒岡河所不欲,重量輕,無生活照顧,哪裡是不朽的道路上的偉大上帝,及3噴泉,葡萄酒和蜂蜜和牛奶。 And the earth, common to all, not parted out with walls or fences, shall then bring forth of her own accord much fruit, and life and wealth shall be common and undistributed.與地球,共同所有,而不是parted與牆壁或柵欄,然後帶出了自己的協議,許多水果,人生觀和財富,應共同和未分配。 For there shall be no poor man, nor rich, nor tyrant, nor slave, none great nor small any longer, no kings, no princes; but all men shall be together in common.為,不應有任何窮人,也沒有豐富的,也不是暴君,也不是奴隸,沒有一個偉大的,也沒有小下去,沒有國王,沒有王子,但所有男人應共同共通之處。 And no more shall any man say ' night is come ', nor ' the morrow ', nor ' it was yesterday '.並沒有更應任何人說'昨晚是來' ,也不是'明天' ,也不是'這是昨天' 。 He maketh no more of days, nor of spring, nor winter, nor summer, nor autumn, neither marriage, nor death, nor selling, nor buying, nor set of sun, nor rising.他maketh沒有更多的日子,也沒有春天的,也沒有冬天,也沒有暑假,也沒有秋天,他們既沒有結婚,也沒有死亡,也沒有出售,也不買,也沒有一套太陽,也沒有上升。 For God shall make one long day.上帝會作出一個漫長的一天。

And unto them, the godly, shall the almighty and immortal God grant another boon, when they shall ask it of him.並賜給他們,神聖,不得全能和不朽上帝給予另一福音時,他們會要求它的他。 He shall grant them to save men out of the fierce fire and the eternal gnashing of teeth: and this will he do, for he will gather them again out of the everlasting flame and remove them else whither, sending them for the sake of his people unto another life eternal and immortal, in the Elysian plain where are the long waves of the Acherusian lake exhaustless and deep bosomed;他應給予他們儲蓄男人的火勢猛烈,並永恆gnashing的牙齒:這將為他做的,他會蒐集他們再次出永恆的火焰與它們移除,否則向何處去,派他們為他的人民祂另一個生命永恆不朽的,在伊利森平原,那裡有長波的acherusian不竭湖和深bosomed ;

Some artless iambic lines of uncertain date are appended here, which show what was thought of the doctrine:一些artless iambic線的不確定日期是附在這裡,它告訴人們有什麼思想學說:

'Plainly false: for the fire will never cease to torment the damned. '顯然是虛假的:對於火災將永不停止折磨該死。 I indeed could pray that it might be so, who am branded with the deepest scars of transgressions which stand in need of utmost mercy.我的確可以祈求上帝,它可能是這樣,他感到品牌與最深的傷疤的越軌行為,其中的立場,在需要竭盡全力,決不手軟。 But let Origen be ashamed of his lying words, who saith that there is a term set to the torments.'但是,讓淵源感到羞恥,他說謊的話,他在集會上說,有一個規定的期限內,向磨折。

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