Prophecies that Jesus Christ Fulfilled預言說,耶穌基督完成

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There are around a hundred Prophecies in the Old Testament that are commonly referred to as being fulfilled by Jesus.有大約一百名的預言在舊約說,通常被稱為正在履行的耶穌。 Each of them has been subjected to extensive examination by countless scholars and other authors, with intent to either prove or disprove the validity.他們每個人一直受到廣泛的考試由無數學者和其他作者,其意圖不是證明或反駁的有效性。 Since many hundreds of books have been written on those various issues, and much of the argument in either direction seems to be reliant on the opinions of the various authors, BELIEVE has chosen not to get into those matters, but just to list the most commonly accepted ones.由於許多數百本書已經寫就各種問題,並取得不少的論據,在任意一個方向似乎是依賴於意見的各作者,相信選擇不涉足這些問題,但只列出最常見我們接受的。

SUBJECT主題 OT Prophecy城市旅遊局的預言 NT Fulfillment新台幣圓滿
As the Son of God作為神的兒子 Ps 2:7聚苯乙烯2時07分 Lu 1:32,35呂1:32,35
As the seed of the woman作為種子的女子 Ge 3:15葛3:15 Ga 4:4加文4時04分
As the seed of Abraham作為種子的亞伯拉罕 Ge 17:7 22:18葛17時07分22時18分 Ga 3:16加文3:16
As the seed of Isaac作為種子的艾薩克 Ge 21:12葛21時12分 Heb 11:17-19希伯來書11:17-19
As the seed of David作為種子的國寶 Ps 132:11 Jer 23:5聚苯乙烯132:11張哲23時05分 Ac 13:23 Ro 1:3交流電13時23滾裝1:3
His coming at a set time他的到來,在規定的時間 Ge 49:10 Da 9:24,25葛49:10達9:24,25 Lu 2:1呂2:1
His being born of a virgin他出生在日本一個處女 Isa 7:14伊薩7時14分 Mt 1:22,23 Lu 2:7山1:22,23盧2時07分
His being called Immanuel他被稱為伊曼紐 Isa 7:14伊薩7時14分 Mt 1:22,23山1:22,23
His being born in Bethlehem of Judea他出生在伯利恆的朱迪亞 Mic 5:2 MIC的5點02分 Mt 2:1 Lu 2:4-6山2:1盧2:4-6
Great persons coming to adore him偉大的人來崇拜他 Ps 72:10聚苯乙烯72:10 Mt 2:1-11山2:1-11
The slaying of the children of Bethlehem殺害兒童的伯利恆 Jer 31:15張哲31:15 Mt 2:16-18山2:16-18
His being called out of Egypt他被稱為出埃及 Ho 11:1何11時01分 Mt 2:15山2時15分
His being preceded by John the Baptist他之前施洗約翰 Isa 40:3 Mal 3:1伊薩40:3仲裁法3:1 Mt 3:1,3 Lu 1:17山3:1,3盧1時17分
His being anointed with the Spirit而他的不信任與精神 Ps 45:7 Isa 11:2 61:1聚苯乙烯45:7伊薩11時02分61:1 Mt 3:16 Joh 3:34 Ac 10:38山3:16 joh 3時34交流電10:38
His being a Prophet like to Moses他是一個先知像摩西 De 18:15-18德18:15-18 Ac 3:20-22交流電3:20-22
His being a Priest after the order of Melchizedek他被一名神父後順序melchizedek Ps 110:4聚苯乙烯110:4 Heb 5:5,6希伯來書5:5,6
His entering on his public ministry他的進入對他的公共事務部 Isa 61:1,2伊薩61:1,2 Lu 4:16-21,43呂4:16-21,43
His ministry commencing in Galilee他的部展開,在加利利 Isa 9:1,2伊薩9:1,2 Mt 4:12-16,23山4:12-16,23
His entering publicly into Jerusalem他進入公開進入耶路撒冷 Zec 9:9 zec 9時09分 Mt 21:1-5山21:1-5
His coming into the temple他的到來進入聖殿 Hag 2:7,9 Mal 3:1 hag 2:7,9仲裁法3:1 Mt 21:12 Lu 2:27-32 Joh 2:13-16山21時12分呂2:27-32 joh 2:13-16
His poverty他的貧窮 Isa 53:2伊薩53:2 Mr 6:3 Lu 9:58議員選手盧9時58分
His meekness and want of ostentatious他完全證實和匱乏的排場 Isa 42:2伊薩42:2 Mt 12:15,16,19山12:15,16,19
His tenderness and compassion他的溫情和同情心 Isa 40:11 42:3伊薩40:11 42:3 Mt 12:15,20 Heb 4:15山12:15,20以弗所書4:15
His being without guile他的無桂 Isa 53:9伊薩53:9 1Pe 2:22 1pe 2時22分
His zeal他一心 Ps 69:9聚苯乙烯69:9 Joh 2:17 joh 2:17
His preaching by parables他的說教所parables Ps 78:2聚苯乙烯78:2 Mt 13:34,35山13:34,35
His working miracles他的工作創造奇蹟 Isa 35:5,6伊薩35:5,6 Mt 11:4-6 Joh 11:47山11:4-6 joh 11時47分
His bearing reproach他的軸承非議 Ps 22:6 69:7,9,20聚苯乙烯22時06 69:7,9,20 Ro 15:3滾裝15時03分
His being rejected by his brethren他被拒絕了他的兄弟 Ps 69:8 Isa 63:3聚苯乙烯69:8伊薩63:3 Joh 1:11 7:3 joh 1時11分7:3
His being a stone of stumbling to the Jews他是一個石頭的絆腳石向猶太人 Isa 8:14伊薩8時14分 Ro 9:32 1Pe 2:8滾裝9時32 1pe 2時08分
His being hated by the Jews他深惡痛絕的猶太人 Ps 69:4 Isa 49:7聚苯乙烯69:4伊薩49:7 Joh 15:24,25 joh 15:24,25
His being rejected by the Jewish rulers他被拒絕了猶太統治者 Ps 118:22聚苯乙烯118:22 Mt 21:42 Joh 7:48山21時42 joh 7時48分
That the Jews and Gentiles should combine against Him即猶太人和外邦人,應該團結起來,對他的 Ps 2:1,2聚苯乙烯2:1,2 Lu 23:12 Ac 4:27盧23:12交流電4時27分
His being betrayed by a friend他的被出賣朋友 Ps 41:9 55:12-14聚苯乙烯41:9 55:12-14 Joh 13:18,21 joh 13:18,21
His disciples forsaking him他的弟子放棄他 Zec 13:7 zec 13時07分 Mt 26:31,56山26:31,56
His being sold for thirty pieces silver他賣30塊銀牌 Zec 11:12 zec 11時12分 Mt 26:15噸26:15
His price being given for the potter's field他的價格正考慮為哈利波特的領域 Zec 11:13 zec 11時13分 Mt 27:7山27:7
The intensity of his sufferings強度,他的苦難 Ps 22:14,15聚苯乙烯22:14,15 Lu 22:42,44呂22:42,44
His sufferings being for others他的苦難正在為他人 Isa 53:4-6,12 Da 9:26伊薩53:4-6,12達9時26分 Mt 20:28噸來自
His patience and silence under suffering他的耐心和沉默下的苦難 Isa 53:7伊薩53:7 Mt 26:63 27:12-14噸26:63 27:12-14
His being smitten on the cheek他被責罰,就面頰 Mic 5:1麥克風5:1 Mt 27:30噸27:30
His visage being marred他的面貌被玷污 Isa 52:14 53:3伊薩52:14 53:3 Joh 19:5 joh 19時05分
His being spit on and scourged他被吐出,並scourged Isa 50:6伊薩50:6 Mr 14:65 Joh 19:1問14:65 joh 19時01分
His hands and feet being nailed to the cross他的手和腳被釘在十字架上 Ps 22:16聚苯乙烯22時16分 Joh 19:18 20:25 joh 19時18分20時25分
His being forsaken by God他的被遺棄的上帝 Ps 22:1聚苯乙烯22時01分 Mt 27:46噸27:46
His being mocked他被嘲笑 Ps 22:7,8聚苯乙烯22:7,8 Mt 27:39-44山27:39-44
Gall and vinegar being given him to drink膽汁和醋正在給他喝 Ps 69:21聚苯乙烯69:21 Mt 27:34噸27:34
His garments being parted, and lots cast for his vesture他的成衣被parted和大量投給他者或 Ps 22:18聚苯乙烯22時18分 Mt 27:35噸27:35
His being numbered with the transgressors而他的編號同transgressors Isa 53:12伊薩53:12 Mr 15:28問15:28
His intercession for His murderers他和他的兇手 Isa 53:12伊薩53:12 Lu 23:34魯23時34分
His Death他的逝世 Isa 53:12伊薩53:12 Mt 27:50噸27:50
That a bone of him should not be broken一個骨的,他不應該被打破 Ex 12:46 Ps 34:20前12時46聚苯乙烯34:20 Joh 19:33,36 joh 19:33,36
His being pierced他被戳穿 Zec 12:10 zec 12:10 Joh 19:34,37 joh 19:34,37
His being buried with the rich他被埋葬在同富國 Isa 53:9伊薩53:9 Mt 27:57-60山27:57-60
His flesh not seeing corruption他的肉體沒有看到腐敗 Ps 16:10聚苯乙烯16:10 Ac 2:31交流電2時31分
His resurrection他的復活 Ps 16:10 Isa 26:19聚苯乙烯16:10伊薩26:19 Lu 24:6,31,34呂24:6,31,34
His ascension他的阿森松 Ps 68:18聚苯乙烯68:18 Lu 24:51 Ac 1:9盧24:51交流電1時09分
His sitting on the right hand of God他坐在右手的上帝 Ps 110:1聚苯乙烯110:1 Heb 1:3以弗所書1:3
His exercising the priestly office in heaven他行使司鐸辦公室在天上 Zec 6:13 zec 6時13分 Ro 8:34滾裝8時34分
His being the chief corner-stone of the Church他身為行政的基石教會 Isa 28:16伊薩28:16 1Pe 2:6,7 1pe 2:6,7
His being King in Zion他被國王在錫安 Ps 2:6聚苯乙烯2時06分 Lu 1:32 Joh 18:33-37呂1:32 joh 18:33-37
The conversion of the Gentiles to him轉換外邦人給他 Isa 11:10 42:1伊薩11:10 42:1 Mt 1:17,21 Joh 10:16 Ac 10:45,47山1:17,21 joh [ 10:16交流10:45,47
His righteous government他的正義的政府 Ps 45:6,7聚苯乙烯45:6,7 Joh 5:30 Re 19:11 joh 5:30重新19時11分
His universal dominion其普遍的Dominion Ps 72:8 Da 7:14聚苯乙烯72:8達7時14分 html 2:9,11 html中2:9,11
The perpetuity of his kingdom該永久了他的王國 Isa 9:7 Da 7:14伊薩9時07分達7時14分 Lu 1:32,33呂1:32,33

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