The Shepherd of Hermas牧羊人的hermas

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Hermas (flourished 140 AD) was a Christian writer who was considered one of the Apostolic Fathers, noted for his vivid description of early Christianity. hermas (興盛140年)是一個基督徒作家,被認為是其中的使徒父親指出,他的生動描述早期基督教的。 According to his own testimony, Hermas was sold into slavery as a boy and sent to Rome.據他自己的證詞, hermas賣為奴,作為一名男童被送往羅馬。 There he was purchased by a woman called Rhoda, who freed him.在那裡,他購買了由一名婦女所謂rhoda ,他們釋放了他。

Hermas's book, The Shepherd, is a series of revelations granted to him through two heavenly figures, an old woman and an angel who assumed the form of a shepherd. hermas的書,牧羊人,是一系列的啟示給予他通過兩個天朝人物,一個老太婆和一個天使,他們假定成立一個牧羊人。

The work is divided into 3 sections with 5 visions (on penance and doctrine), 12 precepts (on morality), and 10 parables (on principles of Christian living).這項工作分為3個章節, 5個遠景(懺悔和學說) ,第12條戒律(道德) , 10 parables (原則上基督教生活) 。 The Shepherd was widely regarded as a canonical book of the Bible until the 4th century.牧羊人被廣泛視為一個典型的書聖經,直到4世紀。

The Shepherd of Hermas牧羊人的hermas


Apostolic Fathers使徒父親

(trans. and ed., JB Lightfoot) ( trans.和ED ,了JB lightfoot )

1:1 VISION ONE. 1:1 願景之一。
1:2 The master, who reared me, had sold me to one Rhoda in Rome. 1:2主人,他們飼養的,我已經賣給我一rhoda在羅馬。
1:3 After many years, I met her again, and began to love her as a sister. 1:3多年後,我會見了她,並開始愛她作為一個妹妹。
1:4 After a certain time I saw her bathing in the river Tiber; 1:4後,在一定時間,我看到她洗澡,在河Tiber的;
1:5 and I gave her my hand, and led her out of the river. 1:5我送給她我的手,帶領著她走出了河。
1:6 So, seeing her beauty, I reasoned in my heart, saying, ` Happy were I, if I had such an one to wife both in beauty and in character'. 1時06分,所以看到她的美貌,我講道理,在我的心,說: `快樂如果我真的,如果我有這樣的人,以夫妻雙雙在美麗和性質' 。
1:7 I merely reflected on this and nothing more. 1時07分,只不過反映了對這個問題而已。
1:8 After a certain time, as I was journeying to Cumae, and glorifying God's creatures for their greatness and splendour and power, as I walked I fell asleep. 1:8後,在一定時間,因為我旅,以cumae ,並頌揚上帝的造物,為他們的偉大和輝煌和權力,正如我走了,我被入睡。
1:9 And a Spirit took me, and bore me away through a pathless tract, through which no man could pass: 1時09分與和解精神,我花了,並且承擔我帶走透過絕跡道,透過任何人,可以通過:
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1:10 for the place was precipitous, and broken into clefts by reason of the waters. 1:10 ,為地方是險峻的,並破入裂縫原因水域。
1:11 When then I had crossed the river, I came into the level country, and knelt down, and began to pray to the Lord and to confess my sins. 1時11分的時候,那麼,我已經越過河中,我進入那個水平的國家,並跪下下來,開始祈禱,向上帝禱告和懺悔我的罪過。
1:12 Now, while I prayed, the heaven was opened, and I see the lady, whom I had desired, greeting me from heaven, saying, `Good morrow, Hermas'. 1:12現在,雖然我祈禱,天堂開啟,我看到夫人,我曾渴望,迎接我從天上,說: `好明天, hermas ' 。
1:13 And, looking at her, I said to her, `Lady, what doest thou here'? 1:13 ,看著她,我當時對她說, '夫人,有什麼旨意你在這裡'嗎?
1:14 Then she answered me, `I was taken up, that I might convict thee of thy sins before the Lord'. 1:14 ,然後她回答我, '我被帶到了,我可能會被定罪祢著你的罪孽主面前' 。
1:15 I said to her, `Dost thou now convict me'? 1:15 ,我當時對她說, '你現在還定罪,我'嗎?
1:16 `Nay, not so', said she, `but hear the words, that I shall say to thee. 1:16 `不,並非如此' ,她說, `但聽其言,我會告訴你。
1:17 God, Who dwelleth in the heavens, and created out of nothing the things which are, and increased and multiplied them for His holy Church's sake, is wroth with thee, for that thou didst sin against me'. 1時17分的上帝,永遠在天上,創造出什麼東西,並增加乘以他們為他的聖教會的,而不應是怒意你,因為這祢單對我的' 。
1:18 I answered her and said, `Sin, against thee? 1:18 ,我回答她說, `罪過,對祢?
1:19 In what way? 1:19 ,在以何種方式?
1:20 Did I ever speak an unseemly word unto thee? 1:20 ,我任何時候都講一個得體字祢?
1:21 Did I not always regard thee as a goddess? 1時21分,我不要一直把你作為一個女神?
1:22 Did I not always respect thee as a sister? 1:22我並非總是能夠尊重你作為一個妹妹?
1:23 How couldst thou falsely charge me, lady, with such villainy and uncleanness ?` 1:23如何couldstあ虛假收取我,夫人,這樣的陰毒和腐壞? `
1:24 Laughing she saith unto me, `The desire after evil entered into thine heart. 1:24大笑,她仰所不欲,我`願望後,邪惡進入你的心。
1:25 Nay, thinkest thou not that it is an evil deed for a righteous man, if the evil desire should enter into his heart? 25不僅如此, thinkest你不認為這是一個惡,正義的人,如果邪惡的慾望應該進入他的心?
1:26 It is indeed a sin and a great one too', saith she; 1時26分,這實在是一種罪過,和一個偉大的太'朱紅,她;
1:27 `for the righteous man entertaineth righteous purposes. 1:27 `為正義男子entertaineth正義的目的。
1:28 While then, his purposes are righteous, his repute stands stedfast in the heavens, and he finds the Lord easily propitiated in all that he does. 1時28分,而當時,他的目的是正義的,他的信譽昭著的立場stedfast在老天爺的,他認為,主容易propitiated在所有他確。
1:29 But they that entertain evil purposes in their hearts, bring upon themselves death and captivity, 1時29分,但他們表示,休閒娛樂的邪惡目的,在他們心目中,把自己的死亡和圈養,
1:30 especially they that claim for themselves this present world, and boast in its riches, and cleave not to the good things that are to come. 1:30 ,尤其是他們這種說法,為自己這個當今世界,並誇耀其財富, cleave不是好東西,都是來。
1:31 Their souls shall rue it, seeing that they have no hope, but have abandoned themselves and their life. 1時31分他們的靈魂應rue它,看到他們,也沒有希望,但已經放棄了他們自己和他們的生活。

2:1 AS soon as she had spoken these words the heavens were shut; 2:1盡快她曾發言的這句話老天爺被關閉;
2:2 myself, `If this sin is recorded against me, how can I be saved? 2:2自己, '如果這個單是記錄對我來說,我怎樣才能得救?
2:3 Or how shall I propitiate God for my sins which are full-blown? 2:3或者我該如何propitiate上帝為我的罪,其中包括全職吹?
2:4 Or with what words shall I entreat the Lord that He may be propitious unto me?` 2時04分或有什麼話,應我懇求上帝,他可能會將吉祥不欲我嗎? `
2:5 While I was advising and discussing these matters in my heart, 2時05分,而我是諮詢和討論這些事情在我心中,
2:6 I see before me a great white chair of snow-white wool and there came an aged lady in glistening raiment, having a book in her hands, 2點06分我看見我面前的一個偉大白色椅子的雪白羊毛就有一個年齡在夫人廣大群眾衣服,一本書,她的雙手,
2:7 and she sat down alone, and she saluted me, ` Good morrow, Hermas'. 2時07分,她才坐下,就有和她讚揚我, `好的明天, hermas ' 。
2:8 Then I grieved and weeping, said, `Good morrow, lady'. 2時08分的話,我感到悲痛和哭泣,說, '好的明天,夫人' 。
2:9 And she said to me, `Why so gloomy, Hermas, thou that art patient and good-tempered, and art always smiling? 2時09分,她對我說, '為什麼有這麼灰暗, hermas ,你認為藝術耐心和善意,鍛煉,藝術總是面帶微笑?
2:10 Why so downcast in thy looks, and far from cheerful'? 2時10分,所以downcast在你的長相,以及遠從開朗'嗎?
2:11 And I said to her, ` Because of an excellent lady's saying that I had sinned against her'. 2時11分,我當時對她說, ` ,因為一個優秀夫人的說,我曾罪對她' 。
2:12 Then she said, `Far be this thing from the servant of God ! 2時12分,然後她說, '遠被這件事從僕人上帝! Nevertheless the thought did enter into thy heart concerning her.然而,沒有想到進入你的心她的。
2:13 Now to the servants of God such a purpose bringeth sin. 2時13分,現在的公僕和勤務員,上帝這樣一個目的bringeth單。
2:14 For it is an evil and mad purpose to overtake a devout spirit that hath been already approved, 2時14分,因為這是一種邪惡和瘋狂的目的,超車是一個虔誠的精神,祂所已經獲得批准,
2:15 that it should desire an evil deed, and especially if it be Hermas the temperate, who abstaineth from every evil desire, and is full of all simplicity and of great guilelessness. 2時15分,它應該渴望一個惡,特別是如果它被hermas溫帶,誰abstaineth從每一個邪惡的願望,是一部充滿所有簡樸的偉大guilelessness 。

3:1 `Yet it is not for this that God is wroth with thee, but that thou mayest convert thy family, that hath done wrong against the Lord and against you their parents. 3:1 ` ,但它並沒有為這個神是怒意你,但你mayest轉換成你的家人,祂所何罪對上帝和對你自己的父母。
3:2 But out of fondness for thy children thou didst not admonish thy family, but didst suffer it to become fearfully corrupt. 3:2 ,而是出於愛你的孩子祢不會告誡你的家人,但世上,受苦,它有望成為fearfully腐敗。
3:3 Therefore the Lord is wroth with thee. 3時03分,所以耶和華是怒意祢。
3:4 But He will heal all thy past sins, which have been committed in thy family; 3時04分,但他會醫治你的一切過去的罪孽,已承諾在你的家人;
3:5 for by reason of their sins and iniquities thou hast been corrupted by the affairs of this world. 3時05分,為因自己的罪孽和邪惡。祢已被腐蝕的事務,這個世界。
3:6 But the great mercy of the Lord had pity on thee and thy family, and will strengthen thee, and establish thee in His glory. 3時06分,但偉大慈悲的上帝了,可惜對你和你的家人,並會加強你的,並建立了你在他的榮耀。
3:7 Only be not thou careless, but take courage, and strengthen thy family.則為3:7只是沒有你不小心,但需要勇氣,並加強你的家人。
3:8 For as the smith hammering his work conquers the task which he wills, so also doth righteous discourse repeated daily conquer all evil. 3時08分,因為史密斯錘擊他的作品征服了任務,他的遺囑,因此也doth正義話語反复日報戰勝一切邪惡。
3:9 Cease not therefore to reprove thy children; 3時09分停止,因此要譴責你的孩子;
3:10 for I know that if they shall repent with all their heart, they shall be written in the books of life with the saints'.下午3點10分,因為我知道,如果他們有悔改表現,應與所有他們的心,他們應寫在書本的生活與聖人' 。
3:11 After these words of hers had ceased, she saith unto me, `Wilt thou listen to me as I read'? 3點11分之後,這些話她已經停止,她仰所不欲,我`祢聽我說,因為我看過'嗎?
3:12 Then say I, `Yes, lady'. 3時12分,然後說我, '是的,夫人' 。
3:13 She saith to me, `Be attentive, and hear the glories of God'. 3時13分,她在集會上對我來說, '全心全意,並聽取了輝煌的神' 。
3:14 I listened with attention and with wonder to that which I had no power to remember; 3時14分,我聽到與重視,並懷疑這其中我也沒有權力要記住;
3:15 for all the words were terrible, such as man cannot bear. 3:15 ,所有的話都是可怕的,如男子不能承受的。
3:16 The last words however I remembered, for they were suitable for us and gentle. 3:16上的話,但我記得,為他們適合我們和溫柔。
3:17 `Behold, the God of Hosts, Who by His invisible and mighty power and by His great wisdom created the world, 3時17分`看哪,神的主持人,他們是由他的是無形的強權和他的大智慧,創造了世界,
3:18 and by His glorious purpose clothed His creation with comeliness, 3時18分,並通過他的光輝目的豐衣足食,他的創作與comeliness ,
3:19 and by His strong word fixed the heaven, 3時19分與他的強烈字眼固定天堂,
3:20 and founded the earth upon the waters and by His own wisdom and providence formed His Holy Church, which also He blessed-behold, 3時20分,並創立了地球後,該水域,並通過自己的智慧和普羅維登斯形成了他的神聖的教堂,其中還他祝福-摩西
3:21 He removeth the heavens and the mountains and the hills and the seas, 3時21分,他removeth天山區和丘陵和海洋,
3:22 and all things are made level for His elect, 3時22分,所有的東西都是國產化,為他的當選,
3:23 that He may fulfil to them the promise which He promised with great glory and rejoicing, if so be that they shall keep the ordinances of God, which they received, with great faith'. 3時23分,他可能會履行他們的承諾,他承諾會以極大的榮耀和大喜日子,如果這樣,他們會不斷條例的上帝,因為他們收到了,非常真誠。

4:1 When then she finished reading and arose from her chair, there came four young men, and they took away the chair, and departed towards the East. 4:1的時候,當時她看完,並出現了由她主持會議,就出現了4個年輕男子,他們拿走椅子,背離了對東部地區。
4:2 Then she calleth me unto her, and she touched my breast, and saith to me, `Did my reading please thee?` 4時02分,然後她calleth我所不欲她,而她也說出了我的乳房,並在集會上對我來說, '做我的閱讀,請你嗎? `
4:3 And I say unto her, `Lady, these last words please me, but the former were difficult and hard'. 4:3和我實實在在地告訴她: '夫人,這最後一句話,我都不高興,但前者被困難和硬』 。
4:4 Then she spake to me, saying, `These last words are for the righteous, but the former are for the heathen and the rebellious'. 4時04分,然後她spake給我,說: `這最後一句話,都是為了正義,但前者是為異教徒和叛逆' 。
4:5 While she yet spake with me, two men appeared, and took her by the arms, and they departed, whither the chair also had gone towards the East. 4時05分,她雖然還未spake與我,有兩男一出現,並帶她由武器,而他們離開,向何處去主持會議,也已經走向東方。

5:1 VISION TWO. 5:1 的視野。
5:2 and I called to mind my last year's vision as I walked; 5時02分,我的所謂想起去年我的眼光和我走;
5:3 and again a Spirit taketh me, and carrieth me away to the same place as last year. 5時03分,並再次成為精神taketh我, carrieth我帶走,以同一個地方像去年一樣。
5:4 When then I arrived at the place, I fell upon my knees, and began to pray to the Lord, and to glorify His name, for that he counted me worthy, and made known unto me my former sins. 5時04分,然後當我到達的地方,我下跌後,我的膝蓋,開始祈禱,向上帝禱告,並頌揚他的名字,為他算我堪,並作出了已知所不欲,我的前任罪孽。
5:5 But after I had risen up from prayer, I behold before me the aged lady, whom also I had seen last year, walking and reading a little book. 5:5 ,但在我提交了起來,從祈禱,我看哪,我面前的老人夫人,誰也我已經看到,去年,步行和讀一點書。
5:6 And she saith to me, `Canst thou report these things to the elect of God'? 5時06分,她在集會上對我來說, ` canst你報告這件事,向當選的神' ?
5:7 I say unto her, `Lady, I cannot recollect so much; 5點07分我實實在在地告訴她, '夫人,我可以不記得那麼多;
5:8 but give me the little book, that I may copy it'. 5時08分,但給我的小書,我可以拷貝' 。
5:9 `Take it', saith she, `and be sure and return it to me'. 5時09分, '把它' ,仰,她`和肯定,並退回給我' 。
5:10 I took it, and retiring to a certain spot in the country I copied it letter for letter:下午5時10我毅然,退休到某一個點,在該國已經複製好了一封信信中說:
5:11 for I could not make out the syllables. 5時11分,因為我無法判斷出音節。
5:12 When then I had finished the letters of the book, suddenly the book was snatched out of my hand; 5時12分的時候,那麼,我已經完成了意向書,這本書,突然間,這本書被搶走了我的手;

6:1 Now after fifteen days, when I had fasted and entreated the Lord earnestly, the knowledge of the writing was revealed to me. 6:1後,現在15天,當我已禁食和entreated主認真了,知識的寫作被透露給我。
6:2 And this is what was written: 6時02分,這就是被這樣寫到:
6:3 the Lord, and have betrayed their parents through great wickedness, yea, they have got the name of betrayers of parents, and yet they did not profit by their betrayal;選手耶和華,出賣了他們的父母,通過大邪惡推倒的,他們有名字的背叛者的父母,但他們並沒有獲利,他們的背叛;
6:4 and they still further added to their sins wanton deeds and reckless wickedness;六四,他們仍在進一步補充說,以他們的罪孽肆意事蹟和魯莽邪惡;
6:5 and so the measure of their transgressions was filled up. 6時05分,因此,衡量他們的越軌行為,是填補了。
6:6 But make these words known to all thy children, and to thy wife who shall be as thy sister; 6時06分,但作出這些話大家都知道,你的孩子,你的妻子因應作為你的妹妹;
6:7 for she too refraineth not from using her tongue, wherewith she doeth evil. 6時07分,因為她太refraineth沒有使用她的舌頭,裡她doeth邪惡。
6:8 But, when she hears these words, she will refrain, and will find mercy. 6時08分,但,當她聽到這些話,她會放棄,並會發現,決不手軟。
6:9 After that thou hast made known unto them All these words, 6時09分後,祢知道賜給他們這一切的話,
6:10 which the Master commanded me that they should be revealed unto thee, then all their sins which they sinned aforetime are forgiven to them; 6時10分,其中碩士,指揮若我說,他們應該顯示祢,那麼其所有的罪孽,他們犯罪aforetime都原諒他們;
6:11 yea, and to all the saints that have sinned unto this day, if they repent with their whole heart, and remove double-mindedness from their heart. 6時11分,記得,並且所有的聖人有犯罪所不欲,在這一天,如果有悔改表現,他們與他們的整個心,並消除雙重意識,從自己的心。
6:12 For the Master sware by His own glory, as concerning His elect; 6時12分,為掌握sware由他自己的榮耀,因為他的當選;
6:13 that if, now that this day has been set as a limit, sin shall hereafter be committed, they shall not find salvation; 6時13分,如果現在這一天被定為一個限度,應單來世承諾,他們不得尋求救贖;
6:14 for repentance for the righteous hath an end; 6時14分,為懺悔之義祂所結束;
6:15 the days of repentance are accomplished for all the saints; 6:15日子悔過書沒有完成,為所有的聖人;
6:16 whereas for the Gentiles there is repentance until the last day. 6時16分,而為外邦人有悔罪,直到最後一天。
6:17 Thou shalt therefore say unto the rulers of the Church, that they direct their paths in righteousness, that they may receive in full the promises with abundant glory. 6時17分你,所以說,祂統治者的教會,他們直接路徑正氣,他們可以得到充分的承諾,具有豐富的光彩。
6:18 Ye therefore that work righteousness be stedfast, and be not double-minded, that ye may have admission with the holy angels. 6:18葉,因此這項工作義被stedfast ,並沒有雙重態度,而你們可曾收與聖天使。
6:19 Blessed are ye, as many as endure patiently the great tribulation that cometh, and as many as shall not deny their life. 6時19分有福葉,有多達耐心忍受巨大磨難認為時勢,以及多達不得剝奪其生命。
6:20 For the Lord sware concerning His Son, that those who denied their Lord should be rejected from their life, even they that are now about to deny Him in the coming days;下午6時20為君主sware關於他的兒子,而那些否認其主,應予以拒絕,從他們的生活,即使他們現在正要否認他在未來的日子;

7:1 `But do thou, Hermas, no longer bear a grudge against thy children, neither suffer thy sister to have her way, 7:1 `但是你, hermas ,不再承擔心存芥蒂,對你的孩子,既沒有遭受你的妹妹有自己的方式,
7:2 so that they with a righteous chastisement, unless thou bear a grudge against them thyself. 7時02分,使他們與正義的責罰,除非你承擔心存芥蒂,對他們的預言者。
7:3 The bearing of a grudge worketh death. 7:3軸承心存芥蒂worketh死亡。
7:4 But thou, Hermas, hast had great tribulations of thine own, by reason of the transgressions of thy family, because thou hadst no care for them. 7時04分,但你, hermas ,就得有很大的磨難你們自己,因她的越軌著你的家庭,因為你hadst沒有照顧他們。
7:5 For thou wast neglectful of them, and wast mixed up with thine evil transactions. 7時05分,為你廢粗心大意的人,廢混合起來你的邪惡交易。
7:6 But herein is thy salvation, in that thou didst not depart from the living God, and in thy simplicity and thy great continence. 7時06分,但這裡是你的救贖,在這祢不會偏離生活的主宰,在你的簡單和祢偉大可控。
7:7 These have saved thee, if thou abidest therein; 7時07分,這些都救了你,你若abidest ;
7:8 and they save all who do such things, and walk in guilelessness and simplicity. 7時08分,並保留所有的人做這種事,走在guilelessness和簡潔。
7:9 These men prevail over all wickedness, and continue unto life eternal. 7時09分這些男子戰勝一切罪惡,並且繼續預言永恆的生命。
7:10 Blessed are all they that work righteousness. 7時10分,都是有福的,他們的工作是正義的。
7:11 They shall never be destroyed. 7時11分,他們也絕不會因此而毀於一旦。
7:12 But thou shalt say to Maximus, "Behold tribulation cometh (upon thee), if thou think fit to deny a second time. 7時12分,但你說,以鮃, "看哪磨難時勢(當你) ,如果你認為合適的否定第二次。
7:13 The Lord is nigh unto them that turn unto Him, as it is written in Eldad and Modat, who prophesied to the people in the wilderness."' 7:13該主是天空時,他們認為,把祂的,因為它是寫在eldad和莫達,他預言,以人民群眾在荒無人煙的戈壁灘上" … …

8:1 Now, brethren, a revelation was made unto me in my sleep by a youth of exceeding fair form, 8:1 ,現在,弟兄們,一個啟示是所不欲,我的睡眠由一名青年超出公平的形式,
8:2 who said to me, `Whom thinkest thou the aged woman, from whom thou receivedst the book, to be'? 8:2人對我說, `誰thinkestあ老年女子,從誰あreceivedst這本書,將'嗎?
8:3 I say, `The Sibyl'. 8點03分我說, ` sibyl ' 。
8:4 `Thou art wrong', saith be, `she is not'. 8時04分`祢錯誤』 ,仰, `她是不是' 。
8:5 `Who then is she'? 8時05分` ,究竟是誰在她'嗎?
8:6 I say. 8點06分我說。
8:7 `The Church', saith he. 8時07分`教會' ,仰他。
8:8 I said unto him, `Wherefore then is she aged'? 8時08分,我說祂說, `人哪,然後是她年齡'嗎?
8:9 `Because', saith he, `she was created before all things; 8時09分`因為' ,仰他, `她之前創造的一切事物;
8:10 therefore is she aged; 8:10 ,所以她年齡;
8:11 and for her sake the world was framed'. 8時11分,並感謝她為世界上被誣陷' 。
8:12 And afterwards I saw a vision in n)y house. 8時12分,事後我看到了一個遠景在N體) Y家。
8:13 The aged woman came, and asked me, if I had already given the book to the elders. 8時13分老年女子來了,問我,如果我已經考慮到這本書給長老。
8:14 I said that I had not given it. 8時14分,我說我從來沒有給它。
8:15 `Thou hast done well', she said, `for I have words to add. 8:15 `祢做得好' ,她說, '我有話要補充。
8:16 When then I shall have finished all the words, it shall be made known by thy means to all the elect. 8時16分的時候,然後我會已完成所有換句話說,它應知道你用你的手段,以全部選出。
8:17 Thou shalt therefore write two little books, and shalt send one to Clement, and one to Grapte. 8點17分你,所以寫兩個小工具書,本當派一至克萊門特,以及一至grapte 。
8:18 So Clement shall send to the foreign cities, for this is his duty; 8時18分,讓克萊門特須先向外國城市,因為這是他的職責;
8:19 while Grapte shall instruct the widows and the orphans. 8時19分,而grapte應當責令遺孀和孤兒。

9:1 VISION THREE. 9:1 遠景3 。
9:2 fasting often, and entreating the Lord to declare unto me the revelation which He promised to show me by the mouth of the aged woman, 9時02分禁食,往往和entreating主申報祂對我的啟示,他答應給我看,由口的老年婦女,
9:3 that very night the aged woman was seen of me, 9時03分表示非常夜間老年女子被認為是我的分身,
9:4 and she said to me, `Seeing that thou art so importunate and eager to know all things, come into the country where thou abidest, 9時04分,她對我說, '看到你的藝術這麼importunate和渴望知道的所有東西,到所在國あabidest ,
9:5 and about the fifth hour I will appear, and will show thee what thou oughtest to see'. 9時05分,約五小時,我將出現,並會顯示你什麼你oughtest看看' 。
9:6 I asked her, saying, `Lady, to what part of the country ? 9時06分,我問她,說, '夫人,在什麼國家的一部分?
9:7 ` Where thou wilt', saith she. 9時07分`那裡祢' ,仰她。
9:8 I selected a beautiful and retired spot; 9時08分i選定一個美麗和離退休現貨;
9:9 but before I spoke to her and named the spot, she saith to me, `I will come, whither thou willest'. 9時09分,但之前,我以她命名為現貨,她仰向我, '我會來,向何處去あwillest ' 。
9:10 I went then, brethren, into the country, and I counted up the hours, and came to the place where I appointed her to come, 9點10分我去了以後,弟兄們,把國家,我算起來時,首先來到的地方我任命她來,
9:11 and I see an ivory couch placed there, and on the couch there lay a linen cushion, and on the cushion was spread a coverlet of fine linen of flax. 9時11分,我看到一個象牙沙發放在那裡,就躺在沙發上有打好的亞麻墊,對墊被散佈了coverlet細亞麻的亞麻。

10:1 When I saw these things so ordered, and no one in the place, 10:1當我看到這些東西,所以下令,也沒有人在的地方,
10:2 I was amazed, and a fit of trembling seized me, and my hair stood on end and a fit of shuddering came upon me, because I was alone. 10時02分,我感到十分詫異,並為合適的顫抖繳獲了我,我的頭髮,站在年底和一名適合的戰栗來到我,因為我是獨自。
10:3 When then I recovered myself, and remembered the glory of God, and took courage, I knelt down and confessed my sins to the Lord once more, as I had done on the former occasion. 10時03分的時候,那麼,我收回自己,記住神的榮耀,並有勇氣,我跪下下來,並交代了自己的罪,向上帝禱告一次,我做了關於前留念。

11:1 Then she came with six young men, the same whom I had seen before, and she stood by me, and listened attentively to me, as I prayed and confessed my sins to the Lord. 11時01分,然後她來到與6名年輕男子,同時,我曾見過的,她站在我,並仔細聆聽了我,我祈禱並供述自己的罪,向上帝禱告。
11:2 And she touched me, and said: 11時02分,她摸我,並說:
11:3 `Hermas, make an end of constantly entreating for thy sins; 11時03分` hermas ,作出最終的不斷entreating為你的罪孽;
11:4 entreat also for righteousness, that thou mayest take some part forthwith to thy family'. 11時04分哀求,也為義,你是mayest採取部分隨即給你的家人' 。
11:5 Then she raiseth me by the hand, and leadeth me to the couch, and saith to the young men, `Go ye, and build'. 11時05分,然後她raiseth我的手,並leadeth我躺在沙發上,並在集會上向年輕男子, `你們要去,並建立' 。
11:6 And after the young men had retired and we were left alone, she saith to me, `Sit down here'. 11時06分後,青年男子已退休的,我們被獨留家中,她仰向我, `坐下來這裡' 。
11:7 I say to her, `Lady, let the elders sit down first'. 11點07分我說,以她的, '夫人,讓長輩先坐下' 。
11:8 `Do as I bid thee', saith she, `sit down'. 11時08分`做我申辦祢' ,仰她, `坐下來' 。
11:9 When then I wanted to sit down on the right side, she would not allow me, but beckoned me with her hand that I should sit on the left side. 11時09分的時候,那麼我想坐下來,對右邊,她也不會允許我,但我招手,與她的手,我應該坐在左邊。
11:10 As then I was musing thereon, and was sad because she would not permit me to sit on the right side, she saith to me, `Art thou sad, Hermas? 11:10作為的話,我是musing就此問題,並於難過,因為她不會允許我坐在右邊,她仰向我, `裡感到悲哀, hermas ?
11:11 The place on the right side is for others, even for those who have already been well-pleasing to God, and have suffered for the Name's sake. 11:11地點對右邊的是為別人,即使對那些已經完善的天主所悅納,並罹患為名稱的緣故。
11:12 But thou lackest much that thou shouldest sit with them; 11時12分,但你lackest很多あshouldest坐在同他們;
11:13 but as thou abidest in thy simplicity, even so continue, and thou shalt sit with them, thou and as many as shall have done their deeds, and have suffered what they suffered'. 11時13分,但正如你abidest在你的設計較為簡單,但即使如此繼續下去,你坐在他們,你和多達應做他們的感人事蹟,並遭受了什麼,他們遭受了' 。

12:1 `What did they suffer'? 12:1 `什麼,他們受苦' ?
12:2 say I. 12:2說,一。
12:3 `Listen', saith she. 12時03分`聽' ,仰她。
12:4 `Stripes, imprisonments, great tribulations, crosses, wild beasts, for the Name's sake. 12時04分`條紋,監禁,偉大的磨難,十字架,野生獸類,為名稱的緣故。
12:5 Therefore to them belongs the right side of the Holiness-to them, and to all who shall suffer for the Name. 12時05分,所以他們是屬於右邊的聖潔-對他們來說,和所有的人,應為受害的名字。
12:6 But for the rest is the left side. 12時06分,但其餘的是左側。
12:7 Howbeit, to both, to them that sit on the right, and to them that sit on the left, are the same gifts, and the same promises, only they sit on the right and have a certain glory. 12時07 howbeit ,兩者,向他們表示,坐於正確的,並讓他們知道坐於左,都是一樣的禮物,同樣的承諾,只有他們坐於右,有一定的光彩。
12:8 Thou indeed art very desirous to sit on the right with them, but thy shortcomings are many; 12時08分你確實藝術非常渴望參加的權利和他們在一起,但是你的缺點很多;
12:9 yet thou shalt be purified from thy shortcomings; 12時09分,但你必須從淨化你的缺點;

13:1 When she had said this, she wished to depart;十三時,她曾表示,她想離開;
13:2 but, falling at vision which she promised. 13時02分,但降幅,目光遠大,她答應。
13:3 Then she again took me by the hand, and raiseth me, and seateth me on the couch at the left hand, while she herself sat on the right. 13時03分,然後她又在我的手,並raiseth我, seateth我放在沙發上的左手,而她自己就坐在右邊。
13:4 And lifting up a certain glistening rod, she saith to me, `Seest thou a great thing'? 13時04分,並取消了某些閃光棒,她仰向我, `あな一個偉大的事情'嗎?
13:5 I say to her, ` Lady, I see nothing'. 13點05分我說,以她的, '夫人,我看不出有什麼' 。
13:6 She saith to me, `Look thou; 13時06分,她仰向我, '看你;
13:7 dost thou not see in front of thee a great tower being builded upon the waters, of glistening square stones'? 13點07多斯特你沒有看到前面的祢偉大的大樓正在builded後水域,對廣大群眾廣場石頭'嗎?
13:8 Now the tower was being builded foursquare by the six young men that came with her. 13時08分,現在該塔被builded foursquare由6名年輕男子來到她的。
13:9 And countless other men were bringing stones, some of them from the deep, and others from the land, and were handing them to the six young men. 13點09分以及其他無數的人帶來了石頭,他們中的一些人從深,和其他人從土地,並移交給6名年輕男子。
13:10 And they took them and builded. 13:10 ,並把他們和builded 。
13:11 The stones that were dragged from the deep they placed in every case, 13時11分的石頭被拉下,從深層它們放置在任何情況下,
13:12 just as they were, into the building, for they had been shaped, and they fitted in their joining with the other stones; 13時12分,正如他們,進入大樓,因為他們已經成型,並安裝在他們的加入,與其他寶石;
13:13 and they adhered so closely one with another that their joining could not possibly be detected; 13時13分,他們堅持如此密切同紛紛表示,他們的加入,也不可能被發現;
13:14 and the building of the tower appeared as if it were built of one stone. 13時14分和建設塔出現好像它內置的一石。
13:15 But of the other stones which were brought from the dry land, some they threw away, and some they put into the building; 13:15 ,但至於其他的石頭,其中所帶來的,從幹地,有些他們丟棄的,有些他們投入建設;
13:16 and others they broke in pieces, and threw to a distance from the tower. 13時16分和別人他們打破碎塊,並投擲到距離塔。
13:17 Now many other stones were lying round the tower, and they did not use them for the building; 13時17分,現在很多其他的石頭躺在輪塔,他們不使用他們提供的建設;
13:18 for some of them were mildewed, and others had cracks ill them, and others were too short, and others were white and round, and did not fit into the building. 13時18分,為他們中的一些人發霉,和其他人曾出現裂縫虐待他們,和其他人的時間太短了,有些則成為白人和輪,但並沒有融入建設。
13:19 And I saw other stones thrown to a distance from the tower, and coming to the way, and yet not staying in the way, but rolling to where there was no way; 13時19分,我看到其他石塊投擲到距離塔,以及未來發展路向的,但並非留在了道路,但軋到那裡有沒有出路;
13:20 and others falling into the fire and burning there; 13:20和其他武器落入火災和燃燒有;

14:1 When she had shown me these things, she wished to hurry these things, and yet not to know what the things mean'? 14時01分,當她表明我的這些東西,她希望趕在這些東西了,但不知道是什麼東西的意思' ?
14:2 She answered and said unto me, `Thou art an over-curious fellow, in desiring to know all that concerns the tower'. 14時02分,她回答說:祂對我`祢過度好奇研究員,在渴望知道所有涉及塔' 。
14:3 `Yea, lady', I said, `that I may announce it to any brethren, and that they [may be the more gladdened and] when they hear [these things] may know the Lord in great glory'. 14時03分`推倒的,夫人' ,我說, '我可以宣布,它向任何弟兄們,並認為他們可能會更痛,並]當他們聽到[這些東西]可知道上帝在大榮耀' 。
14:4 `Then said she, `Many shall hear; 14時04分`然後她說, `很多,應聽取;
14:5 but when they hear, some of them shall be glad, and others shall weep. 14時05分,但當他們聽到的,他們中的一些人將會高興,和其他人應落淚。
14:6 Yet even these latter, if they hear and repent, shall likewise be glad. 14時06分,但即使是這後者,如果他們聽到,並有悔改表現,同樣應感到高興。
14:7 Hear thou therefore the parables of the tower; 14點07分聽到你,所以parables的塔;
14:8 for I will reveal all things unto thee. 14時08分,為我會揭示一切事物祢。
14:9 And trouble me no more about revelation; 14點09分,鬧事,我沒有更多的啟示;
14:10 for these revelations have an end, seeing that they have been completed. 14:10為這些啟示已結束,但看到他們都已經完成。
14:11 Nevertheless thou wilt not cease asking for revelations; 14時11分,但祢不會停止要求啟示;
14:12 for thou art shameless. 14:12為祢可恥。

15:1 `The tower, which thou seest building, is myself, the Church, which was seen of thee both now and aforetime. 15:1 `塔,其中ああ建設,是我自己,教會,這被認為是祢無論是現在aforetime 。
15:2 Ask, therefore, what thou willest concerning the tower, and I will reveal it unto thee, that thou mayest rejoice with the saints'. 15時02問,所以,你willest關於塔,我將揭示了它在祢,那你mayest而憂,與聖人' 。
15:3 I say unto her, Lady, since thou didst hold me worthy once for all, that thou shouldest reveal all things to me, reveal them'. 15點03分我實實在在地告訴她,夫人,因為祢持有我堪當所有人都認為你shouldest透露所有的事情對我來說,揭示了他們' 。
15:4 Then she saith to me, `Whatsoever is possible to be revealed to thee, shall be revealed. 15時04分,然後她仰向我, '什麼是不可能透露給你,不得洩露。
15:5 Only let thy heart be with God, and doubt not in thy mind about that which thou seest'. 15時05分,只有讓你的心與神,並且懷疑不是在你的態度,認為這些人見』 。
15:6 I asked her, `Wherefore is the tower builded upon waters, lady'? 15時06分,我問她, '哪,是塔builded水域後,夫人'嗎?
15:7 `I told thee so before', said she, `and indeed thou dost enquire diligently. 15時07分`我告訴你,所以才' ,她說, `事實上你多斯特查詢常抓不懈。
15:8 So by thy enquiry thou discoverest the truth. 15時08分,讓你用你的查詢あdiscoverest真相。
15:9 Hear then why the tower is builded upon waters; 15點09分聽到那麼為什麼塔是builded後水域;
15:10 it is because your life is saved and shall be saved by water. 15:10那是因為你的職責就是保護,並應以節省用水。

16:1 I answered and said unto her, 16:1我回答,並說,她所不欲,
16:2 `Lady, this thing is great and `These are the holy angels of GOD, that were created first of all, unto whom the Lord delivered all His creation to increase and to build it, and to be masters of all creation. 16時02分`夫人,這件事是偉大而`這些都是神聖的天使,上帝的,即創造了第一,祂誰主發表了他的所有創作,以增加和建設的根本問題,並能夠掌握所有的創造物。
16:3 By their hands therefore the building of the tower will be accomplished'. 16時03分,由他們的手中,因此,建設該大樓將根據' 。
16:4 `And who are the others who are bringing the stones'? 16時04分`誰是其他人,把石頭'嗎?
16:5 `They also are holy angels of God; 16時05分`他們也都是聖天使的上帝;
16:6 but these six are superior to them. 16時06分,但上述六人是上級給他們。
16:7 The building of the tower then shall be accomplished, and all alike shall rejoice in the (completed) circle of the tower, and shall glorify God that the building of the tower was accomplished'. 16時07分建設塔,然後將完成,並全部都應當為此歡呼,在(已完成)循環塔,並應讚美上帝認為,建設該大樓是完成' 。
16:8 I enquired of her, saying, ` Lady, I could wish to know concerning the end of the stones, and their power, of what kind it is'. 16點08分我詢問,她說, '夫人,我想知道關於結束的石頭,他們的權力,什麼樣的,它是' 。
16:9 She answered and said unto me, `It is not that thou of all men art especially worthy that it should be revealed to thee; 16:9 ,她回答說:我所不欲, `這是不是你的所有男人的藝術,尤其是無愧于它應該透露給你;
16:10 for there are others before thee, and better than thou art, unto whom these visions ought to have been revealed. 16:10有別人之前,你,總比祢賜給人,這些願景,應已暴露無遺。
16:11 But that the name of God may be glorified, 16:11 ,但以上帝的名義,可讚美,
16:12 it hath been revealed to thee, and shall be revealed, for the sake of the doubtful-minded, who question in their hearts whether these things are so or not. 16:12它祂所被透露給你,並應透露,為求可疑的頭腦,人的問題在他們心中是否有這些東西,所以還是不要。
16:13 Tell them that all these things are true, and that there is nothing beside the truth, but that all are stedfast, and valid, and established on a firm foundation. 16:13告訴他們說,所有這些事情是真的話,並沒有什麼旁的真理,但都是stedfast ,和有效的,並建立在一個穩固的基礎。

17:1 `Hear now concerning the stones that go to the building. 17時01分`現在要聽取有關石頭說,去建設。
17:2 The stones that are squared and white, and that fit together in their joints, 17時02分的石頭是平方和白色,並裝在一起,在他們的關節,
17:3 these are the apostles and bishops and teachers and deacons, 17:3 ,這是使徒和主教們和老師的執事們,
17:4 who walked after the holiness of God, 17時04分,他們走到後,聖潔的上帝,
17:5 and exercised their office of bishop and teacher and deacon in purity and sanctity for the elect of God, some of them already fallen on sleep, and others still living. 17時05分,並行使了他們辦公室的主教和師資和執事在純潔性和神聖性,為選出的上帝,他們中的一些人已經落在睡覺,和其他人仍然生活。
17:6 And because they always agreed with one another, they both had peace among themselves and listened one to another. 17時06分,因為他們總是通過相互溝通,他們也都有過和平之間,並聽取了一到另一個地方。
17:7 Therefore their joinings fit together in the building of the tower'. 17時07分,因此其joinings適合在一起,在建設有塔' 。
17:8 `But they that are dragged from the deep, and placed in the building, and that fit together in their joinings with the other stones that are already builded in, who are they'? 17時08分`但他們都拉下,從深,並置於建築物,並裝在一起,在他們的joinings與其他的石頭都已經builded中,他們是誰'嗎?
17:9 `These are they that suffered for the name of the Lord'. 17時09分`他們都是受苦受難的主的名字』 。
17:10 `But the other stones that are brought from the dry land, I would fain know who these are, lady'. 17:10 ` ,但其他的石頭都帶來了從旱地,我會fain知道這些人是誰,夫人' 。
17:11 She said, `Those that go to the building, and yet are not hewn, these the Lord hath approved because they walked in the uprightness of the Lord, and rightly performed His commandments'. 17:11 ,她說, '那些去建設,但都沒有挖出來,這些主批准,因為他們走在有血性的主,並正確地履行了他的誡命。
17:12 `But they that are brought and placed in the building, who are they'? 17:12 ` ,但他們都帶來,並放置在大樓,他們是誰'嗎?
17:13 `They are young in the faith, and faithful; 17時13分`他們是年青人,在信念,忠誠;
17:14 but they are warned by the angels to do good, because wickedness was found in them'. 17時14分,但他們警告說,由天使做的好,因為邪惡發現,在他們' 。
17:15 `But those whom they rejected and threw away, who are they'? 17:15 `但那些人,他們拒絕和丟棄的,他們是誰'嗎?
17:16 `These have sinned, and desire to repent, therefore they were not cast to a great distance from the tower, because they will be useful for the building, if they repent. 17時16分`這是否犯罪,並渴望有悔改表現,因此,它們不投以很大的距離,從塔的,因為他們將是有益的,面向建築,如果他們有悔改表現。
17:17 They then that shall repent, if they repent, will be strong in the faith, if they repent now while the tower is building. 17時17分,他們則認為應思悔改,如果他們悔改,將較為強勁,在信仰,如果他們現在有悔改表現,而大樓正在建設。
17:18 But if the building shall be finished, they have no more any place, but shall be castaways. 17時18分,但如果建築應完成後,他們沒有更多的任何地方,但應盡快加以castaways 。

18:1 But wouldst thou know about them that are broken in pieces, and cast away far from the tower? 18:1 ,但wouldst你知道他們都是破碎碎塊,並擺脫目前,從塔?
18:2 These are the sons of wickedness was absent from them. 18時02分,這些都是兒子的邪惡不在他們。
18:3 Therefore they have not salvation, for they are not useful for building by reason of their wickednesses. 18:3 ,因此他們並沒有得救,因為他們是沒有用處的建設,由於其wickednesses 。
18:4 Therefore they were broken up and thrown far away by reason of the wrath of the Lord, for they excited Him to wrath. 18時04分,因此它們被打碎了,並投擲遠,因激怒上帝,為他們興奮,他的憤怒。
18:5 But the rest whom thou hast seen lying in great numbers, not going to the building, of these they that are mildewed are they that knew the truth, but did not abide in it, nor cleave to the saints. 18時05分,但其餘的人,祢看見倒臥在大號碼,而不是去建設,這些他們認為是發霉他們都是知道真相,但他沒有遵守它,也沒有cleave向聖人。

19:1 `But they that have the cracks, who are they'? 19時01分`但他們有裂痕,他們是誰'嗎?
19:2 `These are they at peace among themselves; 19時02分`這是他們在和平之間;
19:3 who have an appearance of peace, but when they depart from one another, their wickednesses abide in their hearts. 19時03分,他們有一個外觀的和平,但是,當他們離開彼此,他們wickednesses恪守在他們心中。
19:4 These are the cracks which the stones have. 19時04分,這些都是裂縫,其中有結石。
19:5 But they that are broken off short, these have believed, and have their greater part in righteousness, but have some parts of lawlessness; 19時05分,但他們都中斷總之,這些都相信,並把他們的大部份在義,但有部分地區無法無天;

20:1 `But the white and round stones, which did not fit into the building, who are they, lady'? 20:1 `但白色圓形石頭,它不適合進入大樓,他們是誰,夫人'嗎?
20:2 She answered and said to me, ` How understandest nothing? 20時02分,她回答我說, `如何understandest什麼?
20:3 These are they that have faith, but have also riches of this world. 20時03分,這些都是他們表示,有信心,但也有致富的這個世界。
20:4 When tribulation cometh, they deny their Lord by reason of their riches and their business affairs'. 20時04分,當苦難來臨,他們否認他們的主,因以自己的財富和他們的商業事務。
20:5 And I answered and said unto her, `When then, lady, will they be useful for the building ?` 20時05分,我回答,並說,她所不欲, `時,那麼,夫人,他們會不會有用,為建設呢? `
20:6 `When', she replied, `their wealth, which leadeth their souls astray, shall be cut away, then will they be useful for God. 20時06分`當' ,她回答說, `他們的財富,其中leadeth他們的靈魂誤入歧途,應切離,然後將他們是有益的上帝。
20:7 For just as the round stone, unless it be cut away, and lose some portion of itself, cannot become square, 20時07分,為正如一輪石料,除非它被切離,失去一部分本身,就不可能成為廣場
20:8 so also they that are rich in this world, unless their riches be cut away, cannot become useful to the lord. 20時08分,使他們也有豐富的在這個世界上,除非他們的財富被截除,就不可能成為有用的,向上帝禱告。
20:9 Learn first from thyself. 20時09分學習首先從你自己。
20:10 When thou hadst riches, thou wast useless; 20:10時,你hadst財富,你廢無用;
20:11 but now thou art useful and profitable unto life. 20時11分,但現在,祢有益和盈利祂的生活。

21:1 `But the other stones which thou sawest cast far away from the tower and falling into the way and rolling out of the way into believed, 21時01分`但其他的石頭,其中あsawest投遠離塔和落入方式和軋製出的方式,到相信,
21:2 but by reason of their double heart they abandon their true way. 21時02分,但由於其雙心放棄他們的真正出路。
21:3 Thus thinking that they can find a better way, they go astray and are sore distressed, as they walk about in the regions where there is no way. 21時03分,因此,他們以為能找到一個更好的辦法,他們走入歧途,是喉嚨痛痛心,因為他們步行約在所在地區,是沒有辦法。
21:4 But they that fall into the fire and are burned, 21時04分,但他們表示,落入火災,並燒毀
21:5 these are they that finally rebelled from the living God, 21時05分,這些都是他們說,終於造反,從活著的上帝,
21:6 and it no more entered into their hearts to repent by reason of the lusts of their wantonness and of the wickednesses which they wrought. 21時06分,並沒有更多的進入他們的心思悔改,因該性慾他們的肆無忌憚和該wickednesses他們緊張得要命。
21:7 But the others, which fall near the waters and yet cannot roll into the water, wouldest thou know who are they? 21時07分,但其他人,其中大部分屬於附近水域,但不能駛入水中, wouldest你知道他們是誰?
21:8 These are they that heard the word, and would be baptized unto the name of the Lord. 21時08分,這些都是他們表示,聽到這個詞,並會受洗祂主的名字。
21:9 Then, when they call to their remembrance the purity of the truth, they change their minds, and go back again after their evil desires'. 21時09分,然後,當他們打電話給思念的純潔性實話,他們改變主意,回去之後再自己邪惡的慾望' 。
21:10 So she finished the explanation of the tower. 21時10分,讓她完成了解釋塔。
21:11 Still importunate, I asked her further, whether for all these stones that were rejected and would not fit into the building of the tower there was repentance, and they had a place in this tower. 21時11分仍importunate ,我問她進一步,而不論是為所有這些石頭被拒絕,而且不會融入建築的大樓有悔罪,他們有一個地方,在此塔。
21:12 `They can repent', she said, `but they cannot be fitted into this tower. 21時12分` ,他們可以有悔改表現' ,她說, ' ,但也不能裝成此塔。
21:13 Yet they shall be fitted into another place much more humble, but not until they have undergone torments, and have fulfilled the days of their sins. 21:13 ,但他們應安裝到另一個地方更謙虛,而不是直到他們經歷磨折,並已完成了天,他們的罪孽。
21:14 And they shall be changed for this reason, because they participated it, the Righteous Word; 21時14分,他們應改變基於這個原因,因為他們參加了它,正義一詞;
21:15 and then shall it befall them to be relieved from their torments, if the evil deeds, that they have done, come into their heart; 21:15 ,然後它會降臨他們得到緩解,從他們的磨折,如果壞事,那是他們的所作所為,接觸到他們的心;

22:1 When then I ceased asking her concerning all these things, desirous of beholding, I was greatly rejoiced that I should see it. 22時01分的時候,那麼,我不再問她有關的一切,這些東西,希望看見了,我感到十分高興,我應該看到它。
22:2 She looked upon me, and smiled, and she saith to me, `Seest thou seven women round the tower'? 22時02分,她看我,微笑著,她仰向我, `あな七名婦女輪塔'嗎?
22:3 `I see them, lady', say I. 22時03分`我看見他們,夫人' ,說一。
22:4 `This tower is supported by them by commandment of the Lord. 22時04分`此塔是它們所支持的,由戒律的主。
22:5 Hear now their employments. 22點05分聽到現在,他們的僱傭關係。
22:6 The first of them, the woman with the strong hands, is called Faith; 22時06分第一人,該名女子與強手中,是所謂的信仰;
22:7 through her are saved the elect of God. 22時07分經過她是救選出的上帝。
22:8 And the second, that is girded about and looketh like a man, is called Continence; 22時08分和第二位,這是girded約和looketh像男人,是所謂可控;
22:9 she is the daughter of Faith. 22時09分,她是女兒的信念。
22:10 Whosoever then shall follow her, becometh happy in his life, for he shall refrain from all evil deeds, believing that, if he refrain from every evil desire, he shall inherit eternal life'. 22時10分何人,然後將遵循她的, becometh高興在他的生命,他應避免一切罪惡的行為,認為,如果他不從每一個邪惡的願望,他應繼承永生' 。
22:11 `And the others, lady, who be they'? 22時11分`等人,夫人,他們被他們'嗎?
22:12 `They are daughters one of the other. 22:12 `他們女兒的另一位。
22:13 The name of the one is Simplicity, of the next, knowledge, of the next, Guilelessness, of the next, Reverence, of the next, Love. 22時13分的名字一個是簡單性,對未來,新知識,新的未來, guilelessness ,未來,崇敬,對未來,愛情。
22:14 When then thou shalt do all the works of their mother, thou canst live'. 22時14分的時候,那麼你做的所有作品,他們的母親,你canst活' 。
22:15 `I would fain know, lady', I say, `what power each of them possesseth'. 22:15 `我fain知道,夫人' ,我說, '有什麼權力,他們每個人只握有' 。
22:16 `Listen then', saith she, `to the powers which they have. 22時16分`聽,然後' ,仰她, `給的權力,而他們有。
22:17 Their powers are mastered each by the other, and they follow each other, in the order in which they were born. 22時17分,他們的權力是掌握每一所等,他們跟隨對方,在秩序中,他們出生。
22:18 From Faith is born Continence, from Continence Simplicity, from Simplicity Guilelessness, from Guilelessness Reverence, from Reverence knowledge, from knowledge Love. 22時18分從信仰是出生可控,從可控簡單,從簡單guilelessness ,從guilelessness敬畏,從敬畏知識,從知識的熱愛。
22:19 Their works then are pure and reverent and divine. 22時19分他們的作品則是一個純粹reverent和神聖。
22:20 Whosoever therefore shall serve these women, and shall have strength to master their works, shall have his dwelling in the tower with the saints of God'. 22時20分何人,因此應以這些婦女,並應具備的實力,以掌握他們的作品,有他住在該大樓與上帝的聖徒' 。
22:21 Then I asked her concerning the seasons, whether the consummation is even now. 22時21分,然後我問她關於季節,是否圓滿,甚至是現在。
22:22 But she cried aloud, saying, ` Foolish man, seest thou not that the tower is still a-building? 22時22分,但她喊大聲抱怨,說: `愚者,あな不是該大樓仍是一個建設中的作用?
22:23 Whensoever therefore the tower shall be finished building, the end cometh; 22時23 whensoever因此塔應完成建設,年底時勢;
22:24 but it shall be built up quickly. 22時24分,但它應建立在迅速增加。
22:25 Ask me no more questions: 22時25問我,沒有更多問題:
22:26 this reminder is sufficient for you and for the saints, and is the renewal of your spirits. 22時26分,這提醒人們,是足以讓你為聖人,是延續你的精神。
22:27 But it was not revealed to thyself alone, but in order that thou mightest show these things unto all. 22:27 ,但它並沒有透露給你自己,而是為了你會查看這些東西所不欲所有。
22:28 After three days-for thou must understand first, 22時28分後三天為你必須明白,第一,
22:29 and I charge thee, Hermas, first with these words, which I am about to speak to thee-(I charge thee to) tell all these things into the ears of the saints, 22時29分,我負責祢hermas ,首先與上面這些話,我正要說話,以祢- (我負責把你送上)告訴所有這些東西到耳朵的聖人,
22:30 that hearing them and doing them they may be purified from their wickednesses, and thyself also with them. 22:30告他們,害了他們,他們可能會從淨化自己的wickednesses ,你自己也跟他們。

23:1 `Hear me, my children. 23時01分`聽到我,我的孩子。
23:2 I brought you up in much simplicity and guilelessness and reverence, 23時02分我帶你了,在許多簡單和guilelessness和崇敬,
23:3 through the mercy of the Lord, Who instilled righteousness into you, that ye might be justified and sanctified from all wickedness and all crookedness. 23時03分,透過慈悲的主,誰灌輸義到你們,而你們可能有正當理由和神聖化,從一切罪惡,所有曲。
23:4 But ye will not to cease from your wickedness. 23時04分,但葉不會停止從你的邪惡。
23:5 Now then hear me and be at peace among your, selves, and have regard one to another, and assist one another, 23時05分,現在則聽到我,並在和平,你的,守土有責,並把一個網絡向另一個,並相互協助,
23:6 and do not partake of the creatures of God alone in abundance, but share them also with those that are in want. 23時06分,不參加的動物神,僅在豐度,但分享他們還與那些同時也是在想。
23:7 For some men through their much eating bring weakness on the flesh, and injure their flesh: 23時07分,為一些男人通過他們吃多少帶來示弱關於肉和傷害他們的肉體:
23:8 whereas the flesh of those who have nought to eat is injured by their not having sufficient nourishment, and their body is ruined. 23時08分,而肉給那些有七個國家送吃的是受傷的,他們不會有足夠的營養,和身體,是葬送。
23:9 This exclusiveness therefore is hurtful to you that have and do not share with them that are in want. 23時09分,這排他性,因此,是傷害了你,有不同意他們的意見,認為是在想。
23:10 Look ye to the judgment that cometh. 23:10看葉,以判斷時勢。
23:11 Ye then that have more than enough, seek out them that are hungry, while the tower is still unfinished; 23時11分曄則認為,有足夠多的,是找出他們說,飢餓的,而塔仍是未竟;
23:12 for after the tower is finished, ye will desire to do good, and will find no place for it. 23:12以後,該塔建成後,葉會渴望做善事,會找不到地方。
23:13 Look ye therefore, ye that exult in your wealth, 23時13分看葉,因此,你們只要exult在你的財富,
23:14 lest they that are in want shall moan, and their moaning shall go up unto the Lord, and ye with your [abundance of) good things be shut outside the door of the tower. 23點14分,否則他們是在想,應呻吟,他們的喉嚨堵應進入了祂耶和華,葉與你的[豐度)好的東西被關閉在門外的塔。
23:15 Now therefore I say unto you that are rulers of the Church, and that occupy the chief seats; 23:15現在,所以我對你們所說的是統治者的教會,並佔據首席席位;
23:16 be not ye like unto the sorcerers. 23時16分被葉不一樣賜給了巫術。
23:17 The sorcerers indeed carry their drugs in boxes, 23時17分的巫師確實攜帶毒品在盒中,
23:18 but ye carry your drug and your poison in your heart Ye are case-hardened, 23時18分,但葉隨身攜帶藥物和你的毒藥,在你的心葉正案硬化,
23:19 and ye will not cleanse your hearts and mix your wisdom together in a clean heart, that ye may obtain mercy from the Great King. 23時19分,葉不會淨化你的心靈和組合,你的智慧,共同在一顆純潔的心,你們可以得到慈悲偉大的國王。
23:20 Look ye therefore, children, lest these divisions of yours deprive you of your life. 23:20看葉,因此,兒童,以免這些均告你,你剝奪你的生命。
23:21 How is it that ye wish to instruct the elect of the Lord, while ye yourselves have no instruction? 23時21分,它怎麼說,葉希望責成選出的主,而葉與你們沒有任何指示?
23:22 Instruct one another therefore, and have peace among yourselves, that I also may stand gladsome before the Father, and give an account concerning you all to your Lord'. 23時22分指示互相因此,有各國之間的和平與你們,我還可以站在gladsome前父親,並交代有關你的一切,以你的上帝' 。

24:1 When then she ceased speaking with me, the six young men, who were building, came, and took her away to the tower, and other four lifted the couch, and took it also away to the tower. 24:1的時候,然後她停止發言的話,這6名年輕男子,發現他們的建設,一來,並把她帶走,以塔,和其他四名解除了沙發上,並把它也送走了塔。
24:2 I saw not the face of these, for they were turned away. 24:2我看見不面對這些,因為他們被拒之門外。
24:3 And, as she went, I asked her to reveal to me concerning the three forms, in which she had appeared to me. 24:3和,因為她每到一地,我問她透露給我關於三種形式,在她看來我。
24:4 She answered and said to me; 24:4 ,她回答我說;
24:5 `As concerning these things thou must ask another, that they may be revealed to thee'. 24:5 ` ,因為這些東西你要問,他們可能會透露給你' 。
24:6 Now she was seen of me, brethren, in my first vision of last year, as a very aged woman and seated on a chair. 24:6現在,她是看到我的弟兄們,在我的第一個遠景,去年,作為一個非常歲女子,並坐在椅子上。
24:7 In the second vision her face was youthful, but her flesh and her hair were aged, and she spake to me standing; 24:7在第二個願景,她面對的是青春,但她的肉體和她的頭髮,年齡,而她spake向我站在;
24:8 and she was more gladsome than before. 24:8和她更gladsome比以前。
24:9 But in the third vision she was altogether youthful and of exceeding great beauty, and her hair alone was aged; 24:9 ,但在第三個願景,她是完全的青春和超越大美,和她的頭髮,單是老年人;
24:10 and she was gladsome exceedingly and seated on a couch. 24:10和她gladsome不得了,坐在一個沙發上。
24:11 Touching these things I was very greatly anxious to learn this revelation. 24:11在談到這些事情我感到非常大大急欲了解這個啟示。
24:12 And I see the aged woman in a vision of the night, saying to me, `Every enquiry needs humility. 24:12 ,我看到年齡的女人一個夢想的夜晚,對我說, `每次查詢需要謙卑。
24:13 Fast therefore, and thou shalt receive what thou askest from the Lord'. 24:13快,因此,你得到什麼你askest從主' 。
24:14 So I fasted one day; 24:14 ,所以我禁食一天;
24:15 and that very night there appeared unto me a young man, and he saith to me, `Seeing that thou askest me revelations offhand with entreaty, take heed lest by thy much asking thou injure thy flesh. 24:15 ,並表示當天晚上出現所不欲,我一個年輕男子,他在集會上對我來說, `看到你askest我啟示offhand與entreaty ,加以留意,以免由你得多問你傷害你的血和肉。
24:16 Sufficient for thee are these revelations. 24:16足以讓你的是,這些啟示。
24:17 Canst thou see mightier revelations than those thou hast seen'? 24:17 canst你看到mightier啟示比祢看到'嗎?
24:18 I say unto him in reply, `Sir, this one thing alone I ask, concerning the three forms of the aged woman, that a complete revelation may be vouchsafed me'. 24:18我實實在在地告訴他,在回答, '主席先生,這一件事,僅我想請問,關於三種形式的老年婦女,即一個完整的啟示,可vouchsafed我' 。
24:19 He saith to me in answer, `How long are ye without understanding? 24:19他仰給我的答案, `有多長葉而不了解?
24:20 It is your double-mindedness that maketh you of no understanding, and because your heart is not set towards the Lord'. 24:20 ,這是你的雙重意識明了,你的不理解,因為你的心是不是對上帝' 。

25:1 `Listen', saith he, `concerning the three forms, of which thou enquirest. 25:1 `聽' ,仰他, `關於三種形式,其中あenquirest 。
25:2 In the first vision wherefore did she appear to aged, and already decayed, and had no power by reason of your infirmities and acts of double-mindedness. 25:2 ,在第一次的視覺哪,她似乎年齡,並已腐爛,並沒有權力為理由,你的軟弱和行為的雙重意識。
25:3 For as aged people, having no longer hope of renewing their youth, expect nothing else but to fall asleep, 25:3因為年齡的人,不再是希望的延續自己的青春,期望什麼都沒有了,但入睡,
25:4 so ye also, being weakened with the affairs of this world, gave yourselves over to repining, and cast not your cares on the Lord; 25:4 ,使葉也被削弱與國際事務中的這個世界上,給自己,給repining ,及演員,不是你的關心,對耶和華;
25:5 but your spirit was broken, and ye were aged by your sorrows'. 25:5 ,但你的精神被打破,和葉年齡在你的血汗' 。
25:6 ` Wherefore then she was seated on a chair, I would fain know, Sir'. 25:6 `哪,然後,她坐在椅子上,我會fain知道,主席先生' 。
25:7 `Because every weak person sits on a chair by reason of his weakness, that the weakness of his body may be supported. 25:7 ` ,因為每個人的薄弱坐在一張椅子,因他的軟弱,該軟弱的,他的身體可能得到支持。

26:1 `But in the second vision thou sawest her standing, and with her countenance more youthful and more gladsome than before; 26:1 ` ,但在第二個遠景あsawest她常委,並與她更年輕和更gladsome比以前;
26:2 saith he. 26:2仰他。
26:3 `Imagine an old man, who has now lost all hope of himself by reason of his weakness and his poverty, and expecteth nothing else save the last day of his life. 26:3 `想像老頭子,如今已失去了所有的希望,為自己的原因,他的弱點和他的貧窮,並expecteth什麼都沒有了挽救的最後一天,他的生命。
26:4 Suddenly an inheritance is left him. 26:4突然遺產留給他。
26:5 He heareth the news, riseth up and full of joy clothes himself with strength, and no longer lieth down, but standeth up, 26:5他聴消息後, riseth起來,並充滿喜悅的衣服自己的實力,而不再是lieth下降,但standeth ,
26:6 and his spirit, which was now broken by reason of his former circumstances, is renewed again, and he no longer sitteth, but taketh courage; 26:6和他的精神,這是現在所打破的原因,他的前任的情況下,再度反复實踐,他不再是祂的,但taketh勇氣;
26:7 so also was it with you, when ye heard the revelation which the Lord revealed unto you. 26:7 ,所以也被它與你,當你們聽到了啟示,其中主透露,在你們身上。
26:8 For He had compassion on you, and renewed your spirits, 26:8 ,因為他同情你,並重新振作精神,
26:9 and ye laid aside your maladies, and strength came to you, and ye were made powerful in the faith, and the Lord rejoiced to see you put on your strength. 26:9和葉擱置一旁您的弊端和力量,來向你致敬,葉發了言,在強大的信仰,和上帝很高興地看到,你把你的實力。
26:10 And therefore He showed you the building of the tower; 26:10 ,因此,他表明你的建設塔;

27:1 `But in the third vision ye saw her younger and fair and cometh some piece of good tidings, 27:1 ` ,但在第三個遠景曄看見她的年輕化和公平和時勢的一些作品的喜訊,
27:2 immediately he forgetteth his former sorrows, 27:2他立即forgetteth他的前痛苦,
27:3 and admitteth nothing but the tidings which he hath heard, and is strengthened thenceforth unto that which is good, and his spirit is renewed by reason of the joy which he hath received; 27:3和admitteth只是福音,其中祂所聽到的,是加強此後祂說,這是好的,他的精神是延續的理由,喜悅,其中祂所收到;
27:4 so also ye have received a renewal of your spirits by seeing these good things. 27:4 ,所以也葉曾接獲一宗延續你的精神所看到這些好東西。
27:5 And whereas thou sawest her seated on a couch, the position is a firm one; 27:5和而思sawest她坐在一個沙發上,立場是堅定的;
27:6 for the couch has four feet and standeth firmly; 27:6 ,為躺在沙發上有四個腳standeth牢固;
27:7 for the world too is upheld by means of four elements. 27:7 ,為世界也是堅持的,就是由四部分組成。
27:8 They then that have fully repented shall be young again, and founded firmly, seeing that they have repented with their whole heart. 27:8然後,他們有充分的懺悔,應由年輕,反复實踐,創立牢固,看到他們的懺悔,他們的整個心。
27:9 There thou hast the revelation entire and complete. 27:9有祢啟示整和完整。

28:1 VISION FOUR The fourth vision which I saw, brethren, twenty days after tribulation. 28:1 視野四個第四,目光遠大,我看到了,弟兄們,二十天後磨難。
28:2 I was going into the country by the Campanian Way. 28:2 ,我本來打算進入該國由坎帕尼亞方式。
28:3 From the high road, it is about ten stades; 28:3 ,從高路,它是大約十stades ;
28:4 and the place is easy for travelling. 28:4和地點是很容易的旅行安全。
28:5 While then I am walking alone, 28:5 ,而我便獨自散步,
28:6 I entreat the Lord that He will accomplish the revelations and the visions which He showed me through His holy Church, 28:6我懇求上帝說,他將完成的揭露和願景,他給我看他的聖教會,
28:7 that He may strengthen me and may give repentance to His servants which have stumbled, 28:7 ,他可能會加強對我和可能給予悔過書,以他的僕人,其中有偶然,
28:8 that His great and glorious Name may be glorified, for that He held me worthy that He should show me His marvels. 28:8 ,他的偉大而光榮的名字可能在讚美,為他舉行了,我值得說,他應該給我看他的奇蹟。
28:9 And as I gave glory and thanksgiving to Him, there answered me as it were the sound of a voice, ` Be not of doubtful mind Hermas'. 28:9 ,並作為我給光榮與感恩,他有回答我,因為它有良好的聲音, `不疑的態度hermas ' 。
28:10 I began to question in myself and to say, How can I be of doubtful mind, seeing that I am so firmly founded by the Lord, and have seen glorious things'? 28:10 ,我開始質疑自己,並說,我又如何能得到可疑的心態,看到我如此堅定地成立,由主,並看到了光榮的事情'嗎?
28:11 And I went on a little, brethren, and behold, I see a cloud of dust rising as it were to heaven, and I began t> say within myself, `Can it be that cattle are coming, and raising a cloud of dust ?` 28:11和我去了一個小弟兄們,你看,我看到一個塵埃雲上升,因為它要上天,我也開始噸>說,在我自己, `可不可以這樣說,牛來了,並提高雲塵埃? `
28:12 for it was just about a stade from me. 28:12為那只是一個比賽,從我身上。
28:13 As the cloud of dust waxed greater and greater, I suspected that it was something supernatural. 28:13由於塵埃雲waxed越來越大,我懷疑這是一些超自然的。
28:14 Then the sun shone out a little, and behold, I see a huge beast like some sea-monster, and from its mouth fiery locusts issued forth. 28:14 ,然後在太陽照耀出一點,你看,我看到一個巨大的野獸一樣,有些海怪獸,從它的嘴火熱的治蝗工作發出了。
28:15 And the beast was about a hundred feet in length, and its head was as it were of pottery. 28:15和獸約一百英尺長,其頭部被作為它的陶器。
28:16 And I began to weep, and to entreat the Lord that He would rescue me from it. 28:16 ,我開始哭泣,並懇求上帝,他會救我脫離我的。
28:17 And I remembered the word which I had heard, `Be not of doubtful mind, Hermas'. 28:17 ,我記得這個詞,我曾聽說, `不疑的態度, hermas ' 。
28:18 Having therefore, brethren, put on the faith of the Lord and called to mind the mighty works that He had taught me, I took courage and gave myself up to the beast. 28:18後,所以弟兄們,把對信仰的上帝,並要求回想起威武工程,他曾教導我,我毅然勇氣,並給予懲罰自己,以野獸。
28:19 Now the beast was coming on with such a rush, that it might have ruined a city. 28:19現在獸來對這樣的一個倉促決定,它可能毀了一個城市。
28:20 I come near it, and, huge monster as it was, it stretcheth itself on the ground, and merely put forth its tongue, and stirred not at all until I had passed by it. 28:20我靠近它,並龐然大物,因為它是,它stretcheth本身在地面上,只提出了其舌頭,激起沒有這回事,直到我已經通過它。
28:21 And the beast had on its head four colours; 28:21和野獸已發揮得淋漓盡致四種顏色;

29:1 Now after I had passed the beast, 29:1後,現在我已通過了野獸,
29:2 and had gone forward about thirty feet, behold, there meeteth me a virgin arrayed as if she sandals, veiled up to her forehead, and her head-covering consisted of a turban, and her hair was white. 29:2 ,並已經歷了大約三十個腳,看哪,有meeteth我處女陣列,因為如果她的涼鞋,含蓄了她的前額,她的頭部复蓋構成一個頭巾,她的頭髮是白色的。
29:3 I knew from the former visions that it was the Church, and I became more cheerful. 29:3我知道從前者的願景,這是教會的,我變得更加開朗。
29:4 She saluteth me, saying, `Good morrow, my good man'; 29:4她saluteth我說, '好的明天,我的好人' ;
29:5 and I saluted her in turn, ` Lady, good morrow'. 29:5我敬禮,她反過來, `夫人,好明天' 。
29:6 She answered and said unto me, `Did nothing meet thee? 29:6 ,她回答說:祂對我`沒有做任何滿足你嗎?
29:7 ` I say unto her, Lady, such a huge beast, that could have destroyed whole peoples : 29:7 `我實實在在地告訴她,夫人,這樣一個龐大的野獸,能破壞整個民族:
29:8 but, by the power of the Lord and by His great mercy, I escaped it'. 29:8 ,但由電力的主,並通過他的偉大慈悲,我逃出' 。
29:9 `Thou didst escape it well', saith she, 29:9 `祢逃生得好' ,仰她,
29:10 because thou didst cast thy care upon God, and didst open thy heart to the Lord, believing that thou canst be saved by nothing else but by His great and glorious Name. 29:10因為祢投你的照顧後,神,復活,打開你的心,向上帝禱告,以為你canst救什麼都沒有了,而是由他的偉大而光榮的名字。
29:11 Therefore the Lord sent His angel, which is over the beasts, whose name is Segri, and shut its mouth, that it might not hurt thee. 29:11因此主派他的天使,這是過去連禽獸,他的名字是塞格里,並關閉其口,它可能不會傷害你。
29:12 Thou hast escaped a great tribulation by reason of thy faith, and because, though thou sawest so huge a beast, thou didst not doubt in thy mind. 29:12祢逃脫偉大的磨難,因著你的信仰,因為,儘管你sawest如此龐大的獸,祢不要懷疑,在你的心。
29:13 Go therefore, and declare to the elect of the Lord His mighty works, and tell them that this beast is a type of the great tribulation which is to come.你只要...噢!去,因此,並宣布向選出的主他的浩蕩工程,並告訴他們,這獸,是一種偉大的磨難,這是來。
29:14 If therefore ye prepare yourselves beforehand, 29:14因此,如葉準備與你們事前
29:15 and repent (and turn) unto the Lord with your whole heart, ye shall be able to escape it, if your heart be made pure and without blemish, and if for the remaining days of your life ye serve the Lord blamelessly. 29:15和懺悔(轉)祂主與你的整個心,葉應逃脫不了它,如果你的心作出純潔,沒有污點的,如果對於餘下的日子你的生活葉事奉耶和華完全人。
29:16 Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will set them straight. 29:16投你的關心後,主,他將它們設置直。
29:17 Trust ye in the Lord, ye men of doubtful mind, for He can do all things, yea, He both turneth away His wrath from you, and again He sendeth forth His plagues upon you that are of doubtful mind. 29:17信託業在主,葉男子可疑的心靈,為他可以做一切事情,推倒的,他既turneth遠離他的憤怒,從你和他又送了他的苦惱後,你認為是可疑的態度。
29:18 Woe to them that hear these words and are disobedient; 29:18要將他們說,聽到這些話,是不聽話;

30:1 I asked her concerning the four colours, which the beast had upon its head. 30:1我問她關於使用四種顏色,其中獸類有後,其頭部。
30:2 Then she answered me and said, `Again thou art me what these things are'. 30:2 ,然後她回答我說, `再次祢我是什麼,這些東西都是' 。
30:3 `Listen', said she; 30:3 `聽' ,她說;
30:4 `the black is this world in which ye dwell; 30:4 `黑色是這個世界中,葉糾纏;
30:5 and the fire and blood colour showeth that this world must perish by blood and fire; 30:5和火與血的顏色示,這個世界要滅亡了血與火;
30:6 and the golden part are ye that have escaped from this world. 30:6和金部分,是燁已經逃離這個世界。
30:7 For as the gold is tested hy the fire and is made useful, so ye also [that dwell in it] are being tested in yourselves. 30:7因為黃金是測試路政署署長火災,並提出了有益的,所以,你們也認為[住在它]受到考驗留給自己。
30:8 Ye then that abide and pass through the fire will be purified by it. 30:8曄則認為,遵守並通過消防,將純化。
30:9 For as the gold loses its dross, so ye also shall cast away all sorrow and tribulation, and shall be purified, and shall be useful for the building of the tower. 30:9因為黃金失去其糟粕,使葉,也應拋棄所有的悲傷和苦難,並應以純化的,並應成為有用地為建設有塔。
30:10 But the white portion is the coming age, in which the elect of God shall dwell; 30:10 ,但白色部分是即將到來的時代,在其中選出上帝的應詳述;
30:11 because the elect of God shall be without spot and pure unto life eternal. 30:11 ,因為選出的上帝應無現貨和純預言永恆的生命。
30:12 Wherefore cease not thou to speak in the ears of the saints. 30:12人哪,停止不思說,在耳朵的聖徒。
30:13 Ye have now the symbolism also of the tribulation which is coming in power. 30:13你們現在的象徵意義,也對磨難,這是未來電力。
30:14 But if ye be willing, it shall be nought. 30:14 ,但如果你們願意,它應被化為烏有。
30:15 Remember ye the things that are written beforehand'. 30:15記得葉事情都是事先書面' 。
30:16 With these words she departed, and I saw not in what direction she departed; 30:16用這句話,她離開了,我可以看到他不朝什麼方向,她離開;
30:17 for a noise was made; 30:17為噪音作了;

31:1 REVELATION FIVE. 31:1 啟示五。
31:2 As I prayed in the house, and sat on the couch, 31:2因為我祈禱在眾議院,並坐在沙發上,
31:3 there entered a skin wrapped about him, and with a wallet on his shoulders and a staff in his hand. 31:3有進入了一個皮膚包裹約他,並同一個錢包,他的肩膀和一名工作人員在自己的手中。
31:4 And he saluted me, and I saluted him in return. 31:4和他讚揚我,我讚揚他的回報。
31:5 And he immediately sat down by my side, and he saith unto me, `I was sent by the most holy angel, that I might dwell with thee the remaining days of thy life'. 31:5和他立即坐下來,由我的一邊,而他仰所不欲,我, '我是派出由最聖潔的天使,我曾表示可能糾纏與你餘下的日子你的生活』 。
31:6 I thought he came to tempt me, and I say unto him, `Why, who art thou? 31:6 ,我以為他來誘惑我,我實實在在地告訴他, '為什麼,他們的藝術你嗎?
31:7 For I know', say I, `unto whom I was delivered'. 31:7因為我知道' ,說我'祂的人,我發表了' 。
31:8 He saith to me, `Dost thou not recognise me'? 31:8他仰對我來說, '除此以外,你不認識我嗎?
31:9 `No', I say. 31:9 '不' ,我說。
31:10 `I', saith he, `am the shepherd, unto whom thou wast delivered'. 31:10 '我' ,仰他, `上午牧羊人,不欲人あ廢交付' 。
31:11 While he was still speaking, his form was changed, and I recognised him as being the same, to whom I was delivered; 31:11 ,而他還是說,他的形式有所變化,但我認同他的作為,同時,我向他們交付;
31:12 and straightway I was confounded, and fear seized me, and I was altogether overwhelmed with distress that I had answered him so wickedly and senselessly. 31:12和straightway我是混淆了,和恐懼,繳獲了我,我是完全壓倒了同遇險,我已回答了他,所以惡意和senselessly 。
31:13 But he answered and said unto me, `Be not confounded, but strengthen thyself in my commandments which I am about to command thee. 31:13 ,但他回答說:祂對我`不要混淆了,但加強你自己在我的誡命,而我將要指揮你。
31:14 For I was sent', saith he, `that I might show thee again all the things which thou didst see before, merely the heads which are convenient for you. 31:14 ,我被送往' ,仰他, '我可能顯示你再次的所有事情,其中祢前看到的,僅僅是元首這是在您方便的。
31:15 First of all, write down my commandments and my parables; 31:15首先,寫下我的誡命,我parables ;
31:16 and the other matters thou shalt write down as I shall show them to thee. 31:16和其他事項你寫下來,因為我會把他們展示給你。
31:17 The reason why', saith he, `I command thee to write down first the commandments and parables is, that thou mayest read them off-hand, and mayest be able to keep them'. 31:19之所以' ,仰他, '我命令你寫下第一誡命,並parables是,那你mayest閱讀這些場外,另一方面, mayest能夠讓他們' 。
31:18 So I wrote down the commandments and parables, as he commanded me. 31:18 ,所以我寫下來的誡命, parables ,因為他指揮的我。
31:19 If then, when ye hear them, ye keep them and walk in them, and do them with a pure heart, ye shall receive from the Lord all things that He promised you; 31:19 ,如果那麼,當你們聽到這些,葉,讓他們走他們,並送給他們一個純淨的心,葉應接受來自上帝的一切事情,他答應你;
31:20 but if, when ye hear them, ye do not repent, but still add to your sins, ye shall receive from the Lord the opposite. 31:20但是,如果當你們聽到這些,葉不思悔改,但仍放入你的罪孽,葉應接收來自主相反。

32:1 MANDATE THE FIRST. 32:1 任務第一。
32:2 First of all, believe that God is One, 32:2首先,相信上帝是其中之一,
32:3 even He Who created all non-existence into being, Who comprehendeth all things, being alone incomprehensible. 32:3 ,甚至他的人創造了一切不存在應運而生,他們comprehendeth一切事物,正獨自難以理解。
32:4 Believe Him therefore, and fear Him, and in this fear be continent. 32:4相信他,因此,並怕他,並在這方面,恐怕大陸。
32:5 Keep these things, 32:5保持這些東西,
32:6 and thou shall cast off all wickedness from thyself, and shall clothe thyself with every excellence of righteousness, and shall live unto God, if thou keep this commandment. 32:6和你應擺脫一切罪惡,從預言者,並應衣物,你自己與每一個優秀的公義,並應活祂上帝,如果你把這個戒律。

33:1 MANDATE THE SECOND. 33:1 任務第二。
33:2 He saith to me; 33:2他仰給我;
33:3 `Keep simplicity and be guileless, and thou shall be as little children, that know not the wickedness which destroyeth the life of men. 33:3 `保持簡單性和可guileless ,你應盡可能老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼,不知道邪惡,其中destroyeth生命的男人。
33:4 First of all, speak evil of no man, neither take pleasure in listening to a slanderer. 33:4首先,講邪惡的,沒有人,既不是樂於聽一場slanderer 。
33:5 Otherwise thou that hearest too shalt be responsible for the sin of him that speaketh the evil, if thou believest the slander, which thou hearest; 33:5 ,否則你說hearest太本當負責的罪,他說出來的邪惡,如果你believest誹謗,對這些人hearest ;
33:6 for in believing it thou thyself also wilt have a grudge against thy brother. 33:6在他們相信你用你自己也枯萎病有積怨,你的兄弟。
33:7 So then shalt thou be responsible for the sin of him that speaketh the evil. 33:7那麼本當你負責的罪,他說出來的邪惡。
33:8 Slander is evil; 33:8誹謗,是邪惡的;
33:9 it is a restless demon, never at peace, but always having its home among factions. 33:9這是一個躁動不安的惡魔,從來沒有在和平,但總是有其居各派系。
33:10 Refrain from it therefore, and thou shalt have success at all times with all men. 33:10不要因此,它和你有成功的,在任何時候都與所有男性。
33:11 But clothe thyself in reverence, wherein is no evil stumbling-block, but all things are smooth and gladsome. 33:11 ,但衣服你自己在虔敬,其中並沒有邪惡絆腳石,但所有的東西都順利和gladsome 。
33:12 Work that which is good, 33:12工作,這是個好,
33:13 and of thy labours, which God giveth thee, give to all that are in want freely, not questioning to whom thou shall give, and to whom thou shall not give. 33:13和你的勞動,上帝給予你,讓一切都在想自由,而不是審問中,其中你應給予,並且向誰你不得。
33:14 Give to all; 33:14分給所有;
33:15 for to all God desireth that there should be given of His own bounties. 33:15為所有神desireth認為應給予他自己的懸賞。
33:16 They then that receive shall render an account to God why they received it, and to what end; 33:16然後,他們得到應作出交代上帝,所以他們收到它,並期望達到什麼目的;
33:17 for they that receive in distress shall not be judged, but they that receive by false pretence shall pay the penalty. 33:17 ,他們表示,在收到遇險不得判斷,但他們表示,接受以虛假矯飾應支付罰款。
33:18 He then that giveth is guiltless; 33:18他接著說,給予的是無罪;
33:19 for as he received from the Lord the ministration to perform it, he hath performed it in sincerity, by making no distinction to whom to give or not to give. 33:19 ,因為他收到了來自上帝的ministration演出時,他祂所表現在它的誠意,不作區分誰給或不給。
33:20 This ministration then, when sincerely performed, becomes glorious in the sight of God. 33:20這ministration然後,當真誠的表現,成為光榮的,在神看。
33:21 He therefore that ministereth thus sincerely shall live unto God. 33:21因此,他認為, ministereth因此懇切將生活所不欲,上帝。
33:22 `Therefore keep this commandment, as I have told thee, that thine own repentance and that of thy household may be found to be sincere, and [thy] heart pure and undefiled'. 33:22 `所以保持這個誡命,因為我已經告訴你,那你們自己悔罪,並說,你的家庭可能會被查出有誠意, [你]心純潔undefiled ' 。

34:1 MANDATE THE THIRD. 34:1 任務的三分之一。
34:2 Again he saith to me; 34:2他又仰給我;
34:3 `Love truth, and let nothing but truth proceed out of thy mouth, that the Spirit which God made to dwell in this flesh, may be found true in the sight of all men; 34:3 `愛真理,讓無關,但事實進行了你的嘴,這一精神是真主向住在這個肉身,可能會發現真正在視線的所有男性;
34:4 and thus shall the Lord, Who dwelleth in thee, be glorified; 34:4 ,因此,應在主,誰永遠的,在你身上,讚美;
34:5 for the Lord is true in every word, and with Him there is no falsehood. 34:5因為耶和華是真正在每一個字,並與他有任何的虛偽性。
34:6 They therefore that speak lies set the Lord at nought, and become robbers of the Lord, for they do not deliver up to Him the deposit which they received. 34:6因此,他們講一套謊言主在化為烏有,並成為劫匪的主,因為他們不交付了他的存款,他們收到了。
34:7 For they received of Him a spirit free from lies. 34:7 ,因為他們收到了他的精神,不受所在。
34:8 This if they shall return a lying spirit, they have defiled the commandment of the Lord and have become robbers'. 34:8這個,如果他們應返回一個說謊的精神,他們玷污了戒律的主,並已成為劫匪' 。
34:9 When then I heard these things, I wept bitterly. 34:9的時候,然後我聽到這些事情,我痛苦的哭泣。
34:10 But seeing me weep he saith, `Why weepest thou ?` 34:10 ,但看到我流淚,他仰, `為什麼哭? `
34:11 `Because, Sir', say I, `I know not if I can be saved'. 34:11 ` ,因為主席先生' ,說我, '我不知道,如果我可以節省' 。
34:12 `Why so'? 34:12 `為什麼有這麼'嗎?
34:13 saith he. 34:13仰他。
34:14 `Because, Sir', I say, `never in my life spake I a true word, but I always lived deceitfully with all men and dressed up my falsehood as truth before all men; 34:14 ` ,因為主席先生' ,我說, '從來沒有在我的生命spake一A真實詞,但我一直在生活中,騙取與所有男人和穿著我的謬誤,因為真理面前人人;
34:15 and no man ever contradicted me, but confidence was placed in my word. 34:15和任何人,任何時候都抵觸了我,但有信心,是擺在我的字。
34:16 How then, Sir', say I, `can I live, seeing that I have done these things'? 34:16又哪來的,先生' ,說我, '我能活,看到我所做的這些事情'嗎?
34:17 `Your supposition', he saith, `is right and true, 34:17 `你的假設' ,他仰, `是正確和真實,
34:18 for it behoved thee as a servant of God to walk in truth, and no complicity with evil should abide with the Spirit of truth, nor bring grief to the Spirit which is holy and true'. 34:18為它behoved你作為一個僕人,上帝走在真理,並沒有共謀與邪惡的,應當遵守與真理的聖靈,也帶來悲痛的精神,這是神聖的和真正的' 。
34:19 `Never, Sir', say I, `heard I clearly words such as these'. 34:19 `從來沒有,先生' ,說我, '聽說我清楚的詞語,如這些' 。
34:20 `Now then', saith he, `thou hearest. 34:20 `現在那麼' ,仰他, '你hearest 。
34:21 Guard them, that the former falsehoods also which thou spakest in thy business affairs may themselves become credible, now that these are found true; 34:21看守他們,認為前者是虛假的,也對這些人spakest在你的商業事務,本身可能成為可信的,現在這些發現屬實;
34:22 for they too can become trustworthy. 34:22 ,他們也能夠成為可以信賴的。
34:23 If thou keep these things, 34:23 ,如果你保持這些東西,
34:24 and from henceforward speak nothing but truth, 34:24 ,從今以後發言不過是真理,
34:25 thou shalt be able to secure life for thyself And whosoever shall hear this command, and abstain from falsehood, that most pernicious habit, shall live unto God'. 34:25你能夠安全的生活,為你自己和何人會聽到這個命令,並投棄權假的,即最惡毒的習慣,將生活所不欲,神' 。

35:1 MANDATE THE FOURTH. 35:1 任務第四位。
35:2 `I charge thee', saith he, `to keep purity, 35:2 '我負責你' ,仰他, `保持純潔性,
35:3 and let not a thought enter into thy heart concerning another's wife, or concerning fornication or concerning any such like evil deeds; 35:3 ,讓沒有想過進入你的心臟有關他人的妻子,或涉及婚前性行為或任何類似劣跡;
35:4 for in so doing thou committest a great sin. 35:4 ,為在這樣做時你committest大單。
35:5 But remember thine own wife always, and thou shalt never go wrong. 35:5但請記住你們自己的妻子總是和你永遠也不會再錯了。
35:6 For should this desire enter into thine heart, thou wilt go wrong, and should any other as evil as this, thou committest sit,. 35:6 ,為應這一願望進入你的心,祢出亂子,並應其他任何邪惡,因為這樣,你committest薛。
35:7 For this desire in a servant of God is a great sin; 35:7為這一願望在一個僕人,上帝是一個偉大的罪過;
35:8 and if any man doeth this evil deed, he worketh out death for himself Look to it therefore. 35:8 ,如果任何人doeth這一罪惡卻反其道而行之, worketh死亡,親自看看它,因此。
35:9 Abstain from this desire; 35:9投棄權票,從這個願望;
35:10 for, Mere holiness dwelleth, there lawlessness ought not to enter into the heart of a righteous man'. 35:10 ,僅僅成聖永遠的,有和尚打傘,無法無天,不應該進入的心臟正義的人' 。
35:11 I say to him, `Sir, permit me to ask thee a few more questions'. 35:11我對他說, '先生,請允許我問你幾個問題' 。
35:12 `Say on', saith he. 35:12 `發言權' ,仰他。
35:13 `Sir', say I, `if a man who has a wife that is faithful in the Lord detect her in adultery, doth the husband sin in living with her'? 35:13 `先生' ,說我, '如果一個人有一個妻子,這是忠實於上帝,她發現在通姦, doth丈夫單,在生活與她'嗎?
35:14 `So long as he is ignorant', saith he, `he sinneth not; 35:14 `這麼久,因為他是無知' ,仰他, `他sinneth ;
35:15 but if the husband know of her sin, and the wife repent not, but continue in her fornication, and her husband live with her, he makes himself responsible for her sin and an accomplice in her adultery'. 35:15 ,但如果丈夫知道她的罪過,和妻子並沒有悔改表現,但繼續在她私通,與丈夫同住,她的,他本人負責她的罪孽與共犯她通姦' 。
35:16 `What then, Sir', say I, `shall the husband do, if the wife continue in this case'? 35:16 `什麼,然後,主席先生' ,說我'應當丈夫做的,如果妻子繼續在這種情況下'嗎?
35:17 `Let him divorce her', saith he, `and let the husband abide alone: 35:17 `讓他離婚' ,仰他, ` ,並讓丈夫恪守單:
35:18 but if after divorcing his wife he shall marry another, he likewise committeth adultery'. 35:18 ,但如果離異後,他的妻子,他會娶另外,他同樣committeth通姦' 。
35:19 `If then, Sir', say I, `after the wife is divorced, she repent and desire to return to her own husband, shall she not be received'? 35:19 `如果當時,主席先生' ,說我'後,妻子離婚,她悔過,並渴望回到自己的丈夫,她應不會收到'嗎?
35:20 `Certainly', saith he, `if the husband receiveth her not, he sinneth and bringeth great sin upon himself; 35:20 `當然' ,仰他, '如果丈夫領受她的不是,他sinneth和bringeth大單後,自己;
35:21 nay, one who hath sinned and repented must be received, yet not often; 35:21不,一人祂所罪和懺悔,必須收到,但不是經常;
35:22 for there is but one repentance for the servants of God. 35:22為有一個懺悔的公僕和勤務員,上帝。
35:23 For the sake of her repentance therefore the husband ought not to marry. 35:23 ,為她的悔過書,因此,丈夫不應該結婚。
35:24 This is the manner of acting enjoined on husband and wife. 35:24行行行,這是該地的代理是受命於丈夫和妻子。
35:25 Not only', saith he, `is it adultery, if a man pollute his flesh, but whosoever doeth things like unto the heathen committeth adultery. 35:25不僅' ,在集會上, `是通姦,如果一個男人不會污染他的肉體,但無論誰doeth東西給外邦人committeth姦淫。
35:26 If therefore in such deeds as these likewise a man continue and repent not, keep away from him, and live not with him. 35:26 ,因此,如果在這樣的事蹟,因為這些同樣一名男子繼續和悔過,不,遠離他,並現場沒有他的意見。
35:27 Otherwise, thou also art a partaker of his sin. 35:27 ,否則,你也藝術有其partaker他的罪過。
35:28 For this cause ye were enjoined to remain single, whether husband or wife; 35:28 ,為這項事業的葉被責成保持獨身,無論是丈夫或妻子;
35:29 for in such cases repentance is possible. 35:29 ,為在這種情況下悔過書是可能的。
35:30 I', said he, `am not giving an excuse that this matter should be concluded thus, but to the end that the sinner should sin no more. 35:30 ' ,他說, `時沒有給予一個藉口,這件事情應該結束了,所以,但到去年底,這千古罪人,應該罪。
35:31 But as concerning his former sin, there is One who is able to give healing; 35:31 ,但由於有關他的前單中,有一個人是無法讓癒合;

36:1 I asked him again, saying, `Seeing that the Lord held me worthy that thou shouldest always dwell with me, suffer me still to made dense by my former deeds. 36:1我問他再次說, `看到主舉行,我認為值得あshouldest總是糾纏我,我受苦仍然取得了緻密,由我的前行。
36:2 Make me to understand, for I am very foolish, and I apprehend absolutely nothing'. 36:2使我明白,因為我是很愚蠢的,我逮捕絕對沒有什麼' 。
36:3 He answered and said unto me, `I', saith he, `preside over repentance, and I give understanding to all who repent. 36:3他回答說:祂我, '我' ,仰他, `主持悔過書,而我給予理解所有的人悔改者。
36:4 Nay, thinkest thou not', saith he, `that this very act of repentance is understanding? 36:4的NaY , thinkest你不是' ,仰他, `這很行為的悔過書是理解?
36:5 To repent is great understanding', saith he. 36:5思悔改,是偉大的認識' ,仰他。
36:6 `For the man that hath sinned understandeth that he hath done evil before the Lord, 36:6 `在該名男子說,祂所罪understandeth他蹈邪主面前,
36:7 and the deed which he hath done entereth into his heart, and he repenteth, and doeth no more evil, but doeth good lavishly, and humbleth his own soul and putteth it to torture because it sinned. 36:7關於和契約,其中祂所做entereth到他的心,他repenteth , doeth不惡,但doeth好寬厚,並humbleth他自己的靈魂和putteth它酷刑,因為它罪。
36:8 Thou seest then that repentance is great understanding'. 36:8ああ則表示,懺悔是偉大的理解' 。
36:9 `It is on this account therefore, Sir', say I, `that I enquire everything accurately of thee; 36:9 `正是在這個帳戶,因此,主席先生' ,說我, '我查詢一切準確祢;
36:10 first, because I am a sinner; 36:10第一,因為我是一個罪人;
36:11 secondly, because I know not what deeds I must do that I may live, for my sins are many and various'. 36:11第二,因為我知道,沒有什麼事蹟,我必須這樣做,我可以活,為我的罪不少,各種' 。
36:12 `Thou shalt live', saith he, `if thou keep my commandments and walk in them; 36:12 `你活' ,仰他, '如果你守我誡命的,並走在他們;

37:1 `I will still proceed, Sir', say I, `to ask a further question'. 37:1 `我會繼續進行,主席先生' ,說我, `想問一個進一步的問題' 。
37:2 `Speak on', saith he. 37:2 `可就' ,仰他。
37:3 `I have heard, Sir', say I, `from took place when we went down into the water and obtained remission of our former sins'. 37:3 `我所聽到的,主席先生' ,說我, '從發生時,我們走下了水,並獲得減刑,我們以前的罪孽' 。
37:4 He saith to me; 37:4他仰給我;
37:5 `Thou hast well heard; 37:5 `祢以及聽說;
37:6 for so it is. 37:6那麼答案是肯定的。
37:7 For he that hath received remission of sins ought no longer to sin, but to dwell in purity. 37:7因為他說,祂所得到緩解的罪孽應該不再單,但對住在純潔性。
37:8 But, since thou enquirest all things accurately, 37:8 ,但由於你enquirest一切事物準確,
37:9 I will declare unto thee this also, so as to give no excuse to those who shall hereafter believe or those who have already believed, on the Lord. 37:9我會宣布祢此同時,讓沒有任何藉口向那些應相信來世還是那些已經相信,對上主。
37:10 For they that have already believed, or shall hereafter believe, have not repentance for sins, but have only remission of their former sins. 37:10 ,因為他們都已相信,還是相信來世,沒有懺悔罪過,但只緩解了其原有的罪孽。
37:11 To those then that were called before these days the Lord has appointed repentance. 37:11那些當時表示,被稱為前這些天,耶和華已委任悔改之意。
37:12 For the Lord, being a discerner of hearts and foreknowing all things, 37:12為主,作為一個discerner心靈和foreknowing一切事物,
37:13 perceived the weakness of men and the manifold wiles of the devil, how that he will be doing some mischief to the servants of God, and will deal wickedly with them. 37:13覺察到虛弱的男人和多方面狡猾的魔鬼,怎麼說,他會做一些惡作劇向公務員的上帝,和將要處理的惡意與他們。
37:14 The Lord then, being very compassionate, had pity on His handiwork, and appointeth this (opportunity' of) repentance, and to me was given the authority over this repentance. 37:14主,然後,很值得同情,憐憫他的手,和appointeth今(機遇)悔過書,我被給予的權力,這悔改之意。
37:15 But I say unto you', saith he, `if after this great and holy calling any one, being tempted of the devil, shall commit sin, he hath only one (opportunity of) repentance. 37:15 ,但我對你們所說的' ,仰他, '如果經過這個偉大而神聖的呼喚任何一個,被誘惑的魔鬼,應當承擔罪過,他祂所只有一個(機會)悔改之意。
37:16 But if he sin off-hand and repent, repentance is unprofitable for such a man; 37:16 ,但如果他單休手,並有悔改表現,悔改,是無利可圖的,為這樣一個人;
37:17 for he shall live with difficulty'. 37:17 ,他將生活與困難' 。
37:18 I say unto him, `I was quickened into life again, when I heard these things from thee so precisely. 37:18我實實在在地告訴他, '我是加快融入生活,當我聽到這些東西都來自於你,所以確切。
37:19 For I know that, if I shall add no more to my sins, I shall be saved'. 37:19 ,因為我知道,如果我加入不以我的罪過,我必得救' 。
38:1 I asked him again, saying, `Sir, since once thou dost bear with me, declare unto me this further matter also'. 38:1我問他,說, '先生,因為一旦你多斯特忍耐一下,申報所不欲,我這進一步此事也' 。
38:2 `Say on', saith and one of them marry, doth the one that marrieth sin'? 38:2 `發言權' , Saith和其中一人結婚, doth ,就是marrieth善'嗎?
38:3 `He sinneth not', saith he, `but if he remain single, he investeth himself with more exceeding honour and with great glory before the Lord; 38:3 `他sinneth不是' ,仰他, `但是,如果他仍然單身,他investeth自己更超越榮譽和極大的榮耀,在耶和華面前;
38:4 yet even if he should marry, he sinneth not. 38:4 ,但即使他要結婚,他sinneth不是。
38:5 Preserve purity and holiness therefore, and thou shalt live unto God. 38:5保存的純潔性和神聖性,因此,和你住祂神。
38:6 All these things, which I speak and shall hereafter speak unto thee, guard from this time forward, from the day when thou vast committed unto me, and I will dwell in thy house. 38:6所有這些事情,這點我發言,並應在以下發言祢,戒驕戒躁,從這個時候提出,從創建之日起,當你廣闊的承諾所不欲,我,我會住在你家。
38:7 But for thy former transgressions there shall be remission, if thou keepest my commandments. 38:7 ,但為你的前越軌不得減免,如果你keepest我的命令。

39:1 MANDATE THE FIFTH. 39:1 任務第五。
39:2 thou shalt have the mastery over all evil deeds, and shalt work all righteousness. 39:2你已經掌握的一切壞事,本當工作一切正義。
39:3 For if thou art long-suffering, 39:3 ,如果祢長期受苦受難,
39:4 the Holy Spirit that abideth in thee shall be pure, 39:4聖靈abideth祢應純淨,
39:5 not being darkened by another evil spirit, 39:5不會被漆黑的另一惡靈,
39:6 but dwelling in a large room shall rejoice and be glad with the vessel in which he dwelleth, and shall serve God with much cheerfulness, having prosperity in himself. 39:6下表,但居住在一個大房間內,應多多與船隻,而他永遠的,並應與上帝得多cheerfulness ,繁榮自己。
39:7 But if any angry temper approach, forthwith the Holy Spirit, being delicate, is straitened, not having [the) place clear, and seeketh to retire from the place; 39:7 ,但如果有任何生氣發脾氣的辦法,隨即聖靈,正微妙的,是水深火熱的,而不是有[ )的地方,明確的, seeketh退休,由地方;
39:8 for he is being choked by the evil spirit, and has no room to minister unto the Lord, as he desireth, being polluted by angry temper. 39:8因為他是被嗆惡靈的,沒有任何餘地部長祂主,因為他desireth ,被污染的,由憤怒的脾氣。
39:9 For the Lord dwelleth in long-suffering, but the devil in angry temper. 39:9因為耶和華永遠的長期受苦受難,但魔鬼在生氣的脾氣。
39:10 Thus that both the spirits then should be dwelling together is inconvenient and evil for that man in whom they dwell. 39:10 ,因此,無論是烈酒,然後要住在一起不方便和邪惡,這名男子在他們糾纏。
39:11 For if you take a little wormwood, and pour it into a jar of honey, is not the whole of the honey spoiled, and all that honey ruined by a very small quantity of wormwood? 39:11 ,如果你需要一點艾草,倒成為一個罐子的蜂蜜,是不是整個的蜂蜜慣壞了,而所有蜂蜜葬送在一個很小的數量,艾草?
39:12 For it destroyeth the sweetness of the honey, and it no longer hath the same attraction for the owner, because it is rendered bitter and hath lost its use. 39:12為它destroyeth了甜頭的蜂蜜,它不再歸服,同時為吸引業主,因為它是變得痛苦和祂所失去了它的使用。
39:13 But if the wormwood be not put into the honey, the honey is found sweet and becomes useful to its owner. 39:13 ,但如果艾草不會放進蜂蜜,蜂蜜是甜發現,並成為有用的,其主人。
39:14 Thou seest [then) that long-suffering is very sweet, beyond the sweetness of honey, and is useful to the Lord, and He dwelleth in it. 39:14ああ[然後)表示,長期受苦的是非常甜美,超越了甜頭,蜂蜜,是有益的,向上帝禱告,而且他永遠的。
39:15 But angry temper is bitter and useless. 39:15 ,但憤怒的脾氣,是痛苦的和無用的。
39:16 If then angry temper be mixed with long-suffering, long-suffering is polluted and the man's intercession is no longer useful to God'. 39:16 ,如果當時憤怒的脾氣混長期受苦受難,長期受苦受難的是污染和人為的干涉,不再是有益的神' 。
39:17 `I would fain know, Sir', say I, `the working of angry temper, that I may guard myself from it'. 39:17 `我fain知道,主席先生' ,說我'工作憤怒的脾氣,我可以警惕自己,從它' 。
39:18 `Yea, verily', saith he, `if thou guard not thyself from it-thou and thy family-thou hast lost all thy hope. 39:18 `推倒的,能眾志成城' ,仰他, '如果你是後衛沒有你自己,從它-你和你的家庭祢失去所有你的希望。
39:19 But guard thyself from it; 39:19 ,但後衛預言者從它;
39:20 for I am with thee. 39:20 ,因為我與你。
39:21 Yea, and all men shall hold aloof from it, as many as have repenteth with their whole heart. 39:21推倒的,而所有男性應舉行置身事外,因為許多作為都repenteth與整個心。
39:22 For I will be with them and will preserve them; 39:22 ,因為我將他們的意見,並會致力維護;

40:1 `Hear now', saith he, `the working of angry temper, how evil it is, 40:1 `聽,現在' ,仰他, `工作憤怒的脾氣,如何邪惡,它是
40:2 and how it subverteth the servants of God by its own working, lead astray them that are full in the faith, nor can it work upon them, because the power of the Lord is with them; 40:2 ,以及如何subverteth的公僕和勤務員,上帝自己的工作,導致誤入歧途,他們都是在充分的信心,也無法工作後,他們的,因為電力的主是與他們;
40:3 but them that are empty and double-minded it leadeth astray. 40:3 ,但他們認為是空洞和雙重態度,它leadeth歧途。
40:4 For when it seeth such men in prosperity it insinuates itself into the heart of the man, 40:4因為當它seeth這些男子在繁榮的,它暗示自己融入了心的男子,
40:5 and for no cause whatever the man or the woman is embittered on account of worldly matters, 40:5 ,並沒有任何理由,無論男子或女子,是苦是考慮到世俗的事物,
40:6 either about meats, or some triviality, or about some friend, or about giving or receiving, or about follies of this kind. 40:6要么約肉類,或一些瑣碎,或一些朋友,或者說給予或收受,或大約愚蠢的這種嘗試。
40:7 For all these things are foolish and vain and senseless and inexpedient for the servants of God. 40:7 ,所有這些東西是愚蠢和徒勞的和無意義的,並inexpedient為公務員的上帝。
40:8 But long-suffering is great and strong, 40:8 ,但長期受苦受難的是大而強,
40:9 and has a mighty and vigorous power, and is prosperous in great enlargement, gladsome, exultant, free from care, glorifying the Lord at every season, having no bitterness in itself, remaining always gentle and tranquil. 40:9 ,並有一支強大的有活力的力量,是繁榮,在很大的擴大, gladsome ,歡欣鼓舞的,不受任何照顧,讚美主,在每個季節,沒有怨恨本身,剩下的總是溫柔而寧靜。
40:10 This long-suffering therefore dwelleth with those whose faith is perfect. 40:10這個長期受苦受難,因此永遠與那些信仰都不是十全十美的。
40:11 But angry temper is in the first place foolish, fickle and senseless; 40:11 ,但憤怒的脾氣,是擺在首位,愚蠢的,變幻無常的市場需求和無聊;
40:12 then from foolishness is engendered bitterness, and from bitterness wrath, and from wrath anger, and from anger spite; 40:12 ,然後從愚昧是產生怨恨,從怨恨憤怒,從憤怒,憤怒,從憤怒,儘管;
40:13 then spite being composed of all these evil elements becometh a great sin and incurable. 40:13 ,然後不顧組成,所有這些邪惡勢力becometh大單,並無藥可救。
40:14 For when all these spirits dwell in one vessel, where the Holy Spirit also dwelleth, that vessel cannot contain them, but overfloweth. 40:14 ,因為當所有這些精神住在一個容器,如聖靈也是永遠的,船隻不能遏制他們,但overfloweth 。
40:15 The delicate spirit therefore, 40:15微妙的精神,因此,
40:16 as not being accustomed to dwell with-an evil spirit nor with harshness, departeth from a man of that kind, and seeketh to dwell with gentleness and tranquillity. 40:16不習慣於糾纏與安邪惡的精神,也不符合苛刻, departeth從一名男子的那種, seeketh糾纏與溫柔和安寧。
40:17 Then, when it hath removed from that man, in whom it dwells, 40:17然後,當它祂所撤職,該名男子,在其中它整篇,
40:18 that man becometh emptied of the righteous spirit, 40:18 ,該名男子becometh掏空的正義精神,
40:19 and henceforward, being filled with the evil spirits, he is unstable in all his actions, 40:19 ,並從今以後,正在填補與邪靈,他是不穩定的,在他的一切行為,
40:20 being dragged about hither and thither by the evil spirits, and is altogether blinded and bereft of his good intent. 40:20被拖入約hither和上去,由邪靈,是完全蒙住了,並失去了他的良好意圖。
40:21 Thus then it happeneth to all persons of angry temper. 40:21於是便happeneth所有的人的憤怒,發脾氣。
40:22 Refrain therefore from angry temper, the most evil of evil spirits. 40:22不要因此生氣的脾氣,最邪惡的邪靈。
40:23 But clothe thyself in long-suffering, and resist angry temper and bitterness, and thou shalt be found in company with the holiness which is beloved of the Lord. 40:23 ,但衣服你自己在長期受苦受難,抵制生氣,脾氣和苦味,你被發現在公司與聖潔,是敬愛的上帝。
40:24 See then that thou never neglect this commandment; 40:24見那你從來沒有忽視這個戒律;
40:25 for if thou master this commandment, thou shalt be able likewise to keep the remaining commandments, which I am about to give thee. 40:25 ,如果你掌握這一戒律,你可以同樣把剩餘的誡命,我將給予你。
40:26 Be strong in them and endowed with power; 40:26強大的他們,並賦予權力;

41:1 MANDATE THE SIXTH. 41:1 任務第六。
41:2 `I charged thee', saith he, 41:2 `我是否需要支付祢' ,仰他,
41:3 `in my first commandment to guard saith he, `I wish to show thee their powers also, that thou mayest understand what is the power and effect of each one of them. 41:3 `在我的第一誡,以防範仰他, '我想向你顯示自己的權力,同時,你mayest明白什麼是力量和作用,每一個舉措。
41:4 For their effects are twofold. 41:4 ,為他們的影響是雙重的。
41:5 Now they are prescribed alike to the righteous and the unrighteous. 41:5 ,現在他們是明的,都以正義和不義。
41:6 Do thou therefore trust righteousness, but trust not unrighteousness; 41:6做你的信任,所以理直氣壯,但相信不會不正;
41:7 for the way of righteousness is straight, but the way of unrighteousness is crooked.為41:7的方式是正義的,是直的,但方式不正的,是摒棄了。
41:8 But walk thou in the straight [and level] path, and leave the crooked one alone. 41:8 ,但走路你在直[和一級]道路,並留下摒棄了一單。
41:9 For the crooked way has no tracks, but only pathlessness and many stumbling-stones, and is rough and thorny. 41:9 ,為彎曲的方式已經沒有鐵軌,但只有pathlessness許多障礙石,是粗糙和棘手的問題。
41:10 So it is therefore harmful to those who walk in it. 41:10你這是有害的,因此對於那些走在它。
41:11 But those who walk in the straight way walk on the level and without stumbling : 41:11 ,但那些走在直單程步行上水平,沒有大障礙:
41:12 for it is neither rough nor thorny. 41:12 ,因為這是既不粗也不是棘手的問題。
41:13 Thou seest then that it is more expedient to walk in this way'. 41:13ああ則表示,這是更快捷,以走在這樣' 。
41:14 `I am pleased, Sir', say I, `to walk in this way'. 41:14 `我很高興,主席先生' ,說我'走這種方式' 。

42:1 `Hear now', saith he, `concerning faith. 42:1 `聽,現在' ,仰他, `關於信仰。
42:2 There are two then, Sir', say I, `shall I know their workings, seeing that both angels dwell with me'? 42:2有兩個,然後,主席先生' ,說我, '我應該知道,他們的工作,看到這兩個天使糾纏我的'嗎?
42:3 `Hear', saith he, `and understand their workings. 42:3 `聽到' ,仰他, '和了解他們的運作情況。
42:4 The angel of righteousness is delicate and bashful and gentle and tranquil. 42:4天使是正義的,是微妙而害羞和溫柔而寧靜。
42:5 When then this one enters into thy heart, 42:5時,則這一個進入你的心,
42:6 forthwith he speaketh with thee of righteousness, of purity, of holiness, and of contentment, of every righteous deed and of every glorious virtue. 42:6隨即他出來與你的正氣,純潔,成聖的,和知足,每一個正義的契約和每個人的光榮美德。
42:7 When all these things enter into thy heart, know that the angel of righteousness is with thee. 42:7的時候,所有這些東西進入你的心,知道天使是正義的,是與你。
42:8 [These then are the works of the angel of righteousness.] 42:8 [這些,然後是工程的天使是正義的。 ]
42:9 Trust him therefore and his works. 42:9信任他,所以和他的作品。
42:10 Now see the works of the angel of wickedness also. 42:10現在看到的作品天使的邪惡也。
42:11 First of all, he is quick-tempered and bitter and senseless, and his works are evil, overthrowing the servants of God. 42:11首先,他是快速鍛煉和痛苦和無意義的,他的作品都是邪惡的,要推翻公務員的上帝。
42:12 Whenever then he entereth into thy heart, know him by his works'. 42:12時,然後他entereth到你的心,知道他是由他的作品' 。
42:13 `How I shall discern him, Sir', I reply, `I know not'. 42:13 `如何,我會看出他的,主席先生' ,我的答复, '我不知道' 。
42:14 `Listen', saith he. 42:14 '聽' ,仰他。
42:15 `When a fit of angry temper or bitterness comes upon thee, know that he is in thee. 42:15 `當一個合適的憤怒,發脾氣或苦味來後,你的,知道他是祢。
42:16 Then the desire of much business and the costliness of many viands and drinking bouts and of many drunken fits and of various luxuries which are unseemly, 42:16 ,然後慾望很多商業機構和costliness許多viands及飲水的較量和許多醉酒適合與各種奢侈項目,這是有失顏面,
42:17 and the desire of women, and avarice, and haughtiness and boastfulness, 42:17和願望,為女性,貪欲,並haughtiness和風氣
42:18 and whatsoever things are akin and like to these-when then these things enter into thy heart, know that the angel of wickedness is with thee. 42:18和什麼東西都好像喜歡這些-的時候,那麼這些東西進入你的心,知道天使的邪惡,是與你。
42:19 Do thou therefore, recognising his works, stand aloof from him, and trust him in nothing, for his works are evil and inexpedient for the servants of God. 42:19做你,所以認識他的作品,立場超然,由他,信任他,在從無到有,為他的作品都是邪惡和inexpedient為公務員的上帝。
42:20 Here then thou hast the workings of both the angels. 42:20在這裡,然後祢的工作,無論是天使。
42:21 Understand them, and trust the angel of righteousness. 42:21理解,並相信天使是正義的。
42:22 But from the angel of wickedness stand aloof, for his teaching is evil in every matter; 42:22但是,從天使的邪惡置身事外,因為他的教學是邪惡的每一件事;
42:23 for though one be a man of faith, and the desire of this angel enter into his heart, that man, or that woman, must commit some sin. 42:23為雖說是一個人的信仰,和願望,這個天使進入他的心臟,那人,還是女人,都必須承擔一些罪過。
42:24 And if again a man or a woman be exceedingly wicked, and the works of the angel of righteousness come into that man's heart, he must of necessity do something good. 42:24 ,如果再一男或一女被極其險惡的,而有關工程的天使是正義的生效,那人的心,他認為必須做的一件好事。
42:25 Thou seest then', saith he, `that it is good to follow the angel of righteousness, and to bid farewell to the angel of wickedness. 42:25ああ那麼' ,仰他, '這是很好的跟隨天使的正氣,和送別的天使說著什麼。
42:26 This commandment declareth what concerneth faith,, that thou mayest trust the works of the angel of righteousness, and doing them mayest live unto God. 42:26這個誡命declareth什麼concerneth信仰,那你mayest信託工程的天使是正義的,而且做得他們mayest活祂神。
42:27 But believe that the works of the angel of wickedness are difficult; 42:27 ,但認為該工程的天使的邪惡是困難的;

43:1 MANDATE THE SEVENTH. 43:1 任務第七。
43:2 `Fear the Lord', saith he, `and keep His commandments. 43:2 `恐懼上帝' ,仰他, `保持他的誡命。
43:3 So deed, and thy doing shall be incomparable. 43:3 ,使契約,你做的,應是無與倫比的。
43:4 For whilst thou fearest the Lord, thou shalt do all things well. 43:4雖然你fearest主,你做的所有事情。
43:5 But this is the fear wherewith thou oughtest to be afraid, and thou shalt be saved. 43:5 ,但這個就是怕裡思oughtest要怕,你得救。
43:6 But fear not the devil; 43:6 ,但不要害怕魔鬼;
43:7 for, if thou fear the Lord, thou shalt be master over the devil, for there is no power in him. 43:7原因是,如果你害怕上帝,你必須掌握超過魔鬼,是沒有權力對他的。
43:8 [For] in whom is no power, neither is there fear of him; 43:8 [供]誰是沒有權力,也不是有恐懼的他;
43:9 but in whom power is glorious, of him is fear likewise. 43:9 ,但其中電力是光榮的,他是害怕同樣的研究。
43:10 For every one that hath power hath fear, whereas he that hath no power is despised of all. 43:10每一個祂所電力祂所恐懼,而他說,祂所沒有權力,是看不起的。
43:11 But fear thou the works of the devil, for they are evil. 43:11 ,但怕你的作品魔鬼,因為他們是邪惡。
43:12 While then thou fearest the Lord, thou wilt fear the works of the devil, and wilt not do them, but abstain from them. 43:12 ,而當時你fearest主,祢恐懼工程的魔鬼,枯萎不要他們,但棄權,由業主負責。
43:13 Fear therefore is of two kinds. 43:13恐懼,所以是兩種。
43:14 If thou desire to do evil, fear the Lord, and thou shalt not do it. 43:14 ,如果你的願望,做邪惡,恐懼耶和華,你不能這樣做。
43:15 If again thou desire to do good, fear the Lord and thou shalt do it. 43:15 ,如果再思的願望做善事,恐懼與耶和華,你這樣做。
43:16 Therefore the fear of the Lord is powerful and great and glorious. 43:16 ,因此,敬畏耶和華是強大和偉大和光榮。
43:17 Fear the Lord then, and thou shalt live unto Him; 43:17恐懼主,然後,你活祂;
43:18 yea, and as many of them that keep His commandments as shall fear Him, shall live unto God'. 43:18推倒的,並作為他們中的許多人認為,保住自己的誡命,為應怕他,將生活所不欲,神' 。
43:19 ` Wherefore, Sir', say I, didst thou say concerning those that keep His commandments, "They shall live unto God"'? 43:19 `人哪,主席先生' ,說我,復活,你說,對於那些能保持他的誡命" ,他們將生活所不欲,以神之名" '嗎?
43:20 ` Because', saith he, `every creature feareth the Lord, but not every one keepeth His commandments. 43:20 `因為' ,仰他, `每頭動物畏上帝,但不是每個人都keepeth他的誡命。
43:21 Those then that fear Him and keep His commandments, they have life unto God; 43:21那些當時怕他保持他的誡命,他們的生命所不欲,上帝;

44:1 MANDATE THE EIGHTH.使用報告44:1 任務第八。
44:2 `I told thee', saith he, `that the creatures of God are twofold; 44:2 `我告訴你' ,仰他, `說,生物是上帝的兩倍;
44:3 be temperate, but in other things it is not right'. 44:3受到溫帶,但在另外一些事情,是不正確的' 。
44:4 `Make known unto me, Sir', say I, `in what things it is right to be temperate, and in what things it is not right'. 44:4 `大家知道祂我,主席先生' ,說我'在什麼東西,它是有權被視為溫帶,以及用什麼東西,這是不對的' 。
44:5 `Listen', saith he. 44:5 `聽' ,仰他。
44:6 `Be temperate as to what is evil, and do it not; 44:6 `被溫帶至於什麼是邪惡的,而且做得不是;
44:7 but be not temperate as to what is good, but do it. 44:7 ,但不溫帶至於什麼是好的,但這樣做。
44:8 For if thou be temperate as to what is good, so as not to do it, thou committest a great sin; 44:8 ,如果你被溫帶至於什麼是好,盡量不要做,你committest大單;
44:9 but if thou be temperate as to what is evil, so as not to do it, thou doest great righteousness. 44:9 ,但如果你被溫帶至於什麼是邪惡的,以便不這樣做,你的旨意偉大正義。
44:10 Be temperate therefore in abstaining from all wickedness, and do that which is good'. 44:10被溫帶,因此在自動棄權,一切罪惡,並認為這是個好' 。
44:11 `What kinds of wickedness, Sir', say I, `are they from which we must be temperate and abstain'? 44:11 `什麼樣的邪惡,主席先生' ,說我'是他們從其中我們必須溫帶和棄權'嗎?
44:12 `Listen', saith he; 44:12 '聽' ,仰他;
44:13 `from adultery and fornication, 44:13 `通姦和私通等
44:14 from the lawlessness of drunkenness, from wicked luxury, 44:14從無法無天的醉酒,從邪惡的奢侈品,
44:15 from many viands and the costliness of riches, and vaunting and haughtiness and pride, and from falsehood and evil-speaking and hypocrisy, malice and all blasphemy. 44:15從許多viands和costliness的財富, vaunting和haughtiness和自豪感,從謬誤和邪惡的母語和虛偽,惡意和所有褻瀆。
44:16 These works are the most wicked of all in the life of men. 44:16這些作品是最邪惡的,所有在生活中的男人。
44:17 From these works therefore the servant of God must be temperate and abstain; 44:17 ,從這些作品的,因此,公務員的上帝,必須溫帶和棄權;
44:18 for he that is not temperate so as to abstain from these cannot live unto God. 44:18他說,是不是溫帶等,以投棄權票,從這些不能住祂神。
44:19 Listen then to what follows upon these'. 44:19聽然後,又會有什麼情況如下這些' 。
44:20 ` Why, are there still other evil deeds, Sir'? 44:20 `為什麼,還有沒有其他劣跡,主席先生'嗎?
44:21 say I. 44:21說一
44:22 `Aye, saith he, `there are many, from which the servant of God must be temperate and abstain; 44:22 `贊成,仰他, '有很多,從這些僕人,上帝要溫帶和棄權;
44:23 theft, falsehood, deprivation, false witness, avarice, evil desire, deceit, vain-glory, boastfulness, and whatsoever things are like unto these. 44:23盜竊,假的,被剝奪,作假見證,貪婪,邪惡的慾望,欺騙,妄圖炎黃,風氣,什麼東西都一樣,所不欲這些。
44:24 Thinkest thou not that these things are wrong, yea, very wrong', [saith he,] `for the servants of God? 44:24 thinkest你不說,這些東西都是錯誤的,推倒的,非常錯誤的' , [仰他, ] `為公務員的上帝嗎?
44:25 In all these things he that serveth God must exercise temperance. 44:25在所有這些事情,他說, serveth上帝必須實行禁酒。
44:26 Be thou temperate, therefore, and refrain from all these things, that thou mayest live unto God, and be enrolled among those who exercise self-restraint in them. 44:26被你溫帶,所以,不要再從所有這些事情,那你mayest活祂上帝,並予以登記的人當中進行自我克制。
44:27 These then are the things from which thou shouldest restrain thyself Now hear', saith he, `the things, in which thou shouldest not exercise self-restraint, but do them. 44:27這些,然後是從這些人shouldest克制你自己,現在聽到' ,仰他, `的東西,在這些人shouldest不能自我克制,但他們。
44:28 Exercise no self-restraint in that which is good, but do it'. 44:28演習,沒有自我克制,在這其中是好的,但這樣做' 。
44:29 `Sir', say I, `show me the power of the good also, that I may walk in them and serve them, that doing them it may be possible for me to be saved'. 44:29 `先生' ,說我'顯示出我的力量,好還,我可以走在他們和為他們服務,做他們來說,這有可能為我才能得救' 。
44:30 `Hear', saith he, `the works of the good likewise, which thou must do, and towards which thou must exercise no self-restraint. 44:30 `聽到' ,仰他, '工程的良好同樣,對這些人必須做的,對這些人必須行使,沒有自我克制。
44:31 First of all, there is faith, fear of the Lord, love, concord, words of righteousness, truth, patience; 44:31首先,有信念,敬畏耶和華,愛,和諧,換句話說是正義,真理,耐心;
44:32 nothing is better than these it, the life of men. 44:32無關優於這些資訊科技,生命的男人。
44:33 If a man keep these, and exercise not self-restraint from them, he becomes blessed in his life. 44:33如果一個男人保持這些,和行使不自我克制,他們之外,他成為有福了,在他的生命。
44:34 Hear now what follow upon these; 44:34聽到現在如何跟進後,這些;
44:35 to minister to widows, to visit the orphans and the needy, 44:35部長遺孀,參觀了孤兒和需要的人,
44:36 to ransom the servants of God from their afflictions, 44:36 ,以勒索贖金的公僕和勤務員,上帝從他們的痛苦,
44:37 to be hospitable (for in hospitality benevolence from time to time has a place), 44:37 ,以好客(款待善,不時有一個地點交代問題) ,
44:38 to resist no man, to be tranquil, to show yourself more submissive than all men, 44:38抵制任何人,以平靜的,以顯示自己順從比所有男人,
44:39 to reverence the aged, to practise righteousness, to observe brotherly feeling, 44:39 ,以崇敬的老人,執業義,我必須遵守兄弟般的感情,
44:40 to endure injury, to be long-suffering, to bear no grudge, 44:40忍受傷害,是長期的痛苦,承受沒有恩怨,
44:41 to exhort those who are sick at soul, not to cast away those that have stumbled from the faith, 44:41為了告誡那些有病在靈魂,而不是拋棄那些有偶然從信仰,
44:42 but to convert them and to put courage into them, to reprove sinners, not to oppress debtors and indigent persons, and whatsoever actions are like these. 44:42 ,但其轉換,並停止向有勇氣到他們的聲音,譴責罪人,而不是壓迫債務人和貧窮的人,有什麼行動,是想這些。
44:43 Do these things', saith he, `seem to thee to be good'? 44:43做這些事情' ,仰他, '看來你要善於'嗎?
44:44 `Why, what, Sir', say I, `can be better than these ?` 44:44 `為什麼,是什麼,主席先生' ,說我'可以勝過這些嗎? `
44:45 `Then walk in them', saith he, `and abstain not from them, and thou shalt live unto God. 44:45 ` ,然後走在他們' ,仰他, `和投棄權票不是來自他們,你活祂神。
44:46 Keep this commandment therefore. 44:46保持這個戒律,因此。
44:47 If thou do good and abstain not from it, thou shalt live unto God; 44:47 ,如果你做的好,投棄權票不是來自它,你活祂上帝;
44:48 yea, and all shall live unto God who act so. 44:48 ,記得,和所有將生活所不欲,上帝如此行事。
44:49 And again if thou do not evil, and abstain from it, thou shalt live unto God; 44:49再次,如果你不惡,棄權它,你活祂上帝;
44:50 yea, and all shall live unto God, who shall keep these commandments, and walk in them'. 44:50推倒的,而所有活著祂的上帝,應保存這些誡命,並走在他們' 。

45:1 MANDATE THE NINTH. 45:1 任務第九。
45:2 He saith to me; 45:2他仰給我;
45:3 Remove from thyself a doubtful mind and doubt not at all whether to ask of God, saying within thyself, " How can I ask a thing of the Lord and receive it, seeing that I have committed so many sins against Him?" 45:3消除來自你自己產生懷疑態度,懷疑不是這回事,是否要問上帝說,在你自己, "我怎能要求一個東西的主,並接受它,看到我已這麼多得罪他" ?
45:4 Reason not thus, but turn to the Lord with thy whole heart, 45:4理由不這樣,但把它向上帝禱告,你用你的整個心,
45:5 and ask of Him, nothing wavering, and thou shalt know His exceeding compassion, that He will surely not abandon thee, but will fulfil the petition of thy soul. 45:5 ,並要求對他來說,沒有什麼動搖,你知道他的超過同情心,那他一定不會放棄你,但將履行信訪著你的靈魂。
45:6 For God is not as men who bear a grudge, but Himself is without malice and hath compassion on His creatures. 45:6 ,為上帝不是男人承擔的恩怨,但自己卻沒有惡意和祂所同情心,對他的生物。
45:7 Do thou therefore cleanse thy heart from all the vanities of this life, and from the things mentioned before; 45:7做あ因此清洗你的心,從所有面盆的現世生活,並從東西以前所說;
45:8 and ask of the Lord, and thou shalt receive all things, and shalt lack nothing of all thy petitions, if thou ask of the Lord nothing wavering. 45:8 ,並要求主,你得到的全部東西,是本當缺乏無關的一切你的請願書,如果你問的主任何動搖。
45:9 But if thou waver in thy heart, thou shalt surely receive none of thy petitions. 45:9但你若動搖你的心,你一定接受,沒有你的請願信。
45:10 For they that waver towards God, these are the doubtful-minded, and they never obtain any of their petitions. 45:10 ,因為他們認為,動搖對上帝,這是令人懷疑的態度,他們從來沒有得到他們的任何請願活動。
45:11 But they that are complete in the faith make all their petitions trusting in the Lord, and they receive, because they ask without wavering, nothing doubting; 45:11 ,但他們認為是完整的,在信仰,使所有遞交請願信,互相信任,在主,他們收到的,因為他們要求符合的就毫不動搖地來說,沒有什麼會懷疑;
45:12 for every doubtful-minded man, if he repent not, shall hardly be saved. 45:12每疑問心懷二意的人,如果他不思悔改,應是難以挽救。
45:13 Cleanse therefore thy heart from doubtful-mindedness, and put on faith, for it is strong, and trust God that thou wilt receive all thy petitions which thou askest; 45:13清洗,所以你的心從質疑的態度,並付諸於信仰,因為它是強大的,並相信上帝祢將接收所有你的請願活動,其中你askest ;
45:14 and if after asking anything of the Lord, thou receive thy petition somewhat tardily, be not of doubtful mind because thou didst not receive the petition of thy soul at once. 45:14和後,如果問任何的主,你收到你的信訪有點tardily ,不疑的態度,因為祢沒有收到信訪著你的靈魂,在一次。
45:15 For assuredly it is by reason of some temptation or some transgression, of which thou art ignorant, that thou receivest thy petition so tardily. 45:15 ,為穩妥,這是因一些誘惑,或一些侵人,其中,祢一無所知,那你receivest你的請願書,使tardily 。
45:16 Do thou therefore cease not to make thy soul's petition, and thou shalt receive it. 45:16做あ因此停止,不得把你的靈魂的請願書,和你接受就可以了。
45:17 But if thou grow weary, and doubt as thou askest, blame thyself and not Him that giveth unto thee. 45:17 ,但如果你長大了厭學情緒,並懷疑你askest ,責備你自己,並沒有他說,給予祢。
45:18 See to this doubtful-mindedness; 45:18創造諸天看到這令人懷疑的態度;
45:19 for it is evil and senseless, and uprooteth many from the faith, yea, even very faithful and strong men. 45:19 ,這是邪惡和無聊,以及uprooteth很多,從信仰,推倒,甚至很忠實和強大的男人。
45:20 For indeed this doubtful-mindedness is a daughter of the devil, and worketh great wickedness against the servants of God. 45:20事實上這令人懷疑的態度,是一個女兒的魔鬼, worketh偉大邪惡對公務員的上帝。
45:21 Therefore despise doubtful-mindedness and gain the mastery over it in everything, clothing thyself with faith which is strong and powerful. 45:21因此看不起存疑的態度,爭取掌握這一切,你自己的衣服,用信心,這是強而有力。
45:22 For faith promiseth all things, accomplisheth all things; 45:22信仰promiseth一切事物, accomplisheth一切事物;
45:23 but doubtful-mindedness, as having no confidence in itself, fails in all the works which it doeth. 45:23 ,但令人懷疑的態度,但由於不信任自己,不能在所有的作品,其中doeth 。
45:24 Thou seest then', saith he, `that faith is from above from the Lord, and hath great power; 45:24ああ那麼' ,仰他, ` ,信仰是從上面,從主,並祂所大國;
45:25 but doubtful-mindedness as an earthly spirit from the devil, and hath no power. 45:25 ,但令人懷疑的態度,作為一個俗世的精神,從魔鬼,並祂所沒有權力。
45:26 Do thou therefore serve that faith which hath power, and hold aloof from the doubtful-mindedness which hath no power; 45:26做你的服務,所以說,信仰祂所權力,並舉行超然從存疑的態度,其中祂所沒有權力;
45:27 and thou shalt live unto God; 45:27和你活祂上帝;
45:28 yea, and all those shall live unto God who are so minded'. 45:28推倒的,而所有這些將生活所不欲,上帝是如此的頭腦' 。

46:1 MANDATE THE TENTH. 46:1 任務第十。
46:2 `Put away sorrow from thyself', saith he, `for she is the sister of doubtful-mindedness and of angry temper'. 46:2 `放在遠離悲傷,由你自己' ,仰他, ' ,因為她是妹妹的疑問的胸襟和憤怒的脾氣' 。
46:3 ` How, Sir', say I, `is she the sister of these? 46:3 `如何,主席先生' ,說我'是她的妹妹嗎?
46:4 For angry temper seems to me to be one thing, doubtful-mindedness another, sorrow another'. 46:4為憤怒的脾氣在我看來,要的一件事,就是可疑的胸襟另一個,哀傷又' 。
46:5 `Thou art a foolish fellow', saith he, 46:5 `祢一個愚蠢的同胞' ,仰他,
46:6 `[and] perceivest not that sorrow is more evil than all the spirits, 46:6 ` [和] perceivest不是悲哀的是更邪惡高於一切的精神,
46:7 and is most fatal to the servants of God, and beyond all the spirits destroys a man, and crushes out the Holy Spirit, and yet again saves it'. 46:7是最致命的公僕和勤務員,神,超越所有神摧毀一名男子,並踩壓出聖靈,並再次節省了' 。
46:8 `I, Sir', say I, `am without understanding, and I understand not these parables. 46:8 '我先生' ,說我'時,沒有理解,我理解這不正是parables 。
46:9 For how it can crush out and again save, I do not comprehend'. 46:9 ,為它如何能粉碎,並再次保存,我不理解' 。
46:10 `Listen', saith he. 46:10你們要休息`聽' ,仰他。
46:11 Those who have never investigated concerning the truth, 46:11那些從未調查有關真相,
46:12 nor enquired concerning the deity, 46:12 ,也沒有詢問有關神看,
46:13 but have merely believed, 46:13 ,但都只是相信,
46:14 and have been mixed up in business affairs and riches and heathen friendships, 46:14 ,並已混在一起,在商業事務和富貴和異教徒結下了深厚的友誼,
46:15 and many other affairs of this world-as many, I say, as devote themselves to these things, comprehend not the parables of the deity; 46:15和許多其他事務,這個世界因為很多時,我說,作為投身於這些東西,領悟不是parables的天神;
46:16 for they are darkened by these actions, and are corrupted and become barren. 46:16因為他們是漆黑的這些行動,並為貪污,並成為荒蕪。
46:17 As good vineyards, 46:17好葡萄園,
46:18 when they are treated with neglect, are made barren by the thorns and weeds of various kinds, 46:18的時候,他們的待遇與忽視,都是光禿禿的,由荊棘和雜草,各類
46:19 so men who after they have believed fall into these many occupations which were mentioned before, lose their understanding and comprehend nothing at all concerning righteousness; 46:19 ,讓男人後,他們都認為,陷入這些許多行業,其中被提過,失去了他們的理解和領悟什麼都涉及公義;
46:20 for if they hear concerning the deity and truth, their mind is absorbed in their occupations, and they perceive nothing at all. 46:20 ,如果他們聽到關於神與真理,他們心中所吸收,在其職業,他們認為什麼都沒有。
46:21 But they that have the fear of God, 46:21 ,但他們有恐懼的上帝,
46:22 and investigate concerning deity and truth, and direct their heart towards the Lord, perceive and understand everything that is said to them more quickly, 46:22 ,並調查有關神與真理,並指示其心,對主,感知和理解的一切,是對他們說,更迅速,
46:23 because they have the fear of the Lord in themselves; 46:23 ,因為他們有敬畏耶和華本身;
46:24 for where the Lord dwelleth, there too is great understanding. 46:24到那裡去,耶和華永遠的,也有很大的了解。
46:25 Cleave therefore unto the Lord, and thou shalt understand and perceive all things. 46:25 cleave因此祂耶和華,你理解並能洞悉一切事物。

47:1 `Hear now, senseless man', saith he, `how sorrow crusheth out the Holy Spirit, and again saveth it. 47:1 `聽到,現在,無聊的人' ,仰他, `如何悲傷crusheth出聖靈,並再次saveth 。
47:2 When the man of doubtful mind sets his hand to any action, and fails in it owing to his doubtful-mindedness, grief at this entereth into the man, and grieveth the Holy Spirit, and crusheth it out. 47:2時,該名男子的可疑記集他的手向任何行動,並未能在它由於他的存疑態度,悲痛在這個entereth到該名男子,並grieveth聖靈,並crusheth拿出來。
47:3 Then again when angry temper cleaveth to a man concerning any matter, 47:3 ,然後再生氣的時候,脾氣cleaveth一個男人有關的任何事項,
47:4 and he is much embittered, again sorrow entereth into the heart of the man that was ill-tempered, and he is grieved at the deed which he hath done, and repenteth that he did evil. 47:4和他非常苦,又悲傷entereth到心臟的該名男子被虐待鍛煉了,而且他是痛心於契約,其中祂所工作要做,並repenteth ,他的邪惡。
47:5 This sadness therefore seemeth to bring salvation, because he repented at having done the evil. 47:5這悲傷,所以seemeth帶來救贖,因為他的懺悔,在做了邪惡。
47:6 So both the operations sadden the Spirit; 47:6 ,所以無論是業務傷心的精神;
47:7 first, the doubtful mind saddens the Spirit, because it succeeded not in its business, and the angry temper again, because it did what was evil. 47:7第一,疑心難過的精神,因為它成功地不是從自己的生意,憤怒的脾氣,因為它沒有什麼是邪惡。
47:8 Thus both are saddening to the Holy Spirit, the doubtful mind and the angry temper. 47:8因此,不論是可悲的,以聖靈,存疑的頭腦和憤怒的脾氣。
47:9 Put away therefore from thyself sadness, and afflict not the Holy Spirit that dwelleth in thee, lest haply He intercede with God [against thee], and depart from thee. 47:9移去,因此,由你自己難過,折磨沒有聖靈永遠的,在你身上,否則必他交涉與上帝[反對祢] ,並偏離了你。
47:10 For the Spirit of God, that was given unto this flesh, endureth not sadness neither constraint. 47:10為上帝的精神,這是由於所不欲,這個肉身, endureth沒有悲傷沒有約束。

48:1 `Therefore clothe thyself in cheerfulness, which hath favour with God always, and is acceptable to Him, and rejoice in it. 48:1 `因此,有衣穿你自己在cheerfulness ,其中祂所贊成與上帝始終,是可以接受他,並為之欣喜,它的僱員。
48:2 For every cheerful man worketh good, and thinketh good, and despiseth sadness; 48:2 ,為每一個開朗的男子worketh好的, thinketh好的, despiseth悲傷;
48:3 but the sad man is always committing sin. 48:3 ,但可悲的人永遠是犯下罪孽。
48:4 In the first place he committeth sin, because he grieveth the Holy Spirit, which was given to the man being a cheerful spirit; 48:4擺在首位,他committeth單,因為他grieveth聖靈,這是由於該名男子是一個開朗的精神;
48:5 and in the second place, by grieving the Holy Spirit he doeth lawlessness, in that he doth not intercede with neither confess unto God. 48:5 ,並在第二位,由悲痛的聖靈,他doeth無法無天,在他doth不交涉無供認所不欲,上帝。
48:6 For the intercession of a sad man hath never at any time power to ascend to the altar of God'. 48:6 ,為干涉的一個可悲男子祂所從來沒有在任何時間有權繼承皇位向祭壇神' 。
48:7 `Wherefore', say I, ` doth not the intercession of him that is saddened ascend to the altar'? 48:7 `人哪' ,說我' doth不是干涉,他認為是難過,升上神颱'嗎?
48:8 `Because', saith he, `sadness is seated at his heart. 48:8 `因為' ,仰他, `悲哀的是坐在了他的心。
48:9 Thus sadness mingled with the intercession doth not suffer the intercession to ascend pure to the altar. 48:9因而交織著悲傷與干涉, doth不會遭受干涉,以繼承皇位,以純潔的祭壇上。
48:10 For as vinegar when mingled with `vine in the same (vessel) hath not the same pleasant taste, so likewise sadness mingled with the Holy Spirit hath not the same intercession. 48:10因為醋時,一睹`藤本植物在同一(容器)祂所不一樣愉快的味道,所以同樣交織著悲傷與聖靈祂所不一樣干涉。
48:11 Therefore cleanse thyself from this wicked sadness, and thou shalt live unto God; 48:11 ,因此清洗你自己從這個壞蛋難過,你活祂上帝;
48:12 yea, and all they shall live unto God, who shall cast away sadness from themselves and clothe themselves in all cheerfulness'. 48:12推倒的,而所有這些將生活所不欲,上帝,他們應是擺脫悲情,從自己和自己的衣物,在所有cheerfulness ' 。

49:1 MANDATE THE ELEVENTH. 49:1 任務的第11位。
49:2 He shewed me men seated on a couch, and another man seated on a chair. 49:2他shewed我男人坐在一個沙發上,和另一名男子坐在一張椅子。
49:3 And he saith to me, `Seest thou those that are seated on the couch ?` 49:3和他仰向我, `あな那些是坐在沙發上? `
49:4 `I see them, Sir', say I. 49:4 `我看見他們,主席先生' ,說一。
49:5 `These', saith he, `are faithful, 49:5 `這些'朱紅,他`忠誠,
49:6 but he that sitteth on the chair is a false prophet who destroyeth the mind of the servants of God-I mean, of the doubtful-minded, not of the faithful. 49:6 ,但他說,祂對椅是假先知的人destroyeth心中的公僕和勤務員,上帝-我的意思是,對可疑的頭腦,而不是信徒。
49:7 These doubtful-minded ones then come to him as to a soothsayer and enquire of him what shall befall them. 49:7這些疑問志同道合者,然後他作為一個預言家,並詢問他怎麼降臨到他們。
49:8 And he, the false prophet, having no power of a divine Spirit in himself, speaketh with them according to their enquiries [and according to the lusts of their wickedness], 49:8他,假先知,沒有權力的一項神聖的精神,在自己出來與他們根據自己的調查[並根據有關性慾的,他們的邪惡] ,
49:9 and filleth their souls as they themselves wish. 49:9和filleth他們的靈魂,因為他們本身的願望。
49:10 For being empty himself he giveth empty answers to empty enquirers; 49:10被空自己,他給予的空洞答案空查詢;
49:11 for whatever enquiry may be made of him, he answereth according to the emptiness of the man. 49:11無論查詢,可作他時,他answereth據空虛的男子。
49:12 But he speaketh also some true words for the devil filleth him with his own spirit, if so be he shall be able to break down some of the righteous. 49:12 ,但他出來也有一些真實的話,為魔鬼filleth他自己的精神,如果這樣,他將能打破一些正義。
49:13 So many therefore as are strong in the faith of the Lord, clothed with the truth, cleave not to such spirits, but hold aloof from them; 49:13這麼多,因此有強烈的,在信仰的上帝,豐衣足食,與真理, cleave沒有這種精神狀態,但對於置身度外;
49:14 but as many as are doubters and frequently change their minds, practise soothsaying like the Gentiles, and bring upon themselves greater sin by their idolatries. 49:14 ,但由於許多作為都抱懷疑態度,而且經常改變主意,練習的準確性,像外邦人,實現自己更大的罪過,他們idolatries 。
49:15 For he that consulteth a false prophet on any matter is an idolater and emptied of the truth, and senseless. 49:15 ,因為他認為consulteth假先知就任何事情是一個idolater ,並放空的真相,和無意義的。
49:16 For no Spirit given of God needeth to be consulted; 49:16 ,沒有精神給上帝的needeth要廣泛徵詢公眾意見;
49:17 but, having the power of deity, speaketh all things of itself, because it is from above, even from the power of the divine Spirit. 49:17 ,但有權力的神,出來一切事物的本身,因為它是從上面,即使從權力的神聖精神。
49:18 But the spirit which is consulted, and speaketh according to the desires of men, is earthly and fickle, having no power; 49:18但精神是協商,並根據出來向慾望的男人,是俗世和多變的,因為他們沒有權力;
49:19 and it speaketh not at all, unless it be consulted'. 49:19和它出來不是這回事,除非它被諮詢' 。
49:20 ` How then, Sir', say I, ` shall a man know who of them is a prophet, and who a false prophet'? 49:20 `如何,然後,主席先生' ,說我'應一名男子知道是誰,他們是先知,誰是假先知'嗎?
49:21 `Hear', saith he, `concerning both the prophets; 49:21 `聽到' ,仰他, `關於雙方先知;
49:22 and, as I shall tell thee, so shalt thou test the prophet and the false prophet. 49:22 ,我會告訴你,所以本當你考驗先知和假先知。
49:23 By his life test the man that hath the divine Spirit. 49:23他的壽命試驗,該名男子說,祂所神聖的精神。
49:24 In the first place, he that hath the [divine] Spirit, which is from above, 49:24擺在首位,他說,祂所[神]精神,即是由上述情況,
49:25 is gentle and tranquil and humble-minded, 49:25是溫柔而寧靜和謙卑的態度,
49:26 and abstaineth from all wickedness and vain desire of this present world, 49:26和abstaineth脫離一切罪惡,妄圖願望,目前這個世界,
49:27 and holdeth himself inferior to all men, and giveth no answer to any man when enquired of, nor speaketh in solitude (for neither doth the Holy Spirit speak when a man wisheth Him to speak); 49:27和holdeth自己劣勢的所有官兵,並給予不回答任何人,當詢問的,也沒有出來,在孤獨(既不doth聖靈發言時,一名男子wisheth他發言) ;
49:28 but the man speaketh then when God wisheth him to speak. 49:28 ,但該名男子出來,然後當上帝wisheth他發言。
49:29 When then the man who hath the divine Spirit cometh into an assembly of righteous men, who have faith in a divine Spirit, 49:29時,當時該名男子祂所神聖精神的人來了到一個集會正義的男子,因為他們有信心在一個神聖的精神,
49:30 and intercession is made to God by the gathering of those men, 49:30和干涉,是為上帝所蒐集的那些男人,
49:31 then the angel of the prophetic spirit, who is attached to him, filleth the man, and the man, being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaketh to the multitude, according as the Lord willeth. 49:31 ,然後天使的預言精神,他們是重視他, filleth該名男子,而該男子,正充滿聖靈,出來向千頭萬緒,根據作為主willeth 。
49:32 In this way then the Spirit of the deity shall be manifest. 49:32這樣,那麼精神上來,把神應艙單。
49:33 `This then is the greatness of the power as touching the Spirit of the deity of the Lord. 49:33 `這就是偉大的力量,因為感人的精神,神耶和華。
49:34 Hear now', saith he, `concerning the earthly and vain spirit, which hath no power but is foolish. 49:34聽,現在' ,仰他, `關於俗世和徒勞的精神,這一切祂所沒有權力,而是愚蠢的。
49:35 In, the first place, that man who seemeth to have a spirit exalteth himself, 49:35在,首先,這名男子seemeth有一個精神exalteth自己,
49:36 and desireth to have a chief place, 49:36和desireth有一個行政的地方,
49:37 and straight-way he is impudent and shameless and talkative and conversant in many luxuries and in many other deceits, and receiveth money for his prophesying, and if he receiveth not, he prophesieth not. 49:37和直接的方式,他的張狂和無恥和健談和熟識不少是奢侈的,而且在許多其他deceits ,並領受的錢為他的預言,如果他領受的不是,他prophesieth不是。
49:38 Now can a divine Spirit receive money and prophesy? 49:38現在可以神的精神,收受錢財,並預言?
49:39 It is not possible for a prophet of God to do this, but the spirit of such prophets is earthly. 49:39 ,這是不可能的先知上帝要做到這一點,但精神的,如先知,是人間。
49:40 In the next place, it never approacheth an assembly of righteous men; 49:40 ,在未來的地方,它從未approacheth集會正義的男子;
49:41 but avoideth them, and cleaveth to the doubtful-minded and empty, 49:41 ,但avoideth他們,並cleaveth向存疑的態度,並空的,
49:42 and prophesieth to them in corners, and deceiveth them, speaking all things in emptiness to gratify their desires; 49:42和prophesieth他們在彎道, deceiveth他們,在談到一切事物中的空虛,以滿足其慾望;
49:43 for they too are empty whom it answereth. 49:43 ,因為他們太空虛誰answereth 。
49:44 For the empty vessel placed together with the empty is not broken, but they agree one with the other. 49:44為空容器放在一起空,是不是打破,而且他們同意與對方。
49:45 But when he comes into an assembly full of righteous men who have a Spirit of deity, 49:45 ,但是當他進入一個大會充滿正義的男子,他們有一個精神神,
49:46 and intercession is made from them, 49:46和干涉,是由他們的,
49:47 that man is emptied, an(l the earthly spirit fleeth from him, in fear, and that man is struck dumb and is altogether broken in pieces, being unable to utter a word. 49:47 ,該名男子是掏空, ( 1俗世的精神fleeth由他,在恐懼中,這名男子是擊中了啞巴,是完全打破了件經受不住,說不出話來。
49:48 For, if you pack wine or oil into a closet, and place an empty vessel among them, and again desire to unpack the closet, 49:48 ,如果你包的葡萄酒或油到了壁櫥,把一個空的容器,其中,並再次意欲打開衣櫥,
49:49 the vessel which you placed there empty, empty in like manner you will find it. 49:49一艘你放在那裡空的,空的,在喜歡的方式,你會發現它。
49:50 Thus also the empty prophets, whenever they come unto the spirits of righteous men, are found just such as they came. 49:50 ,因此,也是空洞的先知,每當他們來所不欲,神正義的男子,被發現只是這樣的,因為他們來了。
49:51 I have given thee the life of both kinds of prophets. 49:51 ,我給你的生命都種先知。
49:52 Therefore test, by his life and his works, the man who says that he is moved by the Spirit. 49:52 ,因此試驗中,他的生活和他的作品,該名男子說,他所提出的精神。
49:53 But do thou trust the Spirit that cometh from God, and hath power; 49:53但是你信任的精神來了,從神,祂所功率;
49:54 but in the earthly and empty spirit put no trust at all; 49:54 ,但在俗世和空洞的精神,把不信任所有;
49:55 for in it there is no power, for it cometh from the devil. 49:55在它有沒有權力,因為它時勢從魔鬼。
49:56 Listen [then] to the parable which I shall tell thee. 49:56聽[則]寓言我會告訴你。
49:57 Take a stone, and throw it up to heaven-see if thou canst reach it; 49:57採取石頭,並把它上升到天命之見,要是你canst達到它;
49:58 or again, take a squirt of water, and squirt it up to heaven-see if thou canst bore through the heaven'. 49:58或再次採取噴射水和噴射起來,以天命之見,要是你canst膛透過天堂' 。
49:59 ` How, Sir', say I, `can these things be? 49:59 `如何,主席先生' ,說我' ,可這些東西是什麼?
49:60 For both these things which thou hast mentioned are beyond our power'. 49:60 ,為這兩件事祢提到的是超越我們的權力' 。
49:61 `Well then', saith he, `just as these things are beyond our power, so likewise the earthly spirits have no power and are feeble. 49:61 `那麼' ,仰他, `正如這些東西是超出了我們的權力,所以同樣俗世的精神有沒有權力和軟弱。
49:62 Now take the power which cometh from above. 49:62現在採取的權力與時勢從以上。
49:63 The hail is a very small grain, and yet, when it falleth on a man's head, what pain it causeth! 49:63冰雹是一個非常小的糧食,然而,當它falleth對一名男子的頭,有什麼痛苦causeth ! Or again, take a drop which falls on the ground from the tiles, and bores through the stone.或再次採取下跌,其中跌幅在地面上,從瓷磚,並通過鑽孔石。

50:1 MANDATE THE TWELFTH. 50:1 任務第十二屆。
50:2 He saith to me; 50:2他仰給我;
50:3 `Remove from thyself all evil desire, and clothe thyself in the desire which is good and holy; 50:3 `消除來自你自己的一切邪惡的慾望,有衣穿,在你自己的願望,這是個好和聖地;
50:4 for clothed with this desire thou shalt hate the evil desire, and shalt bridle and direct it as thou wilt. 50:4 ,為豐衣足食,這個願望你恨邪惡慾望與本當白世和直接為祢。
50:5 For the evil desire is wild, and only tamed with difficulty; 50:5 ,為邪惡的願望是野生的,只有馴服與困難;
50:6 for it is terrible, and by its wildness is very costly to men; 50:6 ,因為這是可怕的,並經其野,是很昂貴的男子;
50:7 more especially if a servant of God get entangled in it, and have no understanding, he is put to fearful costs by it. 50:7以上,特別是如果一個僕人,上帝糾纏中,並沒有認識,他提出了以可怕的代價。
50:8 But it is costly to such men as are not clothed in the good desire, but are mixed up with this life. 50:8 ,但它是昂貴的,以這樣的男人是不是豐衣足食,在良好的願望,但都弄錯了這個生活。
50:9 These men then it hands over to death.' 50:9這些男人便把手放在死刑。
50:10 `Of what sort, Sir,' say I, `are the works of the evil desire, which hand over men to death? 50:10 `什麼樣的,主席先生, '說我, '是工程的邪惡慾望,其中移交男子死刑?
50:11 Make them known to me, that I may hold aloof from them.' 50:11讓他們知道,對我來說,那我可能持有超然他們。
50:12 `Listen,' [saith he,] `through what works the evil desire bringeth death to the servants of God. 50:12 '聽著, '仰他, ] `通過什麼工程邪惡慾望bringeth死亡的公僕和勤務員,上帝。

51:1 `Before all is desire for the wife or husband of another, and for extravagance of wealth, and for many needless dainties, and for drinks and other luxuries, many and foolish. 51:1 `地擺在了所有的願望是為妻子或丈夫,並為奢侈的財富,並為許多不用dainties ,不喝酒和其他奢侈品,很多愚蠢的。
51:2 For every luxury is foolish and vain for the servants of God. 51:2 ,為每一個奢侈品,是愚蠢和徒勞的,為公務員的上帝。
51:3 These desires then are evil, and bring death to the servants of God. 51:3這些願望則是邪惡,並帶來死亡的公僕和勤務員,上帝。
51:4 For this evil desire is a daughter of the devil. 51:4為這一邪惡的願望,是一個女兒的魔鬼。
51:5 Ye must, therefore, abstain from the evil desires, that so abstaining ye may live unto God. 51:5葉,因此,投棄權票,從邪惡的慾望,所以棄權葉可活祂神。
51:6 But as many as are mastered by them, and resist them not, are done to death utterly; 51:6 ,但由於許多作為都掌握了他們,抵制他們的不是,是做了死刑毫無;
51:7 for these desires are deadly. 51:7這些慾望卻是致命的。
51:8 But do thou clothe thyself in the desire of righteousness, and, having armed thyself with the fear of the Lord, resist them. 51:8但是你衣服你自己在渴望正義的,並因武裝你自己與敬畏耶和華,抵制他們。
51:9 For the fear of God dwelleth in the good desire. 51:9 ,為怕神永遠的良好願望。
51:10 If the evil desire shall see thee armed with the fear of God and resisting itself, it shall flee far from thee, and shall no more be seen of thee, being in fear of thine arms. 51:10 ,如果邪惡的願望應看到祢帶著恐懼上帝和抵禦本身,它應逃往遠離你的,並應不可見的你,正擔心你的武器。
51:11 Do thou therefore, when thou art crowned for thy victory over it, come to the desire of righteousness, 51:11做你,所以當你的藝術加冕為你的勝利,來的願望,義,禮
51:12 and deliver to her the victor's prize which thou hast received, and serve her, according as she herself desireth. 51:12 ,並傳送到她的勝利者的獎金,其中祢已收到,並服務於她的,據她自己desireth 。

52:1 `I would fain know, Sir,' say I, `in what ways I ought to serve the and the fear of the Lord, faith and gentleness, and as many good deeds as are like these. 52:1 `我fain知道,主席先生, '說我, '有什麼辦法我應該以服務和敬畏耶和華,信仰和溫柔,因為很多好人好事,因為是想這些。
52:2 Practising these thou shalt be well-pleasing as a servant of God, and shalt live unto Him; 52:2執業這些你是用心良苦討好作為一個僕人,神,本當活祂;

53:1 So he completed the twelve commandments, and he saith to me; 53:1 ,使他完成了12個誡命,而他仰給我;
53:2 `Thou hast these commandments; 53:2 `祢這些誡命;
53:3 walk in them, and exhort thy hearers that their ministration, which I give thee, fulfil thou with all diligence to the end, and thou shalt effect much. 53:3走在他們,並告誡你hearers他們ministration ,我給你履行你的一切努力,去年底,和你的影響很大。
53:4 For thou shalt find favour among those who are about to repent, and they shall obey thy words. 53:4為你找到贊成的人當中大約有悔改,並應聽從你的話。

54:1 I say to him; 54:1我對他說;
54:2 `Sir, these commandments are great and beautiful and glorious, and are able to gladden the heart of the man' who is able to man, for they are very hard.' 54:2 `主席先生,這些誡命,是偉大而美麗的光輝,並能以痛心臟,該名男子的'誰是能夠男子,因為他們都非常努力。
54:3 He answered and said unto me; 54:3他回答說:祂箱;
54:4 `If thou set it before thyself that they can be kept, thou wilt easily keep them, and they will not be hard; 54:4 `你若定,然後你自己說,他們可以保持,祢輕鬆了解他們,他們將不會硬;
54:5 but if it once enter into thy heart that they cannot be kept by a man, thou wilt not keep them. 54:5 ,但如果它一旦進入你的心,他們不能保持一名男子,祢不會保管,不得丟失。
54:6 But now I say unto thee; 54:6 ,但現在我說,祢;
54:7 if thou keep then, not, but neglect them, thou shalt not have salvation, neither thy children nor thy household, since thou hast already pronounced judgment against thyself that these commandments cannot be kept by a man.' 54:7你若保持,然後,不是,而忽略了他們,你不可有救贖,既不是你的孩子也不是你的家庭,因為祢已經宣判的判決對你自己說,這些誡命,不能保存的一名男子。

55:1 And these things he said to me very angrily, so that I was confounded, and feared him exceedingly; 55:1和這些東西,他對我說,非常氣憤,好讓我混淆了,並擔心他的不得了;
55:2 for his form was changed, so that a man could not endure his anger. 55:2為他的形式被改變,所以,一個男人無法忍受他的憤怒。
55:3 And when he saw that I was altogether disturbed and confounded, he began to speak more kindly [and cheerfully] to me, and he saith; 55:3 ,當他看到我是完全擾亂和混淆了,他開始說話更仁慈[和愉快]對我來說,和他仰;
55:4 `Foolish fellow, void of understanding and of doubtful mind, 55:4 `愚蠢同胞的,空洞的理解和可疑的心態,
55:5 perceivest thou not the glory of God, how great and mighty and marvellous it is, 55:5 perceivest你不是神的榮耀,是如何的偉大和威武壯美的是,
55:6 how that He created the world for man's sake, and subjected all His creation to man, and gave all authority to him, that he should be master over all things under the heaven? 55:6怎麼說,他創造了世界,為人類的酒,並受到他的所有創作人,並給所有的權力,他認為,他應該掌握的所有東西下天堂?
55:7 If then,' [he saith,] `man is lord of all the creatures of God and mastereth all things, cannot he also master these commandments? 55:7 ,如果當時, ' [他仰, ] `名男子是上帝的所有的生物的上帝和mastereth一切事物,不能他還掌握這些誡命嗎?
55:8 Aye,' saith he, `the man that hath the Lord in his heart can master [all things and] all these commandments.步行約埃, '仰他, `該名男子說,祂所主內,他的心能夠掌握[一切事物和]所有這些誡命。
55:9 But they that have the Lord on their lips, while their heart is hardened, and are far from the Lord, to them these commandments are hard and inaccessible. 55:9 ,但他們認為,有主在他們的嘴唇,而他們的心硬化,並遠離主的,對於他們來說,這些誡命,是很難和交通不便。
55:10 Therefore do ye, who are empty and fickle in the faith, set your Lord in your heart, and ye shall perceive that nothing is easier than these commandments, nor sweeter, nor more gentle. 55:10 ,因此,也葉,他們是空洞的和多變的,在信仰,設定主在你的心,你們感覺到沒有什麼比以前更方便,這些誡命,也不甜,也更溫柔。
55:11 Be ye converted, ye that walk after the commandments of devil, (the commandments which are so) difficult and bitter and wild and riotous; 55:11被葉轉化過來,你們只要步行後誡命的魔鬼, (誡命是如此)的困難和痛苦,並和野生的動靜;
55:12 and fear not the devil, for there is no power in him against you. 55:12和恐懼的不是魔鬼,是沒有權力對他來對付你。
55:13 For I will be with you, I, the angel of repentance, who have the mastery over him. 55:13 ,因為我將與你,我,天使悔過書,他們有把握超過他。
55:14 The devil hath fear alone, but his fear hath no force. 55:14魔鬼祂所恐懼,而是他的恐懼祂所沒有任何力量。

56:1 I say to him, Sir, listen to a few words from me.' 56:1我對他說,主席先生,聽幾句話,從我身上。
56:2 `Say what thou wilt,' saith he. 56:2 `說什麼祢, '仰他。
56:3 `Man, Sir,' I say, `is eager to keep the commandments of strengthened in His commandments, and be subject to them; 56:3 `男子,主席先生, '我說, '是急於把誡命的加強,在他的誡命,並受到他們;
56:4 but the devil is hard and overmastereth them.' 56:4 ,但魔鬼是很難和overmastereth他們。
56:5 `He cannot, saith he, `overmaster the servants of God, who set their hope on Him with their whole heart. 56:5 `他不能,仰他, ` overmaster的公僕和勤務員,上帝,他們的希望寄託在他自己的整個心。
56:6 The devil can wrestle with them, but he cannot overthrow them. 56:6魔鬼可以角力和他們在一起,但是他不能推翻他們。
56:7 If then ye resist him, he will be vanquished, and will flee from you disgraced. 56:7 ,如果當時葉抵制他,但他將戰敗國,並會逃離你蒙羞。
56:8 But as many,' saith he, `as are utterly empty, fear the devil as if he had power. 56:8 ,但由於許多, '仰他, ` ,因為是毫無空,恐懼魔鬼,因為如果他有權力。
56:9 When a man has filled amply sufficient jars with good wine, and among these jars a few are quite empty, he comes to the jars, and does not examine the full ones, for he knows that they are full; 56:9時,一名男子填補了充分足夠的罐具有良好的葡萄酒,其中廣口瓶數是相當空洞的,當他來到了廣口瓶,並沒有研究,充分的,因為他知道自己是全職;
56:10 but he examineth the empty ones, fearing lest they have turned sour. 56:10 ,但他examineth空的,怕以免他們把酸溜溜的。
56:11 For empty jars soon turn sour, and the taste of the wine is spoilt. 56:11為空罐子即將年滿酸溜溜的,品味的葡萄酒是被寵壞了。
56:12 So also the devil cometh to all the servants of Cod tempting them. 56:12 ,所以也魔鬼時勢所有的公僕和勤務員,鱈魚,誘人的。
56:13 As many then as are complete in the faith, oppose him mightily, and he departeth from them, not having a place where he can find an entrance. 56:13多,然後是完整的,在信仰,反對他的境地,而且他departeth他們之外,沒有一個地方,他可以找到一個入口。
56:14 So he cometh next to the empty ones, and finding a place goeth into them, and further he doeth what he willeth in them, and they become submissive slaves to him. 56:14 ,所以他來了明年向空,並為此尋找一個地方阿蒙到他們,並進一步他doeth他willeth在他們,他們成了逆來順受的奴隸給他。

57:1 `But I, the angel of repentance, say unto you; 57:1 `但是,我的天使悔過書,對你們所說;
57:2 Fear not the devil; 57:2不要害怕魔鬼;
57:3 for I was sent,' saith he, `to be with you who repent with your whole heart, and to strengthen you in the faith. 57:3 ,因為我被送往, '仰他, `能與你們有悔改表現的人與你的整個心,並加強你的信仰。
57:4 Believe, therefore, on God, ye who by reason of your sins have despaired of your life, and are adding to your sins, and weighing down your life; 57:4相信,因此,對上帝,葉的人,因你的罪惡已經絕望,你的生活,並增加你的罪孽,並衡量你的生活;
57:5 for if ye turn unto the Lord with your whole heart, 57:5 ,如果葉之交所不欲,主與你的整個心,
57:6 and work righteousness the remaining days of your life, and serve Him rightly according to His will, He will give healing to your former sins, and ye shall have power to master the works of the devil. 57:6和工作正義感餘下的日子你的生活,並為他服務正確地按他的意願,他會痊癒,讓你以前的罪過,你們有權力,掌握工程的魔鬼。
57:7 But of the threatening of the devil fear not at all; 57:7 ,但威脅性的魔鬼恐怕不是這回事;
57:8 for he is unstrung, like the sinews of a dead man. 57:8因為他是" Unstrung ,像sinews一名死者。
57:9 Hear me therefore, and fear Him, Who is able to do all things, to save and to destroy', and observe these commandments, and ye shall live unto God.' 57:9聽到我,因此,和怕他,誰是能夠做到的一切事情,為了節省,並摧毀' ,並遵守這些誡命,你們將生活所不欲,上帝。
57:10 I say to him, `Sir, now am I strengthened in all the ordinances of the Lord, because thou art with me; 57:10我對他說, '先生,現在我加強在所有條例的上帝,因為祢與我;
57:11 and I know that thou wilt crush all the power of the devil, and we shall be masters over him, and shall prevail over all his works. 57:11 ,我知道祢將粉碎一切權力的魔鬼,我們應主人超過他,並應優先於他的所有作品。
57:12 And I hope, Sir, that I am now able to keep these commandments which thou hast commanded, the Lord enabling me.' 57:12 ,我希望主席先生,我現在可以保留這些誡命,其中祢指揮者時,主,使我的。
57:13 Thou shalt keep them,' saith he, `if thy heart be found pure with the Lord; 57:13你讓他們來說, '仰他, '如果你的心找到純潔與主同行;

58:1 PARABLES WHICH HE SPAKE WITH ME. 58:1 parables他spake我的看法。
58:2 He saith to me; 58:2他仰給我;
58:3 `Ye know that ye, who far from this city. 58:3 `你們知道葉,他們遠離這個城市。
58:4 If then ye know your city, in which ye shall dwell, why do ye here prepare fields and expensive displays and buildings and dwelling-chambers which are superfluous? 58:4 ,如果當時你們知道你的城市,其中葉不得糾纏,為什麼葉準備在此領域和昂貴的顯示器和建築物和歌特式的商會,這都是多餘的嗎?
58:5 He, therefore, that prepareth these things for this city does not purpose to return to his own city. 58:5因此,他認為, prepareth這些東西,為這個城市沒有目的回到自己的城市。
58:6 O foolish and double-minded and miserable man, perceivest thou not that all these things are foreign, and are under the power of another? 58:6 o愚蠢和雙重態度,並淒慘男子, perceivest你不說,所有這些東西都是外國的,是根據權力的另一個?
58:7 For the lord of this city shall say, "I do not wish thee to dwell in my city; 58:7因為耶和華這個城市應當說, "我不希望你來住在我的城市;
58:8 go forth from this city, for thou dost not conform to my laws." 58:8去了,從這個城市,你是多斯特,不符合我國的法律" 。
58:9 Thou, therefore, who hast fields and dwellings and many other possessions, 58:9你,所以,誰就得領域和住房以及其他許多遺物,
58:10 when thou art cast out by him, what wilt thou do with thy field and thy house and all the other things that thou preparedst for thyself? 58:10時,祢趕出去,由他,有什麼祢做,你用你的領域和你的房子和其他所有事情你preparedst為你自己呢?
58:11 For the lord of this country saith to thee justly, "Either conform to my laws, or depart from my country." 58:11因為上帝這個國家的仰向你獻上理直氣壯, "無論是符合我國法律,或偏離我的國家" 。
58:12 What then shalt thou do, who art under law in thine own city? 58:12那麼,本當你這樣做,誰的藝術下,在國際法你們自己的城市?
58:13 For the sake of thy fields and the rest of thy possessions wilt thou altogether repudiate thy law, and walk according to the law of this city? 58:13為你的領域和其餘你的遺物,祢完全否定你的法律,而步行,依法治國的這個城市嗎?
58:14 Take heed, lest it be inexpedient to repudiate thy law; 58:14加以留意,以免它被inexpedient否定你的法律;
58:15 for if thou shouldest desire to return again to thy city, thou shalt surely not be received [because thou didst repudiate the law of thy city], and shalt be shut out from it. 58:15 ,如果你shouldest渴望返回再次給你的城市,你一定不會接待他,因為祢否定國際法著你的城市] ,本當被逐出家門,從它。
58:16 Take heed therefore; 58:16注意,因此;
58:17 as dwelling in a strange land prepare nothing more for thyself but a competency which is sufficient for thee, 58:17至於住在一個陌生的土地準備,沒有什麼更多的為你自己,而是能力,是足以祢
58:18 and make ready that, 58:18 ,並作出準備,
58:19 whensoever the master of this city may desire to cast thee out for thine opposition to his law, thou mayest go forth from his city and depart into thine own city, and use thine own law joyfully, free from all insult. 58:19 whensoever師父的這個城市,可能慾望投下你出你的,反對他的律師,你mayest去了,從他的城市,並啟程到你們自己的城市,用你的自身規律,喜氣洋洋地,不受任何侮辱。
58:20 Take heed therefore, ye that serve God and have Him in your heart work the works of God being mindful of His commandments and of the promises which He made, and believe Him that He will perform them, if His commandments be kept. 58:20注意,因此,葉表示,服務於上帝和他在你的心工作,該工程的上帝念及他的誡命,並承諾他所作出的,並相信他,讓他將演奏他們,如果他的誡命,兌現的。
58:21 Therefore, instead of fields buy ye souls that are in trouble, as each is able, and visit widows and orphans, and neglect them not; 58:21因此,與其領域購買燁心靈有麻煩了,因為每一個能,並參觀遺孀和孤兒,而忽視他們不要;
58:22 and spend your riches and all your displays, which ye received from God, on fields and houses of this kind. 58:22和花你的財富和您所有的顯示器,其中葉收到來自天主的愛,對各個領域和居民住宅,這種嘗試。
58:23 For to this end the Master enriched you, that ye might perform these ministrations for Him. 58:23供為此師父豐富了你,而你們可能執行這些ministrations他。
58:24 It is much better to purchase fields [and possessions] and houses of this kind, which thou wilt find in thine own city, when thou visitest it. 58:24最好是購買領域[和遺物]和房子的這種,祢找到你們自己的城市,當你visitest 。
58:25 This lavish expenditure is beautiful and joyous, not bringing sadness or fear, but bringing joy. 58:25這個奢華的開支是美好的和快樂,而不是把悲傷或恐懼的,但帶來的歡樂。
58:26 The expenditure of the heathen then practise not ye; 58:26開支的異教徒,然後練習不是葉;
58:27 for it is not convenient for you the servants of God. 58:27 ,這是不是方便了你的僕人神。
58:28 But practise your own expenditure, in which ye can rejoice; 58:28 ,但練習自己的開支,其中葉感到欣慰;
58:29 and do not corrupt, neither touch that which is another man's, nor lust after it; 58:29 ,不貪,既不觸摸那是另一人的,也不是姦淫;
58:30 for it is wicked to lust after other men's possessions. 58:30 ,這是邪惡,以利令智昏後,其他男子的遺物。

59:1 ANOTHER PARABLE. 59:1 另一則寓言。
59:2 As I walked in the field, and noticed an elm and a vine, 59:2 ,因為我走在外地,並留意到一個榆樹和一個畏縮不前,
59:3 and was distinguishing them and their fruits, the shepherd appeareth thinking, [Sir,]' say I, `about the elm and the vine, that they are excellently suited the one to the other.' 59:3 ,並區分他們和他們的成果,牧羊人appeareth思想, [先生] , '說我, '關於榆樹和畏縮不前,他們是優秀的適合一個向對方。
59:4 `These two trees,' saith he, `are appointed for a type to the servants of God.' 59:4 `這兩棵樹, '仰他, `獲委任為該型向公僕的上帝。
59:5 `I would fain know, [Sir,]' say I, `the type contained in these trees, of which thou speakest.' 59:5 `我fain知道, [先生] , '說我, '類型載這些樹,其中あspeakest 。
59:6 `Seest thou,' saith he, `the elm and the vine?' 59:6 `あな, '仰他, `榆樹和葡萄嗎?
59:7 `I see them, Sir,' say I. 59:7 `我看見他們,主席先生, '說,一
59:8 `This vine,' saith he, `beareth fruit, but the elm is an unfruitful stock. 59:8 `這畏縮不前, '仰他, ` beareth水果,但榆樹是徒勞的股票。
59:9 Yet this vine, except it climb up the elm, cannot bear much fruit when it is spread on the ground; 59:9 ,但這個畏縮不前,除非它爬上了榆樹,無法承受許多子粒來時,其傳染途徑是在地面上;
59:10 and such fruit as it beareth is rotten, because it is not suspended upon the elm. 59:10等水果,因為它beareth是爛,因為它是沒有終止後,榆樹。
59:11 When then the vine is attached to the elm, it beareth fruit both from itself and from the elm. 59:11時,則畏縮不掛接到榆樹,它beareth水果均來自本身和從榆樹。
59:12 Thou seest then that the elm also beareth [much] fruit, not less than the vine, but rather more.' 59:12ああ則表示,榆樹也beareth [得多]水果,不低於畏縮不前,而是更多。
59:13 `How more, Sir?' 59:13 `如何更多,主席先生嗎? say I.說一。
59:14 `Because,' saith he, `the vine, when hanging upon the elm, bears its fruit in abundance, and in good condition; 59:14 ` ,因為'仰他, `畏縮不前,時墜樓後,榆樹,熊其果豐度,並在良好的條件;
59:15 but, when spread on the ground, it beareth little fruit, and that rotten. 59:15但是,當散佈在地面上,它beareth小水果,而且爛。
59:16 This parable therefore is applicable to the servants of God, to poor and to rich alike.' 59:16這則寓言,因此是適用的公僕和勤務員,真神,窮人和富一樣。
59:17 `How, Sir?' 59:17 `如何,主席先生嗎? say I;說我;
59:18 `instruct me.' 59:18 `指示我。
59:19 `Listen,' saith he; 59:19 '聽著, '仰他;
59:20 `the rich man hath much wealth, but in the things of the Lord he is poor, being distracted about his riches, and his confession and intercession with the Lord is very scanty; 59:20 `財主祂所了多少財富,但在事情的主,他是窮人,而不會分散注意力,對他的財富,他的供詞和干涉,與主同行,是很少;
59:21 and even that which he giveth is small and weak and hath not power above. 59:21即使如此,他給予的是小行和軟弱渙散現象祂所不是權力以上。
59:22 When then the rich man goeth up to the poor, and assisteth him in his needs, 59:22時,那麼富有的人阿蒙了向窮人,並assisteth他,在他的需要,
59:23 believing that for what he doth to the poor man he shall be able to obtain a reward with God-because the poor man is rich in intercession [and confession], 59:23相信他所說doth向窮人男子,他將能獲得獎勵與上帝,因為窮人男子豐富干涉, [和懺悔]
59:24 and his intercession hath great power with God-the rich man then supplieth all things to the poor man without wavering. 59:24和他的干涉,祂所大國與上帝-財主,然後supplieth所有東西向窮人男子,毫不動搖。
59:25 But the poor man being supplied by the rich maketh intercession for him, thanking God for him that gave to him. 59:25 ,但窮人的男子正在供應由有錢人maketh干涉,對他來說,感謝上帝,他給了他。
59:26 And the other is still more zealous to assist the poor man, that he may he continuous in his life: 59:26和其他更是熱心的幫助窮人的男子,他有可能他連續在他的生活:
59:27 for he knoweth that the intercession of the poor man is acceptable and rich before God. 59:27因為他知表示,干涉,對窮人是可以接受的和豐富的上帝面前。
59:28 They both then accomplish their work; 59:28 ,他們都那麼地完成他們的工作;
59:29 the poor man maketh intercession, wherein he is rich [which he received of the Lord]; 59:29窮人男子maketh干涉,那是他豐富的[他收到的主] ;
59:30 this he rendereth again to the Lord Who supplieth him with it. 59:30這rendereth他再次向主supplieth他。
59:31 The rich man too in like manner furnisheth to the poor man, nothing doubting, the riches which he received from the Lord. 59:31財主也同樣furnisheth向窮人男子來說,沒有什麼會懷疑,富貴,他收到了來自上帝。
59:32 And this work is great and acceptable with God, 59:32 ,這一工作是偉大而接受上帝,
59:33 because (the rich man) hath understanding concerning his riches, and worketh for the poor man from the bounties of the Lord, and accomplisheth the ministration of the Lord rightly. 59:33因為(財主)祂所了解有關他的財富, worketh為窮人男子從懸賞的耶和華, accomplisheth該ministration的主正確的。
59:34 In the sight of men then the elm seemeth not to bear fruit, 59:34在視線的男子則榆樹seemeth不能結出果實,
59:35 and they know not, neither perceive, 59:35和他們不知道,既不察覺,
59:36 that if there cometh a drought, the elm having water nurtureth the vine, and the vine having a constant supply of water beareth fruit twofold', both for itself and for the elm. 59:36 ,如果有時勢旱災,榆樹水nurtureth畏縮不前,和藤本植物有一個恆定的食水供應量beareth水果兩重' ,既為自己,並為榆樹。
59:37 So likewise the poor, by interceding with the Lord for the rich, establish their riches, and again the rich, supplying their needs to the poor, establish their souls. 59:37同樣如此惡劣,在同主為有錢,樹立自己的財富,又豐富,供應他們的需要,向窮人,樹立自己的靈魂。
59:38 So then both are made partners in the righteous work. 59:38那麼,無論是合作夥伴,在正義的工作。
59:39 He then that doeth these things shall not be abandoned of God, but shall be written in the books of the living. 59:39他接著說, doeth這些東西,不得遺棄上帝的,但應盡快加以寫在書本的生活。
59:40 Blessed are the rich, who understand also that they are enriched from the Lord. 59:40有福了豐富的,他們也知道他們是豐富,從主。

60:1 ANOTHER PARABLE. 60:1 另一則寓言。
60:2 He showed me many trees which had no leaves, but they seemed to me to be, as it were, withered for they were all alike. 60:2他向我展示了很多樹木,而沒有葉片,但他們似乎對我來說,因為它被乾枯,因為他們都一樣。
60:3 And he all alike, and are withered.' 60:3和他都一樣,都是乾枯。
60:4 He answered and said to me; 60:4他回答我說;
60:5 `These trees that thou seest are they that dwell in this world.' 60:5 `這些樹說,你見他們都是住在這個世界上。
60:6 `Wherefore then, Sir,' say I, `are they as if they were withered, and alike?' 60:6 `哪,然後,主席先生, '說我, '他們如同自己的乾枯,無論是嗎?
60:7 `Because, saith he, ` neither the righteous are distinguishable, nor the sinners in this world, but they are alike. 60:7 ` ,因為仰他, '既不是站在正義的區別,也不是罪人,在這個世界上,但它們是完全一樣的。
60:8 For this world is winter to the righteous, and they are not distinguishable, as they dwell with the sinners. 60:8 ,為這個世界上是冬天,以正義的,他們根本就不是區別,因為它們糾纏與罪人。
60:9 For as in the winter the trees, having shed their leaves, are alike, and are not distinguishable, which are withered, 60:9因為在冬季的樹木,經棚葉,是完全一樣的,而並沒有區別,這是乾枯,
60:10 and which alive, so also in this world neither the just nor the sinners are distinguishable, but they are all alike.' 60:10 ,並在世時,也是如此,在這個世界既不公正,也不是罪人,是有區別的,但他們都是一樣。

61:1 ANOTHER PARABLE. 61:1 另一則寓言。
61:2 He showed me many trees again, some of them sprouting, and others withered, and he saith to me; 61:2他向我展示了很多樹木,他們中的一些人的萌芽,以及其他乾枯的,他在集會上向我;
61:3 `Seest thou,' saith he, `these trees?' 61:3 `あな, '仰他, '這些樹嗎?
61:4 `I see them, Sir,' say I, `some of them sprouting, and others withered.' 61:4 `我看見他們,主席先生, '說我, '他們中的一些人的萌芽,以及其他乾枯。
61:5 `These trees,' saith he, `that are sprouting are the righteous, who shall dwell in the world to come; 61:5 `這些樹木, '仰他, `這是萌芽,是正義的,他們應是住在未來世界;
61:6 for the world to come is summer to the righteous, but winter to the sinners. 61:6 ,為世界各地來的是夏天義,但冬天到罪人。
61:7 When then the mercy of the Lord shall shine forth, then they that serve Cod shall be made manifest; 61:7的時候,那麼慈悲的上帝應照了,然後他們說,服務於鱈魚,應取得艙單;
61:8 yea, and all men shall be made manifest. 61:8 ,記得,和所有男人應予以體現。
61:9 For as in summer the fruits of each several tree are made manifest, 61:9因為夏季水果的每幾個樹都取得了明顯的,
61:10 and are recognised of what sort they are, 61:10 ,並認可的是什麼,他們是
61:11 so also the fruits of the righteous shall be manifest, and all [even the very smallest] shall be known to be flourishing in that world. 61:11 ,所以也是水果的正義應體現和所有[連最小]應知是蓬勃發展,在那個世界。
61:12 But the Gentiles and the sinners, 61:12 ,但外邦人和罪人,
61:13 just as thou sawest the trees which were withered, 61:13正如你sawest樹木,其中乾枯,
61:14 even such shall they be found, withered and unfruitful in that world, and shall be burnt up as fuel, and shall be manifest, because their practice in their life hath been evil. 61:14甚至諸如不得被發現,枯萎和徒勞的,在這世界,並應火燒作為燃料,並應體現的,因為他們的實踐在他們的生活祂所被邪惡。
61:15 For the sinners shall be burned, because they sinned and repented not; 61:15為罪人應被燒毀,因為他們犯罪和悔過;
61:16 and the Gentiles shall be burned, because they knew not Him that created them. 61:16和外邦人應燒毀,因為他們知道不是他創造了他們。
61:17 Do thou therefore bear fruit, that in that summer thy, fruit may be known. 61:17做你,所以結出碩果,在那個夏天你的,水果,可眾所周知的。
61:18 But abstain from overmuch business, and thou shalt never fall into any sin. 61:18 ,但投棄權overmuch業務,你從來沒有陷入任何罪過。
61:19 For they that busy themselves overmuch, sin much also, being distracted about their business, and in no wise serving their own Lord. 61:19 ,因為他們認為,忙於overmuch ,單也有很大的,而不會分散注意力,他們對自己的業務,而且在任何明智的在職他們自己的主。
61:20 How then,' saith he, `can such a man ask anything of the Lord and receive it, seeing that he serveth not the Lord? 61:20又哪來的, '仰他, `可以這樣一個人想問什麼的主,並接受它,看到他serveth不是上帝嗎?
61:21 [For] they that serve Him, these shall receive their petitions, but they that serve not the Lord, these shall receive nothing. 61:21 [供]他們說,為他服務,這應接受他們的請願書,但他們認為,服務不是上帝,這些應接受什麼。
61:22 But if any one work one single action, he is able also to serve the Lord; 61:22 ,但如果任何一個工作,一個單一的行動,他能還以事奉耶和華;
61:23 for his mind shall not be corrupted from (following') the Lord, but he shall serve Him, because he keepeth his mind pure. 61:23 ,為他心目中不得被損壞的,由(以下' )主,但他應為他服務,因為他keepeth他心目中純潔。
61:24 If therefore thou doest these things, thou shalt be able to bear fruit unto the world to come; 61:24 ,因此,如果你的旨意行這些東西,你能結出果實所不欲,未來世界;

62:1 ANOTHER PARABLE. 62:1 另一則寓言。
62:2 As I was fasting and seated on a certain mountain, and giving thanks to the Lord for all that He had done unto me, I see the morn? 62:2因為我是禁食,並在座位上某山區,並給予感謝,向上帝禱告,為所有的,他做了祂的話,我看到朝夕?
62:3 "Because, Sir,' say I, `I am keeping a station.' 62:3 : "主席先生,因為'說我, '我保持站。
62:4 `What,' saith he, `is a station?' 62:4 `什麼, '仰他, '是一個站嗎?
62:5 `I am fasting, Sir,' say I. 62:5 `我禁食,主席先生, '說,一
62:6 `And what,' saith he, `is this fast [that ye are fasting]?' 62:6 `什麼, '仰他, '是這個快速發展[葉禁食]嗎?
62:7 `As I was accustomed, Sir,' say I, `so I fast.' 62:7 `因為我是習慣了,主席先生, '說我, `所以我快。
62:8 `Ye know not,' saith he, `how to fast unto the Lord, neither is this a fast, this unprofitable fast which ye make unto Him.' 62:8 `葉不知道, '仰他, `如何快速轉身复主,既不是這一個快速,這無利可圖迅速,而葉,使祂。
62:9 `Wherefore, Sir,' say I, `sayest thou this?' 62:9 `人哪,主席先生, '說我, ` sayest你這個嗎?
62:10 `I tell thee,' saith he, `that this is not a fast, wherein ye think to fast; 62:10 `我告訴你, '仰他, `這不是一個快速,其中,燁認為,以快;
62:11 but I will teach thee what is a complete fast and acceptable to the Lord. 62:11 ,但我會教你什麼是一個完整的快速和可以接受的,向上帝禱告。
62:12 Listen,' saith he; 62:12聽著, '仰他;
62:13 `God desireth not such a vain fast; 62:13 `上帝desireth沒有這樣一個妄圖快;
62:14 for by so fasting unto God thou shalt do nothing for righteousness. 62:14 ,為使禁食所不欲,上帝你什麼也不做主持正義。
62:15 But fast thou [unto God] such a fast as this; 62:15 ,但快速あ[祂神]這麼快,因為這;
62:16 do no wickedness in thy life, and serve the Lord with a pure heart; 62:16做任何邪惡在你的生活中,與事奉耶和華用純潔的心;
62:17 observe His commandments and walk in His ordinances, and let no evil desire rise up in thy heart; 62:17遵守他的誡命,並走在他的條例,並沒有讓邪惡的慾望崛起於你的心臟;
62:18 but believe God. 62:18 ,但相信上帝。
62:19 Then, if thou shalt do these things, and fear Him, and control thyself from every evil deed, thou shalt live unto God; 62:19那麼,如果你做這些事情,怕他,並控制你自己,從每一個邪惡的契約,你活祂上帝;
62:20 and if thou do these things, thou shalt accomplish a great fast, and one acceptable to God. 62:20 ,如果你做這些事情,你完成的一個偉大快,在一個可以接受的上帝。

63:1 `Hear the parable which I shall tell thee relating to fasting. 63:1 `聽到這則寓言,我會告訴你有關禁食。
63:2 A certain man had an estate, and many slaves, and a portion of his estate he planted as a vineyard; 63:2某名男子曾與地產,許多奴隸,以及一部分他的遺產,他種植的,作為一個葡萄園;
63:3 and choosing out a certain slave who was trusty and well-pleasing (and) held in honour, he called him to him and saith unto him ; 63:3 ,並選擇了某一個奴隸,是信賴和幸福討好(和)召開的榮譽,他打電話給他,他仰祂;
63:4 "Take this vineyard [which I have planted], and fence it [till I come], but do nothing else to the vineyard. 63:4 "借這個葡萄園[我已種植了] ,並圍欄[直等我回來,但什麼也不做,否則到了葡萄園。
63:5 Now keep this my commandment, and thou shalt be free in my house." 63:5 ,現在把這個我的誡命,你的自由,在我的房子" 。
63:6 Then the master of the servant went away to travel abroad. 63:6 ,然後師父的僕人來到遠離出國旅行。
63:7 When then he had gone away, the servant took and fenced the vineyard; 63:7的時候,當時他已一掃而空,僕人上台和柵欄的葡萄園;
63:8 and having finished the fencing of the vineyard, he noticed that the vineyard was full of weeds. 63:8 ,並完成了擊劍的葡萄園,他察覺到葡萄園充滿了雜草。
63:9 So he reasoned within himself, saying, " This command of my lord I have carried out. 63:9 ,所以他推論在自己,他說: "這個命令對我的主,我已進行的。
63:10 I will next dig this vineyard, and it shall be neater when it is digged; 63:10 ,我會在下挖這個葡萄園,並應neater當它被挖;
63:11 and when it hath no weeds it will yield more fruit, because not choked by the weeds." 63:11時,祂所沒有雜草,它會帶來更多的成果,因為不是嗆雜草" 。
63:12 He took and digged the vineyard, and all the weeds that were in the vineyard he plucked up. 63:12 ,他和挖葡萄園,而所有的雜草都是在葡萄園,他摘到了。
63:13 And that vineyard became very neat and flourishing, when it had no weeds to choke it. 63:13和葡萄園成為非常整齊而蓬勃發展的,當它沒有雜草嗆。
63:14 After a time the master of the servant [and of the estate] came, and he went into the vineyard. 63:14經過一段時間的主人僕人[和地產]來了,和他走進了葡萄園。
63:15 And seeing the vineyard fenced neatly, and digged as well, and [all] the weeds plucked up, and the vines flourishing, he rejoiced [exceedingly] at what his servant had done. 63:15 ,並看到葡萄園柵欄整齊,並挖為好, [全部]雜草,彈撥,和藤蔓蓬勃發展,他很高興[不得了]在他的僕人這樣的人。
63:16 So he called his beloved son, who was his heir, 63:16 ,所以他所謂的自己心愛的兒子,是他的接班人,
63:17 and the friends who were his advisers, and told them what he had commanded his servant, and how much he had found done. 63:17和朋友們,是他的顧問,並告訴他們,他指揮的,他的僕人,有多少已經找到工作要做。
63:18 And they rejoiced with the servant at the testimony which his master had borne to him. 63:18 ,他們很高興與僕人在證詞中,他的師父曾傳染給他。
63:19 And he saith to them; 63:19和他仰給他們;
63:20 "I promised this servant his freedom, if he should keep the commandment which I commanded him; 63:20 : "我答應這個僕人,他的自由,如果他要保持誡命,我命令他;
63:21 but he kept my commandment and did a good work besides to my vineyard, and pleased me greatly. 63:21 ,但他遵守我的誡命,並做了很好的工作,除了我的葡萄園,高興地對我極大。
63:22 For this work therefore which he has done, I desire to make him joint-heir with my son, because, when the good thought struck him, he did not neglect it, but fulfilled it." 63:22 ,為這項工作,因此,他已做了,我的願望,使他的聯合繼承人與我的兒子,因為,當好思想擊中了他,但他並沒有忽視它,但它完成" 。
63:23 In this purpose the son of the master agreed with him, that the servant should be made joint-heir with the son. 63:23 ,在這個目的的兒子,船長同意他的說法,認為公務員應作出共同繼承人與兒子。
63:24 After some few days, his master made a feast, and sent to him many dainties from the feast. 63:24後,有的幾天,他的主人提出了宴,並送他的許多dainties從盛宴。
63:25 But when the servant received [the dainties sent to him by the master], he took what was sufficient for him, and distributed the rest to his fellow-servants. 63:25 ,但是當僕人收到[ dainties發送給他的師父,他是什麼足以讓他,並分發給其餘的他的同胞-公僕。
63:26 And his fellow-servants, when they received the dainties, rejoiced, and began to pray for him, 63:26和他的老鄉公務員,當他們收到dainties ,歡欣鼓舞,並開始祈禱,為他,
63:27 that he might find greater favour with the master, because he had treated them so handsomely. 63:27 ,他可能在尋找更大的討好主人,因為他的待遇,使他們可觀的款項。
63:28 All these things which had taken place his master heard, and again rejoiced greatly at his deed. 63:28所有這些事情,已發生了他的主人聽到,並再次歡欣鼓舞,極大地在他的好事。
63:29 So the master called together again his friends and his son, and announced to them the deed that he had done with regard to his dainties which he had received; 63:29 ,讓師父召集再次他的朋友和他的兒子,並宣布了他們的契約,他曾做了關於他dainties其中他曾接獲;

64:1 I say, `Sir, I understand not these parables, neither can I apprehend thee,' saith he; 64:1我說, '主席先生,我知道這不正是parables ,既不是我能理解你, '仰他;
64:2 `and will show thee whatsoever things I shall speak with thee. 64:2 ` ,並會顯示你有什麼事情我會和你一起。
64:3 Keep the commandments of the Lord, and thou shalt be well-pleasing to God, and shalt be enrolled among the number of them that keep His commandments. 64:3保持誡命的,主啊,你是用心良苦取悅上帝,本當入學當中有多少人能保持他的誡命。
64:4 But if thou do any good thing outside the commandment of God, thou shalt win for thyself more exceeding glory, and shalt be more glorious in the sight of God than thou wouldest otherwise have been. 64:4 ,但如果你做的任何一件好事以外誡命的上帝,你不照樣祂更超過榮耀,本當更加輝煌的,在看不到上帝,你wouldest否則已。
64:5 If then, while thou keepest the commandments of God, thou add these services likewise, thou shalt rejoice, if thou observe them according to my commandment.' 64:5 ,如果當時的,而你keepest誡命的上帝,你加入這些服務同樣,你慶幸,如果你觀察他們根據我的誡命。
64:6 I say to him, `Sir, whatsoever thou commandest me, I will keep it; 64:6我對他說, '先生,不管你commandest的話,我會保持它;
64:7 for I know that thou art with me.' 64:7因為我知道,祢與我。
64:8 `I will be with thee,' saith he, `because thou hast so great zeal for doing good; 64:8 `我會和你一起, '仰他, `因為祢如此之大的熱情,為做好事;
64:9 yea, and I will be with all,' saith he, whosoever have such zeal as this. 64:9 ,記得,我一定會與所有的, '仰他,凡有這樣的熱情,因為這樣的。
64:10 This fasting,' saith he, `if the commandments of the Lord are kept, is very good. 64:10這禁食, '仰他, '如果誡命的主記錄,是非常好的。
64:11 This then is the way, that thou shalt keep this fast [which thou art about to observe]. 64:11這就是出路,那你保持這種快速[其中,祢約觀察] 。
64:12 First of all, keep thyself from every evil word and every evil desire, and purify thy heart from all the vanities of this world. 64:12首先,讓你自己,從每一個邪惡的一個字,每一個邪惡的慾望,以純潔你的心從所有面盆的這個世界。
64:13 If thou keep these things, this fast shall be perfect for thee. 64:13 ,如果你保持這些東西,這個快速發展,應完善對祢。
64:14 And thus shalt thou do. 64:14 ,因此本當你做的。
64:15 Having fulfilled what is written, on that day on which thou fastest thou shalt taste nothing but bread and water; 64:15已經完成是怎樣寫的,這一天對這些人最快你品味不過是麵包和水;
64:16 and from thy meats, which thou wouldest have eaten, 64:16 ,從你的肉,對這些人wouldest吃了,
64:17 thou shalt reckon up the amount of that day's expenditure, which thou wouldest have incurred, 64:17你算的數額,當天的支出,對這些人wouldest有發生,
64:18 and shalt give it to a widow, or an orphan, or to one in want, 64:18和本當給它一個寡婦,或是孤兒,或是一想,
64:19 and so shalt thou humble thy soul, that he that hath received from thy humiliation may satisfy his own soul, and may pray for thee to the Lord. 64:19 ,因此本當你謙虛你的靈魂,他說,祂所收到你的屈辱,可滿足他自己的靈魂,並有可能祈求祢,向上帝禱告。
64:20 If then thou shalt so accomplish this fast, as I have commanded thee, thy sacrifice shall be acceptable in the sight of God, and this fasting shall be recorded; 64:20 ,如果當時你這麼完成這個快速發展,正如我剛才指揮的你,你的犧牲,應是可以接受的,在神看,這禁食應作相應的記錄;
64:21 and the service so performed is beautiful and joyous and acceptable to the Lord. 64:21和服務,使表現的是美麗和歡樂和接受的,向上帝禱告。
64:22 These things thou shalt so observe, thou and thy children and thy whole household; 64:22 ,這些東西你這麼觀察,你和你的孩子和你的整個家庭;
64:23 and, observing them, thou shalt be blessed; 64:23 ,並觀察他們,你祝福;

65:1 I entreated him earnestly, 65:1 i entreated他認真,
65:2 that he would show me the parable of the fenced the vineyard, [and of the fence,] 65:2 ,他會拿給我看寓言圍欄葡萄園, [和圍欄, ]
65:3 and of the weeds which were plucked up out of the vineyard, and of the son, and of the friends, the advisers. 65:3和雜草,而被摘出的葡萄園,和兒子,和朋友,顧問。
65:4 For I understood that all these things are a parable. 65:4 ,因為我了解,所有的這些東西是一個寓言。
65:5 but he answered and said unto me; 65:5 ,但他回答說:祂箱;
65:6 `Thou art exceedingly importunate in enquiries. 65:6 `祢通天importunate在扣查。
65:7 Thou oughtest not,' [saith he,] `to make any enquiry at all; 65:7你oughtest沒有, '仰他, ] `作任何查詢所有;
65:8 for if it be right that a thing be explained unto thee, it shall be explained.' 65:8因為如果它得到正確的東西,加以解釋,在祢的,應當予以解釋。
65:9 I say to him; 65:9我對他說;
65:10 `Sir, whatsoever things thou showest unto me and dost not explain, I shall have seen them in vain, and without understanding what they are. 65:10 `主席先生,有什麼事情你電視劇所不欲,我和多斯特沒有解釋,我會看到他們在徒勞,並沒有理解什麼是肯定的。
65:11 In like manner also, if thou speak parables to me and interpret them not, I shall have heard a thing in vain from thee.' 65:11同樣的方式同樣的,如果你說話parables向我解釋他們不要,我會聽到這樣一種東西,妄圖從祢。
65:12 But he again answered, and said unto me; 65:12 ,但他又回答,並說,祂對我;
65:13 `Whosoever,' saith he, `is a servant of God, and hath his own Lord in his heart, asketh understanding of Him, 65:13 `何人, '仰他, '是一個僕人,神,祂所他自己的上帝,在他心中, asketh了解他,
65:14 and receiveth it, and interpreteth every parable, and the words of the Lord which are spoken in parables are made known unto him. 65:14 ,並領受的,並interpreteth每則寓言,和字的主,這是發言parables都知道祂。
65:15 But as many as are sluggish and idle in intercession, these hesitate to ask of the Lord. 65:15 ,但由於很多作為都是呆滯和閒置在干涉,這些不惜求上主。
65:16 But the Lord is abundant in compassion, and giveth to them that ask of Him without ceasing. 65:16但耶和華是豐富的同情心,並給予他們問他,沒有停止。
65:17 But thou who hast been strengthened by the holy angel, and hast received from him such (powers of) intercession and art not idle, wherefore dost thou not ask understanding of the Lord, and obtain it from Him?' 65:17 ,但你是誰就得得到加強,由聖天使,並對收到了他這麼高(權力)干涉和藝術不閒置,以致除此以外,你不是問的認識主,並獲得從他嗎?
65:18 I say to him, `Sir, I that have thee with me have (but) need to ask thee and enquire of thee; 65:18我對他說, '主席先生,我有你與我有(但)要問你,並詢問其對祢;
65:19 for thou showest me all things, and speakest with me; 65:19你是電視劇,我所有的東西, speakest與我;
65:20 but if I had seen or heard them apart from thee I should have asked of the Lord, that they might be shown to me. 65:20 ,但如果我有看到或聽到他們除了你,我要問的主,他們可能表現出我。

66:1 `I told thee just now,' saith he, `that thou art unscrupulous and importunate, in enquiring for the interpretations of the parables. 66:1 `我告訴你剛才所說, '仰他, `這祢不擇手段, importunate ,格物致知為表述的parables 。
66:2 But since thou art so obstinate, I will interpret to thee the parable of the estate and all the accompaniments thereof, that thou mayest make them known unto all. 66:2 ,但由於你的藝術這麼頑固,我會解釋給你的寓言屋及所有accompaniments時,你是mayest讓他們知道祂所有。
66:3 Hear now,' saith he, `and understand them. 66:3聽,現在'仰他, `和理解它們。
66:4 The estate is this world, and the lord of the estate is He that created all things, and set them in order, and endowed them with power; 66:4地產,是這個世界上,與主屋是他創造的一切事物,將它們設置在秩序,並賦予他們權力;
66:5 and the servant is the Son of God, and the vines are this people whom He Himself planted; 66:5和僕人,是上帝的兒子,和藤蔓是這個人,他本人種植;
66:6 and the fences are the [holy] angels of the Lord who keep together His people; 66:6和圍欄是[聖]天使的主飼養連同他的人;
66:7 and the weeds, which are plucked up from the vineyard, are the transgressions of the servants of God; 66:7和雜草,這是摘了,從葡萄園,是越軌的公僕和勤務員,上帝;
66:8 and the dainties which He sent to him from the feast are the commandments which He gave to His people through His Son; 66:8和dainties他送往他從宴是誡命,而他給他的人透過他的兒子;
66:9 and the friends and advisers are the holy angels which were first created; 66:9和朋友和顧問是神聖的天使,其中首次開設;
66:10 and the absence of the master is the time which remaineth over until His coming.' 66:10 ,並沒有師父是行動的時候了,其中remaineth ,直到他的到來。
66:11 I say to him; 66:11我對他說;
66:12 `Sir, great and marvellous are all things and all things are glorious; 66:12 `主席先生,偉大而奇妙的是,所有的東西和所有的東西都是光榮;
66:13 was it likely then,' say I, `that I could have apprehended them?' 66:13是它可能那麼, '說我, '我本來可以逮捕他們嗎?
66:14 Nay, nor can any other man, though he be full of understanding, apprehend them.' 66:14不僅如此,也不可能有任何其他人,他雖然予以充分的理解,逮捕他們。
66:15 `Yet again, Sir,' say I, `explain to me what I am about to enquire of thee.' 66:15 `但主席先生,我又要'說我, '向我解釋什麼,我正要詢問祢。
66:16 `Say on,' he saith, `if thou desirest anything.' 66:16 `說,他仰, `如果你desirest什麼。

67:1 Listen,' said he; 67:1聽著, '他說;
67:2 the Son of God is not represented in the guise of a I; 67:2上帝的兒子,是沒有代表參加名義但形成;
67:3 `I comprehend not.' 67:3 '我不理解。
67:4 `Because,' saith he, `God planted the vineyard, that is, He created the people, and delivered them over to His Son. 67:4 ` ,因為'仰他, '上帝栽種葡萄園,那就是他創造了人,並發表他們給他的兒子。
67:5 And the Son placed the angels in charge of them, to watch over them; 67:5和兒子放在天使負責人,觀看過他們;
67:6 and the Son Himself cleansed their sins, by labouring much and enduring many toils; 67:6和兒子,自己清洗自己的罪孽,由勞苦得多和持久的許多辛苦;
67:7 for no one can dig without toil or labour. 67:7因為沒有人能夠在季后賽中,沒有不勞而獲或勞動。
67:8 Having Himself then cleansed the sins of His people, He showed them the paths of life, giving them the law which He received from His Father. 67:8過自己,然後清洗的罪孽,他的人,他表明,他們的軌跡生活,使他們的法律,他收到來自他的父親。
67:9 Thou seest,' saith he, `that He is Himself Lord of the people, having received all power from His Father. 67:9ああ, '仰他, '說,他自己是上帝的人,收到了一切權力來自他的父親。
67:10 But how that the lord took his son and the glorious angels as advisers concerning the inheritance of the servant, listen. 67:10 ,但如何說,耶和華了他的兒子和光輝天使擔任顧問,涉及繼承的僕人,傾聽。
67:11 The Holy Pre-existent Spirit, Which created the whole creation, God made to dwell in flesh that He desired. 67:11教廷前存在的精神,創造了整個創作,上帝向住在肉體說,他的理想。
67:12 This flesh, therefore, in which the Holy Spirit dwelt, was subject unto the Spirit, walking honourably in holiness and purity, without in any way defiling the Spirit. 67:12這個肉身,因此,在這種聖靈白景富,是受祂的精神,光榮地走在成聖和純潔性,在不以任何方式defiling精神。
67:13 When then it had lived honourably in chastity, 67:13時,則住在光榮的貞節,
67:14 and had laboured with the Spirit, and had cooperated with it in everything, behaving itself boldly and bravely, He chose it as a partner with the Holy Spirit; 67:14 ,並已辛勞與精神,並進行了合作,與它的一切,表現出自己勇敢時,他選擇它作為合作夥伴,與聖靈;
67:15 for the career of this flesh pleased [the Lord], seeing that, as possessing the Holy Spirit, it was not defiled upon the earth. 67:15 ,為職業生涯的這個肉高興[主] ,看到了,作為擁有聖靈,這不是玷污後,地球。
67:16 He therefore took the son as adviser and the glorious angels also, 67:16因此,他的兒子擔任顧問和光輝天使此外,
67:17 that this flesh too, having served the Spirit unblameably, might have some place of sojourn, and might not seem to have lost the reward for its service; 67:17 ,這肉太多,因為他的精神unblameably ,可能有些地方逗留,並有可能不是似乎已經失去了獎勵,其服務;
67:18 for all flesh, which is found undefiled and unspotted, wherein the Holy Spirit dwelt, shall receive a reward. 67:18 ,所有肉,這是發現undefiled和unspotted ,其中聖靈白景富,應當得到報酬。

68:1 `I was right glad, Sir,' say I, `to hear this interpretation.' 68:1 `我是正確的高興,主席先生, '說我, '聽到這種解釋。
68:2 `Listen now,' saith he. 68:2 `聽,現在'仰他。
68:3 `Keep this thy flesh pure and undefiled, that the Spirit justified. 68:3 `保持這個祢肉純潔undefiled ,這一精神是有道理的。
68:4 See that it never enter into thine heart that this flesh of thine is perishable, and so thou abuse it in come defilement. 68:4看到,它從未進入你的心,這肉給你的,是容易腐壞,因此,你濫用它來污辱。
68:5 [For] if thou defile thy flesh, thou shalt defile the Holy Spirit also; 68:5 [供]如果你強姦你的肉體,你強姦聖靈也;
68:6 but if thou defile +the flesh, thou shalt not live.' 68:6但你若強姦+血和肉,你不可活。
68:7 `But if, Sir,' say I, `there has been any ignorance in times past, before these words were heard, how shall a man who has defiled his flesh be saved?' 68:7 `但是,如果主席先生, '說我, '有任何愚昧,以利在時代的過去,然後這些話被聽到,怎樣的人玷污他的肉體得救嗎?
68:8 `For the former deeds of ignorance,' saith he, `God alone hath power to give healing; 68:8 `為前行的無知, '仰他, '只有上帝祂所權力給癒合;
68:9 for all authority is His. 68:9 ,為所有權威,是他的。
68:10 [But now keep thyself, and the Lord Almighty, Who is full of compassion, will give healing for thy former deeds of ignorance,] if henceforth thou defile not thy flesh, neither the Spirit; 68:10 [但現在保持預言者,和上帝,誰是充滿了同情,將給予癒合為你的前行的無知, ] ,如果從今以後你強姦不是你的肉,既不是精神;
68:11 for both share in common, and the one cannot be defiled without the other. 68:11 ,為雙方共同的,二者缺一不可受到玷污,沒有其他。

69:1 PARABLE THE SIXTH . 69:1 寓言第六
69:2 As I sat in my house, and glorified the Lord for all things that I had seen, and was considering concerning the glorious and able to save a man's soul, I said within myself; 69:2 ,因為我坐在我的房子,並讚美主,所有的事情我已經看到的,並正在考慮有關的光榮,並能夠拯救一個人的靈魂,我說,在自己;
69:3 `Blessed shall I be, if I walk in these commandments; 69:3 `有福應我,如果我走在這些誡命;
69:4 yea, and whosoever shall walk in them shall be blessed.' 69:4 ,記得,誰應走在他們應有福了。
69:5 As I spake these things within thyself, I see him suddenly seated by me, and saying as follows; 69:5正如我spake這些事情你自己,我看到他突然坐在我的,並且說如下;
69:6 `Why art thou of a doubtful mind concerning the commandments, which I commanded thee? 69:6 `為什麼裡的可疑記關於誡命,我指揮的祢?
69:7 They are beautiful. 69:7他們是美麗。
69:8 Doubt not at all; 69:8懷疑不是這回事;
69:9 but clothe thyself in the faith of the Lord, and thou shalt walk in them. 69:9 ,但衣服你自己在信仰上帝,你走在他們。
69:10 For I will strengthen thee in them. 69:10 ,我將加強你在他們。
69:11 These commandments are suitahle for those who meditate repentance for if they walk not in them, their repentance is in vain. 69:11這些誡命是suitahle對於那些打坐懺悔,如果他們不走,在他們,他們的懺悔是徒勞的。
69:12 Ye then that repent, cast away the evil doings of this world which crush you; 69:12曄則表示,思悔改,擺脫邪惡所作所為的這個世界,其中粉碎你;
69:13 and, by putting on every excellence of righteousness, ye shall be able to observe these commandments, and to add no more to your sins. 69:13 ,並把每一個優秀的公義,葉應能遵守這些誡命,並加入更沒有你的罪孽。
69:14 If then ye add no further sin at all, ye will depart from your former sins. 69:14若葉,然後放入沒有進一步的罪過,都燁將離開你的前罪孽。
69:15 Walk then in these my commandments, and ye shall live unto God. 69:15散步,然後在這些我的誡命,你們將生活所不欲,上帝。
69:16 These things have [all] been told you from me.' 69:16這些東西都[全部]有人告訴你,從我身上。
69:17 And after he had told these things to me, he saith to me, `Let us go into the country, and I will show thee the shepherds of the sheep.' 69:17後,他曾向這些東西對我來說,他仰向我, '讓我們進入該國,我將顯示你的牧人的羊。
69:18 `Let us go, Sir,' say I. 69:18 `讓我們去,主席先生, '說,一
69:19 And we came to a certain plain, and he showeth me a young man, a shepherd, clothed in a light cloak, of saffron colour; 69:19 ,我們來到某平原,而且他示我的一個年輕男子,一名牧羊人,豐衣足食,有一個輕鬆的斗篷,藏紅花顏色;
69:20 and he was feeding a great number of sheep, and these sheep were, as it were, well fed and very frisky, and were gladsome as they skipped about hither and thither; 69:20 ,他餵養了大量的羊,這些羊的人,因為它被,以及美聯儲很frisky ,並gladsome因為他們不吃約hither和上去;
69:21 and the shepherd himself was all gladsome over his flock; 69:21和牧羊人自己所有gladsome超過他的羊群;
69:22 and the very visage of the shepherd was exceedingly gladsome; 69:22 ,並非常面貌的牧羊人是極其gladsome ;
69:23 and he ran about among the sheep. 69:23和他約然之間的羊。

70:1 And he saith to me; 70:1 ,並在集會上,他向我;
70:2 `Seest thou this shepherd?' 70:2 `あな這個牧羊人嗎?
70:3 `I see him, Sir,' I say. 70:3 `我看見他,先生, '我說。
70:4 `This,' saith he, `is the angel of self-indulgence and of deceit. 70:4 `這一點, '仰他, `是天使,自我放縱和欺騙。
70:5 He crusheth the souls of the servants of God, and perverteth them from the truth, leading them astray with evil desires, wherein they perish. 70:5他crusheth亡靈的公僕和勤務員,神,並且perverteth他們遠離真理,從而導致他們誤入歧途,與邪惡的慾望,那是他們的滅亡。
70:6 For they forget the commandments of the living God, and walk in vain deceits and acts of self-indulgence, and are destroyed by this angel, some of them unto death, and others unto corruption.' 70:6因為他們忘記誡命的活著的上帝,然後步行白費deceits和行為,自我放縱,並摧毀了這個天使,他們中的一些人,以至於死和其他人所不欲腐敗。
70:7 I say to him, `Sir, I comprehend not what means "unto death," and what "unto corruption".' 70:7我對他說, '主席先生,我理解,不是用什麼方法" ,以至於死" ,什麼"祂的腐敗" 。
70:8 `Listen,' saith he; 70:8 `聽著, '仰他;
70:9 `the sheep which thou sawest gladsome and skipping about, these are they who have been turned asunder from God utterly, and have delivered themselves over to the lusts of this world. 70:9 `羊對這些人sawest gladsome和跳躍,這些都是他們曾經被拒絕asunder來自上帝根本,並已交付自己給欲,物慾這個世界。
70:10 In these, therefore, there is not repentance unto life. 70:10這些,因此,現在還沒有悔改,祂的生活。
70:11 For the Name of God is being blasphemed through them. 70:11為以上帝的名義,正在褻瀆通過他們。
70:12 The life of such persons is death. 70:12的生命,這種人是死亡。
70:13 But the sheep, which thou sawest not skipping about, but feeding in one place, 70:13 ,但羊,對這些人sawest不是跳躍的事情,但飼集中在一個地方,
70:14 these are they that have delivered themselves over to acts of self-indulgence and deceit, but have not uttered any blasphemy against the Lord. 70:14他們都是已發表過自己的行為,自我放縱和欺騙,但並沒有說過任何褻瀆上帝。
70:15 These then have been corrupted from the truth. 70:15這些當時已經敗壞了偏離事實。
70:16 In these there is hope of repentance, wherein they can live. 70:16在這些有希望的悔過書,在那裡他們可以活。
70:17 Corruption then hath hope of a possible renewal, but death hath eternal destruction.' 70:17腐敗,那麼,凡希望的可能恢復,但死亡祂所永恆的毀滅。
70:18 Again we went forward a little way, and he showeth me a great shepherd like a wild man in appearance, with a white goatskin thrown about him; 70:18我們再次前去一點出路,而且他示我一個偉大的牧人就像一個野生男子在外觀上,與白色山羊拋他;
70:19 and he had a kind of wallet on his shoulders, and a staff very hard and with knots in it, and a great whip. 70:19和他進行了種的錢包,他的肩膀上,一位工作人員非常努力,並與疙瘩,一個偉大的黨鞭。
70:20 And his look was very sour, so that I was afraid of him because of his look. 70:20和他的形象是一個非常酸溜溜的,讓我害怕他,是因為他的期待。
70:21 This shepherd then kept receiving from the young man, the shepherd, 70:21這個牧羊人,然後不斷接到來自年輕男子,牧羊人,
70:22 those sheep that were frisky and well-fed, 70:22那些羊被frisky以及美聯儲
70:23 but not skipping about, and putting them in a certain spot, 70:23 ,而不是跳躍式的,以及將他們在某一個點,
70:24 which was precipitous and covered with thorns and briars, so that the sheep could not disentangle themselves from the thorns and briars, but [became entangled among the thorns and briars. 70:24 ,這是輕率的和佈滿荊棘與布里亞斯,使羊不能解開自己從荊棘和布里亞斯,而是成了糾纏間荊棘和布里亞斯。
70:25 And so they] pastured entangled in the thorns and briars, and were in great misery with being beaten by him; 70:25 ,所以他們] pastured糾纏在荊棘和布里亞斯參閱,並在偉大的苦難與被毆打他;
70:26 and he kept driving them about to and fro, and giving them no rest, and altogether those sheep had not a happy time. 70:26和他一直駕駛他們即將駛過,讓他們沒有休息,並先後那些羊已不是一個快樂的時候。

71:1 When then I saw them so lashed with the whip and vexed, I was sorry for their sakes, because they were so tortured and had no rest at all. 71:1的時候,然後我就看到他們這麼抨擊與鞭和煩惱,我覺得對不起他們的米酒,因為他們如此折磨,並沒有休息可言。
71:2 I say to the shepherd who was speaking with me; 71:2我說,以牧羊人被認為與我;
71:3 `Sir', who is this shepherd, who is [so] hard-hearted and severe, and has no compassion at all for these sheep?' 71:3 `先生' ,誰是這個牧羊人,誰是[ ]硬善心和嚴重的,沒有任何同情心,在所有這些綿羊嗎?
71:4 `This,' saith he, `is the angel of punishment, and he is one of the just angels, and presides over punishment. 71:4 `這一點, '仰他, `是天使的處罰,而他就是其中的正義天使,並主持處罰。
71:5 So he receiveth those who wander away from God, and walk after the lusts and deceits of this life, and punisheth them, as they deserve, with fearful and various punishments.' 71:5 ,所以他領受那些徘徊遠離神,然後步行後,性慾和deceits這種貼近生活,罰它們,因為它們應有的位置上,與恐懼和各種處罰。
71:6 `I would fain learn, Sir,' say I, `of what sort are these various punishments.' 71:6 `我fain了解,主席先生, '說我, '什麼樣是這些不同的處罰。
71:7 `Listen,' saith he; 71:7 `聽著, '仰他;
71:8 `the various tortures and punishments are tortures belonging to the present life; 71:8 `各種折磨和懲處,折磨,屬於目前的生活;
71:9 for some are punished with losses, and others with want, 71:9 ,有些是處以損失,以及其他與希望,
71:10 and others with divers maladies, and others with [every kind] of unsettlement, and others with insults from unworthy persons and with suffering in many other respects. 71:10和其他潛水員弊端,以及其他與[每一類]的unsettlement ,以及其他與侮辱,從卑微的人,並與痛苦,在其他許多方面。
71:11 For many, being unsettled in their plans, set their hands to many things, and nothing ever goes forward with them. 71:11對於許多人來說,茫然不知,在他們的計劃,訂定自己手中的很多事情,而不是以往任何時候都雲著他們。
71:12 And then they say that they do not prosper in their doings, and it doth not enter into their hearts that they have done evil deeds, but they blame the Lord. 71:12 ,然後他們說,他們不繁榮,在他們的所作所為,它doth不會進入他們的心中,他們已經做了壞事,但他們責怪主。
71:13 When then they are afflicted with every kind of affliction, 71:13時,則他們是患有各種疾病,
71:14 then they are delivered over to me for good instruction, and are strengthened in the faith of the Lord, and serve the Lord with a pure heart the remaining days of their life. 71:14然後他們交付給我很好的指示,並加強了在信仰耶和華,事奉耶和華用純潔的心,其餘的日子,他們的生活。
71:15 But, if they repent, the evil works which they have done rise up in their hearts, 71:15但是,如果他們悔改,邪惡工程,他們的所作所為,重新崛起,在他們心中,
71:16 and then they glorify God, saying that He is a just Judge, and that they suffered justly each according to his doings. 71:16 ,然後他們讚美上帝,他說,他是一個公正判斷,並確保他們受到公正每次按照他的所作所為。
71:17 And they serve the Lord thenceforward with a pure heart, and are prosperous in all their doings, receiving from the Lord whatsoever things they may ask; 71:17 ,他們事奉耶和華thenceforward用純潔的心,是繁榮在所有他們的所作所為,接收來自主什麼東西,他們可能會問;

72:1 I say unto him; 72:1我實實在在地告訴他;
72:2 `Sir, declare unto me this further matter. 72:2 `主席先生,申報所不欲,我這進一步此事。
72:3 `What self-indulgence and are deceived undergo torments during the same length of time as they live in self-indulgence and are deceived.' 72:3 `什麼,自我放縱,並被騙經歷磨折,在同一時間的長短,因為他們生活在自我放縱,並欺騙了。
72:4 He saith to me, `They undergo torments for the same length of time.' 72:4他仰向我, `他們經受磨折為同一時間的長短。
72:5 `Then, Sir,' say I, `they undergo very slight torments; 72:5 `然後,主席先生, '說我, '他們進行了很輕微的磨折;
72:6 for those who are living thus in self-indulgence and forget God ought to have been tormented sevenfold.' 72:6對於那些生活,因此,自我放縱,忘記了上帝,應該有被折磨了七倍。
72:7 He saith to me, `Thou art foolish, and comprehendest not the power of the torment. 72:7他仰向我, `祢愚蠢的,並comprehendest不是權力的煎熬。
72:8 `True,' say I, `for if I had comprehended it, I should not have asked thee to declare it to me.' 72:8 `真'說我, '如果我理解它,我不應該問你要申報給我。
72:9 `Listen,' saith he, `to the power of both, [of the self-indulgence and of the torment]. 72:9 `聽著, '仰他, `向電力兩者的優點, [的,自我放縱和煎熬。
72:10 The time of the self-indulgence and deceit is one hour. 72:10的時候,自我放縱和欺騙是一個小時。
72:11 But an hour of the torment hath the power of thirty days. 72:11 ,但一個小時的煎熬,祂所權力三十天。
72:12 If then one live in self-indulgence and be deceived for one day, and be tormented for one day, the day of the torment is equivalent to a whole year. 72:12 ,如果當時的一個生活在自我放縱和被欺騙,為一天,並進行蹂躪一天,這一天的煎熬,等於整整一年了。
72:13 For as many days then as a man lives in self-indulgence, for so many years is he tormented. 72:13因為很多天,然後作為一個男人生活在自我放縱,這麼多年,是他的折磨。
72:14 Thou seest then,' saith he, `that the time of the self-indulgence and deceit is very short, but the time of the punishment and torment is long. 72:14ああ那麼, '仰他, `這時間的,自我放縱和欺騙手段,是在很短的,但當時的懲罰和折磨是長期的。

73:1 `Inasmuch, Sir,' say I, `as I do not quite comprehend concerning the time of the deceit and self-indulgence and torment, show me more clearly.' 73:1 `因為主席先生, '說我, '因為我不太理解有關的時候,欺騙和自我放縱和折磨,讓我更清楚。
73:2 He answered and said unto me; 73:2他回答說:祂箱;
73:3 `Thy stupidity cleaveth to thee; 73:3 `你的愚蠢cleaveth向你獻上;
73:4 and thou wilt not cleanse thy heart and serve God. 73:4和祢不清洗你的心和服務於上帝。
73:5 Take heed,' [saith he,] `lest haply the time be fulfilled, and thou be found in thy foolishness. 73:5留意, ' [仰他, ] `否則必時間完成,你發現在你的愚蠢。
73:6 Listen then,' [saith he,] `even as thou wishest, that thou mayest comprehend the matter. 73:6聽,然後, ' [仰他, ] `即使你wishest ,那你mayest理解這件事。
73:7 He that liveth in self-indulgence and is deceived for one day, and doeth what he wisheth, is clothed in much folly and comprehendeth not the thing which he doeth; 73:7他說, liveth ,自我放縱,是欺騙為一天, doeth他wisheth ,是豐衣足食,在許多蠢事和comprehendeth沒有這件事,他doeth ;
73:8 for on the morrow he forgetteth what he did the day before. 73:8 ,為對明天他forgetteth他的所作所為前一天。
73:9 For self-indulgence and deceit have no memories, by reason of the folly, wherewith each is clothed; 73:9自我放縱和欺騙沒有記憶,因她的愚蠢,裡每一個豐衣足食;
73:10 but when punishment and torment cling to a man for a single day, he is punished and tormented for a whole year long; 73:10但當懲罰和折磨死抱一名男子為一個單一的一天,他的是懲罰和折磨了整整一年長;
73:11 for punishment and torment have long memories. 73:11懲罰和折磨已久的記憶。
73:12 So being tormented and punished for the whole year, the man remembers at length the self-indulgence and deceit, and perceiveth that it is on their account that he is suffering these ills. 73:12 ,所以被折磨和懲罰,為全年看,該名男子回憶,大量篇幅,自我放縱和欺騙手段,並perceiveth這是對他們的帳戶,他患了這些弊病。
73:13 Every man, therefore, that liveth in self-indulgence and is deceived, is tormented in this way because, though possessing life, they have delivered themselves over unto death.' 73:13每一個男人,因此, liveth ,自我放縱,是欺騙,是折磨,在這種方式,因為,雖然擁有生命,他們有發表自己過,以至於死。
73:14 `What kinds of self-indulgence, Sir,' say I, `are harmful? 73:14 `什麼樣的,自我放縱,主席先生, '說我, '對人體有害嗎?
73:15 "Every action,' saith he, `is self-indulgence to a man, which he does with pleasure; 73:15 " ,每個行動, '仰他, `是自我放縱自己,以一名男子,而他是否與樂趣;
73:16 for the irascible man, when he gives the reins to his passion, is self-indulgent; 73:16為irascible男子時,他給人的大權,以他的激情,是自我放縱;
73:17 and the adulterer and the drunkard and the slanderer and the liar and the miser and the defrauder and he that doeth things akin to these, giveth the reins to his peculiar passion; 73:17和通姦者和酒鬼和slanderer和說謊者和守財奴和defrauder他說, doeth事情,好像這些,給予的大權,以他特有的激情;
73:18 therefore he is self-indulgent in his action. 73:18 ,因此,他是自我放縱,在他的行動。
73:19 All these habits of self-indulgence are harmful to the servants of God; 73:19所有這些習慣的,自我放縱都是有害的公僕和勤務員,上帝;
73:20 on account of these deceits therefore they so suffer who are punished and tormented. 73:20就到這些deceits因此,他們如此受苦的人的懲罰和折磨。
73:21 But there are habits of self-indulgence likewise which save men; 73:21 ,但有習慣的,自我放縱,同樣節省了男性;
73:22 for many are self-indulgent in doing good, being carried away by the pleasure it gives to themselves. 73:22許多是自我放縱的,在做好事,被沖昏頭腦的樂趣,讓他們的健康。
73:23 This self-indulgence then is expedient for the servants of God, and bringeth life to a man of this disposition; 73:23這種自我放縱,然後是權宜之計,為公務員的神,並且bringeth生活,以一名男子的這一處置;
73:24 but the harmful self-indulgencies afore-mentioned bring to men torments and punishments; 73:24 ,但有害的自我indulgencies前面所提到的把男人磨折和獎懲;

74:1 PARABLE THE SEVENTH . 74:1 寓言第七
74:2 After a few days I saw him on the same plain, where also I had seen the shepherds, and he saith to me, `What seekest punisheth go out of My house; 74:2後,過幾天,我見到他就同一平原,那裡也是我曾經見過的牧羊人,他仰向我, '什麼seekest罰走出國門,我的房子;
74:3 for he afflicteth me much.' 74:3為他afflicteth我很大的。
74:4 `It is necessary for thee,' saith he, `to be afflicted; 74:4 `是要為你, '仰他, `將會受;
74:5 for so,' saith he, `the glorious angel ordered as concerning thee, for he wisheth thee to be proved.' 74:5 ,所以, '仰他, `光榮天使下令作為關於你,因為他wisheth祢待證明。
74:6 `Why, what so evil thing have I done, Sir,' say I, `that I should be delivered over to this angel? 74:6 `為什麼,是什麼使邪惡的事,我會做的,主席先生, '說我, '我應該交付給這個天使?
74:7 " Listen,' saith he. 74:7 "聽著, '仰他。
74:8 `Thy sins are many, yet not so many that thou shouldest be delivered over to this angel; 74:8 `你的罪過是很多,但不是太多了,以至於你shouldest交付給這個天使;
74:9 but thy house has committed great iniquities and sins, 74:9但你的房子已承諾偉大的罪孽和罪孽,
74:10 and the glorious angel was embittered at their deeds, 74:10和光輝天使是苦,在他們的感人事蹟,
74:11 and for this cause he made thee be afflicted for a certain time, that they also might repent and cleanse themselves from every lust of this world. 74:11 ,並為這一事業,他使你遭受了一定的時間,他們也可能有悔改表現,並清洗自己,從每一個有慾望的這個世界。
74:12 When therefore they shall repent and be cleansed, then shall the angel of punishment depart.' 74:12時,因此他們應悔過,並加以清洗,然後應天使的處罰啟程。
74:13 I say to him; 74:13我對他說;
74:14 `Sir, if they perpetrated such deeds that the glorious angel is embittered, what have I done?' 74:14 `主席先生,如果他們犯下這種行為光榮天使,是苦,什麼是我做的嗎?
74:15 `They cannot be afflicted otherwise,' saith he, `unless thou, the head of the [whole] house, be afflicted; 74:15 `他們不能害,否則, '仰他, `除非你,總行的[全]房子,被折磨;
74:16 for if thou be afflicted, they also of necessity will be afflicted; 74:16 ,如果你被折磨,他們也必然將影響;
74:17 but if thou be prosperous, they can suffer no affliction.' 74:17但你若繼續繁榮,他們能承受任何痛苦。
74:18 `But behold, Sir,' say I, `they have repented with their whole heart.' 74:18 `但你看,主席先生, '說我, '他們有悔過與整個心。
74:19 `I am quite aware myself,' saith he, `that they have repented with their whole heart; 74:19 `我很明白自己說'仰他, `他們的懺悔,他們的整個心臟;
74:20 well, thinkest thou that the sins of those who repent are forgiven forthwith? 74:20 , thinkest你這罪孽的那些悔改是情有可原隨即?
74:21 Certainly not; 74:21肯定不是;
74:22 but the person who repents must torture his own soul, and must be thoroughly humble in his every action, and be afflicted with all the divers kinds of affliction; 74:22 ,但人悔過要折磨自己的靈魂,必須給予徹底的謙卑,在他的每一個行動,並深受所有潛水員種通病;
74:23 and if he endure the afflictions which come upon him, assuredly He Who created all things and endowed them with power will be moved with compassion and will bestow some remedy. 74:23 ,如果他忍受違犯來後,他有把握,他曾經創造的一切事物,賦予他們權力,將逐步遷移與同情,並會賜給了一些補救措施。

75:1 But why speak I many words to thee? 75:1 ,但為何講i多個詞來祢?
75:2 Thou must be afflicted as the angel of the Lord commanded, even he that delivered thee unto me; 75:2你必須困擾,因為有主的使者指揮的,即使他說,發表你所不欲,我;
75:3 and for this give thanks to the Lord, in that He deemed thee worthy that I should reveal unto thee beforehand the affliction, that foreknowing it thou mightest endure it with fortitude.' 75:3 ,並為這個感謝上帝,因為他認為你是值得我應該揭示祢事前的通病,即foreknowing它,你會忍受它與毅力。
75:4 I say to him; 75:4我對他說;
75:5 `Sir, be thou with, me, and I shall be able to endure all affliction [easily].' 75:5 `先生,你,我,我應能忍受一切痛苦[容易] 。
75:6 `I will be with thee,' saith he; 75:6 `我會和你一起, '仰他;
75:7 `and I will ask the angel that punisheth to afflict thee more lightly; 75:7 `我會請天使說,罰困擾你更輕易;
75:8 but thou shalt be afflicted for a short time, and thou shalt be restored again to thy house. 75:8 ,但你被折磨一段很短的時間,你要恢復,再次給你的房子。
75:9 Only continue to be humble and to minister unto the Lord with a pure heart, 75:9 ,只有繼續以謙卑和部長所不欲,主用純潔的心,
75:10 thou and thy children and thy house, and walk in my commandments which I command thee, and thus it will be possible for thy repentance to be strong and pure. 75:10你和你的孩子和你的房子,走在了我的命令,我命令你,因此,將有可能為你的悔過書,以堅強和純潔。
75:11 And if thou keep these commandments with thy household, all affliction shall hold aloof from thee; 75:11 ,如果你對這些誡命的,你用你的家庭,所有的通病,必須持有置身事外祢;

76:1 PARABLE THE EIGHTH . 76:1 寓言第八
76:2 He showed me a [great] willow, overshadow' are called by the name of the Lord. 76:2他給我看的[大]柳樹,而忽略了'調用由主的名字。
76:3 And by the willow there stood an angel of the Lord, glorious and very tall, having a great sickle, 76:3和由柳樹有站在一個有主的使者,光榮,非常高大,有一個很大的鐮刀,
76:4 and he was lopping branches from the willow, and giving them to the people that sheltered beneath the willow; 76:4他lopping分行從柳樹,並為他們提供給人們的庇護下方柳樹;
76:5 and he gave them little rods about a cubit long. 76:5和他給了小棒一肘長。
76:6 And after all had taken the rods, the angel laid aside the sickle, and the tree was sound, just as I had seen it. 76:6和之後都採取了棒,天使擱置一旁了鐮刀,和樹是健全的,正如我剛才已經看到了。
76:7 Then I marvelled within myself, saying, `How is the tree sound after so many branches have been lopped off?' 76:7的話,我驚奇內部自己,說: `又是怎樣樹聲後,使許多分支已lopped小康嗎?
76:8 The shepherd saith to me, `Marvel not that the tree remained sound, after so many branches were lopped off; 76:8牧羊人仰向我, '奇蹟不是該樹仍然穩健,經過了這麼黨支部lopped小康;
76:9 but wait until thou seest all things, and it shall be shown to thee what it is.' 76:9 ,但等到你見一切事物,它應表現出你的是什麼。
76:10 The angel who gave the rods to the people demanded them back from them again; 76:10天使是誰給了棒向人民負責,要求他們回來,從他們身上;
76:11 and according as they had received them, so also they were summoned to him, and each of them returned the several rods. 76:11 ,並根據他們收到了他們,所以他們也被傳喚他,並且他們每人退回幾棒。
76:12 But the angel of the Lord took them, and examined them. 76:12 ,但主的使者了他們,並探討了他們。
76:13 From some he received the rods withered and eaten as it were by grubs: 76:13從一些他接到棒乾枯,吃掉了,因為它是由蠐螬:
76:14 the angel ordered those who gave up rods like these to stand apart. 76:14天使下令那些放棄棒一樣,這些站除。
76:15 And others gave them up withered, but not grubeaten; 76:15等了起來,乾枯,但不grubeaten ;
76:16 and these again he ordered to stand apart. 76:16和這些他又下令站在拆解。
76:17 And others gave them up half-withered; 76:17和其他人給他們了半乾枯;
76:18 these also stood apart. 76:18 ,也都站在拆解。
76:19 And others gave up their rods half-withered and with cracks; 76:19和其他人,放棄了自己的棒半乾枯,並與裂縫;
76:20 these also stood apart. 76:20 ,也都站在拆解。
76:21 And others gave up their rods green and with cracks; 76:21和其他人,放棄了自己的棒綠色和裂紋;
76:22 these also stood apart. 76:22 ,也都站在拆解。
76:23 And others gave up their rods one half withered and one half green; 76:23和其他人,放棄了自己的棒一半乾枯,另一半綠色;
76:24 these also stood apart. 76:24 ,也都站在拆解。
76:25 And others brought their rods two parts of the rod green, and the third part withered; 76:25和他人帶來了他們的棒兩部分組成的控制棒綠色,第三個部分乾枯;
76:26 these also stood apart. 76:26 ,也都站在拆解。
76:27 And others gave them up two parts withered, and the third part green; 76:27和其他人給他們了兩部分乾枯,而第三部分的綠色;
76:28 these also stood apart. 76:28 ,也都站在拆解。
76:29 And others gave up their rods nearly all green, but a very small portion of their rods was withered, just the end; 76:29和其他人,放棄了自己的棒,幾乎所有的綠色,而是一個非常小部分,其棒的是乾枯,剛剛結束;
76:30 but they had cracks in them; 76:30 ,但他們已在裂縫;
76:31 these also stood apart. 76:31 ,也都站在拆解。
76:32 And in those of others there was a very small portion green, but the rest of the rods was withered; 76:32 ,並在那些別人有一個非常小的部分綠色,但是其餘的棒是乾枯;
76:33 these also stood apart. 76:33 ,也都站在拆解。
76:34 And others came bringing their rods green, as they received them from the angel; 76:34等前來,使他們棒綠色,因為他們收到了他們從天使;
76:35 and the most part of the multitude gave up their rods in this state; 76:35和最部分的千頭萬緒,放棄了自己的棒,在這種狀況;
76:36 and the angel rejoiced exceedingly at these; 76:36和天使之歡欣鼓舞,無比這些;
76:37 these also stood apart. 76:37 ,也都站在拆解。
76:38 And others gave up their rods green and with shoots; 76:38和其他人,放棄了自己的棒綠色和與芽;
76:39 these also stood apart; 76:39 ,也都站在除了;
76:40 and at these again the angel rejoiced exceedingly. 76:40 ,並在這些再次天使之歡欣鼓舞,無比。
76:41 And others gave up their rods green and with shoots; 76:41和其他人,放棄了自己的棒綠色和與芽;
76:42 and their shoots had, as it were, a kind of fruit. 76:42和他們的枝條已,因為它獲得了一種水果。
76:43 And those men were exceeding gladsome, whose rods were found in this state. 76:43和那些男子超過gladsome ,其棒被發現,在這個國家。
76:44 And over them the angel exulted, and the shepherd was very gladsome over them. 76:44和超過他們的天使exulted ,和牧羊人非常gladsome超過他們。

77:1 And the angel of the Lord commanded crowns to be brought. 77:1和天使的上帝命令冠被帶。
77:2 And crowns were brought, made as it were of palm-branches; 77:2和牙冠被帶到了,因為它屬於棕櫚科;
77:3 and he crowned the men that had given up the rods which had the shoots and some fruit, and sent them away into the tower. 77:3和他加冕男子說,已經放棄了棒,其中有芽和一些水果,並派遣他們遠離進入大樓。
77:4 And the others also he sent into the tower, even those who had given up the rods green and with shoots, but the shoots were without fruit; 77:4和等也先後派人到大樓,即使是那些已經放棄了棒綠色和與芽,但芽無果;
77:5 and he set a seal upon them. 77:5和他訂出一個密封的身上。
77:6 And all they that went into the tower had the same raiment, white as snow. 77:6和所有他們認為,進入塔有著同樣的衣服,潔白如雪。
77:7 And those that had given up their rods green as they received them, he sent away, giving them a [white] robe, and seals. 77:7和那些已放棄了他們的綠棒,因為他們接待了他們,他送往距離,讓他們有[白]長袍,並加蓋公章。
77:8 After the angel had finished these things, he saith to the shepherd; 77:8後,天使完成了這些東西,他仰向牧羊人;
77:9 `I go away; 77:9 `我去;
77:10 but these thou shall send away to (their places within) the walls, according as each deserveth to dwell; 77:10 ,但這些你應送走至第(六學額以內)的牆壁,根據每個deserveth多言;
77:11 but examine their rods carefully, and so send them away. 77:11 ,但審視自己的棒慎重對待,所以送他們離開。
77:12 But be careful in examining them. 77:12 ,但必須小心審視他們。
77:13 Take heed lest any escape thee,' saith he. 77:13加以留意,以免有任何逃生祢, '仰他。
77:14 `Still if any escape thee, I will test then, at the altar.' 77:14 `還有如果有任何逃避你,我將考驗之後,在祭壇上。
77:15 When he had thus spoken to the shepherd, he departed. 77:15時,他曾就此發言,以牧羊人,他離開了。
77:16 And, after the angel had departed, the shepherd saith to me; 77:16 ,在經過天使已離開了,牧羊人仰給我;
77:17 `Let us take the rods of all and plant them, to see whether any of them shall be able to live.' 77:17 ` ,讓我們以棒的所有植物,看看他們是否應能獨立生活。
77:18 I say unto him, `Sir, these withered things, how can they live?' 77:18我實實在在地告訴他, '先生,這些乾枯的東西,怎麼能活嗎?
77:19 He answered and said unto me; 77:19他回答說:祂箱;
77:20 `This tree is a willow, and this class of trees clingeth to life. 77:20 `此樹是柳樹,而這門課的樹木clingeth生命安全。
77:21 If then the rods shall be planted and get a little moisture, many of them will live. 77:21 ,如果那麼棒應栽得到一點水分,他們中的許多人將生活。
77:22 And afterwards let us try to pour some water also over them. 77:22 ,事後讓我們嘗試倒少許水,還超過他們。
77:23 If any of them shall be able to live, I will rejoice with it; 77:23 ,如果他們任何人應能獨立生活,我將欣喜與它;
77:24 but if it live not, I at least shall not be found neglectful.' 77:24 ,但如果它不活,我至少不得發現粗心大意。
77:25 So the shepherd made me call them, just as each one of them was stationed. 77:25 ,使牧羊人,使我呼籲他們,正如每個,其中一人被派駐。
77:26 And they came row after row, and they delivered up the rods to the shepherd. 77:26他們到這裡來是一排排的,他們發表了棒,以牧羊人。
77:27 And the shepherd took the rods, and planted them in rows, and after he had planted them, he poured much water over them, so that the rods could not be seen for the water. 77:27和牧羊人代為棒,並種植了他們陳列館,經過他已種植了他們,他傾注了大量水分超過他們,因此,只要棒,不能認為,為水。
77:28 And after he had watered the rods, he saith to me; 77:28後,他已澆水的棒,他仰向我;
77:29 `Let us go now, and after a few days let us return and inspect all the rods; 77:29 `讓我們現在就去,過了幾天,讓我們回到和檢查所有控制棒;
77:30 for He Who created this tree willeth that all those who have received rods from this tree should live. 77:30 ,為他創造了這個樹willeth所有的人獲得棒,從這棵樹要活。

78:1 I say to him; 78:1我對他說;
78:2 `Sir, inform me what this tree is. 78:2 `主席先生,告訴我這是什麼樹。
78:3 For I am perplexed and nothing appears to have been cut from it; 78:3因為我是困惑,並沒有什麼似乎已經被削減,從它;
78:4 I am therefore perplexed thereat.' 78:4因此,我很困惑,在該處。
78:5 `Listen,' saith he; 78:5 `聽著, '仰他;
78:6 `this great tree which overshadows plains and mountains and all the earth is the law of God which was given to the whole world; 78:6 `這個偉大的樹黯然失色平原和山區及所有地球是上帝的法規,這給整個世界;
78:7 and this law is the Son of God preached unto the ends of the earth. 78:7和這一法律是上帝的兒子鼓吹所不欲,直到地極。
78:8 But the people that are under the shadow are they that have heard the preaching', and believed on Him; 78:8 ,但人們認為是陰影下,他們都是聽到說教' ,並相信他;
78:9 but the great and glorious angel is Michael, who hath the power over this people and is their captain. 78:9 ,但這個偉大而光榮的天使是邁克爾,誰祂所電力這個人,是他們的隊長。
78:10 For this is he that putteth the law into the hearts of the believers; 78:10 ,因為這是他說, putteth法律的心中,信教;
78:11 therefore he himself inspecteth them to whom he gave it, to see whether they have observed it. 78:11 ,因此,他本人inspecteth他們向誰他了,看他們是否曾觀察到它。
78:12 But thou seest the rods of every one; 78:12 ,但你見該棒的每一位;
78:13 for the rods are the law. 78:13為棒的是法律。
78:14 Thou seest these many rods rendered useless, and thou shalt notice all those that have not observed the law, and shalt see the abode of each severally.' 78:14你見這許多棒徒具虛文,你通知所有那些未遵守法律,而本當看到居留權的每一個分開。
78:15 I say unto him; 78:15我實實在在地告訴他;
78:16 `Sir, wherefore did he send away some into the tower, and leave others for thee?' 78:16 `主席先生,人哪,他送走了一些成塔,離開別人為你嗎?
78:17 `As many,' saith he, `as transgressed the law which they received from him, these he left under my authority for repentance; 78:17 `正如很多, '仰他, `作為transgressed法律,他們收到了來自他,這些他留給我的權力悔罪;
78:18 but as many as already satisfied the law and have observed it, these he has under his own authority.' 78:18 ,但由於有多達已經很滿足了法律,並已觀察到,這些他已根據自己的權威。
78:19 `Who then, Sir,' say I, `are they that have been crowned and go into the tower? 78:19 `的人,然後,主席先生, '說我, '他們已加冕,並進入大樓?
78:20 `[`As many,' saith he, `as wrestled with the devil and overcame him in their wrestling, are crowned:] 78:20 ` [ `正如很多, '仰他, `作為搶奪與魔鬼,並克服了他在摔跤,是加冕: ]
78:21 these are they that suffered for the law. 78:21他們都是受苦受難的法律。
78:22 But the others, who likewise gave up their rods green and with shoots, 78:22 ,但其他人,他們同樣放棄了自己的棒綠色和與芽,
78:23 though not with fruit, are they that were persecuted for the law, but did not suffer nor yet deny their law. 78:23雖然不是水果,是他們被迫害的法律,但並沒有遭受也不否認他們的法律。
78:24 But they that gave them up green just as they received them, are sober and righteous men, who walked altogether in a pure heart and have kept the commandments of the Lord. 78:24 ,但他們說,給他們了綠色正如他們接待了他們,是清醒和正義感的男子,他們走到完全在一個純淨的心和不斷誡命的主。

79:1 And after a few days we came to the place, and the shepherd sat down thyself with a garment of raw flax, and minister to me.' 79:1和以後幾天,我們來到這個地方,和牧羊人坐下來,你自己一件衣服的原料亞麻,部長向我。
79:2 So I girded myself with a clean garment of raw flax made of coarse material. 79:2 ,所以我girded自己一個清潔,製衣的亞麻原料製成的顆粒狀物質。
79:3 And when he saw me girded and ready to minister to him, `Call,' saith he, `the men whose rods have been planted, according to the rank as each presented their rods.' 79:3 ,當他看見我girded ,並願部長向他, '請'仰他, `男人的棒已種植,按職級的,因為每個上介紹他們的棒。
79:4 And I went away to the plain, and called them all; 79:4和我去出走平原,並呼籲所有;
79:5 and they stood all of them according to their ranks. 79:5和他們站在他們都根據他們的行列。
79:6 He saith to them; 79:6他仰給他們;
79:7 `Let each man pluck out his own rod, and bring it to me.' 79:7 `讓每個人都拿出了自己的棒,並把它給我。
79:8 Those gave them up first, who had had the withered and chipped rods, and they were found accordingly withered and chipped. 79:8那些給他們了第一,他們有乾枯時插話棒,並發現他們據此乾枯時插話。
79:9 He ordered them to stand apart. 79:9他命令他們站在拆解。
79:10 Then those gave them up, who had the withered but not chipped; 79:10那麼那些給他們了,他們已經乾枯,但並不時插話;
79:11 and some of them gave up the rods green, and others withered and chipped as by grubs. 79:11他們中的一些人放棄了棒綠色,以及其他乾枯時插話,由蠐螬。
79:12 Those then that gave them up green he ordered to stand apart; 79:12那些當時給他們了綠色他命令站在除了;
79:13 but those that gave them up withered and chipped he ordered to stand with the first. 79:13 ,但那些給他們了乾枯時插話,他命令站在第一。
79:14 Then those gave them up who had had the half-withered and with cracks; 79:14那麼那些給他們了,他們不得不半乾枯,並與裂縫;
79:15 and many of them gave them up green and without cracks; 79:15和他們中的許多人給他們了綠色和無裂縫;
79:16 and some gave them up green and with shoots, and fruits on the shoots, such as those had who went into the tower crowned; 79:16和一些給他們了綠色和枝條,果實枝條,如那些已走進大樓加冕;
79:17 and some gave them up withered and eaten, and some withered and uneaten, and some such as they were, half-withered and with cracks. 79:17和一些給他們了乾枯,吃掉了,有的乾枯及"對此,有的如他們,半乾枯,並出現裂縫。
79:18 He ordered them to stand each one apart, some in their proper ranks, and others apart. 79:18他命令他們站在每一個外,一些在其適當的行列,和其他拆解。

80:1 Then those gave them up who had their rods green, but with cracks. 80:1那麼那些給他們增加了他們的棒綠色,但隨著裂縫。
80:2 These all gave them up green, and stood in their own company. 80:2 ,這些都讓他們了綠色,風雨同舟,在他們擁有自己的公司。
80:3 And the shepherd rejoiced over these, because they all were changed and had put away their cracks. 80:3和牧羊人歡欣鼓舞以上這些,因為它們都被改變,並已遠離他們的裂痕。
80:4 And those gave them up likewise who had the one half green and the other half withered. 80:4和那些給他們了同樣的人有一半綠色,並有另一半枯萎。
80:5 The rods of some were found entirely green, of some half-withered, of some withered and eaten, and of some green and with shoots. 80:5的棒一些被發現完全綠色,有大約一半乾枯,一些乾枯,吃掉了,和一些環保及與芽。
80:6 These were all sent away each to his company. 80:6這些都是送往遠離每到他的公司。
80:7 Then those gave them up who had two parts green and the third withered; 80:7那麼那些給他們了,他們有兩個部分綠色,並有三分之一乾枯;
80:8 many of them gave them up green, and many half-withered, and others withered and eaten. 80:8他們中的許多人給他們了綠色,並有很多半乾枯,和其他乾枯,吃掉了。
80:9 These all stood in their own company. 80:9這些都站在自己的公司。
80:10 Then those gave them up who had two parts withered and the third part green. 80:10那麼那些給他們了,他們有兩個部分乾枯和第三部分的綠色。
80:11 Many of them gave them up half-withered, but some withered and eaten, others half-withered and with cracks, and a few green. 80:11他們中的許多人給他們了半乾枯的,但有些枯萎,吃掉了,別人半乾枯,並出現裂縫,並於數綠。
80:12 These all stood in their own company. 80:12這些都站在自己的公司。
80:13 Then those gave them up who had had their rods green, but a very small part [withered] and with cracks. 80:13那麼那些給他們了,他們不得不自己棒綠,而是一個非常小的一部分[乾枯] ,與裂痕。
80:14 Of these some gave them up green, and others green and with shoots. 80:14 ,其中有些給他們了綠色,與其它綠色和與芽。
80:15 These also went away to their own company. 80:15這些還來到離他們擁有自己的公司。
80:16 Then those gave them up who had a very small part green and the other parts withered. 80:16那麼那些給他們了,他們進行了非常小的一部分,綠色,並有其他部分枯萎。
80:17 The rods of these were found for the most part green and with shoots and fruit on the shoots, and others altogether green. 80:17該棒的這些發現對於大多數綠色,並與芽和水果就芽等,共有綠。
80:18 At these rods the shepherd rejoiced very [greatly], because they were found so. 80:18在這些棒牧羊人高興極[大大] ,因為他們被發現。
80:19 And these went away each to his own company. 80:19和這些前往距離分別擁有自己的公司。

81:1 After [the shepherd] had examined the rods of all, he saith to me, `I told thee that this tree clingeth to life. 81:1後, [牧羊人]曾研究棒的,他仰向我, '我告訴你,這樹clingeth生命安全。
81:2 Seest thou,' saith he, `how many repented and were saved?' 81:2あな, '仰他, `多少悔過,並節省了嗎?
81:3 `I see, Sir,' say I. 81:3 `我看,主席先生, '說,一
81:4 `It is,' saith he, `that thou mayest see the abundant compassion of the Lord, how great and glorious it is, 81:4 `這是'仰他, '你是mayest見豐富的同情心的主,如何偉大而光榮的,它是
81:5 and He hath given (His) Spirit to those that are worthy of repentance.' 81:5和祂所給予( HIS )的精神,向那些都是值得的悔過書。
81:6 `Wherefore then, Sir,' say I, `did they not all repent?' 81:6 `哪,然後,主席先生, '說我, '他們不思悔改一切嗎?
81:7 `To those, whose heart He saw about to become pure and to serve Him with all the heart, to them He gave repentance; 81:7 `者,其心臟,他看到即將成為純粹的,並為他所有的心,對於他們來說,他在悔過;
81:8 but those whose craftiness and wickedness He saw who intend to repent in hypocrisy, to them He gave not repentance, lest haply they should again profane His name.' 81:8但那些craftiness和邪惡的,他看到有意悔改,在虛偽的,對於他們來說,他並沒有悔過書,否則必應再次褻瀆他的名字。
81:9 I say unto him, 81:9我實實在在地告訴他,
81:10 `Sir, now then show me concerning those that have given up their rods, what manner of man each of them is, and their abode, 81:10 `主席先生,現在則顯示出我關於那些已放棄其棒,以何種方式的人,每個人的是,他們的居留權,
81:11 that when they hear this, they that believed and have received the seal and have broken it and did not keep it sound may fully understand what they are doing, and repent, receiving from thee a seal, and may glorify the Lord, 81:11 ,當他們聽到這一問題,他們表示,相信並已收到印章,並打破了它,並沒有保持良好,可充分認識到自己在做什麼,並有悔改表現,接收來自於你蓋章,將榮耀歸於上帝,
81:12 that He had compassion upon them and sent thee to renew their spirits.' 81:12 ,他的同情心後,他們被送往祢自強不息的精神。
81:13 `Listen,' saith he; 81:13 '聽著, '仰他;
81:14 `those whose rods were found withered and grubeaten, 81:14 `那些棒被發現乾枯和grubeaten ,
81:15 these are the renegades and traitors to the Church, that blasphemed the Lord in their sins, and still further were ashamed of the Name of the Lord, which was invoked upon them. 81:15 ,這是叛徒和賣國賊,以教會,褻瀆了上帝,在他們的罪孽,並仍在進一步被慚愧主的名字,這是引用他們。
81:16 These then perished altogether unto God. 81:16這些,然後滅亡總共祂神。
81:17 But thou seest how not one of them repented, although they heard the words which thou spakest to them, which I commanded thee. 81:17 ,但你見如何,他們沒有一個人的懺悔,雖然他們聽到的話對這些人spakest對他們來說,我指揮的你。
81:18 From men of this kind life departed. 81:18從男人的這種生活離開了。
81:19 But those that gave up the green and undecayed (rods), these also are near them; 81:19 ,但那些放棄了綠色和undecayed (棒) ,這些也都是附近;
81:20 for they were hypocrites, 81:20 ,為他們偽君子,
81:21 and brought in strange doctrines, and perverted the servants of God, especially them that had sinned, 81:21 ,帶來奇怪的教條,並涉嫌妨礙公務員上帝的,特別是他們認為有犯罪了,
81:22 not permitting them to repent, but persuading them with their foolish doctrines. 81:22不容許他們有悔改表現,但要說服他們與自己的愚蠢的教條。
81:23 These then have hope of repenting. 81:23這些有希望的思悔改。
81:24 But thou seest that many of them have indeed repented from the time when thou spakest to them my commandments; 81:24 ,但你見說,他們中的許多人的確有悔過從的時候,你spakest向他們致以誡命;
81:25 yea, and (others) still will repent. 81:25 ,記得,和(其他) ,將仍然有悔改表現。
81:26 And as many as shall not repent, have lost their life; 81:26和多達不得思悔改,已經失去生命;
81:27 but as many of them as repented, became good; 81:27 ,但由於他們中的許多人因為悔過,成為良好;
81:28 and their dwelling was placed within the first walls, and some of them even ascended into the tower. 81:28和他們的住家被置於第一牆壁,他們中的一些人甚至躋身於塔。
81:29 Thou seest then,' [saith he,] `that repentance from sins bringeth life, but not to repent bringeth death. 81:29ああ那麼, '仰他, ] `表示悔過書,由捷聯慣導系統bringeth生活,但不思悔改bringeth死亡。

82:1 `But as many as gave up (the rods) half-withered, and with cracks in them, hear also concerning these. 82:1 `但多達放棄(棒)半乾枯,並與裂縫,也聽到關於這些。
82:2 Those whose rods were half-withered throughout are the double-minded; 82:2那些棒進行再加工,半乾枯整個是雙重的頭腦;
82:3 for they neither live nor are dead. 82:3因為他們求生不得,已經死了。
82:4 But those that have them half-withered and cracks in then,, these are both double-minded and slanderers, and are never at peace among themselves but always causing dissensions. 82:4但那些有他們的一半乾枯和裂縫,然後,這些都是雙重態度,並slanderers ,並且從來沒有在和平之間,但總是引起糾紛。
82:5 Yet even to these,' [saith he,] `repentence is given. 82:5然而,即使是這些' [仰他, ] `悔過書,是考慮到。
82:6 Thou seest,' [saith he,] `that some of them have repented; 82:6ああ, ' [仰他, ] `說,他們中的一些人有悔過;
82:7 and there is still,' saith he, `hope of repentance among them. 82:7 ,但還有, '仰他, `希望悔過書當中。
82:8 And as many of them,' saith he, `as have repented, have their abode within the tower but as many of them as have repented tardily shall abide within the walls; 82:8 ,並為他們中的許多人, '仰他, ` ,因為有悔過,有其居留權的塔台,但由於他們中的許多人由於有悔過tardily應當遵守內部牆壁;
82:9 and as many as repent not, but continue in their doings, shall die the death. 82:9 ,並有悔改表現,而是繼續在他們的所作所為,會死的死亡。
82:10 But they that have given up their rods green and with cracks, these were found faithful and good at all times, [but] they have a certain emulation one with another about first places and about glory of some kind or other; 82:10 ,但他們表示,已放棄其棒綠色和裂縫,這些被發現的忠實和善於在任何時候, [但] ,他們有一定的借鑒之一與另一首左右的地方,並約榮耀的一些實物或其他;
82:11 but all these are foolish in having (emulation) one with another about first places. 82:11 ,但這些都是愚蠢的,具有(仿真)一名與另一首左右的地方。
82:12 Yet these also, when they heard my commandments, being good, purified themselves and repented quickly. 82:12 ,但這些還,當他們聽到我的誡命,善做,純化自己悔悟很快。
82:13 They have their habitation, therefore, within the tower. 82:13他們有他們的居住,因此,在該大樓。
82:14 But if any one shall again turn to dissension, he shall be cast out from the tower and shall lose his life. 82:14 ,但如果任何一方不得再談談糾紛,他應要被趕出去,從塔,並應失去了他的命。
82:15 Life is for all those that keep the commandments of the Lord. 82:15生命是為所有那些保持誡命的主。
82:16 But in the commandments there is nothing about first places, or about glory of any kind, but about long-suffering and humility in man. 82:16 ,但在誡命,有什麼先地方,或約的榮耀,而沒有任何歧視,但對於長期遭受痛苦和謙恭的人。
82:17 In such men, therefore, is the life of the Lord, but in factious and lawless men is death. 82:17 ,在這樣的男人,因此,這是生命的主,但在factious ,無法無天的男子死刑。

83:1 `But they that gave up their rods half green and half withered, these are they that are mixed up in business and cleave not to the saints. 83:1 ` ,但他們認為,放棄了自己的棒一半綠色,一半乾枯,這些都是他們說,是混淆了商業和cleave不是聖人。
83:2 Therefore the one half of them liveth, but the other half is dead. 83:2 ,因此,一,其中有半數的liveth ,但另一半已經死了。
83:3 Many then when they heard my commandments repented. 83:3很多,然後當他們聽說我誡命的悔悟。
83:4 As many then as repented, have their abode within the tower. 83:4正如很多,則作為悔過,有其居留權的塔。
83:5 But some of them altogether stood aloof. 83:5 ,但他們中的一些人完全站在超然。
83:6 These then have no repentance; 83:6這些那麼有沒有悔罪;
83:7 for by reason of their business affairs they blasphemed the Lord and denied Him. 83:7為理由,他們的商業事務,他們褻瀆了上帝,並否認他。
83:8 So they lost their life for the wickedness that they committed. 83:8 ,使他們喪失了他們的生命為邪惡,他們決心。
83:9 But many of them were doubtful-minded. 83:9 ,但他們中的許多人持懷疑態度。
83:10 These still have place for repentance, if they repent quickly, and their dwelling shall be within the tower; 83:10這些仍然有地方悔過書,如果他們悔過,很快,他們的住家,應符合塔;
83:11 and if they repent tardily, they shall dwell within the walls; 83:11 ,如果他們悔過, tardily的,應當糾纏內部牆壁;
83:12 but if they repent not, they too have lost their life. 83:12 ,但如果他們不思悔改,他們也都失去了他們的生活。
83:13 But they that have given up two parts green and the third part withered, these are they that have denied with manifold denials. 83:13 ,但他們已經放棄了兩部分,綠色和第三部分乾枯,他們都是已否認與流形上的辯駁。
83:14 Many of them therefore repented, and departed to dwell inside the tower; 83:14他們中的許多人因此而悔改,並離開多言內塔;
83:15 but many utterly rebelled from God; 83:15 ,但很多根本造反來自天主;
83:16 these lost their life finally. 83:16這些失去生命的最後。
83:17 And some of them were double-minded and caused dissensions. 83:17他們中的一些人的雙重態度,並引起糾紛。
83:18 For these then there is repentance, if they repent speedily and continue not in their pleasures; 83:18為這些再有悔過書,如果有悔改表現,他們能迅速,並繼續不符合他們的樂趣;
83:19 but if they continue in their doings, they likewise procure for themselves death. 83:19 ,但如果他們繼續他們的所作所為,他們同樣採購,為自己的死因。

84:1 `But they that have given up their rods two thirds withered and one third green, these are men who have been believers, but grew rich and became renowned among the Gentiles. 84:1 `但他們表示,已放棄其棒三分之二乾枯和三分之一的綠色,這些都是男子,他們已被信徒,但長大豐富,並成為著名當中外邦人。
84:2 They clothed themselves with great pride and became high-minded, 84:2他們豐衣足食,自己感到非常自豪,並成為高頭腦,
84:3 and abandoned the truth and did not cleave to the righteous, but lived together after the manner of the Gentiles, and the path appeared the more pleasant unto them; 84:3和被遺棄的真相,並沒有cleave以正義,但住在一起後,地的外邦人,以及路徑出現了更舒適的賜給他們;
84:4 yet they departed not from God, but continued in the faith, though they wrought not the works of the faith. 84:4 ,但他們離開不是來自上帝,但還需要繼續在信仰,但他們緊張得要命,而不是工程的信心。
84:5 Many of them therefore repented, and they had their habitation within the tower. 84:5他們中的許多人因此而悔改,他們有居住在該大樓。
84:6 But others at the last living with the Gentiles, and being corrupted ly the vain opinions of the Gentiles, departed from God, and worked the works of the Gentiles. 84:6 ,但其他人在上次的生活與外邦人和腐化地徒勞的意見外邦人,背離了上帝,並致力於該工程的外邦人。
84:7 These therefore were numbered with the Gentiles. 84:7 ,因此這些人的編號與外邦人。
84:8 But others of them were doubtful-minded, not hoping to be saved by reason of the deeds that they had done; 84:8 ,但其他人,他們被懷疑的態度,而不是希望能節省的原因事蹟說,他們這樣做;
84:9 and others were double-minded and made divisions among themselves. 84:9等人的雙重態度,並取得了分歧。
84:10 For these then that were double-minded by reason of their doings there is still repentance; 84:10為這些當時被兩位志同道合的理由,他們的所作所為還存在著悔過書;
84:11 but their repentance ought to be speedy, that their dwelling may be within the tower; 84:11 ,但他們的悔過書,必須迅速,他們的住家,可內塔;
84:12 but for those who repent not, but continue in their pleasures, death is nigh. 84:12 ,但對於那些不思悔改,而是繼續在他們的快樂,死亡是要來臨。

85:1 `But they that gave up their rods green, yet with the extreme ends withered and with cracks; 85:1 ` ,但他們認為,放棄了自己的綠棒,但與極端乾枯,並與裂縫;
85:2 these were found at all times good and faithful and glorious in the sight of God, 85:2這些被發現在任何時候都好,並忠實和光榮的,在神看,
85:3 but they sinned to a very slight degree by reason of little desires and because they had somewhat against one another. 85:3 ,但他們犯罪了一個很輕微的程度,因小慾望,因為他們已經有點相互對抗。
85:4 But, when they heard my words, the greater part quickly repented, and their dwelling was assigned within the tower. 85:4但是,當他們聽到我的話,大部份很快悔過,他們的住家被指派在該塔。
85:5 But some of them were double-minded, and some being double-minded made a greater dissension. 85:5 ,但他們中的一些人的雙重態度,有的被雙志同道合方面做出了更大的糾紛。
85:6 In these then there is still a hope of repentance, because they were found always good; 85:6在這些則是,我們還有希望悔過書,因為他們被發現總是好的;
85:7 and hardly shall one of them die. 85:7 ,難應,其中一人死亡。
85:8 But they that gave up their rods withered, yet with a very small part green, these are they that believed, but practised the works of lawlessness. 85:8 ,但他們認為,放棄了自己的棒乾枯,但同一個很小的一部分,綠色,這些都是他們表示相信,但實行工程和尚打傘,無法無天。
85:9 Still they never separated from God, but bore the Name gladly, and gladly received into their houses the servants of God. 85:9 ,他們仍然沒有脫離上帝,但口徑名稱愉快,並愉快地收到了他們的房子的公僕和勤務員,上帝。
85:10 So hearing of this repentance they repented without wavering, and they practise all excellence and righteousness. 85:10 ,使審理了這悔過書,他們的懺悔,符合的就毫不動搖的,他們練習的所有卓越和公義。
85:11 And some of them even suffer persecution willingly, knowing the deeds that they did. 85:11他們中的一些人甚至遭受迫害心甘情願,明知事蹟,他們才。
85:12 All these then shall have their dwelling within the tower. 85:12所有這些,然後將他們的住家內塔。

86:1 And after he had completed the interpretations of all the rods, he saith unto me; 86:1後,他已經完成了詮釋所有棒,他仰祂箱;
86:2 `Go, and tell all men to repent, and they shall live unto God; 86:2 `去,並告訴所有男人思悔改,他們將生活所不欲,上帝;
86:3 for the Lord in His compassion sent me to give repentance to all, though some of them do not deserve it for their deeds; 86:3因為耶和華在他的同情心,送我去給悔罪所有,雖然他們中的一些人是不應該為他們的感人事蹟;
86:4 but being long-suffering the Lord willeth them that were called through His Son to be saved.' 86:4 ,但被長期受苦受難的主willeth他們說,被稱為透過他的兒子才能得救。
86:5 I say to him; 86:5我對他說;
86:6 `Sir, I hope that all when they hear these words will repent; 86:6 `主席先生,我希望所有當他們聽到這些話,將有悔改表現;
86:7 for I am persuaded that each one, when he fully knows his own deeds and fears God, will repent.' 86:7 ,因為我相信每個人,當他完全知道自己的事蹟和恐懼上帝,將有悔改表現。
86:8 He answered and said unto me; 86:8他回答說:祂箱;
86:9 `As many,' [saith he,] `as [shall repent] from their whole heart [and] shall cleanse themselves from all the evil deeds afore-mentioned, 86:9 `正如很多, ' [仰他, ] `作為[應思悔改]從他們的整個心[和]應清洗自己的一切壞事前面所提到的,
86:10 and shall add nothing further to their sins, 86:10 ,並應加上沒有什麼可以再他們的罪孽,
86:11 shall receive healing from the Lord for their former sins, unless they be double-minded concerning these commandments, and they shall live unto God. 86:11應接受醫治,從主,他們前罪孽,除非他們是雙重的頭腦對於這些誡命,他們將生活所不欲,上帝。
86:12 [But as many,' saith he, `as shall add to their sins and walk in the lusts of this world, shall condemn themselves to death.] 86:12 [但正如很多, '仰他, `作為應放入他們的罪孽,並走在情慾的這個世界上,應譴責自己死刑。 ]
86:13 But do thou walk in my commandments, and live [unto God; 86:13但是你走在我的誡命,並現場[祂上帝;
86:14 yea, and as many as shall walk in them and shall do rightly, shall live unto God.'] 86:14推倒,以及多達應走在他們,並應做的是正確的,將生活所不欲上帝' ]
86:15 Having shown me all these things [and told me them] he saith to me; 86:15後,我展示所有這些東西[ ,並告訴我他們]他仰給我;

87:1 PARABLE THE NINTH . 87:1 寓言第九
87:2 After I had written down the commandments and parables of the shepherd, the angel of repentance, he came to me and saith with thee in the form of the Church, showed unto thee. 87:2後,我曾寫了下來誡命,並parables的牧羊人,天使悔過書,他來找我,仰祢在形式的教堂,顯示祢。
87:3 For that Spirit is the Son of God. 87:3這一精神,是上帝的兒子。
87:4 For when thou wast weaker in the flesh, it was not declared unto thee through an angel; 87:4因為當你廢較弱,在肉體中,它是沒有宣布祢透過一位天使;
87:5 but when thou wast enabled through the Spirit, and didst grow mighty in thy strength so that thou couldest even see an angel, 87:5但是,當你廢,使通過的精神,世上成長浩浩蕩盪在你的實力,使你couldest甚至看不到一個天使,
87:6 then at length was manifested unto thee, through the Church, the building of the tower. 87:6 ,然後在長度為體現祢,透過教會,建塔。
87:7 In fair and seemly manner hast thou seen all things, (instructed) as it were by a virgin; 87:7在公平和seemly地祢看到的一切事物, (指示) ,因為它是由處女;
87:8 but now thou seest (being instructed by an angel, though by the same Spirit; 87:8 ,但現在ああ(指示,由一個天使,雖然同樣的精神;
87:9 yet must thou learn everything more accurately from me. 87:9 ,但要你學更準確地從我。
87:10 For to this end also was I appointed by the glorious angel to dwell in thy house, that thou mightest see all things mightily, in nothing terrified, even as before.' 87:10 ,為達致這個目標,我也在所委任的光榮天使糾纏在你的房子,你會看到一切事物的境地,在沒有驚恐萬狀,甚至以前一樣。
87:11 And he took me away into Arcadia, to a certain rounded mountain, and set me on the top of the mountain, and showed me a great plain, and round the plain twelve mountains, the mountains having each a different appearance. 87:11他帶我離開到世外桃源,在某山區圍捕,並成立我放在山頂,並表明我一個很大的平原地帶,和圓形平原12個山,山上有每一個不同的面貌。
87:12 The first was black as soot; 87:12第一次是黑色煤煙;
87:13 the second was bare, without vegetation; 87:13 ,第二次是裸露,沒有植被;
87:14 the third was thorny and full of briars; 87:14第三個是棘手且充滿布里亞斯;
87:15 the fourth had the vegetation half-withered, the upper part of the grass green, but the part by the roots withered, and some of the grass became withered, whenever the sun had scorched it; 87:15第四次了植被半乾枯,上層部分的草綠色,但部分是由根乾枯,而有些基層成了乾枯,每當太陽已被燒焦;
87:16 the fifth mountain had green grass and was rugged; 87:16第五山區有綠草和堅固;
87:17 the sixth mountain was full with clefts throughout, some small and some great, and the clefts had vegetation, 87:17第六山區,是完全符合整個裂縫,有些小,有些大,並有裂縫植被,
87:18 but the grass was not very luxuriant, but rather as if it had been withered; 87:18 ,但草不是很繁茂的,而是作為如果它已經枯萎;
87:19 the seventh mountain had smiling vegetation, and the whole mountain was in a thriving condition, and cattle and birds of every kind did feed upon that mountain; 87:19第七保山微笑植被,整個山區,是在一個欣欣向榮的情況下,和牛鳥的每樣做飼料後,將山區;
87:20 and the more the cattle and the birds did feed, so much the more did the herbage of that mountain flourish. 87:20和越牛和鳥做飼料,那就更沒有牧草的山地才得以蓬勃發展。
87:21 The eighth mountain was full of springs, and every kind of creature of the Lord did drink of the springs on that mountain. 87:21第八山區充滿著泉水,和每一種動物的主沒有喝的泉水對山區。
87:22 The ninth mountain had no water at all, and was entirely desert; 87:22第九屆山沒有水,並完全是沙漠;
87:23 and it had in it wild beasts and deadly reptile, which destroy mankind. 87:23 ,它已在它狂野與致命的爬蟲類動物,它摧毀人類。
87:24 The tenth mountain had very large trees and was umbrageous throughout, and beneath the shade lay sheep resting and feeding. 87:24第十屆山區有非常大的樹木被umbrageous全國各地,並在下方背陰奠定羊休息和覓食。
87:25 The eleventh mountain was thickly wooded all over, and the trees thereon were very productive, decked with divers kinds of fruits, so that one seeing then would desire to eat of their fruits. 87:25第十一屆山區被厚厚的樹林都已經過去了,樹木就此被非常有成效,掛滿了與潛水員種水果,所以人們看到那麼渴望吃自己的水果。
87:26 The twelfth mountain was altogether white and its aspect was cheerful; 87:26第十二屆山共有白色和它的內容就是,開朗;
87:27 and the mountain was most beauteous in itself 88. 87:27和山區最為beauteous本身88 。
87:28 And in the middle of the plain he showed me a great white rock, rising up from the plain. 87:28 ,並在中間的平原上,他給我很大的白色岩石,一路上升,從平原。
87:29 The rock was loftier than the mountains, being four-square, so that it could contain the whole world. 87:29岩層高遠比山,正四方形,使之能控制整個世界。
87:30 Now this rock was ancient, and had a gate hewn out of it; 87:30現在這個石頭是古代,有一個門挖出來的;
87:31 but the gate seemed to me to have been hewed out quite recently. 87:31 ,但門在我看來已hewed出相當最近。
87:32 And the gate glistened beyond the brightness of the sun, so that I marvelled at the brightness of the gate. 87:32和閘門,處處閃爍著超越亮度的太陽,讓我感嘆原來亮度的大門。
87:33 And around the gate stood twelve virgins. 87:33靠近門口站12個處女。
87:34 The four then that stood at the corners seemed to me to be more glorious (than the rest); 87:34四名則表示,站在角落,在我看來,以更輝煌(比其他人) ;
87:35 but the others likewise were glorious; 87:35 ,但別人同樣光榮;
87:36 and they stood at the four quarters of the gate, and virgins stood in pairs between them. 87:36和他們站在四個季度把關,新婦站在對它們之間。
87:37 And they were clothed in linen tunics and girt about in seemly fashion, having their right shoulders free, as if they intended to carry some burden. 87:37 ,他們豐衣足食,在亞麻衣和girt約在得體,有自己的權利,自由的肩膀上,因為如果他們打算進行一些負擔。
87:38 Thus were they prepared, for they were very cheerful and eager. 87:38 ,因此,他們特意準備了,因為他們都是非常快樂和渴望。
87:39 After I had seen these things, I marvelled in myself at the greatness and the glory of what I was seeing. 87:39後,我已經看到這些東西,我驚奇於自己在偉大和光榮,我是看到的。
87:40 And again I was perplexed concerning the virgins, that delicate as they were they stood up like men, as if they intended to carry the whole heaven. 87:40我再次感到困惑關於處女,即微妙的,因為他們,他們站起來像男人一樣,因為如果他們打算進行整個天堂。
87:41 And the shepherd saith unto me; 87:41和牧羊人仰所不欲,我;
87:42 `Why questionest thou within thyself and art perplexed, and bringest sadness on thyself? 87:42 `為什麼questionestあ內部預言者和藝術疑惑,並bringest悲傷就你自己?
87:43 For whatsoever things thou canst not comprehend, attempt them not, if thou art prudent; 87:43作什麼事情你canst不理解,他們的企圖不會,如果祢謹慎;
87:44 but entreat the Lord, that thou mayest receive understanding to comprehend them. 87:44 ,但懇求上帝,那你mayest得到理解,以理解他們。
87:45 What is behind thee thou canst not see, but what is before thee thou beholdest. 87:45背後是什麼祢あcanst看不到,但究竟什麼是前祢あbeholdest 。
87:46 The things therefore which thou canst not see, let alone, and trouble not thyself (about then); 87:46事情,因此,對這些人canst看不到,更遑論,麻煩不預言者(約當時的) ;
87:47 but the things which thou seest, these master, and be not over curious about the rest; 87:47 ,但事ああ,這些碩士,並在不超過好奇其餘;
87:48 but I will explain unto thee all things whatsoever I shall show thee. 87:48 ,但我會解釋祢是一切事物的話,我會查看你。

89:1 I saw six men come, tall and glorious and alike in appearance; 89:1我看到六名男子來,高大光榮而無論是在外觀上;
89:2 and they summoned a multitude of men. 89:2和他們傳喚眾多的男性。
89:3 And the others also which came were tall men above the gate. 89:3和其他國家也開始被高大的男子以上門。
89:4 And there arose a great noise from those men who had come to build the tower, as they ran hither and thither round the gate. 89:4 ,並因而產生了很大的噪音,從那些男子,他們曾來蓋塔,因為它們冉hither和上去轉轉門。
89:5 For the virgins standing round the gate told the men to hasten to build the tower. 89:5為處女常委會輪閘門告訴官兵,以加快建設綜合大樓。
89:6 Now the virgins had spread out their hands, as if they would take something from the men. 89:6現在處女已經攤開雙手,因為如果他們將採取一些從男性。
89:7 And the six men ordered stones to come up from a certain deep place, and to go to the building of the tower. 89:7和六名男子下令石頭來了,從某些深的地方,去建設的綜合大樓。
89:8 And there went up ten stones square and polished, [not] hewn from a quarry. 89:8 ,並有上升了10個石頭廣場和拋光, [不]挖出來從一個採石場。
89:9 And the six men called to the virgins, and ordered them to carry all the stones which should go unto the building of the tower, and to pass through the gate and to hand them to the men that were about to build the tower. 89:9和六名男子被召往處女,並命令他們攜帶所有的石頭,應該去所不欲,建設塔,並通過閘門,並交出他們向官兵表示,即將興建大樓。
89:10 And the virgins laid the first ten stones that rose out of the deep on each other, and they carried them together, stone by stone. 89:10和處女奠定了第一個十年的石塊說,玫瑰出深對對方的,他們進行了它們放在一起,石材石料。

90:1 And just as they stood together around the gate, in that order they carried them that seemed to be strong enough and had stooped under the corners of the stone, while the others stooped at the sides of the stone. 90:1和公正的,因為他們站在一起前後門,在該項命令中,他們進行他們說,似乎是足夠強勁,並已stooped下角落的石頭,而其他stooped在雙方的石頭。
90:2 And so they carried all the stones. 90:2 ,所以他們進行的所有石塊。
90:3 And they carried them right through the gate, as they were ordered, and handed them to the men for the tower; 90:3和他們進行了他們的權利,通過門,因為他們被命令,並轉交了他們給官兵為塔;
90:4 and these took the stones and builded. 90:4和這些了石塊和builded 。
90:5 Now the building of the tower was upon the great rock and above the gate. 90:5現在建設塔後,大岩及以上門。
90:6 Those ten stones then were joined together, and they covered the whole rock. 90:6那些十個石頭,然後被連接起來,他們涵蓋整個岩石。
90:7 And these formed a foundation for the building of the tower. 90:7和這些組成了一個建設的基礎塔台。
90:8 And [the rock and] the gate supported the whole tower. 90:8和[岩石和]門支持整個大樓。
90:9 And, after the ten stones, other twenty-five stones came up from the deep, and these were fitted into the building of the tower, being carried by the virgins, like the former. 90:9 ,在經過十年的石頭,其他25石塊來到了,從深,並得到了這些裝到建築物的大樓,正進行由處男,喜歡前者。
90:10 And after these thirty-five stones came up. 90:10後,這些35石塊來到了。
90:11 And these likewise were fitted into the tower. 90:11和這些同樣被裝成塔。
90:12 And after these came up other forty stones, and these all were put into the building of the tower. 90:12後,這些想出其他第四十三石塊,而這些都被放進建設的綜合大樓。
90:13 So four rows were made in the foundations of the tower. 90:13 ,使四排發了言,在基金會的大樓。
90:14 And (the stones) ceased coming up from the deep, and the builders likewise ceased for a little. 90:14 (石頭)不再來了,從深,建設者同樣停止過一點。
90:15 And again the six men ordered the multitude of the people to bring in stones from the mountains for the building of the tower. 90:15再次被捕的六名男子,命令眾多的人帶來的石塊從山上地為建設有塔。
90:16 They were brought in accordingly from all the mountains, of various colours, shaped by the men, and were handed to the virgins; 90:16他們帶來相應由所有上山,以不同顏色,形狀,由官兵,並分別移交給處女;
90:17 and the virgins carried them right through the gate, and handed them in for the building of the tower. 90:17和處女進行,他們有權通過閘門,並轉交了他們為建設有塔。
90:18 And when the various stones were placed in the building, they became all alike and white, and they lost their various colours. 90:18時,各石塊放置在大樓,他們成了一切都和白人,他們也失去了自己的不同顏色。
90:19 But some stones were handed in by the men for the building, and these did not become bright; 90:19 ,但有些石塊被移交由男人為建築,而這些並沒有成為光明;
90:20 but just as they were placed, such likewise were they found; 90:20 ,但正如他們被放置,如同樣被他們發現;
90:21 for they were not handed in by the virgins, nor had they been carried in through the gate. 90:21因為他們沒有遞交了由處女,他們也沒有得到執行,在通過閘門。
90:22 These stones then were unsightly in the building of the tower. 90:22這些石頭,然後被有礙觀瞻,在建設有塔。
90:23 Then the six men, seeing the stones that were unsightly in the building, ordered them to be removed and carried [below] into their own place whence they were brought. 90:23 ,然後被捕的六名男子,看到石頭被有礙觀瞻在隊伍建設中,命令他們必須除去,並進行了[下面]轉移到自己的地方,何時他們被帶。
90:24 And they say to the men who were bringing the stones in; 90:24 ,他們說,以該男子,他們把石頭;
90:25 `Abstain for your parts altogether from handing in stones for the building; 90:25 `投棄權票,為您的部分完全交出石頭,為建設;
90:26 but place them by the tower, that the virgins may carry them through the gate, and hand them in for the building. 90:26 ,但地方所大樓,即新婦可攜帶他們通過大門,並把他們在為這座建築物。
90:27 For if,' [say they,] `they be not carried in through the gate by the hands of these virgins, they cannot change their colours. 90:27因為如果' [說,他們, ] `他們沒有進行,在通過閘門的手中,這些新婦,他們不能改變他們的顏色。
90:28 Labor not therefore,' [say they,] `in vain. 90:28勞動,因此, ' [說,他們, ] `白費。

91:1 And the building was finished on that day, yet was not the tower finally completed, for it was to be carried up [still] higher; 91:1和建設是在當日完成,但並非大樓終於完成了,因為它是進行了[仍]較高;
91:2 and there was a cessation in the building. 91:2 ,並有一個停止建設。
91:3 And the six men ordered the builders to retire for a short time [all of them], and to rest; 91:3和六名男子下令建設者退休一段很短的時間[全部] ,並以休息;
91:4 but the virgins they ordered not to retire from the tower. 91:4 ,但處女,他們命令不得退出塔。
91:5 And me thought the virgins were left to guard the tower. 91:5和我以為童女則留下看守塔。
91:6 And after all had retired [and rested], I say to the shepherd; 91:6畢竟已經退休[休息] ,我說,以牧羊人;
91:7 `How is it, Sir,' say I, `that the building of the tower was not completed?' 91:7 ` ,它怎麼主席先生, '說我, `該座大樓的塔樓沒有完成嗎?
91:8 `The tower,' he saith, `cannot yet he fully completed, until its master come and test this building, that if any stones be found crumbling, he may change them; 91:8 `塔,他仰, `還不能確定他完全完成,直到主人來測試這個大樓,如果有任何的石塊被發現,那麼,他可能會改變他們;
91:9 for the tower is being built according to His will.' 91:9 ,為大樓正在興建中,根據他的意願。
91:10 `I would fain know, Sir,' say I, 91:10 `我fain知道,主席先生, '說我,
91:11 `what is this building of this tower, and concerning the rock and gate, and the mountains, and the virgins, and the stones that came up from the deep, and were not shaped, hut went just as they were into the building; 91:11 `這是什麼建設這個大樓,以及有關岩石及啟閉機,山川,並處男,和石頭來到了,從深,並沒有成型,小屋去正如他們被納入建設;
91:12 and wherefore ten stones were first placed in the foundations, 91:12和哪十個石塊先放置在基金會,
91:13 then twenty-five, then thirty-five, then forty, 91:13 ,然後25 ,然後35 ,那麼四十年,
91:14 and concerning the stones that had gone to the building and were removed again and put away in their own place-concerning all these things set ty soul at rest, Sir, and explain them to me.' 91:14和有關石頭說,都到了建設和被拆除,並再次提出在遠離自己的位置-關於這一切,都是在一套性的靈魂,在休息,主席先生,並解釋他們給我。
91:15 `If,' saith he, `thou be not found possessed of an idle curiosity, thou shalt know all things. 91:15 `如果'仰他, '你是不是發現擁有的閒置好奇,你知道所有的東西。
91:16 For after a few days we shall come here, and thou shalt see the sequel that overtaketh this tower and shalt understand all the parables accurately.' 91:16 ,為幾天後,我們會來到這裡,你看到續集認為overtaketh此塔和本當明白一切parables準確。
91:17 And after a few days we came to the place where we had sat, and he saith to me, `Let us go to the tower; 91:17和以後幾天,我們來到這個地方,在那裡我們有週六,他仰向我, '讓我們去到塔;
91:18 for the owner of the tower cometh to inspect it.' 91:18 ,為業主的塔時勢檢查。
91:19 And we came to the tower, and there was no one at all by it, save the virgins alone. 91:19 ,我們來到了塔,有沒有人在所有由它,拯救處女。
91:20 And the shepherd asked the virgins whether the master of the tower had arrived. 91:20和牧羊人問處女是否碩士塔已經到來。
91:21 And they said that he would be there directly to inspect the building. 91:21他們說,他將有直接視察建設。

92:1 And, behold, after a little while I see an array of many men coming, and in the midst a man of such lofty stature that he overtopped the tower. 92:1和摩西後,過了一會兒我看到一個數組的許多男人來臨的時候,和我們在複雜多變的一名男子的這種崇高的地位,他表示,過水塔。
92:2 And the six men who superintended the building walked with him on the right hand and on the left, and all they that worked at the building were with him, and many other glorious attendants around him. 92:2和六名男子,他們superintended建設走同他就右手在左側,以及所有他們的工作,在建設被他的說法,和其他許多光榮的服務員向他招手。
92:3 And the virgins that watched the tower ran up and kissed him, and they began to walk by his side round the tower. 92:3和新婦說,觀看了塔然了,並親吻他,他們開始走在他身旁輪塔。
92:4 And that man inspected the building so carefully, that he felt each single stone; 92:4 ,這名男子考察了上海科技館這麼仔細,他覺得每一塊石碑;
92:5 and he held a rod in his hand and struck each single stone that was built in. 92:5和他進行了棒在他手上,並擊中了每一塊石碑,這是內置
92:6 And when he smote, some of the stones became black as soot, others mildewed, 92:6 ,當他smote ,有的石頭成了黑色煙塵,其他發霉,
92:7 others cracked, others broke off short, others became neither white nor black, others rough and not fitting in with the other stones, and others with many spots; 92:7破獲別人,別人斷絕總之,其他人則成為既不白也不黑,別人粗糙和不恰當的,在與其他石塊,並與其他許多景點;
92:8 these were the varied aspects of the stones which were found unsound for the building. 92:8這些人的不同方面的石塊被發現的不健全,為建設。
92:9 So he ordered all these to be removed from the tower, and to be placed by the side of the tower, and other stones to be brought and put into their place. 92:9 ,所以他下令所有這些被清除出大樓,並放在一旁的大樓,和其他的石頭被帶並投入自己的位置。
92:10 And the builders asked him from what mountain he desired stones to be brought and put into their place. 92:10和建設者,問他從什麼山,他想要的石塊被帶並投入自己的位置。
92:11 And he would not have them brought from the mountains, but ordered them to be brought from a certain plain that was nigh at hand. 92:11 ,他不會有他們帶來了從山區,但是命令他們帶來的,從某些平原說,要來臨已在眼前。
92:12 And the plain was dug, and stones were found there bright and square, but some of them too were round. 92:12和質樸被挖出和石頭被發現有光明廣場,但他們中的一些人也被輪。
92:13 And all the stones which there were anywhere in that plain were brought every one of them, and were carried through the gate by the virgins. 92:13和所有的石頭,其中有隨時隨地在這平原帶,每個人都和他們進行了通過閘門由處女。
92:14 And the square stones were hewed, and set in the place of those which had been removed; 92:14和廣場上的石塊被hewed ,並著手在地方的那些已被拆掉;
92:15 but the round ones were not placed in the building, because they were too hard to be shaped, and to work on them was slow. 92:15 ,但該輪的人不是放置在大樓的,因為它們太難以形成,並致力於對他們很慢。
92:16 So they were placed by the side of the tower, as though they were intended to be shaped and placed in the building; 92:16 ,讓他們放在一旁的大樓,好像他們打算以形,並放置在大樓;
92:17 for they were very bright. 92:17 ,為他們非常光明的。

93:1 So then, having accomplished these things, 93:1那麼,在完成了這些東西,
93:2 the glorious man who was lord of the whole tower called the shepherd to him, 93:2光榮名男子是上帝的整個大樓所謂的牧羊人他說,
93:3 and delivered unto him all the stones which lay by the side of the tower, which were cast out from the building, and saith unto him; 93:3 ,並作了祂所有的石頭奠定由一邊的大樓,而被趕出去,從建設,仰祂;
93:4 `Clean these stones carefully, and set them in the building of the tower, these, I mean, which can fit with the rest; 93:4 `清潔這些石塊慎重對待,將它們設置在建築物的大樓,這些,我的意思是,它可以適合與休息;
93:5 but those which will not fit, throw far away from the tower.' 93:5 ,但那些不適合,扔在遠離塔。
93:6 Having given these orders to the shepherd, he departed from the tower with all those with whom he had come. 93:6給這些訂單給牧羊人,他背離了塔與所有那些與他已到。
93:7 And the virgins stood round the tower watching it. 93:7和新婦站在輪塔看的。
93:8 I say to the shepherd, `How can these stones go again to the building of the tower, seeing that they have been disapproved?' 93:8我說給牧羊人, `怎麼解決這些石頭又來向建設塔,看到他們的生活已同意嗎?
93:9 He saith unto me in answer; 93:9他仰所不欲,我的答案;
93:10 `Seest thou,' saith he, `these stones?' 93:10 `あな, '仰他, '這些石頭嗎?
93:11 `I see them, Sir,' say I. 93:11 `我看見他們,主席先生, '說,一
93:12 `I myself,' saith he, will shape the greater part of these stones and put them into the building, and they shall fit in with the remaining stones.' 93:12 '我對自己說'仰他,將形成更大的一部分,這些石頭,投入到建設,並應適合於餘下的石塊。
93:13 `How, Sir,' say I, `can they, when they are chiseled, fill the same space?' 93:13 `如何,主席先生, '說我, `可他們,當他們鑿,填寫同一個空間嗎?
93:14 He saith unto me in answer, As many as shall be found small, shall be put into the middle of the building; 93:14他仰所不欲,我的答案,因為許多作為都必須一小,應投入中的大樓;
93:15 but as many as are larger, shall be placed nearer the outside, and they will bind them together.' 93:15 ,但由於許多作為都較大,給予留黨察看較接近外,他們將在一起。
93:16 With these words he saith to me, Let us go away, and after two days let us come and clean these stones, and put them into the building; 93:16他用這句話仰向我,讓我們離我們遠去,並在兩天之後,讓我們來清理這些石頭,並把它們納入建設;
93:17 for all things round the tower must be made clean, 93:17所有的東西輪塔必須作出廉潔,
93:18 lest haply the master come suddenly and find the circuit of the tower dirty, 93:18以免必師父來突然找到迴路塔骯髒的,
93:19 and he be wroth, and so these stones shall not go to the building of the tower, and I shall appear to be careless in my master's sight. 93:19和他怒恨,所以這些石塊不得前往該大廈的大樓,我會似乎是不小心,在我的師父定的視線。

94:1 And after two days we came to the tower, and he saith unto me; 94:1 ,並在兩天之後,我們來到了塔的,他在集會上所不欲,我;
94:2 `Let us inspect all the stones, and see those which can go to the building.' 94:2 `讓我們檢查所有的石頭,看看那些可以去建設。
94:3 I say to him, `Sir, let us inspect them.' 94:3我對他說, '主席先生,讓我們考察他們。
94:4 And so commencing first we began to inspect the black stones; 94:4等,展開第一次我們開始視察黑色石塊;
94:5 and just as they were when set aside from the building, such also they were found. 94:5和公正的,因為他們的時候,預留了來自建築,如還發現他們。
94:6 And the shepherd ordered them to be removed from the tower and to be put on one side. 94:6和牧羊人命令他們撤出大樓,並放在一邊。
94:7 Then he inspected those that were mildewed, and he took and shaped many of them, and ordered the virgins to take them up and put them into the building. 94:7 ,然後他先後考察了那些被發霉,並且他和塑造他們中的許多人,並下令處女採取起來,投入到建設。
94:8 And the virgins took them up and placed them in the building of the tower in a middle position. 94:8和處女了起來,並把他們在隊伍建設中的大樓,在中間的位置。
94:9 But the rest he ordered to be placed with the black ones; 94:9但其餘的,他下令將放在與黑;
94:10 for these also were found black. 94:10這些還發現了黑色。
94:11 Then he began to inspect those that had the cracks; 94:11 ,然後,他開始檢查那些有裂縫;
94:12 and of these he shaped many, and he ordered them to be carried away by the hands of the virgins for the building. 94:12和這些他形很多,他命令他們被沖昏頭腦手中的新婦,為建設。
94:13 And they were placed towards the outside, because they were found to be sounder. 94:13 ,他們被置於對外界的,因為他們被發現將更加健全。
94:14 But the rest could not be shaped owing to the number of the cracks. 94:14但是其餘不能形由於人數出現裂紋。
94:15 For this reason therefore they were cast aside front the building of the tower. 94:15基於這個原因,因此他們拋開前建設塔。
94:16 Then he proceeded to inspect the stunted (stones), and many among them were found black, and some had contracted great cracks; 94:16 ,然後他接著視察發育遲緩(石頭) ,其中許多人身上搜出黑色,有的已簽約大裂縫;
94:17 and he ordered these also to be placed with those that had been cast aside. 94:17和他命令,也都必須放在與那些已被拋在一邊。
94:18 But those of them which remained he cleaned and shaped, and ordered to he placed in the building. 94:18 ,但這些人仍然是他清洗和形狀,並勒令他放置在該建築物。
94:19 So the virgins took them up, and fitted them into the middle of the building of the tower; 94:19 ,所以處女了起來,並裝成中大廈的塔樓;
94:20 for they were somewhat weak. 94:20 ,他們還有些薄弱。
94:21 Then he began to inspect those that were half white and half black, and many of them were (now) found black; 94:21 ,然後,他開始檢查那些人有一半白,一半黑,他們中的許多人(現) ,發現黑色;
94:22 and he ordered these also to be taken up with those that had been cast aside. 94:22和他命令這些,也應該考慮到,與那些已被拋在一邊。
94:23 *But all the rest were [found white, and were] taken up by the virgins; 94:23 *但所有,其餘則[發現白色,而被]採取了由處女;
94:24 for being white they were fitted by [the virgins] them[selves] into the building. 94:24為白人,他們分別裝有[處女] ,他們[守土有責]進入大樓。
94:25 *But they were placed towards the outside, because they were found sound, so that they could hold together those that were placed in the middle; 94:25 *但它們放在對外界的,因為他們被發現聲音,讓他們能夠維繫那些被放置在中間;
94:26 for not a single one of them was too short. 94:26沒有一個單一的,其中一人的時間太短了。
94:27 Then he began to inspect the hard and rough; 94:27 ,然後,他開始檢查硬和粗糙;
94:28 and a few of them were cast away, because they could not be shaped; 94:28 ,並沒有幾個人被拋棄,因為他們無法形成;
94:29 for they were found very hard. 94:29 ,因為他們發現很難。
94:30 But the rest of them were shaped [and taken up by the virgins] and fitted into the middle of the building of the tower; 94:30但是其餘的人異形[ ,並採取了由處女]和裝成中大廈的塔樓;
94:31 for they were somewhat weak. 94:31 ,他們還有些薄弱。
94:32 Then he proceeded to inspect those that had the spots, and of these some few had turned black and were cast away among the rest; 94:32 ,然後他接著視察那些有景點,其中一些數已變成黑色,被拋棄之間休息;
94:33 but the remainder were found bright and sound, and these were fitted by the virgins into the building; 94:33 ,但其餘的人發現,光明和健全的,並得到了這些裝有由童女到大樓;
94:34 but they were placed towards the outside, owing to their strength. 94:34 ,但他們放在對外界的是,由於他們的實力。

95:1 Then he came to inspect the white and round stones, and he saith unto me; 95:1 ,然後他來檢查白色圓形石頭,而且他仰祂箱;
95:2 `What shall we do with these stones?' 95:2 `我們將如何處理這些石頭嗎?
95:3 `How do I know, Sir?' 95:3 `我怎麼知道,主席先生嗎?
95:4 say I. 95:4說,一。
95:5 [And he saith to me,] `Perceivest thou nothing concerning them?' 95:5 [和他仰向我, ] ` perceivest你沒有與他們有關嗎?
95:6 `I, Sir,' say I, `do not possess this art, neither am I a mason, nor can I understand.' 95:6 `主席先生,我想'說我, '不擁有這屆藝術,無論我是石匠,我也無法理解。
95:7 Seest thou not,' saith he, that they are very round; 95:7あな沒有, '仰他表示,他們是很全面;
95:8 and if I wish to make them square, very much must needs be chiseled off from them? 95:8的話,我想,使他們平方米,十分需要,必須予以鑿改從他們呢?
95:9 Yet some of them must of necessity be placed into the building.' 95:9 ,但他們中的一些人認為必須置於建設。
95:10 `If then, Sir,' say I, `it must needs be so, why distress thyself, and why not choose out for the building those thou willest, and fit them into it?' 95:10 `如果當時的主席先生, '說我, '它必須需要的是這樣的話,為什麼遇險預言者,以及為什麼不選擇為建造這些あwillest ,並幫助他們融入它嗎?
95:11 He chose out from them the large and the bright ones, and shaped them; 95:11 ,他選擇了從他們的大型和光明的,並塑造他們;
95:12 and the virgins took them up, and fitted them into the outer parts of the building. 95:12和處女了起來,並裝上他們到外的部分建築物。
95:13 But the rest, which remained over, were taken up, and put aside into the plain whence they were brought; 95:13但其餘的,這仍是超過,被帶到了,並放下到平原何時他們被帶;
95:14 they were not however cast away, `Because,' saith he, `there remaineth still a little of the tower to be builded. 95:14他們不是,但丟掉, ` ,因為'仰他, `有remaineth仍是一個不大的塔可builded 。
95:15 And the master of the tower is exceedingly anxious that these stones be fitted into the building, for they are very bright. 95:15和掌握該塔是極其焦慮,這些石塊全部裝到大樓,因為他們是非常光明的。
95:16 So twelve women were called, most beautiful in form, clad in black, [girded about and having the shoulders bare,] with their hair hanging loose. 95:16 ,讓12名婦女分別叫,最漂亮的形式,身著黑色的, [ girded左右,並有裸露的肩膀上,同他們的頭髮掛鬆散。
95:17 And these women, me thought, had a savage look. 95:17這些婦女,我的思想,進行了野蠻的期待。
95:18 And the shepherd ordered them to take up the stones which had been cast away from the building, and to carry them off to the same mountains from which also they had been brought; 95:18和牧羊人命令他們拿起石塊已被擯棄,從建設,並進行過的同一山脈從哪個,他們也已提請;
95:19 and they took them up joyfully, and carried away all the stones and put them in the place whence they had been taken. 95:19 ,他們帶他們了喜氣洋洋,並運走所有的石頭,把他們在何時發生,他們已經採取了。
95:20 And after all the stones had been taken up, and not a single stone still lay round the tower, the shepherd saith unto me; 95:20後,所有的石頭已經採取了行動,而不是一個單一的石材仍然奠定輪塔,牧羊人仰所不欲,我;
95:21 Let us go round the tower, and see that there is no defect in it. 95:21 ,讓我們去圓塔,看看有沒有缺陷。
95:22 And I proceeded to go round it with him. 95:22 ,我接著去輪,它與他的。
95:23 And when the shepherd saw that the tower was very comely in the building, he was exceedingly glad; 95:23時,牧羊人看到該大樓是非常comely在隊伍建設中,他是極為高興;
95:24 for the tower was so well builded, that when I saw it I coveted the building of it ; 95:24為塔是這麼好builded ,當我看到我在覬覦建設;
95:25 for it was builded, as it were, of one stone, having one fitting in it. 95:25 ,這是builded ,因為它被,一石,有一個適應它。
95:26 And the stone-work appeared as if hewn out of the rock; 95:26和石工作出現了,因為如果挖出來的岩石;
95:27 for it seemed to be all a single stone. 95:27 ,這似乎是所有單一的石頭。

96:1 And I, as I walked with him, was glad to see so brave a sight. 96:1我,因為我走路,他很高興看到這麼勇敢作一次視力。
96:2 And the shepherd saith to me `Go and bring plaster and fine clay, that I may fill up the shapes of the stones that have been taken up and put into the building; 96:2和牧羊人仰向我`去,並把石膏和優良粘土,我可以填補形狀的石頭已經採取行動,並投入建設;
96:3 for all the circuit of the tower must be made smooth. 96:3所有電路塔必須進展順利。
96:4 And I did is he bade, and brought them to him. 96:4 ,我做的,是他的下屬,並把他們交給了他。
96:5 `Assist me,' saith he, `and the work will speedily be accomplished. 96:5 `幫助我, '仰他, `和工作將很快完成。
96:6 So he filled in the shapes of the stones which had gone to the building, and ordered the circuit of the tower to be swept and made clean. 96:6 ,所以他填寫形狀的石頭,這都到了大樓,並下令迴路塔,以清掃,並提出清潔。
96:7 And the virgins took brooms and swept, and they removed all the rubbish from the tower, and sprinkled water, and the site of the tower was made cheerful and very seemly. 96:7和處女了掃帚和橫掃,他們摒棄了所有的垃圾,從塔,並撒上水,和現場的塔是開朗,並很seemly 。
96:8 The shepherd saith unto me, `All,' saith he, `hath now been cleaned. 96:8牧羊人仰所不欲,我` , '仰他, `祂所現已清理。
96:9 If the lord come to inspect the tower, he hath nothing for which to blame us.' 96:9主若來我省考察塔,祂所什麼來責怪我們。
96:10 Saying this, he desired to go away. 96:10這樣說,他想要離去。
96:11 But I caught hold of his wallet, and began to adjure him by the Lord that he would explain to me [all] what he had showed me. 96:11 ,但我陷入舉行他的錢包,並開始adjure他的主,他會向我解釋[全部]是什麼,他給我看。
96:12 He saith to me; 96:12他仰給我;
96:13 `I am busy for a little while, and then I will explain everything to thee. 96:13 `我忙過了一會兒,然後,我會解釋一切為了你。
96:14 Await me here till I come.' 96:14等待我在這裡,直等我回來。
96:15 I say to him; 96:15我對他說;
96:16 `Sir, when I am here alone what shall I do?' 96:16 `主席先生,當我在這裡,僅我應該怎麼辦呢?
96:17 `Thou art not alone,' saith he; 96:17 `祢並不孤單, '仰他;
96:18 for these virgins are here with thee.' 96:18為這些新婦在這裡祢。 `Commend me then to them,' say I. `讚揚我,就告訴他們,說一。
96:19 The shepherd calleth them to him and saith to them; 96:19牧羊人calleth他們向他和仰給他們;
96:20 `I commend this man to you till I come,' and he departed. 96:20 `我讚揚這名男子向你直等我回來, ' ,因此他離開了。
96:21 So I was alone with the virgins; 96:21 ,所以我被單獨與處女;
96:22 and they were most cheerful, and kindly disposed to me, especially the four of them that were the more glorious in appearance. 96:22和他們最開朗,友善處置我的,特別是其中4人都是更加輝煌的外觀。

97:1 The virgins say to me; 97:1的處女我說;
97:2 `Today the shepherd cometh not here.' 97:2 `今天牧羊人時勢不在這裡。
97:3 `What then shall I do?' 97:3 `那麼,我應該怎麼辦呢? say I.說一。
97:4 `Stay for him,' say they, `till eventide; 97:4 `留他, '說, '到eventide ;
97:5 and if he come, he will speak with thee; 97:5 ,如果他來,他會和你一起;
97:6 but if he come not, thou shalt stay here with us till he cometh.' 97:6 ,但如果他不來,你留這裡同我們一起到他的人來了。
97:7 I say to them; 97:7我說給他們;
97:8 `I will await him till evening, and if he come not, I will depart home and return early in the morning.' 97:8 `我會等待他的到傍晚的,如果他不來,我將啟程回家,回到清晨的時候。
97:9 But they answered and said unto me; 97:9 ,但他們回答說:祂箱;
97:10 `To us thou wast entrusted; 97:10 `給我們你廢託付;
97:11 thou canst not depart from us.' 97:11あcanst不會偏離我們。
97:12 `Where then,' say I, `shall I remain? 97:12 `那裡,然後, '說我, '我應該留?
97:13 "Thou shalt pass the night with us,' say they, as a brother, not as a husband; 97:13 "你通過夜我們, '他們說,作為一個弟弟,而不是作為一個丈夫;
97:14 for thou art our brother, and hence-forward we will dwell with thee; 97:14為祢我們的兄弟,因此,向前,我們將討論與祢;
97:15 for we love thee dearly.' 97:15 ,因為我們愛你的代價。
97:16 But I was ashamed to abide with them. 97:16 ,但我是慚愧遵守它們。
97:17 And she that seemed to be the chief of them began to kiss and to embrace me; 97:17 ,她說,似乎是行政的,他們開始親吻和擁抱了我;
97:18 and the others seeing her embrace me, they too began to kiss me, and to lead me round the tower, and to sport with me. 97:18和別人看到她擁抱了我,所以他們也開始吻我,並引導我輪塔,並以運動與我。
97:19 And I had become as it were a younger man, and I commenced myself likewise to sport with them. 97:19和我已經成為它是一個年輕男子,我開始自己同樣以體育與他們。
97:20 For some of them began to dance, [others to skip,] others to sing. 97:20 ,為他們中的一些人開始跳舞, [別人跳過,別人唱。
97:21 But I kept silence and walked with them round the tower, and was glad with them. 97:21 ,但我保持沉默,走上了與他們輪塔,並很高興與他們。
97:22 But when evening came I wished to go away home; 97:22但當傍晚來到我想離開家;
97:23 but they would not let me go, but detained me. 97:23 ,但他們不會讓我去,但扣留了我。
97:24 And I stayed the nigh with them, and I slept by the side of the tower. 97:24 ,我留下來幾乎與他們的,我睡,由一方的塔。
97:25 For the virgins spread their linen tunics on the ground, and made me lie down in the midst of them, and they did nothing else but pray; 97:25為處女傳播他們的亞麻衣放在地上,並講了,我躺下來,我們在複雜多變的他們,他們卻什麼都沒有了,但祈求;
97:26 and I prayed with them without ceasing, and not less than they. 97:26 ,我在祈禱中,他們沒有停止,並不得少於他們。
97:27 And the virgins rejoiced that I so prayed. 97:27和處女很高興,我這麼祈禱。
97:28 And I stayed there with the virgins until the morning till the second hour. 97:28 ,我在那裡與處女,直到早上到二小時。
97:29 Then came the shepherd, and saith to the virgins; 97:29 ,接著又是牧羊人,並仰向新婦;
97:30 `Have ye done him any injury?' 97:30 `有葉做他的任何傷害嗎?
97:31 `Ask him,' say they. 97:31 `問他, '說,他們的。
97:32 I say to him, `Sir, I was rejoiced to stay with them.' 97:32我對他說, '先生,我很高興留在他們。
97:33 `On what didst thou sup?' 97:33 `什麼復活,你副刊嗎? saith he.仰他。
97:34 `I supped, Sir,' say I, `on the words of the Lord the whole nigh through.' 97:34 '我supped ,主席先生, '說我, '對的話,主整個來臨通過。
97:35 `Did they treat thee well?' 97:35 `當時他們對待你的呢? ' saith he.仰他。
97:36 `Yes, Sir,' say I. 97:36 `是的,主席先生, '說,一
97:37 `Now,' saith he, what wouldest thou hear first?' 97:37 `現在, '仰他,有什麼wouldest你聽到第一嗎?
97:38 `In the order as thou showedst to me, Sir, from the beginning,' say I; 97:38 `在經濟秩序作為あshowedst主席先生,我認為從一開始, '說我;
97:39 `I request thee, Sir, to explain to me exactly in the order that I shall enquire of thee.' 97:39 `我請求你,主席先生,向我解釋,正是在該命令中,我會詢問祢。

98:1 `First of all, Sir,' say I, `explain this to me. 98:1 `首先,主席先生, '說我, '解釋給我。
98:2 The rock and the `How, Sir,' say I, `is the rock ancient, but the gate recent?' 98:2岩石和`如何,主席先生, '說我, '是岩石古老,但門最近的嗎?
98:3 `Listen,' saith he, `and understand, foolish man. 98:3 `聽著, '仰他, `和理解,愚蠢的人。
98:4 The Son of God is older than all His creation, so that He became the Father's adviser in His creation. 98:4上帝的兒子,是年紀比他的所有創作,使他成了父親的顧問,在他的創作風格。
98:5 `Therefore also He is ancient.' 98:5 `也因此他是古代。
98:6 `But the gate, why is it recent, Sir?' 98:6 `但大門,它為什麼最近,主席先生嗎? say I.說一。
98:7 `Because,' saith he, `He was made manifest in the last days of the consummation; 98:7 ` ,因為'仰他, `他是體現在最後幾天的圓滿;
98:8 therefore the gate was made recent, that they which are to be saved may enter through it into the kingdom of God. 98:8 ,因此,門是最近表示,他們是為了節省可通過它進入神的國度。
98:9 Didst thou see,' saith he, 98:9世上,你看, '仰他,
98:10 `that the stones which came through the gate have gone to the building of the tower, but those which came not through it were cast away again to their own place?' 98:10 `這石頭來,通過閘門也已落實到建設塔,但那些前來不是通過它被拋棄,再次向他們自己的地方嗎?
98:11 `I saw, Sir,' say I. 98:11 `我看到了,先生, '說一。
98:12 "Thus,' saith he, `no one shall enter into the kingdom of God, except he receive the name of His Son. 98:12 : "因此, '仰他, ` ,任何人不得進入神的國度,除非他接受的名字,他的兒子。
98:13 For if thou wishest to enter into any city, and that city is walled all round and has one gate only, canst thou enter into that city except through the gate which it hath?' 98:13 ,如果你wishest進入到任何一個城市,這個城市是寨所有,並擁有一門只, canst你進入這個城市,除透過門,其中祂所嗎?
98:14 `Why, how, Sir,' say I, `is it possible otherwise?' 98:14 `為什麼,如何,主席先生, '說我, '是不是有可能以其他方式嗎?
98:15 `If then thou canst not enter into the city except through the gate itself, even so, saith he, `a man cannot enter into the kingdom of God except by the name of His Son that is beloved by Him. 98:15 `如果當時你canst不能進入城市,除透過門本身,但即使如此,仰他, '一個人不能進入神的國度,除了名稱的,他的兒子就是敬愛由他來決定。
98:16 Didst thou see,' saith he, `the multitude that is building the tower?' 98:16世上,你看, '仰他, `眾多是建設大樓嗎?
98:17 `I saw it, Sir,' say I. 98:17 ` ,我就看到它,主席先生, '說,一
98:18 `They,' saith he, are all glorious angels. 98:18 `他們' ,仰他,都是光榮的天使。
98:19 With these then the Lord is walled around. 98:19這些話,主是寨周圍。
98:20 But the gate is the Son of God; 98:20 ,但門是上帝的兒子;
98:21 there is this one entrance only to the Lord. 98:21有這樣的一個入口,只有向上帝禱告。
98:22 No one then shall enter in unto Him otherwise than through His Son. 98:22沒有人,然後應在祂以外,透過他的兒子。
98:23 Didst thou see,' saith he, `the six men, and the glorious and mighty man in the midst of them, him that walked about the tower and rejected the stones from the building?' 98:23世上,你看, '仰他, `的六名男子和光輝威武的男子,在複雜多變的,他說,走到約塔,並拒絕了石塊從建設嗎?
98:24 `I saw him, Sir,' say I. 98:24 `我看見他,先生, '說一。
98:25 `The glorious man,' saith he, `is the Son of God, and those six are the glorious angels who guard Him on the right hand and on the left. 98:25 `光榮男子, '仰他, '是上帝的兒子, 6個是光榮的天使人看守他的右手,並在左邊。
98:26 Of these glorious angels not one,' saith he, `shall enter in unto God without Him; 98:26的這些光榮天使不是一個, '仰他, `應在祂上帝,沒有他;

99:1 `But the tower,' say I, what is it? 99:1 `但塔, '說的是,我是什麼呢?
99:2 "The tower,' saith he, why, this is the Church. 99:2 "塔台, '仰他,為什麼,這是教會的頭。
99:3 `And these virgins, who are they?' 99:3 `和這些新婦,他們是誰呢?
99:4 `They,' saith he, `are unless these shall clothe him with their garment; 99:4 `他們' ,仰他, '是,除非這些應獲得溫飽他提出他們的服裝;
99:5 for if thou receive only the name, but receive not the garment from them, thou profitest nothing. 99:5 ,如果你只能得到名字,但不接受製衣他們之外,你profitest無關。
99:6 For these virgins are powers of the Son of God. 99:6這些新婦是權力的上帝的兒子。
99:7 If [therefore] thou bear the Name, and bear not His power, thou shalt bear His Name to none effect. 99:7如果[因此]你承擔的姓名,並承擔不是他的權力,你承擔自己的名字,沒有效果。
99:8 And the stones,' saith he, which thou didst see cast away, these bare the Name, but clothed not themselves with the raiment of the virgins.' 99:8和石塊, '仰他,祢見丟掉,這些手無寸鐵的名字,但豐衣足食,沒有自己的衣服的處女。
99:9 `Of what sort, Sir,' say I, `is their raiment? 99:9 `什麼樣的,主席先生, '說我'是他們的衣服嗎?
99:10 "The names themselves,' saith he, `are their raiment. 99:10 : "自己的名字, '仰他, '是他們的衣服。
99:11 `Whosoever beareth the Name of the Son of God, ought to bear the names of these also; 99:11 `凡beareth的名字是神的兒子,應承擔的名字,這些也;
99:12 for even the Son Himself beareth the names of these virgins. 99:12因為人子beareth自己的姓名,這些新婦。
99:13 As many stones,' saith he, `as thou sawest enter into the building of the tower, being given in by their hands and waiting for the building, they have been clothed in the power of these virgins. 99:13由於許多石塊, '仰他, `按你sawest進入大樓的大樓,正考慮在他們手中,等待建設,他們已豐衣足食,在權力的這些新婦。
99:14 For this cause thou seest the tower made a single stone with the rock. 99:14 ,為這項事業ああ塔台提出了一塊石碑與岩石。
99:15 So also they that have believed in the Lord through His Son and clothe themselves in these spirits, shall become one spirit and one body, and their garments all of one colour. 99:15 ,讓他們也有認為,在主通過他的兒子和衣物,自己在這些精神,應成為一個精神和一個班子,他們的服裝都一個顏色。
99:16 But such persons as bear the names of the virgins have their dwelling in the tower.' 99:16 ,但這些人承擔姓名的新婦,他們住在該大樓。
99:17 `The stones then, Sir,' say I, which are cast aside, wherefore were they cast aside? 99:17 `石塊,然後,主席先生, '說我,這是唾棄,以致被他們拋棄?
99:18 For they passed through the gate and were placed in the building of the tower by the hands of the virgins.' 99:18 ,他們通過閘門,並放置在大樓的水塔手中的處女。
99:19 `Since all these things interest thee,' saith he, `and thou enquirest diligently, listen as touching the stones that have been cast aside. 99:19 ` ,因為所有這些東西感興趣祢, '仰他, `あenquirest勤政,聽取感人的石頭已被拋在一邊。
99:20 These all,' [saith he,] `received the name of the Son of God, and received likewise the power of these virgins. 99:20這一切, ' [仰他, ] `收到的名義,上帝的兒子,並得到同樣的權力,這些新婦。
99:21 When then they received these spirits, they were strengthened, and were with the servants of God, and they had one spirit and one body [and one garment]; 99:21時,那麼他們收到這些精神,他們被加強,並分別與公務員的上帝,和他們抱著同樣一個精神和身體一[一服裝] ;
99:22 for they had the same mind, and they wrought righteousness. 99:22 ,因為他們有著同樣的態度,他們緊張得要命,理直氣壯。
99:23 After a certain time then they were persuaded by the women whom thou sawest clad in black raiment, and having their shoulders bare and their hair loose, and beautiful in form. 99:23後,在一定時間,然後,他們被說服,由婦女,其中あsawest穿黑色衣服,並經其裸露的肩膀和頭髮鬆散,和美麗的形式。
99:24 When they saw them they desired them, and they clothed themselves with their power, but they stripped off from themselves the power of the virgins. 99:24 ,當他們看到他們時,他們想要的他們,他們豐衣足食,自己與他們的權力,但他們剝去從自己的權力範圍內處男。
99:25 They then were cast away from the house of God, and delivered to these (women). 99:25然後,他們被拋棄,從上帝的家,並發表這些(婦女) 。

100:1 `What then, Sir,' say I, `if these men, being such as they are, should repent and put away their desire for these women, and return unto the virgins, and walk in their power and in their works? 100:1 `什麼,然後,主席先生, '說我, '如果這些男人,正在等他們,都應該有悔改表現,並剝奪了他們的願望,為這些婦女中,並返回賜給了新婦,並走在他們的權力,並在其作品?
100:2 Shall they not enter into the house of God?' 100:2應他們不進入上帝的家嗎?
100:3 `They shall enter,' saith he, `if they shall put away the works of these women, and take again the power of the virgins, and walk in their works. 100:3 `他們應進不來, '仰他, '如果他們現在就把遠離工程的這些婦女,並採取再次權力的新婦,並走在他們的作品。
100:4 For this is the reason why there was also a cessation in the building, that, if these repent, they may go into the building of the tower; 100:4 ,這就是為什麼人們也停止在隊伍建設,即,如果這些有悔改表現,他們可能進入大樓的塔樓;
100:5 but if they repent not, then others will go, and these shall be cast away finally.' 100:5 ,但如果他們不思悔改,那麼,別人會去,而這些應丟掉最後。
100:6 For all these things I gave thanks unto the Lord, because He had compassion on all that called upon His name, 100:6 ,所有這些東西我給祂感謝上帝,因為他的同情心所有,呼籲他的名字,
100:7 and sent forth the angel of repentance to us that had sinned against Him, and refreshed our spirit, and, when we were already ruined and had no hope of life, restored our life. 100:7 ,並派出了天使悔過書向我們表示了罪對他,並更新了我們的精神,而且,當我們已經毀了,並沒有希望的生活中,恢復了我們的生活。
100:8 `Now, Sir,' say I, show me why the tower is not built upon the ground, but upon the rock and upon the gate.' 100:8 `現在,主席先生, '說的是,我告訴我為什麼塔台,是不是建立在地面上,但經岩經門。
100:9 `Because thou art senseless,' saith he, `and without understanding [thou askest the question].' 100:9 `因為祢無聊, '仰他, `並沒有理解你askest問題] 。
100:10 I am obliged, Sir,' say I, `to ask all questions of thee, because I am absolutely unable to comprehend anything at all; 100:10 ,我有責任,主席先生, '說我, `要求所有的問題,你的,因為我完全無法理解什麼;
100:11 for all are great and glorious and difficult for men to understand.' 100:11一切都是偉大而光榮和困難,為官兵了解。
100:12 `Listen,' saith he. 100:12 `聽著, '仰他。
100:13 `The name of the Son of God is great and incomprehensible, and sustaineth the whole world. 100:13 `的名義,上帝的兒子,是偉大而令人費解,並sustaineth整個世界。
100:14 If then all creation is sustained by the Son [of God], what thinkest thou of those that are called by Him, and bear the name of the Son of God, and walk according to His commandments? 100:14 ,如果當時所有的創造物,是由兒子[上帝] ,你們以為那些是所謂由他,並負有名稱上帝的兒子,然後步行按照他的誡命嗎?
100:15 Seest thou then what manner of men He sustaineth? 100:15あな那麼採取何種方式的男人,他sustaineth ?
100:16 Even those that bear His name with their whole heart. 100:16即使是那些忍受他的名字與他們的整個心。

101:1 `Declare to me, Sir,' say I, `the names of the virgins, and of the of the more powerful virgins, those that are stationed at the corners. 101:1 `申報主席先生,我'說我, '這個名字的處男,和對的,更強大的處女,因為那些都是駐守在轉角處。
101:2 The first is Faith, and the second, Continence, and the third, Power, and the fourth, Longsuffering. 101:2 ,第一是信仰,第二,可控性,第三個,電力,以及第四次, longsuffering 。
101:3 But the others stationed between them have these names Simplicity, Guilelessness, Purity, Cheerfulness, Truth, Understanding, Concord, Love. 101:3 ,但其他人駐守它們之間有這些名字,簡單, guilelessness ,純度, cheerfulness ,求實,理解,和諧,愛情。
101:4 He that beareth these names and the name of the Son of God shall be able to enter into the kingdom of God. 101:4他說, beareth這些名字和名稱的上帝的兒子,應能進入神的國度。
101:5 Hear,' saith he, `likewise the names of the women that wear the black garments. 101:5聽到的, '仰他, `同樣姓名的婦女說,穿黑色服裝。
101:6 Of these also four are more powerful than the rest; 101:6的這些也有四個功能更強大,比休息;
101:7 the first is Unbelief; 101:7 ,第一是不信;
101:8 the second, Intemperance; 101:8第二, intemperance ;
101:9 the third, Disobedience; 101:9第三,抗命;
101:10 the fourth, Deceit; 101:10第四,欺騙;
101:11 and their followers are called, Sadness, Wickedness, Wantonness, Irascibility, Falsehood, Folly, Slander, Hatred. 101:11及其追隨者被稱為,悲傷,邪惡,肆無忌憚, irascibility ,假的,愚蠢的行為,詆毀,仇恨。
101:12 The servant of God that beareth these names shall see the kingdom of God, but shall not enter into it.' 101:12僕人的上帝beareth這些名字將會見到神的國度,但不得進入它。
101:13 `But the stones, Sir,' say I, `that came from the deep, and were fitted into the building, who are they? 101:13 `但石塊,主席先生, '說我, '這是來自深海,並納入團的建設,他們究竟是誰?
101:14 "The first,' saith he, `even the ten, that were placed in the foundations, are the first generation; 101:14 : "第一, '仰他, `甚至十個,即放置在基金會,是第一代;
101:15 the twenty-five are the second generation of righteous men; 101:15了25頃第二代正義的男子;
101:16 the thirty-five are God's prophets and His ministers; 101:16了35頃上帝的先知和他的部長;
101:17 the forty are apostles and teachers of the preaching of the Son of God.' 101:17第四十四是使徒和教師的說教的神的兒子。
101:18 `Wherefore then, Sir,' say I, `did the virgins give in these stones also for the building of the tower and carry them through the gate? 101:18 `哪,然後,主席先生, '說我, '有沒有處女,讓這些石頭,也為建設塔台,並加以發揚光大,通過閘門?
101:19 " Because these first,'saith he, 101:19 " ,因為這首, '仰他,
101:20 `bore these spirits, and they never separated the one from the other, neither the spirits from the men nor the men from the spirits, but the spirits abode with them till they fell asleep; 101:20 `膛這些精神的,他們從來沒有分開,其中一名從其他,既不是神,從男人也不是男人,從烈酒,但烈酒居留權與他們直到他們睡著;

102:1 `Show me still further, Sir,' say I. 102:1 `給我看,仍然進一步主席先生, '說,一
102:2 `What desirest thou to know the deep, and wherefore were they placed into the building, though they bore these spirits? 102:2 `什麼desirest你知道太深,以致被他們置於建築物,雖然他們承擔這些精神?
102:3 "It was necessary for them,' saith he, `to rise up through water, that they might be made alive; 102:3 " ,因此有必要對他們來說, '仰他, '站起來,透過水,他們可能會被活著;
102:4 for otherwise they could not enter into the kingdom of God, except they had put aside the deadness of their [former] life. 102:4 ,否則他們不能進入神的國度,除非他們放下deadness其[原]生活。
102:5 So these likewise that had fallen asleep received the seal of the Son of God and entered into the kingdom of God. 102:5 ,使這些同樣已經睡著收到蓋有上帝的兒子,而且進入神的國度。
102:6 For before a man,' saith he, `has borne the name of [the Son of] God, he is dead; 102:6前一名男子, '仰他, `已承擔的名字[兒子]上帝,他已經死了;
102:7 but when he has received the seal, he layeth aside his deadness, and resumeth life. 102:7 ,但是當他收到了密封的,他layeth撇開他的deadness , resumeth生活。
102:8 The seal then is the water so they go down into the water dead, and they come up alive. 102:8蓋章,然後是水,讓他們去把水死了,他們來了活著。
102:9 Thus to them also this seal was preached, and they availed themselves of it that they might enter into the kingdom of God.' 102:9 ,因此他們也有利於本密封鼓吹過,他們利用自己的,它表示,他們可能會進入神的國度。
102:10 `Wherefore, Sir,' say I, `did the forty stones also come up with them from the deep, though they had already received the seal?' 102:10 `人哪,主席先生, '說我, '有沒有第四十二石頭也來了,與他們從深,雖然他們已收到印章嗎?
102:11 `Because,'saith he, 102:11 ` ,因為'仰他,
102:12 `these, the apostles and the teachers who preached the name of the Son of God, after they had fallen asleep in the power and faith of the Son of God, 102:12 `這些,使徒們和老師鼓吹的名字是神的兒子之後,他們已經睡著了,在權力與信仰的上帝的兒子,
102:13 preached also to then that had fallen asleep before them, and themselves gave unto them the seal of the preaching. 102:13鼓吹還向當時已經睡著了,才和他們自己了賜給他們蓋章的說教。
102:14 Therefore they went down with them into the water, and came up again. 102:14 ,因此,他們深入到與他們入水中,來重新崛起。
102:15 But these went down alive [and again came up alive]; 102:15 ,但這些下跌活著[和再次來到了活著] ;
102:16 whereas the others that had fallen asleep before them went down dead and came up alive. 102:16 ,而另一些已經睡著了,才去了下來死亡,來到了活著。
102:17 So by their means they were quickened into life, and came to the full knowledge of the name of the Son of God. 102:17 ,讓他們的手段,他們加快了融入生活,來到了充滿知識的名義,上帝的兒子。
102:18 For this cause also they came up with them, and were fitted with them into the building of the tower and were builded with them, without being shaped; 102:18這項事業,他們又來到了他們,並裝有他們成為建設塔台,並builded結合起來,沒有形成;
102:19 for they fell asleep in righteousness and in great purity. 102:19為他們睡著了,在公義和偉大的純潔性。
102:20 Only they had not this seal. 102:20只是他們還沒有這個印章。
102:21 Thou hast then the interpretation of these things also.' 102:21祢則解釋這些東西也。
102:22 I have, Sir,' say I. 102:22我,主席先生, '說,一

103:1 `Now then, Sir, explain to me concerning the mountains. 103:1 `現在,主席先生,向我解釋,關於山區。
103:2 Wherefore are their forms diverse the one from the other, and various?' 103:2哪,是他們形式多樣的一個,從其他,還有各種嗎?
103:3 `Listen,' saith he. 103:3 `聽著, '仰他。
103:4 `These twelve mountains are [twelve] tribes that inhabit the whole world. ` 103:4 ,這12個山區是[ 12 ]部落聚居整個世界。
103:5 To these (tribes) then the Son of God was preached by the Apostles.' 103:5為這些(部落) ,然後上帝的兒子,是鼓吹由使徒。
103:6 `But explain to me, Sir, why they are various-these mountains-and each has a different appearance. 103:6 `但向我解釋,主席先生,為什麼他們都是各個-這些山脈-每個都有不同的外觀。
103:7 `Listen,' saith he. 103:7 `聽著, '仰他。
103:8 `These twelve tribes which inhabit the whole world are twelve nations; ` 103:8 ,這12個部族聚居,對整個世界都是十二個國家;
103:9 and they are various in understanding and in mind. 103:9 ,他們都是各個地了解和銘記。
103:10 As various, then, as thou sawest these mountains to be, such also are the varieties in the mind of these nations, and such their understanding. 103:10由於多方面的,那麼,正如你sawest這些山,這種又是品種在他心中的這些國家,而這種理解。
103:11 And I will show unto thee the conduct of each.' 103:11 ,我會查看祢進行每。
103:12 `First, Sir,' say I, 103:12 `首先,主席先生, '說我,
103:13 `show me this, why the mountains being so various, yet, 103:13 `給我看這個,為什麼山上正因如此種種,但
103:14 when their stones were set into the building, became bright and of one colour, just like the stones that had come up from the deep.' 103:14時,他們的石塊被定成大廈,成為光明的一個顏色,就如同石頭說,已到了,從深。
103:15 `Because,' saith he, `all the nations that dwell under heaven, when they heard and believed, were called by the one name of [the Son of] God. 103:15 ` ,因為'仰他, `所有國家的糾纏下天堂,當他們聽說,並認為,被稱為是由一個名字的[兒子]神。
103:16 So having received the seal, they had one understanding and one mind, and one faith became theirs and [one] love, and they bore the spirits of the virgins along with the Name; 103:16 ,所以收到了密封的,他們有一個了解和萬眾一心,一個信念成了他們的[一]愛的,他們負有神的處女沿該人的姓名;
103:17 therefore the building of the tower became of one colour, even bright as the sun. 103:17 ,因此建設該大樓成為一個膚色,甚至很亮,太陽。
103:18 But after they entered in together, and became one body, some of them defiled themselves, and were cast out from the society of the righteous, and became again such as they were before, or rather even worse. 103:18 ,但之後他們進入了一起,並成為一個機構,他們中的一些人玷污自己,並投出了社會的正義,並成為再次如他們之前,或者更確切地說,甚至更糟。

104:1 `How, Sir,' say I, `did they become worse, after they had fully known God?' 104:1 `如何,主席先生, '說我, '有沒有成為更糟的是,她們已經完全被稱為上帝嗎?
104:2 `He that knoweth not God,' saith he, `and committeth wickedness, hath a certain punishment for his wickedness; 104:2 `他說,知不是上帝, '仰他, `和committeth邪惡,祂所一定懲罰他的邪惡;
104:3 but he that knoweth God fully ought not any longer to commit wickedness, but to do good. 104:3 ,但他表示,知上帝充分,不應該有更長的時間才能犯下罪惡,但這樣做有很好的。
104:4 If then he that ought to do good committeth wickedness, does he not seem to do greater wickedness than the man that knoweth not God? 104:4 ,如果當時他認為應該做的好committeth說著話,他是否會似乎沒有做更大的邪惡,比該名男子即知不是上帝嗎?
104:5 Therefore they that have not known God, and commit wickedness, are condemned to death; 104:5 ,因此,他們認為有不知道上帝,並致力於說著什麼,是注定要死亡;
104:6 but they that have known God and seen His mighty works, and yet commit wickedness, shall receive a double punishment, and shall die eternally. 104:6 ,但他們表示,已經知道上帝和見過他的浩蕩工程的同時,卻又犯下邪惡,應接受雙重處罰,並應模大智。
104:7 In this way therefore shall the Church of God be purified. 104:7這樣,因此應在神的教會得到淨化。
104:8 And as thou sawest the stones removed from the tower and delivered over to the evil spirits, they too shall be cast out; 104:8 ,並為你sawest石塊是從塔和交付給邪靈,所以他們也應要被趕出去;
104:9 and there shall be one body of them that are purified, just as the tower, after it had been purified, became made as it were of one stone. 104:9 ,不應有一個班子,他們認為是純淨,正如塔後,它已被提純,成為取得,因為它被一石頭。
104:10 Thus shall it be with the Church of God also, after she hath been purified, and the wicked and hypocrites and blasphemers and double-minded and they that commit various kinds of wickedness have been cast out. 104:10 ,因此應是與神的教會也後,她祂所被純化,以及邪惡和偽君子和blasphemers和雙重態度,並表示,他們犯下的各種罪惡,已趕出去。
104:11 When these have been cast out, the Church of God shall be one body, one understanding, one mind, one faith, one love. 104:11的時候,這些都已經投出,神的教會應一體,一了解,萬眾一心,一個信念,一個愛。
104:12 And then the Son of God shall rejoice and be glad in them, for that He hath received back His people pure.' 104:12 ,然後上帝的兒子應多多他們,因為他所收到的執事們回到他的人,純粹的。
104:13 `Great and glorious, Sir,' say I, `are all these things. 104:13 `偉大而光榮的,主席先生, '說我, `都是這些東西。
104:14 Once more, Sir,' [say I,] `show me the force and the doings of each one of the mountains, that every soul that trusteth in the Lord, when it heareth, may glorify His great and marvellous and glorious name.' 104:14再次主席先生, '說的是,我, ] `顯示出我的力量和所作所為的每一個山中,每一個靈魂trusteth在上帝,當它聴,可頌揚他的偉大和壯美和輝煌姓名。
104:15 Listen,' saith he, `to the variety of the mountains and of the twelve nations. 104:15聽, '仰他, `以各種山里的十二個國家。

105:1 `From the first mountain, which was black, they that have believed are such as these; 105:1 `從第一山,這是黑色的,他們說,相信這樣的,因為這些;
105:2 rebels and blasphemers against the Lord, and betrayers of the servants of God. 105:2叛軍和blasphemers對主,和背叛者的公僕和勤務員,上帝。
105:3 For these there is no repentance, but there is death. 105:3 ,為這些有沒有悔過書,但有死。
105:4 For this cause also they are black; 105:4 ,為這項事業的,他們也都是黑色;
105:5 for their race is lawless. 105:5 ,為自己的種族是橫行無忌。
105:6 And from the second mountain, the bare one, they that believed are such as these; 105:6 ,並從第二屆山地,裸露之一,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
105:7 hypocrites and teachers of wickedness. 105:7偽君子和老師說著什麼。
105:8 And these then are like the former it not having the fruit of righteousness. 105:8 ,這則是像前,它不具有水果的正義。
105:9 For, even as their mountain is unfruitful, so likewise such men as these have a name indeed, but they are void of the faith, and there is no fruit of truth in them.為105:9 ,即使作為其山是徒勞的,所以同樣的這些男子,因為這些有一個名字確實,但他們都是無效的信仰,並沒有果實的真理。
105:10 For these then repentance is offered, if they repent quickly; 105:10這些悔過書,然後提供,如果有悔改表現,他們很快;
105:11 but if they delay, they will have their death with the former. 105:11 ,但如果他們的延誤,他們將有他們的死同前。
105:12 `Wherefore, Sir,' say I, `is repentance possible for them, but not for the former? 105:12 `人哪,主席先生, '說我, '是悔改,他們有可能,但並非為前者?
105:13 For their doings are almost the same.' 105:13為他們的所作所為幾乎相同。
105:14 On this account, he saith, `is repentance offered for them, because they blasphemed not their Lord, nor became betrayers of the servants of God; 105:14就擁有這個帳戶,他仰, `是悔過書可供他們,因為他們褻瀆不是他們的主,也成為背叛者的公僕和勤務員,上帝;
105:15 yet from desire of gain they played the hypocrite, and taught each other [after] the desires of sinful men. 105:15 ,但是從慾望的增益,他們扮演偽君子,並教導對方[經過]願望罪孽深重的男人。
105:16 But they shall pay a certain penalty; 105:16 ,但應支付一定的罰款;
105:17 yet repentance is ordained for them, because they are not become blasphemers or betrayers. 105:17 ,但悔罪是受戒他們,因為他們不會成為blasphemers或背叛者。

106:1 `And from the third mountain, which had thorns and briars, they that believed are such as these; 106:1 `和由第三山區,其中有荊棘與布里亞斯,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
106:2 some of them are wealthy and others are entangled in many business affairs. 106:2他們中的一些人都是有錢人和其他人都糾纏在許多商業事務。
106:3 The briars are the wealthy, and the thorns are they that are mixed up in various business affairs. 106:3的布里亞斯是有錢的,和荊棘,他們說是弄錯了,在各種商業事務。
106:4 These [then, that are mixed up in many and various business affairs,] cleave [not] to the servants of God, but go astray, being choked by their affairs, 106:4這些[那麼,是混合了許多和各項業務工作, ] cleave [不]給公務員的上帝,但走入歧途,被嗆自己的事務,
106:5 but the wealthy unwillingly cleave to the servants of God, fearing lest they may be asked for something by them. 106:5 ,但有錢人情願cleave向公務員的上帝,不怕否則他們可能會被要求為東西上當。
106:6 Such men therefore shall hardly enter into the kingdom of God. 106:6這種男人,因此很難進入神的國度。
106:7 For as it is difficult to walk on briars with bare feet, so also it is difficult for such men to enter into the kingdom of God. 106:7為,因為這是很難走布里亞斯赤腳,所以也很難為這些男子進入神的國度。
106:8 But for all these repentance is possible, but it must be speedy, that in respect to what they omitted to do in the former times, they may now revert to (past) days, and do some good. 106:8 ,但由於所有這些懺悔是不可能的,但它必須以迅速,在尊重他們所遺漏要做前者時候,他們現在可以回复到(過去)天,並做了一些很好的。
106:9 If then they shall repent and do some good, they shall live unto God; 106:9 ,如果屆時他們應悔過,並做一些好不好,他們將生活所不欲,上帝;
106:10 but if they continue in their doings, they shall be delivered over to those women, the which shall put them to death. 106:10 ,但如果他們繼續他們的所作所為,他們應該被遞交給那些婦女,而應把他們死刑。

107:1 And from the fourth mountain, which had much vegetation, the upper part of the grass green and the part towards the roots withered, and some of it dried up by the sun, they that believed are such as these; 107:1 ,並從第四個山區,其中有很多植被,上層部分的草綠色,並有部分對根系枯萎,有的甚至乾涸,它是由太陽,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
107:2 the double-minded, and they that have the Lord on their lips, but have Him not in their heart. 107:2的雙重態度,他們認為,有主在他們的嘴唇,但他並沒有在他們的心中。
107:3 Therefore their foundations are dry and without power, and their words only live, but their works are dead. 107:3 ,因此其基礎是缺水和斷電,他們只說了兩個字活,但他們的作品已被打死。
107:4 Such men are neither alive nor dead. 107:4這種男人既不是活著,也沒有人死亡。
107:5 They are, therefore, like unto the double-minded; 107:5他們,因此,像祂的雙重態度;
107:6 for the double-minded are neither green nor withered; 107:6 ,為雙志同道合的既不是綠色,也沒有乾枯;
107:7 for they are neither alive nor dead. 107:7 ,因為他們既不是活著,也沒有人死亡。
107:8 For as their grass was withered up then it saw the sun, so also the double-minded, when they hear of tribulation, through their cowardice worship idols and are ashamed of the name of their Lord. 107:8 ,因為他們的草枯萎了,然後在那裡看到了太陽,因此也是雙重的頭腦,當他們聽到的磨難,透過他們的膽怯心理崇拜的偶像,是慚愧的名義,其主。
107:9 Such are neither alive nor dead. 107:9這種既不是活著,也沒有人死亡。
107:10 Yet these also, if they repent quickly, shall be able to live; 107:10 ,但這些還,如果他們悔過,很快,應能獨立生活;
107:11 but if they repent not, they are delivered over already to the women who deprive them of their life. 107:11 ,但如果他們不思悔改,他們作了以上已經向婦女剝奪了他們的生活質量。

108:1 `And from the fifth mountain, which had green grass and was rugged, they that believed are such as these; 108:1 ` ,從第五山區,其中有綠草和堅固,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
108:2 they are faithful, but slow to learn and stubborn and self-pleasers, desiring to know all things, and yet they know nothing at all. 108:2 ,他們忠實,但速度緩慢,以學習和固執和自我pleasers ,渴望了解一切事物,但他們知道,什麼都沒有。
108:3 By reason of this their stubbornness, understanding stood aloof from them, and a foolish senselessness entered into them; 108:3 ,因此,他們固執人,理解人站在超然,從他們,一個愚蠢的愚蠢進入;
108:4 and they praise themselves as having understanding, and they desire to be self-appointed teachers, senseless though they are. 108:4 ,並稱讚他們本身具有的認識,他們渴望自我任命,教師,無意義的,雖然他們的影響。
108:5 Owing then to this pride of heart many, while they exalted themselves, have been made empty; 108:5由於當時這個驕傲的心許多,而他們自己崇高的,都已經空;
108:6 for a mighty demon is stubbornness and vain confidence. 108:6 ,為浩浩蕩盪的惡魔,是固執和徒勞的信心。
108:7 Of these then many were cast away, but some repented and believed, and submitted themselves to those that had understanding, having learnt their own senselessness. 108:7的這些當時許多人丟掉的,但有些懺悔,並相信,並提交了自己那些已了解,當我了解到他們自己的愚蠢。
108:8 Yea, and to the rest that belong to this class repentance is offered; 108:8推倒,並以其餘屬於這個階層的懺悔是提供;
108:9 for they did not become wicked, but rather foolish and without understanding. 108:9 ,因為他們沒有成為邪惡的,而是愚蠢和不理解。
108:10 If these then shall repent, they shall live unto God; 108:10 ,如果這些然後應思悔改,他們將生活所不欲,上帝;
108:11 but if they repent not, they shall have their abode with the women who work evil against them. 108:11 ,但如果他們不思悔改,他們也應享有其居留權與婦女工作的人的邪惡對付他們。

109:1 `But they that believed from the sixth mountain, which had clefts great and small, and in the clefts herbage withered, are such as these; 109:1 ` ,但他們表示相信,從第六山區,其中有裂縫的大和小,而在裂縫牧草乾枯,如這些;
109:2 they that have the small clefts, these are they that have aught against one another, and from their backbitings they are withered in the faith; 109:2 ,他們有小裂縫,這些都是他們已經聽取任何反對彼此,並從他們的backbitings他們是乾枯在信仰;
109:3 but many of these repented. 109:3 ,但許多這些悔悟。
109:4 Yea, and the rest shall repent, when they hear my commandments; 109:4推倒,其餘部分應思悔改,當他們聽我的誡命;
109:5 for their backbitings are but small, and they shall quickly repent. 109:5他們backbitings不過是小,並應盡快悔改者。
109:6 But they that have great clefts, these are persistent in their backbitings and bear grudges, nursing wrath against one another. 109:6 ,但他們認為有很大的裂縫,這些都是執著於自己的backbitings並承擔結怨,護理眾怒,其中一次。
109:7 These then were thrown right away from the tower and rejected from its building. 109:7這些,然後被扔馬上從塔和拒絕從自身建設。
109:8 Such persons therefore shall with difficulty live. 109:8這種人,因此應與難活。
109:9 If God and our Lord, Who ruleth over all things and hath the authority over all His creation, beareth no grudge against them that confess their sins, but is propitiated, 109:9如果上帝和我們的主,誰ruleth一切事物和祂所管理局超過他的所有創作, beareth沒有心存芥蒂,對他們交代自己的罪孽,而且是propitiated ,
109:10 doth man, who is mortal and full of sins, bear a grudge against man, as though he were able to destroy or save him? 109:10 doth男子,他們是凡人,充滿罪孽,承擔心存芥蒂,對男子,因為他雖然能摧毀或救他?
109:11 I say unto you-I, the angel of repentance unto as many as hold this heresy, put it away from you and repent, and the Lord shall heal your former sins, if ye shall purify yourselves from this demon; 109:11我實實在在地告訴你們-我的天使悔過書不欲多持這種邪說,把它遠離你和悔改表現,並且上帝會治愈你以前的罪孽,如果葉應淨化自己,從這個惡魔;
109:12 but if not, ye shall be delivered unto him to be put to death. 109:12 ,但如果沒有,葉應交付祂可以付諸死刑。

110:1 `And from the seventh mountain, on which was herbage green and smiling, and the whole mountain thriving, 110:1 `和從第七山區,就被牧草綠色和面帶微笑,整個山區蓬勃發展,
110:2 and cattle of every kind and the fowls of heaven were feeding on the herbage on that mountain, and the green herbage, on which they fed, only grew the more luxuriant, they that believed are such as these; 110:2和牛的每樣和禽類的天堂,被餵養對牧草對山區,與綠牧草,使他們有飯吃,僅增長了更加鬱鬱蔥蔥,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
110:3 they were ever simple and guileless and blessed, having nothing against one another, 110:3 ,他們任何時候都簡單guileless和祝福,有什麼相互對抗,
110:4 but rejoicing always in the servants of God, and clothed in the Holy Spirit of these virgins, and having compassion always on every man, and out of their labours they supplied every man's need without reproach and without misgiving. 110:4 ,但大喜日子總是在公務員的神,豐衣足食,在聖靈的這些新婦,並具有同情心,總是對每一個男人,並離開自己的勞動力供應,他們每個人的需要,沒有責備,沒有憂慮。
110:5 The Lord then seeing their simplicity and entire childliness made them to abound in the labours of their hands, and bestowed favour on them in all their doings. 110:5主,然後看到他們的簡單化和整個childliness取得他們俯拾皆是,在勞動的雙手,並賜予贊成,對他們的一切所作所為。
110:6 But I say unto you that are such-I, the angel of repentance-remain to the end such as ye are, and your seed shall never be blotted out. 110:6 ,但我對你們所說的是這樣的-我的天使悔過書,仍到去年底,諸如葉正和你的種子,將來也不會抹殺。
110:7 For the Lord hath put you to the proof, and enrolled you among our number, and your whole seed shall dwell with the Son of God; 110:7為主把你帶到證明,並登記您,我們之間有多少,你的整個種子不得重複與上帝的兒子;
110:8 for of His Spirit did ye receive. 110:8 ,為他的精神卻曄接受。

111:1 `And from the eighth mountain, where were the many springs, and all the creatures of the Lord did drink of the springs, they that believed are such as these; 111:1 `和從第八屆山區,那裡有許多溫泉,及所有的動物,上帝沒有飲泉水,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
111:2 apostles and teachers, who preached unto the whole world, and who taught the word of the Lord in soberness and purity, 111:2使徒和教師,他們所宣揚祂整個世界,他們學會了天主聖言在清醒和純潔性,
111:3 and kept back no part at all for evil desire, but walked always in righteousness and truth, even as also they received the Holy Spirit. 111:3 ,並一直沒有回一部分,在所有邪惡的慾望,但總是走在正義和真理,甚至還可以領取到聖靈。
111:4 Such therefore shall have their entrance with the angels. 111:4 ,如因此應享有其入口與天使。

112:1 `And from the ninth mountain, which was desert, which had [the] reptiles and wild beasts in it which destroy mankind, they that believed are such as these; 112:1 ` ,從第九屆山區,這是乾旱的沙漠裡,其中有[ ]爬行動物和野獸,在這其中,摧毀人類,他們表示,相信這樣的,因為這些;
112:2 they that have the spots are deacons that exercised their office ill, and plundered the livelihood of widows and orphans, and made gain for themselves from the ministrations which they had received to perform. 112:2 ,他們有景點等執事來行使他們的辦公室虐待,並掠奪的生活,孤寡,並作出了增益,為自己從ministrations他們收到了演出。
112:3 If then they abide in the same evil desire, they are dead and there is no hope of life for them; 112:3 ,如果當時他們住在同邪惡的慾望,他們是死是沒有希望的生活;
112:4 but if they turn again and fulfil their ministrations in purity, it shall be possible for them to live. 112:4 ,但如果他們再次轉談,並履行其ministrations在純度時,應盡可能為他們的居住環境。
112:5 But they that are mildewed, these are they that denied and turned not again unto their Lord, but having become barren and desert, because they cleave not unto the servants of God but remain alone, they destroy their own souls. 112:5 ,但他們認為是發霉,他們都是無可否認,並拒絕再不能不欲,其主了,但變得貧瘠,乾旱的沙漠裡,因為他們cleave所不欲的公僕和勤務員,上帝,但仍是獨立運作,破壞了自己的靈魂。
112:6 For as a vine left alone in a hedge, if it meet with neglect, is destroyed and wasted by the weeds, 112:6 ,為作為一個畏縮不單獨留在保值,如果它滿足與疏忽,即會予以銷毀,並浪費了雜草,
112:7 and in time becometh wild and is no longer useful to its owner, so also men of this kind have given themselves up in despair and become useless to their Lord, by growing wild. 112:7 ,並在時間becometh野生不再有用到它的主人,所以也是男人的這種有鑑於自己在絕望中,並成為無用的,以他們的主,由日益盛行。
112:8 To these then repentance cometh, unless they be found to have denied from the heart; 112:8這些,然後悔過書時勢,除非它們被發覺有否認,從心;
112:9 but if a man be found to have denied from the heart, I know not whether it is possible for him to live. 112:9 ,但如果一個男人被發覺有否認,從心,我不知道是否有可能為他的居住環境。
112:10 And this I say not in reference to these days, that a man after denying should receive repentance; 112:10 ,這我這樣說不是在參考這些天,即一名男子後,否認應該得到悔罪;
112:11 for it is impossible for him to be saved who shall now deny his Lord; 112:11 ,這是不可能的,他才能得救,他們現在否認自己的主;
112:12 but for those who denied Him long ago repentance seemeth to be possible. 112:12但對於那些不讓他不久前悔罪seemeth才有可能。
112:13 If a man therefore will repent, let him do so speedily before the tower is completed; 112:13 ,如果一個人,所以將有悔改表現,讓他這樣做之前,迅速鐘樓落成;
112:14 but if not, he shall he destroyed by the women and put to death. 112:14 ,但如果沒有,他會摧毀他,由婦女提出了死刑。
112:15 And the stunted, these are the treacherous and backbiters; 112:15和發育遲緩,這些都是奸詐和backbiters ;
112:16 and the wild beasts which thou sawest on the mountain are these. 112:16和野獸對這些人sawest對山區,是這些。
112:17 For as wild beasts with their venom poison and kill a man, so also do the words of such men poison and kill a man. 112:17因為野生獸,其毒液毒性和殺死一名男子,所以也做的話,這些男子毒害和殺死一名男子。
112:18 These then are broken off short from their faith through the conduct which they have in themselves; 112:18這些,然後是中斷短,從他們的信仰,通過行為,他們都在自己;
112:19 but some of them repented and were saved; 112:19 ,但他們中的一些人的懺悔,並經過搶救;
112:20 and the rest that are of this kind can be saved, if they repent; 112:20和其餘屬於這一類可以挽救,如果他們有悔改表現;
112:21 but if they repent not, they shall meet their death from those women of whose power they are possessed. 112:21 ,但如果他們不思悔改,他們應滿足他們的死,從這些婦女的力量,他們擁有的。

113:1 `And from the tenth mountain, where were trees sheltering certain sheep, they that believed are such as these; 113:1 ` ,從第十屆山區,那裡樹木掩護某些羊,他們說,相信這樣的,因為這些;
113:2 bishops, hospitable persons, who gladly received into their houses at all times the servants of God without hypocrisy. 113:2主教,熱情好客的人,愉快地收到了他們的房子在任何時候的公僕和勤務員,上帝沒有虛偽。
113:3 [These bishops] at all times without ceasing sheltered the needy and the widows in their ministration and conducted themselves in purity at all times. 113:3 [這些主教]在任何時候都沒有停止庇護貧苦大眾和寡婦在其ministration並進行了自己的純潔性,在任何時候。
113:4 These [all] then shall be sheltered by the Lord for ever. 113:4這些[全部] ,然後應庇護神。
113:5 They therefore that have done these things are glorious in the sight of God, and their place is even now with the angels, if they shall continue unto the end serving the Lord. 113:5因此,他們認為,做這些事情是光榮的,在神看,在其位,是即使現在與天使,如果他們將繼續祂月底在職主。

114:1 `And from the eleventh mountain, where were trees full of fruit, decked with divers kinds of fruits, they that believed are such as these; 114:1 ` ,從第十一屆山區,那裡樹木充滿水果,掛滿了與潛水員種水果,他們說,相信這樣的,因為這些;
114:2 they that suffered for the Name [of the Son of God], who also suffered readily with their whole heart, and yielded up their lives.' 114:2 ,他們說,受苦受難的名字[上帝的兒子,誰也因此蒙受了隨時與整個心,並取得了他們的生命。
114:3 `Wherefore then, Sir,' say I, `have all the trees fruits, but some of their fruits are more beautiful than others?' 114:3 `哪,然後,主席先生, '說我, '有所有樹木水果,但他們的一些成果,是更美麗的比別人嗎?
114:4 `Listen,' saith he; 114:4 `聽著, '仰他;
114:5 `all as many as ever suffered for the Name's sake are glorious in the sight of God, 114:5 `都多達遭受有史以來為名稱的,為了光榮,在神看,
114:6 and the sins of all these were taken away, because they suffered for the name of the Son of God. 114:6和捷聯慣導系統的所有這些都被拿走了,因為他們遭受的名義,上帝的兒子。
114:7 Now hear why their fruits are various, and some surpassing others. 114:7 ,現在聽到的,為什麼他們的成果是多方面的,有的超越別人。
114:8 As many,' saith he, `as were tortured and denied not, when brought before the magistracy, but suffered readily, these are the more glorious in the sight of the Lord; 114:8正如很多, '仰他, `作為被折磨,並沒有否認,當提交給裁判法院提堂,但遭到容易,這是更加輝煌的,在看不到上帝;
114:9 their fruit is that which surpasseth. 114:9他們的水果是其中surpasseth 。
114:10 But as many as became cowards, and were lost in uncertainty, 114:10但多達成了懦夫,而被淹沒在不確定性,
114:11 and considered in their hearts whether they should deny or confess, 114:11 ,並考慮在他們心中是否應該否認或承認,
114:12 and yet suffered, their fruits are less, because this design entered into their heart for this design is evil, that a servant should deny his own lord. 114:12 ,但遭受了,他們的成果較少,因為這種設計進入了他們的心,為這個設計是邪惡的,告訴你們,僕人應該否認他自己的上帝。
114:13 See to it, therefore, ye who entertain this idea, lest this design remain in your hearts, and ye die unto God. 114:13看到它,因此,業者決定受理了這一思想,不要讓這一設計留在你的心中,你們死祂神。
114:14 But ye that suffer for the Name's sake ought to glorify God, because God deemed you worthy that ye should bear this name, and that all your sins should be healed. 114:14 ,但葉說,為受害的名義而應該去讚美上帝,因為上帝當作你值得你們應該承擔這個名字,並要求所有你的罪孽應該癒合。
114:15 Reckon yourselves blessed therefore; 114:15估計你們是有福了,因此;
114:16 yea, rather think that ye have done a great work, if any of you shall suffer for God's sake. 114:16推倒的,而不是認為你們做了很多工作,如果沒有你們受苦,為上帝的緣故。
114:17 The Lord bestoweth life upon you, and ye perceive it not; 114:17耶和華bestoweth生活後,你,你們的看法,不是;
114:18 for your sins weighed you down, and if ye had not suffered for the Name [of the Lord], ye had died unto God by reason of your sins. 114:18為你的罪孽,你權衡下來,如果你們沒有遭受姓名[主] ,葉已經死亡所不欲,上帝因你的罪惡。
114:19 These things I say unto you that waver as touching denial and confession. 114:19 ,這些東西我實實在在地告訴你,動搖,因為感人的否定和懺悔。
114:20 Confess that ye have the Lord, last denying Him ye be delivered into prison. 114:20坦白地說,葉有主,最後拒絕讓他曄交付關進監獄。
114:21 If the Gentiles punish their slaves, if any one deny his lord, what think ye the Lord will do unto you, He Who hath the authority over all things? 114:21 ,如果外邦人的懲罰是自己的奴隸,如果任何一個否認自己的主啊,有什麼覺得葉主,勿施於你,他的人擠擁的權力超過所有的東西?
114:22 Away with these designs from your hearts, that ye may live for ever unto God. 114:22破除這些設計從你的心,叫你們可以活,為有史以來所不欲,上帝。

115:1 `And from the twelfth mountain, which was white, they that believed are such as these; 115:1 ` ,從第十二屆山區,這是白人,他們說,相信這樣的,因為這些;
115:2 they are as very babes, into whose heart no guile entereth, neither learnt they what wickedness is, but they remained as babes for ever. 115:2 ,他們都是非常美女,到心無桂entereth ,既不知道他們什麼是邪惡,但他們仍然是作為美女永遠。
115:3 Such as these then dwell without doubt in the kingdom of God, because they defiled the commandments of God in nothing, but continued as babes all the days of their life in the same mind. 115:3諸如這些,然後糾纏,沒有疑問,在神的國度,因為他們玷污了誡命,上帝無關,但還需要繼續作為美女的歲月都生活在同一個心。
115:4 As many of you therefore as shall so continue,' saith he, `and shall be as infants not having guile, shall be more glorious [even] than all them that have been mentioned before; 115:4 ,因為你們中許多人因此應如此繼續下去, '仰他, ` ,並應作為嬰幼兒沒有桂,應更加輝煌[即使]高於一切,他們已經提過;
115:5 for all infants are glorious in the sight of God, and stand first in His sight. 115:5 ,為所有的嬰兒都是光榮的,在神看,並主張首先在他的視線。
115:6 Blessed then are ye, as many as have put away wickedness from you, and have clothed yourselves in guilelessness: 115:6有福了,然後是葉,因為許多作為都放在遠離邪惡,從你,並已豐衣足食,為自己在guilelessness :

116:1 After he had finished the parables of the mountains, I say unto him, 116:1後,他已完成了parables的山上,我實實在在地告訴他,
116:2 `Sir, now explain to me concerning the stones that were taken from the from the tower, and concerning the round (stones) which were placed in the building, and concerning those that were still round.' 116:2 `主席先生,現在向我解釋有關的石塊都是從從大樓及有關回合(石頭) ,其中被安置在建築物,並涉及那些仍在輪。

117:1 Hear,' saith he, `likewise concerning all these things. 117:1聽到的, '仰他, `同樣涉及所有這些東西。
117:2 The stones which were taken from the plain and placed in the building of the tower in the room of those that were rejected, are the roots of this white mountain. 117:2的石頭,其中從平原和放置在隊伍建設中的大樓,在房間內的那些被拒絕,是根本白色的山峰。
117:3 When then they that believed from this mountain were all found guileless, the lord of the tower ordered these from the roots of this mountain to be put into the building of the tower. 117:3時,則表示,他們相信從這個山區均發現guileless ,主塔下令這些,要從源頭抓起,本山將其付諸建設的綜合大樓。
117:4 For He knew that if these stones should go to the building [of the tower], they would remain bright and not one of then would turn black. 117:4 ,因為他知道,如果這些石頭應該去建設[塔] ,它們仍將是光明的,並沒有一個,然後會變成黑色。
117:5 But if he had added (stones) from the other mountains, he would have been obliged to visit that tower again, and to purify it. 117:5 ,但如果他當時補充說: (石頭) ,從其他山,他將不得不訪問時說,塔一遍,以淨化。
117:6 Now all these have been found white, who have believed and who shall believe; 117:6 ,現在所有這些被發現有白,他們相信,他們會相信;
117:7 for they are of the same kind. 117:7 ,因為他們都是同一類。
117:8 Blessed is this kind, for it is innocent! 117:8有福了,是這個樣,因為它是無辜的! Hear now likewise concerning those round and bright stones.聽到現在同樣對於那些一輪明亮的寶石。
117:9 All these are from this white mountain. 117:9 ,這些都是從這個白色的山峰。
117:10 Now hear wherefore they have been found round. 117:10 ,現在聽到哪,他們已發現輪。
117:11 Their riches have darkened and obscured them a little from the truth, yet they never departed from God, nor did any evil word proceed from their mouth, but all equity and virtue which comes from the truth. 117:11以自己的財富已漆黑與混淆他們稍稍偏離事實,但他們從來沒有背離上帝,也沒有任何邪惡的字眼,從他們的口中,但全部股權和以德治國,這是不符合事實的。
117:12 When therefore the Lord perceived their mind, that they could favour the truth, *and likewise remain good, 117:12時,因此主知覺其回心轉意,他們可以贊成實話, *和同樣仍然良好,
117:13 He commanded their possessions to be cut from off them, yet not to be taken away altogether, so that they might be able to do some good with that which hath been left to them, and might live unto God, for that they come of a good kind. 117:13他的指揮下,他們的財物被削減,從起飛,但不能被剝奪的加起來,使他們或許還可以做一些好的那些祂所留下了他們,並有可能活祂上帝,為他們來的一個很好的實物。
117:14 So therefore they have been cut away a little, and placed in the building of this tower. 117:14因此,他們已經削減遠離一點,並置於建設這個塔。

118:1 `But the other (stones), which have remained round and have not been fitted into the building, because they have not yet received the seal, have been replaced in their own position, for they were found very round. 118:1 `但其他(石頭) ,它仍然回合,並沒有被納入團的建設,因為他們還沒有接到有關的印章,被取代後,在其本身的地位,因為他們被發現很全面。
118:2 For this world and the vanities of their possessions must be cut from off them, and then they will fit into the kingdom of God. 118:2 ,為這個世界和面盆的,他們的財物必須削減,從起飛,然後他們將融入神的國度。
118:3 For it is necessary that they should enter into the kingdom of God; 118:3 ,這是必要的,他們要進入神的國度;
118:4 because the Lord hath blessed this innocent kind. 118:4 ,因為主祝福這個無辜樣。
118:5 Of this kind then not one shall perish. 118:5這一類則沒有一之者亡。
118:6 Yea, even though any one of them being tempted by the most wicked devil have committed any fault, he shall return speedily unto his Lord. 118:6 ,記得,即使其中一人被誘惑,最邪惡的魔鬼犯下任何過錯,他應迅速返回祂他的主。
118:7 Blessed I pronounce you all to be-I, the angel of repentance-whoever of you are guileless as infants, because your part is good and honourable in the sight of God. 118:7有福i宣判,大家要一,天使悔過書-誰的,你是guileless嬰兒,因為你的一部分,是一件好事,這位在神看。
118:8 Moreover I bid all of you, whoever have received this seal, keep guilelessness, and bear to grudge, and continue not in your wickedness nor in the memory of the offences of bitterness; 118:8不僅如此,我申辦所有的人,你們誰收到了這個印章,保持guilelessness ,並負有向恩怨,並繼續在沒有你的邪惡,也沒有在記憶中的罪行的苦味;
118:9 but become of one spirit, and heal these evil clefts and take them away from among you, that the owner of the flocks may rejoice concerning them. 118:9 ,但成為一個精神,為醫治這些邪惡的裂縫,並採取他們遠離你們中間,即業主的雞群可能為此歡呼有關。
118:10 For he will rejoice, if he find all things whole. 118:10他將欣喜,如果他找到所有事物的整體。
118:11 But if he find any part of the flock scattered, woe unto the shepherds. 118:11 ,但如果他找不到任何部分的羊群分散,妄為牧羊人。
118:12 For if the shepherds themselves shall have been found scattered, how will they answer for the flocks? 118:12 ,如果牧羊人本身應已發現零星的,他們將如何作答,為成群?
118:13 Will they say that they were harassed by the flock? 118:13將他們說,他們受到騷擾是由羊群?
118:14 No credence will be given them. 118:14沒有Credence將給予他們。
118:15 For it is an incredible thing that a shepherd should be injured by his flock; 118:15 ,這是一個不可思議的事,一個牧羊人,要傷他的羊群;
118:16 and he will be punished the more because of his falsehood. 118:16他將受到懲罰,更是因為他的虛偽性。
118:17 And I am the shepherd, and it behoveth me most strongly to render an account for you. 118:17和我的牧人,它behoveth我最強烈地使一個帳號給你。

119:1 `Amend yourselves therefore, while the tower is still in course of building. 119:1 `修正自己,因此,儘管大樓尚在建設過程中。
119:2 The Lord dwelleth in men that love peace; 119:2耶和華永遠的男士,熱愛和平;
119:3 for to Him peace is dear; 119:3 ,為他的和平是親愛;
119:4 but from the contentious and them that are given up to wickedness He keepeth afar off. 119:4但是,從有爭議和他們說,是放棄了,以他的邪惡keepeth遠方的小康。
119:5 Restore therefore to Him your spirit whole as ye received it. 119:5恢復,因此對他的精神,你的整個葉收到它。
119:6 For suppose thou hast given to a fuller a new garment whole, and desirest to receive it back again whole, but the fuller give it back to thee torn, wilt thou receive it thus? 119:6為假設祢給予更全面的一個新的服裝整體, desirest接收它重新回到整體,但更充分地給它回到你的蹂躪,祢接受,因此?
119:7 Wilt thou not at once blaze out and attack him with reproaches, saying; 119:7祢不會立即灌救,並攻擊他,責備他說;
119:8 "The garment which I gave thee was whole; 119:8 "服裝,我給你的,是以偏概全;
119:9 wherefore hast thou rent it and made it useless? 119:9哪,祢租金,並提出它是無用的?
119:10 See, by reason of the rent, which thou hast made in it, it cannot be of use." 119:10見,因她的租金,其中祢取得它,它不能使用" 。
119:11 Wilt thou not then say all this to a fuller even about a rent which he has made in thy garment? 119:11祢不會那麼說,所有這一切,以更全面的,甚至租金,他作出了在你的服裝嗎?
119:12 If therefore thou art thus vexed in the matter of thy garment, and complainest because thou receivest it not back whole, 119:12 ,如果因此祢因此,在這個棘手的問題上你的服裝, complainest因為你receivest不回整,
119:13 what thinkest thou the Lord will do to thee, He, Who gave thee the spirit whole, and thou hast made it absolutely useless, so that it cannot be of any use at all to its Lord? 119:13你們以為上帝會帶給你的,他,誰給了你的精神,整體而言,與祢了,絕對沒有用處,所以它不能被任何使用於各為其主嗎?
119:14 For its use began to be useless, when it was corrupted by thee. 119:14供其使用開始被無用的,當它被腐蝕了你。
119:15 Will not therefore the Lord of this spirit for this thy deed punish [thee with death]? 119:15不會因此主的這種精神,為這個祢契約懲罰[祢犯被判死刑] ?
119:16 "Certainly,' I said, `all those, whomsoever He shall find continuing to bear malice, He will punish.' 119:16 "當然, '我說, '所有這些,是何人,他會發現,繼續承擔惡意,他將懲治。
119:17 `Trample not,' said he, `upon His mercy, but rather glorify Him, because He is so long-suffering with your sins, and is not like unto you. 119:17 `踐踏沒有, '他說, `後,他的憐憫,而是讚美他,因為他是使長期遭受苦難與你的罪孽,是不是像你們。
119:18 Practise then repentance which is expedient for you. 119:18練習,然後悔改,這是權宜之計,為你。

120:1 `All these things which are written above I, the shepherd, the angel of repentance, have declared and spoken to the servants of God. 120:1 `所有這些東西都是上面寫我,牧羊人,天使悔過書,已宣布和口語向公務員的上帝。
120:2 If then ye shall believe and hear my words, and walk in them, and amend your ways, ye shall be able to live. 120:2 ,如果當時葉應相信並聽我的話,是走在他們的,並修改你的生活方式,葉應能獨立生活。
120:3 But if ye continue in wickedness and in bearing malice, no one of this kind shall live unto God. 120:3 ,但如果你們繼續在說著什麼,並在軸承,惡有惡報,沒有人對這種將生活所不欲,上帝。
120:4 All things which were to be spoken by me have (now) been spoken to you.' 120:4所有的東西被說的我都(現)被電擊了你。
120:5 The shepherd said to me, `Hast thou asked me all thy questions?' 120:5牧羊人對我說, `祢問我,你的所有問題嗎?
120:6 And I said, `Yes, Sir.' 120:6 ,我說, '是的,主席先生。
120:7 `Why then hast thou not enquired of me concerning the shape of the stones placed in the building, in that we filled up their shapes?' 120:7 `為什麼祢不詢問我的有關形狀的石塊放置在建設,在這方面我們填補了它們的形狀嗎?
120:8 And I said, `I forgot, Sir.' 120:8 ,我說, '我忘記了,主席先生。
120:9 `Listen now,' said he, `concerning them. 120:9 `聽,現在'他說, `有關。
120:10 These are they that have heard my commandments now, and have practised repentance with their whole heart. 120:10 ,這些都是他們說,聽到我的誡命,並已實行了悔過書,與他們的整個心。
120:11 So when the Lord saw that their repentance was good and pure, and that they could continue therein, he ordered their former sins to be blotted out. 120:11 ,所以當上帝看到自己的悔過書是好的和純潔性,他們能夠繼續,因此,他下令其前罪孽被抹殺。
120:12 These shapes then were their former sins, and they have been chiseled away that they might not appear. 120:12這些形狀,然後被其前任的罪孽,並已經鑿離他們可能不會出現。

121:1 PARABLE THE TENTH. 121:1 寓言第十。
121:2 After I had written out this book completely, the angel who had delivered me to the shepherd came to the house where I was, and sat upon a couch, and the shepherd stood at his right hand. 121:2後,我寫了出來,這本書完全,天使曾發表了我牧羊人來到眾議院我在那裡,坐在一個沙發上,和牧羊人站在他的右手。
121:3 Then he called me, and spake thus unto me; 121:3 ,然後他打電話給我,並spake因此祂箱;
121:4 `I delivered thee,' said he, `and thy house to this shepherd, that thou mightest be protected by him.' 121:4 `我在這裡發表你的, '他說, `和你的家,這牧羊人,你會得到保護他。
121:5 `True, Sir,' I said. 121:5 `屬實,主席先生, '我說。
121:6 `If therefore,'said he, `thou desirest to be protected from all annoyance and all cruelty, 121:6 `如果因此, '他說, '你desirest受保護免遭一切煩惱和所有殘暴,
121:7 to have also success in every good work and word, and all the power of righteousness, walk in his commandments, which I have given thee, and thou shalt be able to get the mastery over all wickedness. 121:7至也取得了前所未有的成功好工作,並言行一致,一切權力是正義的,走在他的誡命,是我給你,你可以得到掌握一切罪惡。
121:8 For if thou keep his commandments, all evil desire and the sweetness of this world shall be subject unto thee; 121:8 ,因為如果你讓他的誡命,一切邪惡的慾望和甜頭,這世界應受祢;
121:9 moreover success shall attend thee in every good undertaking. 121:9 ,而且成功的,須列席了你的一切善舉。
121:10 Embrace his gravity and self-restraint, and tell it out unto all men that he is held in great honour and dignity with the Lord, and is a ruler of great authority, and powerful in his office. 121:10擁抱他的重力和自我克制,並告訴它不欲,所有男人說,他是在巨大的榮譽和尊嚴與耶和華,是一個統治者的巨大權威和強大的在他的辦公室。
121:11 To him alone in the whole world hath authority over repentance been assigned. 121:11他說,僅在整個世界祂所權力悔罪被指派。
121:12 Seemeth he to thee to be powerful? 121:12 seemeth他給你送上了強大?
121:13 Yet ye despise the gravity and moderation which he useth towards you. 121:13 ,但葉蔑視重力和節制,他useth轉向你。

122:1 I say unto him; 122:1我這樣說,祂;
122:2 `Ask him, Sir, himself, whether from the time that he hath been in my house, I have done ought out of order, whereby I have offended him.' 122:2 `問他,主席先生本人,無論是從時間,他祂所一直在我家,我已做了應該走出秩序,讓我有得罪他。
122:3 `I myself know,' said he, `that thou hast done nothing out of order, nor art about to do so. 122:3 `我自己也知道, '他說, `這祢做過任何不合規程,也沒有藝術的準備這樣做。
122:4 And so I speak these things unto thee, that thou mayest persevere. 122:4 ,所以,我講這些事情祢,那你mayest持之以恆。
122:5 For he hath given a good account of thee unto me. 122:5 ,因為他付給了一個很好的交代你所不欲,我。
122:6 Thou therefore shalt speak these words to others, that they too who have practised or shall practise repentance may be of the same mind as thou art; 122:6你,所以本當講這些話對其他人,他們也曾經實行或不得從事悔過書可能會有相同的態度,祢;
122:7 and he may give a good report of then to me, and I unto the Lord.' 122:7 ,他可能讓一個好的報告,然後給我,我轉身复主。
122:8 `I too, Sir,' I say, `declare to every man the mighty works of the Lord; 122:8 `我也,主席先生, '我說, '申報,以每一個男人浩蕩工程的主;
122:9 for I hope that all who have sinned in the past, if they hear these things, will gladly repent and recover life.' 122:9 ,因為我希望所有的人去犯罪,在過去,如果他們聽到這些事情,是很樂意悔過,並收回生活。
122:10 `Continue therefore,' said he, `in this ministry, and complete it unto the end. 122:10 `繼續,因此, '他說, `在這個部,並完成它祂到底。
122:11 For whosoever fulfil his commandments shall have life; 122:11為凡履行他的命令的人,必將有生命;
122:12 yea such a man (shall have) great honour with the Lord. 122:12 ,記得這樣一個人(有)非常榮幸地與主同行。
122:13 But whosoever keep not his commandments, fly from their life, and oppose him, and follow not his commandments, but deliver themselves over to death; 122:13 ,但無論誰保持不是他的誡命,蒼蠅從他們的生活,反對他,並跟隨他的誡命,但交付自己過死刑;
122:14 and each one becometh guilty of his own blood. 122:14和每一個becometh犯了自己的血。
122:15 But I bid thee obey these commandments, and thou shalt have a remedy for thy sins. 122:15 ,但我申辦祢服從這些誡命,你有一個補救措施,你的罪孽。

123:1 `Moreover, I have sent these virgins unto thee, that they may dwell with thee; 123:1 `此外,我已向這些新婦祢,他們可以談論祢;
123:2 for I have seen that they are friendly towards thee. 123:2 ,因為我已經看到,他們是友好對祢。
123:3 Thou hast them therefore as helpers, that thou mayest be the better able to keep his commandments; 123:3祢因此,他們作為助理,你mayest成為能夠更好地保住自己的誡命;
123:4 for it is impossible that these commandments be kept without the help of these virgins. 123:4 ,這是不可能的,這些誡命保存而不借助這些處男。
123:5 I see too that they are glad to be with thee. 123:5我看見過,他們很高興能與你。
123:6 But I will charge them that they depart not at all from thy house. 123:6 ,但我會向他們收取他們離開並不是所有從你的房子。
123:7 Only do thou purify thy house; 123:7只有這樣做你淨化你的房子;
123:8 for in a clean house they will gladly dwell. 123:8 ,為在一個整潔的內務,他們會很樂意談。
123:9 For they are clean and chaste and industrious, and all have favour in the sight of the Lord. 123:9 ,因為他們是乾淨和純潔,並勤奮不懈,並都贊成在視線上主。
123:10 If, therefore, they shall find thy house pure, they will continue with thee; 123:10 ,如果,所以,他們會發現你的房子純潔,他們將繼續與祢;
123:11 but if the slightest pollution arise, they will depart from thy house at once. 123:11 ,但如果有絲毫的污染產生,他們將離開你的房子售磬。
123:12 For these virgins love not pollution in any form.' 123:12為這些新婦愛情沒有污染的任何形式。
123:13 I say unto him, `I hope, Sir, that I shall please them, so that they may gladly dwell in my house for ever; 123:13我實實在在地告訴他, '我希望主席先生,我會請他們,讓他們愉快地住在我家,永遠;
123:14 and just as he to whom thou didst deliver me maketh no complaint against me, so they likewise shall make no complaint.' 123:14 ,正如他向誰祢救我maketh沒有投訴,逆我者,所以他們也應作出任何投訴。
123:15 He saith unto the shepherd, `I perceive,' saith he, `that he wishes to live as the servant of God, and that he will keep these commandments, and will place these virgins in a clean habitation.' 123:15他仰所不欲,牧羊人, `據我的看法, '仰他, ` ,他表示願意到現場為僕人的神,並且說,他將繼續這些誡命,並會發生這些新婦在清潔的居住環境。
123:16 With these words he again delivered me over to the shepherd, and called the virgins, and said to them; 123:16他用這句話再次救我給牧羊人,並稱為處女,對他們說;
123:17 `Inasmuch as I see that ye are glad to dwell in this man's house, I commend to you him and his house, that ye depart not at all from his house.' 123:17 ` ,因為我看到你們很高興住在這名男子的家,我謹向你對他和他的房子,而你們離開不是這回事,從他的房子。
123:18 But they heard these words gladly. 123:18 ,但他們聽到這句話很高興。

124:1 He said then to me, `Quit you like a man in this ministry; 124:1他說,當時對我來說,戒菸`你像男人在這個部;
124:2 declare to every man the mighty works of the Lord, and thou shalt have favour in this ministry. 124:2申報,以每一個男人浩蕩工程的主,你都贊成在該部。
124:3 Whosoever therefore shall walk in these commandments, shall live and be happy in his life; 124:3凡,因此,應走在這些誡命,將生活,並很樂意在他的生命;
124:4 but whosoever shall neglect them, shall not live, and shall be unhappy in his life. 124:4 ,但無論誰應忽略他們,不得居住,並應不開心,在他的生命。
124:5 Charge all men who are able to do right, that they cease not to practise good works; 124:5負責所有的男人都能夠做到正確的,他們不會停止執業的優秀作品;
124:6 for it is useful for them. 124:6 ,這是有益的。
124:7 I say moreover that every man ought to be rescued from misfortune; 124:7我說,而且每個人必須從獲救的不幸;
124:8 for he that hath need, and suffereth misfortune in his daily life, is in great torment and want. 124:8 ,因為他說,祂所需要,並suffereth不幸,在他的日常生活中,是非常煎熬和希望。
124:9 Whosoever therefore rescueth from penury a life of this kind, 124:9凡rescueth因此,從貧困的生活,這樣,
124:10 winneth great joy for himself For he who is harassed by misfortune of this sort is afflicted and tortured with equal torment as one who is in chains. 124:10 winneth的巨大喜悅,為自己,因為他的人是騷擾的不幸,這種類型的困擾和折磨與煎熬,平等作為一個人,是在鏈路。
124:11 For many men on account of calamities of this kind, because they can bear them no longer, lay violent hands on themselves. 124:11 ,為許多男人對帳戶的災難,這一類的,因為他們可以承受的,他們已不再,打好暴力的手放在自己。
124:12 He then who knows the calamity of a man of this kind and rescueth him not, committeth great sin, and becometh guilty of the man's blood. 124:12他的話,誰知道災難的一名男子的這種和rescueth他不要, committeth大單,並becometh有罪的人的血液。
124:13 Do therefore good works, whoever of you have received (benefits) from the Lord, lest, while ye delay to do them, the building of the tower be completed. 124:13做的,所以好的作品,誰的,你收到(福利) ,從主,否則,而葉拖延做,建塔落成。
124:14 For it is on your account that the work of the building has been interrupted. 124:14 ,這是對您的帳戶,這項工作的建設已經中斷。
124:15 Unless then ye hasten to do right, the tower will be completed, and ye shut out. 124:15 ,除非當時葉趕緊做正確的,該塔將於何時完成,以及葉逐出家門。 When then he had finished speaking with me, he rose from the couch and departed, taking with him the shepherd and the virgins.那麼,當他發言完畢,與我來說,他從沙發上離開,同時考慮與他牧羊人和處女。 He said however unto me, that he would send the shepherd and the virgins back again to my house.他說,但祂對我說,他將派遣牧羊人和處女再次回到我的房子。

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