Ark of the Covenant約櫃

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In the Bible, the ark of the covenant was a portable wooden chest surmounted by two golden cherubim.在聖經,約櫃是一個便攜式木製胸部克服兩個黃金基路伯。 According to Exod.據Exod 。 25: 10-22 it was fashioned by the Israelites at God's command to contain the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. 25日: 10月22日是傳統的以色列人在上帝的命令,以遏制這兩個石碑的十誡。 They carried it before their army into battle as a symbol of the divine presence and as a military rallying point.這些飛機前他們的軍隊投入戰鬥象徵著神聖的存在和作為一個軍事的著力點。 During the period of the Judges it was kept at Shiloh; later King David brought it to Jerusalem, where it eventually resided in the inner sanctuary of the temple.在此期間,法官是保持在希洛;後來大衛王把它耶路撒冷,在那裡最終居住在避難所內的廟宇。 In Jewish synagogues the Ark (aron), placed in the wall facing Jerusalem, is the receptacle that contains the Torah scrolls.在猶太會堂方舟(阿龍) ,放置在面臨耶路撒冷隔離牆,是貯包含聖經捲軸。

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Ark of the Covenant約櫃

General Information 一般信息

The Ark of the Covenant, in Judaism, is a sacred repository. Mentioned frequently in the Bible, the ark is described in Exodus 25 as a chest of acacia wood.在約櫃,在猶太教,是一項神聖的庫。多次在聖經中的諾亞方舟中所描述出25個作為一個胸部的相思樹木材。 It was known also as the Ark of the Law, the Ark of the Testimony, or the Ark of God.有人也稱為方舟的法,方舟的證詞,或上帝的方舟。 The chest was 2.5 cubits (3 ft 9 in) in length and 1.5 cubits (2 ft 3 in) in breadth and height; it could be carried by poles at the long sides.胸部為2.5肘(三英尺9日)的長度和1.5肘( 2英尺3中)在廣度和高度,它可以進行兩極由長期在雙方。 The ark lay in the Holy of Holies, the sacrosanct enclosure of the tabernacle and of the Temple in Jerusalem.方舟在於羅馬的至聖,神聖外殼的窩棚和聖殿在耶路撒冷。

The chest contained, according to various sources, Aaron's rod, a pot of manna, and the stone tablets of the Decalogue (see Ten Commandments).所載的胸部,根據各種來源,阿倫的棒,一壺甘露,以及石碑的十誡(見十誡) 。 In the synagogues today, the term ark designates the repository for the scrolls of the Law used in the sacred service.在猶太教堂的今天,長期方舟指定存放的春聯法中使用的神聖服務。

Ark of the Covenant約櫃

Advanced Information 先進的信息

The sacred ark is designated by a different Hebrew word, 'aron', which is the common name for a chest or coffer used for any purpose (Gen. 50:26; 2 Kings 12:9, 10).神聖方舟指定一個不同的希伯來字, '阿龍' ,這是共同的名稱,胸部或圍堰用於任何目的(創50:26 ;列王紀下12時09分, 10 ) 。 It is distinguished from all others by such titles as the "ark of God" (1 Sam. 3:3), "ark of the covenant" (Josh. 3:6; Heb. 9:4), "ark of the testimony" (Ex. 25: 22).它區別於其他所有此類圖書的“上帝的方舟” ( 1薩姆。 3點03 ) , “約櫃” ( Josh. 3點06分;河北。 9點04分) , “方舟的證詞“ (出25 : 22 ) 。 It was made of acacia or shittim wood, a cubit and a half broad and high and two cubits long, and covered all over with the purest gold.有人提出的相思樹或shittim木材,一個肘半的廣泛和高度和長遠兩個肘,並涵蓋所有的純淨金牌。 Its upper surface or lid, the mercy-seat, was surrounded with a rim of gold; and on each of the two sides were two gold rings, in which were placed two gold-covered poles by which the ark could be carried (Num. 7:9; 10:21; 4:5, 19, 20; 1 Kings 8:3, 6).它的上表面或蓋子,任憑座位,被包圍的邊緣金;和,雙方各兩個金戒指,其中被置於兩金覆蓋的兩極,其中方舟可以進行(民數記7點09 ; 10:21 ; 4點05 , 19 , 20 ;列王紀上8時03 , 6 ) 。 Over the ark, at the two extremities, were two cherubim, with their faces turned toward each other (Lev. 16:2; Num. 7:89).在方舟,在這兩個四肢,有兩個基路伯,他們面臨著轉向對方(利未記16點02分;數。 7:89 ) 。 Their outspread wings over the top of the ark formed the throne of God, while the ark itself was his footstool (Ex. 25:10-22; 37:1-9).他們展開了翅膀上方的方舟形成了上帝的寶座,而方舟本身是他的腳凳(出25:10-22 ; 37:1-9 ) 。

The ark was deposited in the "holy of holies," and was so placed that one end of the poles by which it was carried touched the veil which separated the two apartments of the tabernacle (1 Kings 8:8).方舟被存放在“神聖的至聖” ,並放置一個結束的兩極其中進行感動的面紗的這失散兩個公寓的窩棚(列王紀上8點08 ) 。 The two tables of stone which constituted the "testimony" or evidence of God's covenant with the people (Deut. 31:26), the "pot of manna" (Ex. 16: 33), and "Aaron's rod that budded" (Num. 17:10), were laid up in the ark (Heb. 9:4).這兩個表的石頭構成的“證詞”或證據上帝的盟約與人民(申命記31:26 ) ,在“甘露盆栽的” (出16 : 33 )和“阿龍的棒的芽” (數。 17:10 ) ,埋設在方舟(希伯來書9點04分) 。 The ark and the sanctuary were "the beauty of Israel" (Lam. 2:1).方舟和庇護是“美麗的以色列” ( Lam. 2:1 ) 。

During the journeys of the Israelites the ark was carried by the priests in advance of the host (Num. 4:5, 6; 10:33-36; Ps. 68:1; 132:8).在旅行的以色列人的方舟是由神父在東道國(民數記四時05分, 6 ; 10:33-36 ;物質。 68:1 ; 132:8 ) 。 It was borne by the priests into the bed of the Jordan, which separated, opening a pathway for the whole of the host to pass over (Josh. 3:15, 16; 4:7, 10, 11, 17, 18).這是由祭司到床上的約旦分開,開闢了途徑對整個主機通過以上( Josh. 3:15 , 16 ; 4點07 , 10 , 11 , 17 , 18 ) 。 It was borne in the procession round Jericho (Josh. 6:4, 6, 8, 11, 12).這是承擔遊行輪傑里科( Josh.六時04分, 6 , 8 , 11 , 12 ) 。 When carried it was always wrapped in the veil, the badgers' skins, and blue cloth, and carefully concealed even from the eyes of the Levites who carried it.當進行總是裹著面紗的獾,皮膚,藍布料,精心隱瞞,甚至從眼中的利誰隨身帶著它。 After the settlement of Israel in Palestine the ark remained in the tabernacle at Gilgal for a season, and was then removed to Shiloh till the time of Eli, between 300 and 400 years (Jer. 7:12), when it was carried into the field of battle so as to secure, as they supposed, victory to the Hebrews, and was taken by the Philistines (1 Sam. 4:3-11), who sent it back after retaining it seven months (1 Sam. 5:7, 8).在解決以色列在巴勒斯坦的方舟留在窩棚在Gilgal一個賽季,然後運到希洛,直到禮時, 300至400年( Jer. 7時12分) ,當進行到戰場,以安全,因為他們假定,勝利的希伯來人,並採取了非利士人( 1薩姆。 4:3-11 ) ,誰發送後保留7個月( 1薩姆。 5時07分8 ) 。

It remained then at Kirjath-jearim (7:1,2) till the time of David (twenty years), who wished to remove it to Jerusalem; but the proper mode of removing it having been neglected, Uzzah was smitten with death for putting "forth his hand to the ark of God," and in consequence of this it was left in the house of Obed - edom in Gath - rimmon for three months (2 Sam. 6:1-11), at the end of which time David removed it in a grand procession to Jerusalem, where it was kept till a place was prepared for it (12-19).它仍然然後在Kirjath - jearim ( 7:1,2 ) ,直到時間的大衛(二十年) ,誰願意將其刪除耶路撒冷;而且適當的方式消除它是否有被忽視, Uzzah是重拳把死亡“他的手來回的方舟上帝” ,在這個後果是留在家裡奧貝德-益登在迦特- ri mmon3個月( 2薩姆。6 : 1-11),在年底時大衛刪除它在一個大遊行,到耶路撒冷,在那裡被關押到一個地方是準備( 12-19 ) 。 It was afterwards deposited by Solomon in the temple (1 Kings 8:6-9).這是事後交存的所羅門在寺廟(列王紀上8:6-9 ) 。 When the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and plundered the temple, the ark was probably taken away by Nebuchadnezzar and destroyed, as no trace of it is afterwards to be found.當巴比倫人摧毀耶路撒冷和掠奪的寺院,在方舟很可能帶走尼布甲尼撒和銷毀,因為沒有任何的痕跡是後來被找到。 The absence of the ark from the second temple was one of the points in which it was inferior to the first temple.缺席的情況下方舟從第二個寺廟的要點之一,其中劣於第一廟。

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Ark of the Covenant約櫃

Advanced Information 先進的信息

The Ark of the Covenant was a rectangular boxlike structure of acacia wood, about 4' by 2' by 2', with a lining and an external sheathing of pure beaten gold.在約櫃是一個長方形boxlike結構的相思樹木材,約4 ' 2 '了2 ' ,與內層和外部護套的純毆打金。 It was covered by a lid of solid gold to which was affixed a carved golden cherub at each end.這是所涵蓋的蓋子固體黃金這是一座雕刻貼金天使在每個結束。 These celestial beings looked down upon the lid, and their wings covered the ark (Exod. 25:10-40).這些天體被瞧不起的蓋子,它們的翅膀涵蓋了方舟( Exod. 25:10-40 ) 。 The gold lid to which the cherubim were fastened was called the "mercy seat" (Heb. kapporet, "cover"), and it was from between the cherubim that God communed with his people (Exod. 25:22).黃金蓋子該基路伯被拴被稱為“施恩座” (希伯來書kapporet , “封面” ) ,這是從之間的基路伯,上帝communed他的人( Exod. 25:22 ) 。 The ark was the only item of furniture in the most holy place of the tabernacle, and contained duplicate tablets of the law (Exod. 25:16; II Kings 11:12), a pot of manna (Exod. 16:33-34), and Aaron's rod (Num. 17:10).方舟是唯一的家具項目中最神聖的地方的窩棚,並載有重複片法( Exod. 25:16 ;二世國王11:12 ) ,一壺甘露( Exod. 16:33-34 )和阿倫的棒(民數記17:10 ) 。 When the ark was moved, it was carried by priests using poles (Num. 4:5), and anyone who touched the ark was liable to die (cf. II Sam. 6:6-7).當方舟被感動,這是由祭司使用兩極(民數記4點05分) ,和任何人誰觸及方舟有責任死亡(參見二山姆。 6:6-7 ) 。 The ark survived until the Exile, when it was probably taken to Babylon (cf. II Kings 24:13).方舟倖存下來,直至流亡時,很可能採取的巴比倫(見二國王24:13 ) 。

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Noah's Ark諾亞方舟

General Information 一般信息

Noah's ark was a building of gopher-wood, and covered with pitch, 300 cubits long, 50 cubits broad, and 30 cubits high (Gen. 6:14-16); an oblong floating house of three stories, with a door in the side and a window in the roof.諾亞方舟是一個建設的Gopher木材,並覆蓋著球場,長300肘, 50肘廣泛,高30肘(創6:14-16 ) ;一個長方形浮院三個故事,並在門一邊和一個窗口中的屋頂。 It was 100 years in building (Gen. 5:32; 7:6).這是100多年的建設(將軍5點32 ; 7時06分) 。 It was intended to preserve certain persons and animals from the deluge which God was about to bring over the earth.其目的是維護某些人與動物的洪水上帝即將帶來的地球。 It contained eight persons (Gen. 7:13; 2 Pet. 2:5), and of all "clean" animals seven pairs, and of "unclean" one pair, and of birds seven pairs of each sort (Gen. 7:2, 3).它載有8人(將軍7時13分, 2寵物。 2:5 ) ,和所有“乾淨”的動物七對和“不潔”一對,和鳥類7對每個排序(創7 : 2日, 3日) 。 It was in the form of an oblong square, with flat bottom and sloping roof.這是形式的橢圓形廣場,與平底和坡屋面。 Traditions of the Deluge, by which the race of man was swept from the earth, and of the ark of Noah have been found existing among all nations.傳統的洪水,其中一場比賽橫掃男子從地球,以及諾亞方舟的發現了現有的所有國家之間。

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Noah's Ark諾亞方舟

From: Home Bible Study Commentary by James M. Gray 來自:主頁聖經研究評論詹姆斯M灰色

Genesis Chapters 6-9創世記第一章6-9

The Ark and Its Contents方舟及其內容

6:9 to 7:10 Notice the phrase "the generations of," and recall the instruction about it in lesson 2. 6點09至7:10的通知“一語代” ,並召回有關的指示它的教訓2 。 When Noah is spoken of as "just and perfect," that relative sense is used in which any man is just and perfect before God who believes His testimony and conforms his life to it.當諾亞講的是“公正和完善” ,即相對意義上是用來在任何人是公正和完美的上帝面前誰相信他的證詞,並符合他的生命給它。 It is in this sense that every true believer on Jesus Christ is just and perfect.正是在這個意義上來說,每一個真正的信徒對耶穌基督是公正和完善。 What two charges does God make against the earth (vv. 12 and 13)?什麼兩項罪名不使上帝對地球( vv. 12日和13日) ? What is Noah commanded (v. 14)?什麼是諾亞指揮(訴14 ) ?

The measurement of the cubit is uncertain, the ordinary length being 18 inches, the sacred cubit twice that length, and the geometric, which some think may be meant, six times the common cubit.測量肘是不確定的,一般長度是18英寸,肘的神聖的兩倍,長度,幾何,其中一些人認為可能意味著, 6倍的共同肘。 At the lowest calculation the ark was as large as some of our ocean liners.在計算最低的方舟是大一些我們的遠洋巨輪。 Notice "covenant" (v. 18), and connect it with the original promise of 3:15.公告“公約” (訴18人) ,並連接它與原來的承諾, 3:15 。 Why was Noah to take two of every living thing into the ark (vv. 19, 20)? What else was he to take (v. 21)?為什麼諾亞採取兩種生活的每一點到方舟( vv. 19日, 20日) ?什麼是他採取(訴21 ) ? Mention is made of the sevens of clean beast (7:2), doubtless for the purpose of sacrifice in the ark and after departing from it.提到的七乾淨的野獸( 7時02 ) ,無疑為目的的犧牲,在方舟之後離開它。 If inquiry be raised as to how so many animals could be accommodated in such a space, it is to be remembered (1) that the ark in all its three stories contained probably 100,000 square feet of space; (2) perhaps the animals were not the totality of all the animals known in all the world, but those known to Noah; (3) that the distinct species of beasts and birds even in our own day have been calculated as not more than 300.如果調查提出,如何使許多動物可以被安置在這樣一個空間,這是必須記住( 1 )方舟的所有三個故事載可能一十〇點零零萬平方英尺的空間; ( 2 )也許不是動物全部所有的動物在所有已知的世界上,但這些眾所周知的諾亞; ( 3 )不同物種的動物和鳥類甚至在我們自己的一天已經計算不超過300人。

Moses' Ark摩西方舟

General Information 一般信息

The ark of bulrushes in which the infant Moses was laid (Ex. 2:3) is called in the Hebrew teebah, a word derived from the Egyptian teb, meaning "a chest."方舟的bulrushes其中嬰兒摩西奠定(出2:3 )被稱為在希伯來文teebah ,一個字來自埃及teb ,意思是“胸部。 ” It was daubed with slime and with pitch.這是與泥塗上與球場。 The bulrushes of which it was made were the papyrus reed.該bulrushes它是紙莎草是蘆葦。

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Ark of the Covenant約櫃

Advanced Catholic Information 高級天主教信息

The Hebrew aron, by which the Ark of the Covenant is expressed, does not call to the mind, as that used for Noah's Ark, a large construction, but rather a chest. This word is generally determined in the sacred text; so we read of the Ark of the Testimony (Exodus 25:16, 22; 26:33, etc.), the Ark of the Testament (Exodus 30:26), the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord (Numbers 10:33; Deuteronomy 10:8, etc.), the Ark of the Covenant (Joshua 3:6, etc.), the Ark of God (1 Samuel 3:3, etc.), the Ark of the Lord (1 Samuel 4:6, etc.).希伯來阿龍,其中約櫃表示,不要求記住,因為用於諾亞方舟,一個大型的建築,而是一個胸部。這個詞一般是確定的神聖文字,所以我們讀到在方舟的證詞(出埃及記25:16 , 22 ; 26:33等) ,方舟的聖經(出埃及記30:26 ) ,在約櫃勳爵(數字10:33 ;申命記10個: 8等) ,約櫃(喬舒亞3時06分,等等) ,上帝的方舟(撒母耳記上3點03等) ,方舟勳爵(撒母耳記上4:6等。 ) 。 Of these, the expression "Ark of the Covenant" has become most familiar in English.這些中, “約櫃”已成為最熟悉的英文。


The Ark of the Covenant was a kind of chest, measuring two cubits and a half in length, a cubit and a half in breadth, and a cubit and a half in height.在約櫃是一種胸部,測量兩個肘半的長度,一個肘半廣度和肘半的高度。 Made of setim wood (an incorruptible acacia), it was overlaid within and without with the purest gold, and a golden crown or rim ran around it. setim了木材(廉潔相思樹) ,它是覆蓋範圍內和不與純淨的黃金,黃金冠或跑籃筐周圍。 At the four corners, very likely towards the upper part, four golden rings had been cast; through them passed two bars of setim wood overlaid with gold, to carry the Ark. These two bars were to remain always in the rings, even when the Ark had been placed in the temple of Solomon.在四個角落,很可能對上游部分,四個金戒指已澆注;通過他們通過兩塊setim木材覆蓋黃金,攜帶阿肯色州這兩個酒吧被永遠留在戒指,即使方舟已被安置在所羅門聖殿。 The cover of the Ark, termed the "propitiatory" (the corresponding Hebrew means both "cover" and "that which makes propitious"), was likewise of the purest gold.封面的方舟,稱為“和解” (對應的希伯來文意味著“封面”和“使吉祥” ) ,同樣的純潔的金牌。

Upon it had been place two cherubim of beaten gold, looking towards each other, and spreading their wings so that both sides of the propitiatory were covered. What exactly these cherubim were, is impossible to determine; however, from the analogy with Egyptian religious art, it may well be supposed that they were images, kneeling or standing, of winged persons.經已放置兩個基路伯的毆打金,期待著對方,和傳播自己的翅膀,使雙方的和解覆蓋。到底這些基路伯是,無法確定,但是,從類比與埃及宗教藝術,它很可能是假設,他們的圖像,跪或站立,人的翅膀。 It is worth noticing that this is the only exception to the law forbidding the Israelites to make carved images, an exception so much the more harmless to the faith of the Israelites in a spiritual God because the Ark was regularly to be kept behind the veil of the sanctuary.這是值得注意的,這是唯一的例外的法律禁止以色列人,使雕刻圖像,一個例外這麼多更無害的信仰以色列人在上帝的精神,因為方舟經常保持落後的面紗聖殿。

The form of the Ark of the Covenant was probably inspired by some article of the furniture of the Egyptian temples.的形式約櫃可能是受到一些文章的家具埃及廟宇。 But it should not be represented as one of those sacred bari, or barks, in which the gods of Egypt were solemnly carried in procession; it had, very likely, been framed after the pattern of the naos of gold, silver, or precious wood, containing the images of the gods and the sacred emblems.但它不應該派代表作為其中的一個神聖的巴里,或樹皮,其中埃及諸神莊嚴的遊行進行中;它,很可能被框後的模式納奧斯的黃金,白銀,或珍貴木材載有圖像的神和神聖的國徽。 According to some modern historians of Israel, the Ark, in every way analogous to the bari used upon the banks of the Nile, contained the sacred objects worshipped by the Hebrews, perhaps some sacred stone, meteoric or otherwise.根據一些歷史學家的現代以色列,方舟,以各種方式類似於巴里使用的銀行的尼羅河,載有神聖的崇拜對象由希伯來人,也許有些神聖的石頭,大氣或以其他方式。 Such a statement proceeds from the opinion that the Israelites during their early national life were given not only to idolatry, but to its grossest form, fetishism; that first they adored Yahweh in inanimate things, then they worshipped him in the bull, as in Dan and Bethel, and that only about the seventh century did they rise to the conception of an invisible and spiritual God.這樣的聲明收益認為,以色列人在其早期國民生活得到不僅要崇拜,但其粗暴的形式,拜物教; ,首先,他們崇拜耶和華在生命的東西,那麼他們崇拜他的牛市,如丹和伯特利,只有大約7世紀,他們產生的概念,一種無形的和精神的上帝。 But this description of Israel's religious history does not tally with the most certain conclusions derived from the texts.但是,這說明以色列的宗教歷史上不符合大多數某些結論來自於文本。 The idolatry of the Hebrews is not proven any more than their polytheism; hence the Ark, far from being viewed as in the opinion above referred to, should rather be regarded as a token of the choice that Yahweh had made of Israel for his people, and a visible sign of his invisible presence in the midst of his beloved nation.在偶像崇拜的是希伯來人不能證明任何超過其多神教,因此,方舟,遠離被視為認為上述提到的,而應被視為一種象徵性的選擇,取得了耶和華以色列為他的人民,和一個明顯的跡象,他在無形之中他心愛的國家。

The Ark was first destined to contain the testimony, that is to say the tables of the Law (Exodus 40:18; Deuteronomy 10:5).方舟首次注定要包含的證詞,這就是說表法(出埃及記40:18 ;申命記10時05分) 。 Later, Moses was commanded to put into the tabernacle, near the Ark, a golden vessel holding a gomor of manna (Exodus 16:34), and the rod of Aaron which had blossomed (Numbers 17:10). According to the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews (ix, 4), and the Jewish traditions, they had been put into the Ark itself.後來,摩西指揮投入禮拜堂,附近的方舟,黃金的船隻舉行gomor的甘露(出埃及記16:34 ) ,而艾倫棒了蓬勃發展(數17:10 ) 。根據作者的書希伯來人(九, 4 ) ,和猶太人的傳統,他們已經付諸方舟本身。 Some commentators, with Calmet, hold that the book of the Law written by Moses had likewise been enclosed in the Ark; but the text says only that the book in question was placed "in the side of the Ark" (Deuteronomy 31:26); moreover, what should be understood by this book, whether it was the whole Pentateuch, or Deuteronomy, or part of it, is not clear, though the context seems to favour the latter interpretations.一些評論家認為,與卡爾梅特,持有這本書的法律寫的摩西也同樣被封閉在方舟,但文字說,只有這本書的問題放在“在一邊的方舟” (申命記31:26 ) ;此外,應該怎麼理解這本書,無論是整個五,或申命記,或一部分,目前尚不清楚,但背景似乎有利於後者的解釋。 However this may be, we learn from 1 Kings 8:9, that when the Ark was placed in Solomon's temple, it contained only the tables of the Law. The holiest part of the Ark seems to have been the oracle, that is to say the place whence Yahweh made his prescriptions to Israel.然而,這可能是我們學習列王紀上八時09分,當方舟被安置在所羅門聖殿,它不僅包含表法。最神聖的一部分,方舟似乎已經甲骨文,也就是說地點何處耶和華他的處方到以色列。 "Thence", the Lord had said to Moses, “再” ,上帝給了摩西說,

will I give orders, and will speak to thee over the propitiatory, and from the midst of these two cherubims, which shall be upon the Ark of the testimony, all things which I will command the children of Israel by thee" (Exodus 25:22). And indeed we read in Num., vii, 89, that when Moses "entered into the tabernacle of the covenant, to consult the oracle, he heard the voice of one speaking to him from the propitiatory, that was over the ark between the two cherubims".將我的命令,將你說話的和解,並從中間這兩個cherubims ,應根據方舟的證詞,所有的事情,我將命令的兒童以色列的你“ (出埃及記25 : 22 ) 。事實上我們閱讀數。 ,七, 89 ,當摩西“進入禮拜堂的契諾,徵求甲骨文,他聽到的聲音,一位向他的和解,這是對方舟兩國之間的cherubims “ 。

Yahweh used to speak to his servant in a cloud over the oracle (Leviticus 16:2). This was, very likely, also the way in which he communicated with Josue after the death of the first leader of Israel (cf. Joshua 7:6-1).耶和華用來說話他的僕人在雲的甲骨文(利未記十六時02分) 。這是很可能,也以何種方式與他溝通後,若蘇埃死亡的第一位領導人,以色列(見約書亞7 : 6-1 ) 。 The oracle was, so to say, the very heart of the sanctuary, the dwelling place of God; hence we read in scores of passages of the Old Testament that Yahweh "sitteth on [or rather, by] the cherubim".甲骨文是,所以說,非常核心的庇護,在居住地的上帝,因此我們讀到的分數通道舊約的耶和華“ sitteth的[或者更確切地說,由]的基路伯” 。

In the last years of Israel's history, the Jewish rabbis, from a motive of reverence to God's holiness, avoided pronouncing any of the names expressing the Divinity in the Hebrew language, such as El, Elohim, etc., and still less Yahweh, the ineffable name, ie a name unutterable to any human tongue; instead of these, they used metaphors or expressions having reference to the Divine attributes.在過去幾年中,以色列的歷史,猶太拉比,從動機崇敬上帝的聖潔,避免發表任何名字,表示神在希伯來語,如薩爾瓦多,瑩等,更耶和華的無法形容的名稱,即名稱難言的任何人舌;不是這些,他們用隱喻或表達有提及神的屬性。 Among the latter, the word shekinah became very popular; it meant the Divine Presence (from shakhan, to dwell), hence the Divine Glory, and had been suggested by the belief in God's presence in a cloud over the propitiatory. Not only did the Ark signify God's presence in the midst of his people, but it also betokened the warlike undertakings of Israel; no greater evil accordingly could befall the nation than the capture of the Ark by the enemies, as, we shall see, happened towards the close of the period of the Judges and perhaps also at the taking of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army, in 587 BC就後者而言,這個詞shekinah成為非常受歡迎的,它意味著神聖的存在(從shakhan ,詳述) ,因此神的榮耀,並已建議的信仰上帝的存在,在雲的和解。不但方舟表明上帝的存在,正處於他的人民,但它也betokened事業的好戰以色列沒有更大的邪惡可能隮相應的國家比捕獲的方舟的敵人,因為,我們應看到,發生朝著結束期間法官,或許也考慮在耶路撒冷的巴比倫軍隊,在公元前587


According to the sacred narrative recorded in Exodus, xxv, 10-22, God Himself had given the description of the Ark of the Covenant, as well as that of the tabernacle and all its appurtenances.根據神聖的敘事記錄在出埃及記, 25 , 10月22日,上帝給了描述約櫃,以及對窩棚及其所有附屬物。 God's command was fulfilled to the letter by Beseleel, one of the skilful men appointed "to devise and to work in gold, and silver, and brass, and in engraving stones and in carpenters' work (Exodus 37:1-9). On that day God showed His pleasure by filling the tabernacle of the testimony with His Glory, and covering it with the cloud that henceforward would be to His people a guiding sign in their journeys. All the Levites were not entitled to the guardianship of the sanctuary and of the Ark; but this office was entrusted to the kindred of Caath (Numbers 3:28).上帝的命令完成的信Beseleel ,一個幹練的男子任命為“制定和工作的黃金,白銀和黃銅,在雕刻在石頭和木匠的工作(出37:1-9 ) 。論這一天上帝表明他高興地填寫了窩棚的證詞與他的榮耀,並涵蓋它與烏雲從今以後將是他的人的指導簽署的行程。所有的利無權監護的庇護和方舟的,但這個辦公室是委託給親屬的Caath (數3時28分) 。

Whenever, during the desert life, the camp was to set forward, Aaron and his sons went into the tabernacle of the covenant and the Holy of Holies, took down the veil that hung before the door, wrapped up the Ark of the Testimony in it, covered it in dugong skins, then with a violet cloth, and put in the bars (Numbers 4:5, 6).每當,在沙漠生活,營建立前進,亞倫和他的兒子走進了窩棚該公約和羅馬的至聖,取下面紗,掛在門口,結束了方舟的證詞中覆蓋在儒艮皮膚,然後以紫色布,並在酒吧(數四點05分, 6 ) 。 When the people pitched their tents to sojourn for some time in a place, everything was set again in its customary order.當人民投他們的帳篷逗留一段時間在一個地方,一切又是在其習慣秩序。 During the journeys the Ark went before the people; and when it was lifted up they said: "Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee flee from before Thy face!"在旅途方舟去的人面前;和什麼時候被取消了,他們說: “出現,主啊,讓你的敵人分散,讓他們恨你逃離之前,你的臉! ” And when it was set down, they said: "Return, O Lord, to the multitude of the host of Israel!"而當這是規定,他們說: “返回主啊,給眾多的東道主以色列! ” Num., x, 33-36).數。 ,設33-36 ) 。 Thus did the Ark preside over all the journeys and stations of Israel during all their wandering life in the wilderness.因此,沒有方舟主持所有的行程和車站以色列在其所有漂泊在荒野。

As has been said above, the sacred chest was the visible sign of God's presence and protection.正如人們所說的上述情況,神聖的胸部是明顯的跡象上帝的存在和保護。 This appeared in the most striking manner in different circumstances.這出現在最引人注目的方式,不同的情況。 When the spies who had been sent to view the Promised Land returned and gave their report, murmurs arose in the camp, which neither threatenings nor even the death of the authors of the sedition could quell. Against the will of God, many of the Israelites went up to the mountain to meet the Amalecites and Chanaanites: "but the ark of the testament of the Lord and Moses departed not from the camp".當間諜誰已送交查看樂土返回了他們的報告,雜音出現在難民營,這既不threatenings甚至死亡的作者可以平息叛亂。反對上帝的意志,許多以色列人走到山上,以滿足Amalecites和Chanaanites : “但方舟的證明上帝和摩西出發而不是從營” 。 And the enemies came down, smote, and slew the presumptuous Hebrews whom God did not help.和敵人下來, smote ,以及一系列的放肆其中希伯來上帝沒有幫助。 The next two manifestations of Yahweh's power through the Ark occurred under Josue's leadership.在未來兩年的表現耶和華的權力方舟通過下發生的若蘇埃的領導。 When the people were about to cross the Jordan,當人的跨越約旦,

the priests that carried the ark of the covenant went on before them; and as soon as they came into the Jordan, and their feet were dipped in part of the water, the waters that came down from above stood in one place, and swelling up like a mountain, were seen afar off .祭司是進行的約櫃了面前;並盡快進入約旦,他們的雙腳浸在一部分水,水是從上面站在一個地方,和腫脹了像一座山,看到遠處。 . . but those that were beneath ran down into the sea of the wilderness, until they wholly failed.但那些下面跑下來入海的荒野,直到他們全部失敗。 And the people marched over against Jericho; and the priests that carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord, stood girded upon the dry ground, in the midst of the Jordan, and all the people passed over through the channel that was dried up. (Joshua 3:14-17)和人民的反對遊行,傑里科和神父的進行的約櫃上帝站在girded的幹地上,在各種艱難的約旦,和全國人民交給通過渠道是枯竭。 (約書亞3:14-17 )

A few days later, Israel was besieging Jericho.幾天後,以色列圍攻傑里科。 At God's command, the Ark was carried in procession around the city for seven days, until the walls crumbled at the sound of the trumpets and the shouts of the people, thus giving the assailing army a free opening into the place (Joshua 6:6-21).在上帝的命令,方舟是在遊行市內7天,直到在牆壁倒塌聲,喇叭和吶喊的人,從而使軍隊的調戲一個自由開放的地方(約書亞六時06分-21 ) 。 Later again, after the taking and burning of Hai, we see the Ark occupy a most prominent place in the solemn assize of the nation held between Mount Garizim and Mount Hebal (Joshua 8:33).再後來,在考慮和燃燒的海,我們可以看到方舟佔據了最突出的地方在莊嚴的巡迴全國舉行的山山Garizim和Hebal (約書亞8點33分) 。

The Israelites having settled in the Promised Land, it became necessary to choose a place where to erect the tabernacle and keep the Ark of the Covenant. Silo, in the territory of Ephraim, about the centre of the conquered country, was selected (Joshua 18:1).猶太人定居在了樂土,有必要選擇一個地方豎立的窩棚並保持約櫃。筒倉,在其境內的斯約的中心被征服的國家,被選中(約書亞18 : 1 ) 。 There, indeed, during the obscure period which preceded the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel, do we find the "house of the Lord" (Judges 18:31; 20:18), with its High-Priest, to whose care the Ark had been entrusted.因此,事實上,在這期間掩蓋之前建立以色列王國,我們找到了“家主” (法官18:31 ; 20:18 ) ,其高級祭司,以照顧方舟已委託。 Did the precious palladium of Israel remain permanently at Silo, or was it carried about, whenever the emergency required, as, for instance, during warlike expeditions?難道珍貴的鈀以色列永遠在筒倉,還是進行的,每當緊急情況需要,例如,在好戰的探險?

This point can hardly be ascertained.這一點,就很難確定。 Be it as it may, the narrative which closes the Book of Judges supposes the presence of the Ark at Bethel.無論是因為它可能,說明關閉圖書的法官假設存在的方舟在伯特利。 True, some commentators, following St. Jerome, translate here the word Bethel as though it were a common noun (house of God); but their opinion seems hardly reconcilable with the other passages where the same name is found, for these passages undoubtedly refer to the city of Bethel.誠然,一些評論家之後,聖杰羅姆,把這裡的伯特利字,就好像是一個共同的名詞(房子上帝) ,但他們的意見似乎難以調和與其他通道在相同的名稱被發現,這些通道無疑是指市的伯特利。 This is no place to discuss at length the divers explanations brought forward to meet the difficulty; suffice it to say that it does not entitle the reader to conclude, as many have done, that there probably existed several Arks throughout Israel.這是沒有任何地位,討論了詳細的解釋潛水員提出,以滿足困難;我只想說,它並不有權閱讀結束,許多工作要做,有可能存在一些Arks整個以色列。 The remark above made, that the Ark was possibly carried hither and thither according as the circumstances required, is substantiated by what we read in the narration of the events that brought about the death of Heli.上面的話,即方舟可能是進行這兒和那兒的根據情況需要,是證實我們所讀的敘述的事件帶來了死亡的合力。 The Philistines had waged war against Israel, whose army, at the first encounter, turned their backs to the enemy, were utterly defeated, and suffered very heavy losses.在非利士人發動針對以色列的戰爭,其軍隊,在第一次遇到,把他們背上的敵人,是完全失敗,並受到了非常沉重的損失。 Thereupon the ancients of the people suggested that the Ark of the Covenant be fetched unto them, to save them from the hands of their enemies.於是,古人的人民建議,約櫃是你們這些牽強,為了節省他們的手中他們的敵人。

So the Ark was brought from Silo, and such acclamations welcomed it into the camp of the Israelites, as to fill with fear the hearts of the Philistines. Trusting that Yahweh's presence in the midst of their army betokened a certain victory, the Hebrew army engaged the battle afresh, to meet an overthrow still more disastrous than the former; and, what made the catastrophe more complete, the Ark of God fell into the hands of the Philistines (1 Samuel 4).因此,方舟被從筒倉,這種歡呼歡迎進入營地的猶太人,以充滿恐懼的心非利士人。相信耶和華的存在處於他們的軍隊betokened一定的勝利,希伯來軍隊參與重新戰鬥,以滿足推翻更加災難性比前; ,並取得了什麼災難更完整,方舟上帝落入手中的非利士人(撒母耳記上4 ) 。

Then, according to the Biblical narrative, began for the sacred chest a series of eventful peregrinations through the cities of southern Palestine, until it was solemnly carried to Jerusalem.然後,按照聖經的敘事,開始了神聖的胸部了一系列的多事peregrinations通過城市南部巴勒斯坦,直到它莊嚴開展耶路撒冷。 And never was it returned to its former place in Silo.決不是它返回前發生在筒倉。 In the opinion of the Philistines, the taking of the Ark meant a victory of their gods over the God of Israel.在輿論的非利士人,採取方舟意味著勝利,他們的神的神以色列。 They accordingly brought it to Azotus and set it as a trophy in the temple of Dagon.他們據此使之Azotus並設置它作為獎杯在寺廟的達貢。 But the next morning they found Dagon fallen upon his face before the Ark; they raised him up and set him in his place again.但第二天早晨,他們發現達貢下降時他的臉前的方舟;他們提出他並設置他再次發生。 The following morning Dagon again was lying on the ground, badly mutilated.第二天早晨達貢再次被倒在地上,嚴重肢解。 At the same time a cruel disease (perhaps the bubonic plague) smote the Azotites, while a terrible invasion of mice afflicted the whole surrounding country.與此同時,一個殘酷的病(也許是淋巴腺鼠疫) smote的Azotites ,而一個可怕的入侵老鼠困擾整個周邊國家。 These scourges were soon attributed to the presence of the Ark within the walls of the city, and regarded as a direct judgment from Yahweh. Hence was it decided by the assembly of the rulers of the Philistines that the Ark should be removed from Azotus and brought to some other place.這些禍害很快歸於存在的方舟內的牆壁城市,看作是直接從耶和華的判決。因此,它是由大會決定的統治者非利士人說,方舟應刪除Azotus並提請其他一些地方。 Carried successively to Gath and to Accaron, the Ark brought with it the same scourges which had occasioned its removal from Azotus.進行先後到迦特和Accaron ,方舟帶來了同樣的災難引起了其免職Azotus 。 Finally, after seven months, on the suggestion of their priests and their diviners, the Philistines resolved to give up their dreadful trophy.最後,經過7個月,就建議他們的牧師和他們的diviners ,解決了非利士人放棄他們的可怕的獎杯。

The Biblical narrative acquires here a special interest for us, by the insight we get therefrom into the religious spirit among these ancient peoples.聖經敘事在這裡獲得一個特殊的利益,我們通過敏銳的洞察力,由此獲得的宗教精神在這些古老的民族。 Having made a new cart, they took two kine that had sucking calves, yoked them to the cart, and shut up their calves at home.審議提出了一個新的車,他們採取了兩項因子有吸吮牛犢,誘發他們的車,並關閉了小牛犢在家裡。 And they laid the Ark of the God upon the cart, together with a little box containing golden mice and the images of their boils.他們奠定了方舟上帝的車,連同小盒子金色小鼠和圖像的癤子。 Then the kine, left to themselves, took their course straight in the direction of the territory of Israel.然後因子,留給自己,當然了他們連續的方向以色列領土。 As soon as the Bethsamites recognized the Ark upon the cart that was coming towards them, they went rejoicing to meet it.一旦認識到Bethsamites方舟的車是未來對他們,他們就歡欣鼓舞,以滿足它。 When the cart arrived in the field of a certain Josue, it stood still there. And as there was a great stone in that place, they split up the wood of the cart and offered the kine a holocaust to Yahweh.當車抵達領域的某些若蘇埃,它仍然站在那裡。而且存在著很大的石頭在那個地方,他們分裂木材的車,並提供了動力學大屠殺,以耶和華。 With this sacrifice ended the exile of the Ark in the land of the Philistines.與此犧牲結束了流亡的方舟中的土地非利士人。 The people of Bethsames, however, did not long enjoy its presence among them.人民Bethsames然而,沒有長期享受其存在其中之一。 Some of them inconsiderately cast a glance upon the Ark, whereupon they were severely punished by God; seventy men (the text usually received says seventy men and fifty thousand of the common people; but this is hardly credible as Bethsames was only a small country place) were thus smitten, as a punishment for their boldness.其中一些inconsiderately瞟的方舟,在這種情況下他們受到嚴厲懲罰上帝;第七十一男子(文說,通常收到第七十一男子和5.0萬的普通百姓,但是這是很難可信Bethsames只有一個小國的地方) ,因此一見鍾情,作為一種懲罰的勇氣。 Frightened by this mark of the Divine wrath, the Bethsamites sent messengers to the inhabitants of Cariathiarim, to tell them how the Philistines had brought back the Ark, and invite them to convey it to their own town.嚇壞了該商標的神聖憤怒,在Bethsamites發出送信的居民Cariathiarim ,告訴他們如何非利士人帶回方舟,並請他們轉達給自己的城市。 So the men of Cariathiarim came and brought up the Ark and carried it into the house of Abinadab, whose son Eleazar they consecrated to its service (1 Samuel 7:1).因此,男性Cariathiarim來提出了方舟,並進行到院Abinadab ,他的兒子埃萊亞薩他們神聖的服務(撒母耳記上7:1 ) 。

The actual Hebrew text, as well as the Vulgate and all translations dependent upon it, intimates that the Ark was with the army of Saul in the famous expedition against the Philistines, narrated in 1 Samuel 14.實際的希伯來文,以及武加大譯本和所有依賴它,親密的方舟是與軍隊的索爾在著名的探險隊對非利士人,講述撒母耳記上14 。 This is a mistake probably due to some late scribe who, for theological reasons, substituted the "ark of God" for the "ephod".這是一個錯誤可能是由於一些後期抄誰,對神學的原因,取代了“上帝的方舟”的“ ephod 。 ” The Greek translation here gives the correct reading; nowhere else, indeed, in the history of Israel, do we hear of the Ark of the Covenant as an instrument of divination.希臘翻譯在這裡給出了正確的閱讀;無處事實上,在以色列歷史上,我們聽到的約櫃作為一種工具,算命。 It may consequently be safely affirmed that the Ark remained in Cariathiarim up to the time of David.因此,它可能是安全申明,方舟留在Cariathiarim最多的時候大衛。 It was natural that after this prince had taken Jerusalem and made it the capital of his kingdom, he should desire to make it also a religious centre.這是自然的,在這個王子已經採取了耶路撒冷和它的資本,他的王國,他應該願望,使之也有宗教的中心。 For this end, he thought of bringing thither the Ark of the Covenant.為此目的,他認為把那兒的約櫃。 In point of fact the Ark was undoubtedly in great veneration among the people; it was looked upon as the palladium with which heretofore Israel's life, both religious and political, had been associated.事實上方舟無疑是非常崇拜的人,這是看成鈀與從前以色列的生活,宗教和政治,已聯繫。 Hence, nothing could have more suitably brought about the realization of David's purpose than such a transfer.因此,沒有什麼能夠有更多的適當帶來了實現大衛的目的不是這種轉移。 We read in the Bible two accounts of this solemn event; the first is found in the Second Book of Samuel (6); in the other, of a much later date, the chronicler has cast together most of the former account with some elements reflecting ideas and institutions of his own time (1 Chronicles 13).我們讀到聖經中的兩個帳戶的這個莊嚴的活動;第一次被發現在第二書塞繆爾( 6 ) ;在另一方面,一個更晚的日期, chronicler投下一道最前帳戶與一些內容反映想法和機構自己的時間(歷代誌上13 ) 。 According to the narrative of 2 Samuel 6, which we shall follow, David went with great pomp to Baal-Juda, or Cariathiarim, to carry from there the Ark of God.根據說明撒母耳記下6 ,我們將按照大衛去懷著極大的盛況,以巴爾,猶大,或Cariathiarim ,開展從那裡方舟的上帝。 It was laid upon a new cart, and taken out of the house of Abinadab.這是奠定一個新的車,並採取走出房子Abinadab 。 Oza and Ahio, the sons of Abinadab, guided the cart, the latter walking before it, the former at its side, while the King and the people that were with him, dancing, singing, and playing instruments, escorted the sacred chest. Oza和Ahio的兒子Abinadab ,引導車,後者走之前,前者在其一側,同時國王和人民,是他,跳舞,唱歌,演奏樂器的陪同下,神聖的胸部。 This day, however, like that of the coming of the Ark to Bethsames, was to be saddened by death.這一天,但是,象的到來,以Bethsames方舟,將悲傷死亡。 At a certain point in the procession the oxen slipped; Oza forthwith stretched out his hand to hold the Ark, but was struck dead on the spot.在某個點的遊行牛下滑; Oza立即伸出他的手舉行方舟,但被死在現場。 David, frightened by this accident, and now unwilling to remove the Ark to Jerusalem, he had it carried into the house of a Gethite, named Obededom, which was probably in the neighborhood of the city.大衛,害怕這起事故,現在不願意消除方舟耶路撒冷,但他已經進行到房子的Gethite ,命名Obededom ,這可能是在附近的城市。 The presence of the Ark was a source of blessings for the house to which it had been brought. This news encouraged David to complete the work he had begun.在場的方舟是一個來源的祝福的房子它已被繩之以法。這一消息鼓舞大衛來完成他的工作已經開始。 Three months after the first transfer, accordingly, he came again with great solemnity and removed the Ark from the house of Obededom to the city, where it was set in its place in the midst of the tabernacle which David had pitched for it. 3個月後第一次轉讓,因此,他再次來到偉大的嚴肅性和刪除了方舟從家裡的Obededom城市,在那裡開始了自己的位置處於其中的窩棚大衛投了它。 Once more was the Ark brought out of Jerusalem, when David betook himself to flight before Absalom's rebellion.一旦更多的是提出了方舟耶路撒冷,當大衛betook自己飛行前押沙龍的叛亂。 Whilst the King stood in the Cedron valley, the people were passing before him towards the way that leads to the wilderness.雖然國王站在Cedron山谷,人們通過對在他面前的方式,導致荒野。 Among them came also Sadoe and Abiathar, bearing the Ark. Whom when David saw, he commanded to carry back the Ark into the city: "If I shall find grace in the sight of the Lord", said he, "he will bring me again, and will shew me both it and his tabernacle".其中也來到Sadoe和Abiathar ,同時在阿肯色州時,誰看見大衛,他指揮執行回方舟融入城市: “如果我找到的寬限期應在視線上帝” ,他說, “他將我再次,將蔡堅我都和他的窩棚。 “ In compliance with this order, Sadoe and Abiathar carried back the Ark of the Lord into Jerusalem (2 Samuel 15:24-29).在遵守這項命令, Sadoe和實施Abiathar回到方舟主進入耶路撒冷(撒母耳記下15:24-29 ) 。

The tabernacle which David had pitched to receive the Ark was not, however, to be its last dwelling place.其中的窩棚已投大衛得到方舟的,但不能將其最後居住地。 The King indeed had thought of a temple more worthy of the glory of Yahweh.國王確實想法寺廟更值得的榮耀耶和華。 Although the building of this edifice was to be the work of his successor, David himself took to heart to gather and prepare the materials for its erection.雖然建設這個大廈將成為工作的他的繼任者,大衛自己拿了心臟收集和準備材料,其勃起。 From the very beginning of Solomon's reign, this wince showed the greatest reverence to the Ark, especially when, after the mysterious dream in which God answered his request for wisdom by promising him wisdom, riches and honour, he offered up burnt-offerings and peace-offerings before the Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh (1 Kings 3:15).從一開始就所羅門群島的統治地位,這畏縮顯示,最大的崇敬之方舟,特別是當後,神秘的夢想上帝回答了他的請求智慧的前途他的智慧,財富和榮譽,他提出了被燒毀的產品與和平-產品前約櫃的耶和華(列王紀上3:15 ) 。 When the temple and all its appurtenances were completed, Solomon, before the dedication, assembled the elders of Israel, that they might solemnly convey the Ark from the place where David had set it up to the Holy of Holies.當寺廟及其所有附屬物已完成,索羅門,面前的奉獻精神,召集了以色列的長老,他們可能會鄭重轉達方舟的地方大衛設置羅馬的至聖。 Thence it was, most likely, now and then taken out, either to accompany military expeditions, or to enhance the splendour of religious celebrations, perhaps also to comply with the ungodly commands of wicked kings.再是,最有可能的,現在,然後取出,無論是軍事陪同考察,或加強輝煌的宗教慶祝活動,或許也符合ungodly命令的邪惡國王。 However this may be, the chronicler tells us that Josias commanded the Levites to return it to its place in the temple, and forbade them to take it thence in the future (2 Chronicles 35:3).然而,這可能是,該chronicler告訴我們, Josias指揮,以利恢復其在寺院,並禁止他們是否可以再在未來(歷代誌下35:3 ) 。 But the memory of its sacredness was soon to pass away.但是,內存的神聖很快去世。 In one of his prophecies referring to the Messianic times, Jeremias announced that it would be utterly forgotten: "They shall say no more: The ark of the covenant of Yahweh: neither shall it come upon the heart, neither shall they remember it, neither shall it be visited, neither shall that be done any more" (Jeremiah 3:16).在他的預言指的是救世主的時候, Jeremias宣布,它將完全忘記了: “他們將不再多說:在約櫃的耶和華:既不應是它的心臟,他們也不再記得,既不不得訪問,既不應是要做更多的“ (耶利米3時16分) 。



As to what became of the Ark at the fall of Jerusalem, in 587 BC, there exist several traditions, one of which has found admittance in the sacred books.至於什麼是方舟的秋天在耶路撒冷,在公元前587 ,還存在著一些傳統的,其中一個已經發現納在神聖的書籍。 In a letter of the Jews of Jerusalem to them that were in Egypt, the following details are given as copied from a writing of Jeremias:在信中對猶太人的耶路撒冷,他們是在埃及,下面的細節作為複製從書面Jeremias :

The prophet, being warned by God, commanded that the tabernacle and the ark should accompany him, till he came forth to the mountain where Moses went up and saw the inheritance of God.先知,被警告的上帝,指揮的窩棚和方舟應該陪他,直到他來到了山區的摩西上升,看到上帝的繼承權。 And when Jeremias came thither he found a hollow cave and he carried in thither the tabernacle and the ark and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.當Jeremias來到對岸,他發現一個空洞的洞穴,他在那兒進行的窩棚和方舟和祭壇上香,所以停止了門。 Then some of them that followed him, came up to mark the place; but they could not find it.然後,其中一些人是跟著他來到了紀念的地方,但他們無法找到它。 And when Jeremias perceived it, he blamed them saying: the place shall be unknown, till God gather together the congregation of the people and receive them to mercy.當Jeremias知覺,他指責他們說:地方應是未知的,直到上帝聚集一堂的聚集和人民得到他們擺佈。 And then the Lord will shew these things, and the majesty of the Lord shall appear, and there shall be a cloud as it was also shewed to Moses, and he shewed it when Solomon prayed that the place might be sanctified to the great God.然後上帝將蔡堅這些事情,和雄偉的主應出現,並須有雲,因為它也shewed摩西,他shewed時所羅門祈禱的地方可能是神聖偉大的上帝。 (2 Maccabees 2:4-8) ( 2馬加比2:4-8 )

According to many commentators, the letter from which the above-cited lines are supposed to have been copied cannot be regarded as possessing Divine authority; for, as a rule, a citation remains in the Bible what it was outside of the inspired writing; the impossibility of dating the original document makes it very difficult to pass a judgment on its historical reliability.許多評論家認為,這封信從上述線路所要複製已不能被視為具有神聖的權力;的,作為一項規則,引文是聖經中的這是什麼以外的啟發寫作;的不可能追溯到原始文件使人們很難通過判斷其歷史的可靠性。 At any rate the tradition which it embodies, going back at least as far as two centuries before the Christian era, cannot be discarded on mere a priori arguments.無論如何傳統的體現,回去至少就兩百年前的公元,不能被拋棄的僅僅是先驗的論點。

The Apocalypse of Esdras啟示埃斯德拉斯

Side by side with this tradition, we find another mentioned in the Apocalypse of Esdras; according to this latter, the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the victorious army that ransacked Jerusalem after having taken it (IV Esd., x, 22). This is certainly most possible, so much the more that we learn from 2 Kings 25 that the Babylonian troops carried away from the temple whatever brass, silver, and gold they could lay their hands upon.並肩與這一傳統,我們找到另一個提到的啟示埃斯德拉斯;根據這一後者,約櫃是由戰勝國軍隊洗劫耶路撒冷後,把它(四公共服務電子化。 ,第十,第22條) 。這當然是最有可能,這樣,我們更多的學習列王紀下25日說,巴比倫軍隊帶走廟無論黃銅,銀,金,他們可以染指的呼籲。

The Talmud該塔木德

At any rate, either of these traditions is certainly more reliable than that adopted by the redactors of the Talmud, who tell us that the Ark was hidden by King Josias in a most secret place prepared by Solomon in case the temple might be taken and set on fire.無論如何,這兩種傳統的當然是更可靠的比通過編纂的塔木德,誰告訴我們,方舟是隱藏的國王Josias在最秘密的地方編制的情況下所羅門廟可能採取和設置起火。 It was a common belief among the rabbis of old that it would be found at the coming of the Messias.這是一個共同的信念之間的猶太老,它會發現在今後的弭賽亞。 Be this as it may, this much is unquestionable; namely that the Ark is never mentioned among the appurtenances of the second temple.這是因為它可能,有一點是不容置疑的;即方舟是從未提及的附屬物的第二次廟會。 Had it been preserved there, it would most likely have been now and then alluded to, at least on occasion of such ceremonies as the consecration of the new temple, or the re-establishment of the worship, both after the exile and during the Machabean times.如果它保存有,它最有可能現在已經然後提到,至少在紀念儀式等作為奉獻的新廟,或重新建立信仰,都在流亡期間和Machabean倍。 True, the chronicler, who lived in the post-exilian epoch, says of the Ark (2 Chronicles 5:9) that "it was been there unto this day".誠然, chronicler ,誰住在後exilian時代,說的方舟(歷代誌下五點零九)說, “這是你們已經有這一天。 ” But it is commonly admitted on good grounds that the writer mentioned made use of, and wove together in his work, without as much as changing one single word of them, narratives belonging to former times.但它通常是承認很好的理由,作者提到了使用,並織在一起他的工作,沒有了變化的一個單一的詞人,說明屬於前倍。 If, as serious commentators admit, the above-recorded passage be one of these "implicit citations", it might be inferred thence that the chronicler probably did not intend to assert the existence of the Ark in the second temple.如果是嚴重評論家承認,上面記錄的通道之一,這些“隱性引用” ,可以推斷那裡的chronicler可能並不打算斷言存在的方舟第二寺廟。


Catholic tradition, led by the Fathers of the Church, has considered the Ark of the Covenant as one of the purest and richest symbols of the realities of the New Law.天主教的傳統,由父親教會,審議了約櫃作為一個純粹的和最富有的象徵現實的新法律。 It signifies, in the first place, the Incarnate Word of God.這意味著,擺在首位,在降生天主的聖言。 "Christ himself", says St. Thomas Aquinas, "was signified by the Ark. For in the same manner as the Ark was made of setim wood, so also was the body of Christ composed of the most pure human substance. The Ark was entirely overlaid with gold, because Christ was filled with wisdom and charity, which gold symbolizes. In the Ark there was a golden vase: this represents Jesus' most holy soul containing the fulness of sanctity and the godhead, figured by the manna. There was also Aaron's rod, to indicate the sacerdotal of Jesus Christ priest forever. Finally the stone tables of the Law were likewise contained in the Ark, to mean that Jesus Christ is the author of the Law". “基督自己”說,多瑪斯, “是標誌著由阿肯色州的方式一樣方舟有人setim木材,因此也被基督的奧體組成的最純粹的人類物質。是的方舟完全覆蓋黃金,因為基督充滿了智慧和慈善機構,它象徵著黃金。在方舟有一個黃金花瓶:這是耶穌的最神聖的靈魂含有豐富的神聖和神格,佔有的甘露。有還克阿倫的棒,表明sacerdotal耶穌基督牧師永遠。最後,石表法也同樣載於方舟,意味著耶穌基督的作者法“ 。 To these point touched by the Angel of the Schools, it might be added that the Ascension of Christ to heaven after His victory over death and sin is figured by the coming up of the Ark to Sion. St.這些點感動的天使的學校,可以說,耶穌升天升天後,他戰勝死亡和罪惡的是計算未來的方舟,以錫永。街 Bonaventure has also seen in the Ark a mystical representation of the Holy Eucharist.卡魯也出現在方舟一種神秘的代表性聖體聖事。 In like manner the Ark might be very well regarded as a mystical figure of the Blessed Virgin, called by the Church the "Ark of the Covenant" - Faederis Arca.在同樣的方式方舟可能是很好視為一個神秘人物的聖母,呼籲教會的“約櫃” -F aederis方舟。

Publication information Written by Charles L. Souvay.出版信息撰稿:查爾斯L Souvay 。 Transcribed by Michael T. Barrett.轉錄由邁克爾巴雷特。 Dedicated to Sean Mazza The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume I. Published 1907.致力於肖恩Mazza天主教百科全書,體積一發布1907年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.紐約:羅伯特阿普爾頓公司。 Nihil Obstat, March 1, 1907. Nihil Obstat , 07年三月1日。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.雷米Lafort ,性病,檢查員。 Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York認可。 +約翰法利樞機主教,大主教紐約


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Noah's Ark諾亞方舟

Catholic Information 天主教新聞

The Hebrew name to designate Noah's Ark, the one which occurs again in the history of Moses' childhood, suggests the idea of a box of large proportions, though the author of Wisdom terms it a vessel (Wisdom 14:6).希伯萊名字指定的諾亞方舟,一個再次發生的歷史上摩西的童年,建議的想法中大的比例,但作者的智慧這方面的船隻(智慧十四時06 ) 。 The same conclusion is reached from the dimensions attributed to it by the Bible narrative: three hundred cubits in length, fifty in breadth, and thirty in height.同樣的結論達成的層面歸因於它的聖經敘事: 300肘的長度,寬度在50和30的高度。 The form, very likely foursquare, was certainly not very convenient for navigation, but, as has been proven by the experiments of Peter Jansen and M. Vogt, it made the Ark a very suitable device for shipping heavy cargoes and floating upon the waves without rolling or pitching.的形式,很可能正方形,當然不是非常方便的導航,但是,已經證明了實驗的彼得揚森和M.小柳,它方舟一個非常合適的裝置的重型貨物運輸和浮動後無波滾動或投球。 The Ark was constructed of gofer wood, or cypress, smeared without and within with pitch, or bitumen, to render it water-tight.方舟建造的gofer木材,或檜,塗不和與球場內,或瀝青,使其與水緊。 The interior contained a certain number of rooms distributed among three stories. The text mentions only one window, and this measuring a cubit in height, but there existed possibly some others to give to the inmates of the Ark air and light.內部載有一定數量的客房分佈在三個故事。案文中提到只有一個窗口,這個測量肘的高度,但可能存在其他一些國家給犯人的方舟空氣和光。 A door had also been set in the side of the Ark; God shut it from the outside when Noah and his family had gone in. Apart from Noah's family, the Ark was intended to receive and keep animals that were to fill the earth again (Genesis 6:19-20; 7:2-3) and all the food which was necessary for them.門還建立了在一邊的方舟;上帝關閉它從外面時,諾亞和他的家人已經英寸除了諾亞家庭,方舟的目的是接收和保存動物,填補了地球上再次(創世記6:19-20 ; 7:2-3 )和所有的食品是必要的他們。 After the Flood, the Ark rested upon the mountains of Armenia (Genesis 8:4 -- according to Vulgate and Douay, the mountains of Ararat, according to Authorized Version).洪水後,方舟休息後山亞美尼亞(創8時04分-根據武加大和D ouay,山區的阿拉拉特,根據授權版本) 。 Tradition is divided as to the exact place where the Ark rested. Josephus (Ant., I, iii, 6), Berosus (Eus., Praep. Ev., IX, ii, PG, XXI, 697), Onkelos, Pseudo-Jonathan, St. Ephrem, locate it in Kurdistan.傳統的劃分,以確切的地點方舟休息。約瑟夫( Ant. ,第一,三,六) , Berosus ( Eus. , Praep 。電動車。 ,九,二,前列腺素, 21 , 697 ) , Onkelos ,偽喬納森,聖弗雷姆,找到它的庫爾德斯坦。 Berosus relates that a part of Xisuthrus's ship still remained there, and that pilgrims used to scrape off the bitumen from the wreck and make charms of it against witchcraft. Jewish and Armenian tradition admitted Mount Ararat as the resting place of the Ark.關於Berosus一個組成部分Xisuthrus的船舶仍然存在,而且朝聖者用來擦了瀝青的殘骸和魅力,這對巫術。猶太人和亞美尼亞傳統承認阿拉拉特山作為長眠之地的阿肯色州 In the first century BC the Armenians affirmed that remnants of it could yet be seen.在公元前一世紀的亞美尼亞人申明,殘留物的可能還待觀察。 The first Christians of Apamea, in Phrygia, erected in this place a convent called the monastery of the Ark, where a feast was yearly celebrated to commemorate Noah's coming out of the Ark after the Flood.第一個基督徒阿帕米亞,在Phrygia ,豎立在這個地方稱為修道院修道院的方舟,在每年的節日慶祝是為了紀念諾亞走出方舟洪水後。

Suffice it to remark that the text of Genesis 8:4 mentioning Mount Ararat is somewhat lacking in clearness, and that nothing is said in the Scripture concerning what became of the Ark after the Flood.只要是該文提及的成因八時04分山阿拉拉特有點缺乏清晰,並沒有說聖經中的關於什麼是方舟的洪水後。 Many difficulties have been raised, especially in our epoch, against the pages of the Bible in which the history of the Flood and of the Ark is narrated.許多困難已經提出,尤其是在我們的時代,對網頁聖經中的歷史洪水和方舟的敘述。 This is not the place to dwell upon these difficulties, however considerable some may appear.這是不適合談這些困難,但相當一些可能會出現。 They all converge towards the question whether these pages should be considered as strictly historical throughout, or only in their outward form.他們都靠攏的問題是這些網頁應被視為嚴格的整個歷史,或只在其離港形式。 The opinion that these chapters are mere legendary tales, Eastern folklore, is held by some non-Catholic scholars; according to others, with whom several Catholics side, they preserve, under the embroidery of poetical parlance, the memory of a fact handed down by a very old tradition.認為,這些章節僅僅是傳奇的故事,東歐民俗,是由一些非天主教學者,根據其他國家,他們幾個天主教徒方面,他們保存下,刺繡的詩意的說法,內存的一個事實下來的非常古老的傳統。 This view, were it supported by good arguments, could be readily accepted by a Catholic; it has, over the age-long opinion that every detail of the narration should be literally interpreted and trusted in by the historian, the advantage of suppressing as meaningless some difficulties once deemed unanswerable.這種觀點認為,它支持了良好的論點,可隨時接受了天主教;它,年齡超過長認為,每一個細節的敘述應該字面解釋和信賴的歷史學家的優勢壓制的意義一些困難,曾經被認為無法回答。

Publication information Written by Charles L. Souvay.出版信息撰稿:查爾斯L Souvay 。 Transcribed by Michael T. Barrett.轉錄由邁克爾巴雷特。 Dedicated to Sean Mazza The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume I. Published 1907.致力於肖恩Mazza天主教百科全書,體積一發布1907年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.紐約:羅伯特阿普爾頓公司。 Nihil Obstat, March 1, 1907. Nihil Obstat , 1907年三月一日。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.雷米Lafort ,性病,檢查員。 Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York認可。 +約翰法利樞機主教,大主教紐約

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