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The word atonement, constructed from at and one, means "to set at one" or "to reconcile."這個詞贖罪,建造在一個,意思是“建立在一個”或“調和” 。 In Christian theology, atonement denotes the doctrine of the reconciliation of God and man accomplished by the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. There have been three major theories of atonement: the ransom theory, the Anselmian theory, and the Abelardian theory.在基督教神學,是指贖罪的理論和解的上帝和人類所完成的受難和死亡的耶穌基督。已有三個主要的理論贖罪:贖金理論, Anselmian理論, Abelardian理論。 The ransom theory, first propounded by Origen (c.185-254), was developed from Mark 10:45 and explained the atonement as a price paid by God in Christ to the devil.贖金理論,第一次提出了奧利( c.185 - 254 ) ,是從馬克10:45 ,並解釋了作為一個贖罪所付出的代價上帝在基督裡的魔鬼。 Saint Anselm (c.1033-1109) explained the atonement as an act of satisfaction paid by Christ as man to God, who demanded from man perfect obedience to the law, which he could not fulfill because of his sinfulness.聖安瑟倫( c.1033 - 1109 )解釋了贖罪的行為感到滿意支付基督為人類的上帝,誰從人要求完美的服從法律,他不能滿足,因為他的罪孽。 The exemplarist theory of Peter Abelard (1079-1142) viewed Christ's death as an inspiring appeal of love evoking in the sinner a response of love, thus removing his sin. exemplarist理論的彼得亞伯拉德( 1079年至一一四二年)認為基督的死亡是一個鼓舞人心的呼籲喚起的愛的罪人回應的愛,從而消除他的罪孽。

Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers developed the Anselmian theory in the direction of penal substitution. Liberal theologians have reverted to an Abelardian type of explanation.馬丁路德,約翰卡爾文,和其他改革者開發Anselmian理論方向的刑罰替代。自由主義神學家已經恢復到一個Abelardian類型的解釋。 Gustav Aulen and other Swedish theologians have recently advocated a return to the ransom theory conceived in terms of victory over the powers of evil.古斯塔夫Aulen和其他瑞典神學最近主張返回贖金理論構想方面戰勝了邪惡的權力。

In Jewish theology, stress is placed on personal acts of atonement; vicarious atonement is given little importance (see also Yom Kippur).在猶太神學,強調的是對個人的行為贖罪;替代贖罪是很少的重要性(見贖罪日) 。

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