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The ideas of this group can be traced back to John Sadler's book, The Rights of the Kingdom (1649), but its modern form originated with John Wilson's Our Israelitish Origin (1814).思想的這一組可以追溯到約翰薩德勒的書的權利,英國( 1649年) ,但它的現代形式起源與約翰威爾遜的我們Israelitish起源( 1814年) 。 The first society to propagate British Israelite views was the Anglo - Saxon Association founded in England in 1879.第一次社會宣傳英國的觀點以色列人是盎格魯-撒克遜人協會成立於1 879年在英格蘭。 Today British Israelitism is in decline and only a few scattered groups remain; however, their influence in a somewhat distorted form is to be found in publications like Herbert W Armstrong's The Plain Truth.今天英國Israelitism是在減少,只有少數仍然是分散的群體,但其影響力,有些是歪曲的形式中可以找到類似的出版物赫伯特W阿姆斯特朗的明擺著的事實。

There is no authorized version of British Israelitism, but the following outline summarizes their main views.沒有授權版本的Israelitism英國,但下面的提綱總結他們的主要觀點。 In the Bible God promised Abraham that as long as the sun and moon and stars endure Israel would survive as a nation.聖經中的上帝答應亞伯拉罕,只要太陽和月亮和星星忍受生存,以色列將作為一個民族。 From promises found in the OT it is clear that Israel must exist somewhere today and must have had a continuous existence as a national entity right back to the time of Abraham.從承諾中發現催產素很顯然,以色列必須存在某處今天,必須有一個持續的存在作為一個國家實體,右後衛的時間亞伯拉罕。 This required continuity means that the state of Israel, which came into existence in 1948, cannot be the nation of Israel. The present state of Israel is Jewish and therefore must not be confused with the historic nation of Israel.這就需要連續性意味著以色列國,這是存在於1948年,不能成為以色列的國家。目前的狀況是以色列猶太人,因此,絕不能混淆的歷史性的國家以色列。 Marshaling a variety of arguments from the Bible and history, British Israelitism argues that the Anglo - Saxon people are the true Israel.編排各種理由從聖經和歷史英國Israelitism認為,盎格魯-薩克遜人是真正的以色列。

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British Israelites claim that after the destruction of David's kingdom, Zedekiah's daughters (Jer. 41:10) escaped death in Egypt (Jer. 44:12 - 14) and took refuge (Isa. 37:31 - 32) in one of the "isles of the sea" (Jer. 31:10) to which they sailed in a ship with Jeremiah.英國聲稱,以色列人後銷毀大衛的王國, Zedekiah的女兒( Jer. 41:10 )逃過一劫在埃及( Jer. 44:12 -1 4)和避難(以賽亞書3 7:31- 32 )在一個“小島的海洋“ ( Jer. 31:10 )它們的航行,船舶與耶利米。 These "isles" were Ireland, from where their descendants reached England and became the royal house.這些“小島”是愛爾蘭,從那裡他們的後代達到英格蘭隊,成為王室。 Thus the British royal family is directly linked to the house of David.因此,英國王室有直接聯繫的房子大衛。 The common people, however, reached England after wandering through the continent of Europe, where they were "sifted through many nations" (Amos 9:9). In the course of this sifting some true Israelites remained in western Europe, enabling British Israelitism to claim members in Germany, the Netherlands, and other parts of the Anglo - Saxon world.普通百姓,但是,英格蘭隊後,達成遊蕩通過歐洲大陸,他們在那裡“喜憂參半許多國家” (阿莫斯9時09分) 。在這一過程中篩選一些真正的猶太人仍然在西歐,使英國向Israelitism要求成員在德國,荷蘭,和其他地方的盎格魯-撒克遜人的世界。

With the Israelite origins of the British people established, OT prophecies are applied to the history of the British empire.隨著以色列人起源的英國人建立,催產素的預言適用於歷史的英帝國。 America is included in the scheme by the application of Gen. 49:22, which is said to predict the emigration of the Pilgrim fathers, who left their relatives behind to establish a new nation.美國已被列入計劃中的應用上將49:22 ,據說這是預測移民的朝聖者的父親,誰離開他們的親屬後面建立一個新國家。 In addition to taking a highly literalist view of the Bible, British Israelites believe that the Great Pyramid of Egypt enshrines these truths in its measurements, which are sacred.除了採取高度拘泥字義認為聖經,英國的以色列人認為,大金字塔的埃及供奉這些真理在其測量,這是神聖的。

British Israelitism is not a sect or a cult but rather a fellowship which is to be found in many churches.英國Israelitism不是一個教派或一個邪教,而是一個研究是可以找到許多教堂。 At its height, around 1900, it claimed over two million members.在其身高, 1900年左右,它聲稱超過200萬成員。 Today its membership consists of several thousand rather elderly people.今天,其成員由幾千而不是老年人。 A careful examination of the texts used by British Israelites to support their arguments shows that they flout the rules of biblical exegesis.仔細審查了文本所使用的英國猶太人,以支持他們的論點表明他們蔑視規則的聖經註釋。 Even if their arguments were true, Paul's comment in Col. 3:11 would indicate that they are unimportant.即使他們的論點是真的,保羅的評論上校三時十一表明,它們是不重要的。 British Israelitism fails to recognize that the promises of God in the OT were sometimes conditional (Deut. 28:58 - 68; 1 Sam. 2:30), while in other places prophetic language has a symbolic or poetic quality.英國Israelitism沒有認識到上帝的承諾,在催產素,有時有條件(申命記28:58 -6 8: 1薩姆。 2 :30) ,而在其他地方先知的語言,一個象徵性的或詩意的質量。 The historical arguments of British Israelites are equally tenuous and no reputable historian supports them.歷史的論點英國以色列人也同樣脆弱的,沒有信譽的歷史學家支持他們。 Although the Bible does not explicitly state the fact, it is clear that the so - called lost tribes of Israel were largely absorbed into the tribe of Judah.雖然聖經沒有明確的事實狀態,很明顯,所以-所謂的失去了部落的以色列基本上吸收到的猶太部落。

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