National Conference of Christians and Jews全國會議的基督徒和猶太人

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The National Conference of Christians and Jews, with headquarters in New York City, is a nationwide ecumenical organization founded in 1928 to advance friendship and cooperation among Protestants, Catholics, and Jews.全國會議的基督徒和猶太人,總部設在紐約市,是一個全國性的基督教組織,成立於1928年以推動友誼和合作的新教徒,天主教徒和猶太人。 In its efforts to promote a fair society in which differences are respected and prejudices overcome, the conference helps diverse groups to discover their common ground, and tries to develop the processes and strategies for solutions to areas of conflict.在努力促進公平的社會中受到尊重的分歧和偏見,克服,這次會議有助於不同群體發現他們的共同點,並試圖發展進程和戰略來解決衝突地區。

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It appears that the NCCJ has recently decided to change its name. The new name is National Conference for Community and Justice. It has also been mentioned to us that the author of the above information might be incorrect in the date of formation, it being 1927 instead.看來, NCCJ最近已決定改變其名稱。新的名稱是國民大會對社區和司法。也有人提到,我們認為作者的上述信息可能是不正確的日期的形成,它被1927年代替。

The BELIEVE Religious Information Source web site is not connected with the organization described in this presentation. This happens to be ONE of the 1,000 religious subjects which are included in BELIEVE.該相信宗教信息來源網站沒有連接與該組織中所描述此演示。這種情況將是1000宗教科目列入相信。

Our small Protestant Christian Church, which created and maintains the BELIEVE site, has no contact with the organization described here, so we cannot help in providing contacts or addresses. In addition, since BELIEVE does not "sell" anything, we cannot help in finding books, icons or souvenirs.我們的小基督教新教,創造和維護相信網站,沒有接觸該組織介紹,所以我們不能幫助提供接觸或地址。此外,由於相信沒有“賣”什麼,我們不能幫助尋找書籍,圖標或紀念品。

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