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The Elect are those chosen by God for some special purpose (Ps. 106:23; Isa. 43:20; 45:4).該電器是上帝選擇的一些特殊用途(詩篇106:23 ;伊薩。 43:20 ; 45:4 ) 。 Among the Elect mentioned in Scripture are Moses, the Israelites, Christ, angels, and Christ's disciples.在選舉中提到的聖經是摩西,以色列人,耶穌,天使,和基督的門徒。

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General Information 一般信息

Election is God's eternal decree to choose from sinners deserving condemnation those whom He will Save, providing Salvation through Christ and the Holy Spirit.選舉是上帝的永恆的法令,選擇值得譴責罪人的人,他將保存,通過提供救國基督和聖靈。

The source of Election is in God alone (John 6:37, 44; Eph. 1:4). The cause is His compassionate Mercy and His own Glory. The objects of Election are individual men (Matt. 22:14; John 15:19; Rom. 8:29; 9:13, 15, 18 22).來源的選舉是在只有上帝(約翰6時37 , 44 ;厄。 1:4 ) 。原因是他的同情心的慈善和他自己的榮耀。對象的選舉是個人男女(瑪特泰22:14 ;約翰15 : 19 ;光盤。 8點29分, 9點13 , 15 , 18 22 ) 。

Elect, Election選舉,選舉

Advanced Information 先進的信息

Scripture employs a rich vocabulary to express several aspects of God's sovereign election, choice, and predestination.聖經擁有豐富的詞彙來表達幾個方面的上帝的主權選舉,選擇,並預定。 Five types of election call for distinction.五種類型的選舉呼籲區別。

  1. There is only one reference to "the elect angels" (1 Tim. 5:21; cf. 1 Cor. 6:3; 2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 6).只有一個提到“選舉天使” ( 1蒂姆。 5時21分;比照。一日心病。 6時03分, 2寵物。 2:4 ;裘德6 ) 。

  2. Election to service or office is evident in God's sovereign choice of David as Israel's king (1 Sam. 16:7 - 12) and in Jesus' choosing of the disciples and apostles (Luke 6:13; John 6:70; 15:16; Acts 9:15; 15:7).選舉服務或辦公室是顯而易見的上帝的主權選擇大衛作為以色列的國王( 1薩姆。十六點零七-1 2)和耶穌的選擇門徒和使徒(路6時1 3分;約翰6 :70; 1 5:16 ;行為9:15 ; 15時07分) 。

  3. The election of Abraham's descendants to form the theocratic nation of Israel is a common biblical theme (Deut.4:37; 7:6 - 7; 10:15; 1 Kings 3:8; Isa. 44:1 - 2; 45:4; 65:9, 15, 22; Amos 3:2; Acts 13:17; Rom. 9:1 - 5).選舉亞伯拉罕的後裔,形成神權國家對以色列是一種常見的聖經主題( Deut.4 : 37 ; 7點06分-7 ; 1 0:15;列王紀上3點0 8分;伊薩。 4 4:1- 2; 4 5 : 4 ; 65:9 , 15日, 22日;阿莫斯3:2 ;行為13:17 ;光盤。 9:1 -5 ) 。 The election of Israel originated in God's sovereign choice, expressed his covenantal love, and served the goal of redemptive history culminating in Jesus Christ.這次選舉,以色列起源於上帝的主權選擇,他表示covenantal愛情,送達的目標救贖歷史最終耶穌基督。

  4. The election of the Messiah is a fourth type of election. Isaiah referred to the servant of the Lord as "my chosen one" (42:1; cf. Matt. 12:18).選舉彌賽亞是第四類選舉。以賽亞提到的僕人上帝為“我的選擇之一” ( 42:1 ;比照。馬特。 12:18 ) 。 Of the Synoptics only Luke refers to Jesus as the Chosen One (9:35; 23:35). Synoptics的只有盧克是指耶穌的選擇之一( 9:35 ; 23:35 ) 。 Peter echoes another Isaiah reference (28:16) in 1 Pet.彼得迴聲另一個以賽亞參考( 28:16 ) 1寵物。 1:20 and 2:4, 6. 1:20和2:4 , 6 。 These references indicate the unique mediatorial office of Christ and the Father's pleasure in him.這些提法表明了獨特的mediatorial辦公室基督和父親在他很高興。 It is an election basic to the final type,這是一個基本的選舉的最後類型,

  5. election to salvation, with which the rest of this article is concerned.當選為救國,與其他本文關注。

The most common NT reference to election is God's eternal election of certain persons to salvation in Jesus Christ.最常見的新台幣提及選舉是上帝的永恆的選舉某些人得救的耶穌基督。 The subject is dealt with comprehensively in Eph.這個問題涉及全面的麻黃鹼。 1:3 - 11 and Rom. 1:3 -1 1和光盤。 8:28 - 11:36. John Calvin, who became a major defender of the Reformed doctrine, saw the whole doctrine of election summarized in Eph. 8時28分-1 1:36。約翰凱爾文,誰成為一個主要的後衛的改革理論,認為整個選舉理論概括厄。 1. 1 。 All the Reformed confessions include divine election, but the Canons of Dort, reflecting the controversy with the Arminians, provide the greatest detail.所有的改革包括神聖的供詞選舉,但規的多特,這反映了爭議與阿敏念派,提供了最大的細節。 Election is part of God's eternal decree and it has a soteriological role: "That some in time are given faith by God and that others are not given faith proceeds from His eternal decree" (1.6).選舉是上帝的永恆的法令,並具有soteriological的作用: “這一些時間是給上帝的信仰和其他人沒有信仰的收益來自他的永恆的法令” ( 1.6 ) 。 Election is then defined as "the unchangeable purpose of God whereby, before the foundation of the world, out of the whole human race, which had fallen by its own fault out of its original integrity into sin and ruin, He has, according to the most free good pleasure of His will, out of mere grace, chosen in Christ to salvation a certain number of specific men, neither better nor more worthy than other, but with them involved in a common misery" (1.7).選舉,然後定義為“不變的宗旨,即上帝,在基礎的世界,在整個人類種族,其中下降了自己的過錯了其原有的完整性到罪惡和毀滅,他曾根據最自由的好高興,他將擺脫單純的寬限期,選擇在基督拯救了一些具體的男人,既不更好,也不更值得高於其他,但他們參與了一個共同的苦難“ ( 1.7 ) 。

Double predestination is the typical Reformed doctrine雙命是典型的改革理論

The Canons of Dort distinguish election and reprobation because the Scripture "declares that not all men are elect but that certain ones have not been elected, or have been passed by in the eternal election of God. These God out of His most free, most just, blameless, and unchangeable good pleasure has decreed to leave in the common misery into which they have by their own fault plunged themselves, and not to give them saving faith and the grace of conversion" and "finally to condemn and punish them eternally" for all their sins (1.15). Predestination thus includes election and reprobation, and reprobation involves both a sovereign passing by (preterition) and a just condemnation.該規例的多特區分選舉和非難,因為聖經“聲明,不是所有的男人,但選出的某些尚未選出,或已通過的選舉永恆的上帝。這些上帝了他最自由,最公正,無可指責,並且不可改變的好高興下令離開的共同苦難到他們自己的過錯投身,而不是讓他們的信念和拯救的恩典換算“和”終於譴責和懲罰他們永遠“的所有他們的罪孽( 1.15 ) 。預定因此,包括選舉和非難,並譴責涉及一個主權經過( preterition )和一個公正的譴責。

Principles of Election選舉原則

Six main features of election deserve attention.六個主要特徵的選舉值得關注。

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