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Both the OT and NT demonstrate a family solidarity that is alien to Western individualistic thought. The Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants involved the household in the covenant blessings. The OT formula "he and his house" referred to parents and their children of all ages.無論是催產素和NT證明一個家庭團結,是格格不入的西方個人主義思想。 亞伯拉罕,摩西,並Davidic公約涉及家庭中的契約祝福。在加時賽公式“ ,他和他的房子”是指父母及其子女的一切年齡。 Thus, wagons were sent by Pharaoh to bring to Egypt those members of the households of Joseph's brothers who could not walk (ie, old people and children, Gen. 45:18 - 19).因此,貨車被送往由法老把埃及這些成員的家庭約瑟夫的兄弟誰不能走路(即老人和兒童,將軍45:18 -1 9) 。 When Saul destroyed Ahimelech's household (1 Sam. 22:16 - 19), not even infants were spared.當索爾摧毀Ahimelech的家庭( 1薩姆。 22:16 -1 9) ,甚至沒有嬰兒倖免。 Household includes infants, as is seen in Gen. 17, where every male "in Abraham's house" was circumcised (including a baby eight days old).住戶包括嬰兒,這是從將軍17日,每個男性“在亞伯拉罕的房子”是割禮(包括一名嬰兒八天歲) 。 Deut. Deut 。 6 shows the importance of teaching children the revealed way of blessing, while Exod. 6顯示的重要性,教育兒童的顯示方式的祝福,同時Exod 。 12 includes children in the Passover meal. 12日包括兒童在逾越節餐。

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The NT also involves the household in salvation. 新台幣也涉及家庭的救助。 Acts 11:14 says: "Thou and all thy house shall be saved." In Acts 2:38 - 39 Peter states: "The promise is unto you and your children." 11時14分行為說: “你和所有你的房子應保存。 ”行為2時38 -3 9彼得說: “你們的承諾是你和你的孩子。 ” Household baptisms show that the whole family was involved in salvation (Acts 16:15, 33; 18:8; 1 Cor. 1:16). In 1 Cor.住戶洗禮表明,整個家庭參與拯救(使徒16:15 , 33 ; 18時08分, 1肺心病。 1點16 ) 。 在1肺心病。 7:12 - 16 Paul counsels believers to remain married to unbelievers: "For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy." Hence in some sense one believing parent sanctifies an entire household. Whether household salvation implies infant baptism is a disputed question. Nevertheless, scholars who disagree on baptism still unite in attributing high significance to the household in the economy of salvation. 7時12分-1 6保羅律師信徒仍然結婚的信教: “對於不信的丈夫是聖潔的妻子,不信的妻子是神聖的丈夫:別人是你的孩子不乾淨的,但現在他們是神聖的。 ”因此,在某種意義上,一個相信父母認可的整個家庭。 是否意味著家庭救助嬰兒的洗禮是一個有爭議的問題。儘管如此,學者對誰不團結的洗禮依然在高的意義歸於對家庭經濟的救贖。

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