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Literalism is a commitment to strict exactness of words or meanings in translation or interpretation. A literal translation seeks to represent as accurately as possible in one language the words which were written in another. 拘泥於字句是一種承諾,嚴格精確的詞或含義的翻譯或解釋。阿直譯力求代表盡可能準確地用一種語言的話寫在另一。 By way of contrast, a paraphrase translation seeks only to reproduce the meaning (or the translator's understanding of the meaning) of the original.相比之下,一個釋義翻譯只要求複製的含義(或譯者的理解的意思)的原始。

Most often literalism is used in connection with biblical interpretation.最常使用的拘泥於字句是與聖經的解釋。 Generally it seeks to discover the author's intent by focusing upon his words in their plain, most obvious sense.一般來說,試圖揭示作者的意圖,重點對他的話在平原,最明顯的意義。 The Jewish rabbis practiced an extreme form of literalism which stressed external and even minor points of OT or traditional requirements. They gave little thought to the intent or purpose that lay behind the texts with which they dealt and so received the condemnation of Jesus (Matt. 23:23 - 24; Mark 7:3 - 23).猶太拉比實行一種極端的形式,拘泥於字句,強調外部,甚至輕微點催產素或傳統的要求。他們給小思想的意圖或目的背後的文本,他們處理的,因此收到了譴責耶穌(瑪特泰23:23 -2 4;馬克7 :3- 23 )。 Medieval interpreters sought a fourfold meaning (the quadriga), literal, moral, allegorical, and anagogical, for every text.中世紀口譯尋求四倍的含義(在quadriga ) ,字面道德,寓言,並anagogical ,每案文。 The plain, literal meaning was considered the lowest and least important level of meaning and received little attention.在平原,字面意義被認為是最低的和最重要的意義和很少得到重視。 Disregard for the literal meaning led many of these theologians into sometimes wild speculations and vastly different allegorical or mystical interpretations for the same text.無視字面意義導致許多這些神學到有時野生猜測和千差萬別寓言或神秘的解釋為相同的文字。

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Luther and the other Reformers, rejecting multiple meanings for biblical passages, sought the single sense.路德和其他改革者,拒絕多重意義的聖經通道,尋求單一的意義。 This Luther described as "the very simplest, the literal, ordinary, natural sense."這路德稱為“非常簡單,從字面上,普通,自然常識。 ” Literalism in this sense remains as the central focus of conservative Protestant interpretation theory.拘泥於字句從這個意義上講仍然是關注的焦點保守的新教理論解釋。

Since the Reformation at least two main trajectories of thought have come to be associated with literalism.自改革至少有兩個主要的思想軌跡來與其拘泥於字句。 One attitude seems akin to that of the rabbis.一個態度似乎相近,在猶太教。 It approaches the text in such a strict, unimaginative way that word and letter are permitted to suppress the spirit of the text.該辦法中的文字這樣一個嚴格的,缺乏想像力的方式,文字和信被允許壓制精神的文字。 Interpretation becomes a mechanical, grammatical, logical process.解讀成為機械,語法,邏輯的進程。 In extreme forms this type of literalism makes no room for special consideration for figurative literary forms such as poetry or metaphor nor for the possibility of unique situations addressed by the author.在極端的形式這種類型的拘泥於字句作任何的餘地特別要考慮形象的文學形式,如詩歌或比喻也有可能特殊情況處理的作者。

Other contemporary adherents of literalism, no less devoted to finding the true meaning of the text as intended by the author, employ different attitudes and methodologies.其他當代信徒拘泥於字句,不專門找到真正意義上的文字意為作者,採用不同的態度和方法。 They seek to apply interpretative principles and rules with a sense of appropriateness and sensitivity.他們尋求申請的解釋性原則和規則的一種適宜性和敏感性。 In addition to grammatical and philosophical investigations they employ information about the author's historical and cultural situation that may aid in interpretation.除了語法和哲學的調查,他們聘請有關作者的歷史和文化狀況,可能有助於解釋。 Differing literary forms and genres are handled with methods suitable to their type.不同的文學形式和風格的處理方法適合其類型。 Individual passages are considered within their immediate context in the writing in which they appear as well as within the totality of Scripture.個別段落被認為是在其範圍內立即在書面看來,他們以及在全部經文。 These interpreters focus upon words and externals in order that these may lead them to the meaning and spirit of the text.這些口譯側重於文字和外部,以便使這些可能會導致它們的含義和精神的文字。 For them "literalism" means to seek the plain meaning without exaggeration, distortion, or inaccuracy.對於他們“拘泥於字句”是指尋求意義的平原毫不誇張地說,失真,或不準確的。

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