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The Major Orders are the senior or higher ranks, classes, or grades of the ordained ministry in the church in contradistinction from minor orders (porters, lectors, exorcists, and acolytes).訂單的主要是高級或更高的行列,階級,或職系的祝部在教堂裡對比從輕微的命令(搬運工,講師, exorcists和追隨者) 。 In the Roman Catholic Church there are three major orders, episcopacy, priesthood, and the diaconate.在羅馬天主教教會有三大訂單,主教,司鐸,並diaconate 。 These are seen to be of divine origin: "Christ, whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, has, through his apostles, made their successors, the bishops, partakers of his consecration and his mission. These in their turn have legitimately handed on to different individuals in the church various degrees of participation in this ministry. Thus the divinely established ecclesiastical ministry is exercised on different levels by those who from antiquity have been called bishops, priests and deacons" (Vatican Council II, Constitution on the Church).這些被認為是神聖來源: “基督,他父親被認可和融入世界,也通過他的使徒,使他們的繼任者,主教, partakers他的奉獻和他的使命。這些在其反過來又交給合法對不同的人在教堂裡不同程度的參與這一部。因此,神設立教會部行使不同層次的人誰從古代被稱為主教,司鐸和執事“ (梵蒂岡理事會二,憲法對教會) 。 Until 1972, when it was abolished, the subdiaconate had been included among the major orders.直到1972年,當時廢除, subdiaconate已列入之間的大訂單。

All who are in major orders are required to be celibate.所有誰是大訂單,都必須獨身。 To be a priest it is necessary first to be ordained deacon; to be a bishop it is necessary to have been ordained deacon and priest.要成為一個牧師,有必要首先要祝執事;是一個主教必須有被祝聖司鐸和執事。

In the Eastern, Orthodox, Anglican, and Old Catholic churches there is also agreement that the diaconate, priesthood, and episcopate are essential orders of ministry within the church.在東方,東正教,聖公會,與舊天主教教堂也一致認為, diaconate ,牧師和主教是必不可少的命令,部內的教堂。 The Eastern and Orthodox churches also have various minor orders of ministry.東部和東正教教堂也有各種小訂單部。 Most Protestant denominations reject the idea of both major and minor orders and recognize only one basic form of ordained ministry.大多數新教教派拒絕的想法,都主要和次要訂單和只承認一個基本形式祝部。

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