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Far from having evolved through the centuries of Israel's history, monotheism is an inspired insight revealed by God to his people. The God of the Bible, the Creator of all that exists, stands outside the universe and is not a part of it. Only three modern religions share this viewpoint, and all of them are based on the revealed religion of ancient Israel.遠遠沒有形成通過以色列百年的歷史,一神教是一個鼓舞有識之士所揭示的上帝他的人民。 上帝的聖經,造物主的一切存在,隨時以外的宇宙,而不是它的一部分。只有三個現代宗教分享了這一觀點,所有這些都基於宗教揭示古代以色列。

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Certain other modern religions, such as Zoroastrianism and Sikhism, teach forms of monotheism that are derived from former dualistic or polytheistic systems.其他一些現代宗教,如拜火教和錫克教,教授形式的一神教這是來自前二元或多神教系統。 Unlike the three religions based on the Bible, they suggest that God is a part of the universe and not separate from it. Only the OT religion and its derivatives proclaim one God who is transcendent by nature and immanent only by condescension and grace (see Isa. 57:15).不同的是三大宗教的聖經,他們認為上帝是一部分的宇宙,而不是脫離它。 只有宗教和催產素及其衍生物宣布一個上帝誰是超然的性質和內在的只有屈尊和寬限期 (見伊薩。 57:15 ) 。

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