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One of several forms of Modalistic Monarchianism that appeared in the 3d and 4th centuries AD, Sabellianism was a Christian heresy named after Sabellius, a priest excommunicated by Pope Callistus I in 220.其中幾種形式的形態神格唯一出現在3d和公元4世紀,撒伯流主義是一種基督教異端命名撒伯流,逐出教會牧師教皇卡利斯圖斯I在220個國家。 Denying the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, Sabellius contended that God is three only in relation to the world, in so many "manifestations" or "modes."不可否認的基督教教義的三位一體,撒伯流爭辯說,上帝是3只在與世界,在如此眾多的“表現”或“模式。 ” The unity and identity of God are such that the Son of God did not exist before the incarnation; because the Father and the Son are thus one, the Father suffered with the Son in his passion and death (a view called Patripassionism).團結和上帝的身份是這樣,上帝之子不存在之前的化身,因為父子,因此一,父親遭受的兒子在他的激情和死亡(所謂以Patripassionism ) 。

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Eusebius of Caesarea and Athanasius were adversaries of Sabellianism, along with Hippolytus of Rome, Tertullian, and Dionysius of Alexandria.該撒利亞的優西比烏和亞他那修了對手的撒伯流主義,連同西波呂的羅馬,良,狄奧尼修斯和亞歷山大。 The heresy was condemned by a synod of Rome in 262.該譴責異端由羅馬主教在262 。

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