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Hagiography is the writing of the lives of Saints . Hagiography是書面的生命聖徒 Generally the written lives of saints resemble the style of other writings of the same period but with the intention of demonstrating the power and holiness present in the saints' lives, especially the miracles attributed to them.一般來說,書面生命聖人的風格相似的其他著作的同一時期,但其意圖是表明權力和神聖目前在聖人的生活,尤其是奇蹟歸功於他們。 In the 17th century, a group of Jesuits who became known as the Bollandists set about scientifically studying the sources of saints' lives.在17世紀,一群耶穌誰被稱為Bollandists一套科學的學習來源的聖人的生命。 Their work was successful in bringing to light the historical situations of saints' lives, enabling scholars to separate legend from fact.他們的工作成功地使光的歷史情況聖人的生活,使學者從不同的傳奇人物的事實。 Modern hagiographers use the methods of contemporary biographical writing, studying extant sources and assessing their historical worth.現代hagiographers使用方法的當代傳記寫作,研究現存的來源和評估其歷史價值。

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