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God did not reveal himself in clearly defined Trinitarian terms in the OT.上帝沒有透露自己在明確界定的三位一體中的條款加時賽。 To do so would have provided needless temptations to polytheism in the light of ancient culture.這樣做提供了不必要的誘惑多神教,根據古老的文化。 But the OT prepares for the doctrine of the Trinity in several ways: (1) It uses a plural word for God (elohim) with singular verbs (Gen. 1:1 and often). (2) It employs various triadic formulas in reference to God (eg, the three - man visitation of Gen. 18:2, the triple name of the God of the patriarchs in Exod. 3:15 and often, and the thrice - spoken "Holy" of Isa. 6:3).但加時賽準備的理論,三一在幾個方面: ( 1 )它使用一個複數詞神(瑩)與奇異動詞(創1:1和經常) 。 ( 2 )它採用各種三位一體公式參考上帝(例如,三-男子探視的將軍1 8:2,三重名稱上帝的始祖在E xod。 3 :15,常常和三次-講“神聖”的伊薩。6時0 3分) 。 (3) The "angel of God / the Lord" sometimes refers to God as his sender, sometimes speaks as though he himself were God. ( 3 ) “天使的上帝/上帝”有時指上帝作為他的發件人,有時說話,好像他自己是上帝。 (4) Father, Spirit, and Word are all active in creation (Gen. 1:1 - 3; see also John 1:1 - 3). ( 4 )父親,精神和Word都積極創造(創1:1 -3 ;又見約翰1 :1- 3) 。

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