Native American Church美洲原住民教會

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The Native American Church is a religious body composed of Indians from several tribes mainly in the southwest United States.美洲原住民教會是一個宗教機構組成的印第安人部落的幾個主要在美國西南部。 The church combines some teachings of traditional Christianity with the sacramental use of the drug Peyote.教堂的教義結合一些傳統的基督教的聖禮使用的藥物Peyote 。 Peyote induces abnormal mental states or hallucinations when chewed, giving the user a sense of direct contact with God. Peyote誘導異常心理狀態或幻覺時,咀嚼,給用戶一種直接接觸的上帝。 The church's peyote ceremony is an all - night ritual.教會的peyote儀式是所有-晚上儀式。 Since the turn of the century efforts have been made to curtail the use of peyote in this ritual, and in 1990 the US Supreme Court ruled that it is not unconstitutional to prosecute church members for possession of peyote.自世紀之交作出了努力限制使用peyote在這個儀式,並在1990年,美國最高法院裁定,這不是違憲起訴教會成員擁有peyote 。 The movement began about 1890 among the Kiowa Indians but soon spread.該運動開始的1890年之間的基奧瓦印第安人,但很快蔓延。 Since 1918 the Native American Church has been formally incorporated in several Western states.自1918年以來美洲原住民教會已被正式納入了西方國家。 It is loosely organized, however, and lacks reliable membership figures.這是組織鬆散,但是,缺乏可靠的成員人數。

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