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Solipsism is the philosophical view that only the self exists or can be known to exist. In its most extreme form, solipsism holds that all perceived objects and events are merely the products of personal consciousness and that this consciousness alone is genuinely real. Most forms of solipsism, however, are derived from skepticism and argue that the only things of which genuine knowledge is possible are the mind and its contents; hence these alone may justifiably be said to exist.唯是哲學認為, 只有在自我存在,或可稱為存在。在其最極端形式,唯我認為, 所有的知覺對象和活動僅僅是產品的個人意識和獨立意識,這確實是真實的。大多數形式的唯我,但是,來自懷疑和認為,只有事情的真正的知識有可能是考慮到其內容;因此,這些就可能有理由說是存在的。 A variant of this form argues that only in the first person case is knowledge of the mind possible.一個變種,這種形式認為,只有在案件的第一人是知識的思想可能。 The problem of the minds of others has received considerable discussion in contemporary Anglo American philosophy.的問題,其他人的頭腦中已收到相當多的討論在當代英美哲學。

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