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(From: Dr. Alan C Clifford, Calvinus: Authentic Calvinism, (來自:博士阿蘭ç克利福, Calvinus :正宗加爾文主義,
A Clarification (Charenton Reformed Publishing, 1996)澄清(夏朗改革出版社, 1996年)


1. 1 。 Now Paul assumes it as an axiom which is received among all the pious....that the whole human race is obnoxious to a curse, and therefore that the holy people are blessed only through the grace of the Mediator...I therefore thus interpret the present place; that God promises to his servant Abram that blessing which shall afterwards flow down to all people.現在,保羅假定這是一個公理這是收到的所有虔誠....整個人類是令人厭惡的一個詛咒,因此,羅馬人幸運的寬限期只有通過調解...因此,我就此解釋本地方; ,上帝許諾給他的僕人艾布拉姆說,祝福應以後流動到所有的人。 Comment on Genesis 12:3評論成因12時03分

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2. 2 。 Christ was vividly represented in the person of the high priest...[who] bore the people itself upon his shoulders and before his breast, in such a manner that in the person of one, all might be presented familiarly before God.基督被生動地派代表參加人的大祭司... [誰]承擔人本身的肩上,在他的胸膛,以這種方式,在一個人的,所有可能是熟人介紹上帝面前。 Comment on Exodus 39:1出埃及記39:1評論

3. 3 。 We have stated elsewhere why the priests were to be dressed in garments different from others, since he who is the mediator between God and men should be free from all impurity and stain...Thus then the holy fathers were reminded, that under the image of a mortal man, another Mediator was promised, who, for the reconciliation of the human race, should present Himself before God with perfect and more than angelic purity.我們已在其他地方為什麼神父被穿著服裝不同於其他人,因為他誰是上帝之間的調解人和男子應免受各種雜質和染色...因此然後羅馬父親提醒,根據圖像一個必死的人,另一調解人答應,誰,和解人類,應該把自己打扮與完美的上帝面前以上天使般的純潔。 Comment on Leviticus 16:3評論利未記16點03分

4. 4 。 Christ...the Lamb of God, whose offering blotted out the sins of the world...Comment on Leviticus 16:7 ...基督,天主的羔羊,剝離了其提供的罪孽的世界...評利未記16時07分

5. 5 。 God could bear no defect in the priests; it follows, then, that a man of angelic purity was to be expected, who should reconcile God to the world. Comment on Leviticus 21:17上帝可以承擔任何缺陷祭司;它如下,然後,一個人的天使般的純潔是早在意料之中,誰應該調和神的世界。評利未記21點17

6. 6 。 ...the salvation brought by Christ is common to the whole human race, inasmuch as Christ, the author of salvation, is descended from Adam, the common father of us all. ...所帶來的救恩基督是共同全人類,因為基督救恩的作者,是從亞當,共同的父親對我們所有人。 Institutes, II.機構,二。 xiii.十三。 3

7. 7 。 First, we must understand that as long as Christ remains outside of us, and we are separated from him, all that he has suffered and done for the salvation of the human race remains useless and of no value for us. Institutes, III.首先,我們必須明白,只要是基督以外,我們分開,他所有,他遭受了做拯救人類仍然是無用的和沒有價值的,我們。研究所,三。 i.字母i. 1

8. 8 。 It is true that Saint John saith generally, that [God] loved the world. And why?誠然,聖約翰saith普遍,即[上帝]愛的世界。為什麼? For Jesus Christ offereth himself generally to all men without exception to be their redeemer...Thus we see three degrees of the love that God hath shewed us in our Lord Jesus Christ.耶穌基督offereth自己一般地適用於所有男女無例外地是他們的救世主...因此,我們看到3攝氏度的愛上帝shewed我們的主耶穌基督。 The first is in respect of the redemption that was purchased in the person of him that gave himself to death for us, and became accursed to reconcile us to God his Father.首先是關於救贖購買人的他,給了自己死刑的我們,並成為詛咒調和我們的上帝他的父親。 That is the first degree of love, which extendeth to all men, inasmuch as Jesus Christ reacheth out his arms to call and allure all men both great and small, and to win them to him.這是第一個愛的程度,這extendeth向所有的男子,因為耶穌基督reacheth他的武器和吸引力呼籲所有男人都非常小,並贏得他們給他。 But there is a special love for those to whom the gospel is preached: which is that God testifieth unto them that he will make them partakers of the benefit that was purchased for them by the death and passion of his Son.但是有一個特別的愛那些人宣講福音是:這是上帝testifieth告訴他們,他將讓他們partakers的利益,為他們購買的死亡和熱情的他的兒子。 And forasmuch as we be of that number, therefore we are double bound already to our God: here are two bonds which hold us as it were strait tied unto him.和forasmuch因為我們是這個數目,因此我們雙重約束已經向我們的上帝:這裡有兩個持有債券,因為它是我們兩岸並列告訴他。 Now let us come to the third bond, which dependeth upon the third love that God sheweth us: which is that he not only causeth the gospel to be preached unto us, but also maketh us to feel the power thereof, so as we know him to be our Father and Saviour, not doubting but that our sins are forgiven us for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, who bringeth us the gift of the Holy Ghost, to reform us after his own image.現在讓我們來的第三次債券,其中的三分之一dependeth愛上帝sheweth我們:這就是,他不僅causeth福音宣揚給我們,而且也maketh我們感受到力量不足,所以我們知道他是我們的父親和救主,不懷疑,但我們的罪孽是原諒我們為我們的主耶穌基督的緣故,誰bringeth的禮物我們的聖靈,改革後,我們自己的形象。 Sermons on Deuteronomy, p.說教的申命記,第 167

9. 9 。 ...our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the life and salvation of the world,... Sermons on 2 Samuel, p. ...我們的主耶穌基督,誰是企業的生命和拯救世界, ...講道的撒母耳記下,第 66

10. 10 。 For instance, let me think of myself in this way:...that God has bestowed grace upon the human race (in general) but that he has shown his grace to me (in particular), with the result that I am especially obligated to him.例如,讓我認為自己以這種方式: ...上帝賦予寬限期後人類(一般) ,但他已經表明他的恩典,我(尤其是) ,因此,我特別有義務給他。 Sermons on 2 Samuel, p.說教的撒母耳記下,第 357

11. 11 。 So, as it says in the Psalm [Ps.所以,因為它說的詩篇[聚苯乙烯。 51?], our Lord Jesus Christ has paid the debts of all sinners. 51 ? ] ,我們的主耶穌基督已支付的債務所有的罪人。 That is what I have mentioned from Isaiah: that all the chastisements were laid upon him (Isa. 53:4).這就是我剛才提到從以賽亞:所有chastisements被解僱後,他( Isa. 53:4 ) 。 What is this chastisement, if not satisfaction for all the sins that we have committed? Sermons on 2 Samuel, p.這是什麼懲罰,如果沒有滿意的所有的罪孽,我們已經承諾?講道的撒母耳記下,第 576

12. 12 。 True it is that the effect of [Christ's] death comes not to the whole world.這是真正的影響[基督]死是不是整個世界。 Nevertheless, forasmuch as it is not in us to discern between the righteous and the sinners that go to destruction, but that Jesus Christ has suffered his death and passion as well for them as for us, therefore it behoves us to labour to bring every man to salvation, that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may be available to them. Sermons on Job, p.然而, forasmuch因為它不是在我們辨別和正義之間的罪人說,去破壞,但遭受了耶穌基督的死亡和熱情以及他們對我們來說,因此,我們應該把勞工每一個男人救贖,這恩典,我們的主耶穌基督可以提供給它們。講道就業,第 548 (later interpolation deleted) 548 (後插值刪除)

13. 13 。 Let us fall down before the face of our good God...that it may please Him to grant His grace, not only to us, but also to all people and nations of the earth, bringing back all poor ignorant souls from the miserable bondage of error and darkness, to the right way of salvation... Sermons on Job, p.讓我們倒下之前,我們面對良好的上帝... ,它可能請他給予他的恩典,不僅給我們,而且也向所有國家和人民的地球,帶回所有的貧困無知的靈魂從痛苦債役誤差與黑暗,以正確的方式救贖...講道的工作,第 751 (Calvin's usual end of sermon prayer). 751 (卡爾文通常結束講道祈禱) 。

14. 14 。 The sinner, if he would find mercy, must look to the sacrifice of Christ, which expiated the sins of the world, glancing, at the same time, for the confirmation of his faith, to Baptism and the Lord's Supper; for it were vain to imagine that God, the Judge of the world, would receive us again into his favour in any other way than through a satisfaction made to his justice.的罪人,他是否會找到憐憫,必須面向基督的犧牲,這expiated的罪孽的世界,看了一眼,在同一時間,確認自己的信仰,對洗禮和聖餐,因為這是徒勞的想像上帝,法官的世界,將得到我們再次到他贊成以任何其他方式不是通過滿意了他繩之以法。 Comment on Psalm 51:9評論詩篇51:9

15. 15 。 Diligent as [David] was, therefore, in the practice of sacrifice, resting his whole dependence upon the satisfaction of Christ, who atoned for the sins of the world, he could yet honestly declare that he brought nothing to God in the shape of compensation, and that he trusted entirely to a gratuitous reconciliation.勤奮為[大衛]因此,在實踐中犧牲,他的整個休息依靠滿意的基督,誰彌補的罪孽的世界,他可能還沒有如實申報,他帶來了什麼上帝的形狀賠償,而且他相信一個完全無償和解。 Comment on Psalm 51:16評論詩篇51:16

16. 16 。 Hitherto he addressed the Jews alone, as if to them alone salvation belonged, but now he extends his discourse farther.到目前為止,他僅給猶太人,因為如果他們僅僅屬於救贖,但現在他的話語延伸得更遠。 He invites the whole world to the hope of salvation, and at the same time brings a charge of ingratitude against all the nations, who, being devoted to their own errors, purposely avoided, as it were, the light of life; for what could be more base than to reject deliberately their own salvation?...the Lord...invites all without exception to come to him...Now, we must 'look to him' with the eye of faith, so as to embrace the salvation which is exhibited to all through Christ; for 'God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him may not perish.'他請了整個世界的希望,救贖,同時帶來了忘恩負義負責對所有國家,誰,正在致力於自己的錯誤,故意迴避,因為它是,鑑於生活;為可能更基礎,而不是故意拒絕自己的救贖? ...上帝...請所有無例外來他...現在,我們必須'瞧他'的眼疾的信念,以擁抱救贖是通過展示所有基督;為'神愛世人,他只給他的獨生子,即任何人在他信可能不會滅亡。 (John 3:16). Comment on Isaiah 45:22 (約3:16 ) 。評以賽亞45:22

17. 17 。 Yet I approve of the ordinary reading, that he alone bore the punishment of many, because on him was laid the guilt of the whole world. It is evident from other passages, and especially from the fifth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, that 'many' sometimes denotes 'all'. Comment on Isaiah 53:12然而,我批准的普通讀,說,他獨自承擔了許多的處罰,因為他是有罪的規定整個世界。由此可見其他段落,尤其是第五章的使徒的羅馬人,這'許多'有時指'所有' 。評以賽亞53:12

18. 18 。 Yet I approve of the common reading, that He alone bore the punishment of many, because the guilt of the whole world was laid upon Him. It is evident from other passages...that 'many' sometimes denotes 'all'...That, then, is how our Lord Jesus bore the sins and iniquities of many.然而,我贊成共同閱讀,讓他獨自承擔懲罰許多,因為有罪整個世界奠定了他。很明顯從其他通道...這'許多'有時指'所有' ... ,那麼,是如何承擔我們的主耶穌基督的罪孽和罪孽許多。 But in fact, this word 'many' is often as good as equivalent to 'all'.但事實上,這個詞'許多'往往不如相當於'所有' 。 And indeed, our Lord Jesus was offered to all the world. For it is not speaking of three or four when it says: 'God so loved the world, that He spared not His only Son.'事實上,我們的主耶穌基督是提供給全世界所有。對於這是不是說三個或四個時說: '上帝愛世人,這不是他的,他不遺餘力的獨生子。 But yet we must notice what the Evangelist adds in this passage: 'That whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but obtain eternal life.'但是,然而,我們必須通知什麼是福音了在這一段: '這誰相信他應不至滅亡,但獲得永生。 Our Lord Jesus suffered for all and there is neither great nor small who is not inexcusable today, for we can obtain salvation in Him.我們的主耶穌基督,並為所有遭受既不存在很大也不小誰不是不可原諒的今天,我們可以得到拯救他。 Unbelievers who turn away from Him and who deprive themselves of Him by their malice are today doubly culpable.信教誰背離上帝,誰剝奪了他自己的今天,他們的惡意雙重懲罰。 For how will they excuse their ingratitude in not receiving the blessing in which they could share by faith?對於他們將如何辯解其忘恩負義在沒有得到的祝福,他們可以分享的信仰? And let us realize that if we come flocking to our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall not hinder one another and prevent Him being sufficient for each of us...Let us not fear to come to Him in great numbers, and each one of us bring his neighbours, seeing that He is sufficient to save us all. Sermons on Isaiah 53, pp.讓我們認識到,如果我們來到湧向我們的主耶穌基督,我們將不會妨礙彼此之間以及防止他被足夠我們每個人...讓我們不要擔心來他在偉大的號碼,以及我們每個人把他的鄰居,看到他是足以拯救我們所有人。講道的以賽亞53頁。 136, 141-4 136 , 141-4

19. 19 。 ...Not only were the death and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ sufficient for the salvation of the world, but that God will make them efficacious and that we shall see the fruit of them and even feel and experience it. ...不僅是死亡和熱情的我們的主耶穌基督足以拯救世界,但上帝讓他們有效的,而且我們將看到的成果,甚至他們的感覺和經驗。 Sermons on Isaiah 53, p.說教的以賽亞53 ,第 116

20. 20 。 For God, who is perfect righteousness, cannot love the iniquity which he sees in all.上帝,誰是完美的正義,不能愛的不公正,他認為,在所有。 All of us, therefore, have that within which deserves the hatred of God...Our acquittal is in this - that the guilt which made us liable to punishment was transferred to the head of the Son of God [Isa.我們大家,因此,這其中值得仇恨上帝...我們就是在這種無罪-的內疚使我們可能應受懲罰被移送主管上帝之子[伊薩。 53:12]...For, were not Christ a victim, we could have no sure conviction of his being...our substitute-ransom and propitiation. Institutes II. 53:12 ] ...因為,沒有基督的受害者,我們可以不相信他的信念...我們正在取代-贖金和和解。研究所二。 xvi.十六。 3, 5, 6 3 , 5 , 6

21. 21 。 Now we must see how God wishes all to be converted...But we must remark that God puts on a twofold character: for he here wishes to be taken at his word.現在我們必須看看上帝希望所有要轉換...但是,我們必須的話,上帝把一個具有雙重性格:他在這裡的願望將要採取的話。 As I have already said, the Prophet does not here dispute with subtlety about his incomprehensible plans, but wishes to keep our attention close to God's word.正如我已經說過,先知沒有爭議微妙之處在這裡,他無法理解的計劃,但要保持我們的注意力接近上帝的話。 Now what are the contents of this word? The law, the prophets, and the gospel.現在有哪些內容呢?法律,先知,和福音。 Now all are called to repentance, and the hope of salvation is promised them when they repent: this is true, since God rejects no returning sinner: he pardons all without exception; meanwhile, this will of God which he sets forth in his word does not prevent him from decreeing before the world was created what he would do with every individual...現在,所有被稱為悔改,並希望救恩是許他們又後悔:這是真的,因為沒有上帝拒絕返回罪人:他赦免所有無例外;同時,這個上帝的意志,他闡述了他的字不不阻止他頒布之前,世界是怎樣做的每一個人... Comment on Ezekiel 18:23 18點23分就厄澤克爾

22. 22 。 I contend that, as the prophet [Ezekiel] is exhorting to penitence, it is no wonder that he pronounces God willing that all be saved.我認為,正如先知[厄澤克爾]是敦促以懺悔,這是毫不奇怪,他宣布上帝願意,所有被保存。 But the mutual relation between threats and promises shows such forms of speech to be conditional...So again...the promises which invite all men to salvation...do not simply and positively declare what God has decreed in His secret counsel but what he is prepared to do for all who are brought to faith and repentance...Now this is not contradictory of His secret counsel, by which he determined to convert none but His elect. He cannot rightly on this account be thought variable, because as lawgiver He illuminates all with the external doctrine of life.但相互之間的關係的威脅和承諾,表明這種形式的講話,是有條件的... ...再次的承諾邀請所有男子救贖...不只是和積極申報什麼上帝頒布的律師,但他的秘密他是準備這樣做的所有誰提請誠意和懺悔...現在,這是不矛盾的他的秘密律師,由他決定轉換,但他沒有當選。他不能正確地在這個帳戶被認為變量,因為作為立法者,他照亮所有與外部理論的生命。 But in the other sense, he brings to life whom He will, as Father regenerating by the Spirit only His sons.但是,在其他意義上說,他帶來了生命,他將父親的精神再生只有他的兩個兒子。 Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, pp.關於上帝的永恆的預定頁。 105-6

23. 23 。 ...God had chosen the family of Abraham, that the world's redeemer might be born of it...although we know that from the time that God made a covenant with Abraham, the Redeemer was particularly promised to his seed, we also know that from the very fall of man He was needed by all, as indeed He was from that time destined for all the world...It would have done us no good for Christ to have been given by the Father as the author of salvation, if He had not been available to all without distinction...We should know that salvation is openly displayed to all the human race, for in all reality He is called son of Noah and son of Adam... ...上帝選擇了家庭的亞伯拉罕,世界的救世主誕生的可能是它...儘管我們知道,從時間,上帝發了盟約與亞伯拉罕救世主特別答應他的種子,我們也知道,從一男子秋天他所需要的一切,事實上他是從那個時候運往世界所有...這將做我們沒有良好的基督得到的父親的作者救贖,如果他沒有被提供給所有不加區分地...我們應該知道,救恩是公開顯示給所有人類,因為在所有的現實,他要求兒子諾亞和兒子亞當... Comment on Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3: 23-38評馬修1:1-17 ;路加福音3 : 23-38

24. 24 。 He says, For...he...shall save his people from their sins...We must determine that the whole human race was appointed to destruction, since its salvation depends on Christ...Doubtless, by Christ's people the angel intends the Jews, over whom He was set as Head and King, but as soon after the nations were to be ingrafted into the race of Abraham, this promise of salvation is extended openly to all who gather by faith into the one body of the Church.他說,對於他... ...他的人民應保存自己的罪過...我們必須確定的是,整個人類被任命為銷毀,因為它依賴於基督救贖...毫無疑問,由基督的人的天使打算猶太人,在他被定為團長和國王,但作為後不久,聯合國要ingrafted投入到比賽中的亞伯拉罕,這一承諾的救恩是延長誰公開向所有收集到的誠意的一個機構,教會。 Comment on Matthew 1:21評馬修1點21

25. 25 。 When the Father calls Him the Beloved...He declares that He is the Mediator in whom He reconciles the world to Himself.當父親要求他的寵兒...他宣稱,他是調解員,他核對自己的世界。 Comment on Matthew 17:5評馬修十七點05

26. 26 。 From this it follows that our reconciliation with God is free, for the only price paid for it is Christ's death...'Many' is used, not for a definite number, but for a large number, in that He sets Himself over against all others.從這一點如下,我們與上帝和解是免費的,唯一的代價是基督的死... '許多'用,而不是一個明確的數字,但對大量的,因為他確定了自己對所有其他人。 And this is the meaning also in Rom.這是意義也在ROM 。 5:15, where Paul is not talking of a part of mankind but of the whole human race. Comment on Matthew 20:28 5時15分,在保羅並不是談論人類的一部分,而且是整個人類。評馬修20:28

27. 27 。 Seeing that in His Word He calls all alike to salvation, and this is the object of preaching, that all should take refuge in His faith and protection, it is right to say that He wishes all to gather to Him.看到,在他的字,他呼籲所有都救贖,這是對象的說教,所有應採取避難和保護他的信仰,這是正確地說,他希望所有收集給他。 Now the nature of the Word shows us that here there is no description of the secret counsel of God - just His wishes.現在的性質的文字告訴我們,在這裡沒有說明秘密律師上帝-只要他的願望。 Certainly those whom He wishes effectively to gather, He draws inwardly by His Spirit, and calls them not merely by man's outward voice.當然,那些他想有效地收集,他提請他內心的精神,並呼籲他們不要僅僅通過人的外向的聲音。 If anyone objects that it is absurd to split God's will, I answer that this is exactly our belief, that His will is one and undivided: but because our minds cannot plumb the profound depths of His secret election to suit our infirmity, the will of God is set before us as double.如果有人物體,這是荒謬的分裂天意,我回答說,這正是我們的信念,他將是一個整體,不可分割的:而是因為我們的頭腦不能鉛垂深處的深刻他的秘密選舉,以適應我們的衰弱,意志的上帝是擺在我們面前的一倍。 Comment on Matthew 23:37評論馬修23:37

28. 28 。 ...The Son of God went to face death of His own will, to reconcile the world to the Father...the spontaneous sacrifice by which all the world's transgressions were blotted out... ...在上帝之子去面對死亡他自己的意願,調和世界父...自發犧牲其中世界上所有的越軌被剝離了... Comment on Matthew 26:1-2評馬修26:1-2

29. 29 。 [Christ's] grave would be of sweet savour to breathe life and salvation upon all the world. [基督]嚴重的將是甜體驗呼吸的生命和救恩的所有世界。 Comment on Matthew 26:12評馬修26:12

30. 30 。 Christ offered Himself as a Victim for the salvation of the human race. Comment on Matthew 26:14-20基督提供自己當成一個受害者拯救人類。評馬修26:14-20

31. 31 。 ...The sacrifice [of Christ] was ordained by the eternal decree of God, to expiate the sins of the world. ...的犧牲[基督]被祝聖的永恆上帝的法令,以贖罪的罪惡的世界。 Comment on Matthew 26:24評馬修26:24

32. 32 。 [Christ was] burdened with the sins of the whole world... Comment on Matthew 26:39 [基督]背負著罪惡的整個世界...評馬修竇21,39

33. 33 。 Christ...won acquittal for the whole human race. Comment on Matthew 27:12基督...贏得無罪釋放全人類。評馬修27:12

34. 34 。 God had ordained [Christ] to be the...(sacrificial outcast) for the expiation of the world's sins.上帝祝[基督]是... (祭祀棄兒)的贖罪世界的罪孽。 Comment on Matthew 27:15評論馬修27:15

35. 35 。 The word many does not mean a part of the world only, but the whole human race: he contrasts many with one, as if to say that he would not be Redeemer of one man, but would meet death to deliver many from their accursed guilt...So when we come to the holy table not only should the general idea come to our mind that the world is redeemed by the blood of Christ, but also each should reckon to himself that his own sins are covered.許多一詞並不意味著是世界的一部分只,但全人類:許多與他對比,因為如果說,他不會救世主的一名男子,但能夠滿足許多人提供從他們的詛咒有罪...因此,當我們來到羅馬表不僅應在總的想法是在我們看來,世界是贖回基督的血,而且每一個應看自己,他自己的罪過都包括在內。 Comment on Mark 14:24評論馬克14時24

36. 36 。 Happy Mary, to have embraced in her heart the promise of God, to have conceived and brought into the world for herself and for all - salvation...God offers His benefits to all without distinction, but faith opens our arms to draw them to our bosom: lack of faith lets them fall, before they reach us.快樂瑪麗,已經接受了她的心的承諾,真神,構思和帶入世界為自己和所有-救贖...上帝給我們提供了他的好處,毫無區別,但我們的信仰打開武器提請他們我們的胸前:缺乏信心讓他們秋天之前就我們。 Comment on Luke 1:45評論盧克一時45分

37. 37 。 Though the angel only addresses the shepherds, he means that the message of salvation which he brings them extends farther, not for their ears alone, but for others also to hear.雖然天使只涉及牧羊人,他是指信息的救恩,他使他們延伸得更遠,而不是他們的耳朵,而是為其他人也聽到。 Understand that the joy was open to all the people, for it was offered to all without distinction.了解,喜悅是開放給所有的人,因為它是提供給所有不加區分。 For He is not the God of this one or of that, but He had promised Christ to the whole family of Abraham.因為他是不是上帝的一個或這一點,但他已經答應基督全家亞伯拉罕。 That, in great measure, the Jews have lost the joy that was theirs to hold, resulted from their failure to believe.這在很大程度上,猶太人失去了快樂,是他們舉行,原因是他們不相信。 Today also, God invites all men alike to salvation through the Gospel, but the world's ingratitude makes only a few enjoy the grace, which is set out equally for all.今天還,上帝請所有男女救贖的福音,但世界上忘恩負義使得只有少數享有寬限期,這是規定了同樣的一切。 While the joy, then, has been confined to a small number, in respect of God, it is called universal.雖然快樂,然後,一直局限於一個小數目,在尊重上帝,這是所謂的普遍性。 And though the angel is speaking only of the chosen people, yet now with the partition wall gone the same tidings are presented to the whole human race. Comment on Luke 2:10雖然是講的天使只有人民的選擇,但現在與隔牆了同樣的消息提交給全人類。評路加福音2時10分

38. 38 。 Since Christ desired nothing more than to do the work appointed Him by the Father and knew that the purpose of His calling was to gather the lost sheep of the house of Israel, He wished His coming to be the salvation of all.自從基督期望的事情莫過於做這項工作,任命他的父親,並知道他的目的,要求是收集迷途羔羊的眾議院以色列,他希望他的未來將拯救一切。 This was why He was moved by compassion and wept over the approaching destruction of Jerusalem.這就是為什麼他是同情和感動的哭了接近毀滅耶路撒冷。 For when He considered that it had been divinely chosen as the sacred abode, in which should dwell the covenant of eternal salvation, the sanctuary from which salvation should come forth for all the world, He could not help grieving bitterly over its destruction.時,他認為,已選定為神的神聖居留權,其中應詳細盟約的永恆的拯救,聖殿從救贖應該站出來為所有的世界,他忍不住悲痛的痛苦超過其銷毀。 Comment on Luke 19:41評論路加福音19:41

39. 39 。 First, whence could that confidence in pardon have sprung, if [the thief] did not sense in Christ's death...a sacrifice of sweet odour, able to expiate the sins of the world?首先,何處可以原諒的信心如雨後春筍般湧現,如果[小偷]沒有意義在基督的死...犧牲甜的氣味,能夠贖罪的罪孽的世界? Comment on Luke 23:42評論路加福音23時四十二分

40. 40 。 [Christ] must be Redeemer of the world...He was there, as it were, in the place of all cursed ones and of all transgressors, and of those who had deserved eternal death. [基督]必須是救世主的世界...他在那裡,因為它是在發生的所有詛咒和所有違法,和那些已經當之無愧誰永恆的死亡。 Sermons on Christ's Passion, p.布道的基督受難,第 95

41. 41 。 [God] willed that [Christ] be the sacrifice to wipe out the sins of the world...Sermons on Christ's Passion, p. [天災]意志是[基督]的犧牲來消滅罪惡的世界...講道的基督受難,第 123一二三飯店

42. 42 。 ...Our Lord made effective for [the pardoned thief on the cross] His death and passion which He suffered and endured for all mankind... Sermons on Christ's Passion, pp. ...我們的主有效用於[赦免小偷的跨]他的去世和激情,他遭受和經歷為全人類...講道的基督受難,頁。 151. 151 。

43. 43 。 The Lord Jesus [was] found before the judgement-seat of God in the name of all poor sinners (for He was there, as it were, having to sustain all our burdens)...The death and passion of our Lord Jesus...served...to wipe away the iniquities of the world...主耶穌[是]的判決之前,發現座位的上帝的名義,所有窮人罪人(供他在那裡,因為它是,在維持我們所有的負擔) ...死亡和熱情的我們的主耶穌基督。 ..送達...以拂拭的罪孽的世界... Sermons on Christ's Passion, pp.布道的基督受難,頁。 155-6

44. 44 。 And when he says the sin of the world he extends this kindness indiscriminately to the whole human race, that the Jews might not think the Redeemer has been sent to them alone...John, therefore, by speaking of the sin of the world in general, wanted to make us feel our own misery and exhort us to seek the remedy.當他說,罪惡的世界,他把這項愛心不分青紅皂白地向全人類,猶太人可能不認為救世主已發送到他們獨自...約翰,因此,講的罪惡的世界一般來說,想使我們感到我們自己的苦難和告誡我們尋求的補救措施。 Now it is for us to embrace the blessing offered to all, that each may make up his mind that there is nothing to hinder him from finding reconciliation in Christ if only, led by faith, he comes to Him.現在,讓我們擁抱祝福向所有,每一個可能使他記住,沒有什麼妨礙他在基督裡找到和解只要領導的信念,他來給他。 Comment on John 1:29評論約翰1時29分

45. 45 。 Christ...was offered as our Saviour...Christ brought life because the heavenly Father does not wish the human race that He loves to perish...But we should remember...that the secret love in which our heavenly Father embraced us to Himself is, since it flows from His eternal good pleasure, precedent to all other causes; but the grace which He wants to be testified to us and by which we are stirred to the hope of salvation, begins with the reconciliation provided through Christ...Thus before we can have any feeling of His Fatherly kindness, the blood of Christ must intercede to reconcile God to us...And He has used a general term [whosoever], both to invite indiscriminately all to share in life and to cut off every excuse from unbelievers.基督...是作為我們的救主...基督帶來生命,因為天父不希望人類的他喜歡亡...但是,我們應該記住...愛的秘密在我們的天父擁抱我們對自己的,因為它源於他的永恆的好高興,先例,所有其他的原因,但在寬限期,他希望能夠證明,我們和我們所激起的希望救贖,始於和解提供基督...因此,我們才能有任何感覺,他的父親慈愛,基督的血必須干預調和上帝給我們... ,他已使用了通用術語, [誰] ,不分青紅皂白地都邀請所有分享生命和切斷一切藉口從信教。 Such is also the significance of the term 'world' which He had used before.這種也是意義的任期'世界'這是他使用過。 For although there is nothing in the world deserving of God's favour, He nevertheless shows He is favourable to the whole world when He calls all without exception to the faith of Christ, which is indeed an entry into life.對於雖然沒有在世界上值得上帝的贊成票,但他表明他是有利於整個世界時,他呼籲所有沒有例外的信仰基督,這確實是一個進入生活。

Moreover, let us remember that although life is promised generally to all who believe in Christ, faith is not common to all.此外,讓我們記住,儘管生活是允諾一般地適用於所有誰相信基督的信仰是不常見的。 Christ is open to all and displayed to all, but God opens the eyes only of the elect that they may seek Him by faith...And whenever our sins press hard on us, whenever Satan would drive us to despair, we must hold up this shield, that God does not want us to be overwhelmed in everlasting destruction, for He has ordained His Son to be the Saviour of the world.基督是向所有人開放,並顯示所有,但上帝的眼中只有打開的選舉,他們可能尋求他的信念...而每當我們的罪孽緊逼我們,每當撒旦將推動我們絕望,我們必須保持這一防禦系統,認為上帝不希望我們永遠淹沒在破壞,因為他祝他能成為救世主的世界。 Comment on John 3:16評論約翰3:16

46. 46 。 As also it is said in John 3:16 that God so loved the world that He spared not His own Son, but delivered Him to death for our sakes. Sermons on Christ's Passion, p.也有人說在約翰3:16神愛世人認為他沒有盡自己的兒子,但他死刑交付我們的酒。講道的基督受難,第 48. 48 。

47. 47 。 Again, when they proclaim that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and the Christ, they have undoubtedly learned this from hearing Him...And He declared that the salvation He had brought was common to the whole world, so that they should understand more easily that it belonged to them also. Comment on John 4:42再次,當他們宣稱耶穌是救主的世界,基督,他們了解到這一點毫無疑問,從聽過他...他宣布,他帶來了救恩是共同對整個世界,因此,他們應該更多地了解很容易,它也屬於他們。評約翰4點42

48. 48 。 It is no small consolation to godly teachers that, although the larger part of the world does not listen to Christ, He has His sheep whom He knows and by whom He is also known.這是一項不小的安慰,以虔誠的教師認為,雖然大的一部分,世界上不聽取基督裡,他有他的羊,他知道和他也是眾所周知的。 They must do their utmost to bring the whole world into Christ's fold, but when they do not succeed as they would wish, they must be satisfied with the single thought that those who are sheep will be collected together by their work.他們必須盡一切努力使整個世界變成基督倍,但是,當他們沒有取得成功,他們希望,他們必須感到滿意,認為這些單一誰是綿羊將收集在一起的他們的工作。 Comment on John 10:27評論約翰10:27

49. 49 。 Christ...offers salvation to all indiscriminately and stretches out His arms to embrace all, that all may be the more encouraged to repent.基督救贖...提供所有不分青紅皂白地和延伸了他的武器,包括所有的一切可能是更多的鼓勵懺悔。 And yet He heightens by an important detail the crime of rejecting an invitation so kind and gracious; for it is as if He had said: 'See, I have come to call all; and forgetting the role of judge, my one aim is to attract and rescue from destruction those who already seem doubly ruined.'但他突出了一個重要細節犯罪的拒絕這樣的邀請和熱情友好的;因為它是如同他說: '你看,我已經呼籲所有;和遺忘的作用,法官,我的一個目的是要吸引和救援銷毀這些誰似乎已經雙重破壞。 Hence no man is condemned for despising the Gospel save he who spurns the lovely news of salvation and deliberately decides to bring destruction on himself. Comment on John 12:47因此,任何人都不是譴責鄙視福音拯救誰spurns他可愛的新聞救贖和故意決定將毀滅自己。評約翰12時47分

50. 50 。 For [by Christ's death] we know that by the expiation of sins the world has been reconciled to God...為[以基督的死]我們知道,由贖罪的罪孽世界一直調和神... Comment on John 17:1評約翰17:1

51. 51 。 He openly declares that He does not pray for the world, for He is solicitous only for His own flock [the disciples] which He received from the Father's hand.他公開宣布,他不祈求世界,因為他是熱心只為自己的羊群[門徒] ,他收到了父親的手。 But this might seem absurd; for no better rule of prayer can be found than to follow Christ as our Guide and Teacher. But we are commanded to pray for all, and Christ Himself afterwards prayed for all indiscriminately, 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.'但是,這似乎很荒謬,因為沒有更好的法治祈禱可以找到,而不是追隨基督為指導和教師。但我們正在指揮祈禱所有,和耶穌禱告後的所有不加區別的父親,請原諒他們;為他們不知道他們做了什麼。 I reply, the prayers which we utter for all are still limited to God's elect.我的回答,我們的祈禱徹底所有仍然有限,以上帝的選舉。 We ought to pray that this and that and every man may be saved and so embrace the whole human race, because we cannot yet distinguish the elect from the reprobate...we pray for the salvation of all whom we know to have been created in God's image and who have the same nature as ourselves; and we leave to God's judgement those whom He knows to be reprobate.我們應該祈禱,這和每個人可能會被保存,因此包括整個人類的,因為我們還不能區分選出的壞人...我們祈禱拯救所有的人,我們知道已經建立了神的形象,誰具有同樣的性質,我們自己和我們離開上帝的判決,他知道那些人是壞人。 Comment on John 17:9評論約翰17點09

52. 52 。 ...Moreover, we offer up our prayers unto Thee, O most Gracious God and most merciful Father, for all men in general, that as Thou art pleased to be acknowledged the Saviour of the whole human race by the redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ Thy Son, so those who are still strangers to the knowledge of him, and immersed in darkness, and held captive by ignorance and error, may, by Thy Holy Spirit shining upon them, and by Thy gospel sounding in their ears, be brought back to the right way of salvation, which consists in knowing Thee the true God and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent... ...此外,我們提供了我們的祈禱告訴你啊,最仁慈的上帝,最仁慈的父親,所有男人一般情況下,作為你是高興地承認救主全人類的救贖通過耶穌基督你的兒子,所以這些誰仍然陌生,他的知識,並沉浸在黑暗,扣押無知和錯誤,可以通過你的聖靈光輝給他們,並通過你的福音探空在他們的耳朵,被帶回以正確的方式救贖,其中包括想知道你真正的上帝和耶穌基督的人你發送... Forms of Prayer for the Church Tracts, Vol.形式祈禱的教會大港,第二卷。 2, p. 2 ,第 102. 102 。

53. 53 。 The draught appointed to Christ was to suffer the death of the cross for the reconciliation of the world.吃水任命為基督受苦的死亡交叉和解的世界。 Comment on John 18:11評論約翰18:11

54. 54 。 And surely there is nothing that ought to be more effective in spurring on pastors to devote themselves more eagerly to their duty than if they reflect that it is to themselves that the price of the blood of Christ has been entrusted.和肯定沒有什麼,應該是更有效地促進對牧師投身更急切地向他們的職責比他們反映,這是對自己的價格的血液基督已委託。 For it follows from this, that unless they are faithful in putting out their labour on the Church, not only are they made accountable for lost souls, but they are guilty of sacrilege, because they have profaned the sacred blood of the Son of God, and have made useless the redemption acquired by Him, as far as they are concerned. But it is a hideous and monstrous crime if, by our idleness, not only the death of Christ becomes worthless, but also the fruit of it is destroyed and perishes...它遵循這一點,除非他們是忠實地把自己的勞動對教會,不僅是他們失去了靈魂的責任,但他們犯了褻瀆,因為他們褻瀆了神聖的血神的兒子,並取得了無用贖回收購他,就他們而言。但這是一個可怕和滔天罪行,如果我們無所事事,不僅是基督的死亡變成毫無價值,而且它的成果是摧毀和perishes ... Comment on Acts 20:28評論的行為20:28

55. 55 。 For we ought to have a zeal to have the Church of God enlarged, and increase rather than diminish.因為我們應該有熱情有上帝教會擴大,增加而不是減少。 We ought to have a care also of our brethren, and to be sorry to see them perish: for it is no small matter to have the souls perish which were bought by the blood of Christ. Sermons on Timothy and Titus, p.我們應該也有一個照顧我們弟兄們,並遺憾地看到他們滅亡:因為它是無小事有靈魂亡其中收購的血液基督。講道的提摩太和提多山口 817

56. 56 。 Because God does not work effectually in all men, but only when the Spirit shines in our hearts as the inward teacher, he adds to every one that believeth.因為上帝不會有效地工作的所有男人,但只有當精神閃耀在我們心中的外來教師,他說的每一個信。 The Gospel is indeed offered to all for their salvation, but its power is not universally manifest...When, therefore, the Gospel invites all to partake of salvation without any difference, it is rightly termed the doctrine of salvation.福音的確是提供給所有的救贖,但它的權力是沒有普遍表現...當,因此,福音請所有參與拯救沒有任何區別,這是正確的理論稱為救贖。 For Christ is there offered, whose proper office is to save that which had been lost, and those who refuse to be saved by Him shall find Him their Judge.基督在那裡提供的適當的辦公室是拯救那些已經遺失,誰拒絕挽救他應找到他自己的法官。 Comment on Romans 1:16評論羅馬書1:16

57. 57 。 Faith is the beginning of godliness, from which all those for whom Christ died were estranged...[God] loved us of His own good pleasure, as John tells us (John 3:16)...We have been reconciled to God by the death of Christ, Paul holds, because His was an expiatory sacrifice by which the world was reconciled to God...信仰是信仰的開端,從所有這些人死亡的基督疏遠... [神]愛我們自己的好高興,因為約翰告訴我們(約翰3:16 ) ...我們已經和解上帝在死亡的基督,保羅認為,因為他是一個贖罪的犧牲,其中世界調和神... Comment on Romans 5: 6-10評論羅馬書5 : 6月10日

58. 58 。 Paul makes grace common to all men, not because it in fact extends to all, but because it is offered to all.保羅提出寬限期共同所有男人,不是因為它實際上適用於所有的,而是因為它是提供給所有。 Although Christ suffered for the sins of the world, and is offered by the goodness of God without distinction to all men, yet not all receive him.雖然基督遭受的罪惡的世界,而且所提供的善良的上帝不加區分地向所有男人,但並不是所有的接待他。 Comment on Romans 5:18評論羅馬書5時18分

59. 59 。 ...the price of the blood of Christ is wasted when a weak conscience is wounded, for the most contemptible brother has been redeemed by the blood of Christ. ...價格的血液時,基督是浪費一個薄弱的良知受傷,最可鄙的哥哥已經被贖回的血液基督。 It is intolerable, therefore, that he should be destroyed for the gratification of the belly.這是不能容忍的,因此,他應當銷毀的滿足腹部。 Comment on Romans 14:15評論羅馬書14:15

60. 60 。 For one can imagine nothing more despicable than this, that while Christ did not hesitate to die so that the weak might not perish, we, on the other hand, do not care a straw for the salvation of the men and women who have been redeemed at such a price.對於可以想見什麼比這更卑鄙,雖然基督毫不猶豫地死去,使弱者可能不會滅亡,我們,另一方面,不在乎吸管拯救的男人和女人誰已贖回在這樣一個價格。 This is a memorable saying, from which we learn how precious the salvation of our brothers ought to be to us, and not only that of all, but of each individual, in view of the fact that the blood of Christ was poured out for each one...If the soul of every weak person costs the price of the blood of Christ, anyone, who, for the sake of a little bit of meat, is responsible for the rapid return to death of a brother redeemed by Christ, shows just how little the blood of Christ means to him.這是一個難忘的話說,從我們了解如何拯救珍貴的兄弟應該是我們,而不是僅僅的所有,但每一個人,鑑於這一事實,即血液基督被湧出的每個1 ...如果每一個靈魂的人的費用薄弱的價格基督的血,任何人,誰,為了一點點肉,負責迅速恢復死刑的哥哥贖回基督,表明究竟什麼是耶穌的血是指給他。 Contempt like that is therefore an open insult to Christ.蔑視,因此這樣的一個開放的侮辱基督。 Comment on 1 Corinthians 8:11評論哥林多前書8時11分

61. 61 。 ...God was in Christ and then that by this intervention He was reconciling the world to Himself...Although Christ's coming had its source in the overflowing love of God for us, yet, until men know that God has been propitiated by a mediator, there cannot but be on their side a separation which prevents them from having access to God...[Paul] says again that a commission to offer this reconciliation to us has been given to ministers of the Gospel...He says that as He once suffered, so now every day He offers the fruit of His sufferings to us through the Gospel which He has given to the world as a sure and certain record of His completed work of reconciliation. ...上帝在基督裡,然後,通過這種干預他核對自己的世界...雖然基督的未來有其來源的溢出的上帝之愛我們,但是,直到男子知道上帝已經propitiated了調停,但不能不站在他們一邊的分離妨礙了他們獲得上帝... [保羅]再次表示,一個委員會提供這一和解我們已經考慮到部長們的福音...他說,因為他曾經遭受,現在他每天都提供的成果,他的痛苦,我們的福音,他考慮到世界的肯定和他的某些記錄,完成工作的和解。 Thus the duty of ministers is to apply to us the fruit of Christ's death.因此,部長們的責任是適用於我們的成果,基督的死。 Comment on 2 Corinthians 5:19評論哥林多後書5時19分

62. 62 。 ...when Christ appeared, salvation was sent to the whole world... Comment on 2 Corinthians 6:2 ...當基督出現,拯救被送往整個世界...評哥林多後書6點02分

63. 63 。 Pighius speaks...that Christ, the Redeemer of the whole world, commands the Gospel to be preached promiscuously to all does not seem congruent with special election. Pighius講...基督,救世主的整個世界,命令福音宣揚胡亂所有似乎不相一致的特別選舉。 But the Gospel is an embassy of peace by which the world is reconciled to God, as Paul teaches (2 Cor. 5:18); and on the same authority it is announced that those who hear are saved.但是福音是大使館的和平的世界是不甘心的上帝,作為保教( 2心病。 5:18 ) ;並於同管理局宣布,它是誰聽到這些保存。 I answer briefly that Christ was so ordained for the salvation of the whole world that He might save those who are given to Him by the Father, that He might be their life whose head He is, and that He might receive those into participation of His benefits whom God by His gratuitous good pleasure adopted as heirs for Himself.我回答簡短,基督是如此祝拯救整個世界,他可能是拯救那些誰給他的父親,他可能會成為他們的生活,他的頭部,他可能會接受那些參與到他的上帝的人的利益他無端好高興通過為自己的繼承人。 Which of these things can be denied?...Even those opposed to me will concede that the universality of the grace of Christ is not better judged than from the preaching of the Gospel.哪些事情可以被剝奪? ...即使那些反對我會承認,普遍性的恩典基督是不是更好的判斷,而不是說教的福音。 But the solution of the difficulty lies in seeing how the doctrine of the Gospel offers salvation to all.但是,解決困難在於如何看到的理論提供了得救的福音所有。 That it is salvific for all I do not deny.這是salvific所有我不否認。 But the question is whether the Lord in His counsel here destines salvation equally for all.但問題是是否在他的律師勳爵這裡同樣注定救贖所有。 All are equally called to penitence and faith; the same mediator is set forth for all to reconcile them to the Father - so much is evident. But it is equally evident that nothing can be perceived except by faith, that Paul's word should be fulfilled: the Gospel is the power of God for salvation to all that believe (Rom. 1:16).一切都同樣要求懺悔和信念;同調解人規定所有調和他們的父親-與其說是顯而易見的。但是,同樣明顯的是,沒有任何東西可以被看作除外信念,保羅的話應該履行:福音是上帝的力量拯救所有的人相信( Rom. 1:16 ) 。 But what can it be for others but a savour of death to death?但是,不能為他人,但細細品味死亡死刑? as he elsewhere says (2 Cor. 2:16).他說,在其他地方( 2心病。 2點16分) 。

Further, since it is clear that out of the many whom God calls by His external voice very few believe, if I prove that the greater part remain unbelieving because God honours with illumination none but those whom He will, then I draw another conclusion.此外,因為它是明確的,在上帝的許多人呼籲他的外部聲音很少相信,如果我證明,大部份仍然是不信上帝的榮譽,因為沒有照明,但與那些人,他將,那麼我提請另一個結論。 The mercy of God is offered equally to both kinds of men, so that those who are not inwardly taught are rendered only inexcusable....上帝的擺佈提供兩種同樣的男子,以使那些沒有誰教內心是不可原諒的....只提供 Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, p.關於上帝的永恆的預定,第 102-3

64. 64 。 It is not enough to regard Christ as having died for the salvation of the world; each man must claim the effect and possession of this grace for himself personally.這是不夠的,有關於基督死亡的拯救世界,每個人必須索賠的影響和擁有這種寬限期的親自。 Comment on Galatians 2:20評論加拉太2時20分

65. 65 。 God commends to us the salvation of all men without exception, even as Christ suffered for the sins of the whole world.上帝讚揚我們拯救所有的人,無一例外,即便基督受苦的罪過整個世界。 Comment on Galatians 5:12評論加拉太5時12

66. 66 。 And he contenteth not himself to say, that Christ gave himself for the world in common, for that had been but a slender saying: but (sheweth that) every of us must apply to himself particularly, the virtue of the death and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.他contenteth不是自己說,基督為自己的世界中常見的,因為這已經細長,但他說:但( sheweth的)一切,我們必須適用於自己特別的優點,死亡和我們的熱情主耶穌基督。 Whereas it is said that the Son of God was crucified, we must not only think that the same was done for the redemption of the world: but also every of us must on his own behalf join himself to our Lord Jesus Christ, and conclude, It is for me that he hath suffered...But when we once know that the thing was done for the redemption of the whole world, pertaineth to every of us severally: it behoveth every of us to say also on his own behalf, The Son of God hath loved me so dearly, that he hath given himself to death for me...we be very wretches if we accept not such a benefit when it is offered to us...Lo here a warrant for our salvation, so as we ought to think ourselves thoroughly assured of it.雖然有人說,上帝的兒子被釘在十字架上,我們絕不能認為,只有同是為贖回世界:而且我們都必須對自己的名義加入自己我們的主耶穌基督,並得出結論,這是對我來說,他規勸遭受...但是,當我們一旦知道,事情是這樣的贖回整個世界, pertaineth我們每一個單獨的:它behoveth每一個我們也說,他個人的名義,在兒子上帝愛我如此高昂的代價,他上帝給自己死刑,我...我們是非常壞蛋如果我們接受這樣的好處不能當它是為我們提供...羅湖這裡令我們的拯救,因此,我們應該認為自己完全有保證的。 Sermons on Galatians, p.說教的加拉太,第 106-7

67. 67 。 Christ is in a general view the Redeemer of the world, yet his death and passion are of no advantage to any but such as receive that which St Paul shows here.基督是在一個普遍的看法救世主的世界,但他的死亡和激情是沒有任何優勢,但如收到的聖保祿表明這裡。 And so we see that when we once know the benefits brought to us by Christ, and which he daily offers us by his gospel, we must also be joined to him by faith.所以我們看到,當我們一旦知道帶來的好處,給我們的基督,而他每天都為我們提供了他的福音,我們也必須加入到他的信仰。 Sermons on Ephesians, p.說教的以弗所,第 55

68. 68 。 Also we ought to have good care of those that have been redeemed with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.同時,我們應該好好照顧那些已經贖回的鮮血我們的主耶穌基督。 If we see souls which have been so precious to God go to perdition, and we make nothing of it, that is to despise the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.如果我們看到的靈魂已使寶貴的上帝去滅亡,我們作出什麼的,這是瞧不起的血,我們的主耶穌基督。 Sermons on Ephesians, p.說教的以弗所,第 521

69. 69 。 For the wretched unbelievers and the ignorant have great need to be pleaded for with God; behold them on the way to perdition.為可憐的信教和不知道有很大的需要懇求上帝;看哪他們道路上的滅亡。 If we saw a beast at the point of perishing, we would have pity on it.如果我們看到一個野獸點的滅亡,我們要憐憫它。 And what shall we do when we see souls in peril, which are so precious before God, as he has shown in that he has ransomed them with the blood of his own Son. If we see then a poor soul going thus to perdition, ought we not to be moved with compassion and kindness, and should we not desire God to apply the remedy?和我們怎麼辦時,我們看到靈魂的危險,這是如此寶貴的上帝面前,因為他已經表明,他已在贖他們的血液,自己的兒子。如果我們看到那麼可憐的靈魂會因此滅亡,應該我們不被感動同情和善意,以及我們應該不希望上帝適用的補救措施? So then, St. Paul's meaning in this passage is not that we should let the wretched unbelievers alone without having any care for them. We should pray generally for all men...那麼,聖保祿含義在這個通道不是我們應該讓可憐的信教而無需單獨的任何照顧他們。我們應該祈禱所有的人一般... Sermons on Ephesians, p.說教的以弗所,第 684-5

70. 70 。 He says that this redemption was procured by the blood of Christ, for by the sacrifice of His death all the sins of the world have been expiated. Comment on Colossians 1:14他說,這是採購的贖回鮮血的基督,由犧牲了所有的罪孽死亡的世界已經expiated 。評歌羅西書1時14分

71. 71 。 For although it is true that we must not try to decide what is God's will by prying into His secret counsel, when He has made it plain to us by external signs, yet that does not mean that God has not determined secretly within Himself what He wishes to do with every single man.因為雖然這是事實,我們絕不能試圖決定什麼是天意的刺探他的秘密律師,當時他已經清楚地給我們的外部標誌,但是這並不意味著上帝沒有確定什麼秘密,他在自己希望這樣做的每一個男人。

But I pass from that point which is not relevant to the present context, for the apostle's meaning here is simply that no nation of the earth and no rank of society is excluded from salvation, since God wills to offer the Gospel to all without exception...For as there is one God, the Creator and Father of all, so, he declares, there is one Mediator, through whom access to God is not given only to one nation, or to few men of a particular class, but to all, for the benefit of the sacrifice, by which He has expiated for our sins, applies to all...The universal term 'all' must always be referred to classes of men but never to individuals.但是,我傳球,這一點是不相關的目前的情況下,為使徒的意思很簡單,這裡沒有一個國家對地球沒有任何職級的社會排斥救贖,因為上帝的意志提供福音所有無例外。 ..因為有一個上帝,造物主的父親所有,因此,他宣布,有一個中介,通過他們獲得上帝不是僅提供給一個國家或少數幾個人的某一特定類別,但所有的利益而犧牲,其中他expiated為我們的罪孽,適用於所有...普遍任期'所有'必須始終提到類別的男人,但從未給個人。 It is as if he had said, 'Not only Jews, but also Greeks, not only people of humble rank but also princes have been redeemed by the death of Christ.'這是因為如果他說'不僅猶太人,而且也希臘人,不僅人民的謙虛,而且還普林西斯排名已經贖回的死亡基督。 Since therefore He intends the benefit of His death to be common to all, those who hold a view that would exclude any from the hope of salvation do Him an injury.因此,他打算從受益於他的死亡是共同所有,誰持有這些觀點將排除任何的希望救贖做他受傷。 Comment on 1 Timothy 2:3-5評論提摩太前書2:3-5

72. 72 。 ...no one unless deprived of sense and judgement can believe that salvation is ordained in the secret counsel of God equally for all...Who does not see that the reference [1 Tim. ...沒有任何人,除非被剝奪感和判斷可以相信,救恩是祝聖的秘密律師上帝同樣為所有...誰不看到,文獻[ 1蒂姆。 2:4] is to orders of men rather than individual men? 2時04分]是訂單的男子,而不是個別的男人嗎? Nor indeed does the distinction lack substantial ground: what is meant is not individuals of nations but nations of individuals. At any rate, the context makes it clear that no other will of God is intended than that which appears in the external preaching of the Gospel.也確實沒有實質性的區別,缺乏地面:是什麼意思不是個人的國家,但聯合國的個人。無論如何,背景清楚地表明,沒有任何其他上帝的意志是比它會出現在對外宣傳的福音。 Thus Paul means that God wills the salvation of all whom He mercifully invites by the preaching of Christ.因此保羅意味著上帝的意志拯救所有請他幸運的宣揚基督。 Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, p.關於上帝的永恆的預定,第 109

73. 73 。 So then, seeing it is God his will that all men should be partakers of that salvation which he hath sent in the person of his only begotten Son...yet we must mark that Saint Paul speaketh not here of every particular man, but of all sorts, and of all people: Therefore, when he saith, that God will have all men to be saved, we must not think that he speaketh here of Peter, or John, but his meaning is this, that whereas in times past he chose out one certain people for himself, he meaneth now to show mercy to all the world...but when Jesus Christ came to be a common Saviour for all in general, he offered the grace of God his father, to the end that all might receive it...Let us see now, whether God will draw all the world to [the Gospel] or not.那麼,認為這是上帝的意願,所有的人應該partakers的救贖,他差遣的人,他唯一的獨生子...然而,我們必須標記,聖保羅speaketh不是在這裡的每一個特別的人,但對各種,和所有的人:因此,當他saith ,上帝將所有的人得到挽救,但我們絕不能認為他speaketh這裡的彼得,或約翰,但他的意思是,這個時代,而在過去,他選擇了一個為自己的某些人,他meaneth現在容情所有世界...但是,當耶穌基督來到一個共同的救世主所有總的來說,他提供了上帝的恩典他的父親,到最後,所有可能會接受它...讓我們看看現在,上帝是否將借鑒世界上所有的[福音]或沒有。 No, no: for then had our Lord Jesus Christ said in vain No man can come to me, unless God my Father teach him (Jn. 6:44)...沒有,沒有:對於當時我們的主耶穌基督說徒勞沒有人可以來找我,除非上帝我父教他( Jn. 6時44 ) ...

It followeth then, that before the world was made, (as Saint Paul saith in the first to the Ephesians) God chose such as it pleased him: and it pertaineth not to us to know, why this man, more than that man, we know not the reason...Saint Paul speaketh not here of every particular man, (as we shewed already) but he speaketh of all people...now God showeth himself a Saviour of all the world...Saint Paul speaketh not in this place, of the strait counsell of God, neither that he meaneth to lead us to this everlasting election and choice which was before the beginning of the world, but only sheweth us what God his will and pleasure is, so far forth as we may know it.它followeth那麼,在世界面前了, (如聖保羅saith第一的以弗所)上帝選擇如它高興他說:這pertaineth不是我們能夠知道,為什麼這個人,這個人多,我們不知道的原因...聖保羅speaketh不是在這裡的每一個特別的人, (因為我們已經shewed ) ,但他speaketh全體人民...現在上帝showeth自己是救世主的所有世界...聖保羅speaketh不這個地方,在海峽counsell上帝,沒有他meaneth領導我們這個永恆的選舉和選擇是開始前的世界,但只有我們知道上帝sheweth他將和高興是,到目前為止,我們可能會提出知道這一點。 Truth it is, that God changeth not, neither hath he two wills, neither does he use any counterfeit dealing, as though he meant one thing, but would not have it so.這是真理,上帝changeth沒有,既沒有上帝,他兩個遺囑,他也沒有使用任何偽造的處理,彷彿他是一回事,但如果沒有這樣做。 And yet doth the Scripture speak unto us after two sorts touching the will of God...God doeth exhort all men generally, thereby we may judge, that it is the will of God, that all men should be saved, as he saith also by the Prophet Ezekiel I will not the death of a sinner, but that he turn himself and live (Ezek. 18:23)...For Jesus Christ is not a Saviour of three or four, but he offereth himself to all...And is he not the Saviour of the whole world as well?但doth聖經告訴我們說話後兩類觸摸上帝的意志...上帝doeth敦促所有男性一般,因此我們可以判斷,這是上帝的意志,所有男人應保存,因為他還saith先知以西結書由我不會死亡的罪人,但他自首和生活( Ezek. 18點23分) ...耶穌基督不是救世主的三個或四個,但他offereth自己所有.. 。而且他不是救世主整個世界呢? Is Jesus Christ come to be the Mediator between two or three men only?就是耶穌基督來的調停兩個或三個男人只有? No, no: but he is the Mediator between God and men...沒有,沒有:但他是上帝之間的調解人和男人... Sermons on Timothy and Titus, pp.說教的提摩太和提多頁。 149-60

74. 74 。 Repentance and faith must needs go together...God receiveth us to mercy, and daily pardoneth our faults through his free goodness: and that we be justified because Jesus Christ hath reconciled him unto us, inasmuch as he accepteth us for righteous though we be wretched sinners: in preaching this, it behoveth us to add, how it is upon condition that we return unto God: as was spoken of heretofore by the prophets.懺悔和信念,必須需要一起去...上帝receiveth我們憐憫,和每日pardoneth我們通過他的故障免費善良:而且我們是有道理的,因為耶穌基督上帝核對他告訴我們,因為他accepteth我們雖然我們是正義的可憐的罪人:在宣揚這一點, behoveth我們添加,它是如何根據條件,我們回報給上帝:這是談到從前的先知。 Sermons on Timothy and Titus, pp.說教的提摩太和提多頁。 1181-2

75. 75 。 Indeed the death of Christ was life for the whole world... Comment on Hebrews 8:2事實上,基督的死亡是生命的整個世界...評希伯來書8:2

76. 76 。 He suffered death in the common way of men, but He made divine atonement for the sins of the world as a Priest.他受到死亡的常見方式的男人,但他神贖罪的罪孽世界的牧師。 Comment on Hebrews 8:4評論希伯來書8時04分

77. 77 。 To bear the sins means to free those who have sinned from their guilt by his satisfaction.承擔罪惡手段,免費這些誰犯了罪的認罪,他的滿意度。 He says many meaning all, as in Rom.他說,許多含義,正如在ROM 。 5:15. 5:15 。 It is of course certain that not all enjoy the fruits of Christ's death, but this happens because their unbelief hinders them.當然,一定是,並非所有的成果,享受基督的死亡,但這種情況發生,因為他們不信妨礙他們。 Comment on Hebrews 9:27評論希伯來書9時27分

78. 78 。 He brought His own blood into the heavenly sanctuary in order to atone for the sins of the world.他帶來了他自己的血液進入天國的避難所,以彌補的罪過世界。 Comment on Hebrews 13:12評論希伯來書13:12

79. 79 。 So we must beware, or souls redeemed by Christ may perish by our carelessness, for their salvation to some degree was put into our hands by God.因此,我們必須提防,或由基督靈魂贖回可能滅亡我們的疏忽,他們在一定程度上拯救投入我們手中的上帝。 Comment on James 5:20評詹姆斯5點20分

80. 80 。 It was not a common or a small favour that God put off the manifestation of Christ to their time, when He had ordained Him by His eternal counsel for the salvation of the world...a remedy for mankind...He ordained that Christ should be the Redeemer, who would deliver the lost race of man from ruin...[but] the manifestation of Christ does not refer to all indiscriminately, but belongs only to those whom He illumines by the Gospel.這不是一個共同的或小型贊成推遲,神的體現基督自己的時間,當他祝他在永恆的律師為拯救世界的補救措施... ...他為人類晉牧基督應該是救世主,誰提供了比賽的男子從廢墟中... [但]的體現基督並非指所有的不分青紅皂白,但只屬於那些他illumines了福音。 Comment on 1 Peter 1:20評論彼得前書1:20

81. 81 。 We have the Gospel in its entirety, when we know that He who had long been promised as Redeemer came down from heaven, put on our flesh, lived in the world, experienced death and then rose again; and secondly when we see the purpose and fruits of all these things in the fact that He was God with us, that He gave us in Himself a sure pledge of our adoption, that by the grace of His Spirit He has cleansed us from the stains of our carnal iniquities and consecrated us to be temples to God, that He has raised us from the depths to heaven, that by His sacrificial death He has made atonement for the sins of the world, that He has reconciled us to the Father, and that He has been the source of righteousness and life for us. Whoever holds to these things has rightly grasped the Gospel. Comment on 2 Peter 1:16我們的福音的全部內容,當我們知道他誰早就答應作為救世主從天上下來,把我們的血肉,居住在世界各地,經歷了死亡,然後再次上升,其次,當我們看到的宗旨和果實的所有這些事情中的事實,他是我們的上帝,是他給了我們自己的承諾,我們確保通過,即由他的恩典的精神,他清洗的污漬我們從我們的肉體罪孽和神聖我們是寺廟的上帝,他提出我們從天堂的深處,通過他的死亡,他犧牲了贖罪的罪孽的世界,他有調和我們的父親,他一直是源義和生活的我們。誰擁有對這些事情已經正確地把握了福音。評彼得後書1:16

82. 82 。 Christ redeemed us to have us as a people separated from all the iniquities of the world, devoted to holiness and purity.基督救贖我們,讓我們作為一個人民脫離所有罪孽的世界,致力於聖潔和純潔性。 Those who throw over the traces and plunge themselves into every kind of licence are not unjustly said to deny Christ, by whom they were redeemed. Comment on 2 Peter 2:1這些誰扔的痕跡和投身各種不公正的牌照不否認基督說,他們是由贖回。評彼得後書2:1

83. 83 。 This is His wondrous love towards the human race, that He desires all men to be saved, and is prepared to bring even the perishing to safety...It could be asked here, if God does not want any to perish, why do so many in fact perish?這是他神奇的愛對人的比賽,他希望所有的人得到挽救,並準備把甚至滅亡安全...這可能是問這裡,如果上帝不希望任何以亡,為什麼這樣做許多事實亡? My reply is that no mention is made here of the secret decree of God by which the wicked are doomed to their own ruin, but only of His loving-kindness as it is made known to us in the Gospel.我的答复是,沒有提到的是這裡的秘密法令上帝其中惡人,是注定要毀滅自己,但只有他的仁愛,因為它是我們知道的福音。 There God stretches out His hand to all alike, but He only grasps those (in such a way as to lead to Himself) whom He has chosen before the foundation of the world.有上帝伸出他的手,都是一樣,但他只抓那些(在這樣的方式導致自己) ,他選擇了在基礎的世界。 Comment on 2 Peter 3:9評論彼得後書3點09分

84. 84 。 He put this in for amplification, that believers might be convinced that the expiation made by Christ extends to all who by faith embrace the Gospel. But here the question may be asked as to how the sins of the whole world have been expiated.他把這個為擴增,使信徒們可以確信,所提出的補償基督延伸到所有的真誠擁護誰的福音。但這裡的問題可能會被要求就如何罪孽整個世界已expiated 。 I pass over the dreams of the fanatics, who make this a reason to extend salvation to all the reprobate and even to Satan himself. Such a monstrous idea is not worth refuting.傳遞了夢想的狂熱分子,誰使這一理由延長拯救所有的壞人,甚至撒旦本人。這種可怕的想法是不值一駁。 Those who want to avoid this absurdity have said that Christ suffered sufficiently for the whole world but effectively only for the elect. ,誰想要避免這種荒謬說,基督受到足夠整個世界,但只有有效的選舉。 This solution has commonly prevailed in the schools.這個解決方案中普遍盛行的學校。 Although I allow the truth of this, I deny that it fits the passage.雖然我讓真相,我否認它符合通行。 For John's purpose was only to make this blessing common to the whole church.對於約翰的目的只是為了使這一共同祝福整個教會。 Therefore, under the word 'all' he does not include the reprobate, but refers to all who would believe and those who were scattered through various regions of the earth.因此,根據這個詞'所有' ,他不包括非難,但指的是所有誰相信誰是和那些分散的,通過各地區的地球。 For, as is meet, the grace of Christ is really made clear when it is declared to be the only salvation of the world.對,這是滿足,是耶穌的恩典真是明確時,被宣布為唯一的拯救世界。 Comment on 1 John 2:2評論約翰一書2點02分

85. 85 。 Georgius thinks he argues very acutely when he says: Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world; and hence those who wish to exclude the reprobate from participation in Christ must place them outside the world. Georgius認為,他認為非常深刻,他說:耶穌是和解的罪孽整個世界; ,因此那些誰希望排除的惡棍參與基督必須把他們外面的世界。 For this, the common solution does not avail, that Christ suffered sufficiently for all, but efficaciously only for the elect.為此,共同的解決辦法不利用,有足夠的基督所有,但只有有效的選舉。 By this great absurdity, this monk has sought applause in his own fraternity, but it has no weight with me.通過這一偉大的荒謬,這和尚一直尋求的掌聲在他自己的兄弟情誼,但它沒有重量箱。 Wherever the faithful are dispersed throughout the world, John [1 Jn.只要忠實地是分散在世界各地,約翰[ 1若。 2:2] extends to them the expiation wrought by Christ's death. 2時02分]延伸到他們所造成的贖罪基督的死。 But this does not alter the fact that the reprobate are mixed up with the elect in the world.但是,這並沒有改變這一事實,壞人是混雜在一起的選舉中的世界。 It is incontestable that Christ came for the expiation of the sins of the whole world.這是無可爭辯的,基督來到了贖罪的罪孽整個世界。 But the solution lies close at hand, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but should have eternal life (Jn. 3:15).但是,解決辦法在於近在咫尺,即任何人相信他的,不至滅亡,但應該有永恆的生命( Jn. 3:15 ) 。 For the present question is not how great the power of Christ is or what efficacy it has in itself, but to whom He gives Himself to be enjoyed.本問題不是多麼偉大的力量,耶穌是什麼功效它本身,而是他給自己是享受。 If possession lies in faith and faith emanates from the Spirit of adoption, it follows that only he is reckoned in the number of God's children who will be a partaker of Christ.如果擁有在於信仰和信念源於精神的通過,因此,他認為只有在一些上帝的孩子誰將是一個關係者基督。 The evangelist John sets forth the office of Christ as nothing else than by His death to gather the children of God into one (Jn. 11:52).福音約翰闡明辦公室基督為別的,而不是他的逝世,收集兒童的上帝成一個( Jn. 11點52分) 。 Hence, we conclude that, though reconciliation is offered to all through Him, yet the benefit is peculiar to the elect, that they may be gathered into the society of life. However, while I say it is offered to all, I do not mean that this embassy, by which on Paul's testimony (2 Cor. 5:18) God reconciles the world to Himself, reaches to all, but that it is not sealed indiscriminately on the hearts of all to whom it comes so as to be effectual.因此,我們得出這樣的結論,但和解是提供給所有通過他,但好處是特有的選舉,他們可能會收集到的社會生活。然而,雖然我說這是提供給所有的,我並不意味著這一大使館,其中對保羅的證詞( 2心病。 5:18 )上帝核對自己的世界,達到所有,但它不是封閉的心不分青紅皂白對所有的人來,以便有效。 Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, pp.關於上帝的永恆的預定頁。 148-9

86. 86 。 He again shows the cause of Christ's coming and His office when he says that He was sent to be the propitiation for sins...For propitiation strictly refers to the sacrifice of His death.他再次表明了人為基督的未來和他的辦公室時,他說,他被送往是和解的罪孽...對於和解嚴格指的是犧牲了死刑。 Hence we see that to Christ alone belongs this honour of expiating for the sins of the world and taking away the enmity between God and us.因此,我們看到,基督僅僅屬於這一榮譽的expiating的罪惡的世界,並帶走了敵意上帝與我們聯繫。 Comment on 1 John 4:10評論約翰一書4時10

87. 87 。 Certainly, in 2 Pet.當然,在2寵物。 2:1, there is reference only to Christ, and He is called Master there. 2:1 ,但只提及基督,他要求有碩士。 Denying...Christ, he says, of those who have been redeemed by His blood, and now enslave themselves again to the devil, frustrating (as best they may) that incomparable boon.否認...基督,他說,這些誰已經贖回了他的血液,而現在再次奴役自己的魔鬼,沮喪(最佳它們可能)是無與倫比的實惠。 Comment on Jude 4評論裘德4

88. 88 。 [Him God set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world...But though he died for all, all do not receive the benefit of his death, but those only to whom the merit of his passion is communicated... (Articles III, IV of the Sixth Session of the Council of Trent)] [上帝上帝規定是一個和解的信念,通過他的血為我們的罪孽,而不是我們的唯一的,而且對罪孽的整個世界...但是,儘管他去世的,所有沒有得到的利益,他的死亡,但這些只是其中的優點是他的激情是通報... (第三條,第四條的第六屆會議的理事會特倫特) ]

The third and fourth heads I do not touch...第三次和第四次元首我不觸摸... Antidote to the Council of Trent, Tracts, Vol.解毒藥給安理會的遄,大港,第二卷。 3, pp. 3 ,頁。 93, 109 93 , 109

89. 89 。 ...Christ, who is the salvation of the world,... ...基督,誰是拯救世界, ... Catechism of the Church of Geneva, Tracts, Vol.問答的教會日內瓦,大港,第二卷。 2, p. 2 ,第 47

90. 90 。 I John Calvin, servant of the Word of God in the church of Geneva, weakened by many illnesses...thank God that he has not only shown mercy to me, his poor creature...and suffered me in all sins and weaknesses, but what is more than that, he has made me a partaker of his grace to serve him through my work...I confess to live and die in this faith which he has given me, inasmuch as I have no other hope or refuge than his predestination upon which my entire salvation is grounded.約翰卡爾文,僕人的神的話語在教堂的日內瓦,削弱了許多疾病...感謝上帝,他不僅表現出憐憫我,可憐的他...我遭受的所有的罪孽和弱點,但什麼是更重要的是,他讓我成為一個關係者的寬限期,以他通過我的工作...我承認生活和死在這個信念,他給了我,因為我已經沒有其他的希望或避難比他命後,我國整個救恩是停飛。 I embrace the grace which he has offered me in our Lord Jesus Christ, and accept the merits of his suffering and dying that through him all my sins are buried; and I humbly beg him to wash me and cleanse me with the blood of our great Redeemer, as it was shed for all poor sinners so that I, when I appear before his face, may bear his likeness.我擁抱的恩典,他給我在我們的主耶穌基督,並接受的優點,他的苦難和死亡,通過他我所有的罪孽被埋葬,我謙卑地懇求他洗箱和清洗我的血我們偉大救世主,因為這是擺脫貧困的所有罪人,這樣我,當我出現在他的臉上,可以承擔其肖像。 Calvin's Last Will (April 25, 1564) Letters of John Calvin, p.卡爾文的最後的遺囑( 1564年4月25日)信用證約翰凱爾文頁 29


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