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BELIEVE receives a LOT of e-mail notes, questions, and comments from readers.相信收到了大量的電子郵件指出,問題和意見,由讀者。 Often, the writers of such notes say things like "I consider myself a Christian" or "I think I'm a Christian".通常,這類債券的作家這樣說: “我認為我一個基督徒”或“我認為我是一個基督徒” 。 Such comments generally surprise me!這些意見普遍令我感到驚奇!

The situation for each person is not answerable in "shades of gray!"這一情況對每個人都是不負責的“灰色色調的! ” You are either definitely a Christian or you are not! It's about the same as whether you are a man or woman.你要么肯定基督教或你不是!它是一樣的不管你是男人還是女人。 The answer is very specific and clear-cut.答案是非常具體和明確的。

What Is Involved In Being a Christian?所涉及的成為一個基督徒?

Each Church has an established set of beliefs, often called a Statement of Faith. This Statement of Faith describes the several central beliefs of that particular Church.每個教堂已建立了一套一套信念,通常稱為聲明信念。本聲明的信仰介紹了幾個中央信仰特別教會。 A person who is considered a member of that Church MUST believe each and every of those core beliefs.誰的人被認為是該教會的成員必須相信每個人的基本信念。

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There is great diversity in the 330,000 Churches that exist in the United States.有很大的多樣性三十三點○○萬教會中存在的美國。 Most have Statements of Faith that are rather similar to one another, but some Churches have significant differences.最有發言的信心是相當類似的一個,但有些會產生重大的分歧。

A Church can call itself by nearly any name it chooses.教會可以自稱幾乎任何名義選擇。 This means that virtually any Church could include the word Christian in its name, whether or not it is actually Christian!這意味著,幾乎任何教會可以包括詞基督教在其名稱,而不論它是否實際上基督教! There are actually several very large and famous Churches that have the name Christ or the word Christian in their name, but that are definitely not Christian, in the correct definition of the word.其實有幾個非常大的和最著名的教堂有基督的名義或Word基督教在他們的名字,但肯定不是基督徒,在正確的一詞的定義。

These sorts of matters were very common problems in the early Church. Hundreds of different groups formed that each had very different sets of beliefs, but that all called themselves and considered themselves Christian.這些各種各樣的問題是非常普遍的問題,早期教會的使命。數百種不同的群體組成的,每個有非常不同的信仰,但都要求自己和認為自己是基督徒。 The world's Christian scholars got together at several Councils to establish and define exactly what true Christian beliefs were.世界基督教學者相聚在幾個議會建立和界定什麼是真正的基督教信仰。 Specifically, a Council held at Nicaea in 325 AD, established a set of core beliefs that have become the very definition of what Christian belief included.具體地說,安理會舉行尼西亞在325年,建立了一套核心的信念,已成為非常定義包括基督教信仰。 This Nicene Creed has several separate concepts or beliefs.尼西亞信經有幾個不同的概念或信仰。 A Church that is truly Christian must therefore believe and accept every one of the Nicene Creed beliefs. Otherwise, a Church would not, by definition, be Christian.教會真正基督教因此,必須相信和接受的每一個尼西亞信經的信仰。否則,會不會從定義上說,是基督教。 This means that a Church could follow NEARLY all of those beliefs, and certainly APPEAR TO BE Christian, and might even call itself Christian, but, unless it follows ALL of those requirements of the definition of the term "Christian", it would NOT actually be!這意味著,教會可能會走的幾乎所有這些信仰,當然,似乎是基督教,甚至可能自稱基督徒,但除非它遵循了所有這些要求一詞的定義, “基督教” ,它不會實際是!

Many Christian Churches just say in their Statement of Faith that they follow the Nicene Creed, and they usually add additional beliefs, which, as long as they do not contradict the concepts of the Nicene Creed, do not change the fact that that Church is therefore Christian.許多基督教只說在他們的發言,他們的信念,遵循尼西亞信經,他們通常會添加更多的信仰,因為只要不抵觸的概念尼西亞信經,不會改變的事實,因此,該教會基督教。 Other Churches choose to separately enumerate the several beliefs included in the Nicene Creed (and usually add other beliefs as well). Christians also follow an Apostle's Creed and often also an Athanasian Creed .其他教會選擇單獨列舉幾個信仰包括在尼西亞信經(通常添加其他信仰以及) 。基督徒也遵循使徒信條 ,往往也是一個Athanasian信條

A person who is a member of such a Christian Church, is therefore necessarily a Christian.人,誰是會員的基督教會,因此,不一定是基督徒。 Before the person is Saved, he/she cannot be a member of the Church.之前保存的人,他/她不能成為會員的教會。 Therefore, there are two sets of requirements for a person to be a Christian: (1) The Church that is attended is ACTUALLY a Christian Church; and (2) The person becomes a member of that Church, which entails following all of those core beliefs that are included in THAT Church's Statement of Faith.因此,有兩套的要求,一個人是一個基督教: ( 1 )教會是出席實際上是一個基督教會;和( 2 )有關的人成為會員的教會,這需要以下所有這些核心信仰是包括在該教會的聲明信念。

If either of these two requirements is not met, the person is not actually a Christian.如果這兩項要求是不符合要求,人實際上不是基督教。

There is no maybe about it.有沒有可能的。 There is no uncertainty regarding a person's status, after the two requirements mentioned above are considered.不存在不確定性關於一個人的地位,後兩項要求上述考慮。 A person is either definitely a Christian or definitely not one.任何人都絕對是一個基督教或絕對不是一個。

(There is an entirely SEPARATE matter of whether a person is a "good Christian". But, as long as a person has accepted Jesus as Savior, and believes in the Bible and the Trinity, and believes that Jesus was and is the Son of God and that He was born, lived and was Crucified, for the sins of all mankind; and attends a Church that believes likewise; that person is a Christian.) (有一個完全獨立的問題,一個人是否是一個“良好的基督教。 ”但是,只要一個人接受耶穌為救主,並認為在聖經和三位一體,並認為是耶穌的兒子上帝,他出生後,生活和被釘在十字架上,為全人類的罪;和出席教會相信同樣,該人是基督徒。 )

There are a substantial number Churches that have a number of similar beliefs to Christian belief, but which do not accept all of the beliefs in the Nicene Creed.有相當多教堂,有一些類似的信仰基督教信仰,但不接受所有的信念在尼西亞信經。 By definition, such Churches are NOT actually Christian. Therefore, their members are NOT actually Christian, even if they think they are!根據定義,這些教會實際上並不是基督徒。因此,其成員是沒有真正的基督徒,即使他們認為他們是! A prime example is the Mormon Church, officially called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.一個主要例子是摩門教會,正式呼籲教會耶穌基督後期聖徒。 That Church includes the Bible EQUALLY with the several (human-written) Books it uses for teaching its followers.這包括教會的聖經同樣的幾個(人書面)書籍它為教學及其追隨者。 For this reason, and others, Mormon beliefs are often very similar to Christian beliefs.出於這個原因,和其他人,摩門教信仰往往是非常相似的基督教信仰。 However, there are significant differences.然而,也有顯著性差異。

Christian belief includes the concept that the period of Prophecy ended when the New Testament writings were complete, and that no later claims of Divine Prophecy have any validity.信仰基督教的概念,包括期間的預言結束時新約全書著作是完整的,並且不遲索賠神聖預言有任何效力。 Mormons believe that Joseph Smith, in the 1830s and 1840s, received Divine guidance in writing the Book of Mormon and the other Books that Smith wrote, and that later leaders of the Mormon Church likewise have had Divine guidance regarding Prophecy.摩門教認為,斯密約瑟,在1830年和1840年,收到的神聖指導書面摩門經和其他書籍史密斯寫道,而且以後領導人的摩門教會同樣有神聖的指導意見的預言。

There are several serious differences between Mormon beliefs and Christian beliefs.有幾個嚴重分歧摩門教信仰和基督教信仰。 These differences represent conflict with the definition of Christian beliefs as recorded in the Nicene Creed and in other Church Ecumenical Councils.這些差異是衝突的定義,基督教信仰的記載,尼西亞信經和其他普世教會理事會。 For example, Christians believe in the Original Sin of Adam, while Mormons do not.例如,基督徒相信原罪亞當,而摩門教沒有。 For these reasons, Mormons are not actually true Christians, because the Mormon Church does not fit within the definition of a Christian Church.由於這些原因,摩門教實際上並沒有真正的基督徒,因為摩門教會不符合定義的基督教會。 In conversation with a variety of Mormons during my life, I have found that nearly all believe themselves to be Christians, and they pray very devoutly to Jesus in their Services and in their lives.在與各種摩門教在我的生活,我發現,幾乎所有認為自己是基督徒,他們非常虔誠祈禱耶穌在它們的服務和在他們的生活。 That's Wonderful!那真是奇妙無比! They also believe that their Church IS Christian, because they study the Bible and because the name Jesus Christ is in the name of their Church!他們還認為,他們的教會是基督徒,因為他們研究聖經的名字,因為是耶穌基督的名義,他們的教堂!

These sorts of situations can be very confusing to a person who is seeking to be Saved by Jesus.這類情況可能會非常困惑的人誰是設法保存的耶穌。 It regularly happens that such a person goes to a Mormon Church in an effort to achieve that end.它經常發生的情況是這樣的人去到一個摩門教會努力實現這一目標。 Even after attending for a long time, the fact that the Bible is studied and used for guidance, convinces most Mormons that they are, in fact, Christians.即使在參加了很長一段時間,這樣一個事實,即聖經是用於研究和指導,相信大多數摩門教,他們事實上,基督信徒。

They are, in fact, not!他們是,事實上,沒有! That does not necessarily take away from the credibility or value of their Faith.這並不一定採取遠離的信譽和價值的信念。 It just does not actually qualify for the definition of the word "Christian". That does not take away from the marvelous intensity that many Mormons bring to their Faith, or from the excellent effects they have had on society, both large and small.這只是實際上並不資格一詞的定義“基督教” 。這並不採取遠離精彩強度,許多摩門教把他們的信仰,或從良好的效果,他們已經在社會上,不論大小。 In general, Mormons are looked up to as model citizens, because they are so intent on strictly following the teachings of their Church.一般情況下,摩門教是抬起頭來,以作為模範公民,因為他們是如此打算嚴格按照其教會的教義。 The problem is that they ALSO believe equally intensely (to the Bible) on teachings of Joseph Smith and others. A Mormon believes that a teaching of Mr. Smith has equal importance to the teachings of Jesus, and true Christian belief will not tolerate that high placing of statements of mortal men.現在的問題是,他們還認為同樣激烈(聖經)的教義斯密約瑟等。甲摩門教認為,教學中的史密斯先生也同樣重視的教誨耶穌,和真正的基督教信仰不會容忍高把報表致命的男子。

There are a number of Churches that do not believe in the Trinity, a core belief of Christianity.有許多教堂,不相信的三位一體的核心信仰基督教。 The Unitarian Universalist Church is such a Church, which only believes in God, the Father.教會的統一世界主義是這樣的教會,只相信上帝,父親。 The United Pentecostal Church also does not believe in the Trinity, but they believe that Jesus represents everything needed in a Divinity.美國五旬節派教會也不會相信的三位一體,但他們認為,耶穌代表所需的一切在一個神。 These Churches also do not fulfill the definition of being Christian, so again, followers of those Churches, whether or not they believe themselves to be Christians, are not.這些教會也沒有履行的定義,是基督教,所以再次,這些教會信徒,不論他們是否認為自己是基督徒,不。

The result of this discussion is that caution must be taken when first choosing a Church to become a member of.由於本次討論的是,必須採取謹慎的時候會首先選擇加入。 It is fine to visit several different Churches, to find one that seems best suited to each person's motivation and personality.這是優良訪問幾個不同的教會,找到一個似乎最適合於每個人的積極性和個性。 Potential members should not rely on seeing the word Christian in a Church's name, but should ask for a copy of the Church's Statement of Faith (or similar written presentation of the core beliefs of that Church).潛在成員不應依賴看到這個詞的基督教教會的名稱,但要求的副本,教會的聲明信仰(或類似的書面陳述的核心信仰教會) 。 As long as a Church follows the beliefs enumerated in the Nicene Creed, that Church is by definition, Christian.只要教會如下的信仰中所列舉尼西亞信經,這教會是按照定義,基督教。 At that point, GO FOR IT!在這一點上,吧! The Lord will be waiting for you!上帝將等待著您!

OK!行! Now for a LARGER subject!現在更大的問題! What is REALLY important here?真正重要的事嗎? That some WORD can be applied to a belief system?一些Word可以適用於一種信念系統? That other people admire or respect a Church?其他人欽佩和尊重的教會? Maybe those sorts of things have some importance, but the REAL issue is what the Lord thinks of all this!也許是各種各樣的事情有一定的重要性,但真正的問題是什麼上帝認為這一切! We each attend a Church with the goal of establishing a personal relationship with the Lord.我們每個人出席教會的目標是建立一個個人與上帝的關係。 As far as we individually are concerned, a Church just acts to facilitate that activity.就我們個人而言,教會只是行為,以促進這一活動。

We are tempted to believe that people who attend a Mormon Church, and who are TRULY devoted to the Lord, will be warmly welcomed by Him as will all other individuals who Worship Him Devoutly.我們認為,誘惑人誰參加摩門教會,以及誰是真正用於主,將熱烈歡迎,他將所有其他個人誰崇拜他虔誠。 We humans may argue over the differences and even the "errors" of other approaches to Worshipping the Lord, but we think that in His Eyes, a Devout believer is a Devout believer!我們人類可以爭論的分歧,甚至是“錯誤”的其他方法以崇拜上帝,但我們認為,在他眼裡,一個虔誠的信徒是一個虔誠的信徒!

The implication of this is interesting!的含義,這是有趣! If a person chooses to attend a Southern Baptist Church, then the Lord rightfully should expect true and full compliance with EVERY single aspect of that Church's beliefs and procedures.如果一個人選擇參加南浸信會教堂,然後上帝理所當然應該期望真正和完全符合每一個方面說,教會的信仰和程序。 If a person instead chooses a Lutheran Church to attend, then the Lord rightfully should expect the person to strictly follow the beliefs and procedures of THAT Church.如果一個人而不是選擇一個路德教出席,然後上帝理所當然應該期望的人,嚴格按照信仰和程序的教會。 Even though these two people would therefore have DIFFERENT requirements placed on them, the Lord's Judgment on each would be based on a scale of compliance FOR THAT SPECIFIC SET OF BELIEFS AND PROCEDURES.儘管這兩個人將因此有不同的要求對他們,上帝的判決將是每一個規模的基礎上遵守該組特定的信仰和程序。 In the Lord's Eyes, if you "score a 98" in a Lutheran Church or in a Pentecostal Charismatic Church, BOTH would demonstrate to Him a true Devotion. Similarly, the members of these various Churches who just "show up" each week, would demonstrate to Him a rather poor level of Devotion.在上帝的眼睛,如果你“評分98 ”在路德教會或在五旬節教會的魅力,雙方將表現出向他真正的獻身精神。同樣,這些不同的成員誰教會只是“顯示”每個星期,將表現出向他較差水平的獻身精神。

Do you see how this concept carries over to other Churches who Worship Jesus?你看看這個概念進行了其他耶穌教會崇拜誰? The Catholic and Orthodox Churches have lots of very different (dogmatic) beliefs from most Protestant Churches.天主教會與東正教會有許多非常不同的(教條)大部分信仰基督教。 They even believe in the REQUIREMENT of observing SEVEN Sacraments rather than the Two of most Protestant Churches.他們甚至認為,要求觀測SEVEN公司聖禮,而不是兩個最基督教。 That's actually fine!這實際上罰款! A member of a Catholic Church MUST follow those Seven Sacraments (Devoutly) in order to "score a 98" in the Lord's Eyes.的成員,天主教會必須遵循這七個聖禮(虔誠) ,以“評分98 ”在上帝的眼睛。 A similar approach could be applied to the Mormon Church!類似的方法可以適用於摩門教會! Though, in a "technical" sense it is not Christian, the fact that the majority of its members BELIEVE it is, and they Worship Jesus (often impressively Devoutly), we believe that the Lord could see lots of "98s" there, too! (We're saying "98s" because the Lord recognizes that we are not "perfect" no matter how hard we try to be, and we could never score a "100"!)雖然,在“技術”意義上講,它是不是基督徒,這樣一個事實,即大多數成員認為,這是,他們崇拜耶穌(常常給人以深刻印象的虔誠) ,我們認為,上帝可以看到大量的“ 98s ”有太多! (我們說: “ 98s ” ,因為主認識到,我們不是“完美”無論怎麼我們努力做到的,我們永遠無法評分了“ 100 ” ! )

The Lord is obviously most interested in depth of Commitment to Him and the Father.上帝顯然是最感興趣的深度承諾給他和父親。 It seems unlikely that He is so "legalistic" as to insist on one or another specific method of demonstrating that to Him.看來他很可能是“墨守成規” ,以堅持一個或另一個具體方法證明給他。 But, clearly, once a person has chosen a Church, the Lord rightfully can expect a TOTAL commitment to THAT Church and its beliefs and methodologies.但是,很顯然,一個人一旦選擇了一個教會,主理所當然可以預期完全承諾該教會及其信仰和方法。 Consider how Jesus behaved when He was with us on Earth.考慮如何表現耶穌當他與我們在地球上。 Doesn't it seem OBVIOUS that this would be what He would want. He wouldn't be "hung up" on the "means" but would certainly only care about the "ends", that each person establishes a very strong commitment to Him through a Church.它似乎並不明顯,這將是他想。他不會“掛”上的“手段” ,但肯定會只關心的“目的” ,每個人建立了一個非常強烈的承諾,他通過教會。

We are tempted to think that this also helps explain the vast diversity of modern Churches.我們都禁不住會認為,這也幫助解釋了廣大多樣性的現代教會。 He is VERY aware of what a diverse lot we are, and that individuals need to be able to find differing methods of pursuing their Devotion to Him.他非常了解的不同,我們很多,而且個人需要能夠找到不同的方法,追求奉獻給他。 Thoughtfully, He has provided LOTS of alternatives for us!若有所思,他提供了大量的替代品,我們! WE see them as being really different from each other, but HE sees them as parallel efforts to achieve the very same end!我們看到他們作為真正各有不同,但他認為他們是平行的努力,以實現同樣的下場!

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