Council of Ferrara-Florence理事會費拉拉,佛羅倫薩

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The Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-45), held successively at Ferrara, Florence, and Rome, was an ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church convened for the primary purpose of ending the schism between that church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.安理會的費拉拉-佛羅倫薩( 1438年至1445年) ,先後在費拉拉舉行,佛羅倫薩和羅馬,是一個基督教會的羅馬天主教會召開為主要目的的終止之間的鴻溝是教會和東正教。 Officially, it was the second part of a council transferred from Basel, although a group of dissident churchmen remained in Basel and continued a rival council until 1449. Both the Byzantine emperor John VIII and the patriarch of Constantinople Joseph II were present at Ferrara-Florence, in part to seek aid from the West against the Turks.據官方統計,這是第二部分,安理會從巴塞爾,雖然一組持不同政見的教會仍然在巴塞爾和繼續對手,直到1449年。無論是拜占庭皇帝約翰八和君士坦丁堡宗主教約瑟夫二世出席費拉拉,佛羅倫薩,部分原因是為了尋求援助,西方對土耳其人。 After much discussion of their theological differences, the two churches were formally reunited in 1439.經過多次討論的神學分歧,這兩個教會在1439年正式團聚。 The Orthodox leaders had difficulty, however, winning approval from the clergy at home, and all semblance of unity dissolved after the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.東正教領袖有困難,但是,獲獎批准神職人員在家裡,所有的假象團結解散垮台後的拜占庭帝國到奧斯曼土耳其人在1453年。

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The council also negotiated reunion with several smaller eastern churches (the Armenian Church, Nestorian Church, Jacobite Church, and Eastern Rite Churches) and challenged the conciliar theory (see Conciliarism) enunciated at the councils of Constance and Basel.安理會還通過談判團聚幾個較小的東方教會(亞美尼亞教會,景教教會,黨人教堂,教堂和東歐麗)和挑戰conciliar理論(見Conciliarism )闡述了在安理會的康斯和巴塞爾。

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Halecki, Oscar, From Florence to Brest, 1439-1596, 2d ed. Halecki ,奧斯卡,從佛羅倫薩到布雷斯特, 1439年至1596年,二維版。 (1968). ( 1968年) 。

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