Councils of Lyons議會的里昂

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The Councils of Lyons were two ecumenical councils of the Christian church in the West, held at Lyons, France.兩局的里昂兩合一議會的基督教教會在西方,在法國里昂舉行。


The first of these councils was held in 1245 under Pope Innocent IV.上述第一局召開1245名,根據教宗無辜四。 The pope called the council to overthrow Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor, who had driven him from Rome.教宗呼籲安理會推翻馮檢二,神聖羅馬帝國,曾驅使他從羅馬。 The council excommunicated and deposed Frederick and absolved his subjects of their oaths of fealty; the actions of the council, however, had no political effect.安理會驅逐和被廢黜的馮檢,並免除他的科目,他們宣誓的忠誠;安理會的行動,不過,沒有任何的政治影響。

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The second of these councils was held in 1274 under Pope Gregory X. Attended by some 500 bishops, it was called principally to effect a reunion of the Western and Eastern churches, but, although a reunion was indeed reached at the council, it proved transitory.第二次,兩個市政局召開了1274年根據羅馬教皇格雷戈里十,出席由大約500名主教,它被稱為主要是為了效果與親人團聚的西部與東部,教堂,不過,雖然與親人團聚,確實達到了在安理會,它證明了臨時性。 Regulations also were established whereby popes would be elected by a conclave of cardinals.規定中還建立了,而教皇會當選,由一個秘密會議的樞機主教。 The council was attended by St. Bonaventure, and St. Thomas Aquinas died en route to it.安理會出席聖文德,以及聖托馬斯阿奎那的途中死亡。

First Council of Lyons - 1245 AD首屆立法會的里昂-1 245專案

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Abbreviations 縮略語


Bull Deposing The Emperor Frederick II 牛市處置皇帝馮檢二


I i

  1. On rescripts 對rescripts
  2. Those to whom cases should be entrusted 這些人的案件,應賦予
  3. Curtailing legal expenses 減少法律費用
  4. On challenging elections etc. 對具有挑戰性的選舉等。
  5. Only unconditional votes valid 只有無條件票有效
  6. Jurisdiction of conservators 管轄範圍內的保護人員
  7. Legates and benefices legates和benefices
  8. Judge delegates 法官代表
  9. On peremptory exceptions 對強制性例外
  10. The objection of robbery 異議搶劫
  11. No-show plaintiffs 沒出現原告
  12. On early possession for the sake of preservation 早期藏為求保全
  13. On the acceptability of negative assertions 對可接受性的負面言論
  14. The exception of major excommunication 除重大禁教
  15. On Judges Who Give Dishonest Judgment 對法官給予不誠實的判斷
  16. On appeals 關於上訴
  17. On the same 對同一
  18. On employing assassins 對僱用刺客
  19. On excommunication 1 關於禁教一日
  20. On excommunication 2 關於禁教二日
  21. On excommunication 3 關於禁教三日
  22. On excommunication 4 關於禁教四日


  1. Management of church debts 管理教會債務
  2. On help for the empire of Constantinople 關於幫助,為帝國的君士坦丁堡
  3. Admonition to be made by prelates to the people in their charge 警,自勵,以作出主教向人民負責,在其主管
  4. On the Tartars 對韃靼
  5. On the crusade 關於十字軍東征


The dispute, distinctive of the Middle Ages, between the papacy and the empire became very serious under Pope Innocent IV and Emperor Frederick II.這次的勞資糾紛,鮮明的中世紀之間,教皇和帝國成了非常嚴重的,根據教宗無辜四和皇帝馮檢二。 Already in 1240 Pope Gregory IX had tried to define the questions between the two powers by calling a general council, but Frederick II by arms had prevented the council from meeting.已經在1240人羅馬教皇格雷戈里九曾試圖界定問題,兩國之間的權力致電總理事會,但馮二是軍火商曾阻止安理會會議。 When Innocent IV succeeded as pope in 1243 he gave his earnest attention to renewing this policy.當無辜四,成功地為教宗在1243年他給他的認真注意更新這一政策。 He was able to make his way in 1244 to Lyons, which was outside the direct authority of the emperor, and there proclaimed a council.他才能夠使他在1244年至里昂,不屬於直接管轄的皇帝,並有宣示理事會。 Some letters of summons exist, dated 3 January 1245 and the days following, in which the purpose of the council is stated thus: "That the church, through the salutary counsel of the faithful and their fruitful help, may have the dignity of its proper position; that assistance may speedily be brought to the unhappy crisis in the holy Land and the sufferings of the eastern empire; that a remedy may be found against the Tartars and other enemies of the faith and persecutors of the christian people; further, for the issue between the church and the emperor ; for these reasons we think that the kings of the earth, the prelates of the church and other princes of the world should be summoned".有些信件的傳票存在的,過時的1245年1月3日及之後的幾天裡,其中的目的,安理會是說明,因此"教會,通過有益律師的忠實和富有成效的幫助下,可以有尊嚴的,其正確的立場,即協助,可迅速帶來不愉快的危機在聖地和痛苦的東部帝國;補救,可發現對韃靼人及其他敵人的信念和迫害者的基督教人民;此外,為之間的問題,教會和皇帝,基於這些原因,我們認為,有關國王的地球,主教的教會和其他王子的世界應該是召見" 。 The chief purposes for which the council was called -- and from the beginning it was called "general" -- seem to have been political ones.行政目的,其中安理會被稱為-從一開始就被稱為"將軍" -似乎已經被政治問題。

When the council opened on 26 June 1245 , in a meeting which was probably only preparatory, there were present three patriarchs and about 150 bishops besides other religious and secular persons, among whom was the Latin emperor of Constantinople.當議會開幕1245年6月26日 ,在一個會議上,其中大概只有預備班,有三patriarchs及約150主教除了其他宗教和世俗的人,其中一位是拉丁語皇帝的君士坦丁堡。 Emperor Frederick II sent a legation headed by Thaddaeus of Suessa.皇帝馮檢二派legation為首thaddaeus的suessa 。 Many bishops and prelates were unable to attend the council because they had been prevented by the invasions of the Tartars in the east or the attacks of the Saracens in the holy Land, or because Frederick II had intimidated them (especially the Sicilians and Germans).許多主教和主教未能出席會議,因為他們已被阻止入侵的韃靼人在東方或襲擊巴在聖地,或因馮第二嚇倒,他們(尤其是sicilians和德國人) 。 Thus it was that the four chief parties of the council were the French and probably the Spanish, English and Italian.因此,他認為,四個行政當事人的安理會法國和大概是西班牙語,英語和意大利語。 In the three sessions which were held during the council ( 26 June, 5 and 17 July ) the fathers, not without hesitation and dispute, had to treat especially of Frederick II.三節這期間舉行了會( 6月26日, 5日和7月17日 )的父親,而不是沒有猶豫和糾紛,又不得不向對待,特別是馮檢二。 There seems to have been a bitter conflict between Innocent IV on the one side and Thaddaeus of Suessa on the other.似乎一直是激烈的衝突之間無辜四,對一方thaddaeus的suessa於另一方。 The sources, especially the Brevis nota and Matthew Paris, tell us clearly about the nature of the discussion and the determined attitude of the pope, who induced the council to depose the emperor at the session on 17 July 1245, a matter that appeared unprecedented to the fathers themselves.該消息人士透露,特別是短筆記和馬修巴黎,清楚地告訴我們,對大自然的討論,並確定了態度教宗,誰致安理會廢黜皇帝在本屆會議上就1245年7月17日,此事出現了前所未有的,以父親本身。 The council on this question shows us clearly the critical position reached by the medieval theory and practice of ruling a christian state, which rested on a double order of authority.安理會就這一問題表明我們再清楚不過的關鍵地位所達成的中世紀理論與實踐的執政黨是一個基督教國家,這主要取決於雙秩序的權威。

In the same session of 17 July the council also approved some strictly legal constitutions and others on usury, the Tartars and the Latin east.在同一會議7月17日,理事會還批准了一些嚴格的法律章程和其他高利貸,韃靼和拉丁美洲地區。 But the council, unlike the previous councils of the Middle Ages, did not approve canons concerning the reform of the church and the condemnation of heresy.但安理會,不同於以往的議會的中世紀,不批准大砲關於改革教會,並譴責異端。 Enthusiasm for the Gregorian reform movement seems to have died down completely.熱情的陽曆改革運動似乎已經平息,完全。 The council, however, concerned itself with promoting and confirming the general canonical legislation for religious life.然而,安理會關注本身與推動,並確認一般典型的立法為宗教生活。

The transmission of the text of the constitutions is involved and still partly obscure. 傳輸文本的憲法是涉及部分仍然模糊不清。 Only in recent times has it been realised that the authentic and definitive drawing up of the constitutions, and their promulgation, took place after the council . 僅最近一個時期是否已察覺到真實而明確制定的憲法,並頒布施行,之後發生的。 This collection consists of 22 constitutions, all of which are of a legal nature, and was sent to the universities by Innocent IV on 25 August 1245 (Coll. I).這本文集包括22日的憲法,所有這些都是具有法律性質的,而被送往大學無辜四,對1245年8月25日( coll.一) 。 A second collection of 12 decrees was published by Innocent IV on 21 April 1246 (Coll. II).第二次採集的12個法令公佈無辜四,對1246年4月21日( coll.二) 。 A final collection (Coll. I + II and 8 other decrees) was issued on 9 September 1253 (Coll. III), and was included (except for const. 2) in Liber Sextus in 1298.最後收集( coll.一+二和8個其他法令)發表於1253年9月9日( coll.三) ,以及被列入(除常量。 2 )在liber sextus在第1298 。 Coll. coll 。 I, however, is not identical with the constitutions of the council.但是,我是不等同於憲法的認識。 For in it can be found neither the condemnation of Frederick II, which seems to have been the chief matter of the council, nor the five constitutions pertaining to the important questions introduced by Innocent IV at the opening of the council, namely those concerned with the Tartars, the Latin east and the crusades.因為在這可以找到既不是譴責,馮檢二,它似乎已被行政事項安理會,也沒有五年的憲法有關的重大問題,介紹了無辜四,在開幕式上的理事會,即那些與韃靼人,在拉美地區和十字軍東征。

Stephen Kuttner has shown that the constitutions have been transmitted to us through three versions: the conciliar version (= M), known principally from the chronicle of Matthew of Paris (const. 1-19, and the const. on the crusade corresponding to R 17); the intermediate version ( = R), known from the register of Innocent IV (const. 1-17, of which const. 1-12 correspond to M 1-10); and the definitive version ( = Coll. I), containing two constitutions (18 and 22) which are absent from the other versions, but lacking the constitutions not directly concerned with the law (R 13-17).斯蒂芬kuttner也顯示出該憲法已轉遞給我們通過三個版本: conciliar版( =米) ,眾所周知,主要是從年譜馬修的巴黎( const. 1-19 ,和常量,關於十字軍東征相應到R 17 ) ;中級版( = R )的俗稱從登記冊上的無辜四( const. 1-17人,其中常量。 1-12對應到M 1-10 ) ,以及定本( = coll我) ,其中載有兩部憲法( 18和22 ) ,其中是缺席的,從其它版本,但缺乏憲法並沒有直接涉及的法律( 13-17 ) 。

Indeed, the origins of the constitutions must be placed before the council, as is shown by an earlier version of constitutions M 13, 15 and 19, antedating the council.事實上,起源憲法必須擺在安理會面前,為的是表現出一種較早版本的憲法中男性13例, 15日和19日,所填安理會。 Evidently the council fathers were discussing matters which had already been partly worked out, and it was somewhat later that the constitutions acquired their more accurate and definite legal form.很顯然,安理會的父親都在談論的事情,已部分完成,它是有點遲說,憲法獲得更準確和更明確的法律形式。

The constitutions taken from Matthew Paris were edited in Bn[1] III/2 (1606) 1482-1489.憲法採取了由馬修巴黎被主編在英國國民[ 1 ]三/二( 1606 ) 1482年至1489年。 Those from the register of Innocent IV were edited in Rm IV (1612) 73-78.那些從登記冊上的無辜第四名編輯室四( 1612 ) 73-78 。 All later editions followed Rm.所有後來的版本之後馬幣。 However, IH Boehmer and Msi[1] 2 (1748) 1073-1098 (afterwards in Msi 23 (1779) 651-674) printed Coll.不過,中轉房屋boehmer和微星[ 1 ] 2 ( 1748 ) 1073年至1098年(事後在微星23 ( 1779 ) 651-674 ) ,印刷coll 。 III.三。 in addition.此外。 Coll. coll 。 I, as such, has never been edited; but there exists both an indirect transmission (Coll. I + II, Coll. III, Liber Sextus) and a direct, single-family transmission through eight manuscript codices: Arras, Bibl.我作為這樣的,從來沒有過編輯,但存在著兩種間接傳染( coll.一+二時, Coll第三節, liber sextus )和一個直接的,單個家庭的傳輸,經過8手稿codices :阿拉斯, bibl 。 Municipale 541; Bratislava, formerly Cathedral Library, 13; Innsbruck, Universitaetsbibl., 70, fos. municipale 541名;布拉迪斯拉發,原為教堂圖書館, 13歲;因斯布魯克, universitaetsbibl , 70 ,安全係數。 335v-338v (= I); Kassel, Landesbibl., Iur. 335v - 338v (我) ;卡塞爾, landesbibl ,法學。 fol.隨訪。 32; Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibl., Lat. 32 ;慕尼黑, bayerische staatsbibl ,北緯 8201e, fos. 8201e ,安全係數。 219v-220r, and Lat. 219v - 220r ,北緯 9654; Trier, Stadtbibl., 864; Vienna, Nationalbibl., 2073, fos. 9654年;特里爾, stadtbibl , 864名;維也納, nationalbibl , 2073 ,安全係數。 238v-242v (= W). 238v - 242v ( = W )等。

Our edition of the constitutions tries to give all the documents truly belonging to the council.我們版的憲法,試圖給所有的文件,真正屬於安理會。 Coll. coll 。 I has been taken as the base, and variants from M and R are set out in the critical apparatus.亦已被吸納為基地,而且變種從M和R列在關鍵器具。 The text of Coll.文coll 。 I has been established from codices I and W, which we have seen in microfilm.亦已被確立,從codices我和瓦,而我們所看到的微縮影片。 With regard to M, the edition of HR Luard has been used.至於男,該版本的HR盧押已被使用。 With regard to R, we have examined directly the register of Innocent IV.關於俄,我們探討了直接登記無辜四。 We think, moreover, that the last five constitutions in R (13-17, 17 is also in M and Annales de Burton) should also be included among the constitutions of the council, even though they were not included in Coil.我們認為,此外,在過去五年的憲法在R ( 13-17 , 17 ,也就是在M和年鑑德伯頓)也應列入憲法的安理會,即使這些人不包括在線圈。 I. We have printed the text of these five constitutions from the register of Innocent IV;as regards const.一,我們已印文的這五個憲法從登記冊上的無辜四,至於常量。 17 we have also compared M and Annales de Burton ( = Bu). 17 ,我們也比較M和年鑑德伯頓( =卜) 。

We think that the bull of deposition of the emperor Frederick II must be considered a statute of the council, and we place this in front of the constitutions.我們認為牛市的沉積皇帝馮檢二,必須被視為章程安理會,而我們這個地方,在前面的憲法。 The transmission of the text of the bull is involved, and the editions are very faulty.傳輸文本的牛市,涉及到與版本是非常錯誤的。 There are three copies of the bull: Vatican Archives, AA.有3個副本的牛市:梵蒂岡檔案館,機管局。 Arm.臂。 I-XVIII, 171 (= V); Paris, Archives Nationales, L 245 no.一至十八, 171 ( =五) ;巴黎,檔案,民族,升245沒有。 84 (= P); Lyons, Archives du Rhone, Fonds du chap. 84 ( =規劃) ;里昂,檔案館杜的Rhone ,全宗杜章。 primat., Arm. primat ,手臂。 Cham.湛。 vol.第一卷。 XXVII no.第二十七沒有。 2 (= L). 2 ( = 1 ) 。 Of these only V has been published.其中只有第五號發表了。 Other transcriptions of the bull are given in the register of Innocent IV, in some chronicles (Matthew of Paris, Annals of Plasencia, Annals of Melrose), in collections of decretals, and in some more recent publications (Bzovius).其他抄錄的牛市是由於在登記冊中的無辜四,在一些地方志(馬太的巴黎,而載入史冊plasencia ,載入史冊的梅爾羅斯) ,在收藏decretals ,並在一些較近期的出版物( bzovius ) 。 Our edition takes as its base V, P and L.我們的版本需為基地五,磷的影響

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Second Council of Lyons - 1274 AD第二屆理事會里昂-二一二七四專案

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After the death of Pope Clement IV (29 November 1268) almost three years passed before the cardinals were able to elect a new pope, Gregory X (1 September 1271).去世後,教皇克萊門特四( 1268年11月29日)近3年前通過的樞機主教們能夠選出一個新的教宗,格雷戈里× ( 1271年9月1日) 。 The political aspect of Europe in those times was undergoing great change.政治方面,歐洲在這些時代正經歷巨大的變化。 The popes themselves in their struggles with the German emperors had sought help from various states and had placed Charles of Anjou on the throne of Sicily.教宗使自己在鬥爭中同德國皇帝曾尋求幫助來自不同國家,並已放在查爾斯的anjou對王位的西西里島。 This long conflict, which the popes fought in order to protect their freedom and immunity, had finally upset the traditional system of government in Christendom.這漫長的衝突,而教皇打,以保障他們的自由和豁免權,終於打破了傳統的政府體制,基督教的。 This system depended on two institutions, the papacy and the empire.這個系統依賴於兩個機構,教宗和帝國。 In the East, moreover, the emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus had captured Constantinople in 1261 and brought the Latin empire there to an end.在東部地區,此外,皇帝邁克爾八palaeologus抓獲了君士坦丁堡,在1261名,並帶來了拉丁語帝國有一個句號。

Since the state of affairs was undoubtedly complex and difficult, Gregory X had conceived a very broad plan involving the whole christian world.因為該國的內政,無疑是複雜和困難的,格雷戈里x構思了一個非常廣泛的計劃,涉及整個基督教世界。 In this plan the eastern question was of the highest importance.在這個規劃中,東部的問題,是最重要的。 The pope sought to conclude a treaty with Michael VIII Palaeologus and to unite the eastern and western churches.教宗尋求締結一項條約,邁克爾八palaeologus和團結了東方與西方的教堂。 For if the churches were united and the strength of all christian peoples were combined, the problem of the holy Land could be resolved and the Roman church could flourish with fresh authority and influence in the western states.如果教會比較團結各方面的力量基督教人民有機地結合起來,但問題的聖地就可以解決與羅馬教會能夠興旺與新鮮的權威和影響力,在西方國家。

Gregory X, therefore, when he convoked the general council on 31 March 1272, outlined three themes: union with the Greeks, the crusade, and the reform of the church.格雷戈里十,因此,當他召集的總理事會於1272年3月31日,勾畫了三個主題:聯盟與希臘人,十字軍東征,從而拉開了改革的教會。 Regarding the third theme, which was not only traditional in medieval councils but was also required by the actual state of ecclesiastical morals, the pope in March 1273 sought the opinion of all christian people and asked for their help.關於第三個主題,而不僅是傳統的中世紀議會,而且還必須根據實際狀況的教會有道德,有文化,教宗在1273年3月徵求意見的所有基督教的人,並詢問他們的幫助。 Some reports sent to him for this purpose are still extant.有些報告寄送給他作此用途仍尚存。 After long preparatory arrangements the council assembled at Lyons and opened on 7 May 1274.經過長時間的籌備安排,安理會集結在里昂舉行,並開放對1274年5月7日。 Probably there were present about 300 bishops, 60 abbots and a large number of other clergy, many of whom apparently were theologians (Thomas Aquinas died while on his journey to Lyons), as well as king James of Aragon and the delegates sent by the rulers of France, Germany, England and Sicily.大概有目前約有300位主教, 60歲的方丈都很以及大量的其他神職人員,其中許多人顯然是神學家(多瑪斯死亡,而此行來去匆匆,以里昂) ,以及國王詹姆斯阿拉貢和派出的代表統治者法國,德國,英格蘭和意大利西西里。 The Greeks arrived late, on 24 June, since they had been shipwrecked.希臘人遲到,在6月24日,因為他們已被船翻了。 Meanwhile a delegation of Tartars had also arrived.同時,一個代表團的韃靼人也來到了。 Although the number of participants does not seem to have been especially large, the whole christian world was present either in person or through representatives, and it was evident that the council, as Gregory X had wished, was universal and ecumenical.雖然參加的人數似乎並沒有受到特別大的情況下,整個基督教世界,是目前可親身或透過代表,並很明顯,安理會作為格雷戈里x所願,是普遍性和合一。

The council had six general sessions: on 7 and 18 May, 4 or 7 June, 6, 16 and 17 July. In the fourth session the union of the Greek church with the Latin church was decreed and defined, this union being based on the consent which the Greeks had given to the claims of the Roman church. 安理會六個一般時段: 7日和5月18日, 4或6月7日, 6日, 16日和7月17日,在第四屆會議上的聯盟,希臘教會與拉丁教會頒布和界定,這個聯盟正在此基礎上同意,使希臘人曾考慮索賠的羅馬教會。 In the last session the dogmatic constitution concerning the procession of the holy Spirit was approved, this question having been a cause of disagreement between the two churches.在上一屆的教條式的憲法關於遊行的聖靈批准後,這一問題已引起兩國齟齬教堂。 The union however appears to have been imposed, on the Greek side by the emperor Michael VIII.該聯盟,但似乎已經被強加的,對希臘方面由皇帝邁克爾八。 He wanted the support of the pope in order to deter Charles of Anjou from an attack on the Byzantine empire, while the majority of the Greek clergy opposed the union.他想要的支持,教宗是為了遏制查爾斯的anjou從進攻拜占庭帝國,而絕大多數的希臘教士反對聯盟。 The union was therefore fleeting, either because in the East the clergy steadily resisted it, or because the popes after Gregory X changed their plan of action.該聯盟是稍縱即逝,因此,無論是因為在東部神職人員穩妥地抵制它,或者是因為教皇後,格雷戈里x改變了他們的行動計劃。

The weakness of the union with the Greeks also rendered a crusade impossible.疲軟的歐盟與希臘人也做成十字軍東征是不可能的。 Gregory X won the approval of the principal states of Europe for the undertaking and was able, in the second session, to impose heavy taxes (a tenth for six years) in order to carry it out (const. Zelus fidei, below pp. 309-314).格雷戈里x獲得批准,主要國家的歐洲,為事業,並能夠在第二次會議上,以施加重稅(十分之一為六年) ,以抓落實( const.澤洛斯信,下面頁309 -314 ) 。 The council however merely decided to engage in the crusade; no start was made at getting things done and the project came to nothing.安理會,但只是決定進行討伐;沒有起始要求是於把事情做得和項目告落空。 Moreover Gregory died soon afterwards (10 January 1276), and he was not sufficiently influential or powerful to bring to a conclusion his plans for church and state.此外格雷戈里去世不久之後( 1276年1月10日) ,他是沒有足夠的影響力還是強大,使一個結論,他的施政計劃,為教會和國家。

With regard to the reform of the church, Gregory complained in the council's last session that discussion had not been sufficient to pass any definite decree.關於改革的教會,格雷戈里抱怨說,在安理會的會議上的討論還不足以通過任何明確的法令。 However, he was able to bring about that certain constitutions relating to the parish should be delegated to the curia.然而,他卻能夠帶來某些憲法中有關教區應下放給教廷。 For the rest, some constitutions concerning church institutions were approved in various sessions.對於剩下的,一些國家的憲法有關教會機構獲得批准,在不同環節。 The most important one prescribed that a pope should be elected by the college of cardinals assembled in conclave (const. 2); constitution 23 attempts to adjust relations between secular clerics and religious; constitutions 26-27 treat of usury; and others treat of particular questions about the reform of morals and of the church.其中最重要的明表示,教宗應該由民選產生學院紅衣主教聚集在秘密會議( const. 2 ) ;憲法23條試圖調整關係的世俗教士和宗教;憲法26-27對待的盤剝;等對待的,特別是提出的關於改革的道德和教會。

There are at least two redactions (conciliar and post-conciliar) of the council's constitutions, as S. Kuttner has shown.有至少兩個節錄( conciliar和後conciliar )理事會的章程,作為第kuttner可見一斑。 In the second session the fathers had approved the decree Zelus fidei, which was rather a collection of constitutions about the holy Land, the crusade, the war against Saracens and pirates, and the order and procedure to be observed in the council (here for the first time the nations appear as ecclesiastical parts of a council).在第二次會議上,父親已批准這項法令澤洛斯信,其中相當匯集了憲法關於聖地,十字軍東征,戰爭對這部電影和海盜,並命令和程序須遵守安理會(此處為第一次在國內出現,因為教會的部分議會) 。 Next, twenty-eight constitutions were approved in the following sessions: const.接著, 2008年的憲法獲得批准,在下列會議:常量。 3-9, 15, 19, 24, 29-30 in the third, const. 3-9 , 15 , 19 , 24 , 29日至30日在第三,常量。 2, 10-12, 16-17, 20-22, 25-28, 31 in the fifth, const. 2 , 10-12 , 16-17 , 20-22 , 25-28日, 31日,在第五,常量。 1, 23 in the sixth session. 1 , 23日在第六屆會議。 The pope promulgated a collection of the council's constitutions on 1 November 1274, sent this to the universities with the bull Cum nuper, and informed all the faithful in the encyclical Infrascriptas.教宗頒布的,收錄了理事會的章程, 1274年11月1日,發送這所大學與牛市暨最近談論,並通知所有信徒在通諭infrascriptas 。 In this collection, however, three of the thirty-one constitutions are post-conciliar (const. 13-14, 18).在這本文集,不過,三部31憲法後conciliar ( const. 13-14日, 18 ) 。 These concern the parish, on which subject the pope and the council fathers had decided in the last session of the council that some decrees should be made later on.這些關切的教區之後,就受到教宗和安理會的父親已決定在上一屆理事會的一些法令,應作出稍後。 Moreover the constitution Zelus fidei is missing from the collection, perhaps because it contained no juridical statutes of universal validity; and the other constitutions had been subjected to the examination of the curia and emended, notably as far as we know const.況且憲法澤洛斯信是失踪,從收集,可能是因為它不涉及法律法規的普遍有效性,以及其他憲法曾受到審查教廷和emended ,特別是據我們所知常量。 2 on the conclave and const. 2對秘密會議和常量。 26-27 On usury. 26-27關於盤剝。

The collection of constitutions promulgated by Gregory X was incorporated into Boniface VIII's Liber Sextus (1298) . 收集憲法頒布格雷戈里十是納入博尼法斯八世的liber sextus (第1298 ) 。 It also survives, together with the encyclical Infrascriptas, in Gregory X's register (=R), on which we have based our text .它也繼續生存,再加上通諭infrascriptas ,在格雷戈里X的寄存器( = R )的上,我們已根據我們的文本。 The conciliar redaction, however, is known only in part.該conciliar節錄的,但是,眾所周知,只有一部分。 The constitution Zelus fidei was discovered first by H. Finke in an Osnabruck codex (= O), and then by S. Kuttner, without its beginning, in a Washington codex (= W), it is also extant in three English cartularies, which we have not examined; our edition relies on the transcriptions of Finke (= F) and Kuttner (= K).憲法澤洛斯信,是首次發現的,由每小時finke在osnabruck食品法典委員會( = o )中,然後由第kuttner ,沒有開始,在華盛頓的食品法典委員會( = w )時,它也是現存三個英語cartularies ,我們還沒有研究,我們的版依賴於抄錄的finke ( = f )和kuttner ( = k )款。 The other constitutions of the conciliar redaction we know only from W and, as regards const.其他憲法的conciliar編撰學,我們只知道從W和,至於常量。 2, from eight scrolls containing the approval of the council fathers for this constitution (Vatican Archives, AA. arm. I-XVIII, 2187-2194 = V I-8). 2 ,從八春聯含有提請理事會核准父親為這部憲法(梵蒂岡檔案館,機管局的手臂,我- 18 , 2187年至2194年= v一8 ) 。 We therefore give the conciliar redaction on the basis of V and W; but W is very incomplete, having only 20 constitutions (const. 2-8, 9 mutilated, 10-12 16-17, 20, 22-23, 25-27, 31), and is full of errors.因此,我們給予conciliar編撰學上的基礎上的V和W ,但是W是非常不完整,只有20憲法( const. 2-8 , 9肢解, 10-12 16-17日, 20日, 22-23日, 25-27日, 31歲) ,是一部充滿錯誤。 As the best solution at this intermediate stage, we therefore give the constitution Zelus fidei (below pp. 309-314) separately from the post-conciliar collection (below pp. 314-331), and we note in the critical apparatus the latter the variant readings of the conciliar redaction.作為解決問題的最佳方法,在這個中間階段,因此,我們給予憲法澤洛斯信(以下頁309-314 ) ,分別從後conciliar收集(以下頁314-331 ) ,而且我們注意到,在關鍵儀器後者變讀通過本conciliar節錄。 In the main editions of the council's acts only the collection of constitutions promulgated by Gregory X is to be found; all these editions depend on Rm (4, 95-104), which is taken from R (R was edited later by Guiraud).在主要版本安理會的行為不僅收集憲法頒布格雷戈里X則是被發現;所有這些版本將取決於馬幣( 4 , 95-104 ) ,它是採取從R ( R的編輯,後來由guiraud ) 。


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