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The Council of Vienne was the 15th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church.安理會的維埃納省,是十五合一會,羅馬天主教教堂。 The synod comprised three sessions that were held in the historic city of Vienne in southeastern France during 1311 and 1312.主教組成的三節說,被關押在這座歷史名城,維埃納省東南部法國在1311年和1312年。 The council was presided over by Clement V, the first pope based in the city of Avignon.安理會是由克萊門特五,教宗首次設在城市阿維尼翁。 The council was called to promote a crusade to the Holy Land, to effect needed reform within the church, and, at the insistence of Philip IV of France, to abolish the Order of Knights Templar.安理會呼籲推動十字軍東征,以聖地,對需要改革教會,並在堅持弘第四法國,取消命令書中宣揚了羅斯林大教堂。 (The Knights Templar were a wealthy and powerful military religious organization found throughout Christendom and whose property Philip coveted.) (書中宣揚了羅斯林大教堂是一個富裕和強大的軍事,宗教組織發現,在整個基督教的,其財產弘覬覦) 。

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Much of the agenda and many of the documents issued by the Council of Vienne have not survived.大部分的議程和文件,其中許多都發出安理會的維埃納省都沒有存活。 It is known that Clement ordered the suppression of the Templar and the confiscation of their property.據了解,克萊門特下令鎮壓的templar並沒收其財產。 He further agreed to transfer church tithes to Philip upon the French king's promise to organize a crusade.他進一步同意轉讓教會tithes以弘後,法國國王的承諾,舉辦一次十字軍東征。 Philip reneged on the commitment, however, and for six years used the money for his personal political ends.弘背棄了承諾,但是,六年來用這筆錢為他個人的政治目的。 The Council of Vienne also passed ordinances dealing with the course of the Inquisition and reform of the clergy.安理會的維埃納省,同時通過了條例,在處理過程中的宗教裁判所和改革的神職人員。 It repudiated the teachings of Peter John Olivi, a Spiritual Franciscan, about the incarnation, the human soul, and baptism.它推翻的遺訓彼得約翰olivi ,一種精神濟,對化身,人的靈魂,是和洗禮。 It also condemned the heretical doctrines that arose out of the mysticism of the Beghards and Beguines, religious communities of men and women in northern Europe.會議還譴責邪教學說產生於神秘主義的beghards和beguines ,宗教社區的男性和女性在北歐。

Council of Vienne 1311-1312 AD安理會的維埃納省1311年至1312年的廣告

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