Ancestor Worship祖先崇拜。

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Ancestor Worship is reverence granted to deceased relatives who are believed to have become powerful spiritual beings or, less frequently, to have attained the status of gods.祖先崇拜,是敬畏給予死者親屬被認為已成為強大的精神為本,或次數較少,以達到狀態的神。 It is based on the belief that ancestors are active members of society and are still interested in the affairs of their living relatives.它是基於信念,認為祖先是社會的積極成員,而且還在有興趣的事務,他們的親屬的生活。

The cult of ancestor worship is common, although not universal.崇拜祖先崇拜是共同的,雖然不具有普遍性。 It has been extensively documented in West African societies (the Bantu and the Shona), in Polynesia and Melanesia (the Dobu and the Manus), among several Indo-European peoples (the ancient Scandinavians, Romans, and Germans), and especially in China and Japan. In general, ancestors are believed to wield great authority, having special powers to influence the course of events or to control the well-being of their living relatives.它已被廣泛西非社團(班圖語和紹納語),在波利尼西亞,美拉尼西亞(Dobu和馬努斯),其中幾個印歐民族(古代北歐人,羅馬人,和德國),尤其是在中國和日本。 一般情況下,祖先被認為是執掌巨大權威,擁有特殊權力的影響事件的過程中,要控制好他們的親屬的生活。 Protection of the family is one of their main concerns. They are considered intermediaries between the supreme god, or the gods, and the people, and can communicate with the living through dreams and by possession. 對家庭的保護是其主要關注的問題之一。他們被認為是至高無上的神,或神,人之間的中介,並可以通過溝通與生活,夢想和所藏。 The attitude toward them is one of mixed fear and reverence.他們的態度是一個混合的恐懼和敬畏。 If neglected, the ancestors may cause disease and other misfortunes.如果忽略了,祖先可能導致疾病和其他不幸。 Propitiation, supplication, prayer, and sacrifice are various ways in which the living can communicate with their ancestors.挽回祭,祈求,祈禱,犧牲的各種方式中,可以與他們的祖先的生活。

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Ancestor worship is a strong indication of the value placed on the household and of the strong ties that exist between the past and the present.祖先崇拜是一個有力的指示的價值放在家庭的過去和現在之間存在的緊密聯繫。 The beliefs and practices connected with the cult help to integrate the family, to sanction the traditional political structure, and to encourage respect for living elders.的信仰和習俗與邪教組織有利於整合家庭,對傳統的政治結構,並鼓勵尊重老年人的生活的。 Some scholars have also interpreted it as a source of individual well-being and of social harmony and stability.一些學者還解釋它的來源,個人幸福和社會的和諧與穩定。 Because it is practiced by family groups, ancestor worship excludes proselytizing and rarely involves a separate priesthood. It has no formal doctrines and is ordinarily an aspect of some larger religious system.因為它是實行家庭團隊,祖先崇拜不包括傳教活動,很少涉及到一個單獨的祭司。 它有沒有正式的教義,通常是一些較大的宗教制度的一個方面。

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