Book of Common Order書的共同秩序

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The Book of Common Order was a book compiled in the 1550s and 1560s by Scottish Protestant reformer John Knox and others.共同秩序的書是在16世紀50年代和16世紀60年代由蘇格蘭新教改革者約翰·諾克斯(John Knox)和其他人編寫了一本書。 The Book of Common Order served as the worship book of the Church of Scotland from 1564 to 1645.擔任1564年至1645年的蘇格蘭教會的崇拜書的共同秩序的書。

The book was first printed in 1556 under the title Book of Geneva.這本書第一次印刷在1556年的日內瓦書的標題下。 This version, initially titled Book of Our Common Order, became widely used in the Reformed churches (see Reformation).這個版本,最初名為我們的共同秩序的書,被廣泛使用在歸正教會(改革)。 It passed through various editions between 1556 in Geneva, Switzerland, and 1644 in Edinburgh, Scotland.它通過在瑞士日內瓦,1556和1644年在蘇格蘭的愛丁堡,各種版本之間。 The book contained the Psalms, as well as instructions to ministers about how to carry out basic duties, such as prayers, election and ordination of ministers, choice of elders and deacons, visitation of the sick, and excommunication.這本書包含的詩篇,以及如何進行基本職責,如祈禱,選舉和統籌部長,長老和執事的選擇,探視病人,並逐出教會的部長的指示。

The Church of Scotland adapted the Book to modern needs, issuing authorized editions in 1928 and 1940.蘇格蘭教會適應現代需要的書,在1928年和1940年發行授權版本。 The Book of Common Order was eventually replaced in Scottish churches by the English Prayer Book.在蘇格蘭教會的共同秩序的書最終被替換了由英國的祈禱書。

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Book of Common Order書的共同秩序

Advanced Information 先進的信息

The title used historically by the Church of Scotland and associated Presbyterian churches for their liturgical handbooks.由蘇格蘭和相關的長老教會教堂的歷史,他們的禮儀手冊使用的標題。 The latest edition bearing the name was published for the Church of Scotland in 1979 and contains forms of service in the traditional "Thou" style of addressing God as well as in more contemporary "You" form.最新版的名稱是蘇格蘭教會於1979年出版,其中包含各種形式的服務在傳統的“你”式的處理上帝以及在“您”更現代的形式。

Contents of this book are the divine service (three full and one shortened orders for Holy Communion together with an outline order of service for public worship when the Lord's Supper is not celebrated), services for Christian initiation, the celebration of marriage, funerals, and the ordination and admission of elders.這本書的內容是神聖的服務(3充分和1縮短訂單聖餐在一起的輪廓為了服務公眾崇拜時,主的晚餐是不慶祝),基督教開始,的慶祝活動,婚姻,葬禮服務和統籌和入場的長老。 It also contains a lectionary, two sets of collects, and proper prefaces for the Christian year.還包含了lectionary的,兩組收集,和適當的序言為基督徒的一年。

The first book to bear this title was published by authority of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1562 and contained texts for the ministration of the sacraments.承擔這個稱號的第一本書出版的權威大會在1562年和蘇格蘭教會的職事,包含文本的聖禮。 Two years later a further edition included material for all purposes, including metrical psalms and versions of other portions of Scripture.兩年後,進一步版的所有目的而言,包括材料,包括格律詩章,其他部分的聖經版本的。 The first edition had been largely based on what was known as John Knox's Genevan Service Bool (1556), introduced by that Reformer for the English congregation in Geneva, which consisted largely of exiles from the reign of Mary.在很大程度上受到了第一版的基礎上被稱為約翰·諾克斯(John Knox)的日內瓦人服務BOOL(1556年),由該改革者的英語聚集在日內瓦,這主要是由流亡王朝的瑪麗。 The attempt to replace the Book of Common Order by the so-called Laudian Liturgy of 1637 precipitated the Solemn League and Covenant, but in 1644 it was displaced by the Directory of Public Worship.本書的共同秩序,以取代1637年由的所謂Laudian禮儀沉澱莊嚴聯賽和盟約,但在1644年,它是流離失所的公開崇拜的目錄。

As the Book of Common Order had never been an absolute formulary like the Book of Common Prayer in England, but rather a standard and model of worship, the minister was given freedom for extempore prayer as well as flexibility of usage.作為這本書的共同秩序從來沒有一個絕對的處方,如共同祈禱書在英國,而是一個標準和模式的崇拜,牧師自由即興祈禱以及靈活的使用。 This led to very "free" types of services in some churches during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but this century has seen the resurrection of the Book of Common Order.這導致了在十八,十九世紀的“自由”類型的服務,在一些教會,但本世紀以來,這本書的共同秩序的復活。 The United Free Church of Scotland published a book of this title in 1928, and then the Church of Scotland itself, after reuniting with that church, produced the 1940 edition of the Book of Common Order, later revised in 1952.美國自由教會的蘇格蘭於1928年出版了一本書,這個稱號,那麼蘇格蘭的教會本身,團聚與教會後,1940年,後來在1952年修訂版,這本書的共同秩序。 As well as the usual services, this handbook had interesting forms for the dedication of various church buildings and furniture as well as some useful devotional material in prayers for special occasions and graces.除了一般的服務,這本手冊有不同的教堂建築和家具材料以及一些有用的虔誠的祈禱,在特殊的場合和青睞的奉獻精神的有趣的形式。

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Bibliography 參考書目
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