Doctors of the Church醫生的教會

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The Roman Catholic Church recognizes 30 men and 3 women as pre-eminent theologians, people from whom all Catholics can confidently learn from.羅馬天主教會承認30名男性和3名女性前著名神學家,人從他所有的天主教徒可以自信地學習。 Originally, there were four Doctors (of the Catholic or Western Church), first named in 1298 AD:原來,有四個醫生(天主教或西方教會),公元1298年首次命名:

Later, four corresponding Doctors of the Eastern (Orthodox) Church were named, in 1568 AD:後來,東區(東正教)教會的四個對應的醫生,公元1568年被命名為:

No women were included in this list until 1970 AD.直到1970年AD,沒有婦女被列入這個名單。

Here is the entire list of the current 33 Doctors of the Church, in approximate chronological order.這是目前的33醫生的教會,在近似的時間順序排列的完整列表。

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