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The Haggada or Aggada (Hebrew haggâdah, from higgîdh"to relate"), in Judaism, is the body of nonlegal rabbinical lore, comprising legends, anecdotes, and parables, which exemplifies the religious and ethical principles of the traditional law compiled in the Talmud and Midrash during the first centuries of the Christian era.該Haggada或Aggada(希伯來文哈加達,從higgîdh“關係”),在猶太教,是非法的猶太教傳說,包括傳說,軼事,和比喻,這體現了宗教和道德的原則編制,傳統的國際法,在塔木德體並米特拉斯在第一世紀的基督教時代。 The Haggada is a complement to the Halakah, or legal sections of rabbinical literature. Haggada是的halakah的補充,或法律條文的猶太教文獻。 The Haggada and Halakah were set down concurrently. Haggada和的Halakah同時設置。 Although the Talmud contains numerous Haggadic passages, the great bulk of Haggadic lore was assembled in separate compilations known as Midrashim, that is, homiletic interpretations of the Old Testament.雖然猶太法典包含了大量的haggadic通道,大批量的haggadic傳說被稱為米大示,也就是舊約的說教詮釋在不同的編譯組裝。 For the most part, the oldest Midrashim reflect Halakah rather than Haggada.對於在大多數情況下,的最古老米德拉什反映的Halakah而比Haggada的。 The greatest of the Haggadic Midrashim is the Midrash Rabbah, or Great Midrash, a verse-by-verse interpretation of the entire Pentateuch and also of the five scrolls (Esther, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs) that are read on the various Jewish holidays.最偉大的的haggadic米德拉什的的米德拉士拉巴,或大米德拉士,整個摩西五的五個捲軸(以斯帖記,路得記,耶利米哀歌,傳道書,雅歌),讀一首詩的詩句解釋各種各樣的猶太節日。 The Haggada is the primary source of knowledge of the theology of the ancient rabbinic Judaism. Haggada是的古代拉比猶太教的神學知識的主要來源。 The term Haggada denotes also the prayer books used at the Seder, or ritual dinner observed at Passover.的的長期Haggada也表示在seder的祈禱書,或儀式在逾越節的晚餐觀察。 This prayer book, besides many Psalms, reproduces extracts from the traditional Haggada chosen for their special relevance to the holiday.本祈禱書,除了許多詩篇,再現提取物從選擇了傳統Haggada,其特殊的意義的節日。

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