Ishmael, Ismael, Ismail, Ismahel以實瑪利,伊斯梅爾,司馬義·Ismahel

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According to Genesis 16, Ishmael was the son of the patriarch Abraham by the Egyptian handmaiden Hagar.根據創世記16日,以實瑪利的兒子,先祖亞伯拉罕的埃及侍女夏甲。 When Abraham's supposedly barren wife Sarah finally bore Isaac, a rivalry developed between Sarah and Hagar and thus between the two half brothers, Isaac and Ishmael.當亞伯拉罕的所謂荒蕪的妻子莎拉終於有了以撒,撒拉和夏甲,因此兩者之間的同父異母兄弟,以撒和以實瑪利之間的競爭。

Cast out into the wilderness, Ishmael was the ancestor of the nomadic Arabian Ishmaelites, arranged, like the Israelites, into twelve tribes. Because Islam traces its lineage from Abraham through Ishmael and Judaism and Christianity trace their lineages through Isaac, Muslims, Jews, and Christians are all spiritual "children of Abraham."投出到曠野,以實瑪利是祖先的游牧阿拉伯以實瑪利,安排,像以色列人,到十二個支派。 因為伊斯蘭教發端,從亞伯拉罕以實瑪利和猶太教和基督教從以撒生的,跟踪他們的宗族,穆斯林,猶太人,和基督徒都精神“亞伯拉罕的子孫。”

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Ishmael (Hebrew, "may God hear"), in the Old Testament, the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham, and in Islamic tradition, an ancestor of the Arab peoples.以實瑪利(希伯來文,“願上帝聽到”),在舊約聖經,希伯來文的先祖亞伯拉罕的長子,在伊斯蘭傳統,阿拉伯人民的祖先。 His story (see Genesis 16, 21, 25) is interwoven with that of Isaac.他的故事交織在一起,以撒(見創世記16,21,25)。 Ishmael's mother was Hagar, Egyptian handmaid to Abraham's wife, Sarah, who was barren.以實瑪利的母親是埃及使女夏甲,亞伯拉罕的妻子撒拉,誰是貧瘠的。 In answer to her prayers, Sarah conceived and was delivered of a son, Isaac.在回答她的祈禱,撒拉懷了孕,生下了一個兒子,艾薩克。 Having thus satisfied Abraham, Sarah demanded that Hagar and Ishmael be driven away.從而滿足亞伯拉罕,撒拉要求,夏甲和以實瑪利被趕走。 Hagar and her son fled to the south.夏甲和她的​​兒子逃往南方。 Ishmael settled in the wilderness, married an Egyptian woman, and became the progenitor of 12 tribes of desert nomads.以實瑪利在曠野定居,結婚的埃及婦女,成為12個部落的沙漠游牧民族的祖先。 The region occupied by these Ishmaelites included most of central and northern Arabia. Muslims regard themselves as the descendents of Ishmael and view Hagar as the true wife of Abraham, and Ishmael (or Ismail) his favored son. In this version, Ismail, not Isaac, was offered for sacrifice by Abraham.這些以實瑪利所佔據的區域包括中部和北部大部分阿拉伯, 穆斯林把自己當成真正的妻子的亞伯拉罕的後裔以實瑪利和夏甲視圖,和他最喜歡的兒子以實瑪利(伊斯梅爾)。 在這個版本中,伊斯梅爾,而不是艾薩克提供亞伯拉罕犧牲的。


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(Septuagint 'Ismaél; Vulgate Ismahel, in 1 Chronicles 1:28, 20, 31). (七十'伊斯梅爾“武加大Ismahel,在歷代志上1:28,20,31)。

The son of Abraham and Agar, the Egyptian.亞伯拉罕的兒子,瓊脂,埃及。 His history is contained in parts of Gen., xvi-xxv, wherein three strata of Hebrew tradition (J, E, P) are usually distinguished by contemporary scholars.他的歷史中包含的將軍,十六,二十五,其中三個階層的希伯來傳統(J,E,P)由當代學者通常區分。 The name "Ismael", which occurs also in early Babylonian and in Minæan, was given to the child before its birth (Genesis 16:11), and means: "may God hear".前出生的孩子(創16:11),並命名為“伊斯梅爾”,其中也發生在早期巴比倫和Minæan的,意思是:“願上帝聽到”。 As Sarai, Abram's wife, was barren, she gave him, in accordance with the custom of the time, her handmaid, Agar, as concubine, in order to obtain children through her.作為亞伯蘭的妻子撒萊不生育,她給了他,按照自定義的時間裡,她的婢女,瓊脂,不如妾,以獲得通過她的孩子。 Agar's conception of a child soon led to her flight into the wilderness, where the angel of Yahweh appeared to her, bade her to return to her mistress, and fixed the name and character of her future son.瓊脂的概念,到曠野,在那裡耶和華的使者,在她看來,孩子很快導致了她的飛行吩咐她回到她的情婦,並固定了她未來的兒子的名字和性格。 After her return to Bersabee, she brought forth Ismael to Abram, who was then eighty-six years old (xvi).她回Bersabee後,她提出了伊斯梅爾亞伯蘭,誰是然後86年歲(十六)。 Ismael was very dear to the aged patriarch, as is shown by his entreaty of God in Ismael's behalf, when the Almighty promised him a son through Sara.伊斯梅爾是非常尊敬老人的族長,這表明了他的懇求上帝在伊斯梅爾的代表,全能的答應了他的兒子通過薩拉。 In answer to this earnest entreaty, God disclosed to Abraham the glorious future which awaited Ismael: "As for Ismael, I have also heard thee. Behold, I will bless him, and increase, and multiply him exceedingly: he shall beget twelve chiefs, and I will make him a great nation."在回答這個認真的懇求,上帝透露給亞伯拉罕美好的未來等待伊斯梅爾:“至於伊斯梅爾,我也聽說過你。看哪,我必賜福給他,和增加,乘他非常,他必招致12首領, ,我將讓他成為一個偉大的國家。“ Ismael was not the destined heir of the covenant; yet, as he belonged to Abraham's family, he was submitted to the rite of circumcision when the patriarch circumcised all the male members of his household.伊斯梅爾是不是注定的繼承人所立的約,然而,當他屬於亞伯拉罕的家庭,他提交的割禮儀式,當族長割禮的所有男性,他的家庭成員。 He was then a lad of thirteen (xvii).他當時是一個小伙子,13(十七)。 Abraham's tender love towards Ismael manifested itself on another occasion.亞伯拉罕的溫柔的愛表現出來,在另一個場合向伊斯梅爾。 He resented Sara's complaint to him, when, on the great festival given at the weaning of Isaac, she requested Agar's and Ismael's summary dismissal because she "had seen the son of Agar the Egyptian playing with [or mocking] Isaac her son".他憎恨薩拉的投訴他,時,上的偉大節日的斷奶,以撒,她要求瓊脂的和伊斯梅爾的總結解僱,因為她“已經看到了兒子的瓊脂在埃及扮演[或嘲諷]艾薩克她的兒子”。 Ismael was Abraham's own "son", and indeed his first- born.伊斯梅爾是亞伯拉罕自己的“兒子”,確實是他的第一個出生的。 At this juncture, God directed Abraham to accede to Sara's request, comforting him with the repeated assurance of future national greatness for Ismael.在這個時候,神指示亞伯拉罕加入Sara的要求,安慰他一再保證今後的國家偉大的伊斯梅爾。 Whereupon the patriarch dismissed Agar and Ismael with a modicum of provision for their journey.於是族長駁回瓊脂和伊斯梅爾一點點的規定,為他們的旅程。 As their scanty provision of water was soon exhausted, Ismael would have certainly perished in the wilderness, had not God shown to Agar a well of water which enabled her to revive the dying lad.作為他們僅有的一點糧食,水很快就被耗盡,伊斯梅爾將肯定在曠野中滅亡,不是神瓊脂水的井,使她得以重振垂死的小伙子。

According to God's repeated promise of future greatness for Agar's son, Ismael grew up, lived in the wilderness of Paran, became famous as an archer, and married an Egyptian wife (xxi, 8-21).根據神的多次承諾未來偉大的瓊脂的兒子,“伊斯梅爾長大,住在巴蘭的曠野,成了著名的弓箭手,和妻子結婚的埃及(21,8-21)。 He became the father of twelve chiefs, whose names and general quarters are given in Gen., xxv, 12-16. 12首領,他們的名字和一般宿舍將軍,二十五,12日至16日,他成為了父親。 Only one daughter of Ismael is mentioned in Holy Writ, where she is spoken of as one of Esau's wives (cf. Genesis 28:9; 36:3).只有一個女兒,伊斯梅爾是“聖經”中提到的,在那裡她說,作為一個以掃的妻子(參創28:9; 36:3)。 The last incident known of Ismael's career is connected with Abraham's burial, in which he appears associated with Isaac (xxv, 9).伊斯梅爾的職業生涯的最後一個事件是與亞伯拉罕的葬禮,而他似乎與艾薩克(25,9)。 Ismael died at the age of one hundred and thirty-seven, "and was gathered unto his people" (xxv, 17).伊斯梅爾死於137歲,“並聚集到他的人”(25,17)。

In his Epistle to the Galatians (4:21, sqq.) St. Paul expands allegorically the narrative of Ismael and Isaac, urging upon his readers the duty of not giving up their Christian freedom from the bondage of the Law.保羅在他的書信向加拉太書(4:21),SQQ。擴大寓言伊斯梅爾和艾薩克的敘述,要求在他的讀者的責任,不放棄他們的基督教自由從法律的束縛。 Of course, in so arguing, the Apostle of the Gentiles did not intend to detract in any way from the historical character of the narrative in Genesis.當然,在爭論中,使徒的外邦人不打算以任何方式從歷史人物的敘述中創得出。 With regard to the various difficulties, literary and historical, suggested by a close study of the Biblical account of Ismael's life, suffice it to say that each and all will never cause a careful and unbiased scholar to regard that account otherwise than as portraying an ancient historical character, will never induce him to treat otherwise than as hypercritical every attempt, by whomsoever made, to resolve Ismael into a conjectural personality of the founder of a group of Arabic tribes.有關的各種困難,文學和歷史,一個接近研究的聖經帳戶伊斯梅爾的生活建議,足夠它說,每一個和所有將永遠不會導致一個謹慎和公正的學者,以把該帳戶並非描繪一個古老的歷史人物,絕不會誘使他治療,否則不是挑眼盡一切努力,不論由何人提出,要解決伊斯梅爾一組的阿拉伯部落的創始人成一個推測的個性。 And this view of the matter will appear most certain to any one who compares the Biblical narrative with the legends concerning Ismael which are embodied in the Talmud, the Targum, and the other rabbinical works; while the latter are plainly the result of puerile imagination, the former is decidedly the description of an ancient historical figure.這種觀點的問題會出現一定的任何一個人的聖經敘事比較與傳說有關伊斯梅爾,這集中體現在塔木德根,和其他猶太教工程,而後者則是明顯的結果,薄利多銷的想像力,前者是決定性的一個古老的歷史人物的描述。

Written by Francis E. Gigot.作者:弗朗西斯·E.羊腿。 Transcribed by WGKofron.轉錄的WGKofron。 With thanks to St. Mary's Church, Akron, Ohio The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.與感謝聖瑪麗教堂,阿克倫,俄亥俄州天主教百科全書,音量八。 Published 1910.發布時間1910年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.紐約:羅伯特·阿普爾頓公司。 Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,1910年10月1日。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人頭馬lafort,性病,檢查員。 Imprimatur.的認可。 +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York +約翰法利樞機主教,大主教紐約

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See bibliography to ISAAC, to which may be added, DRIVER in HASTINGS, Dict.見參考文獻ISAAC,可能會增加,驅動器在黑斯廷斯,快譯通。 of the Bible, sv Ishmael; SELIGSOHN in The Jewish Encyclopedia, sv Ishmael.猶太百科全書,sv以實瑪利“聖經”,的SV以實瑪利; SELIGSOHN。


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Eldest son of Abraham by his concubine Hagar; born when Abraham was eighty-six years of age (Gen. xvi. 15, 16).亞伯拉罕的長子,由他的妾夏甲;,亞伯拉罕是出生時的年齡(創十六15,16)86年。 God promised Abraham that His blessing should be upon Ishmael, who, He foretold, would beget twelve princes and would become a great nation (Gen. xvii. 18, 20).神應許亞伯拉罕,他的祝福應該是在以實瑪利,他預言,會招致十二個王子,並會成為一個偉大的民族(創十七18,20)。 Ishmael was circumcised at the age of thirteen (Gen. xvii. 23-26).以實瑪利受割禮的13歲(創十七23-26)。 When Sarah saw Ishmael mocking her son Isaac, his brother, younger by fourteen years, she insisted that Abraham cast out Ishmael and his slave-mother.當撒拉看見以實瑪利嘲笑她的兒子以撒,他的弟弟,年輕14歲,她堅持認為,亞伯拉罕以實瑪利和他的奴隸的母親趕出去。 Abraham reluctantly yielded, having provided them with bread and a bottle of water.亞伯拉罕無奈地屈服了,為他們提供了麵包和一瓶水。 Ishmael was about to die of thirst when an angel showed his mother a well, repeating to her at the same time that Ishmael would become a great nation.以實瑪利是渴死當天使良好的顯示了他的母親,向她重複在同一時間,以實瑪利將成為一個偉大的國家。 Ishmael dwelt in the wilderness, apparently, of Beer-sheba, where he became a skilful archer; later he settled in the wilderness of Paran, where his mother took him a wife from Egypt (Gen. xxi. 8-21).以實瑪利住在曠野,很明顯,別是巴,在那裡他成了一個熟練的弓箭手後,他定居在巴蘭的曠野,在那裡,他的母親帶著他的妻子從埃及(創二十一8-21)。 Both Ishmael and Isaac were present at the burial of their father, Abraham.以實瑪利和以撒都在埋葬他們的父親,亞伯拉罕。 Ishmael died at the age of 137.以實瑪利去世,享年137。 He had twelve sons, ancestors of twelve tribes that dwelt "from Havilah unto Shur, that is before Egypt, as thou goest to Assyria" (Gen. xxv. 9-18).他有十二個兒子,住十二個支派​​“,從哈腓拉直到埃及前的書珥,祖先,所多瑪亞述”(創二十五9-18)。

-In Rabbinical Literature:在猶太教文學:

The name of Ishmael is an allusion to God's promise to hear () the complaints of Israel whenever it suffered at the hands of Ishmael (Gen. R. xlv. 11).以實瑪利的名字是暗指神的應許聽()的投訴時,以色列遭受了手中的以實瑪利(將軍河XLV 11)。 Abraham endeavored to bring up Ishmael in righteousness; to train him in the laws of hospitality Abraham gave him the calf to prepare (Gen. R. xlviii. 14; comp. Gen. xviii. 7).亞伯拉罕努力,使公義的以實瑪利在訓練他的熱情好客亞伯拉罕的法律給他的小腿準備(將軍河四十八14;小樣圖。將軍十八。7)。 But according to divine prediction Ishmael remained a savage.但是,根據神聖的預測以實瑪利仍然是一個野蠻的。 The ambiguous expression in Gen. xxi.模棱兩可的表達在將軍二十一。 9 (see Hagar) is interpreted by some rabbis as meaning that Ishmael had been idolatrous; by others, that he had turned his bow against Isaac. (見夏甲)的一些拉比的解釋,這意味著以實瑪利偶像崇拜的人,他把他的弓對以撒。; According to the interpretation of Simeon b.根據西麥乙的解釋。 Yoḥai, Ishmael mocked those who maintained that Isaac would be Abraham's chief heir, and said that as he (Ishmael) was the first-born son he would receive two-thirds of the inheritance (Tosef., Sotah, v. 12, vi. 6; Pirḳe R. El. xxx.; Gen. R. liii. 15). Yoḥai,以實瑪利嘲笑那些誰主張,以撒是亞伯拉罕的首席繼承人,並說,他(伊斯梅爾)是第一個出生的兒子,他將獲得三分之二的繼承(Tosef.,Sotah,第12節,六。 6pirḳe傳譯下午XXX將軍河LIII 15)。 Upon seeing the danger to Isaac, Sarah, who had till then been attached to Ishmael (Josephus, "Ant." i. 12, § 3), insisted that Abraham cast out Ishmael.看到危險後了以撒,莎拉,直到然後以實瑪利(約瑟夫,“螞蟻”。一12,§3),堅持了以實瑪利,亞伯拉罕投。 Abraham was obliged to put him on Hagar's shoulders, because he fell sick under the spell of the evil eye cast upon him by Sarah (Gen. R. liii. 17).亞伯拉罕不得不夏甲的肩膀上,把他扔在人身上的邪眼由薩拉(將軍河LIII 17)的蠱惑下,因為他病倒了。

Ishmael, left under a shrub by his despairing mother, prayed to God to take his soul and not permit him to suffer the torments of a slow death (comp. Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 15).以實瑪利,他的絕望的母親遺留下的灌木,向上帝祈禱他的靈魂,而不是允許他遭受的痛苦緩慢的死亡(化合物塔爾格。偽喬納森將軍二十一,15)。 God then commanded the angel to show Hagar the well which was created on Friday in the week of Creation, in the twilight (comp. Ab. v. 6), and which afterward accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness (Pirḳe R. El. xxx.).然後,上帝吩咐使者顯示夏甲在一周的創作是建立在週五的井,暮光之城(comp.抗體。第6節),之後伴隨著以色列人在曠野(pirḳe傳譯下午。XXX )。 But this was protested against by the angels, who said: "Why should Ishmael have water, since his descendants will destroy the Israelites by thirst?"但是,這是抗議的天使,他說:“為什麼要以實瑪利有水,因為他的後代會破壞以色列人口渴嗎?” (comp. Yer. Ta'an. iv. 8; Lam. R. ii. 2). (化合物層。ta'an一四;林。R.。2)。 God replied: "But now he is innocent, and I judge him according to what he is now" (Pirḳe R. El. lc; Gen. R. lc; et al.).上帝回答說:“但現在,他是無辜的,我斷定他根據他現在是什麼”(pirḳe傳譯下午,LC將軍河立法會等)。 Ishmael married a Moabitess named 'Adishah or 'Aishah (variants "'Ashiyah" and "'Aifah," Arabic names; Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 21; Pirḳe R. El. lc); or, according to "Sefer ha-Yashar" (Wayera), an Egyptian named Meribah or Merisah.以實瑪利娶了一個摩押女子路命名為“Adishah或”Aishah(變種“Ashiyah”和“Aifah,”阿拉伯的名字;塔爾格。偽喬納森將軍XXI 21pirḳe傳譯下午LC),或者,根據“書公頃亞沙爾“(Wayera),埃及名為米利巴加或Merisah的。 He had four sons and one daughter.他有四個兒子和一個女兒。 Ishmael meanwhile grew so skilful in archery that he became the master of all the bowmen (Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 20; Gen.R. liii. 20).以實瑪利同時變得如此嫻熟,射箭,他當家做了主人所有的弓箭手(20 Targ.偽喬納森將軍二十一Gen.R. LIII 20)。 Afterward Abraham went to see Ishmael, and, according to his promise to Sarah, stopped at his son's tent without alighting from his camel.後來亞伯拉罕去看看以實瑪利,根據他的承諾,薩拉沒有從他的駱駝下車,停在他的兒子的帳篷。 Ishmael was not within; his wife refused Abraham food, and beat her children and cursed her husband within Abraham's hearing.以實瑪利不屬於他的妻子拒絕亞伯拉罕食品,擊敗她的孩子們,並詛咒她的丈夫在亞伯拉罕的聽證會。 Abraham thereupon asked her to tell Ishmael when he returned that an old man had asked that he change the peg of the tent.亞伯拉罕於是問她告訴以實瑪利,當他回來的一位老者問他改變聯繫匯率制度的帳篷。 Ishmael understood that it was his father, took the hint, and drove away his wife.以實瑪利的理解,這是他的父親,提示了,趕走了他的妻子。 He then married another woman, named Faṭimah (Peḳimah; Targ. pseudo-Jonathan lc), who, when three years later Abraham came again to see his son, received him kindly; therefore Abraham asked her to tell Ishmael that the peg was good.他又娶了另一個女人,名為法蒂瑪(Peḳimah塔爾格。的偽喬納森·LC)的人,當三年後,亞伯拉罕再次看到他的兒子,和藹地接待他,所以問她告訴亞伯拉罕以實瑪利,聯繫匯率制度是好的。

Ishmael then went to Canaan and settled with his father (Pirḳe R. El. lc; "Sefer ha-Yashar," lc).以實瑪利然後去迦南定居與他的父親(pirḳe傳譯下午LC“之書公頃亞沙爾,”LC)。 This statement agrees with that of Baba Batra (16a)-that Ishmael became a penitent during the lifetime of Abraham.同意本聲明的:巴巴巴特拉(16A),以實瑪利成為一個懺悔的生命週期內的亞伯拉罕。 He who sees Ishmael in a dream will have his prayer answered by God (Ber. 56a).他在夢中看到以實瑪利將有回答他的禱告神(ber.第56A)。

Isidore Singer, M. Seligsohn, Richard Gottheil, Hartwig Hirschfeld伊西多爾歌手,M. Seligsohn,理查德·高澤爾·哈特維希菲爾德
Jewish Encyclopedia, published between 1901-1906.猶太百科全書,1901年至1906年間發表的。

Bibliography: Beer, Leben Abraham's nach Auffassung der Jüdischen Sage, pp. 49 et seq., Leipsic, 1859.SM Sel.參考書目:啤酒,:鼠尾草,LEBEN亞伯拉罕回到Auffassung得Jüdischen-49等以下。,Leipsic,1859.SM選擇性。

-In Arabic Literature:在阿拉伯文學:

For the history of Ishmael, according to Mohammedan legend, see Jew.以實瑪利的歷史,根據伊斯蘭教傳說,見猶太人。 Encyc.百科全書。 i.我。 87, sv Abraham in Mohammedan Iegend; and Hagar. 87,SV亞伯拉罕在穆罕默德Iegend;和夏甲。 It may be added here that Ishmael is designated a prophet by Mohammed: "Remember Ishmael in the Book, for he was true to his promise, and was a messenger and a prophet" (Koran, xix. 55).還可以補充,以實瑪利被指定為先知穆罕默德:“記住以實瑪利的書,因為他是真正為了實現他許下的諾言,是一個使者和先知”(古蘭經,十九55)。 Ishmael is, therefore, in Mohammedan tradition a prototype of faithfulness.以實瑪利,因此,在伊斯蘭教傳統一個原型的忠誠。 He was an arrow-maker, and a good hunter.他是一個箭壺,一個優秀的獵人。 As a prophet, he had the gift of performing miracles.作為一個先知,他很有天賦的表演奇蹟。 He converted many heathen to the worship of the One God.他轉換了許多異教徒的一個神的崇拜。 He left twelve sons.他留下了十二個兒子。 His son Kedar is said to have been an ancestor of Mohammed.他的兒子是基達說已經穆罕默德的祖先。 Ishmael is reputed to have lived one hundred and thirty years; he was buried near the Kaaba.以實瑪利是馳名活130年中,他被埋葬了附近的天房。 His posterity, however, became pagan, and remained so until they were brought back to Islam by Mohammed.然而,他的後代,成為異教徒,一直如此,直到他們被帶回伊斯蘭教的穆罕默德。

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