Shrove Tuesday懺悔星期二

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In the Christian religion, Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent begins, when confession leads one to be shriven of sins for which the penitent is given absolution.基督教,懺悔星期二是大齋期開始的前一天,當表白導致一個shriven的懺悔,赦免的罪。 In the Talmud, Tuesday is listed as a lucky day because on the third day of creation "God saw that it was good."在猶太法典,週二被列為幸運的一天,因為在第三天的創造“上帝看到這是很好的。”

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Shrove Tuesday懺悔星期二

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The name traditionally given to the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.聖灰星期三(Ash Wednesday)和大齋期開始的前一天,傳統的名稱。 On this day in the Middle Ages the faithful were expected to attend confession with a priest for the purpose of being absolved or shriven in order to begin Lent in the right spiritual state.在中世紀就在這一天,信徒們將出席供認有一名神父為目的,以在正確的精神狀態開始封齋被免除或shriven的。

Because people were expected to fast during Lent the custom grew up of using up oddments of fat to make and fry pancakes, and from this pancakes on Shrove Tuesday became traditional.因為人們預期的要快四旬期期間自定義使用碎屑的脂肪,使魚苗煎餅長大的,和從這個煎餅懺悔的週二成為傳統。 A number of other customs, eg, the annual pancake race at Olney in Buckinghamshire, England, have developed from the same source.許多其他海關,例如,每年在奧爾尼煎餅比賽在白金漢郡,英國,已經開發出從同一來源。

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