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The Gregorian Calendar did not exist prior to October 15, 1582, so dates displayed before that are meaningless. 公曆1582年10月15日之前不存在,所以在此之前,是沒有意義的日期顯示。

This is a true solar calendar.這是一個真實的太陽歷。 But it has special rules for establishing when Easter occurs which is dependent also on the Moon.但它也有特殊的規則建立時復活節發生在月球上也依賴。

Septuagesima is 63 days or 9 weeks before Easter. 第三個週日是復活節前的63天或9週。

Quinquagesima is 49 days before Easter. Quinquagesima 49天前復活節。

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent at 46 days before Easter. 聖灰星期三(Ash Wednesday)是在復活節前的46天的大齋期開始。

Palm Sunday begins Passion Week at 7 days before Easter. 聖枝主日(復活節前的星期日)在復活節前7天開始受難週。

Good Friday is 2 days before Easter. 耶穌受難日是復活節前2天。

Rogation Sunday is 35 days after Easter. 法律草案星期天是復活節後35天。

Ascension is 39 days after Easter. 阿森松島是復活節後第39天。

Pentecost is 49 days after Easter. 五旬節是復活節的49天之後。

Trinity Sunday is 56 days or 8 weeks after Easter. 三位一體星期天是復活節後的56天或8週。

Corpus Christi is 60 days after Easter. 科珀斯克里斯蒂是復活節後60天。

Christmas is on December 25. 聖誕節是12月25日。

The Julian Calendar was initially a modification (adding in leap days every four years) of the Roman AUC calendar in 46 BC (which was 708 AUC, the number of years from the beginning of the Roman Empire).儒略歷是最初的修改(增加每四年閏日)在公元前46年的羅馬AUC日曆(708 AUC,從一開始的羅馬帝國的年數)。 That year was the longest year ever, as the Emperor Julius Caesar declared it to have 445 days so that the seasons again matched up properly!這一年是有史以來最長的一年,皇帝凱撒宣布它有445天,這樣的季節再次匹配正確! It became a Christian calendar in what we now call 525 AD when a Monk decided to base the calendar on the date of the Birth of Jesus.我們現在所說的公元525時,僧決定基礎上的日曆耶穌誕生之日起,它成為一個基督教日曆。 (Therefore the year numbers given here did not exist prior to 525 AD, and the year numbers actually used were still then in the AUC calendar, where the number was 754 higher - so 525 AD was actually known as 1279 AUC.) His calculations were close but we now believe that Jesus was Born early in what we would now call 4 BC.他算了一筆賬(因此這裡給出的年數不存在之前,公元525,和今年實際使用的仍然是那麼的AUC日曆,這裡的數字高754 - 公元525實際上是被稱為1279 AUC)。關閉,但我們現在認為,耶穌誕生在我們現在稱為公元前4世紀的初期。 This Christian-modified Julian calendar gradually become used world-wide in the centuries after 525 AD, until the more accurate Gregorian calendar replaced it a thousand years later (in most places) due to improved accuracy regarding the seasons.這個基督教的改性儒略歷逐漸成為世界各地使用在世紀公元後525年,直到更準確的公曆取而代之的是一千年以後(在大多數地方)由於季節更高的精度。 The Orthodox Church still uses this calendar but virtually no one else does.東正教會仍然使用這個日曆,但幾乎沒有人會這樣看待你的。

Triodon begins at 70 days or 10 weeks before Orthodox Easter. Triodon開始在東正教復活節前70天或10週。

First Saturday of Souls is 57 days before Orthodox Easter. 靈魂的第一個星期六是57天前的東正教復活節。

Lent begins on Monday at 48 days before Orthodox Easter. 大齋期開始於週一在48天之前東正教復活節。

Sunday of Orthodoxy is 42 days before Orthodox Easter. 週日的正統東正教復活節前42天。

Palm Sunday begins Passion Week at 7 days before Orthodox Easter. 聖枝主日(復活節前的星期日)在東正教復活節前7天開始受難週。

Holy (Good) Friday is 2 days before Orthodox Easter. 聖(好)週五是東正教復活節前2天。

Ascension is 39 days after Orthodox Easter. 阿森松島是東正教復活節後第39天。

Pentecost is 49 days after Orthodox Easter. 五旬節東正教復活節後49天。

All Saints Day is 56 days or 8 weeks after Orthodox Easter. 萬聖節是56天或8週後 ​​,東正教的復活節。

Christmas is on December 25. 聖誕節是12月25日。

The Islamic Calendar begins with the Western (Julian) date of July 16, 622 AD, which is referred to as Muharram 1, 1 AH.伊斯蘭日曆開始與西方(朱利安)日7月16日,公元622年,被稱為歷新年,1 AH。 Dates displayed before that are therefore meaningless.因此,在此之前,顯示的日期是毫無意義的。

It is a purely lunar calendar這是一個純粹的陰曆

New Years Day is Muharram 1是歷新年元旦 1

Ashura is Muharram 10 阿舒拉節是歷新年10

Mawlid is Rabi'I 12 Mawlid 12 Rabi'I

The Hajj pilgrimage is to be done during the last lunar month of the year, Dhu al-Hijja. 朝聖是必須要做的,在過去的一年,農曆正月東華大學,Hijja。

The month of Ramadan involves fasting regarding eating, drinking and smoking, from dawn to the moment of sunset. 齋月空腹進食,飲水和吸煙,從黎明到日落的時刻。

The Night of Determination occurs on the night of Ramadan 26, during which, the Koran says that God/Allah determines the course of the world for the following year. 測定之夜發生在齋月26日晚上,在這期間,“可蘭經”說,上帝/真主決定世界的過程中,為下一年。

Eid al-Fitr begins on Shawwal 1, and lasts for three days, is the Feast of Fast-Breaking and is celebrated with special prayers and festivities.回歷10月1 開齋節開始,為期三天,是快速破的節日和慶祝特殊的祈禱和慶祝活動。

Eid al-Adha begins on Dhul-Hijjah 10, and lasts for three days, marks the end of the Hajj, the Festival of the Sacrifice. 宰牲節開始在Dhul朝覲10,為期三天,標誌著年底的朝覲,節日的犧牲。

The Hebrew Calendar is based on the concept that the Universe was created in October, 3761 BC, and so all dates are based on that.的概念,宇宙被創造了,3761年十月,讓所有日期的基礎上,根據希伯來日曆。

It is a lunisolar calendar.它是一種陰陽曆。 It is a complex system, where a year can have any of six different numbers of days in it (353, 354, 355, 383, 384, or 385) and referred to as 'deficient, regular or complete' and 'common (350s) or embolismic (380s)'.這是一個複雜的系統,一年就可以有六種不同的天數(353,354,355,383,384,385),簡稱不足,定期或完整的“和”普通(350S )或栓塞(380S)'。

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, at Tishri 1, but only on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, so it can be delayed. 猶太新年是猶太新年,在提斯利1,但只在一個週一,週二,週四或週六,因此它可以被延遲。

Fast of Gedalya is Tishri 2. 快速Gedalya提斯利2。

Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement at Tishri 10, except never on Friday or Sunday. 贖罪日是贖罪日,在提斯利月10日,但從來沒有在週五或週日。

Sukkot is Tishri 15. 住棚節是提斯利月15日。

Shemini Atzeret is Tishri 22. Shemini會節是提斯利月22日。

Hanukkah begins Kislev 25, and continues for a total of eight days. 光明節基斯流25開始,並繼續共八天。

Tu B'Shvat is Teveth 27. 塗B'Shvat(植樹節)是Teveth 27日。

Ta'anis Esther is the Fast of Esther at Adar 25. Ta'anis以斯帖以斯帖快速在亞達月25日,。

Purim is Adar 26. 普珥節是亞達月26日。

Pesach is Passover at Nisan 15. 逾越節是逾越節在尼散月15日。

Shavuot is Jewish Pentecost at Sivan 6. 五旬節是猶太人的五旬節於斯萬6。

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