Doubts About God, Christianity, Religion關於神的質疑,基督教,宗教

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Very large numbers of people feel uncertainty regarding whether God exists, or about whether there is really any value in Christianity or any Religion.非常大的數字的人覺得關於上帝是否存在的不確定性,或是否真的有基督教或任何宗教的任何值。 Such people usually soon become fearful of expressing such questions or doubts because they tend to be immediately pounced on by all kinds of people!這樣的人通常很快就會成為可怕的表達這樣的問題或疑慮,因為他們往往是由形形色色的人立刻撲上! Some Christians are horrified at hearing even the slightest question about Faith or God or Christianity, and they tend to immediately set to work in "educating" the person.在聽到關於信仰或神或基督教,哪怕是一丁點的問題感到震驚,一些基督徒,他們往往立即著手在“教育”的人。 After all, Christians are all Taught that people can be "Lost Souls" if they are not Devoutly Christian and Saved!畢竟,基督徒都告訴我們,人可以“失魂”,如果他們是虔誠的基督徒和保存! Loads of adversaries also pounce on anyone expressing even the slightest question regarding Faith, and particularly Christian Faith, because they see an opportunity to "steal someone away" from Christianity.負載的對手也犯哪怕是一丁點關於信仰的問題,特別是基督教信仰的人表示,因為他們看到了機會,“偷人家”基督教。

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We tend to think that both groups are drastically over-reacting, and each may even be wrong in their actions!我們傾向於認為,兩組有顯著反應過度,甚至每個人都可以在他們的行動是錯誤的! We think it is often very valuable if people ask questions or if they decide to personally research subjects that they are not completely comfortable about.我們認為,如果人們問的問題,或者如果他們決定親自研究對象,他們有一點不舒服的,它往往是非常有價值的。 More importantly, we believe that the Lord would want people to educate themselves regarding such things.更重要的是,我們相信上帝希望人們自己教育自己對這樣的事情。 Didn't He provide a good brain and mind for each of us?沒有他對我們每個人提供了一個良好的大腦和心靈? Doesn't it seem logical that He would want us to USE that brain and mind?沒有它似乎是合乎邏輯的,他希望我們使用該大腦和心靈? This is essentially what this BELIEVE web-site aspires to be for!這是由這個網站,立志成為!

During about eighteen centuries of Christianity, the majority of Church attendees were illiterate and so couldn't have read a (usually Latin) Bible even if they could afford to buy one.在18世紀的基督教,教會與會者多數是文盲,所以不能讀(通常是拉丁)聖經甚至,如果他們能買得起。 Therefore, they all necessarily totally relied on the Church leadership to provide every religious thought to them.因此,他們不一定完全依賴對教會的領導,向他們提供一切宗教思想。 They never had to actually think!他們從來沒有真正覺得! Everything was simply TOLD to them!一切都只是簡單地告訴他們!

During the past couple hundred years, more people have become literate, more have become educated, and more have started to believe that they are capable of thinking for themselves.在過去幾百年中,越來越多的人已成為有文化,更已成為教育,更多的人開始相信,他們有能力為自己的思維。 This represents both good and bad.這表示有好有壞。

The good includes Church-goers who now may not blindly follow the words of a Minister, without checking with the Bible to confirm that what he/she says is Scriptural.好,包括現在可能不盲目跟隨一位部長的話,與“聖經”,不檢查,以確認他/她說的是聖經的教會人士。 This is good because it tends to keep us (human) Ministry close to the Word!這是好事,因為它往往會保持我們(人類)交通部接近的話! There are still some Churches where a Minister "announces" dress codes and such things, and all Members are expected to follow those rules without any hesitation.還有一些教會的部長“宣布”著裝守則之類的東西,沒有任何的猶豫,所有成員都應該遵守這些規則。 "Structure" is fine in a Church, as it encourages organized and strict Faith, as long as the human-side of the Ministry does not provide too much of the Lessons! “結構”是在教會的罰款,因為它鼓勵組織和嚴格的信仰,只要人端部並沒有提供太多的教訓! You know how little kids are always asking "Why?"你知道如何小的孩子總是問“為什麼?” Sometimes that might not be out of place (in a private conversation, not as a confrontation) regarding some unexpected portion of a Sermon.有時可能不會被淘汰的地方(在私人間的談話,而不是對抗)關於一些意想不到的部分的說教。

The bad includes the fact that many modern people have begun to feel that they do not need a Church at all, that they are fully capable of Learning and Studying the Word of the Lord on their own.壞的事實,許多現代的人已經開始感受到,他們並不需要教會,他們是完全有能力學習和研究自己的主的話。 Within limits, this can be a good thing.在一定範圍內,這可能是一件好事。 However, such independent study can result in a person accepting something as true when it isn't.但是,這種獨立的研究可以接受為真實的東西時,它不是一個人。 I will always believe that many of those Branch Davidians who died in Waco, Texas, probably intended to be Devout Christians.我會永遠相信很多的大衛教派在得克薩斯州韋科,誰死,可能是為了虔誠的基督教徒。 Unfortunately, they happened to encounter an individual (David Koresh) who was able to convince them that he was Jesus.不幸的是,他們碰巧遇到一個人(大衛·考雷什)誰能夠說服他們,他是耶穌。 If people accepted that premise, and they certainly did, what could anyone expect of them?如果人們接受了這個前提下,他們肯定做,什麼人能指望他們嗎? They would want to Serve the Lord, and they would have felt honored to be able to be near the Lord.他們想事奉主,而他們會感到非常榮幸可以到附近的主。 Without any external source of information to either confirm or deny things that Koresh told them, it would be expected that they do what "the Lord" instructed them to do, without thinking, without question, without hesitation.沒有任何外部信號源的信息,以確認或否認的東西,考雷什告訴他們,可以預計,他們做什麼“主”指示他們做的,沒有思想,毫無疑問,毫不猶豫地。

It has seemed clear from the e-mail that comes to BELIEVE that modern people commonly have any of several common reservations regarding God, Faith and the Bible.它似乎很清楚的e-mail來相信,現代人普遍有任何關於上帝的信仰和聖經的幾種常見預訂。 I feel it appropriate to include some observations here.我覺得合適的,包括這裡的一些意見。