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The son of Isaac and Rebecca, third great patriarch of the chosen people, and the immediate ancestor of the twelve tribes of Israel.的兒子以撒和利百所選擇的人,第三次偉大的族長,和以色列的十二個支派​​的直系祖先。 The incidents of his life are given in parts of Gen., xxv, 21-1, 13, wherein the documents (J, E, P) are distinguished by modern scholars (see ABRAHAM, I, 52).他的生活事件的將軍,二十五,21-1,13(J,E,P),其中的文件的區別在於現代學者(見禮謙,我,52歲)的部分地區。 His name-- possibly an abbreviation of Jacob-El (Babylonian: Ya kub-ilu), with which compare Israel, Ismael etc. -- means "supplanter", and refers to a well-known circumstance of his birth (Genesis 25:25).他的名字 - 這可能是縮寫,雅各-EL(巴比倫:雅KUB-ILU),比較以色列,伊斯梅爾 - 意思是“supplanter”,指的是一個眾所周知的情況下,他的出生(創25: 25)。 His early years were marked by various efforts to get the birthright from his brother Esau.他早年顯著多方面的努力,得到的名分,他哥哥以掃。 His struggle for it began before he was born (xxv, 22-5).他的鬥爭開始了,在他出生前(25,22-5)。 Later, he took advantage of Esau's thoughtlessness and despair to buy it from him for a pottage of lentils (xxv, 29-33).後來,他利用了以掃的輕率和絕望,從他的濃湯扁豆(25,29-33)。 In virtue of this purchase, and through a ruse, he finally got it by securing the blessing which Isaac intended for Esau (xxvii, 1-37), Then it was that, to escape his brother's avenging wrath, and apparently also to obtain a wife from his parents' stock, he fled to Haran, the dwelling place of Laban, his maternal uncle (xxvii, 41-xxviii, 5).憑藉此次收購,並通過一個詭計,他終於得到了它的安全以撒的祝福打算以掃(二十七1-37),然後,就逃避他哥哥的復仇之怒,顯然也獲得了妻子從他父母的股票,他逃往哈蘭,居住的地方拉班,他的母親伯父(41歲的二十七,二十八,第5)。 On his way thither, he had at Luza the vision of the angels ascending and descending by a mysterious ladder which reached from earth to heaven, and of Yahweh renewing to him the glorious promises which He had made to Abraham and to Isaac; in consequence of this, he called the place Beth-El, and vowed exclusive worship to Yahweh should He accompany him on his way and bring him back safely home (xxviii, 11-22).在他的途中到那裡,他曾在盧扎的天使升序和降序的神秘達到從地球到天堂的階梯,和耶和華更新他的光榮承諾,他向亞伯拉罕和以撒的視野;後果此,他叫伯特利的地方,並誓言獨家敬拜耶和華在他的途中,他應該陪他,並把他帶回安全回家(二十八11-22)。 Jacob's relations with Laban's household form an interesting episode, the details of which are perfectly true to Eastern life and need not be set forth here.雅各與拉班的家庭的關係,形成了一個有趣的小插曲,其中的細節是完全正確的東方生活需要不被設置在這裡。 Besides blessing him with eleven children, God granted to Jacob a great material prosperity, so that Laban was naturally desirous of detaining him.除了祝福他與11名兒童,上帝賦予雅各巨大的物質繁榮,使拉班扣留他自然是希望。 But Jacob, long wearied with Laban's frequent trickery, and also bidden by God to return, departed secretly, and, although overtaken and threatened by his angry father-in-law, he managed to appease him and to pursue his own way towards Chanaan (xxix-xxxi).雅各,長期疲倦了拉班的頻繁掛羊頭賣狗肉,並還吩咐的神返回,離開偷偷,和,雖然超越,並威脅他憤怒的父親 - 中 - 法,他設法以安撫他和追求他自己的方式向Chanaan(二十九,三十一)。 He managed also--after a vision of angels at Mahanaim, and a whole night's wrestling with God at Phanuel, on which latter occasion he received a new blessing and the significant name of Israel--to appease his brother Easu, who had come to meet him with 400 men (xxxii-xxxiii, 16).他還管理 - 天使在瑪哈念的願景後,並在Phanuel了整整一個晚上與神摔跤,後一次他收到了新的祝福和顯著以色列的名 - 安撫​​他的兄弟,誰曾來切力迎接他,400人(三十二,三十三,16)。

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Passing through Socoth, Jacob first settled near Salem, a city of the Sichemites, and there raised an altar to the God of Israel (xxxiii, 17-20).傳遞通過Socoth,雅各首先解決了近塞勒姆,一個城市的Sichemites,並提出了一個祭壇,以色列的神(三十三,17日至20日)。 Compelled to leave on account of the enmity of the Chanaanites--the precise occasion of which is uncertain--he went to Bethel, where he fulfilled the vow which he had made when on his way to Haran (xxxiv-xxxv, 15).被迫離開的敵意的Chanaanites的帳戶 - 精確的場合,這是不確定的 - 他到伯特利去,在那裡他完成,這是他的誓言時,他的哈蘭(三十四,三十五,15)。 Proceeding farther south, he came to Ephrata, where he buried Rachel, who died giving birth to Benjamin, and where he erected a pillar on the site of her grave.出發更遠的南方,他來到埃夫拉塔,在那裡他埋葬雷切爾去世,誰生下本傑明,並在網站上,她的墳墓在那裡,他豎立的支柱。 Thence, through Migdal- Eder, he came to Hebron, where he was joined by Esau for their father's burial (xxxv, 16-29).因此,通過米格德爾 - 埃德,他來到希伯崙,在那裡他加入了以掃為他們的父親的葬禮(三十五,16-29)。 In Hebron, Jacob lived quietly as the head of a numerous pastoral family, received with inconsolable grief the apparent evidence of Joseph's cruel death, passed through the pressure of famine, and agreed most reluctantly to his separation from Benjamin (xxxvii, 1-4; xlii, 35-38; xliii, 1-14).雅各住在希伯倫,靜靜地一個人數眾多的田園家庭的頭,用極度的悲痛明顯的證據約瑟的慘死,通過飢荒的壓力,最不情願地同意他的分離從本傑明(三十七,1-4; 35-38;四十二,四十三,1-14)。 The news that Joseph was still alive and invited him to come to Egypt revived the patriarch, who, passing through Bersabee, reached Egypt with his sons and grandchildren (xlv, 25-xlix).該消息稱,約瑟夫還活著,並邀請他來埃及復興的族長,誰,通過Bersabee,到達埃及與他的兒子和孫子(XLV,25 XLIX)。 There it was given him to meet Joseph again, to enjoy the honours conferred upon him by Pharaoh, and to spend prosperously his last days in the land of Gessen.在那裡,它被賦予他,再次滿足約瑟夫,享受的榮譽賦予他的法老,和花蓬勃的土地的格森他最後的日子裡。 There, on his death- bed, he foretold the future of fortunes of the respective descendants of his sons, and passed away at the age of 147 (xlvi, 29-xlix).在那裡,在他的死亡床,他預言未來的命運各自的後裔,他的兒子,並通過了147人(年齡四十六,29 XLIX)。 According to his last wishes, he was buried in the land of Chanaan (1, 1-13).根據他的遺願,他被安葬在土地的chanaan(1月13日)。 Despite the various difficulties met with in the examination of the Biblical narrative and dealt with in detail by commentators, it is quite certain that the history of Jacob is that of a real person whose actual deeds are recorded with substantial accuracy.儘管有各種困難會見了中考的聖經敘事處理詳細的評論員,這是很肯定的是,歷史上的雅各布是一個真正的人的實際行動,準確地記錄。 Jacob's character is a mixture of good and evil, gradually chastened by the experience of a long life, and upon the whole not unworthy of being used by God for the purpose of His mercy towards the chosen people.雅各的性格是一種混合物,善良與邪惡,逐步擺脫長期生活的經驗,並在整個不配被神所用的目的對所選擇的人,他的憐憫。 The Talmudic legends concerning Jacob are the acme of fancy.該talmudic傳說有關雅各是看中了極致。

Publication information Written by Francis E. Gigot.出版信息的書面由Francis E.羊腿。 Transcribed by Paul T. Crowley.轉錄由Paul T.克勞利。 Dedicated to Mr. Cornelius Crowley The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.專用於先生科尼利厄斯·克勞利的天主教百科全書,音量八。 Published 1910.發布時間1910年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.紐約:羅伯特·阿普爾頓公司。 Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,1910年10月1日。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人頭馬lafort,性病,檢查員。 Imprimatur.的認可。 +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York +約翰法利樞機主教,大主教紐約

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