Nazareth Stone拿撒勒石

General Information 一般資料

The Nazareth Inscription is a 24" x 15" marble tablet with a 14-line "Edict of Caesar" proscribing capital punishment for tomb-breakers, allegedly acquired by the Frohner Collection in 1878 from Nazareth.拿撒勒的落款是24“×15”大理石平板電腦與一個14行的“愷撒”規定,禁止死刑法令為墓斷路器,據稱收購弗羅納收集在1878年從拿撒勒。

The following translation from the Greek-based Nazareth Inscription is by Clyde E. Billington:以下翻譯從希臘的拿撒勒銘文是克萊德E.林頓:

  2. It is my decision [concerning] graves and tombs--whoever has made這是我的決定[關於]墳墓和墳墓 - 誰取得了
  3. them for the religious observances of parents, or children, or household他們的宗教紀念活動的父母或子女,或家庭
  4. members--that these remain undistrubed forever.成員 - 這些仍然undistrubed永遠。 But if anyone legally但是,如果任何合法
  5. charges that another person has destroyed, or has in any manner extracted另一人已銷毀,或以任何方式的費用中提取
  6. those who have been buried, or has moved with wicked intent those who那些誰被埋葬,或移動與邪惡的意圖是誰
  7. have been buried to other places, committing a crime against them, or has已經埋到其他地方,對他們犯了罪,或有
  8. moved sepulcher-sealing stones, against such a person, I order that a移動密封墳墓的石頭,對這樣的人,我命令一個
  9. judicial tribunal be created, just as [is done] concerning the gods in司法審裁處,就像創建[完成]中的神
  10. human religious observances, even more so will it be obligatory to treat人的宗教儀式,更不會是強制性的治療
  11. with honor those who have been entombed.表彰那些已被埋葬。 You are absolutely not to你絕對不
  12. allow anyone to move [those who have been entombed].允許任何人以移動[已被埋葬。 But if但是,如果
  13. [someone does], I wish that [violator] to suffer capital punishment under [有人不,我想,違反者遭受死刑
  14. the title of tomb-breaker.墓斷路器的標題。

Since its original publication in 1930 by M. Franz Cumont, no scholar has published evidence to disprove its authenticity.由於其原出版於1930年,由弗蘭茲·庫蒙,沒有學者已發表的證據來反駁其真實性。

Clyde Billington of Northwestern College has dated it to AD 41 and interpreted it as evidence for the historicity of Christians preaching the resurrection of Jesus within a decade of His crucifixion.西北大學的克萊德·比林頓月至公元41祂被釘十字架,在十年內宣講耶穌的復活,基督徒的歷史性的證據和解釋。

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