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After the deposition of the eldest son of Herod, Archelaus (who had succeeded his father as ethnarch), Judea was placed under the rule of a Roman procurator.的長子希律王,阿基勞斯(誰繼他的父親為ethnarch)的沉積後,猶太放置的統治下的羅馬檢察官。 Pilate, who was the fifth, succeeding Valerius Gratus in AD 26, had greater authority than most procurators under the empire, for in addition to the ordinary duty of financial administration, he had supreme power judicially.彼拉多,誰是第五,成功的在公元26 Valerius Gratus,下有更大的權力比大多數檢察官的帝國,除了普通的財務管理職責,他有至高無上的權力,司法。 His unusually long period of office (AD 26-36) covers the whole of the active ministry both of St. John the Baptist and of Jesus Christ.他的不尋常的長時間的辦公室(公元26-36)覆蓋了整個聖施洗約翰和耶穌的活動部。

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As procurator Pilate was necessarily of equestrian rank, but beyond that we know little of his family or origin.檢察彼拉多一定的馬術排名,但除此之外,我們知道一點他的家人或來源。 Some have thought that he was only a freedman, deriving his name from pileus (the cap of freed slaves) but for this there seems to be no adequate evidence, and it is unlikely that a freedman would attain to a post of such importance.有些人認為,他是唯一一個被解放的奴隸,取得他的名字從菌蓋(上限為獲得自由的奴隸),但是這似乎是有沒有足夠的證據,這是不可能的,弗里德曼將達到一個如此重要的職位。 The Pontii were a Samnite gens. Samnite一族的Pontii了。 Pilate owed his appointment to the influence of Sejanus.彼拉多欠了他的任命的影響Sejanus。 The official residence of the procurators was the palace of Herod at Cæsarea; where there was a military force of about 3,000 soldiers.官邸的檢察官在該撒利亞是希律王的宮殿,那裡有一個軍事力量的約3000名士兵。 These soldiers came up to Jerusalem at the time of the feasts, when the city was full of strangers, and there was greater danger of disturbances, hence it was that Pilate had come to Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion.這些士兵來到耶路撒冷的節日的時候,當這座城市充滿陌生人,並有更大的危險干擾,因此,它是彼拉多來到耶路撒冷被釘死在十字架上的時候。 His name will be forever covered with infamy because of the part which he took in this matter, though at the time it appeared to him of small importance.罵名,因為他的名字將永遠被覆蓋的部分,他在這件事情了,雖然在時間出現在他面前的小重要性。

Pilate is a type of the worldly man, knowing the right and anxious to do it so far as it can be done without personal sacrifice of any kind, but yielding easily to pressure from those whose interest it is that he should act otherwise.彼拉多是一種世俗的人,知道的權利和渴望願意這樣做,因為它可以做到沒有任何形式的個人犧牲,但容易產生人利益的是,他應該採取行動,否則的壓力。 He would gladly have acquitted Christ, and even made serious efforts in that direction, but gave way at once when his own position was threatened.他會很高興地宣告無罪基督,甚至嚴重朝著這個方向努力,但一次讓位給了自己的地位受到了威脅。

The other events of his rule are not of very great importance.其他事件,他的統治是不是很重視。 Philo (Ad Gaium, 38) speaks of him as inflexible, merciless, and obstinate.菲洛(38)廣告Gaium,說他是不靈活的,無情的,頑固的。 The Jews hated him and his administration, for he was not only very severe, but showed little consideration for their susceptibilities.猶太人恨他和他的政府,因為他不僅是非常嚴重的,但考慮其敏感性不大。 Some standards bearing the image of Tiberius, which had been set up by him in Jerusalem, caused an outbreak which would have ended in a massacre had not Pilate given way.軸承的形象提庇留,已成立了由他在耶路撒冷,導致一些標準,將結束大屠殺沒有彼拉多給定的方式爆發。 At a later date Tiberius ordered him to remove certain gilt shields, which he had set up in Jerusalem in spite of the remonstrances of the people.在以後的日子,提比略命令他刪除某些鎏金盾牌,這是他的進諫的人,儘管在耶路撒冷成立。 The incident mentioned in St. Luke 13:1, of the Galilaeans whose blood Pilate mingled with the sacrifices, is not elsewhere referred to, but is quite in keeping with other authentic events of his rule.這起事件中提到的聖路加13:1,加利利人的血彼拉多夾雜著犧牲,是其他未提及,但卻是相當符合真實的事件,他的統治。 He was, therefore, anxious that no further hostile reports should be sent to the emperor concerning him.因此,他希望沒有的進一步敵意的報告應該被發送到關於他的皇帝。

The tendency, already discernible in the canonical Gospels, to lay stress on the efforts of Pilate to acquit Christ, and thus pass as lenient a judgment as possible upon his crime, goes further in the apocryphal Gospels and led in later years to the claim that he actually became a Christian.的趨勢,已經明顯的典型福音,注重彼拉多的努力宣告無罪基督,從而通過寬鬆的判斷,可能在他的犯罪,更進一步在猜測福音,並在以後的歲月裡領導的說法,他居然成為基督徒。 The Abyssinian Church reckons him as a saint, and assigns 25 June to him and to Claudia Procula, his wife.阿比西尼亞教會估計他為聖人,並指派6月25日他和他的妻子克勞迪亞Procula,。 The belief that she became a Christian goes back to the second century, and may be found in Origen (Hom., in Mat., xxxv).她成為了一個基督徒的信念,可以追溯到公元二世紀,可能會發現在奧利(Hom. 3時,在墊。,三十五)。 The Greek Church assigns her a feast on 27 October.希臘教會指派她於10月27日的一場盛宴。 Tertullian and Justin Martyr both speak of a report on the Crucifixion (not extant) sent in by Pilate to Tiberius, from which idea a large amount of apocryphal literature originated.德爾圖良和賈斯汀烈士都講的彼拉多發送提庇留,其中的想法了大量的猜測文學在十字架上(現存)報告。 Some of these were Christian in origin (Gospel of Nicodemus), others came from the heathen, but these have all perished.其中一些是起源於基督教福音的尼哥底母,是從異教徒,但所有這些都滅亡了。

His rule was brought to an end through trouble which arose in Samaria.他的統治帶來的麻煩出現在撒瑪利亞端通過。 An imposter had given out that it was in his power to discover the sacred vessels which, as he alleged, had been hidden by Moses on Mount Gerizim, whither armed Samaritans came in large numbers.冒名頂替者,這是他的權力,發現了神聖的船隻被隱藏了,因為他聲稱,摩西在基利心山,何處,武裝撒瑪利亞人來大量湧現。 Pilate seems to have thought the whole affair was a blind, covering some other more important design, for he hurried forces to attack them, and many were slain.彼拉多似乎認為整個事件是盲目的,包括一些其他更重要的設計,他急忙部隊攻擊他們,許多人被殺。 They appealed to Vitellius, who was at that time legate in Syria, saying that nothing political had been intended, and complaining of Pilate's whole administration.他們呼籲Vitellius,誰是當時的特使在敘利亞,他說,已經沒有政治目的,彼拉多的整體管理和抱怨。 He was summoned to Rome to answer their charges, but before he could reach the city the Emperor Tiberius had died.他被傳喚到羅馬來回答他們的指控,但他還沒來得及到達城市的皇帝提庇留死了。

That is the last we know of Pilate from authentic sources, but legend has been busy with his name.這是我們知道彼拉多從正宗的來源,但,傳說一直忙於他的名字。 He is said by Eusebius (HE, ii, 7), on the authority of earlier writers, whom he does not name, to have fallen into great misfortunes under Caligula, and eventually to have committed suicide.他說尤西比烏斯(HE,二,7),早期作家的權威,他沒有名字,下古拉已經陷入巨大的不幸,並最終以自殺的。 Other details come from less respectable sources.那麼可敬的來源來自其他細節。 His body, says the "Mors Pilati", was thrown into the Tiber, but the waters were so disturbed by evil spirits that the body was taken to Vienne and sunk in the Rhône, where a monument, called Pilate's tomb, is still to be seen.的“MORS皮拉蒂”說,他的身體,拋出到台伯河(Tiber),但水域被如此不安的邪靈,身體被拍攝到維埃納省和沉沒的羅納,在那裡的紀念碑,叫彼拉多的墳墓,還是要可見一斑。 As the same thing occurred there, it was again removed and sunk in the lake at Lausanne.同樣的事情發生在那裡,它被再次刪除,在洛桑湖沉沒。 Its final disposition was in a deep and lonely mountain tarn, which, according to later tradition, was on a mountain, still called Pilatus, close to Lucerne.它的最終處置了深刻而偏僻的山村塔恩,根據後來的傳統,是在山上,仍稱為皮拉圖斯山,盧塞恩。 The real origin of this name is, however, to be sought in the cap of cloud which often covers the mountain, and serves as a barometer to the inhabitants of Lucerne.然而,這個名字的由來是,往往涵蓋了山,雲帽,以尋求在,和,作為盧塞恩居民的晴雨表。 The are many other legends about Pilate in the folklore of Germany, but none of them have the slightest authority.有很多其他的傳說彼拉多在德國的民間傳說,但他們都沒有絲毫的權威。

Publication information Written by Arthur S. Barnes.出版信息的書面由Arthur S.巴恩斯。 Transcribed by Lawrence Progel.轉錄所勞倫斯Progel。 The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII.天主教百科全書,卷十二。 Published 1911.發布時間1911年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.紐約:羅伯特·阿普爾頓公司。 Nihil Obstat, June 1, 1911. Nihil Obstat,1911年6月1日。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人頭馬lafort,性病,檢查員。 Imprimatur.的認可。 +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York +約翰法利樞機主教,大主教紐約

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