Codex Vaticanus梵蒂岡抄本

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Codex Vaticanus梵蒂岡抄本

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The Codex Vaticanus is said to be the oldest extant vellum manuscript.梵蒂岡抄本被認為是現存最古老的羊皮紙手稿。 It and the Codex Sinaiticus are the two oldest uncial manuscripts.它和法典西奈抄本是兩個古老的uncial手稿。 They were probably written in the fourth century.他們很可能是寫在第四世紀。 The Vaticanus was placed in the Vatican Library at Rome by Pope Nicolas V. in 1448, its previous history being unknown.被放置在梵蒂岡圖書館在羅馬梵諦岡教皇尼古拉五世在1448,其過去的歷史是未知之數。

It originally consisted in all probability of a complete copy of the Septuagint and of the New Testament.它最初由一個完整的副本的譯本,“新約”在所有的可能性。 It is now imperfect, and consists of 759 thin, delicate leaves, of which the New Testament fills 142.現在是不完善的,由759名薄,微妙的葉片,其中新約填滿142。 Like the Sinaiticus, it is of the greatest value to Biblical scholars in aiding in the formation of a correct text of the New Testament.西奈抄本一樣,它是在幫助形成一個正確的案文新約聖經,聖經學者的最大價值。 It is referred to by critics as Codex B.它是指由作為法典B.批評

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Codex Vaticanus梵蒂岡抄本

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The Codex Vaticanus, commonly referred to as CODEX B, is a Greek manuscript, the most important of all the manuscripts of Holy Scripture.梵蒂岡抄本,通常被稱為為CODEX乙,是一個希臘手稿,最重要的是所有的手稿聖經。 It is so called because it belongs to the Vatican Library ( Codex Vaticanus, 1209 ).這就是所謂的,因為它屬於梵蒂岡抄本,梵蒂岡圖書館(1209)。

This codex is a quarto volume written in uncial letters of the fourth century, on folios of fine parchment bound in quinterns.這個抄本是一個四開的量,寫在uncial信的第四個世紀,必將在quinterns細羊皮紙上對開。 Each page is divided into three columns of forty lines each, with from sixteen to eighteen letters to a line, except in the poetical books, where, owing to the stichometric division of the lines, there are but two columns to a page. 40行,每行每一頁分為三列,從16至18個字母行,除了在詩的書籍,在那裡,由於的線條的stichometric部門,有兩列的頁面。 There are no capital letters, but at times the first letter of a section extends over the margin.有沒有大寫字母,但有時一節的第一個字母,延伸的保證金。 Several hands worked at the manuscript; the first writer inserted neither pauses nor accents, and made use but rarely of a simple punctuation.有幾個人舉起手工作的第一位作家的手稿插入既不的暫停也不口音,並利用一個簡單的標點符號,但很少。 Unfortunately, the codex is mutilated; at a later date the missing folios were replaced by others.不幸的是,國際食品法典標準被毀壞;在以後的日子缺少的對開被別人取代。 Thus, the first twenty original folios are missing; a part of folio 178, and ten folios after fol.因此,第一20原始黹丟失;對開178的一部分,和10對開紙後FOL。 348; also the final quinterns, whose number it is impossible to establish. 348;也的最終quinterns,其數目是不可能建立。 There are extant in all 759 original folios.有現存的759原來的對開。

The Old Testament (Septuagint Version, except Daniel, which is taken from the version of Theodotion) takes up 617 folios.舊約(七十版本,丹尼爾,這是採取從Theodotion的版本除外)617開本。 On account of the aforementioned lacunae, the Old Testament text lacks the following passages: Gen., i-xlvi,28; II Kings, ii,5-7,10-13; Pss.上述疏漏,缺乏舊約經文下面的段落:將軍,我四十六,28列王記下,二,5-7 ,10-13; PSS的。 cv,27-cxxxvii, 6. CV ,27-CXXXVII,6。 The order of the books of the Old Testament is as follows: Genesis to Second Paralipomenon, First and second Esdras, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticle of Canticles, Job, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Esther, Judith, Tobias, the Minor Prophets from Osee to Malachi, Isaias, Jeremias, Baruch, Lamentations and Epistle of Jeremias, Ezechiel, Daniel; the Vatican Codex does not contain the Prayer of Manasses or the Books of Machabees.The New Testament begins at fol.的舊約書的順序如下:創世記“到”二Paralipomenon是,第一和第二埃斯德拉斯,詩篇,箴言,傳道書,canticle的canticles,工作,智慧,傳道書,以斯帖記,朱,托比亞斯,從時代奧視未成年人的先知瑪拉基書,伊薩亞,赫雷米亞斯,巴魯克,耶利米哀歌和書信的赫雷米亞斯,埃策希爾,丹尼爾的梵蒂岡抄本不包含祈禱瑪拿西或Machabees.The新約聖經的書籍開始在FOL。 618. 618。 Owing to the loss of the final quinterns, a portion of the Pauline Epistles is missing: Heb., ix,14-xiii,25, the Pastoral Letters, Epistle to Philemon; also the Apocalypse.由於損失的最終quinterns,保羅書信的部分是丟失:來,九,14-XIII,25牧函,書信向腓利門書“啟示錄”。 It is possible that there may also be some extra-canonical writings missing, like the Epistle of Clement.這是可能的,也可能有一些額外的規範的著作缺少的,像書信的克萊門特。 The order of the New Testament books is as follows: Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Catholic Epistles, St. Paul to the Romans, Corinthians (I-II), Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Thessalonians (I-II), Hebrews.新約書卷的順序如下:福音書,使徒行傳,天主教教會,聖保羅的羅馬,哥林多前書(I-II),加拉太書,以弗所書,腓立比,帖撒羅尼迦前書(I-II),希伯來書。

In the Vatican Codex we find neither the Ammonian Sections nor the Eusebian Canons (qv).在梵蒂岡抄本中,我們發現無論是氨氮節也的eusebian的大砲(請參閱)。 It is, however, divided into sections, after a manner that is common to it with the Codex Zacynthius (Cod. "Zeta"), an eighth-century Scriptural manuscript of St. Luke. ,但是,它分為幾個部分,之後的方式是共同的:食品法典Zacynthius(Cod.“澤塔”),第八世紀的聖經手稿聖路加。 The Acts of the Apostles exhibits a special division into thirty-six chapters.表現出特殊的部門使徒行傳36章。 The Catholic Epistles bear traces of a double division, in the first and earlier of which some believe that the Second Epistle of Peter was wanting.天主教教會中承擔的雙重分裂的痕跡,在第一和早期的一些人認為,第二次書信的彼得想。 The division of the Pauline Epistles is quite peculiar: they are treated as one book, and numbered continuously.保羅書信的分工是很奇特的:他們被視為一本書,並連續編號。 It is clear from this enumeration that in the copy of the Scriptures reproduced by the Vatican Codex the Epistle to the Hebrews was placed between the Epistle to the Galatians and the Epistle to the Ephesians.很明顯,從這個枚舉,在複製的梵蒂岡抄本書信向希伯來“聖經”的副本之間的書信向加拉太書和書信的以弗所。

The Vatican Codex, in spite of the views of Tischendorf, who held for the priority of the Codex Sinaiticus, discovered by him, is rightly considered to be the oldest extant copy of the Bible.梵蒂岡食品法典委員會,法典西奈抄本的優先級持有,發現他的提申多夫,儘管的意見是正確的被認為是現存最古老的“聖經”副本。 Like the Codex Sinaiticus it represents what Westcott and Hort call a "neutral text", ie a text that antedates the modifications found in all later manuscripts, not only the modifications found in the less ancient Antiochene recensions, but also those met with in the Eastern and Alexandrine recensions.法典西奈抄本一樣,它代表著什麼Westcott和園藝稱之為“中性文本”,如文本先於在其隨後所有的修改發現的手稿,不僅修改在那麼古老的安提阿的recensions發現,但也會見了在東部亞歷山大的recensions。 It may be said that the Vatican Codex, written in the first half of the fourth century, represents the text of one of those recensions of the Bible which were current in the third century, and that it belongs to the family of manuscripts made use of by Origen in the composition of his Hexapla.可以說,梵​​蒂岡抄本,寫在上半年的第四個世紀,代表校訂的“聖經”,在第三世紀的文字之一,它是屬於家庭的手稿利用的淵源,他Hexapla組成。

The original home of the Vatican Codex is uncertain.梵蒂岡抄本原來的家是不確定的。 Hort thinks it was written at Rome; Rendel Harris, Armitage Robinson, and others attribute it to Asia Minor.園藝認為,這是寫在羅馬rendel哈里斯,阿米蒂奇羅賓遜和其他人把它歸功於小亞細亞。 A more common opinion maintains that it was written in Egypt.一個更普遍的觀點認為,這是寫在埃及。 Armitage Robinson believes that both the Vaticanus and the Sinaiticus were originally together in some ancient library.阿米蒂奇羅賓遜認為,無論是梵諦岡和西奈抄本最初是在一些古老的圖書館。 His opinion is based on the fact that in the margins of both manuscripts is found the same special system of chapters for the Acts of the Apostles, taken from the division of Euthalius, and found in two other important codices (Amiatinus and Fuldensis) of the Latin Vulgate.他的意見所依據的事實都手稿的邊緣發現相同的特殊系統的章節的使徒行傳,的分工Euthalius採取,發現在兩個的其他重要的抄本(Amiatinus和Fuldensis)的拉丁文聖經。 Tischendorf believed that three hands had worked at the transcription of the Vatican Codex.蒂申多夫認為,三只手,曾在梵蒂岡抄本的轉錄。 He identified (?) the first hand (B1), or transcriber, of the Old Testament with the transcriber of a part of the Old Testament and some folios of the New Testament in the Codex Sinaiticus.他指出(?)的第一手(B1),或轉錄,法典西奈抄本的新約聖經中的舊約和一些對開的一部分謄寫的舊約。 This primitive text was revised, shortly after its original transcription, with the aid of a new manuscript, by a corrector (B2 -- For the Old Testament B2 is quoted by Swete as Ba).這種原始的文本進行了修訂,不久後,其原有的轉錄,與援助的一個新的手稿,的校正(B2 - 對於舊約B2的是引述Swete巴)。 Six centuries after (according to some), a third hand (B3,Bb) retraced the faded letters, leaving but very little of the original untouched.六世紀後,(根據一些),第三手(B3,BB)追溯褪了色的字母,離開原來的不變,但很少。 According to Fabiani, however, this retracing was done early in the fifteenth century by the monk Clemens ( qui saeculo XV ineunte floruisse videtur ).然而,根據Fabiani,這個折回早在15世紀由,和尚克萊門斯( 魁saeculo第15 ineunte floruisse videtur)。 In modern times (fifteenth-sixteenth century) the missing folios were added to the codex, in order, as Tregelles conjectures, to prepare it for use in the Vatican Library.在近代(第十五,十六世紀)失踪對開被添加到食品法典委員會,以,作為特里格利斯猜想,準備在梵蒂岡圖書館。 Old catalogues show that it was there in the fifteenth century.舊目錄顯示,這是在15世紀。 The addition to the New Testament was listed by Scrivener as Cod.除了“新約”列出斯克里夫納鱈魚。 263 (in Gregory, 293) for the Epistle to the Hebrews, and Cod. 263(格雷戈里293)的希伯來人的書信,和鱈魚。 91 for the Apocalypse. 91“啟示錄”。 Napoleon I had the codex brought to Paris (where Hug was enabled to study it), but it was afterwards returned to the Holy See, with some other remnants of Roman booty, and replaced in the Vatican Library.拿破崙一世的法典帶到巴黎(如擁抱使研究),但它是事後回到教廷,與其他一些殘餘的羅馬戰利品,在梵蒂岡圖書館和更換。 There are various collations, editions, and studies of the Vatican Codex.有各種不同的排序規則,版本,梵蒂岡抄本的研究。 The collations are:這些排序規則是:

Many other scholars have made special collations for their own purposes eg Tregelles, Tischendorf, Alford, etc. Among the works written on the Vatican Codex we may indicate: Bourgon, Letters from Rome (London, 1861).許多學者作出了特別的排序規則達到自己的目的,例如特里格利斯,提申多夫,奧爾福德等的梵蒂岡抄本上寫的作品中,我們可以表明:Bourgon,從羅馬字母(倫敦,1861年)。 In the second volume of the Catalogue of Vatican Greek manuscripts, executed according to the modern scientific method for the cataloguing of the Vatican Library, there is a description of the Codex Vaticanus.在第二卷的目錄執行梵蒂岡的希臘文手抄本,根據現代科學方法的梵蒂岡圖書館的編目,是梵蒂岡抄本的描述。

As to the editions of this codex, the Roman edition of the Septuagint (1587) was based on the Vaticanus.這個抄本的版本,羅馬出版的譯本(1587年)的基礎上的梵諦岡。 Similarly, the Cambridge edition of Swete follows it regularly and makes use of the Sinaiticus and the Alexandrinus only for the portions that are lacking in the Vaticanus.同樣,劍橋版的Swete如下定期和利用的西奈抄本和頸僅用於部分中所缺乏的梵諦岡。 The first Roman edition appeared in 1858, under the names of Mai and Vercellone, and, under the same names, a second Roman edition in 1859.羅馬第一個版本出現在1858年,根據麥和韋爾切洛的名字,在相同的名稱下,羅馬第二版於1859年。 Both editions were severely criticized by Tischendorf in the edition he brought out at Leipzig in 1867, "Novum Testamentum Vaticanum, post A. Maii aliorumque imperfectos labores ex ipso codice editum", with an appendix (1869).兩種版本的嚴厲批評提申多夫在他帶出了1867年在萊比錫的版本,的“,Novum酒店Testamentum Vaticanum,後A. Maii aliorumque imperfectos雷斯前IPSO codice editum”的附件(1869年)。 The third Roman edition (Verc.) appeared under the names of Vercellone (died 1869) and Cozza-Luzi (died 1905) in 1868-81; it was accompanied by a photographic reproduction of the text: "Bibliorum SS. Graecorum Cod. Vat. 1209, Cod. B, denou phototypice expressus, jussu et cura praesidum Bibliothecae Vaticanae" (Milan, 1904-6).的的第三羅馬版(Verc.)下出現的名稱韋爾切洛(死於1869年)和科扎科魯茲(死於1905​​年)在1868年至1881年,它是伴隨著一個照相複製的文本“Bibliorum SS。Graecorum鱈魚增值稅1209年,鱈魚,B,denou phototypice expressus,jussu等庫拉praesidum Bibliothecae Vaticanae“(米蘭,1904-6)。 This edition contains a masterly anonymous introduction (by Giovanni Mercati), in which the writer corrects many inexact statements made by previous writers.此版本包含一個巧妙的匿名引進(喬瓦尼Mercati),其中作家糾正了許多不準確的陳述,由以前的作家。 Until recently the privilege of consulting this ancient manuscript quite freely and fully was not granted to all who sought it.直到最近諮詢這個古老的手稿相當自由和充分的特權,沒有被授予的所有尋求它的人。 The material condition of the Vatican Codex is better, generally speaking, than that of its contemporaries; it is foreseen, however, that within a century it will have fallen to pieces unless an efficacious remedy, which is being earnestly sought for, shall be discovered.的梵蒂岡抄本是更好的物質條件,一般來說,比其同時代的,但是,可以預見,在一個世紀內將下降到件,除非有效的補救措施,目前正在認真地尋求,應發現。

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