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The Amana Society is a religious group in east central Iowa, that is conservative in theology, pacifistic, and has a strong communal tradition. Its origins are to be found in German pietism of the early 1700s.該amana社會是一個宗教組在東中部艾奧瓦,這是保守的神學,和平主義,具有很強的部族傳統,它的起源是為了找到在德語pietism的初期, 1700年。 Some 800 members of the group migrated to the United States in 1842, settling first in Ebenezer, NY, but moving later to Iowa.大約800名成員組成的小組,移民到美國,在1842年之後,解決在第一時間:美國紐約長島,但稍後到愛荷華。 Initially the members held all property in common, but in 1932 they discarded many communal practices and formed a business corporation to take over the group's farmland and other productive properties.最初,委員們都共同財產,但在1932年他們被丟棄的許多部族習俗,並形成了商業公司,以接管組的耕地和其他生產性能。 The Amana Society continues as a religious organization, with about 900 members; the business corporation engages in farming and manufactures kitchen appliances.該amana社會繼續作為一個宗教組織,與約900名成員;業務公司從事農耕和製成品的廚房用具。

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J Liffring - Zug, The Amana Colonies (1988). j liffring -楚格, a mana殖民地( 1 988) 。

The Amana Church Society該amana教會社會

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The Amana Church Society is a religious community in the United States.該amana教會社會是一個宗教社區,在美國發行。 It began as an outgrowth of the religious reform movement Pietism begun in Germany in 1714 by Eberhard Ludwig Gruber and Johann Friedrich Rock, who withdrew from the German Lutheran Church in protest against its formalism.它開始作為一個新的衍生的宗教改革運動pietism開始在德國,在1714年由eberhard路德維希短道速滑和約翰弗里德里希搖滾,誰退出了德國路德教會,以抗議其形式主義。 When the Pietists were persecuted as a religious minority, leading member Christian Metz and a number of others in search of religious freedom emigrated to the United States and purchased land there in 1842.當虔誠遭到迫害,作為宗教少數人,領導成員基督教梅斯和另一些人在搜索的宗教信仰自由移居美國,並購買了土地,有1842年。 More than 800 more Pietists followed, establishing six villages near Ebenezer, New York, and two in Canada. 800多更虔誠其次,建立6個村莊附近,時間,紐約,和兩個在加拿大。 They set up communities specializing in agriculture and the weaving of cloth, and among the early internal rules of the group were bans forbidding members to send their children to public school, bear arms, or serve in war.他們成立了社區專門從事農業和織造布,其中早期內部的議事規則小組的人禁令,不許大家送他們的子女到公立學校,攜帶武器,或服務於戰爭。 No rite of baptism was observed.沒有成年禮的洗禮,進行了觀察。

In 1854, the growing population of the city of Buffalo, New York, threatened the privacy of the Pietist's Ebenezer settlement, and the colony migrated to Iowa in 1855.在1854年,人口不斷增長的城市布法羅,紐約,威脅到隱私的虔信的,時間結算,與殖民地移居到艾奧瓦州,在1855年。 There they settled in seven villages and in 1859 incorporated with the name the Amana Church Society (the term Amana, from Song of Solomon, means "remain true").在那裡定居,在7個村,並於1859年註冊成立的同名稱amana教會協會(任期amana ,由所羅門之歌,意思是"保持真實" ) 。 The society reorganized in 1932, when private enterprise was adopted and religious and civil governments were separated.社會改組,在1932年,當民營企業通過與宗教和民間政府分離。 Population growth in Iowa brought about freer communication and marriage with people outside the society, and the Amana community became more assimilated.人口增長,在愛荷華州帶來了更自由的溝通,及婚姻與外界社會的,以及amana社會變得更加同化。 The Amana Church Society remains a dominant force in several villages in Iowa, the oldest of which bears the name Amana.該amana教會社會仍然是一個主導力量,在幾個村莊在艾奧瓦州,歷史最悠久,其中刻有名字amana 。

Amana amana

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Amana is an unincorporated village in Iowa County, east central Iowa, near the Iowa River. amana是一個未合併的村,在愛荷華州,縣,東中部愛荷華州,近愛荷華河。 It is an agricultural trade center with manufacturing industries producing household appliances, furniture, woolen goods, wine, and processed food (especially meat).它是一個農業貿易中心,與製造業生產家用電器,家具,毛紡品,酒,加工食品(特別是肉類) 。 Amana is the oldest of seven adjacent villages established in 1855 by a communal band practicing Pietism led by Christian Metz. amana是歷史最悠久的七鄰近的村莊成立於1855年,由公用帶練pietism領導的基督教梅斯。 In search of religious freedom, they had emigrated in 1843 from Germany and settled in Ebenezer, New York (near Buffalo).在搜索的宗教自由時,他們已移居海外,在1843年由德國定居,時間:紐約(近水牛) 。

The communities, which flourished during the late 19th century, suffered during the depression of the 1930s and were reorganized in 1932, when private enterprise was adopted and religious and civil government were separated.以社區,其中蓬勃發展,在19世紀後期,在遭受大蕭條的1930年代,並已改組,在1932年,當民營企業獲得通過以及宗教和文官政府被分開。 The Amana Church Society remains a dominating force in the community.該amana教會社會仍然是一個主導力量,在社區內。 Among the many tourist attractions in the Amana villages are the Museum of Amana History, the Amana Heim Museum, and the Amana Society Barn Museum.在眾多旅遊景點中amana村莊都是博物館amana歷史上, amana海姆博物館,以及amana社會穀倉博物館。 Population 475 (1990).人口475 ( 1990 ) 。

Ama'na or Am'ana ama'na或am'ana

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Amana, perennial. amana ,常年性。 (1.) The Hebrew margin of 2 Kings 5:12 gives this as another reading of Abana (qv), a stream near Damascus. ( 1 )在希伯來保證金2國王5時12分,讓本是另一個讀abana (請參閱) ,一個流大馬士革附近。 (2.) A mountain (Cant. 4:8), probably the southern summit of Anti-Libanus, at the base of which are the sources of the Abana. ( 2 )山( cant. 4時08分) ,可能是南首腦會議的反libanus ,在該基地進行的,這是消息來源的abana 。

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