Christadelphians, Thomasites基督弟兄會, thomasites

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A small Christian sect founded in the United States c.一個小型的基督教教派創立,在美國長 1845, the Christadelphians were originally called Thomasites after their founder, John Thomas (1805 - 71). 1845年,基督弟兄會原本所謂thomasites後,其創始人約翰托馬斯( 1805 -7 1) 。 Rejecting all doctrinal development, they claim to return to biblical belief and practice. They do not believe in the Trinity, but awaited the Second Coming of Christ and his establishment of a theocracy centered in Jerusalem; only those who believe in the gospel will become immortal.摒棄一切理論發展時,他們聲稱要回到聖經的信仰與實踐, 他們不相信,在三一,而是期待已久的耶穌第二次來和他建立一個神權集中在耶路撒冷,只有那些相信福音,將成為不朽。 There is no central organization of clergy; it is therefore difficult to ascertain membership.有沒有一個中央組織的神職人員;之一,因此很難確定會籍。

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