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The Evangelical United Brethren Church came into existence in 1946 through the merger of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ and the Evangelical Church.福音美兄弟教會也開始存在,在1946年通過合併教會的美國弟兄,在基督和福音派教會。 Both denominations were products of religious revival among the German speaking populations of Pennsylvania and Maryland at the turn of the 19th century.這兩個面額分別為產品的宗教復興,其中講德語的人口賓夕法尼亞州和馬里蘭州在這千年更迭, 19世紀。 The Church of the United Brethren in Christ arose in 1800 through the efforts of Philip Otterbein of the German Reformed Church, and Martin Boehm, a Mennonite bishop.教會的美國弟兄,在基督裡出現在1800年經過長時間的努力,弘奧特伯恩的德國改革教會,與馬丁boehm ,門諾教區主教。 The organization that later became the Evangelical Church was begun by Jacob Albright in 1807.該組織後來成為福音派教會開始由雅各布奧爾布賴特於1807年。 His followers adopted the names Evangelical Association in 1816 and Evangelical Church in 1922.他的信徒們通過姓名福音協會在1816年和福音派教會於1922年。

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Albright, Otterbein, and Boehm were close associates of Francis Asbury, the founder of American Methodism.奧爾布賴特,奧特伯恩, boehm名親密助手的弗朗西斯asbury ,創辦人,美國methodism 。 With him, these leaders shared a commitment to the Arminian theology of grace, pietistic spirituality, and episcopal church organization.他的說法,這些領導人共同承諾向arminian神的恩典, pietistic靈性,聖公會組織。 Only the language barrier prevented their followers from becoming Methodists.只有語言障礙阻止其追隨者成為循道。 In 1968, the Evangelical United Brethren Church (numbering about 750,000 members in nearly 4,300 churches) finally joined with the Methodists to establish the United Methodist Church.在1968年,美國福音派教會的兄弟(大約75萬成員,在近4300個基督教協進會) ,最後加入與衛理,以建立聯合衛理公會。

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KW Krueger, ed., The History of the Evangelical United Brethren Church (1979).千瓦克魯格編,歷史上的福音美國兄弟教會( 1979 ) 。

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