Hutterian Brethren, Hutterites hutterian弟兄們,哈特萊特人

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The Hutterian Brethren, or Hutterites, are a group of Christians that traces its origin to the 16th century Anabaptists of central Europe.該hutterian弟兄們,或哈特萊特人,是一群基督徒的痕跡,它的起源至16世紀anabaptists的中歐國家。 Like other Anabaptists, Hutterites reject state churches, practice adult baptism, and are pacifists.像其他anabaptists ,哈特萊特人拒絕國教會,實踐成人的洗禮,是和平主義者。 Under the guidance of their founder, the Tyrolean Jacob Hutter (d. 1536), they also adopted common ownership of property.指導下,其創辦人, tyrolean雅各布胡特(四1536 ) ,他們還通過共同財產的所有權。

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Although the Hutterian Brethren were peaceful citizens and excellent farmers, they suffered intermittent but severe persecution.雖然hutterian弟兄,被愛好和平的公民和優秀的農民,他們遭受間歇性,但嚴重的迫害。 Hutter led his followers from the Tyrol to Moravia.胡特率領他的信徒們從蒂羅爾以摩拉維亞。 Although he himself was executed, his followers were generally tolerated there until the early 17th century.雖然他個人也被處決,他的追隨者被普遍容忍的,直到17世紀初。 Then they fled eastward, eventually to the Ukraine.然後他們逃到東進,最終使烏克蘭。 In the 1870s they emigrated to the United States and settled in South Dakota; during World War I many moved to Canada.在19世紀70年代,他們移居美國,並定居在南達科他州;第一次世界大戰期間,許多移居加拿大。 Numbering about 20,000 adherents today, they maintain their traditional piety and insularity, their pacifism, their agricultural diligence, and their hostility to modern culture.大約20000名黨羽今天,他們保持自己的傳統孝道與外界隔絕,他們的和平主義,其農業勤勞,他們敵視現代文明。 They still speak German in their communities, which are scattered throughout the Dakotas and Montana in the United States, and in Alberta and Manitoba in Canada.他們還講德語在自己的社區,這是分散在全國各地dakotas和蒙大拿州,在美國,並在阿爾伯塔省和曼尼托巴省位於加拿大。

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Bibliography 參考書目
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Hutterian Brethren hutterian兄弟

General Information 一般資料

The Hutterian Brethren are a communitarian religious sect that originated among Anabaptists in Moravia (now the Czech Republic) during the Reformation and is now located chiefly in South Dakota, Manitoba, and Alberta.該hutterian弟兄,是一個社區化教派源自之間anabaptists在摩拉維亞(現為捷克共和國) ,在改革與現設主要是在南達科他州,曼尼托巴省和亞伯達省。 Also known as Hutterites, they took their name from their original leader, Jakob Hutter, who was burned as a heretic in 1536.也稱為哈特萊特人,他們的名字也從原來的領袖,雅各布胡特,他們被燒毀,作為一個邪教組織,在1536 。 Throughout most of their history, the Hutterites have formed agricultural colonies, called Bruderhöfe.全國大部分地區,他們的歷史中,哈特萊特人,形成了農業殖民地,所謂bruderhöfe 。 Their way of life is rural and conservative.他們的生活方式,是農村和保守。 On the basis of the New Testament, they are pacifists and shun political participation.在此基礎上的新約聖經,他們是和平主義者,並順的政治參與。 As a result, they have often been subject to social pressure and persecution.因此,他們常常被社會的壓力和迫害。 Over a period of centuries in Europe they sought to escape persecution by moving eastward, finally reaching Russia, before migrating (1874-79) to the northern United States, from which they spread to Canada.近一個時期以來的幾百年,在歐洲,他們試圖逃離迫害東移,最後到達俄羅斯,然後移植( 1874年至1879年) ,以美國北部地區,他們從蔓延至加拿大。 They now number more than 20,000; their inward-looking sectarianism continues to elicit some hostility from their neighbors.現在,他們的人數更超過20000名,其向內看宗派主義繼續爭取一些敵意,從他們的鄰居。

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