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The preincarnate existence of Christ may be "only a simple, contemplative inference backwards from the spiritual glory of the present Christ" (Deissmann); certainly its clearest expression is found in later writing reflecting upon the rudimentary messianic, even adoptionist, assessment of Christ in the primitive Christian community (Acts 2:22 - 23; 10:38). 該preincarnate存在基督的可能"僅是一個簡單, contemplative推理倒退,從精神上的榮耀,現在的基督" (戴斯曼) ;當然,其最明顯的表現是,在發現後,以書面形式反映後,最起碼的救世主,甚至adoptionist ,評估基督教會原始基督教社區(使徒2時22 -2 3; 1 0:38) 。 Yet preexistence is at least implied in words of Jesus himself: "The son of man came"; the owner of the vineyard "had still. . . a beloved son: finally he sent him."然而preexistence至少是隱含在口頭上的耶穌說: "人子來" ;物主的葡萄園" ,還… … 。親愛的兒子:他最後向他發出" 。 It is explicit in sayings attributed to Jesus in John's Gospel: "I came down from heaven"; "The glory I had with thee before the world was."這是明確的說法歸因於耶穌在約翰福音說: "我從天降臨天堂" , "榮耀我曾與你在世界面前是" 。

Jewish scholars attributed "ideal" preexistence to things (law, temple) and persons (Adam, Moses) deeply reverenced, echoed perhaps in Paul's calling Christ "last Adam. . . from heaven."猶太學者歸因於"理想" preexistence到的東西(法律,寺)和人(亞當,摩西)深reverenced ,呼應,也許在保羅的呼籲基督的"最後亞當… … 。從天而降" 。 Greek thinking, reflected in Philo, was familiar with preexistence of souls.希臘思想,反映在斐洛,熟悉preexistence的靈魂。 But it is unnecessary to find here more than a source of usable terms.不過,這是不必要的,以在這裡找到一個多源可用的條款。 The idea that the Son of God, eternally preexisting in glory with the Father, moved by love became incarnate was too central to Christian faith to depend upon coincidences of language for its basis.這一想法,即上帝的兒子,永遠在原有的榮耀與父親提出的愛情變成了肉身太環,以基督信仰取決於巧合的語言為基礎的。

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Paul appeals for generosity because Christ, "through rich, became poor."保羅呼籲,慷慨解囊,因為基督" ,通過豐富,成為窮人" 。 He pleads that converts live as sons because "God sent forth his son"; argues for self effacement from the fact that Christ, being in the form of God, "emptied himself"; contends, against the Gnostics' pleroma filling the gulf between God and creation, that "all things were created in, through, and for Christ. . . who is before all things."他懇求轉換異國的兒子,因為"上帝派出了他的兒子" ;辯稱自我effacement從事實,即基督,在形式的上帝, "放空自己" ;爭辯,對gnostics ' pleroma填補了兩者之間的鴻溝上帝與創作, "所有的事情都是在創造,通過,並為基督… … 。誰是擺在了所有的東西" 。 As "Lord from heaven" Christ provides the pattern of our resurrected humanity; as he first descended, so he has ascended, the measure of his triumph and assurance of ours (2 Cor. 8:9; Gal. 4:4; Phil. 2:5 - 6; Col. 1:15 - 16; Eph. 4:8 - 9).作為"主從天上"基督規定的模式,我們在復活人性;正如他第一次下降了,因此他登基,衡量他的勝利和保證,我們( 2肺心病。 8時09分;加爾。 4時04分;菲爾。 2點05分-六;上校1 :15-第1 6條;以弗所書4時0 8 -9 )。 For such practical, pastoral exhortations one does not argue from fringe speculations, but only from familiar, accepted, foundation truths.對於這樣的實際,畜牧囑託,不爭論,從附帶的揣測,但只有從熟悉,接受,基金會的真理。

John's Gospel and Epistle, assuming that Christ came from God and went to God (John 13:3), emphasize his being sent by the Father on divine mission, expressing divine love (John 3:16; 1 John 4:9 - 10), a revelation of the unseen Father by one belonging "in the bosom of the Father" (John 1:18), a divine Word, present when God spoke at creation and now again conveying meaning and power to the world (John 1).約翰的福音和書信,假設耶穌來自上帝,前往神(約翰13時03分) ,強調他被送往由父親的神聖使命,表達了神聖的愛(約翰福音3:16 1約翰4點09分-1 0) ,一個啟示的看不見的父親由一個屬於"在胸的父親" (約翰福音1:18 ) ,一個神聖的字眼,現在,當上帝以創造天地,現在又傳達的意義和力量,向世界(約翰1 ) 。 For John as for Paul, mankind's salvation derives not from any human initiative but from the inbreaking of the eternal Son into time.對於約翰至於保羅,人類的救贖源自不是來自任何人的主動,而是來自inbreaking的永恆兒子到時間。 That is the crucial truth here at issue.這是至關重要的真理,在這裡的問題。

The implications of preexistence are a concern of subsequent Christian thought.所涉preexistence是一個令人關切的後來基督教思想。 Does it impair the manhood of Jesus?這是否會損害男子氣概的耶穌? (Christological controversies: answer, No, two real natures coexist in one person). (基督論的爭論:答案,不,兩個真正性質並存於一人) 。 Why the delay in Christ's arrival?為什麼要推遲,在基督的到來? (medieval: answer, God patiently prepared). (中世紀:答案,上帝耐心準備) 。 Does preexistence imply continuity of memory between the eternal Son and Jesus?是否preexistence意味著連續性的記憶之間永恆的兒子耶穌嗎? (modern: answer, No, a growing consciousness of his uniqueness). (近代:回答,沒有,越來越意識到自己的獨特性) 。 But the fact of preexistence is not questioned, except where Christ's deity and divine mission are wholly denied.但事實上, preexistence是沒有質疑,但在耶穌的神性和神聖使命,是完全否認。

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