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A sanctuary is a sacred place - or the most sacred part of a sacred place - such as a grove, temple, church, or mosque.一個避難所,是一個神聖的地方-或最神聖的一部分,一個神聖的地方-例如一個小樹林,廟宇,教堂,或清真寺。 From early times sanctuaries were regarded as places of refuge or asylum for those fleeing violence or the law.從早期的庇護所,被視為地方的收容所或收容那些逃避暴力或法律。 In Europe, throughout and beyond the Middle Ages, Christian churches were places of sanctuary for fugitives and criminals.在歐洲,整個跨越了中世紀,基督教的教堂,地方的庇護逃犯和犯罪分子。 From this practice stems the custom of diplomatic asylum and Extraterritoriality.從這個源於實踐的習俗外交庇護和治外法權。 Today many nations grant political asylum or sanctuary, denying Extradition, to certain individuals.今天,許多國家給予政治庇護或庇護,拒絕引渡,於某些個人。 In the 1980s a "sanctuary movement" involving a number of US churches offered refuge to illegal aliens from Central America.在20世紀80年代的"避難所"運動,涉及美國的一些教會提供了庇護,以非法居留的外國人來自中美洲。

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Grahl - Madsen, Atle, Territorial Asylum (1980). grahl -馬德森, a tle,領土庇護( 1 980) 。

Sanc'tuary sanc'tuary

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Sanctuary denotes, (1) the Holy Land (Ex. 15:17; comp. Ps. 114:2); (2) the temple (1 Chr. 22:19; 2 Chr. 29:21); (3) the tabernacle (Ex. 25:8; Lev. 12:4; 21: 12); (4) the holy place, the place of the Presence (Gr. hieron, the temple-house; not the naos, which is the temple area, with its courts and porches), Lev.避難所78 , ( 1 )聖地(如: 15時17分;可比。聚苯乙烯。 114:2 ) ; ( 2 )廟( 1人權委員會。 22時19分, 2人權中心。 29:21 ) ; ( 3 )幕(如25:8 ;列弗。 12時04分, 21 : 12 ) ; ( 4 )聖所,以取代現時存在( gr. hieron ,廟方所;不是naos ,這是該廟地區,它的法院和門廊) ,列弗。 4:6; Eph.四比六;厄。 2:21, RV, marg.; (5) God's holy habitation in heaven (Ps. 102:19). 2時21分,風疹病毒,馬格; ( 5 )神的聖地居住在天堂(詩篇102:19 ) 。 In the final state there is properly "no sanctuary" (Rev. 21:22), for God and the Lamb "are the sanctuary" (RV, "temple").在最後的狀態有正確的"並沒有庇護所" (啟示錄21時22分) ,因為上帝和羔羊" ,是聖地" (風疹病毒, "廟" ) 。 All is there hallowed by the Divine Presence; all is sancturary.一切是有神聖的,由神的存在;全部是sancturary 。

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